Before you ask – no.  Sadly, my Snow Monkeys did not win this weekend.  Ah, what might have been…

If Trent Richardson hadn’t left the game with a rib injury.

If Brady Quinn had done a better job of looking for Dwayne Bowe.

If Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline hadn’t, apparently, missed the team bus to the stadium.

Anyway – as a result, the Snow Monkeys now sit at 2-4, along with 6 other teams, at the bottom of our 14 team league.  On the bright side, a playoff spot is still within reach.

Despite the loss, it was a good day overall.  The guys came over.  Rob brought chili and rice.  I made jalapeno corn bread.  Akemi made red velvet cupcakes.  And my first ice cream delivery arrived this afternoon!

“Ice cream delivery?”you ask.  “Que’est-ce que c’est?”.  Why, I’ve joined Sunday Morning Ice Cream and am presently one of fifty subscribers who will be receiving a different flavor every Sunday in October.  You can read all about it here: http://scoutmagazine.ca/tag/genevieve-mateyko/.  Here’s hoping owner Genevieve Mateyko generates enough interest to warrant a full-time commitment to her burgeoning business.

Ice Cream Impressario Genevieve Mateyko delivers this week’s flavor: Blueberry Basil!
Bursting with blueberry flavor with just a pleasantly subtle hint of basil. Creamy, fresh and delicious.

But, before we got to the ice cream…

Lulu stakes her territory…and her special guy, Ivon.

Lulu flirts with Cowboy Rob Cooper.

No tongue!
Lawren all comfy and ready for some football.
Rob’s green chili.  I’ll never go back to regular chili again.
My jalapeno corn bread.

When it came time to making the red velvet cupcakes, Akemi asked me for a recipe from “The lady on t.v.”.   “Which lady on t.v.?”I asked.  She provided the following sketch:

Ohhhhh.  Paula Deen!

Et voila! Red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing and coconut flakes.

Today also happened to be Rob Cooper’s birthday.  To celebrate, we made him cook us lunch and then presented him with some birthday cupcakes…

I didn’t have any candles so we used a giant match instead. Sadly, it flamed out before he got a chance to blow it out. But it’s the thought that counts.

The results are in and SG-1’s Window of Opportunity has been voted The Best Comedic Episode in Stargate History with a whopping 53.83% of the vote.

Thanks to everyone who voted.

And congratulations to the following lucky readers who have each won themselves a signed Stargate script:



Ryan (of Stitchsloft.com).

Congratulations!  Leave a comment with your email addresses (I’ll delete rather than approve it).

Cookie Monster asked me to remind everyone to watch Shark Boy and Lava Girl for tomorrow’s Supermovie of the Week Club discussion.  Or else he’s coming over to your place and kicking in your t.v.

Monster mean business!

Today’s entry is dedicated to birthday boy Cowboy Rob Cooper.

36 thoughts on “October 14, 2012: Ice Cream Football Sunday! Birthday Cupcakes! And some winners!

  1. Well, I don’t want my tv kicked in so I guess I’m watching it. 🙂 Or at least I’m weighing in as I remember it well from when the boys watched it when it first came out.

    Cupcakes look yum! Happy birthday to Rob Cooper!

    Have a great night!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Cowboy!

    I can’t watch Shark Boy and Lava Girl. I just watched Groundhog Day and the quality differential would … do something bad to me. And maybe the universe.

    Can he kick in the TV that’s in the garage? It’s one of those old style Sony’s. I think it’d have a more satisfying crunch to it than a flat screen. (and the kids won’t have to watch him do it) (and crunch is important to Monster) (and it’s already broken)

  3. Happy Birthday, Rob! Hozabout the recipe for your chili? Akemi’s cupcakes look gorgeous, she’s amazing!

  4. Totally off topic but if Chris Heyerdahl doesn’t win an Emmy for Hell on Wheels, there is no justice. He was utterly fearless playing a complicated & insane man. If you have a way to pass on my sincerest admiration for what he managed to portray, I would greatly appreciate it.

  5. Happy Birthday Mr. Cooper. Did I read that correctly, that they made you cook brunch? That’s not right. 🙂 Have a blessed day!

  6. Are those cupcakes fist-sized, or were the photos distorted by my cell phone?

  7. 1. Happy birthday to Rob Cooper. Where should I send the mariachis for the traditional dawn serenade?
    2. Those cupackes look HUGE. Were they the size of a fist, or did my phone distort the image?
    3. @Melinda–SECONDED. I think Heyerdahl has a Facebook page. Last time I looked, it seemed very unused.

  8. Those cupcakes look delicious! Kudos to Akemi who looks like she did an amazing job as usual.

    As a matter of fact, I’ve been watching SB&LG this evening, but I’ve been breaking it up in bits to make it more… palatable. I can’t wait to see what Cookie has to say about this one.

    Happy birthday to Rob!!

  9. Happy birthday to the awesome Robert C. Cooper! Now, do something about those Cowboys!

    I’ve watched Shark Boy and Lava Girl. Since I am a confessed closet fan of The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl, I am going to watch it again! I just know Cookie Monster will love it too.

  10. @Rob:

    Happy Birthday Rob! And sorry about your Cowboys’ loss to the Ravens…well, just a little bit sorry…aw heck, who am I kidding? I’m not really sorry, but happy birthday anyway! 😀


    I have to miss “Shark Boy and Lava Girl” due to travel, so if you have to kick in a TV, please make it the one in the basement playroom. It’s the old tube kind and will make a more satisfying glass/pop sound anyway 😉

    I’ll put up signs to make it easier to find…

    @Joe on his parking ticket yesterday:

    On my various trips to Vancouver this year I noticed that the parking ticket racket seemed a bit “over enforced”. Every trip there, my local Rep received at least one parking ticket and sometimes two or three. In the cases I observed, he was barely late (by only a minute or so), but a ticket was waiting for him nonetheless. That is one of the reasons I haven’t bothered to rent a car there (I can expense cab rides; I can’t expense parking tickets).

    @ Tam Dixon on geocaching:

    I’ve done a bit of that myself; combines work and pleasure since sometimes my GPS customers want me to evaluate their pre-production designs before they start shipping. I’d ask what GPS units he uses, but that may be a bit too off topic…

    On nice meals, I took Barb to Montarra Grill for our 18th wedding anniversary tonight. I highly recommend it! They even had Rib-eye Steak topped with Garlic Parmesan Confit! Far NW Chicago suburbanites may want to check it out:


    Off to Detroit in the morning so light commenting from me for most of the week.

  11. Those cupcakes look huge and delicious. Any chance Rob would be willing to share his chili recipe? We have an annual contest and I’m looking for a winner, haha. It’s a hard time to be a Cowboys fan; hope that didn’t ruin his birthday!

  12. Ooh, yes please, we need the green chili recipe and the jalapeno cornbread to go with it!

  13. A happy birthday to Mr. Cooper. Glad you enjoyed the evening despite your team’s showing. Food looks terrific as usual. Hope the week goes well, and I will see if I can dig a copy of Shark Boy and Lava Girl out of the discount bin before tomorrow night; seen the movie once, but it’s been awhile. And congrats to the winners of the scripts. It is really appreciated how you treat your fans, Mr. M. May good karma follow you like an orca chasing an injured penguin.

  14. Just a quickie…

    Firstly, is Lulu two-timin’ on Ivon??! Bad girl!!

    Secondly, in a bit of a reflective mood today. It was 40 years ago (yesterday) that a plane crashed into the Andes, inspiring the book and movie, Alive. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1972_Andes_flight_disaster

    I remember my mom reading it, and telling me the story. I paged through the book but could never bring myself to read it, it just seemed too depressing. I still feel an overwhelming sense of sadness and empathy whenever I think about what those men endured.

    And then yesterday, the surviving members of the team played that match they missed 40 years ago:

    Makes me feel sad all over again. I’m amazed at how something I only knew bits and pieces about when I was a kid still affects me so deeply today.


  15. Congrats to the winners! And a Happy Birthday to Robert Cooper. What great pictures of him with Lulu. Fun seeing Ivon and Lawren again too! I keep hoping one of these days you all be back in the saddle together again working on another great series.

    The Great Shakeout is on Thursday, Oct. 18, where millions of people in North America (and else where) have signed up to duck, cover and hold on for dear life during the drill. It’s a great way for you to get some exercise, running around looking for a spot to throw yourself and Akemi into, plus corralling the pups – http://shakeout.org/. Hope you can do it, cause if the knowledge ain’t already in your head during a quake, it won’t be in your feet. 🙂 (Sorry, but you know I can’t help myself with this stuff.)

  16. G’day Joe

    Congrats to the winners

    Happy Birthday to Mr Cooper.

    @ Tam Dixon and Jeff W – I do geocaching whenever I can, especially when a new cache pops up, there is a competition to see who gets FTF.

    Have a great day/night/evening/morning wherever you are in the world.

  17. @Maggiemayday: Hey, thanks for the pep talk. =) I have started drawing again recently and am currently sketching my dog-daughter, Brandi. I will have more time now that winter is approaching. I’m jealous re: Burning Man. It is definitely on my bucket list.

  18. Oooh, green chili, and yes! to the recipe. I make one with either chicken or pork.

  19. Happy Birthday Robert Cooper!

    JeffW: Happy Anniversary!

    Ponytail: You love the movie? I usually find something interesting in all the movies I took my son to but that movie….there wasn’t anything for me.

    Alisa Russell: It’s not just downtown Memphis that is bad. Just tell him to “stay frosty”. I hope he has a great time traveling around. It does sound fun.

    I’ve made Paula Deen’s red velvet cake before. It’s good but I like the Throw Down with Bobby Flay cupcakes better. I think it’s the icing. It’s not too sweet. I’m sure that is just my personal preference but if you ever need a cream cheese icing, give these a try: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/throwdown-with-bobby-flay/red-velvet-cupcakes-recipe/index.html
    The cupcakes are great too! They are old school red velvet cupcakes. The batter is very thin but they are so moist and delicate. I can’t stop eating these.

    Is there a recipe to share on the Green Chili? That looks soooo good!

  20. Uh, no. Believe me, sexy is the last thing I’d think if I see either of those two step out of my closet in the dead of night.

  21. Hey Joe, just had a thought or two. Was there ever any plan on Stargate to address things like the Sphinx or the ancient Egyptian obsession with cats? A race of Sphinx like creatures would have made an interesting alien race…maybe even tie in some evolutionary or scientific disaster that had them devolve into the domestic housecat or something…I don’t know. Just curious if that aspect was ever discussed.

  22. Well I was looking up Lavagirl and Sharkboy on IMBD and saw it won an award, I thought it cant be that bad then I look what the award was for worst film at the Austin film festival.

  23. 😆

    Mr. Mallozzi, you have restored my faith in mankind. 😀

    (However, your answer does raise the question – what exactly DO you have secreted away in your closet?? 😕 )



  24. @das – ‘fraid I have to agree with Joe. They were scary.
    Now, don’t get me wrong, I love cuties dressed up in their cosplay outfits, but that was just wrong…


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