To those of you asking – Yes, I fully intend to continue my trip down Stargate Atlantis memory lane by covering the fifth season and, eventually, offering some insight into the never-produced SGA movie, Stargate: Extinction.  I’ve planned a trip to Japan for early November, so that Akemi can visit with her family, and plan to resume my Stargate reminiscing when I return.  Our Supermovie of the Week Club will also be on hiatus while I’m away, not, of course, because Cookie Monster will also be away (We’re two completely different people after all.  Not sure what you were thinking), but simply because I’ll find it very difficult to hold him to his guest review commitments while I’m in Tokyo.

Received some terrific news from an old friend yesterday.  Turns out he’ll be retuning to Vancouver to run a new show.  Can’t reveal who or what yet but, suffice it to say, it’s great news and, in a matter of months, we’ll be chowing down – just like old times.  Akemi was positively thrilled upon hearing the news, marginally less so when I told her our friend would probably get his own place while in town rather than move in to our guest room.

Sad Usagi-chan.

It’s time for another Stargate poll – and another chance to win a signed script by voting and then leaving a comment on the poll page.

This month, I’m asking: “What was the best comedic episode in Stargate history?”.  Surprisingly, there were quite  a few contenders:

Vote, comment, and then tune in to this blog for a chance to win your very own signed script.

Congratulations! (c/o

Huzzah!  Following a horrible 0-3 start to the season, my Snow Monkeys have scratched and clawed their way up to a 2-3 record.  If the playoffs were held today, the Snow Monkeys would nab the 8th and final post-season spot in our 14 team league.  Despite the sub-par record, we’re the 4th highest scoring team with a tough-luck 5th highest points against.  In week #1, we would have had a record of 3-10 vs. all league opponents.  By week #2, our overall record would have improved to 5-8.  In week#3, we would have beaten 8 out of the other 13 teams (8-5).  10-3 was my overall record in week #4 and, by week #5, my Snow Monkeys boasted an impressive 13-0 record vs. all other contenders.  Now THAT is some rebuilding.  All that said, I face a tough match-up in week #6 against The Mighty Merkins given two of my best players (Drew Brees and Marques Colston) are on a bye.  Still, I’m confident in my match-ups: Josh Freeman and Doug Martin against a weak KC D, Hartline at home against the Rams in what should be a shoot-out, Jared Cook the ONLY Tennessee offensive threat, a harrassing Falcons D at home against the lowly Raiders, #2 ranked fantasy kicker Lawrence Tynes, heavily-targeted Dwayne Bowe and, best of all, running back Trent Richardson who I traded for last week and has been nothing short of spectacular!

What do you mean you don’t care?!  The Snow Monkeys are defending champions!   They just barely made the playoffs last year, snagging that final wildcard spot before running the table and shocking the world (or, well, our Stargate fantasy football league anyway).


42 thoughts on “October 10, 2012: Looking ahead! Another Stargate poll! What was the best comedic episode in Stargate history? The Snow Monkey report!

  1. Waving my Snow monkey flag(ok, it’s a Medieval Times banner, but I am imagining it has a snow monkey on it).
    A rather long list to choose from. But Citizen Joe? A COMEDY? My gods, that was a heartbreaking episode, even if it did have a “happy” ending. While other episodes on the list definitely have comedic elements, I’d say only a half dozen or so actually classify as actual comedy. Among those are Windows of Opportunity, Wormhole Extreme, 200, Duet, and Irresponsible.
    Of those, I go with Windows of Opportunity. There is a very good reason this one usually rates at the top of the favorites list. Close behind I place 200, with SG-A placing with Duet.
    fun question. looking forward to reports on the trip and Go Snowmonkeys!

  2. I’ll have to think about that question but may just go with Duet. Window of Opportunity was great, but I am loyal to SGA. Brain Storm was a comedy? The freeze lightning was a joke but I didn’t think anything else about this episode was funny. Yeah, Duet was a classic. Gotta go with it. I’ll vote later.

    “we’ll be chowing down – just like old times.” sounds like Martin Gero.

    “Akemi was positively thrilled upon hearing the news, marginally less so when I told her our friend would probably get his own place while in town rather than move in to our guest room.” that sounds like Carl Binder. Or maybe Lawren, but I didn’t think he had moved anywhere.

    I’ll guess Carl Binder, which would be awesome news. Chili’s here you come!

  3. I voted for 200, for the sheer ridiculousness of it. It had a lot of great bits, and while there were a few things I might have changed, overall it was just a very, very fun episode.

  4. Joe, this was a tough one! I picked “The Other Guys”, although I loved most of the other choices, as well. I almost voted for Avenger 2.0 (the scene with the pants, the soda and the dolls had me in tears of laughter), then almost voted for “Window of Opportunity”, then “Duet”. Oh wait, “Prometheus Unbound”, damn, that was one of the best! “Irresistible” was hilarious (other people’s opinions be damned on this one, it was funny), too. Ok, “The Other Guys” it is! 🙂

  5. I’m thinking your mystery person is the Golden Boy himself, none other than Mr. Martin Gero. That’s my guesscand I’m sticking to it.

  6. A number of my favorites are on your list, but I’ve just got to pick “Window of Opportunity”. “In the middle of my golf swing???!!!???” ah, brilliance.
    – KB
    P.S. Can I give an honorable mention to “The Other Guys” for the great guest cast?

  7. Window of Opportunity, Joe. Hands down. Although I’ve always argued that there’s a very angsty edge to that episode as well…which is what makes it just about perfect.


  8. Oh, it figures WoO will win since it’s an all-time favorite episode full-stop! After careful consideration, however, I had to go with Urgo. Dom DeLuise was just so awesome, I still love it.

  9. Hahaha…that would mean once again that I would need to know titles of episodes as I watch them.

    So…. 🏈. 🐒. 🐵. 🏈. 🐒. 🐵 It is 🏈 they play…right? *smiles*

  10. Urgo – because you had one of the greatest comedy actors of all time on it….of course WoO will win – it wins every poll in Stargate ever made…;)

  11. The list was long, but I had to choose between the first two options. “Urgo” got my vote, but I have a feeling “Window of Opportunity” is going to win this one.

  12. Have to go with “Window of opportunity” here. A LOT of funny moments in this one. “In the middle of my back swing!?”, Wacko, Teal’c getting hit by the door – and hitting back, Jack resigning so that he can kiss Carter etc. Duet – another very funny episode – would be the runner up for me.

  13. Window of Opportunity is probably my ultimate favorite, but I had to go with Duet. The Cadman/McKay interaction, and David’s tremendous acting talent deserve mad props.

  14. For me it has to be Window of Opportunity. That episode still makes me laugh even though i must have seen it a dozen times.

    Prometheus Unbound is a close second. At the time it was a revelation to see Claudia Black in a funny role.

    Urgo, of course, is excellent.

  15. “Window of Opportunity” for sure.
    Welcome back, Martin!
    Good luck, Snowmonkies!

  16. The Mighty Merkins? Ah. The stories, the stories…. none suitable for posting online, no, not at all. Mmmmmerkins…….

  17. As fantastic as “Window of Opportunity” was, I had to go with “200” for the sheer awesomeness of the puppets.

    “It’s round! It has to spin! I’m the general, I want it to spin! NOW!”

  18. I voted for Window of Opportunity. I don’t know why I love it the way I do, but I just do.

    I also loved Urgo. I just wish the DVDs had commentary with Director Peter DeLuise for that episode.

    I wish I could vote for both, but I picked Window of Opportunity over Urgo.

  19. I had to choose Window of Opportunity but its hard when you see all the great comedic episodes together in a list. Some of my other favorites are Duet, Urgo, and of course 200!

  20. Joe – While I love Window of Opportunity, I don’t see it as a purely comedic episode like some of the others. Jack using the loop as an opportunity to kiss Sam totally stepped on the comedic aspects as the happy go-lucky funtime vibe turned into (went out the window 😉 ) “Did he really just do that?”

    I went with “The Other Guys”. The whole Redshirt thing cracks me up -especially as Felger claims not to know what Coombs is talking about.

    Nice to hear Marty G is coming back to town.

  21. Window of Opportunity is our family’s favorite episode from the Stargate franchise. My youngest daughter, Bethany, was watching that episode on my ipad on our 3 hour drive down to Riley’s Children’s Hospital for her doctor’s appt. All of a sudden I’m hearing, “In the middle of my backswing!!” 🙂 I love many of the episodes that are listed but that one tops it. 🙂

  22. window of opportunity was by far the funniest episode. Jack losing it in the mess hall, yelling at Hammond, kissing Carter, and Teal’c finally losing it and going after the airman(?) who kept hitting him with the door are all good moments

  23. I went with Duet, since I never saw SG1. Duet was pretty funny, with one little exception. 😉


  24. For me this was the toughest poll decision to make. On first impulse window of opportunity popped into mind before I even saw the list. But then as I read all the choices different moments from many of the episodes came to mind. Urgo, for example, is still quoted by me and my roommate, with a “Bor…ing, Bor…ing” or “me or death, death or me”. And on episode 200 the different scenarios they come up with. I started laughing at my desk when I thought about the puppets. In the end I choice Window of opportunity as I can still very vividly remember so much of the episode.

    On a personal note thanks for the poll and for making me think about some any funny and enjoyable things. This morning has been a bit ruff and it was nice to have the pick-me up / distraction

  25. So… Marty G is back?

    I voted for Window of Opportunity. It is my absolute favourite episode… at turns, witty, funny, and sad. Just a perfect balance.

  26. Hmmm… Then again, it could be Carl Binder. I recall you saying that he is one of Akemi’s favourite people, so that would fit in with her reaction (not that she wouldn’t be thrilled if it were Martin Gero, of course ;-)).

  27. For me, any scene with RDA is fantastic and I truely think he and Mike Nesmith are the two funniest people in the world so it just came down to what episode showed the most RDA and I believe it was Window of Opportunity. Now if we can just get RDA and Mike Nesmith to do a project together…:)

  28. This list includes many of my favourite Stargate episodes, but I definitely have to go with Window of Opportunity (great script btw 😉 )
    Did you know that Transporter premieres on German TV today? Watching it right now.

  29. 200! Well…hmm…no, still 200. There’re a lot of good ones on that list, but 200 is so off-the-charts crazy, “we’re going after ourselves, our genre and EVERYBODY, nobody’s not getting hit!” that it has to win. Invisible O’Neill! Spinning is so much cooler than not spinning! Farscape! Star Trek! Everything about that sentence is wrong! Puppets! Make that PUPPETS!!! 🙂

    Also, who voted for Irresistable? Seriously, the date rapist was supposed to be funny?

  30. Excited to hear you’re going to Japan. I love reading about your adventures in Japan. I’m Akemi is delighted to see her family. 🙂

    Stargate??? Really?? Ooooh! I’m curious. 🙂 Can’t wait to read what you have to say on the subject. Are we talking novel? Comic books? TV? Film? Now you got me crazy thinking about this. I’ll be waiting inanticipation. 🙂

    The funniest Stargate episode is definitely Window of Opportunity! That one always makes me laugh. LOL! 😀

  31. I would hands down say Window of Opportunity. 200 was close to it but Window of Opportunity just takes the cake. If SGU had gotten the chance to do a commedy episode, that would have been a blast. Urgo was kinda irritating. I didn’t even realise that Space Race, Citizen Joe (although it is borderline for me once I think of it), Bounty, and Harmony were considered comedy eppisodes.
    I can watch Window of Opportunity again and again and still laugh. “You could do anything you want and get away with it.” ha.

  32. Wish I could have guessed. I am missing too many contests. I thought Windows do Opportunity on Sg-1 was the funniest.

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