Oh, the ignominy!

Yep, them’s is diapers Jelly is wearing.  She’s been having some issues, the result of an apparent bladder infection, so she’ll be sporting the velcro shorts for the rest of the week.  You can tell she’s bummed because she was expecting something more stylish.

The stare-down.

Lulu, meanwhile, has been prone to occasional vomiting.  Well, semi-regular vomiting.  She’s a serial vomiter.

And, finally, there’s Bubba who is fit and ready to go.  REALLY ready to go:

Continuing our reminiscing on Stargate: Atlantis’s fourth season.  Yes, I skipped one…


Actor Joe Flanigan came to us with a story idea.  He wanted to do an episode in which Sheppard teams up with Ronon to hunt an escaped human-form replicator on Earth.  That intriguing notion resulted in Outcast, an episode  that not only saw Sheppard and Ronon teaming up to hunt down an escaped human-form replicator on Earth, but also allowed us a rare opportunity to explore Sheppard’s backstory.  I love episodes that allow us fresh insight into our characters and, for that reason, Outcast stands out as one of my favorites of the show’s fourth season.

The character of Nancy, played by Kari Wuhrer, was briefly considered as a possible candidate to succeed Samantha Carter as commander of the Atlantis expedition.

The winner of a walk-on role appears at the buffet line scene early in the episode, smiling amiably as Ronon loads up.

Our fearless stunt coordinator, James “Bam Bam” Bamford took it upon himself to execute the crazy replicator high fall escape in the middle of the episode.  Crazy.

Director Andy Mikita
We weren’t counting on rain for that “a walk in the park” scene.
A break in the downpour. Quick! Shoot it!
Kari Wuhrer was terrific as John’s ex.
Going over the final scene in the chill late September weather.
The run-through.
Waiting to shoot.
Setting up the replicator beam out.
A sun-burned Dr. Lee.


The replicator plunge:

28 thoughts on “September 25, 2012: The Doggy update! Days of Stargate Atlantis past! Outcast!

  1. Loved Outcast. Sheppard was so obviously ill at ease; apparently he’d never really fit into his family’s world, and now he’d left it so far behind he couldn’t begin to relate.

    Oh, wow – Nancy showing up to boss the Atlantis expedition? What a can of worms that would have opened! (Could have been fun, though.)

  2. Jelly is such a pampered pet. Lucky dog. And if you would quit feeding Lulu serial, maybe she would quit throwing up. When Bubba was making all that ruckus, my dog was looking at her toy like, “are you saying something?”

    Absolutely loved Outcast! One of my top favorites! Great, interesting, fast moving story by Alan McCullough and great direction by Andy Mikita. I loved the look of this episode. You had fantastic directors for the SGA series. I cried when Sheppard was told the news of his father and cried in the end when he went to his brother’s house to talk. The entire cast was excellent. Very happy Ronon got to go home with Sheppard. Chasing that replicator and the big fight in the end was great. You’re right, Bam Bam is crazy for doing that jump! I could never live in Vancouver. My hair could not handle all that rain and drizzle. I’d look like a wet sheepdog.

  3. Jelly! Get better soon! Loved Bubba talking, too. 🙂

    Outcast was a great episode. That’s all I’ve got today. Was without internet for 3 days, the old modem finally died, so I had to wait for AT&T to send a new one. It’s been nuts with the “puppy-puppy” (Riley) and the “baby puppy” (Cody), but they’re enjoying each other and play together most of the day. Cody’s a lot better at getting house trained than Riley was! Using the kennel at night (and for naps) with him is the smartest thing I’ve done in ages. He actually enjoys sleeping in it and will go in by himself when he’s had enough of Riley. 🙂 Have a good night!

  4. FYI have my own serial vomiter. We put her on antacids (famotidine) 2x a day, plus made sure she gets 2 meals and 2 snacks spaced out to avoid it. IF what you pup throws up is yellow, it is bile and the frequent snacks help. If other, the antacids may help.

  5. That’s one set of healthy lungs Bubba has. He’s so cute. 😀 Get well wishes to Jelly.

  6. Poor Jelly and Lulu! Bubba is just concerned about going, going, going. Love all the noises. Outcast was a great episode. I remember Kari from Sliders.

    @Deni. Sorry to hear about no modem, but glad that is fixed; glad the puppies are getting along well. M

  7. I can remember when our dog Jimmy had to wear his wrap around velcro, it seemed easier on boy dogs, for the diaper thing. And my female Mal when she was in heat, had to make the diaper for her, I should have patented it. Oh the fun times. I do hope Jelly feels better, no fun to wear that contraption. Bubba and Lulu, how adorable, thanks for sharing. Does Lulu eat too fast and then throw up? Tell her she can’t sit glued to Ivon if she is a thrower-upper…that will get her attention. Have a great day!

  8. Maybe Akemi could make some drawings on Jelly’s diapers to brighten them up a bit?
    Poor Lulu!
    Bubba is READY!

    Outcast was a great episode. Loved seeing the Sheppard back story. And as always, loved seeing Kari Wuhrer. She’s adorable.

  9. Don’t know whether we should love or hate you for torturing Bubba to provide us an entertaining video. Leaning to love, since you DID give us said vid, plus Bubba was not harmed by the experience.
    Outcast was an interesting show, lots of fun. Just a pity we never really got more glimpses into Sheppard’s background. Sheppard may have been the least developed character on the show. Even Ronan gave us glimpses of his past, and we got to see him try to woo Keller for awhile. Flannigan played Sheppard well, but his best job was in playing an a/u version of our favorite colonel.
    Hope Jelly is out of the diapies soon, and thanks for sharing.

  10. Outcast is a great episode and the music when Sheppard and Ronon are hunting the replicator is amazing!

  11. Loved Outcast, good a and b stories and great acting from all involved.

    Nancy as Sheppard’s boss……that would have been brilliant, Woolsey turned out to be great but I think that this would have been a real shot in the arm for Atlantis and I’m sorry we didn’t see Nancy again, Kari Wuhrer and Joe Flanigan had fantastic chemistry.

  12. Bubba would love the acreage life and hone his talents in the howling department. There is a huge chorus of dogs & coyotes every evening. Be thankful Jelly is a girl; doggie diapers are useless on males. I had to design a diaper system for one of my male dogs a few year ago…

    Outcast was also a favourite of mine–where was the family home shot? It looked like a fabulous property (pool, riding arena, barn, and, oh ya, cool house).

    BTW Bilo is surprising everyone and doing quite well. With his current pain meds he seems to be quite normal and super keen for our back bush walks and making sure the other dogs know he’s boss. The vet said he’d be great for awhile, but then…..one day at a time.

  13. Sweet little Jelly. I hope she is feeling better soon!

    You know, Debra might have a good idea with those antacids. You can run the idea by your vet to make sure. Sounds harmless though.

    I loved Outcast! It is interesting seeing the backstory for the characters. Sheppard’s ex would have been a fun plot twist. Lots of possibilities with that idea! Dr. Lee’s character was very charming. Was the actor really sunburned? His head was peeling, so if he wasn’t burned, the makeup department did a great job! Anyway, we usually see Dr. Lee with Sam and she would make anyone look “less”. This episode showed his competence, lack of ego and likeability. All the actors were excellent!

    Thank you for the glimpse behind the scenes. It’s fascinating learning about how much work goes into each episode. A lot of people make a show come together and not just the actors/writers.

    Deni: How is Lauren doing? I’m glad the new pup is fitting in well.

    PBmom: How are you and Patrick doing? Sleeping through the night, I hope.

  14. No StarGate Wraith printed diapers for Jelly? Does Lulu get sick from eating grass, or maybe from her food/treats or leftover calamari?

    Thanks for the cool vids & pics, great behind the scenes stuff. 🙂

  15. Poor thing, those diapers are not at all stylish.

    My little calico has gone hoarse, she was silent yesterday. I think she has a cold, and vet says give it a week before worrying. Right. This is one vocal little kitty.

    Everyone holler YAY! Today is Mammogram Day! Yeah, right.

  16. @Tam Dixon: Lauren’s still a mess, that pinched nerve in her upper back doesn’t want to go away. 🙁 She’s had some relief with the chiropractor, but will have to continue going for a while, I suspect. Otherwise, her belly’s getting huge! Thanks for asking! xo

  17. My baby’s diapers have pictures of Clifford the Big Red Dog on them. What’s Jelly sporting?

  18. What a great blog! Dogs, videos, photos, and a super episode of Atlantis.

    Sorry that Jelly has to wear diapers temporarily. Get well, sweetheart! For people who have male dogs w/ similar issues, wonder if diapers for little boys would work, since a lot of padding is in the front of the diaper?

    It might help Lulu’s tummy troubles if she ate her dog food and only dog food. They say that giving people food, or even changing to a different dog food too quickly, can cause gastric upset. The antacids sound good, or plain, unflavored oatmeal. I used to give it to my Sammy girl, who had a touchy tummy. Worked swell, and she thought she was getting a treat. No more urka-gurka’s! (That pre-vomit sound effect dogs make.) 🙂 Hang in there, Lulu. *huggles*

    Bubba is a doll baby! “Please, daddy, let’s go! Akemi, let’s go!” You are so lucky I don’t live there. I’d offer to do dog-walks for free and forget to bring him home for a day or two. 😀 “Come, Bubba. Let’s go visit Auntie Lise’s house!”

    Loved, loved, loved Outcast. So many things were very strong in it: the story idea, the writing/execution of the idea, Sheppard’s family, his divorce, superb! chemistry with Nancy, and with buddy Ronan. Great directing, acting from everyone, location. Wow… So much untapped potential with Sheppard’s character. What chemistry & conflict there would have been with Nancy taking the helm. She was a strong enough actress to play opposite Joe Flanigan.

    Man, there were at least 5 more years of possibilities left in Stargate Atlantis. MGM, there’s money to made here. Just sayin… 🙂

  19. Awww, poor Jelly. There’s not much you can do to make those stylish, I suppose. Or comfortable. What’s making Lulu vomit? No more leftover crispy pig brains! And poor Bubba, being teased about going out. Just go out!

    I had kind of forgotten about “Outcast” actually, but now I remember it as being a pretty good episode. I’ve got to start watching these along to refresh my memory.

  20. I look at that picture of Jelly and say to myself that someday that’ll be me. 😛


  21. *hugs and kisses for Jelly* Awwwww…poor Jelly girl. I hope she feels better. She gonna need lots and lots of belly rubs. 😉 Lulu!! Such a sassy girl! Love her diva attitude! 🙂 Bubba! such a cutie pie!

    Outcast. Love the eposode! I loved when they go to Earth. Loved seeing Ronon on Earth. Love seeing Bates as a secret agent. That scene with Ronon running after the Replicator was too cool! 🙂

  22. I know I’m late but I just have to comment on how glad I was when Outcast came out – finally backstory on my favorite character – Sheppard! Not what I would have expected at all but fascinating nonetheless. Joe did a terrific job as did everyone – Kari’s Nancy was a perfect match for John. They fit so well, I really wish it would have happened that she came back. (you can tell how starved I and other Sheppard fans were for more of his history)

    The Ronon and Sheppard government contractor scene gave a lot of slash fans ammunition, no way did Sheppard’s family not think they were together…

    Loved James Bamford’s crazy jump into the river too! All in all a wonderful episode, thank you guys so much!

  23. Sorry, I’m know I’m late to this party. Been working a lot these last couple days. All I wanted to say was this:

    Mmmm, Kari Wuhrer. She’s purrty. I was so hoping she’d have a recurring role as her and Sheppard rekindle things. I used to have a huge crush on her back in the Remote Control days! Then again when she was on Sliders. That was a fun show!

    -Mike A.

  24. Feeling hungry when (as per usual) I finally managed to catch up with your posts and seen you’d been cooking. Boy…if you ever give up the day job, you could set yourself up with a nice wee restaurant, in fact you could come round to mine to perfect your dishes!

    As for Outcast, I loved it. It was a great, very believable story line about what could happen when two different worlds collide. And I am a sucker for character development. I loved Nancy, and I really enjoyed seeing the normally confident Sheppard looking uncomfortable.

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