Technically, I was not operating a cell phone while driving.  I was checking a football score while stopped at a red light.  Still, there was no point in arguing with a motorcycle cop who, I suspect, was simply angry that I hadn’t allowed him to pass me on the right.  Boy, it’s been a while.  The last time I received a ticket was some five years ago when I was speeding down Granville Street in an attempt to get home in time to watch the season premiere of South Park (See?  It IS a bad influence!).  I’m not sure if this is the case elsewhere but here in Vancouver, police officers tend to step out onto traffic, stand directly in front of the offending vehicle, and point resolutely from the car to the curb.  That’ll certainly get someone to slow down but, at the time it happened to me, I had to wonder how many cops were hit by drivers whose reflexes were not as cat-quick as my own.  Judging from the handful of articles I’ve read since that day, I’d say at least three.

So when was the last time you received a ticket and what was the charge?  I’m going to guess lewd and lascivious behavior.  Am I close?

Anyway, we were driving home from dinner at Campagnolo where Akemi joined Rob and his wife, Hillary, for a feast.  No, really.  A FEAST: seven different types of cured meats, two pizzas, a pork trio, beef tongue, lasagna, arancini, cured olives, and a tomato salad (just for show).  And, of course, three desserts.  I had planned to upload the photos and descriptions of our meal but, frankly, am so thoroughly exhausted by the experience that I’ll have to save it for tomorrow’s blog entry.

Our look back on Atlantis’s fourth season continues with the controversial…


Back when Martin came up with the idea for the episode that first introduced Rodney’s sister, he was spinning ideas for a title when he came up with McKay and Mrs. Miller – a tip of the hat to the movie McCabe and Mrs. Miller.  All he had to do was change Jeannie’s married name to Miller and, voila, the title worked perfectly.  When it came time to doing a sequel (of sorts) to the episode, Martin again wracked his brain to come up with an appropriate title and finally settled on Miller’s Crossing – a tip of the hat to the Cohen Brothers movie of the same name.  Granted, it’s a bit of a stretch but the siblings do end up crossing paths.  Right?

Some controversy surrounding Sheppard’s actions at episode’s end – specifically, his manipulation of Wallace that sees the desperate father sacrifice himself to save his daughter and Jeannie (and, indirectly, Rodney who was about to offer himself up to the wraith).  Dark?  Yes. Morally and ethically suspect?  Admittedly.  Defensible?  I would say, yes, absolutely.  We went back and forth in the room on this one and ultimately decided that, while a tough choice, it’s one that John would make if it meant saving innocent lives.  Still, the decision greatly troubles Rodney and, given John’s final scene, it’s evident that it doesn’t sit all that well with him either.  From a creative standpoint, I loved the dilemma and the moral murkiness of Sheppard’s call as I felt it added a darker dimension to his at times enigmatic character.

The director’s cut ran long so a couple of scenes were cut for time.  One involved Sheppard coming in on Ronon, sitting in their motel room, watching Battlestar Galactica.  Ronon’s reaction to the show: “We’ve got to help those people!”.  Sheppard explains it’s a t.v. show – but does concede that the lives of the Galactic crew do look a lot more exciting than theirs.

46 thoughts on “September 13, 2012: My brush with the law! Days of Stargate Atlantis Past! Millers Crossing!

  1. Awww…Joey, did you get a ticket? Let me console you…

    Whoopsies…I meant…

    I haven’t had a ticket in a while, it’s probably been over 25 years now. I think I’ve only had two in my life – one for speeding, and one for going through a red light. That one was weird because I could have sworn the light turned green, but not according to the TWO cops that were chit-chatting in a parking lot right next to the light. 😛

    When I have a bit more energy I will comment on Miller’s Crossing…but suffice to say for now I’m just happy Todd got his din-din. 😈


  2. Joe, you forgot one factor in the father’s decision: he’d already lost his daughter. The nanites’ action in “turning off” her brain while repairing her heart had left her with a blank, empty mind. She no longer knew her father, and all he had left was a life in prison. So, when offered the choice to save the others his actions had endangered, he took it. Yes, Sheppard manipulated him, but it was a choice both characters would have made.

  3. My one and only ticket was not stopping at a four way stop. It wasn’t there the day before and one would think all the cops ready to nab the stop-runners would be a clue. I actually thought the cop was going to complimentary me on the skill and line I took to make the turn. Gosh, my sunglasses were really rosy that day.

  4. I’m not sure if this is the case elsewhere but here in Vancouver, police officers tend to step out onto traffic, stand directly in front of the offending vehicle, and point resolutely from the car to the curb.
    in my part of the U.S. they turn on their lights and and blast their siren once. you must pull over to the right as soon as it’s safe to to so (i.e. a parking lot or a wide spot on the shoulder) if you don’t, there’s more blasting of the siren & if you still don’t, they use their car to block you. and if you’re stupid enough to speed up and attempt to get away, they send more police after you and you end up on the evening news.

  5. Hey Joe,

    I recall in an earlier post you ran down the TV shows you follow and which ones you would drop or not, and The Office was on the drop list.

    I was wondering if you had reconsidered that decision since it has been revealed that this will be the final season, as well as Greg Daniels coming back as show runner.

    Are you going to give it a final go?

  6. My Dad & Grandfather were Cops. I **WISH** that *I* had a BADGE to wave and a nickel for EVERY PERSON that I’ve seen on their Cells in Traffic usually cutting me off without signalling! — So, sorry, Babe. Not getting any sympathy from me on that one. Even IF You were stopped at a Light.

    Actually, be grateful that He didn’t put You on a NO-FLY LIST for being a “Screenwriter”!

    BTW, when They stop You like that – to pull over – means that there was likely Another Cop down the street in a Plain-Car [or, even in disquise as a Roadworker or a “Street-Person] who Spotted You!! — It’s usually a TAG-TEAM Sport.

  7. Ah, but you had “care and control” of the vehicle and were operating it in traffic at the time, so, regardless of whether you were stopped at a light or not, the Motor Vehicle Act says that, because you were using a function of the phone, the ticket is rightly yours.

    The last time I was pulled over was last year in northern Ontario, no ticket, though (and not complaining about that). Some friends and I had gone to the Maritimes and were on our way home when a cop pulled in behind us from a truck stop. He stayed behind us for some distance, despite me giving him every opportunity to pass. One friend said that he was running my plates, which was promptly followed by lights and sirens. He said he pulled us over because he had run my plates, and they came back as “unattached” so, of course, I asked him the most intelligent question ever, “Huh?” Followed by, “What do you mean ‘unattached’? They’re on the car.” He said that when he ran the plates, they came back as not being registered to any vehicle. Turns out that when I had the insurance changed before leaving to provide more coverage for the trip, the insurance agent neglected to tie the decal number from the old insurance to the new insurance. Left it blank on the new insurance papers, and, I assume, in the system – hence the “unattached” plates. So if you change your insurance before it expires, make sure they include the existing decal number.

    Regarding the police walking out into traffic, it’s not just in Vancouver. I’ve seen them do it all over the place. And I do wonder about their sanity sometimes, since it can’t be the safest thing to do.

    Case in point, several years ago, I was turning onto the Highway when a car came up behind me and passed me on the access. Unfortunately for him, there was a cop just around the corner who saw him do it. However, instead of getting in his vehicle and pulling the guy over, he ran out onto the highway. I couldn’t believe the absolute dumbness of that move. Cop ended up standing sideways on the road with his hands up by his shoulders as two vehicles barreled past him on either side. Passer guy ended up losing control and went across the highway and off the road onto the median, where the cop easily got to him, while I had to make some quick moves to avoid hitting the cop on my left and his car on my right. I’m guessing his running out onto the road was not well thought out.

  8. On the plus side,I think that scene did end up on the dvds, because I’ve definately seen it somewhere.

  9. I received a speeding ticket in July on I-85 that runs through a series of small towns where the speed limit seems to change about every 100 feet. Technically I was doing 43 in a 35 zone, but I honestly thought I was going faster because I thought I was in a 55 zone. The officer was very nice but admitted he was new on the job and wasn’t entirely familiar with the paperwork so it took him 15 minutes to write the ticket.

  10. I have to say Sheppard’s actions in Miller’s Crossing was one of the bravest creative decisions I think the writers ever took in the whole Stargate saga. It was fantastic to see that sometimes there is no last minute miracle to save the day and give everyone an easy out. It was also a reminder that even good people can and will do some pretty terrible things given the right set of circumstances.
    I have to admit, of all the Stargate ‘heroes’ I always felt if there was one character who might have gone another way so to speak it was Sheppard and it was good to see that slightly darker undertone again

  11. “Michael:

    Best Frakkin’ Deleted Scene ever Joe. Too bad it got cut.”

    Yes I totally agree, that would have been Awesome. 🙁

  12. Hmm. Three tickets in my driving career. Last one was for speeding. Which I admittedly earned. I was driving to make a memorial service some 3 hours away. I passed not one, but at least 4 police officers while speeding. It was number 5 who finally bothered to pull out and pull me over. To this day I am not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed that I didn’t try to wiggle out of the ticket by pointing out I was going to the memorial of a fallen EMS provider.And I also wonder what the radio traffic was among those cops, and if they decided by talking among themselves my idiocy deserved a ticket.
    Miller’s Crossing was certainly a dark episode, but the actions of Sheppard were by no means excessive. Sure, he manipulated the man. But we aren’t talking some weak willed individual being affected by outside forces. He laid out the situation, and let Wallace come to his own conclusion. And BMc made the other major point. Would Wallace really prefer to live in prison the rest of his life, with both his daughter and Jeannie’s death haunting him? Besides, it resolved another issue that had to be addressed. Namely, were they going to allow Todd to starve? As a being who has assisted them, the Atlantis crew owed him something better. So good call on the decision to go that route.

  13. Wow, now that you asked, I had to think about it. It’s been since before I was married that I got a ticket, and that was for not stopping completely at a stop sign. No, I won’t make anyone feel bad by saying how long I’ve been married. 🙂 Now, hubby has gotten one since then. It was when we had first moved to Michigan, and he didn’t make a Michigan left correctly. Bonus points to anyone who knows what that is. We certainly didn’t, but we learned after that.

    I liked all the eps with Rodney’s sister. Thought they interacted well together which was not surprising since it was David Hewlett’s real-life sister in the part.

    Have a great day!!!!

  14. That deleted scene would have been hilarious. Wouldn’t that have then turned into Sheppard explaining the difference between the news and fictional TV drama?

    I did like the murkiness of the ethics/morality of Sheppard’s actions and how everyone was affected. It made the show seem more real in that at episode’s end, everyone was troubled by what had occurred.

    I’ve only gotten one ticket in my life. I got in an accident after missing a stop sign (blocked by a tree and a parked pickup truck and barely visible). Needless to say, I got ticketed for reckless driving. Are motorcycle cops up in America’s hat ego filled tools like they are in the US?

  15. The last ticket I got was around the start of early 1988, when in”failed to yield” because I couldn’t see around a huge snowbank when I pulled out of a side road. So, a whole ago!

    Food sounds great!

  16. @Joe:

    My last ticket was back in ’92; it was a “Failure to Stop” ticket which is sort of a catch all in Maryland for anytime a car rear-ends another car, regardless of the circumstances.

    I was car #3 in a five car pile-up on the Washington beltway, which was caused by car #2 cutting in and then immediately hitting the rear-end of car #1 (jamming it’s tires and squealing to a stop). I then struck car #2 (the separation I usually keep had been reduced by car #2 cutting in, however I was able to slow down enough that it was a slight impact, but still there was an impact hence the ticket). A second or two later, cars #4 and #5 struck me from behind. Both cars were going 55 miles an hour and didn’t see the pile-up in front of them, so those impacts were pretty harsh.

    My car’s passenger cabin bent upwards (the front and rear bumpers were essentially at ground level and both the trunk and hood were “accordioned”). I was fortunate enough to escape with only bruises and body aches, but the car was totaled.

    The $200 ticket was insult to injury (literally!), but it was impossible to fight: (“Did you hit car #2 before car #4 stuck you?”…”Yes, but car #2…” “Case closed; pay the fine.”).

    I did narrowly avoid a ticket in a French village somewhere between Lyon and Grenoble in ’96 when I failed to slow down for a car approaching from the right; priorite a’ droite was in effect (I had missed the “yellow-triangle with the black strip” sign, if there was one…I’m still not convinced there was).

    The Gendarme let me off (once he discovered I was American and not British 😉 ). This does make me wonder whether Quebec has Priorite a’ droite.

    No other incidents since then (although just SAYING that is likely to get me a ticket tomorrow!)

    On Miller’s Crossing:

    I always enjoy the Hewlett sibling banter; I don’t know why. My two kids (youngest of three), a girl (15) and a boy (13), both fight incessantly over the most insignificant things. You would think I’d want to escape it 😉 .

    So, how much of you and your sis, and/or David and Kate are in this episode?

    @Tam Dixon (on Clive Cussler):

    I’ve been looking at books to download for my upcoming trips (Nashville next week, Detroit and Kokomo, Indiana the following week, and then Vancouver the first week in October), and I came across this:

    It’s a Cussler series that I haven’t read yet (the “Fargo Adventure” series), so I thought I would check it out for my trips. It looks like there are three other books in the series (Spartan Gold, Lost Empire, and The Kingdom)…have you read any of these? And is there an “must-read order” or do they pretty much stand by themselves like the rest of the Cussler novels?

    By the way, Barb and I are all set to visit the Loveless Cafe on Monday night (driving in from Bowling Green)…I’m looking forward to some good southern cooking and thanks again for the recommendation.

  17. For some laughs, check out the unintentionally ironic pictures and parent/child text messages are especially good for laughs. Right up there with for enterainment value

  18. I don’t drive because I hit things. People-things tend to get upset about that.

    However, I was ticketed in 1978 (or so) for jaywalking….. what? Two in the morning coming out of Rocky Horror Picture Show, in a crosswalk, but I went against the red light because I had no jacket and it started to snow. Downtown Salt Lake City has these wide straight streets, you can see down them for miles. Designed to be big enough to turn around a full ox team. Truly. No cars out at that hour, except for that one parked police car. I guess he wanted to know what we were doing out so late.
    Stupid ticket even turned into a bench warrant, it was mailed to me and my boyfriend tossed it out as “bullshit”. Um, er, I’d have paid the $15. As it was, I never found out until months later, we’d broken up and there was the warrant in my forwarded mail. I was a criminal on the lam! $115, steep in the 70s for a college student.

  19. Joe,
    I have to know. Was it original Galactica or Moore’s Galactica? Which episode?

  20. I’m a huge proponent of banning cell phone use while driving. However I do think it’s acceptable to use while stopped at a traffic light. (As long as you’re paying attention to said traffic light.) Whether the law says so or not.

    My last ticket was in 1993 in Bellmawr, NJ. I was pulled over, said the officer, because I pulled into the intersection at a “high rate of speed”. Which is complete bullshit. I was doing the speed limit. He pulled me over because I just left the bar. That I was not drinking at…for whatever reason.

    He was upset that he couldn’t nail me on the DUI charge. He knew damn well that I wasn’t speeding, so he couldn’t ticket me for that. So, as it turns out, my shiny brand new insurance card was sitting on my counter at home. Not in my vehicle where it should have been. So he wrote me a ticket for not having my documents. That cost me $129.00 and a court appearance to prove I had my documents in order.

  21. Miller’s Crossing fan stuff: Sheppard convincing another man to effectively commit suicide to save Rodney, great McShep evidence.
    Sheppard’s actions were questionable to many, I remember at Gateworld they even started setting up a mock trial to see if he should be convicted of murder. I believe he acted for the best of everyone, but legally he would be held responsible in some way if it ever came to a trial. Which it wouldn’t, cause would you call Todd as a witness?

    Cell phones and cars? Shouldn’t mix. Actually cell phones? What is it that people can’t bear to be off the damn things for more than a few minutes? I think everyone should take a mandatory one day a week when they don’t carry a phone with them. Think your own thoughts, talk to people in person. It’s such an addiction.

  22. The last ticket I got was bogus. I didn’t speed because I was driving a sporty rental. (I’d have been speeding otherwise.) I was just passing a truck going way below the speed limit and had dropped to the back of a line of speeding cars before changing lanes so I wouldn’t have to speed, I should’ve stayed out of the left lane at all costs, but that truck was going to put me to sleep. I suspect the bogus tickets are better for the cops because then more people will fight and they get the overtime when it goes to court.

    I ended up having to go to court so many times that eventually the cop wasn’t there because he was at training and the case was dismissed. They’d tried to trick me into signing some paper that I figured out in retrospect was a waiver of my right to a speedy trial. It didn’t say that on the paper, I had to search the internet later for a law ID # on the paper. That paper was drafted intentionally to not say what signing it meant and gets handed to people in an environment where the wrong move could land them in contempt? So they KNEW the cop couldn’t be there on the day they scheduled after I refused to sign, yet I had to miss a day of work to find that out. Bias. I didn’t see them trying to trick the cop into allowing me the most flexibility in court dates.

    I contempt our courts. (More for other things they’ve done to other people than this.)

    I’m destined for something really bad to happen to me in a cop encounter. I do not say the wisest things in the moment. And I always look tweaky and like I’m about to grab for something because of the Tourette’s. I can use all my thought-power to not look that way, but I need my brain for other stuff or it’ll just look like I’m on a different drug.

    I’ve pictured the fiasco of having my very nervous son with me when being pulled over.

    Why did we stop?
    A cop pulled us over.


    What’s revenuing?
    It’s where they get money from people.

    That’s stealing! He’s a robber. Get away!
    Don’t call him that.

    Always treat people respectfully when they have a gun.

    Once the cop walks up, I’ll be lucky if it’s my son who says the next smart-alec thing instead of me. Something along the lines of, “my mom just said you can’t treat her like this because she has a gun.”

    I obviously need to think up something wiser ahead of time.

  23. Weird about you describing a cop standing out on the road today. Last night, for the first time ever that I’ve seen, a cop was flagging down cars on a dark country road. He could barely be seen and I was wondering why the cop would take a risk like that. I didn’t get flagged down (2 cars in front of me did) so I never (luckily) got a chance to ask.

    BTW Bilo definitely has a very aggressive sarcoma (no viable options to deal with it), so we are spoiling him silly and he seems quite happy right now on his pain meds and all the attention. The vet said we’d be lucky to still have him around in a few months.

  24. AnneTeldy: How are you feel today? Still praying for you!

    Miller’s Crossing: I had NO problem with the wraith dilemma. One reason: The guy was going to spend the rest of his days in jail. He’s better off dead would be my reasoning! I loved the interaction between the Hewletts’. When Jeanne said to him “Hey idiot”, I had a big laugh out at that! I’m always envious when I see a good sibling relationship…something I will never have. I liked the show!

    I wouldn’t worry about the ticket too much. It should only be a small fine. I wish they would restrict cell phone use here. Every time someone cuts me off, they seem to be talking on the phone. My son and I laugh about “Little Old Lady on cellphone, watch out”. They are the worst! It’s not unusual to look over and see someone texting and driving here too. Of course, texting is “supposed” to be illegal here and they still do it.

    JeffW: I hope you check the comments during your trip. My hubby parked in a downtown pay lot in Nashville this week. You pay to park and then they send you a large bill because you “didn’t” pay. Keep your receipts and take a picture of your car with a ticket in the window! They did something similar to one of my hubby’s co-workers in downtown Memphis. He’s still fighting with them over a $70.00 charge. He has a receipt but they said he didn’t put a his ticket in the car window. Big scam so be careful! P.S. Thanks for the book idea! I’ll look it up.

    Das: Exactly my point but I’m sure there would be plenty of people to argue with you about the age of the earth. I’m still arguing with my mom about which version of the Bible to read. She thinks all versions but the KJ is from the devil. 🙄 I’ve been trying a logic argument about the KJ being a translation of the original text, so it’s bogus by her standards too. She’s not budging though. I guess that’s where I inherited my stubborn streak. Can I get your e-mail address? I’d love to run some ideas by you. Hubby and I enjoy finding scientific explanations for Biblical events. God invented science, why wouldn’t he use it? We’ve been very fortunate to find open minded clergy to argue/explain points to us.

    1. @Tam Dixon: I love this quote. “God invented science, why wouldn’t he use it?” I would love to hear some of your ideas too. Let me know if that’s okay, and I’ll post my email.

  25. For every “I can operate my phone while driving” there’s a couple of accidents.
    Just don’t use you’re phone while driving, ok?

  26. ANy chance you could post the deleted scene? Probably not, but I would love to see it!

  27. That happens all the time in the Lower Mainland, and it happened to my friend when we were driving down the highway just outside abbotsford. We were going about 120kmh and a cop jumped out from behind a support pole for an overpass, right into the middle of the lane while holding his hand up, ordering us to stop immediately. My friend locked up the brakes and luckily came to a stop about 20 feet short of the officer. While he was running my friends i.d. we were talking about what charge you would get if you were to hit and kill that police officer that was stupid enough to jump onto the highway and get hit by a car. I figured they would hit you with every charge in the book, manslaughter, assaulting a police officer, assault with a deadly weapon, I think there is some charge about killing a peace officer aswell they would probably use.

    Anyways, my last ticket was when I was 22, in my old Nissan 300ZX twin turbo that I brought over from Japan. I was flying down the highway about 140kmh at 4am and while passing a truck I see the cop sitting in the meridian turn on his lights. I thought f*ck me and then pulled into the right lane and slowed down and stopped on the shoulder. I got my i.d. and registration out and waited, and waited, and waited. Then finally the cop pulls up behind me and I am thinking, godamnit the exit ramp is right there, I shoulda made a run for it. The cop came up and started berrating me about where my buddy in the car went, I explained that it was a right side drive car, I was the only one in it and showed him the steering wheel infront of me, he wasn’t convinced at all. He then proceeded to give me a $560 ticket, 6 months driving suspension and then thanked me for pulling over because he probably wouldn’t have caught up to me, and asked me about my car because it was “pretty cool”. ass-hole.

  28. @cat4444

    I’m guessing his running out onto the road was not well thought out.

    I don’t get why anyone is doing this. Drivers do stupid stuff to each other on the road, but at least we’re surrounded by a cage of steel. Even if the driver was life-threateningly stupid, two wrongs don’t make a right.

  29. BiloBella&Kasper: So sorry to hear about Bilbo. We all know how bad that feels. Prayers that you can keep him comfortable all the way.

    JeffW: Yes, I love the Fargo series. I just downloaded “The Tomb” but I haven’t started it yet.

    Maggiemayday: I loved your story! Criminal! You’d fit right in among my family 😉 .

  30. Regarding yesterdays post. Awww bless your hearts – that conversation was too cute. I love the story of Noah’s Ark because of the promise that God will not destroy the Earth again by water. Genesis 9:11 He will, however one day destroy it be fire. 2 Peter 3:10 Thus the rainbow, signifying God’s promise.

    The God I believe in does not punish. He corrects and disciplines like my father used to correct and discipline me, because he loved me. Heb 12:6 I now have two Fathers in heaven. He always provides a way out, like he did for the people and for Noah and his family. 1 Corinthians 10:13 – (Tho this verse is speaking of temptations, He does provide a way to save us spiritually). God gave these people 120 years to change their hearts. Gen 6:3. And with the free will God gave them – they made their choice. It’s not God’s will for anyone to perish, 2 Peter 3:9, And I believe He sent His only begotten Son to die, John 3:16 for us and rise again so that we can spend eternity with Him.
    So Gen 9:13 “I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.(NIV)”
    I won’t go deeper. I’m not a scholar, just what I have learned and wanted to share.

    As for my last ticket…. I think it was 2000, or 1999, I was speeding but because someone wouldn’t pass me, speeding up when I did, slow down when I did…trying to get away from him I got caught. But I took it to court and paid half the fee, $50.00.

  31. Miller’s Crossing was a so-so episode for me. Actually, not one of my favorites. 🙂

    I got a ticket a couple of years ago, but I still have no idea what I did. I kid you not! First, the cop said I went across two lanes of traffic to make a left turn (no way), but when I got pissed off and told him he was nuts, he gave me a ticket for running a red light. BASTARD. I did neither! I had Elway with me, so I decided to shut up and get home before the poor dog had a seizure, but it cost me $300 for the privilege. The same cop stopped me incessantly for about 3 months (for nothing, just to ask for my license and registration), until I finally told him I would be calling Internal Affairs. Haven’t seen him since.
    This town sucks.

    A a brighter note, got another dog yesterday! Her name is Bailey and she’s mostly Pointer. She was on the 24 hour-till-euthanasia list in Georgia, and some very nice people drove up to get her and put up a notice at my daughter’s office. She’s about 2 years old and is a sweet girl. She’s got a slight case of Demodex (on meds for that), is terribly skinny and loves to play with Riley. Ms Riley, on the other hand, sees her as an intruder and will not let her near me, her toys or the cats. She’ll be ok after a few days (I hope), but for now, at least they’re playing together outside. Gumbo’s getting very old and doesn’t feel like doing much, and we figured that when he goes, she’ll be the only dog in the house, and she wouldn’t like that. Training is going to be a bit of a challenge (she knows NOTHING), but hey, what else is new? She’s already learned “sit” and “shake hands”, but thinks her name is “Girl”.

    Anakin’s crib and changing table arrived today. Becoming a grandma is becoming a reality more and more every day. Oy!

  32. I’m guilty of cellphone-at-traffic-light use too, but I’m still for hands-free only laws. Last week, yet again, we were stuck behind a lane-wandering truck who was speeding up and slowing down and generally being a hazard. When I could finally safely pass I glanced over, and sure enough: phone glued to his ear, yacking away, utterly oblivous to anything around him. GRRR.

    Sad to say, I earned every speeding ticket I received (except that one, which I took to court, and the judged agreed with me. Yay!) It’s been quite a few years now – I’ve been trying to pay better attention. Most speeding is about impatience and poor time management anyway. [sigh]

    *Loved* that Galactica scene. (See folks, when you don’t pay for the dvds, you miss out on this stuff!) I’m still very uncomfortable with John’s actions, although I understand why he did it…I guess, thank you for letting everyone, including him, register their discomfort, too, rather than finishing in a nice warm glow.

  33. @archersangel
    @they send more police after you and you end up on the evening news.

    Incredible that people even do that, like they seem to forget that their car will eventually run out of gas.

  34. I don’t think it would have been good to have Ronon mistake BSG for news. Societies less developed than Ronon’s origin have town criers and plays. Unless the point was that Ronon’s society was just that alien they don’t have the same drama bug?

  35. So, you wanna hear about my brush with death?

    Well, a few weeks back I had the AC replaced in my car. Shortly thereafter, the check engine light came on and the compressor started short cycling. Took it back and the computer said it was my distributor. Replaced the distributor. Next day the check engine light came on. Took it back, they checked the AC and adjusted the idle, which was too low and causing the AC to short cycle. I got in the car, pulled out onto the street (a twisty, turny street, too)…and my car took off! No foot on the gas, and the thing was flying! I stomped on the brake and it slowed, but the engine was still racing. I didn’t have presence of mind to slam it into neutral, but fortunately I did get it to stop and immediately put it in park (it sounded like a jet engine!), and turned off the ignition. They’re checking it over to see what happened; first diagnosis was that a bolt associated with the idle control had come out. I hope they figure it out soon. Scared the living crap out of me and now I’m afraid to ever drive it again. 🙁

    @ Tam Dixon – Will get back to you on that. At work and trying to finish up, and really still a bit shaken up from my little ordeal. 😛


    So…anyone wanna give me a lift? 😀

  36. I really wish you’d kept that scene – so funny!

    But the episode, although dark, was well done. The decision itself was something I too believe Sheppard would have made. It’s not always the case that the one is as important as the many. Sometimes a sacrifice has to be made for the greater good. And sometimes, the good have to show their dark side to be able to get the job done.

  37. Anne Teldy’s lil sis typing here…Anne says…

    Naughty naughty you got caughty! 😉

    I’ve had two speeding tickets in my life. Frist was in high school when I was being an idiot. The second one was on the highway coming back from Mississippi and it wasn’t my fault. I had to have the transmission repaired in Mississippi. Unbeknownst to me, the mechanic messed up the speedometer. I was going much faster than I realized. It scared me when the officer told me how fast I was actually going.

    About “Miller’s Crossing” I liked seeing John’s dark side. He didn’t do anything I wouldn’t have done for my family. Morally dubious, yes? But real.

    Medical Update from lil sis…

    Anne’s kidney’s are failing. The biggest concern right now is the potassium level in her blood since the kidney’s can’t filter it out. The level is critically high. If it goes much higher it will stop Anne’s heart. (Potassium is at 6.5 for those in the medical field or know about such things.) Anne is feeling fairly well. She is sleeping quite a bit and continues to have muscle spasms and tremors, which I believe are caused by the increasing level of potassium and other toxins in her blood. She/we are reading all comments and enjoying the blog as usual. Anne and the entire family are very touched by your outpouring of support!!! We’ll update as we get the chance.

    Anne Teldy’s lil sis

  38. Aww, man…that deleted scene was the best!! 😆 Thanks, bailey, for posting the link!


  39. Two tickets here. One 3 years ago for speeding and one in my teens for running a red light. Should have fought it. It’s not like I went thru the light 50 miles an hour dodging the other traffic. The road was being repaved and there was a 6 inch drop off in the middle of the intersection. Everyone had to crawl down the step, thru the intersection then back up the other side. So slow I had already missed the light 3 times. I decided when it turned yellow I would still continue thru. Not dangerous at all. My mistake was craning my neck aroung to look at the policeman I had just spotted sitting in the turn bay. That made me look totally guilty (along with the beautiful sports car I was driving). He made a U turn and came and got me. Not fair!

    I really liked Miller’s Crossing. Ronon was very cute in this. I could not get behind Sheppard in letting/expecting Wallace to kill himself by becoming Wraith food. He was guilty of trying to save his daughter especially since going through the death of his wife. I felt sorry for him. I’m sure he expected McKay to be smart enough to save his daughter and Jeannie. Normally he would. Why didn’t he save the day this time? Gero is a trouble maker!

  40. I have never gotten a ticket in my life. Was in a bad car crash, but it was 100% not my fault except for the part that I was going 5 mph over the speed limit that I freely admitted to the cop on the scene who, impressed with my honesty, told me not to be so honest and he never heard me admit that. Maybe because I was being so kind to the 86-year-old woman who had just hit me. But if I were going 5 mph less, would I have been hit at all?

    And I enjoyed this episode, too. That comment about BSG would have been epic though. I did not see any controversy. All heroes are imperfect. I also like exploring the dark side.

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