Finally!  Today was the day our fantasy football league, Vancouver United, gathered for our fantasy football draft.  It looks like my team, the Snow Monkeys, will have its work cut out for it as it faces off against fourteen other tough teams.  Well, thirteen tough teams plus the ragtag assortment of players Tio will manage to assemble every week.

Determined to repeat as champions.

After staying up late last night going over my stats, I woke up early this morning – to go over my stats – then opened up my three laptops, pulled out my research documents, and counted down.  Our draft positions were randomly generated thirty minutes before the draft, so there was no way to prepare – well, short of over-preparing which is what I did, running some three hundred different simulations that saw me drafting at all fourteen spots.  If there was one thing I discovered, it was that I didn’t want to end up drafting in the #5-7 position.  #1-4 and I would draft one of the top three RB’s.  #8-14 and I would have a shot at a couple of fairly strong runners as well.  Of course, as it turned out, I ended up with the 6th pick.

Ready to draft!

The draft began at 11:00 a.m. sharp.  VFX Supervisor Mark Savela (The Savela Skitterers) had the first pick and my buddy Tio, who must be commended for attempting to field a team made up entirely of quarterbacks, had the last pick.  Inside that hour and a half, I snapped up some great players, missed out on a few I’d had my eye on, and even landed a couple of potential sleepers.

Here are my new look Snow Monkeys:

QB: Drew Brees

RB: Fred Jackson

RB: Doug Martin

WR: Dwayne Bowe

WR: Marques Colston

TE: Jared Cook

R/W/T: Mark Ingram

K: Ryan Succop

D: Atlanta Falcons


RB: Jacquizz Rodgers

WR: Pierre Garcon

WR: Austin Collie

WR: Greg Little

WR: Jon Baldwin

WR: Justin Blackmon

In the end, I had to draft one of the top tier quarterbacks and I’m very happy with Brees.  Regardless of the vendetta against them, the Saints will be a powerhouse this year.  Which is why I also picked up the scoring machine Marques Colston and lead Saints back Mark Ingram who should assume most goal line rushing duties.  A very solid offensive line will make the Chiefs much improved, which means another great year for Bowe and possible breakout status for Baldwin.

Speaking of breakout status, speedy Justin Blackmon has already become a favorite of QB Blaine Gabbart in Jacksonville and he looks to have plenty of upside.  Our opening week match-up will no doubt see me crush Tio’s team, the woefully undermanned Crossplane.  Fred Jackson was well on his to a rushing title last season before breaking his leg.  He’s on the mend and gets another shot this year.  Meanwhile, rookie Doug Martin assumes lead rushing duties on a Bucs squad that also boasts a pretty solid o-line.  I went with a couple of #1 receivers, and a tight end, on teams with new quarterbacks that should be throwing their way plenty: Pierre Garcon, Greg Little, and Jared Cook.

My biggest reach was Atlanta runningback Jacquizz Rodgers but, with Michael Turner slowing down, the pass-catching Rodgers coming out of the backfield presents a terrific opportunity for the pass-happy Falcons. The only pick I’m unsure of is Colts receiver Austin Collie.  Hopefully, he develops some kind of rapport with first year QB Andrew Luck. Finally, as for the kicker and defense – there’s no way to tell at the beginning of the season so I just rolled the dice and will wait and see.

Thoughts?  Agree?  Disagree?  Don’t know what the hell I’m talking about?   The last time I talked football with my friends, Akemi had this to say: “It sounds like you’re speaking English, but I don’t understand anything!”

As a reward for all those non-football fans who nevertheless read through the above post, here is video from this summer’s last soft serve outing with the dogs:


23 thoughts on “September 1, 2012: The Snow Monkeys Cometh! The Dogs Eating Ice Cream summer finale!

  1. Auto-Draft works for me, no stress, just play the cards you are dealt, love the simplicity and challenge!

  2. Akemi said:

    “It sounds like you’re speaking English, but I don’t understand anything!”

    I have to agree with Akemi!

    How does a fantasy league work? Since you took guys from different teams, do you just add their performances together? You listed an entire team for D which, I assume, means defense? You only listed one quarterback. What happens if your guy gets hurt? And your poor friend, the Quarterback Queen, what’s she going to do? I mean, other than lose to the mighty Snow Monkeys 🙂 . I’m curious.

    Anne Teldy (who is trying not to think about things)

  3. Akemi had this to say: “It sounds like you’re speaking English, but I don’t understand anything!”

    That is priceless!

  4. I have to say I’m with Akemi on this one. Football is not my thing – to paraphrase (I think) Lisa Simpson, “I know those words, but that just makes no sense.”

    Great ice cream video. I wonder if the dogs get little ice cream headaches by eating it that fast?

  5. Thoughts? Why would I ever watch [gridiron] football when I can watch THIS:

    (You have to watch until the end for one of the greatest hakas of all time – perhaps Ronon was an All Black in a different universe 😉 ).

    Now THAT’S a sport!


  6. Well, I normally comment on this blog under the name Samantha Padilla, but I’ve actually started my own blog on Word Press today, so now it’s stargateatlantisseasonsix. Which coincidentally is exactly what the blog is about. I’ve turned my stories of Atlantis’ Season Six, which I had hoped to get published but alas, into a blog. Please, everyone drop in and comment, I’d love the feedback and thanks Joe for giving me the idea of the blog in the first place! Much love to you!

    The site is:

  7. That’s.weird. The video didn’t show up until I got ready to post a comment. As for your picks, I don’t recognize any of the names and trust your research pays off? Hope your snow monkeys o well.

  8. I don’t see a video ;-( Is this because I am stupid or you are forgetful??

  9. No Ravens?!? Did you get a shot at Torrey Smith or Ray Rice?

    Looks like a pretty decent lineup though.

    I’m hoping for a pretty good year for my Ravens…the pre-season was a mixed bag, but that’s not really a reliable indicator, so we’ll see.

    Go Snow Monkeys! (Unless KC or NO is playing Baltimore 😉 )

  10. I think the dogs eat ice cream neater than I do. Thanks for the video. Good Luck to the Snow Monkeys.

  11. Completely off topic, but, after owning 10 cats throughout my life – yeah, that’s a lot of cats – I have to say, I now own one that farts – a lot. She is a pure bred Siamese,which may have something to do with it. All my previous felines were the whatever variety you get from the humane society. But this one, who I named Mica, but should have called Miss Fartsalot, can foul odor a room faster than a leaky gas well (hey, I’m an Albertan and that’s the smell I’m familiar with), the really terrible rotten egg smell. And, anyone with cats knows they sure can be stinky when they do their business. I’ve tried different types of cat food, since all the cat behaviour sites suggest farting is a symptom of cat food with too much filler in it; nadda. Does anyone have any suggestions how to fix this?


  12. @Joe: In case this helps in diagnosing the problem, the dog video was there when I originally read your post, but it seems to have disappeared now.

    @das: I watched your video. I don’t think I could actually watch a full rugby game as it is too fast for me. I’m on a slower speed. It does seem exciting, though.

    Anne Teldy (who should be sleeping)

  13. Joey, that dogs eating ice cream vid would be SO much better if after the pups had their turn, YOU had a lick! In fact, I think we’d pay good money to see that happen. 😀


  14. NOTE: Weird. The doggie video disappeared once I posted (and I’m assuming will re-appear when you approve these posts). Like many others I didn’t see it last night, either, but it was there this morning until I made my comment. WordPress is being touchy again.


  15. I have to agree with Akemi on this one.

    Loved the “Boo” picture yesterday Das!

  16. Nice pick on Brees. Since the Saint’s offense wasn’t penalized in the scandal, they’ll be as good as ever, plus with Brees’ off-season contract issue I suspect he’ll have something to prove this year.
    Did anyone in your league get Eric Decker from the Broncos? I suspect he is going to have a phenominal year.

  17. @ anneteldy – Rugby isn’t always as fast-paced as that highlight video – sometimes the action slows in the tackle, or – ya know – when someone gets their shorts pulled down. 😀 😀 😀

    @ Tam Dixon – Boo first climbed the drying rack about 2 weeks ago, and he was so much smaller! He’s quickly turning into a cat, even spending some down time just peering out the window (yay!), however, he still has a lot of kitten in him, especially when he tries to bite all the beads and sparkly things off of my livingroom pillows! I have to turn them all over so he can’t get to the purty things. I have this really pretty peacock one from Pier 1 – all sparkly beads and stuff – if he gets into that I’ll, I’ll…oh, who am I kidding, he’s so irresistible I’ll probably give him kisses. 😛


  18. @Das: Ha! I agree about Joe trying the cones after the dogs have their lick. Joe, we double dog dare ya!

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