Off to dinner with Ivon and Tio tonight to discuss – what else? – football!  Our fantasy football season kicks off tomorrow when our league (Vancouver Unite) holds its 2012 draft.  As you all know, my Snow Monkeys are 2011 league champions looking to defend the title. I’ve done my research and plan to spend most of tonight and tomorrow morning going over the stats and making adjustments to my player rankings.  So, any suggestions?  Sleepers?  Duds?  Should I be drafting a QB first?

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to all those who took the time to write about or post pics of their beloved pets in yesterday’s comment section.  And, by the way, my sister greatly appreciates all the well-wishes sent Aspen’s way.

Some news of note:

Imagine an alternate universe where Thunderbird took Wolverine’s place on the X-Men and Spock had less screen time than that whiney Chekov: 7 Iconic Characters They Saved from The Cutting Room Floor

Almost a candidate for the Darwin Awards: Man almost dies after mailing himself to girlfriend  “I didn’t realize it would take so long,” said Seng in a Daily Mail article. “I tried to make a hole in the cardboard but it was too thick and I didn’t want to spoil the surprise by shouting.”

In you get, sweetheart.

19 Unintentionally Terrifying Children’s Album Covers

Relax.  You’re in good hands with our trained flight crew: ANA pilots unaware for 17 seconds that plane was almost turning …

It all makes sense now.  My great grandfather was addicted to the internet too!  Addicted to the internet? It could be all in your genes

Apparently there’s been a marked drop in demand for condos located near active super volcanoes: ‘Super volcano’ could kill millions near site of Pompeii

Chocolate linked to reduced risk of stroke — in men Which is why I’ve replaced Gatorade with a chocolate shake as my post-work out drink.

What, in your opinion, was the singular saddest moment in Stargate history?  The moment, above all others in the franchise’s 300+ episode run, that had you crying so hard you scared your dog?  What was THE most bawlworthy moment?  Was it Daniel’s ascension?  Janet’s surprise death?  Young’s gut wrenching mercy killing of Riley?  Or was it Beckett’s farewell?  I want to know.  Cast your vote – and leave a comment on the poll page – for a chance to win a signed script!

Hunh.  Here’s something interesting.  Of those top ten heartbreaking moments, one was written by Carl Binder (Epilogue), one by Martin Gero (Sunday), one by Paul Mullie and me (The Last Man) and the remaining seven were written by Robert C. Cooper.  Seven out of ten!  Next Comic Con, I’m going to make a tidy profit selling “ROBERT COOPER MADE ME CRY” t-shirts.

27 thoughts on “August 31, 2012: News of Note! Cast your ballot for The Most Heartbreaking Moment in Stargate History!

  1. Heh, you should give the winners the t-shirts! All wonderful episodes! Sure do miss Stargate, and I know the dialogue by heart on most of the episodes. Really need some NEW STUFF, Joe!

    Pet-sitting a little Maltese dog, she’s the cutest thing EVER. She’s been here before, spent 10 days with us (4 this time) and I fell in love. 🙂

    Enjoy the holiday weekend, everyone!

  2. Call me heartless but I really didn’t find The Last Man remotely sad or heartbreaking, if anything I found it to be an entertaining and satisfying end of season finale.

    I mean, this is pretty much a Sheppard episode, he’s alone in Atlantis, and has to get back to his own time, and he, along with McKay comes up with a daring plan.
    (I mean, you have an older Mckay, how cool is that? And you have sand too, and some eeryness of being alone).

    Teyla plotline aside, it was one of the better end of season finales in Atlantis, at least in my opinion. Then of course you have the opening episode of the next season, again that continues the fun with everyone trapped under the rubble. In general this episode was just, really fun.

    Best wishes to your sisters dog though Joe.

  3. Also I thought the way the characters died was entirely believable, okay perhaps this episode was a little sad but in general it was kinda awesome.

  4. Just got some horrible news: my beloved Bilo (German shepherd) has osteosarcoma and we’ll have to say good bye very soon.

  5. Joe, just two things… 1. You really need to switch from football to rugby, and 2. What’s up with all the severed feet showing up on your BC shores?

    I’ll have to get to the news of note later. Very tired, as usual. 😛


  6. Ok if you are selling the Robert Cooper cry t-shirts, I may need to order some, I am making a t-shirt quilt when the weather cools a bit, I have A LOT of t-shirts for the project. And good luck with the Monkeys this season!

  7. @Joe:

    I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday; I’ve been busy trying to finish up my master bath remodel. I finished the grouting today, and I should be able to seal it on Monday, so we’re getting close.

    What I would have posted yesterday is about my childhood dog, Duke. He was an 8 week old Collie puppy when we picked him up (I was 7 at the time). He was my best friend; obedient, always playful, and always loyal. We had a close bond, and while he always listened to me, anyone else’s commands were only suggestions.

    One thing that annoyed my mom…I trained Duke to come when I clapped my hands twice. From across the house (and out of sight), Duke could somehow figure out when I was clapping my hands as opposed to my mom (or anyone else). Every time mom tried to call to call him to dinner, he would ignore her and would only come when I clapped. I did say loyal didn’t I?

    Unfortunately, Duke died of an undiagnosed heart condition when I was twelve. I was at school at the time and when I came home he wasn’t there to greet me as he did normally every day. I was very heartbroken, and while we had other dogs over the years (all of which I loved), nothing could quite equal the relationship Duke and I had.

  8. Thanks to everyone for the support! It helps.

    I had something scary happen today/tonight. It really shook me. I had blood drawn this morning and got the test results this afternoon. I compared them with the results from nine days ago. Not good. My BUN, Creatinine, and Glucose levels were all up.

    My sister and I waited for quite a while this evening for someone to tell us what the doctor’s/nurse practitioner’s response would be. It was getting late, so I called the nurse and asked her to call and see if a decision had been reached. She said she would.

    She came to the room to tell us that “since the numbers were improving, they aren’t going to do anything until the nurse practitioner comes back from vacation.” We informed her that the numbers were, in fact, getting worse. I showed her my copies of the two test results dated nine days apart. She said “they must have put the information in backwards” and went off to call the the doctor’s office again.

    They put the numbers in backwards?!?! How scary is that? (They also had me listed as a diabetic even though the hospital told my sister I wasn’t.) If I didn’t insist on getting — and keeping — a copy of my lab reports, this error wouldn’t have been caught. I can’t help but wonder/worry about all the other people who didn’t keep copies of their labs.

    We suggested that, since the glucose level was high, perhaps they should do regular finger sticks on me so we could see if there was a pattern or the lack of one. The doctor’s office agreed. So starting tomorrow a.m., bright and early, I start getting stuck twice a day. (We tried for four times a day but they wouldn’t agree.)

    My little sister hopes that I am becoming diabetic and that’s what’s making my kidneys go wonky. A little insulin and a controlled diet would fix everything that way. I don’t think she’s right. I think the kidney failure is causing the blood sugar levels to rise. (When I got to the hospital on the 10th, my sugar was 300.)

    Oh. I think I’ve figured out why the State inspector wanted to watch my bath but only did the skin assessment. She saw all the marks and scabs and scars on me from where the hospital had removed the tape and I think she suspected abuse. After she’d finished her assessment, she asked me how I got the marks. I told her about my allergy to adhesives and how I even have places from where the heart monitor had been attached. She seemed to ease up a little then. I just didn’t put it together until this morning.

    Sorry for all the downer posts lately. I jsut wish someone could tell me something definitively so I could make decisions.

    The Gloomy-Gus,
    Anne Teldy

    For those who are medically minded:

    BUN 55 up from 47 in nine days. Usual range: 6 — 100

    Creatinine 2.7 up from 2.2 in nine days. Usual range: 0.4 — 1.1

    Glucose: 151 up from 109 in nine days. Usual range: (fasting 70 — 99)
    (I wasn’t fasting but they thought I was.)

  9. Ack! BUN levels usually range from 6 to 20 not 100! Sorry!

    She who needs a proofreader
    Anne Teldy

  10. If I win, I would love one of those T-shirts! Got any badges left? Anything of Ronon’s? Not that wig though. Last time I saw it, it was on Robert Picardo’s head! What else Stargatey you got? Just call me Miss Greedy!

    @ BiloBella&Kasper – I am so sorry…

  11. Sounds like Max stopped by to say hello, and a nibble. It’s wonderful to visit with loved ones in our dreams.

    And I’m sorry to hear about Aspen. But I couldn’t stop chuckling, poor thing! He’s such a handsome lad! And those blue eyes. Keeping my fingers crossed for his full recovery.

    I loved The Last Man, and will vote for it every time. Solitary Man, Beckett’s final farewell and Janet’s death were equally heart tugging. But Last Man for me was just great storytelling with so many fully developed and different heroic endings. It felt more like a mini-movie than a TV episode.

    @anneteldy: Jeez, I wish you could get a break. But I hope you don’t have diabetes. There’s another whole world of hurt with that one.

    @BiloBella&Kasper: I’m really sorry to hear about Bilo. My thoughts are with your family.

  12. I would buy the shirt, at least now that you’ve connected the dots we know who to blame, thanks! I still say this was the meanest poll yet.

  13. @BiloBella&Kasper: So sorry to hear that. Our thoughts are with you guys.

    I kind of agree with Randomness that the episodes that involved alternate universe characters dying never had the same resonance that “real world” ones did. Heck, in you believe in the “many worlds” quantum theory, we’ve all died a kajillion times in a kajillion awful ways in the other universes!

    @JeffW: That story reminds me of the last dog that I had when I was a younger – We had him from the time I was about 10 until I was going through university, so it was quite a while. He would sometimes take off when he was outside and not come back for hours (not good training, I know), but one time he just never came back. I don’t think he was hit by a car or anything, since we searched everywhere, but he was quite old by then and may have just died in the woods. I still think of him often, to this day. Sometimes I like to fancy that he just decided to take off “Littlest Hobo” style and spend the rest of his life wandering and helping people.

    “There’s a voice that keeps on callin’ me, down the road, that’s where I’ll always be…”

  14. AnneTeldy — Gah. Hon, you need a break from all this “mayhem and foolishness” going on! As Miz Neicy would say on “Clean House.” 😀 At least by letting the State look into things, it gets them off everyone’s case quicker. You are in my prayers regularly! Praying now that your numbers, and kidneys, return to normal. And don’t worrry. We *all* need proofreaders. I doubled up a couple words the other day.

    BiloBella&Kasper – I’m so sorry for the bad news. We had a German shepherd once. They are special, special dogs. *Hugs*

    JimFromJersey — I hear you. I almost didn’t submit something myself. It was really hard. Had to let the photo part be just the avatar for that post.

  15. ” Cast your ballot for The Most Heartbreaking Moment in Stargate History!”

    That was MGM announcing it was cancelling all Stargate projects, but that ain’t an episode!

  16. @ BiloBella&Kasper – So sorry about Bilo. *Hugs* Seems we’ve had nothing but sad pet stories of late. It’s never easy, is it?

    My heart goes out to you and everyone else dealing with sick pets, and to those who shared their stories of beloved pets that are no longer with us.

    In a small attempt to lighten things up a bit, I bring you BOO! on the uneven bars:

    What fun! I must get a video of him doing this before he gets too big. Also, I should have named him Blur, because I haven’t been able to get one picture of him yet that’s in focus. 😛


  17. That’s the thing, they wern’t our Atlantis team. It just doesn’t have the same effect when you know that the team you know and love isn’t actually the one dying, and that what you’ve just seen is one possible future for these characters, one that Sheppard is tasked with changing.

    Death in general is a sad topic, if any of these deaths were finite, and occured during the series it’d have a lot more of an effect, imagine if say Carter was killed off and was never coming back in Atlantis, it’d have an OMG *Sadface* effect when watching, however knowing that Carter is still alive and will still be there the next episode, you kinda don’t feel the same thing.

    Multiple timelines, different universes, all too confusing. But the only universe that matters is our universe.

  18. G’day Joe

    @ BiloBella&Kasper – so sorry to hear about Bilo. Sending all good thoughts to you. *HUGS*

    @Anne Teldy – hope it starts to gets sorted out for you. *HUGS*

  19. Full Circle made me cry on several levels, or, more precisely, for several layers of events. After tragically losing his own son, Jack came to feel like Skaara was a son to him. Then he lost Skaara to the Goa’uld, then got Skaara’s mind back, only to loose him again when the planet is wiped out. Add to that the loss of everyone on the planet,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I know they’re ascended, but we’ll never see them again.

  20. I am gonna throw this out there and we will never speak of it again. Between the ages of about 9-17 I played an absurd amount of organized sports, hockey, soccer, baseball, football and we aren’t talking one each year, we are talking all them them every year. Until one day I sat down in front of the TV and started watching a show called Stargate SG-1, I hopped on around season 3. This was the first TV show I ever actually set aside time to sit down and watch each week, I loved it. Still to this day I have not set aside a time to sit down and watch a show, yeah I PVR them, but it’s not the same passion I had for SG-1.
    So when an episode called “Heroes” came on, I was jazzed. It had a cool side story of this film crew documenting the Stargate program and was followed with a bunch of huge explosions and a giant fire fight. Little did I know what was about to happen. I tuned in to see the conclusion and I will admit that I got a little choked up seeing Maj. Carter crying like that. To this day I don’t know why that scene is so poignant, but I think the B-story of the camera crew documenting the action, gives it a little more realism to the whole scene. Either way, I love Rob Cooper. I mean I have been a huge Rob Cooper fan since that episode. I look forward to seeing all of this extremely talented mans’ future endeavors.

  21. I lost my companion of 17 years this summer. RIP Philip. He was the sweetest kitty ever.

    As for Stargate heartbreaks… I still can’t watch Riley’s death without bawling my eyes out. Not only is it sad and heartbreaking but also shocking and courageous and amazing and somehow full of love, because to be able to end someone’s suffering when being asked – I can’t think of a greater act of kindness, as horrible as it may be.

  22. I am sorry if this post comes late. I still cry when the ending music plays in Gauntlet, symbolizing the end of Stargate and possibly the death of Eli. Joseph bit off topic but can you ask MGM to allow us to make fan made episodes in animation.

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