Hey!  Today, Akemi, Bubba and I checked out the annual Powell Street Festival.  Where were you guys?!!

Akemi and Bubba check out the Powell Street Festival
The spam sushi!  I believe this is an Okinawan thing since Okinawa shares many cultural similarities with Hawaii, spam central.
Akemi helps out a fast-tiring Bubba.
Checking out the Japanese-themed festivities.  We missed the taiko drummers. 🙁
On our way back to the car, we decided to drop by Fat Dragon for take-out dessert.
Cucumber soft serve!  It was light and incredibly refreshing.  All three of us enjoyed a cone.

Ivon texted me “Mules today?”, a reference to the Moscow Mule cocktail we discovered during our trip to Tokyo back in 2010.  I had the ginger beer.  All I needed was the limes.  And, it turns out, the vodka.  I returned home to find an empty bottle of Grey Goose in my liquor cache – compliments, I suspect, of our former house sitter, Lawren.  I popped out to get a bottle and, when I got back, Ivon was already there –

Ivon on lime duty.
Why do I look scared?  I’m sure it’s delicious.

And it was.  The only thing missing was the copper mugs – and, believe me, I’ve been looking.

We retire to the patio.
Jelly joins us.
As does Ivon’s girlfriend, Lulu.

Tomorrow, Ivon joins Akemi and I for a trip to the farmer’s market. See you guys there?

Our trip down Stargate: Atlantis memory lane continues with…

SATEDA (304)

This episode marked Robert Cooper’s second foray into the writing/directing/producing trifecta and it turned out to be a much bigger episode than his opener, Crusade.  Plenty of action, great character moments, and flashbacks to Ronon’s past made this episode a standout among the early season entries.  Jason Momoa was always terrific in his role as Ronon Dex, but it was in episodes like these that we really see him him shine, not only in his onscreen performance but his incredible offscreen preparation and dedication as well.  It was something I was to witness firsthand in later Ronon-centered episodes like Reunion and Broken Ties.

The part of the uber-wraith is played by local Vancouver Dan Payne who also played the part of the fearsome super soldier on Stargate: SG-1.

I have to admit that, whenever we watched the dailies and the wraith with the crazy goggles came onscreen, I would shout: “Wraith free swim!”.

For some reason, the network took issue with this episode and insisted on pushing it to later in the season.  Brad and Robert rightly argued that the episode belonged in the #4 slot since it established certain elements (Ronon’s acceptance of the Atlantis gang as a family unit) that would through later elements.  Finally, after much back and forth, the network relented and the episode did air in the #4 slot.


31 thoughts on “August 4, 2012: Japanese fest, cucumber soft serve, and moscow mules! Days of Stargate Atlantis Past! Sateda!

  1. Agreed. The #4 slot was right. The hug and thanks at the end made us all pretty misty too.

    Side note – I was lucky enough to interview stunt performer Glenn Ennis about his work. He discussed some challenges related to this episode Here –


    I hope Joe doesn’t mind my hijacking his blog w/ a link. I swear I wouldn’t if it wasn’t episode-related.

    – Hank

  2. *cough* I actually HAVE a set of copper mugs. No, you can’t have them. I love you, but…no. Good luck finding some, though!

    ~ LJ

  3. P.S. My future sis-in-law plays in a taiko drum group. Yeah…my life is awesome, what can I say?

  4. Oh Robert C. Cooper how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. My favorite character is Ronon. Sateda is tied at number one with Runner for my favorite SGA episodes. Thanks to Mr Cooper for creating Ronon and Joseph Mallozzi for later giving the big guy more time to shine in Reunion and Broken Ties. (And Carl Binder, I’ll get to you later with Midway.)

    I think Sateda is the best of Cooper’s writing/directing ventures, even besting Vegas. Vegas was a borrowed premise whereas Sateda is an original idea. Captured by the Wraith again and deposited on Sateda to be hunted for the amusement of the biggest, badest Wraith ever, Ronon’s sad story of life on Sateda when the Wraith came (his wife’s dealth before his eyes) is told in continued flashbacks.

    Loved the stylish, sharp dressed Wraith sent to track him down. Loved all the stunts and fights. Loved the overall “blue” color of this espisode. Absolutely loved the team trying to find him and coming to his rescue. Loved Sheppard and “outsider” Teyla’s talk and her thanking John for his concern, friendship, going after Ronon, and her completing his sentences for him:

    Shep: I’m not really good at uh…actually I’m, I’m terrible at expressing…I don’t know what you call it…

    Teyla: Feelings?

    Shep: Yeah sure…okay. The point is I don’t really have good uh…

    Teyla: Social skills?

    Shep: Well that is why I enjoyed flying choppers in the most remote part of my world before all this craziness happened. You should know…I don’t have uh…

    Teyla: Friends?

    Shep: No! I have friends!

    Loved the hand-sort-of-holding at the end of the conversation. Loved when Sheppard and Teyla find Ronon. Loved the big fight with the big Wraith that Ronon had no chance of winning. Loved Beckett being the one who killed the big bad Wraith. Love, love, loved Ronon’s hug for Beckett at the end. Loved all the special effects. And Dan Payne rocks! That is why I love Robert C. Cooper.

  5. Oh and I forgot to add, I loved Rodney getting shot in the butt with an arrow and the ensuing hilarious infirmary scene with Dr Beckett, Weir, and the soldier. (Rodney picking at his nose.) Sateda had so much fun, heartache, pain, friendship going on in it.

  6. for some reason, Robert Cooper run episodes were somehow always the hardest to work on. I still can’t figure out why. It just always seemed to be a big pain, and more stress than normal to finish props for anything he did. And looking at the episodes after, it never looked like it was anything particularly different.

    and I remember in this episode, a lot of time ended up going to making that grappling bolt thing.

    and yeah, wraith goggles, those were strange…

  7. Spam sushi is from Hawaii actually. After the war, when spam became popular over there, it was created. Probably by Japanese people living on Hawaii, so I suppose it’s similar to a “Chicken or the egg” situation about it’s creation.

    Question! As a foodie, have you seen the show “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives”? Some interesting food creations on there, from unlikely places.

    Also, have you checked out “The West Wing” yet? I remember reading that you might, might watch an episode if you got time over.

  8. Sorry, folks…Wraith goggles were way cool! (I want a pair! Betcha don’t have those in a box under the house, do ya, Joe? 🙁 )

    We named goggle boy ‘Neo’, and figured he was still a ‘teenager’ by Wraith standards.


    *sigh* And then that mean ol’ Ronon had to go and kill him dead. 🙁

    My tummy is bugging me today, not sure why. Maybe I ate something, or caught something. I’ve been working until 8 or 9 at night trying to keep ahead (though I am barely keeping pace) with office work, and even went in on yesterday (Saturday) and worked until 6, then had to do shopping, and didn’t get to eat (just soup) until late. Maybe that’s why I have a dodgy tummy today (though I haven’t felt ‘right’ since Friday, and yesterday the little I ate just didn’t set right on my stomach, though I never got pukey sick). I slept almost 10 hours last night, rather unheard of for me. I guess something caught up with me and although I’m hungry I’m afraid to eat, though I might risk some rice, with nutmeg. Anyway, you didn’t need to know all of that, but I thought I’d share anyway! 😀


  9. This was such a great episode! I loved the insight we got into Ronon’s past. I found Sateda itself fascinating as well. How much did/do you ‘know’ about the country – it seemed like it was easily as advanced as earth.

  10. After having read about your experiences at Star Bar we actually went there 2 weeks ago during our stay in Tokyo. Took us an entire hour to find it – we walked past the tiny staircase leading down to the bar at least 5 times until we finally spotted the entrance.

    Anyway, ever since we visited Star Bar and tasted their Moscow Mule, we’ve been trying to replicate the flavor somehow. Do you happen to have a recipe that comes close to what they’re serving there?

    greetings from Switzerland,


  11. I found it a little weird that Ronan was as together as he was with just how over the top screwed up his history was. Can it be unhealthy to be that mentally healthy after that? He only shoots people when they deserve it or when it’s funny. How many people with normal histories can un-holster a weapon that often and walk such a fine line that well?

  12. Hmm. Copper mugs. I. Have a pair of copper goblets, but not mugs. And a metal mug, but not copper. Ren faires might be a good place to check out. Il. Also check a few local stores that have eclectic items for sale.
    Sated a was great. While Ronan is not my favorite character, here we see him at his most physical, most vulnerable, and most sympathetic.mgreat team dynamics, and lots of action. And placed very well in the lineup. Glad you folks won that argument.
    Wrapping up shore leave good time, had better, had worse. And put yournamein a a suggested speaker/guest. For next year. Assuming you are not busy on other things, it would give you a chance to sample some of the local cuisine. Foodie road trip! Anyways,thanks as always for the post. Now, to prepare to head back into the real world…

  13. Love it when Ivon comes over. 🙂 Hey…Joe..may be you should bring Ivon with you to Tokyo. He went with you once before. I’m sure her would love to go again. 😉

    Love your doggies! 😀 Bubba…Lulu…and Jelly! 🙂 They always put a smile on my face. 🙂 Love how Lulu is in love with Ivon. Too cute!

    Sateda was just…AWESOME!!! That has got to be one of my favorite SGA eps ever! 😀 Loved every minute of it. My favorite was Ronon running through the ruins of Sateda and fighting the Wraith. That was just some awesome footage! Felt like I was watching some big block-buster movie. 🙂 Then Ronon fighting that uber Wraith was just supre epic. Also loved seeing Carson shoot that badass Wraith. That just awesome! 🙂

  14. In the islands, we would refer to the spam/rice/nori creation as spam musube (sp). Yeah, and it is a staple in Hawaii. In the past…mostly made at home. Then from the local fast food places or some Okazu places. Now, in the touristy areas – like Waikiki, the ABC Drug stores have a food section with that as a selection. I also liked the ume musube. The down side to the cold chest storage is that sometimes you end up with an old one – after a few hours, the rice dries. Hardly “foodie fare,” but have to admit I’ll get some – just because.

    Hot tea, plain rice with ume would be just the thing for Das’ tummy.

    Loving the memories…THANKS!

  15. @ sylvia – Thanks! The worst part about being under the weather today is that my cousin is visiting from California. We have a small family and we really don’t get to see each other that often, so I always look forward to the times when we can get together, and I’ll miss out now.

    In the bright side, I get to sit around in my underdrawers all day, reading books and playing wif da kitteh!


  16. I loved Sateda. Good character development and interactions. Great action. I thought the Wraith goggles were excellent! The episode worked well in slot 4, for the season, so I’m glad you held your ground. I’m not always crazy about flash-backs, but they were very effective in this episode.

    Joe, I think you may need to go mail-order for those copper mugs as several other people have already suggested.

    @das: I hope your tummy feels better soon. Have you thought that maybe it’s stress?

    <b?@sylvia: I love onigiri (rice balls wrapped with nori) with ume (pickled plum) – are musube the Hawaiian version of that?

  17. Blasted thingies didn’t work again. Sylvia, I wasn’t cussing at you that was supposed to be the bold indicator, which I mis-typed.

  18. The brutalness of killing the wraith is just a part of the series. Despite the overall happy atmosphere of SG-1 and Atlantis, Sg-1 gets darker toward the end in certain ways. And Atlantis always had a more edgy feel. Shepard will do things rashly, like shooting wraith in cold blood, and Ronon hates them with a strong passion, thus kills them every chance he gets. I get it, it’s part of the characters and let’s you see into their mind.

    Also, I like the wraith too. I never wanted to see them driven to extinction, but alas.

  19. Thought Sateda was a good episode, the way it establishes Ronans place in the team and general acceptance in his eyes of them.

    He finally releases, without a doubt that he is an asset, he is respected, cared about and is a part of the Atlantis family.

    @Jelly joins us.

    Lol the face, haha. Love the face.

  20. @ Sparrowhawk – It may be stress. It may be that I didn’t drink enough water, then drank too much water. It may have been something I ate. It may be my gall bladder (have some heartburn and stomach gas). It may have been my company last weekend who had a dodgy gut. It may be lots of things…I just hope it’s not the beginnings of diverticulitis again, or something else along those lines. I’m feeling slightly better than this morning, so hopefully that’s a good sign. 🙂


  21. I never did enjoy spam sushi much.

    Oh hey, I did have my surgical drain removed, but now I can’t recall if I ever mentioned I had it in the first place here. It sucked, it sucked for six weeks.

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