Our trip down Stargate: Atlantis memory lane continues as we dedicate August to SGA’s third season.  We kick things off with….


The enemy of my enemy is my friend.  Or, in this case, at the very least, a most unlikely ally.  I’ve always loved characters that inhabit that grey area between black and white, not quite good yet not quite evil either – colorful, unpredictable, and oh so dangerous.  With the hive ships headed for Earth, Sheppard, McKay, and Ronon have no choice but to thrown in their lot with the mercurial Michael.  Meanwhile, in the midst of a crisis situation, Dr. Weir is recalled to Earth where she faces off against representatives of the I.O.A., proving herself more than a match for her critics.  Instances like these showed Weir at her best – as a civilian commander alternately diplomatic yet determined and unwavering in the face of a challenge.

Throughout the show’s run, those wraith sets were in a constant state of development and improvement.  Compare the cocoons or the walls of the hive ships from early episodes to the versions here – or in much better versions in season 4 and 5.  It wasn’t just textural issues (we needed the ships to look organic rather than plastic) but color and lighting as well that really sold the alien feel.  At this point, I don’t think we were completely happy with what we had.

Guest starring Robert Picardo and Tamlyn Tomita!  Robert reprises his role as Richard Woolsey – and what a long way the character has come since his introduction as a pencil-pushing trouble-maker back on SG-1.  Still, it would be a couple of more years before the character would be fully redeemed, assuming command on the Atlantis expedition in the show’s fifth season and showing a vulnerability and sense of humor that eventually endeared himself to viewers.  Tamlyn, meanwhile, plays the role of Chinese representative Shen Xiaoyi who will put in appearances in a total of four episodes of the franchise, most notably in SGA’s fifth season mind-twister Remnants.

Favorite exchange –

Michael: Good luck.

Sheppard: Thanks, it’ll be a walk in the park. A very scary park, filled with monsters who are trying to kill me.

The other night, we checked out Miniami the sister restaurant to our favorite Japanese sushi spot, Miku.  Some of the photo highlights…

Steve and Jodi came along for the ride.
The Jidori chicken and foie gras gyoza in truffle dashi consomme
The spicy pork gyoza with savoy cabbage, chill oil, soy, and vinegar.

Minami’s menu is similar to Miku in many respects with some of the standard favourites (ie. the Aburi Oshi Salmon Sushi pictured above that is nothing short of spectacular in its spicy, peppery, aburi presentation), but it also offers a few unique items all its own (like the outstanding gyozas pictured).  The room is less noisy and brighter than Miku and, for that reason, Akemi actually preferred it.

The desserts were overwhelmingly weighed toward the fruit-heavy so we wrapped things up early and took our show on the road, over to Giovane Cafe for a trio of sweet treats:

Growing up, this is the cake my father would get me every birthday. G’s version is more mousse than cake and, I dare say, an improvement on the original.
The Peanut Butter Hedgehog. I’m a sucker for any peanut butter-themed dessert and this one doesn’t disappoint.
And, of course, my favorite – the chocolate zepole.

We were only two doors down from Bella Gelateria so we figured “Hell, why not?” and headed over for a scoop –

Or four.

Operation Stuff-Your-Face was a resounding success.

A special thank you to Jodi and Steve for helping us attain our lofty goals.
And, of course, Akemi, my culinary wing-gal.

Let’s leave you with a few Olympic-related updates.  In case you missed it:

Badminton Players Kicked Out Of London Olympics For Trying To Lose

NBC Edited Out Women’s Gymnastics Fall To Create Fake Gold Medal Suspense

Olympics 2012: Medal tax is all the thanks US Olympic athletes get

South Korean fencer turns down special medal at the Olympics

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular and birthday gal, sis!  Happy Birthday!  And don’t forget to make reservations for us at Au Pied de Cochon and Garde Manger this Christmas!

25 thoughts on “August 1, 2012: Days of Stargate: Atlantis Past! SGA’s Season 3! No Man’s Land! We check out Minami! The Olympics Update!

  1. It is nice of you to mention your sister (and her birthday) on your blog, but I hope that you have also sent her a ‘thoughtful’ present.

    From my brother I got a scratch pole (for my cats) for my last birthday.

  2. @Sis: Happy Birthday! I hope your brother sent you a nice present.

    @Akemi: I was shopping today and discovered that the Crate and Barrel store named a very pretty dish pattern after you!


    Season 3 was a good one and this episode got it off to an excellent start. I agree about the Wraith ships – they were really well done.

    Minami’s food looks scrumptious – most especially the foie gras gyoza. And the rest, too.

    re: Olympics. We were discussing that badminton travesty over lunch today. Pretty appalling.

  3. Happy Birthday to Sis!! And wishes for lots of presents from Joe.
    and Joe you all are killing me with the desserts, no really thanks, love the zeppole, dang, yum, Ok I am going to bed now and dream of chocolate, the only way I won’t gain the weight. well maybe.

  4. Happy birthday to your Sis AND happy birthday to the ever so lovey Jason Momoa!!

    I was laying on the couch, computer in lap, with one eye (the right one) on the Olympics and one eye (the left one) watching No Man’s Land. If was going pretty good until I fell asleep with 10 minutes left in the video. I woke up and had to rewind. Really liked No Man’s Land. Typical action packed Gero episode. I was very irritated when Weir was called back to earth to explain what was going on and what went wrong just when it was getting really dramatic and Atlantis needed her most. By the way, I’ve always liked Woolsey, and I love Beau Bridges. Felt sorry for Michael. Seems he doesn’t fit in anywhere anymore. He wraith people were mean to him. Good start to season 3! Now off to bed.

  5. Happy Birthday, Joe’s Sis!

    I just see the trying to lose as strategy. It’s not their fault the crowd was upset they didn’t put on a false front about it for their amusement. I’ve seen honorable forfeits under the right circumstances, I’ve even done it. Why does this sport force them to fake it? It just makes people think there’s funny business going on like crooked betting.

  6. @Joe on Miniami:

    Cool! A new sushi restaurant to try for my next visit! That aburi sushi looks good, and I’m with Akemi on the noise. I prefer a quieter place where you can actually have a conversation still using your indoor voice.

    How was Bella Gelateria? It looked good. For Giovane Cafe, I’d have to go for the scones.

  7. A happy birthday indeed to sis. The food outing looked fantastic. I’m pretty much boycotting the Olympics, as this go round seems to have more than its fair share of absurdity and stupidity. Offering a special medal was just one more bad call in a series of decisions one would expect from the clueless sidekick of a kid show. No Mans Land was a great episode, with nice plot twists, lots of actions, and another step forward in the development of the Wraith bio weapon. We even got Lorne and Zelinka getting their moment in. The sun, helping to balance the odds to a seemingly hopeless fight. My favorite moment was a grim one. weir telling Caldwell to stop the Wraith, and his realization of what she was really ordering him to do. And as a good military commander subservient to civilian authority, he accepts the command to carry out what is a suicide mission. Great drama, solid acting.
    Hope the rest of the week goes well. My apologies for lurking the next few days. But I will be there watching

  8. Happy Birthday to Joe’s Sis! Hope you get more from him than a reminder to make his dinner reservations 🙂

    No Man’s Land is one of my favorite SGA episodes, and the lines you quote are my favorite exchange too. I’ve been known to quote these when I’m about to do something I find nervewracking. Always makes me laugh and relax.

  9. Awwww… birthday wishes via your blog. You are an amazing brother. You would be proud… I have had five meals out in honor of my birthday since Friday. Someone is making me a cake at work today, but unfortunately nobody bothered informing her that I will be off for the day (Chemo day for Aspen). Hopefully they will save me a piece.

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone!

  10. Great food pictures, as always. Last night, for my weekly bookstore treat, I had a chocolate caramel brownie, but after seeing that chocolate peanut butter dessert, I wish I would have had the chocolate peanut butter cheesecake.

    Happy Birthday to Sis and to Jason Momoa!

    Have a great day!!

  11. Happy Birthday “Sis”! It’s my son’s birthday too. We are heading off soon for a pizza lunch. I made a grocery store run for chicken and I’m frying up a batch tonight. All of his favorites.

    Alisa Russell: Two teenagers! Yes, another job may be needed. I grew up with three brothers. They “would” still food off of my plate.

    I’ve always loved characters that inhabit that grey area between black and white, not quite good yet not quite evil either – colorful, unpredictable, and oh so dangerous. Yes, I enjoy those characters too. They seem more realistic to me. Through my brothers, I’ve met all kinds of criminals. There isn’t a big sign on their forehead and most of them seem like nice guys. That is why I’m leery when some celebratory takes up a cause on a “falsely accused convict”.

    Loved the food pictures and your friends look nice too. Does the zepole have two fillings? Another food to put on my list!

  12. Loving EVERY minute of the Olympics!!! Hoping team GB will continue to climb the medal table. I know we can’t topple China and the US … still extremely proud of ALL our competitors and the Country in General! London/UK is doing a grand job in my opinion! 🙂

  13. Happy Birthday Sis! Hope you have a blessed day! – Joe, be extra nice to your sister.

  14. Happy happy joy joy B-day!

    Moving forward, I’ve begun tracking my food/caloric intake again. I come here to lick the screen.

  15. Why tax Olympic Medals? They’re priceless, forget the materials, you win them because you’re the best in that sport for that event. Not because you want to sell them for profit. They shouldn’t be taxed.

    These people need to understand that clearly winning an Olympic medal is a life changing thing, no one will profit from their medals, its something they’d keep for life.

    That’s just disgusting that anyone would want to tax the winners, let them celebrate in peace, knowing they’ve done their country proud.

  16. Hello Joe!

    Again, I watch the latest episode of Stargate SG-1, and I said: – “dammit! I really miss!” Richard Dean Anderson, Chris Judge, Tapping and Shanks … wow, why is it that it stopped? After 10 seasons, it is clear that it had to stop … But the franchise has yet to live, you can go anywhere with a stargate, do what you want, imagine any scenario!

    I’ve probably said many times, but a big THANK YOU for what you brought to the franchise with your colleagues. This last episode of SGU me so upset!

    THEN QUICKLY! AND WE DO THE STARGATE, YOU (All persons who have contributed to the series Stargate) ARE THE FATHERS OF RELIEF, MUCH OF THE WORLD (More than you think), WE WAIT FOR A NEW ACTIVATION OF THE STARGATE!

  17. *clink* 🙁

    *clink* 🙁

    Can’t.. reach… through… monitor… and grab the Sushi! Sad rabbit. 🙁

    (Yeah, monitors don’t “clink” anymore, but you get the idea.)

    ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

    Happy Birthday, Andria! (Sis)

    Hope the b-day celebrations continue and that Aspen’s treatment will be very successful. Is Aspen a he or she? Love those northern breed dogs. 🙂

    Joe, did you send Sis a prezzy?

  18. @Sis:

    Happy Birthday!

    Sorry to hear that Aspen is going through Chemo…sending well-wishes his way and yours.

  19. Food Pics Wow!

    For the episode It was daring in its placement of danger both for the members in action against the Wraith and the future of the Atlantis project. When Weir guilted Col Codwell back into battle. Having suffered in the previous engagement and to head back out after minimal repairs reminded me of the Yorktown before the battle of Midway sending the ship of in some sort of heroic end. Since this was a Martin Gero episode, it was nice to hear him and Martin Wood go over the particulars of an episode. It is alway fascinating in how a show is made. All the planning and different days of products, it is not shot in chronological order. I guess I did not see all the subtle changes that they notices but I was absorbed more in watching, i.e. the multiple uses of CG or a slight lighting change on Codwell’s face that was shot at a later time. So I had an “OH ya.” moment. I did think it was odd the Tayla was in command of the station with the other leadership members off the station, but M. G. mentioned it but did not go into detail. Well I did not go and vote for the best of moments. I don’t think they had a sexiest tummy in episodic tv. Speaking of sexy it was to bad Tamlyn Tomita, had so few appearances. But, she is Japanese, No?

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