That Akemi has a mean right hook.

I hit play on the DVD and, as a fifth season episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia started up, I took a seat and tested the dumbbells.  It was my triceps day so I figured I’d start with flat bench extensions, move on to overhead extensions, then to close grip press, and finish up with kickbacks, interspersing my workout with some weighted dips.  I grabbed the dumbbells, fairly light to start, lay back flat, then extended my arms (not fully of course because I didn’t want to risk a hyperextension), turned my wrists slightly and started the downward progression.  At which point the two and half pound metal bar inside the dumbbell I was holding in my left hand slid out, dropped the two foot distance, and bounced off my face, first catching my upper cheek just below my orbital bone, then hitting my lower lip before thumping onto the carpeted floor beside me.

I was momentarily stunned. The impact was jarring.  My head thrummed, my eyesight blurred, and I could feel a burning sensation snake down from the point of impact to my lower jaw.  I sat up and my first thought was: “I’ve knocked out a tooth.  How the hell can I go to Comic Con with a missing tooth!”.  I checked the canine.  It seemed to have survived intact.  On t.v., Sweet Dee was still trying on wedding dresses, oblivious to my distress.  How typical of her.  I switched it off, then hurried into the bathroom to assess the damage.

A small cut where the bar had struck, some swelling, a little bleeding from my canine but otherwise, not bad.  An inch higher and it would have hit me square in the eye.  An inch lower and that canine, along with a couple of incisors, would have surely been splintered.  I’d gotten off lucky!

I went upstairs where Akemi took one look at me and ordered me to the hospital.  I applied a cold compress and assured her it wasn’t a big deal, that boxers get hit like this all the time and three Tylenols would do the trick.  But she wasn’t having any of it.  She made me promise I would go get it checked out.  Sigh.

I stopped by the clinic near my place and, following a thirty minute wait, saw a doctor who tested my vision, checked the cut, and informed me I would be fine – but would be sporting an impressive shiner for the next week or so.

So, if you spot me at Comic Con wearing shades indoors, understand it is not an affectation.

The cape on the other hand…

Oooh, check it out.  Stargate matches.  Just like the kind followers of the Ori used to set fire to offending books, towns and, occasionally, heretics.  Along with some signed scripts and the SG-1 100th episode commemorative photo frame and keychain, yet another Staragte-related item I’ll be giving them away at Comic Con this Saturday afternoon.  I’ll be there, of course, signing copies of my comic book series, Dark Matter, at the Dark Horse Booth (#2615) between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. after which I’ll change into my costume so that I can stroll the floor as…AQUAMAN!  The green tights keep cutting off the circulation to my groin so I’m bringing back-up leggings just in case.

The dogs are enjoying the summer sun, especially Lulu who has taken to sprawling out on the back patio to soak up the rays.  Looks to be a lazy summer for them…on the heles of a lazy spring.

Lulu stakes out her territory.
All smiles.
Yep, that tan is coming along reeeaaal nice.
Bubba hits the beach!

And cooling off:

Jelly – sitting pretty.

Let’s continue our trip down Stargate: Atlantis memory lane by helping me remember the following episode:


A fine episode sandwiched between two great episodes.

Hmmm.  At a bit of a loss on this one.  I mean, it was solid stand-alone episode.  The only elements I recall from the production are the impressive visual effects (of the lava claiming the stargate) and Carl’s frustrating quest to find a name for the planet that everyone could agree on.

What did I miss?  Thoughts?

48 thoughts on “July 10, 2012: Ouch! 3 Days to Comic Con! Dogs enjoying the Summer! Days of Stargate: Atlantis Past! Inferno!

  1. Joe, that is an impressive shiner. Just as impressive as my hyper-extended knee, ugh! Question for you. I have some very impressive food pics from hubby’s and my 18th anniversary dinner last night that I wanted to share. What would be the best way to do so? Wasn’t able to figure it out, but I’m going to let hubby take a look when he gets home

    Thanks, and have a great night!
    Lisa R

  2. Isn’t this the ep that the ”get into the gate” (or something along those lines) winner was on? I think she was a blonde lady. Also i believe Joe’s stand in was in it as well. Oh and the whole exchange with Rodney and his hang nail was great. Pretty much all i remember about the ep. Haven’t seen it in quite some time.

  3. That’s an impressive shiner for this early, still at the reddish stage. Be sure to post update pics tomorrow. 😉 I don’t think the glasses will give you the coverage you’ll need. Better ask Lou Anders for a promotional mask.

    Ice and ibuprofen do wonders to slow down the spread of the bruise. Even days after when there’s no more swelling, ice can break up more color. Arnica gets rid of even more of the bruising and color, but it’s probably not at your corner store.

    Cape? Fluttering or something more svelt?

  4. Joe! Be more careful! Like you say, that could easily have taken out your eye, and you’re lucky it didn’t. I sure wish I could make it to SD to go to the Con, but I expect even if I could have I wouldn’t have been able to get a pass. I do know someone who is going though, and if they’re there while you’re there, I’ll ask them to stop and say hI!

    Love the dog pics, of course. Are you getting any of that heat out that far? We’ve avoided it here in the Maritimes, instead having very pleasant 25C days.

    Hey, pass this on to Cookie will you, and ask him how he finds the time to do all this what with the movie screenings and all. He sure is talented!

  5. I’m glad you didn’t seriously hurt yourself! Take pictures when the bruise sets in good.

  6. Love the Stargate falling into the lava.. but naming the planet? Do you mean the Ancient warship (the “Hippaforalkus”).. Admittedly I haven’t seen the episode in a long time, so you might be correct about the planet thing… In anycase that’s basically the only two things I remember about the episode as well!!

    Anyway, ending up with an ancient warship under the expedition’s control is awesome. Ancient’s geothermal technology is cool. Love Ancient outposts.

    If somehow the crew of the Atlantis travelled back in time between a few years or a few thousand years, they could use their knowledge of Pegasus and get so much cool tech (the moving close-to-lightspeed back to atlantis with living ancients, the warship in this episode and the other one with those virtual reality people).. As well as using the geo-thermal outpost of the Atlantis’s homeworld, crashed Wraith Cruisers, under-water jumper bays etc etc.

    Somebody needs to take all the potential stories in Pegasus and make it it into a high-budget Stargate video game (or a fan fiction… whatever works :P)..

  7. “dropped the two foot distance, and bounced off my face, first catching my upper cheek just below my orbital bone, then hitting my lower lip before thumping onto the carpeted floor beside me.”

    You were very fortunate that it missed your eyes.

    This is the best and safest type of dumbbells I know of (besides those that are only one piece and not weight adjustable):

    I like the barbells with spin-locks also. 🙂

  8. Ok, since you arent really hurt, I can laugh at your misfortune. and if you happen to get harrassed by a nutty fan, just claim they hit you and have them hauled to the pokey. Doggie pics are just too funny. Have to remember the toys in the tub trick. My K’Tesh is not a big fan of water, though at least she is not terrified of it.
    Stargate into the lava, McKay at his best doing his Scotty imitation, pulling off the impossible under the most extreme of pressure. And Sheppard butting in and making the play for the woman. Enjoyed the fact that someone was paying attention to the fact that space ships have limited capacity to hold people, what with oxygen, CO2, and other assorted resources in limited supply. And cool that the Atlantis crew manage to get hold of another Ancient ship, though it will be snatched from them all too soon.
    Dont do anything else to risk your health and deprive Akemi of a weekend meeting fans. I do hope she is ready for the experience…

  9. Ouch Joe, hope you’re okay and get better soon!

    That said, you’re lucky it didn’t hit your eye or something.

    But seriously, reading that I was like OMG, and ouch. Must of been painful.

  10. Firstly, Joe, I’m glad you didn’t lose a tooth, or an eye. That would have been terrible.

    Secondly, you look rather hawt all beat up and bruised like that. Have you ever considered letting the 5 o’clocker get a foothold, the hair grow out a little, and maybe smudging a little dirt around that kisser of yours…ya know, to give you a little more of a tough guy/tramp/teamster look? I’m tellin’ ya, if you do you could be the next spaghetti western ‘Man With No Name’, or something. 🙂

    Be careful at Comic Con, Joe. If you run across Lord Jermaine (my comic book guy) of Acme Comics, introduce yourself! He’s a swell guy.

    Gotta run!


  11. Yikes – Ouch! Further proof that exercise is dangerous.
    But you could come up with a more heroic-sounding story for ComicCon — something beginning with “You should see the other guys.”
    – KB

  12. Joe, glad you did not get hurt worse. You could have poked your eye out. Just tell people who ask at the Con that you were playing with your Red Rider BB gun. Your a writer, think of a better story than the “bar bell fell on my face” one.

    Inferno was not forgettable. It was pretty good. I’ve been watching along with you each night, so I know. The team answer a call for help from some people living in an Ancient’s underground facility. This one has a beautiful scientist that Sheppard is busy making goo goo eyes at. But being a scientist, she is only interested in what McKay has to say. She seems to have nothing to do with her hands. Why didn’t you give her a clip board or something to hold. She just stands there in her party dress with high heels, looking pretty. But she has accidentally activated a volcano. They have a huge Ancient Warship. Ronon and Teyla get stranded helping villagers as the air gets bad and the volcano worse. Lava swallows the stargate and cover the warship’s hanger. At the last minute Ronon and Teyla are beamed up to the Dedalus and the warship rides a big volcanic blast up, then goes to hyperdrive and gets back home. Or something like that. It reminded me of the disaster movie “2012”.

  13. @Joe:

    Glad to hear that you didn’t suffer any permanent damage from the falling dumbbell (cap?) Hope your bruise feels better soon.

    after which I’ll change into my costume so that I can stroll the floor as…AQUAMAN!

    My daughter Jackie (a Justice League fan), insists that if you want to be “up to date with the latest Aquaman”, you have to go shirtless, sport a hook on your left hand, and wear a long blond wig…the green tights are okay though 😉

    On Inferno, I enjoyed the back and forth between McKay and Sheppard, with the most memorable exchange being when McKay shushes Sheppard with “Can’t talk…working!”, and Sheppard mumbles, “I hate when he does this!” Overall, a very (re)watchable stand-alone episode.


    I forgot to mention yesterday…I enjoy you reviews almost as much as Cookie’s, and that’s saying something! Can’t wait to see what you and Cookie say about Shaq (Steel).

  14. Ouch! Poor you!

    Lennox the dog will be put to sleep at 2 a.m. EST. They will not back down on anything, will not let the family in to say goodbye, and will not let them take his body home to bury. Instead, they will be mailed “some ashes”. Bastards.

  15. @ JeffW – Okay, okay…you made up for your little tech indiscretion. 😉


  16. Glad Akemi made you go and get checked out. I agree with the ice method, works for me on bruises. But I have to admit you are scaring me a little with the aquaman outfit talk… but just in case..Akemi please take those pictures to post for us. Thanks for sharing the dog video and pictures …and Ronon and Teyla,, miss the show.. Have a great evening!

  17. OUCH! Hope your vision is OK for SDCC so you can sign all those comics and Stargate stuff! Glad it wasn’t more serious, that was a close one.
    Inferno – I remember the part where McKay and Sheppard end up with the buxom blonde (Norina?) and McKay just has this long suffering look when Sheppard assists her up, holding her a bit closely after one of the quakes. And Teyla and Ronon getting all smoked as they try to evacuate the people from the planet. And the volcano propelling the ship out into orbit as it erupted. A good ep!

  18. you’re lucky it wasn’t worse.
    akemi was right in making you have things looked at. it’s better to find out that it’s not so bad, then to wait and find out that you should’ve been in sooner.

  19. OUCH, glad you are not permanently damaged but OUCH.
    Loved the dogs in water. I have basenji — about 99 percent of them — think water in any form but drinking is the strongest of acids and will dissolve them clean to the bone. 🙁
    I am a bit disappointed in you though. Couldn’t you have made up an exciting story to the shiner? Masked men with swords swooping in to steal your chocolate stash or hotter-than-hell-flavoring-crap-to-use-to-torture-normal-humans and you defeated them with your Stargate Jaffa Staff or SOMETHING exciting?

  20. I really liked Inferno. I thought it was a great episode for McKay-isms (and everyone’s patience with McKay running out). Plus it gave them the Ancient ship, and had them use the Hyperdrive to escape a massive extinction-level volcano eruption.

    I thought it was fun!


  21. “Inferno” – I thought one of the best bits was Ronon and Teyla deciding to hold on and wait for rescue, resisting their normal reaction to do something, anything, on their own rather than wait and trust in teamwork. I also remember Sheppard’s insistence on trying to save everyone, not to give up on anyone. Caldwell did not approve, I believe.

    Also, I remember DVD commentary on how difficult it was to make a few extras look like a whole population – actually running them in circles in and out of camera during the evacuation scenes. Being an extra sounds like fun!

  22. Damn Joe…

    Glad you’re ok. I’ve had some close calls with weights before. It can be quite scary. Hope it heals quickly.

    I remember Inferno. I really enjoyed the production design and the setting. It’s been years since I’ve seen that episode though. It’s amazing how time flies.

    Major D.

  23. Yikes! You be one lucky fella. Hope you’re not in any pain. I think sunglasses at Comic Con would be cool. It’ll add to your mystique as a writer for your Dark Matter signings. And considering what people wear to that place, I don’t think your purple eye will look that weird.

    Batpug is the most adorkable pup picture ever! But is it Bubba or Jelly?

    “Inferno” was fun. Volcanoes and earthquakes, how could it go wrong. Love that stuff! It was visually right on. I can’t even image how hard it was to create the eruptions and lava flows. But most importantly, who was the handsome hunk hovering around in the background?

    I just found out that a friend of mine who wrote and produced “In the Eyes of a Killer” finally got domestic DVD distribution for her film:

    What’s really great and scary is that she wants me to write a 20 – 25 script for
    a project she’s working on. She’s having a meeting tomorrow to see about funding. I have to have it done by the end of August. And the only idea I can come up with right now is about geriatric vampires.

  24. Oooh! That could have been really nasty!!! I’ve always said that exercise is bad for your health. More people die in gyms than in car crashes!

    I’m glad you seem to be getting a summer over there. Here in the UK it’s been the worst summer I have ever experienced in my life. June was the wettest in 250 years with only 4 days without rain. July had the month’s average rainfall in the first 8 days! Average daily maximum temperature has been around 18°C (64°F). So all you people complaining about your heatwaves have a little consideration for us poor schmucks who won’t be getting a summer this year. And they say there’s no such thing as climate change . . .

  25. The ancient outposts are always cool, I love this kind of episodes. I also remember the scientific woman in the planet… from SG1 as a member of the tok’ra.

  26. Yikes! That is a splendid shiner though.

    Cape? What color? Mine is purple velvet. Yeah, I know, over the top.
    (I still have the beige wool cape I got in Paris for my 14th birthday. And Mom’s deep blue nubby wool cape with a pointy hood from Iran. It’s an addiction).

  27. No offence, Mr. M, but that’s a really bad triceps workout. You’re likely to suffer ligament and/or joint damage in the long run. Not to mention the muscle itself won’t be getting stronger, just maybe a bit bigger from sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. Besides, the triceps get hit hard while working the chest and the shoulders. They aren’t really that big of a muscle, more so apparent when compared with the lats, quadriceps or hamstrings. The same thing is true for biceps. They are well used when working the back muscles. So, what I’m saying is, there is no need for a triceps workout. They already get worked while doing chest and shoulders. But if you really want to ,try a combo of dips, push-ups, barbell overhead presses and decline bench press. When you’re able to bench press above 225 pounds, you will have big triceps.

    I see some people here commenting about how exercise is dangerous, etc. I suppose sitting on one’s behind watching TV for endless hours, while accumulating body fat, is healthy in some way. That is backed by science, right?

    I recall McKay and Sheppard bickering to get Brandy Ledford’s attention. Other than that, it was a pretty good episode, with McKay saving the day as usual.

  28. Ouch! Feel better Joe. That really sucks! But you got lucky. It could have been worse.

    Inferno was a great episode. McKay was his usual awesome self. (If he does say so HIMself.) I also remember thinking while watching the episode first run that Teyla and Ronon were in real danger. Like killing off of a character real danger.

  29. On a sad note, they euthanized Lennox. 🙁

  30. Inferno:

    Sheppard: “That’s the plan?”

    McKay: “That’s the plan.”

    Sheppard: “That plan sucks!”

    Carson: “Aye!”

    Great scene – always makes me laugh!


    @Joe: Glad your injuries aren’t any worse! I remember a female teacher – way back in my comprehensive school – who came into class one day sporting a nasty black eye! Before anyone could jump to conclusions she quickly explained how she and hubby were doing DIY at the weekend; she fell from the step ladder, landed badly and ended up having to explain to everyone she encountered how it wasn’t her husband, he didn’t hit her and yes, accidents really do happen! Just damned unfortunate she worked in a school surrounded by young gossipy pupils who didn’t entirely believe her story!


    I hope everyone has fun at Comic Con! Wish I could go … it’s been a long time since I attended a convention. 🙂


    @ Line Noise: Yeah, I agree, hasn’t it been a great summer in the UK? All this wind and rain and it’s still stiflingly humid – especially here in London, where we seem to reach the highest temperatures. Still, at least we’re not in a flood area, I really feel for everyone suffering with those conditions at the moment!

    It would be good to have decent Autumn this year, the kind where you step outside to breath in the unique autumn air, knowing the leaves will be crisp instead of soggy dingy brown, where you throw on a light jacket without having to worry about packing a brolly and big coat … just in case!

    Makes ya wonder what the weather’s going to do durin the Olympics! 🙂

  31. Inferno: I liked it because of the interaction of McKay and Sheppard. I don’t know if the actors are friends in life or maybe, they are just that good at acting. AND Hewlett is the master of techno babble!

    How is that shiner today? I’ve heard of worse embarrassing injury stories though. The weirdest one was a friend that got her arm caught by the garbage can. We have these big, heavy plastic garbage cans here and the lid slammed down on my friend’s arm. Major damage! I’m talking several surgeries to repair tendons and nerve damage.

    I loved the dog pictures.

    I made a vet appointment for my big cat Friday. I’m so dreading it. Harry (big cat), has this head tremor but we’ve only seen it a couple of times. I’m predicting a lot of test and x-rays. I’ll be lucky if they don’t refer him for a……. “catscan” . All kidding aside, I’m worried that he may have some kind of C. N. S. tumor or something.

  32. It is good to miss the eye, but you can let yourself off the hook of worrying about how close it was. People are good at not letting stuff hit their eyes. It’s imprinted in your nervous system to let something hit another part of your face first.


    Poor Lennox. Bureaucracy killed him. Bureaucrats who abdicated all responsibility for their actions to the “requirements” of a bureaucracy killed him.

  33. Wow, we look like twins. I have a bit of a black eye myself this morning after tripping on my own feet playing tennis last night. Took a lot of skin of my knee and landed on the side of my face. My friend said I looked very graceful doing so but I think she was humoring me.

  34. Summer is taking it’s toll on me, Joe. Very busy with life and work, getting home at 8 or 9pm, eating late, doing chores, then falling into bed. Mornings are busy with hubby and cats and more chores, and I only have a couple hours between the time he goes to work and I go to work to do stuff for ‘me’, like getting dressed, eating, and having a few precious minutes of on-line play. Needless to say, I haven’t had much time to really get into the discussion about Atlantis or the superhero movie reviews, and I feel I’m letting you down. I read, I just don’t have much free mental space right now to think of something witty/stupid/profound to say.

    I just want you to know that your blog is still the highlight of my day (and/or night). I check before bed, I check first thing in the morning…and often throughout the day, albeit briefly.

    So, while I’m sitting here eating leftover pizza for breakfast (I ask you, what’s the diff between that, and a bagel with cream cheese? NOTHING!…except mebbe the hot pepper flakes 🙂 ), I figured I’d give a little feedback.

    1. Batpug is absolutely the bestest picture, EVER!!! Just puts a big grin on my face every time I look at it.

    2. I think I told you this before, but you have a crap memory, so here it goes again: Many years ago hubby and I were in bed, and I – as my usual playful self often does – decided to stick my finger in his armpit, and give it a wiggly tickle. His immediate reaction was to close his arm, but in the process he accidently slammed his elbow into my mouth (which was full open in laughter). BAM! Right into one of my front teeth! It hurt like the dickens, and even though the tooth looked okay, I was afraid that maybe it was broken below the gumline. So I called the dentist and told him and he had me come right in for an x-ray. He was very kind and sweet…more than usual. He took the x-ray, assured me everything was okay, and didn’t charge for the visit. Cool. Well, about a year or so later I was in the shower, and we had one of those detachable shower heads. I bent down, and as I stood up my shoulder caught the hose and knocked the shower head out of its holder. As I attempted to get control of it the head slammed down on my mouth, impacting the same tooth Mr. Das had elbowed earlier. Again I called the dentist, again he had me come right in, and again the same kindness as before as he assured me everything was okay. It was only then that I realized he probably thought I was a victim of domestic violence…lol. Domestic horseplay and evil shower heads, but never domestic violence. I’m just telling you this because – most likely – those doctors who treated you probably thought Akemi packs one hellava punch. Either that, or you insulted a tramp, or a teamster. 😉

    3. Pugs in a Tub would be a great vehicle for Samuel L. Jackson, doncha think? 😉 “Enough is enough! I have had it with these **** pugs in my **** tub!”

    4. Speaking of SLJ movies, Snakes on a Plane was not original at all. Again, I think this is something I mentioned here before, so forgive me if I’m repeating myself. I have a friend who was a flight attendant for Saudi Air. She had some wild experiences. Once (before 9/11) they took a flight out of India, and sometime after they were in the air a passenger opened her overhead compartment – and came face-to-face with a cobra! Seems someone brought two cobras on board in a carry-on, and stowed it in the overhead, but left it open so the snakes could get air. There were no dividers in the overhead compartment, so the snakes got out of the bag and traveled down the plane. My friend said it was absolute chaos as a couple male passengers took machetes (like I said, before 9/11) and started chasing the snakes through the plane as everyone screamed and scampered to safety. Betcha yer glad you weren’t on that flight, eh, Joe? 😉

    5. Inferno – I really don’t remember much – it’s been a long time (2008ish) since I last saw it. I think one thing that I liked about the episode was the racial diversity of the inhabitants of the planet – I’m pretty sure this was the episode. Sci fi shows really bug me when every humanoid on a planet is white, or blue, or some other monotone composition. Life just isn’t like that.

    6. How is the family? Mom and sis doing well? Does Akemi miss Japan, or is her recent ‘this is better than Tokyo!’ declaration an indication that Canada is starting to feel like home?

    7. Chocolate. Joe – or anyone who has read this far down – has commercial chocolate changed in texture and taste? I’m speaking mostly of dark chocolate (70% cocao or more). I’m starting to notice that it seems creamier/softer, with less of a ‘bite’. I’m wondering if – like extra virgin olive oil – chocolate manufacturers are starting to ‘water down’ their product, perhaps by adding more cocoa butter to the mix. I know there’s a chance of a chocolate shortage, so I wouldn’t put it past companies to stretch current supplies.

    Okay – I’ve been at this on and off for about 3 hours. Not going to bother checking for typos. 😛 Over the course of typing this I dressed, watched the news, ate, enjoyed two wonderful cups of coffee, fielded phone calls, and finished the last of the morning chores. Now, off to work! Hopefully it will be a nice day for me, for you, and for all your blog buddies! Have a good one, Joe!


  35. @ Debra – That is so sad. 🙁

    @ Joe – My computer froze. It took nearly 1/2 hour to get my comment to post. I hope you appreciate my effort. 🙂


  36. Okay…just took a break from work (which has mostly involved cleaning mom’s fish pond…again 🙄 ), and I would like to correct the one glaring mistake in my previous post. Cacao – not cocao. How I ever could mess up a reference to chocolate is beyond me. 😛


  37. @Joe:

    I just got a split upper lip from a falling/broken window blind that I was trying to adjust…

    Maybe we should start a “people mistaken as victims of domestic violence due to freak accidents” club.

  38. I’m sorry you don’t remember much about Inferno; it’s one of my favourite episodes in season 2 and an excellent example of the team episodes which season 1 and 2 did so well. The interactions between the characters was first rate and everyone had something good to do, there was action, humour and even a little romance (much to McKay’s exasperation) and as for stand alone…hmmm, I seem to remember that ship being pretty important later on……

  39. Thanks, JeffW! And just to show how dedicated I am, I’ll be screening “Steel” tonight (*shudders*) since I am going away for next week and won’t be near a TV. I’ll occasionally be near Internet though, so I’ll post my review on Tuesday. Based on what I’ve seen so far though, it may not be so much a review as trauma-induced delusional ranting.

  40. @JeffW – The one time someone said something to me about a shiner, what really happened had come up another way and she said, “oh, I thought your boyfriend hit you.” It made me wonder who else thought that with the million bruises I was always sporting back then and didn’t say so.

    My grandma got a bad face bruise from tripping at my parents’ house and I asked if her nurses were going to think someone hit her and she said, “oh, they know no one would dare mess with me.” She was right, too.

    But it’s my observation that no one says anything. Things out of the ordinary are usually easy pickin’s as topics of conversation, but people really zip up when it comes to commenting on a suspicious bruise.

  41. Poor Joe! 🙁 Your lucky it didn’t you IN the eye. THAT would’ve been painful. 🙁 Make sure you put ice on the eye every night.

    I liked Inferno. 🙂 I like it when the whole team gets involved and each have a job to do. Lot of memorable scenes with McKay, Sheppard and Beckett. 🙂

  42. I like it. Makes you look tough. Er, I mean toughER!

    Best response to anyone questioning it: “Yeah, but you should see the OTHER guy!”

  43. You look badass. You can always say you were in a stunt event with BamBam. I hope you are feeling better! That had to have hurt. Three Tylenols? I would have been crying for something stronger.

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