April 22, 2012: Beta 5!  A Top Chef Contestant Checks In!  Switching Over From Horror To Mini-series Mode!

Akemi and I paid a follow-up visit to Beta 5, a bold new addition to the Vancouver chocolate scene.  Located in the out-of-the-way industrial area off Main Street (appropriately enough, on Industrial Avenue), the shop/factory offers up a variety of intriguing products, from bars to caramels, marmalade to caramelized Marcona almonds.

April 22, 2012: Beta 5!  A Top Chef Contestant Checks In!  Switching Over From Horror To Mini-series Mode!
No seating, just a counter selection and a view of the chocolate-making process.

I picked up a chocolate selection for Akemi’s birthday and she was wowed by the expert thin shells.  For my part, I was bowled over by their bars.  The 63% dark + choconut granola and the 67% Dominican dark with cocoa nibs was particular stand-outs.

A little out of the way, but well worth the trip: BETA 5 (413 Industrial Avenue).

April 22, 2012: Beta 5!  A Top Chef Contestant Checks In!  Switching Over From Horror To Mini-series Mode!
The marmalades make use of citrus from Rising C Ranches in Reedley, California. I was tempted by the seville orange and the meyer lemon. Maybe next time.

Almost finished the rewrite of the horror script.  I’ll give it one more read-through tomorrow, then send it on its way – after which I have to switch gears and start thinking about this mini-series.  We’re looking at 2 x 2 hours with a very tight delivery schedule.  Paul’s worried but I figure that if we can get together and bang out an outline by early next week, we’ll be in pretty good shape.  I mean, if i was able to write three SG-1 scripts in two weeks, I should be able to write the equivalent of four in eight.  Well, maybe more like six.

Back on April 10th, I wrote a blog post about macarons and complained about people who referred to “macarons” as “macaroons”.  I mentioned a recent episode of Top Chef Canada in which a competing chef won by making a macaron, which he referred to as a macaroon. Well, the other day, Curtis Luk, the competing chef in question (and a self-proclaimed food nerd according to his show bio), left a note in the comments section of that post in which he explained the circumstances of the macaron/macaroon perceived flub (check it out here: April 10, 2012: Getting my macaron fix! Full Preview Dark Matter #4!).  And, for the record, he’s a fan of Stargate but not such a big fan of macaroons. According to Curtis: “Also for the record I hate macaroons and given the choice I wouldn’t make them, unless someone pointed a staff weapon at me.”

If you haven’t watched the 1990 version of Captain America yet, please do so before tomorrow when our Superhmovie of the Week Club reconvenes and guest film critic Cookie Monster weighs in with his review.  From what I hear, it’s a doozy.

17 thoughts on “April 22, 2012: Beta 5! A Top Chef contestant checks in! Switching over from horror to mini-series mode!

  1. Dang. I wish I had’ve had time to make it to Beta5. Next time, for sure.

    I’m sure you’ll be able to pull of the mini series write, no problem. I’d wish you good luck, but you don’t need it.

    Read Dark Matter 4 last night and it was great, but of course now leaves us wanting more! The storyline and concept really does leave a whole lot of potential.

    I just watched Captain America 1990 tonight. *shudders*

  2. A belated happy birthday to Akemi, and glad Curtis set the record straight.
    When are you going to find out about the pug brothers? I’m all on pins and needles here! And yes, you are right, I really should get a life.

  3. Truly I didn’t know that the spellings were macaroon and macaron, just that one is fantastic and the other something totally different that I eat only as Passover. I thought they were 2 versions of macaroons and we got shafted. 🙂 See you entertain and educate.

  4. Can i can a happy birthday?

    Also have you thought at all about casting? Maybe some familiar faces?

  5. I’m sorry, you have so much going on, I am not sure what the mini series will be about. Is that for Dark Matter? If so, awesome! I bet Tara plays the red head on the planet.

  6. @ Debra – I’m not Jewish, but I hit the post-Passover clearance at the local grocery store and stocked up onStreit’s macaroons! Chocolate ones! Mmmm! Personally, I prefer macaroons over macarons. I love coconut, and I am not a fan of almond flavor unless it’s the actual nut. Best coconut macaroons I’ve ever had were ones my folks brought back from San Francisco. They were the size of a fist, and dipped in chocolate. Just delicious!

    @ Joe – Guess what I finally did??! FINALLY got to Dark Matter #4! In my defense, it didn’t arrive until yesterday, and was just too busy with the family to get around to reading it. So tonight with a nor’easter blowing outside, I finally found some quiet time to curl up with a few comics and read. Dark Matter was the first. My review? Without giving anything away, I loved it! Loved the ending, too. I would LOVE a second chapter! I liked how the story unfolded (esp. the part with the two different conversations blending into one), and the questions raised at the end. A series would be excellent, but I’m all for another comic arc, too. I’m dropping titles left and right, though I am still enjoying Uncanny X-Force, Wolverine & the X-Men and the spin-off mini – W&tXM: Alpha and Omega, and Elric, of course. Too many comics have become supernatural-based – ghosts, demons, the undead, vampires, zombies – and that’s just not my cuppa. So it was nice to have a traditional sci fi book for a change. Whatever happens with it I wish you the best, but I really hope to see more of it – in some form – again.

    Have a good night, sir (and Akemi, and all the pups!).


  7. Yum, yum, and yum on the chocolates. I’m with Curtis on the macaroons.

    And yay, you’re still blogging for the next 2.7 years! Hope those pesky scripts don’t get in the way.

    I’ve been slowly working on my bucket list, and discovered I seem to be the only native so. Californian who has never visited Catalina Island (just off the coast).

    So yesterday, I did, and I’m still recovering from this:


    That was NOT on my list, and I think my screams are still echoing through the canyons.

    But it was fun!

    Good luck on the mini-series. If there’s anyone that can crank those puppies out, it’s you!

  8. If I finish my geotherm paper in time, I’ll watch the dreadful-looking Capt. America tomorrow. Until then, I’m plugging away at the paper (with a quick break to read your blog post, of course!), while my fantastic fiancé is off at Safeway getting ingredients for Earl Grey tea ice cream-making, which he will be doing for me while I’m stuck writing this awful thing. Did I mention how fantastic he is?

  9. I love the debate over cookies. I must admit they are certainly colorful. My favorite cookie is chocolate chip oatmeal…but I have never actually run into a real macaron. *smiles*

  10. The Chicago Foodie Contingent will be questing for macarons in June. We will, of course, report back.

    My favorite cookie depends on my mood, but I really like cranberry walnut oatmeal cookies.

    I am pleased to report that I did NOT watch Captain America. But I do have Rocketeer on my Netflix list and should have it later this week.

  11. Wow! A Top Chef commented and I missed it. Thanks for posting the link. A staff weapon? I think I would try any dish with a staff weapon pointed at me. Well,…ok, maybe not chicken feet but those chocolate macaroons are very good.

  12. A staff weapon? Pfft. They couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. Now a Wraith stunner, on the other hand…

  13. Well that was almost like getting a chef Q&A. I really need to know why it’s okay to overcook tomatoes in Cajun and Tunisian cooking (or was that just my brother-in-law?) but not any other time.

  14. Having been inspired by your daily wordpress entries, I created my own wordpress blog and published for the first time today. I’m looking at it as a way to get me used to writing on a regular basis, and as a way for me to promote my business.

    Thanks for being an inspiration 🙂

  15. I’m not sure I have any words. Just…THANK YOU! I have been a giggly fangurl ever since issues 1-4 of Dark Matter (with your name scrawled across them) arrived this morning. That is no small accomplishment, considering my day started out lousy, lol. Thanks to you and Stellabystargate for your kindness and generosity.

    Dark Matter is just as amazing as I was anticipating!! More, more!!

    Again, thanks for being so generous to a lowly fan. You’re awesome.

    As always, fangurling you from afar!
    LJ 🙂

  16. I’m a Chef in Adelaide and after searching around on Google I found your Blog post. Very entertaining, especially with Macaron ‘s, so true what you said everyone says it differently.

    Anyway good work and cool past.

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