March 18, 2012: Another Dog Day Afternoon!  Checking The Spam Bin!

So, what’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?  Here in Vancouver (it being Vancouver) it’s been mostly overcast, cold, and rainy.  But yesterday, there was a rare break of sunshine, a sneak peek at the summer weather to come.  My dogs, of course, were quick to point out that it was perfect dog-walking weather.  “And how,”you may ask, “did your dogs point something like this out?”.  Well, Lulu usually parks herself in front of the big window and stares wistfully out at the front yard, Jelly paces, and Bubba goes nuts.  “And what,”you may ask, “do I mean by nuts?”  Well, here’s a little video snippet of my boy as we pulled up to the park yesterday afternoon…

He is positively outraged when he doesn’t get to go out on a sunny day OR outraged he’s not out there fast enough.

Anyway, we headed down to my old stomping grounds, Yaletown, for a stroll that thoroughly exhausted the crew.

March 18, 2012: Another Dog Day Afternoon!  Checking The Spam Bin!
A post-walk Jelly with tongue in full display.

They crashed all afternoon, made the time for dinner (natch), and headed upstairs to bed where they crashed again.

March 18, 2012: Another Dog Day Afternoon!  Checking The Spam Bin!
Check it out. Lulu was so tired she didn't even bother fully stepping over Jelly. She made it halfway then gave up and went to sleep.

So what are your sunny day game plans?  Walks?  Beach volleyball? Building a fort out of fresh lawn trimming on your front yard?

After discovering that a blog regular’s recent comment was misidentified as spam, I immediately went to my spam folder and rescued about a half dozen comments.  They, at first glance, seemed like spam but, upon scrutiny, turned out to be obviously sincere words of encouragement from first-timers who have happened upon my little home here on the net.  Allow me to take a moment to recognize their efforts:

“These are truly great ideas in on the topic of blogging. You have touched some good points here. Any way keep up wrinting.” – porno sites

Hey, porno sites, thanks for commenting.  I try to provide my readers with both consistency and variety in my daily posts, covering everything from television production and genre literature to my dogs and sheer impossibility of eating a mango.  I’ll definitely keep on wrinting.

“I am undeniably thankful to you for providing us with this invaluable critical info. My spouse and I are unquestionably grateful, entirely the computer data we needed.” – ipad

Hi, ipad.  I’m happy to hear my data on pork ramen proved such a boon to you and your wife.  I hope my recent post about kale chips was equally invaluable.  P.S. Is that an Irish name?

“I every time spent my half an hour to read this weblog’s content every day along with a mug of coffee.” – top porn sites

Any relation to porn sites?  Small world!  Glad you can enjoy my blog with a mug of your favorite coffee, and the fact that it takes you a full half hour to peruse it tells me you’re really savoring the content.  Thanks and hello to whatever part of the world (or North American elementary school classroom – BTW do your parents know you’re drinking coffee?) your broken English hails from.

“Hi, all is going nicely here and ofcourse every one is sharing information, that’s really good, keep up writing.” – top rated porn sites

Hey, great to hear everything is going nicely there as I hadn’t heard from you in a while and was, admittedly, getting a little worried.  Keep in touch.

“Congratulations on possessing actually certainly one of one of the vital sophisticated blogs Ive arrive throughout in a while! Its just amazing how much you’ll be capable to consider away from a factor basically simply due to how visually stunning it is. You’ve place collectively an ideal weblog website house –great graphics, films, layout. That is definitely a should-see website!” – how to attract a girl

Wow.  Words fail me (and apparently the same can be said for you).  Thanks!

“If you go to work on your goals, your goals will go to work on you. If you go to work on your plan, your plan will go to work on you. Whatever good things we build end up building us.” – Jim Rohn

Hey, Jim.  Although you make absolutely no sense, I nonetheless appreciate the effort.

Don’t forget to finish watching Superman IV: The Quest for Peace! Tomorrow, our Supermovie of the Week Club reconvenes and guest reviewer Cookie Monster will be weighing in with his thoughts on the film.

Wonder if he’ll like it?

35 thoughts on “March 18, 2012: Another Dog Day Afternoon! Checking the spam bin!

  1. Your dogs are just too darn cute, Joe!

    It has been unseasonably warm here in the Chicago area so I’ve been digging up weeds and riding my bike. Yesterday I rode my bike through the Danada Forest Preserve and spotted about 30 blue herons on their nests!

    And I’ve been taking my dog for longer walks. She is lying on a the nice, cool tile floor now recovering from this evenings stroll.

  2. Cookie!!!

    Somebody trashed my superhero dvd collection!!! They were all out of alphabetical order and thrown on the floor! One of the discs had a bite taken out of it, and I found some blue hair in one of the dvd cases!!!

    It was you wasn’t it?!?!?

    Wait, unless it was Katy Perry?

    C’mon admit it was you.. or I’ll be forced to call my Monster Legal Dream Team (Oscar & the Honkers).

  3. Will be sunny and nice in the 70’s F here this week in Philly.

    This online/independent series (one episode so far) has stasis chambers (half hour show) for anyone who likes stasis chambers:

  4. That’s pretty classic. Ah, Internet bots at their best. Sadly, they make more sense and speak better English than a large number of American high schoolers.

    Fun, but not nearly as enjoyable as Akemi-isms! Any new ones to share? I love her sense of adventure in cooking new things. Its something I really enjoy, too. I particularly enjoy trying to figure out someone else’s recipe. I usually end up close to the original, but change(enhance) it with respect to pleasing my palette even more so with my own “adjustments”. Alas, it’s the easy stuff that still eludes my level of desired perfection. I still vow to make the world’s best Snickerdoodles. I’m close, just not quite there yet. I need to try again this week. I guess I just need to work on my goal….of….planning……to build……something good…? Is that right?

    Ah screw it.

    -Mike A.

  5. Wow, all those porn sites are so… friendly. Jim Rohn sounds like he works somewhere in upper management. Might be a good idea to get on his good side.

    The weather here (New Brunswick) this weekend was excellent! My reaction was just like Bubba’s when I looked out the window yesterday morning. I spent the day cleaning up and doing some trimming in the back yard, then taking the recyclables (separated properly of course) to the local bins, and then taking the motorbike out for it’s first run of the season! Beautiful ride, but there still quite a bit of sand on the roads from the Winter, so caution is appropriate for sure. Anyway, I also ended up kind of like the pugs by the end of the day! I sure slept well last night.

    Something tells me Cookie is not going to be all that impressed by this entry. Just a guess, though. 😉

  6. enjoy the outdoors? A good day is taking the mutt to the park and letting her run. but the good weather means more people, making it harder to find an area for her to run in. Those areas that are people free are also a tad more difficult to stomp through, but it makes her happy to go out and burn off energy, so it’s worth it.
    Otherwise, I’ve spent the day indoors. Caught up on season 1 of Game of Thrones, and waiting for season 2.
    Hoping the weather holds up through next weekend, as I believe a Rally for Reason is going on in DC next Saturday. Figure on heading on up. If I like what I see and hear, I’ll enjoy hanging out on the national mall. If it looks boring, well, nothing like all the Smithsonian museums to check out.
    Also, I’ll admit to being guilty of a nearly unforgivable crime. Namely, not having read issue three of Dark Matters. which I’ll remedy tomorrow, before getting back to the paperwork involved in class…

  7. Loved the video.

    Sunny days–depends on what kind of sunny day. Once it hits 90 degrees Fahrenheit, I usually come out only when the sun goes down or becomes it comes up fully. We spend a lot of that time in the pool (especially after the sun passes over the pool & it is shady again.

  8. Unseasonably warm here too—eighty degrees this afternoon while we were watching older ds play baseball in a historic downtown baseball stadium. Hopefully, the pools here get opened soon. The kids in public school are on spring break this week so I told my kiddoes we could do the same. (from our homeschool)

    Cute pictures of the dogs.

    Have a great night!!!!!

  9. @Sparrow_Hawk:

    And the forecast is for 80F (27C) tomorrow. My wife loves having the windows open (which means dust everywhere due to the pollen), but at this rate, we may have to turn on the A/C soon. Not that I’m complaining; I just wasn’t expecting to have to do yard work in March.

  10. Sunny days will hopefully be at the beach (at least once in a while), but being that I’m in Florida, it will most likely be spent going from the car a/c to the mall/house/vet/whatever a/c. 🙂

    LOVE the picture of Lulu and Jelly!

  11. That one from Jim Rohn reminds me of:

    “If you immediately know the candlelight is fire, the meal was cooked a long time ago.”

    Maybe Jim’s a disciple of Oma Desala.

    As I’m in Vancouver, my weekend weather was the same as yours. But I didn’t fully take advantage of it. Saturday my betrothed and I went to brunch in Yaletown and then to a tax seminar at the Roundhouse Community Centre. The tax seminar was put on by Democrats Abroad, for us poor Americans living abroad and having to still file effing U.S. tax returns until the end of time. There were a lot of freaked-out people there, learning about forms they’ve never heard of before, but apparently have been required to file every year for quite some time. And my fiancé was shocked to learn that even though he’s Canadian, once we get married, any joint accounts we have are opened up to U.S. tax liability. And our kids’ RESPs would be too, unless we file a yearly form with the Treasury Dept to keep them tax-free. He was not pleased.

    Then we went and donated blood. My intended did not pass out, so that was a big plus. Then we went to dinner with my cousin, in town from Detroit, at Cactus Club. My cuz is staying at the Fairmont Pacific Rim, so I got to see his snazzy room there. There’s a TV screen built into the bathroom mirror. The bathroom mirror!

    Today after walking my dog, we went running. We’re training for the Sun Run (a 10K race through the streets of central Vancouver), but we’re generally somewhat sedentary people, so every workout requires convincing ourselves it’s a good idea. We probably should have gone running outside to take advantage of the (rare) sunlight, but we’re at different points in the training script, so this would have required us to run separately from each other. So we ran on adjacent treadmills at the Y.

    Now I’m cooking a pot of corned beef and cabbage. I had to call around to 5 different markets before I found one that sold corned beef. On St. Patty’s Day Weekend, no less! Weird. Finally managed to get one at Market Meats in Kits. My heroes!

  12. Ottawa — 21C [70F] — It’s “SUMMER” here, at least for *TODAY*… Still have this stubborn patch of snow on the lawn… Just waiting for that ANNUAL “1st DAY of SPRING” **SNOWSTORM**!!

    Otherwise, it’s pretty much “PATIO” Season around these parts…

  13. I am unconditionally laugh at this most entertainment of blogging entertprises. You’re talent is supperb. How you must soon consider wriiting a book! ~ porn sites R us

  14. Happy puppies! Bubba has a great set of pipes. I thought he was singing, not complaining.

    Thankfully, we had some rain this weekend. And it’s a tad bit nippy. Not back east real weather with snow nippy, but there’ll be a little frost on the palm fonds in the morning. And me, since I don’t have heat. It’s like camping in my apartment. I’ll be running for the loo and the thermador.

    I’ve been watching “Awake”. I’m a huge Jason Isaac fan, plus they’re filming some of it up my way. Hope it lasts for awhile. And I just got HBO back, so I’m catching up on Game of Thrones. Yikes! I’ve only had network shows to watch for quite awhile lately, and Thrones is a real eye opener 🙂

  15. My beagle smelled the keyboard, looked under the computer, and went around the back of it looking for Bubba. Don’t know what he was saying but she was definitely in!

  16. Sunny day plans?

    Well, lately, it’s been playing with the metal detector. This weekend was nice, but – alas – too much social stuff going on, so no hunting for me this weekend. But all next week should be good for some hunts before and after work. And if not metal detecting, then beachcombing for fossils and arrowheads and such, or enjoying a walk on the nature trails.

    I like to tackle my yardwork on sunny days, first thing in the am. I really need to start doing it soon, too, with the early spring we seem to be having.

    I also love to eat breakfast in a sunny window (since our kitchen faces west, I have to rely on sunny windows at restaurants for this treat).

    But my absolute favorite thing to do on a sunny day? Take a nap. I just love it…especially if I can nap in the sun, like a big, fat putty tat. 😀 (Rainy days have the opposite effect on me – I want to be up and doing things when it rains.)

    That be all for now!


  17. Always love to see the lil ones. And, loved your archive photo of Max.
    Wudda loved to do something more interesting and worthy of the weather, but…sigh, was indoors behind the puter monitor working.
    Don’t know what Bubba was signing or wailing, but I was ready to join in harmony…LOL.

    Was hoping to wander a bit to find the Irish Boutique…on the hunt for bangers, now that I know where to find them.
    THANKS JeffW

  18. I went to let my schnauzer out a bit ago and it is freakin’ snowing here just north of Seattle !

  19. ROFLMAO, not sure which is cuter, the too tired to make it all the way across or the outrage in the car. Thanks for sharing.

    Yeah, gotta love the bots.. sometimes they ALMOST relate to the topic but they can be pretty hysterical on dog boards with how totally wrong the response is to the topic.

  20. Uh, we had high winds followed by snow. My little girl cats made their yard visit very brief. They were not amused.

    Sounds like the entire “Sites” family weighed in on your blog. Top? Oh, nevermind, this is very nearly a family friendly blog comment section.

  21. Huh I always thought Lulu is black. She looks more brindle in the photo and the video of Bubba losing his mind in the car. Lulu is, what, almost five? All this time… I need new eyes.

    Weather — it’s currently raining and very windy here. As long as it isn’t freezing. Have to go to work in a bit.

    That spam gives spam a bad name!

  22. The weather here in NJ has been beautiful. We didn’t really even have a winter. I’ve had the top down on my Jeep for two days.

    A group of us went wheeling in Wharton State Forest yesterday, and I had the opportunity to try out my new winch. On a minivan type thing (!!!) who had no business being out there. Pics:

    Really nice to hear from the porn site family. They’ve been gone far too long.

    Soooo…how about that The Walking Dead season finale????

  23. It’s been spring-like here for a long time and it’s starting to get summer-like. I’m tempted to risk planting an early garden and take my chances on the last frost date.

    The kids are spending huge amounts of time outside. A 5 yo girl next door gave a love note to my 6 year old son. He’ll come inside to play Minecraft a bit, then she’ll call his name and he runs back outside. How can she get a boy to transition off a computer game so easily?

    My boy is going to be really upset when it’s time to go back to school and sit inside most of the day. I really shouldn’t be sending him to school when the weather’s so nice – it just seems cruel.

  24. Very cute video! Thanks for posting.

    It’s going to be 84F (28.8C) here in the Memphis/Mississippi area. I’m pulling out the shorts/T’s today. I was surprised to see some of my petunias from last year never died and are blooming! Weird weather now and I’m expecting a very hot summer. I dread the dojo tonight. I hope Sensei turns on the A/C.

    I used some of my tax return to buy the humane society more bath rugs. Bath rugs make the best cat beds and they wash well. If any of you have old towels, comforters, sheets, blankets, rugs that you want to get rid of, please think about donating them to your local humane society. We don’t care if it’s stained or has holes in it. We don’t care if it’s some awful color either. We’ll take anything!

    My SIL is coming for a “chat” tomorrow. Thank Goodness tomorrow is my day for working at the humane society. Hubby has to deal with own crazy ass family. That was the deal we made when we married. I deal with my drug addicted, crazy family and he deals with his! I just pray that she is stable and on her bipolar medication. I can’t help thinking that she wants to “borrow” money again. She hasn’t contacted us in 2 or 3 years so she wants something. Hubby got her set up with most of their parents estate (we were doing ok and didn’t need it). She got a house (with no mortgage), a new car and all of his mom’s jewelry (she hid it before we got there. “If she wants it that bad, let her keep it.”). Hubby and I wonder what it would be like to have a normal family that gets along.

    DP & Sparrow_hawk: Thanks for the magnesium information. I was buying cheap supplements, so maybe that’s why it didn’t help. I think I’ll just eat some extra peanut butter or quinoa instead.

    cherluvya: Sending hugs! I hope you can shake that migraine from hell. I once had a migraine for a year but when I got off the BC pill that seemed to help. Everyone is different. I pray you can find what causes your headaches and stop it.

  25. Awwwww….Lulu! Jelly! Bubba! 🙂 Jelly gets quite vocal doesn’t she. 🙂 Yeah…there’s nothing better than taking your doggies out in the sunshine. My dog (Yorkie: “Perky”) used to love being out in the sun. He loved his walks, and he loved to run and play. But…his ultimate favorite thing to do was find a nice soft grass, and lay in the warm sun. Then…after awhile if he gets too hot…he would go some shady place. I’m telling ya…it’s tough being a dog. 😉

    Oh…it’s very beautiful here in New Jersey. 🙂 Funny…tomorrow is the first day of Spring, and yet…we really didn’t have much iof a winter. It’s been in the 60’s and 70’s since February. Looks like Spring came very early this year, and I love it. 🙂 My favorite thing to do when it’s warm and sunny is go out for a nice long walk. May be go down to the Boardwalk in Point Pleasant or Seaside Heights. I love the smell of the ocean. 🙂

  26. Oops…that was Bubba squeaking? Sorry…I tend to get Bubba and Jelly mixed up. 😉 🙂

  27. ““Congratulations on possessing actually certainly one of one of the vital sophisticated blogs Ive arrive throughout in a while! Its just amazing how much you’ll be capable to consider away from a factor basically simply due to how visually stunning it is. You’ve place collectively an ideal weblog website house –great graphics, films, layout. That is definitely a should-see website!” – how to attract a girl”

    To be honest, as far as spamming goes, that one’s almost entertaining.

  28. Hi Joe. Thanks for the walk down memory lane from 2008 and the GateWorld dinner at Fuel. I wanted to comment about Mama Mallozzi’s migraines and offer a possible solution. As I’ve aged, I’ve become intolerant of soy foods and fish oil supplements. These triggered horrible migraines, so I avoid them even though foods in the U.S. have some kind of soy derivative in them. I’ve been taking flaxseed oil softgels for a year and have had no migraines.

  29. @ Tam Dixon – THEY never turn on the AC early. Sometimes it is because the complex does not make AC available until like mid May which this year will be horrible considering it is already warm mid March.

  30. We had great weather for three days and guess what I was doing… studying, what else. I get up at about 8am, get ready, which takes forever since I’m a girl and start studying at 9 or 10am, depending on how stressed/motivated I am. I do this till 6pm. Lunch break included of course. I empty about one whole coffee mug alone and wonder why I can’t sleep at about 11-12pm.
    Can’t wait till uni is over!


    PS: Love your dogs!

  31. OMG Joe that video was adorable.. you need a professional dog walker for those times when you have meetings or are stuck at home writing. What do the dogs do when you are writing…do they want to get up on your lap? try to distract you?

    It’s comforting that soo many porn sites take an interest in your blog. I wish I could wrint but you know how it goes…wrinter’s block…wish I could painnt too…yeah that’s not as funny *sigh*

    Soooo…you gonna watch the new series Arrow? Sounds pretty exciting and the first photo of the costume was just released. BamBam is the fight co-ordinator so you know the action is gonna be AWESOME!!

    Cheers, Chev

  32. I 💜LOVE💜your 📷pictures of the 🐶pups. The 🚗car🚙🚕🚒🚚 video was fun👀. Such a ✨sweet✨ bunch. Favorite…the bed scene💤

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