March 17, 2012: Kitchen Triumphs!  Out And About!  How To Treat A Migraine?! And A Mini Mailbag!
Because, I'm sure, Akemi's mother is wondering why I don't post more pics of her daughters...Cha-daaa!

So, while I’ve been busy writing, rewriting, pitching, re-pitching, doing meetings and conference calls, Akemi has been taking English classes, taking care of the dogs, and cooking cooking cooking!  Last week, she made siu long bao’s for the first time.

March 17, 2012: Kitchen Triumphs!  Out And About!  How To Treat A Migraine?! And A Mini Mailbag!
Akemi, camera shy, works on her dumpling skin.
March 17, 2012: Kitchen Triumphs!  Out And About!  How To Treat A Migraine?! And A Mini Mailbag!
The dumplings are stuffed with pork then pinched shut, ready for steaming. She got this steamer especially for these dumplings (after seeing them at Rob Cooper's place).
March 17, 2012: Kitchen Triumphs!  Out And About!  How To Treat A Migraine?! And A Mini Mailbag!
Et voila!

Then, last night, she tried her hand at a Chuck Hughes (owner of my second favorite restaurant in Montreal after Au Pied de Cochon = Garde Manger) recipe: rock salt shrimp.  It’s fairly simple: fill your cooking vessel with about two inches of rock salt and roast in the oven at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.  Meanwhile, marinate your cleaned shrimp in olive oil, pepper, and chopped garlic.  Once the 30 minutes are up and the salt is nice and hot, transfer the shrimp onto the salt (you’ll hear them sizzle), drizzle the marinade on top and pop back into the oven for another three minutes.  Flip ’em, roast for another three minutes, and serve.

March 17, 2012: Kitchen Triumphs!  Out And About!  How To Treat A Migraine?! And A Mini Mailbag!
We tries two different types. I preferred the bigger prawns while Akemi preferred the smaller variety.
March 17, 2012: Kitchen Triumphs!  Out And About!  How To Treat A Migraine?! And A Mini Mailbag!
Also, taking our cue from Ivon - and this blog's comment secion, we made kale chips - tossed in olive oil and a touch of sea salt, then oven roasted. Addictive!

We’ve also ventured out a little.  The other day, we checked out the new Japa Dog restaurant, an off-shoot of the insanely popular Japanese-themed hot dog cart.  We went for lunch and the place was packed.  It was standing room only.  I usually do the kurobuta pork dog but elected to sample a couple of new (to me) menu entries.

March 17, 2012: Kitchen Triumphs!  Out And About!  How To Treat A Migraine?! And A Mini Mailbag!
The Meat Lovers (arabiki pork topped with meat sauce and cheese), and the tonkatsu (deep-fried pork, tonkatsu and fresh cabbage). Akemi had the mochi soup. I still prefer the kurobta, but that won't stop me from checking out some of the other intriguing variations like the kobe beef dog.

JAPADOG – JAPADOG – Japanese style Hot dog in Canada

After lunch, we went for a walk and stopped in at a little pet shop where Akemi made a new friend:

March 17, 2012: Kitchen Triumphs!  Out And About!  How To Treat A Migraine?! And A Mini Mailbag!

Finally, I couldn’t resist snapping a shot of these shoes I saw on display recently.  They’re both stylish and potentially lethal.

March 17, 2012: Kitchen Triumphs!  Out And About!  How To Treat A Migraine?! And A Mini Mailbag!
Them's kickin' shoes!

Spoke to mom today.  She’s in bed with one of her recurring migraines.  I’ve heard that magnesium helps and suggested she pick up some supplements.  Any migraine sufferers (or friends/relatives of migraine sufferers) out there?  What, if anything, helps?  Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Tam Dixon writes: “It can be sad watching a kitten/pup playing and then seeing them age through the years. Now my big cat (Harry) sleeps most of the day. I remember when he used to try and catch the sheet while I made the beds.”

Answer: Yep.  Jelly used to be a burrower, digging beneath the sheets and lying there until she’d get so hot I’d have to rescue her.  Now, she prefers to sit atop the pillow by my hide and, once she’s assumed the position, she won’t move until sunrise.  And, speaking of sun, it was a beautiful day today.  I couldn’t help thinking about Maximus and how much he loved lying in the backyard on days like these.

March 17, 2012: Kitchen Triumphs!  Out And About!  How To Treat A Migraine?! And A Mini Mailbag!

sparrow_hawk writes: “Dang! So how the heck are you going to wrap this up in just one more volume, Joe?”

Randomness writes: “If I were to guess, the ending will be open ended to allow room for a tv series. And that these comics are one small segment of an overall story.”

Answer: Correct.  Issue #4 will wrap up the opening story arc, but many questions will remain unanswered.  For now.

Line Noise writes: “So, I’ve just been offered a job in Vancouver. […] Do you and The Blog Collective (dibs as the name of my Goth Hipster New Wave Thrash Metal band) have any suggestions of where to live? Nice neighbourhoods and places to avoid?”

Answer: Congrats.  I have no doubt you’ll love Vancouver.  In terms of neighborhoods, I think Kitsilano and Kerrisdale are quaint little neighborhoods.  The downtown area, Cole Harbour, and Yaletown are also nice – but noisy, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

45 thoughts on “March 17, 2012: Kitchen triumphs! Out and about! How to treat a migraine?! And a mini mailbag!

  1. Always love the food pictures, Joe. If I wasn’t stuffed from dinner, I would be hungry again. 🙂 Listen, have a question for either you or Akemi. My older ds is bound and determined that Japanese is going to be his language for high school. I’m about to work on buying next year’s materials and wondered if you or she had any thoughts on Rosetta Stone and whether it was good for Japanese. Also, if you have any other suggestions, that would be great too. Thanks so much!!!

    Have a great night!!!!

  2. Oooh. Nice shoes. I could use a pair like that…

    I’m sorry your mom is not feeling well. Migraines stink. I get them anywhere from once every couple of months up to twice a week. What helps me is taking Excedrin Migraine (aspirin, acetaminophen and caffeine) as soon as the aura hits and drinking a coke for extra caffeine and sugar. The best thing, though, is a nap in a nice, dark, quiet room. And after it subsides, I need to keep my blood sugar up with snacks every couple of hours to keep it at bay.

    I haven’t heard about the magnesium connection. There seem to be mixed reviews about using it to prevent, but not necessarily treat, migraines.

    At one time I had a great prescription med (Midrin) but they took it off the market. 🙁

    @Joe and Randomness: Yeah, I kinda figured as much. I sure hope you either get this into a TV show or give us more comics! Or both. I’m not fussy.

    Kale chips – I make ’em with sea salt, garlic powder and cayenne pepper. Mmmm.

  3. Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Happy Birthday to PBMom, Hilda Bowen!!!

    Mmmmm, the shrimp looked tasty AND easy to make. I’ll have to give that a try, yummy. For migraines, drink lots of water, strangely enough sometimes caffeine helps if taken early enough because it’s a natural arterial dilator, and stay away from bright lights and computer screens.

    Smiles! Julie

  4. This WordPress thing is bullshit. Hi, Joe! Acupressure, of sorts, is what helps me. I take 2 Advil and have Mr. Deni apply strong, steady pressure to different parts of my head, even after the vomiting has started. It works in 15-30 minutes. Please have someone do it for you mom!

  5. dang. managed to miss another day somehow. ah well. glad to see all seems to be going well. And definitely going to try out that shrimo recipe at work. Was planning an easter surf and turf anyways, and that looks perfect. Now, to catch up on Spartacus, and then hibernate to catch up on lost sleep….

  6. Tried to pick up #3 today, but alas they did not have it…

    did finally get Sweet Tooth 3 and 4. The first I borrowed from the library, but they did not have the second…so I bought it, read it and donated it to the library…I’ll do the same with 3 and 4…

  7. Akemi’s meals look amazing and delicious. The kale chips sound pretty simple – I might give them a try.

    Just finished watching Superman IV. Hmmm. I’m very interested to hear Cookie’s take on it.

  8. Ohh…I like the Rock Salt Shrimp! I may have to try that.

    I might change the marinade a little. Being from Maryland, I have to work in some Old Bay…ohhh, Old Bay, Garlic, Olive Oil, and Salt marinade? I like the sound of that!

  9. Hi, Joe,

    You’ve inspired me. I’ve been thinking about making kale chips for a while.

    Sorry to hear about your mom. Would she be willing to try acupuncture? I know several people who have had excellent results. And there are clinical studies that back up the efficacy.

  10. If you want to give your blog some beauty and class, post pictures of Akemi. For ultra cute, post pictures of your dogs.

    Hope your mom gets to feeling better. I feel sorry for all you migraine sufferers out there.

    Read Dark Matter 3 today. I am really enjoying the story. It reminds me so much of Stargate. I hope you can get this made into a series. Absolutely love the art work! Between the pictures and your words, I feel like I’m watching the story unfold on TV. Interesting turn at the end of this book. Can’t wait for Dark Matter 4. What will you do if you can’t make a TV series out of Dark Matter? Will you write more books for it? Give the story rights to someone else to continue? I will be very disappointed if it just ends. I already like the “stars” in it.

  11. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and yours Joe 🙂 Believe it or not, the patron saint himself is apparently buried just up the road from where I’m typing (Downpatrick, Northern Ireland), although I have heard that at least five other spots claim that particular fame too!

    Migraine-wise, I’d have to say that that the effervescent variety of Paracodol, a blend of paracetamol and codeine, does the trick for me every time. Now it could just be me but I swear, it actually starts working when I hear the tablets start to fizz when they hit the water 😉

  12. Hey Joe, if you can say, which main characters in Dark Matter were your creation and which ones were Paul’s?

  13. 1. Hugs to mom. I have no suggestions – never had migraines. I can only wish her the best.

    2. Awwww. Maximus! That makes me both happy, and a bit sad.

    3. Kale chips are pretty good. Not sure ‘addictive’ is the word I’d use. Good, just not that good.

    4. Dark Matter arrived today, but I haven’t read it yet. Waiting for some quiet time (this weekend has not been quiet!). I’m also torturing myself a little…knowing it’s here and yet denying myself the pleasure of reading it. Makes it sooo much better when I finally give in! 😀

    5. Just got back from a huge dinner (started at 6:30, ended at 9:30). I went with the tomato ‘BLT’ soup – tomato bisque with bacon and topped with Gruyère cheese and crispy fresh lettuce – delicious! And the pan seared tuna, with wasabi mashed potatoes and Asian slaw (and some sort of butter sauce but I forget the exact name) – it was really fantastic! Had a piece of flourless chocolate decadence cake, with a glass of very good cab, for dessert. Needless to say, I feel like a stuffed piggy!

    6. Akemi’s mum is probably worried about her little girl being so far away from home, and living with a gigolo, no less!! Heck, I’m worried for her and I’m not even related! 😉

    7. You have a foot fetish, doncha Joey? I remember a picture you took of Akemi, in Tokyo, modeling…green shoes, I believe. I thought right then and there you had a thing for feet, or shoes…or both. Kinda kinky if ya ask me. 😉

    That’s all I have energy for. Again, I hope Momma Mallozzi gets to feeling better. Give her my best, and have a good night, sir.


  14. My mom used to get really bad migraines..the culprit…MSG

    Once she cut that out of her diet, which isn’t easy because it is in so many processed foods, her migraines did not occur nearly as often.

  15. Yum! The dumplings, shrimp and especially the kale chips look tasty. Might have to try making the chips. Those shoes! I’d probably slash a tendon in my own ankle if i tried to wear them. Too used to runners…

    I’m sorry your mom gets migraines. Accupressure/rubbing neck, shoulders and temples helps my sinus headaches, but they are probably not as miserable as a migraine, though bad enough. She could try hot compresses to get the blood flowing and, to echo what others said, caffiene helps too.

  16. I love magnesium!

    Magnesium definitely helps me with hormonal migraines and anything that can be attributed to PMS. I doubt it’s the same kind of migraine your mom has. Mine aren’t that painful, they make me extremely nauseous.

    I also credit Magnesium with the birth of my third child being an easy birth. I swigged the Lifetime liquid cal/mag.

    I vouch that it’s good for any spasm-ey muscle pain. It’s supposed to help some people with ADHD. It’s supposed to help people relax. It lowers high blood pressure a bit.

    I do have strong opinions about the type of magnesium to use. Almost every store you go to will have magnesium oxide and nothing else. Every grocery store will for sure. It’s worthless. It’s cheap. Magnesium oxide is UN-USEABLE by the body. Magnesium is the stuff that burns brightly for use in flares, leaving behind magnesium oxide as the product of reaction – think of the energy that must be required to reverse that and make magnesium available again – your gut is not accomplishing that feat.

    Just about any other magnesium supplement is superior, but is hard to find. I recommend magnesium citrate since it’s only moderately hard to find. You can get it at or a store that only sells vitamins. Grocery stores will always sell the worthless magnesium oxide.

    I mainly use Vitacost’s brand of magnesium citrate tablets. Many will recommend a calcium/magnesium blend, but I find some slip in that worthless form of magnesium. Lifetime’s liquid cal/mag does contain good ole magnesium citrate and is a good choice for most people, but I prefer a higher dose of magnesium.

    Too much magnesium works as a laxative, especially when it’s poorly absorbed. A magnesium salt is the active ingredient in Epsom salts. I’ve heard of migraine-sufferers bathing in epsom salts, but I don’t know if it’s been proven that it works.

    Magnesium-rich foods are a great way to take in magnesium. Quinoa, greens, black-strap molasses, cheese. I eat all those things to get more magnesium. Even though quinoa is way expensive, I just now ate some because food sources of magnesium are that important to me. I plant a huge variety of greens, too. Limiting pasta and bread help me avoid displacing magnesium-rich foods from my diet.

    I’ve also heard of people rubbing castor oil into their temples for migraines.

  17. @das: Your dinner sounds fabulous! Where did you eat?
    And you can just peek at the lovely cover on DM3 to tide you over until you can read it and savor it…

  18. Personally when I’ve had Migrane I’ve founding resting up helps. Generally speaking the more you move around the more it tends to make it worse, at least in my experience.

    Speaking of wordpress, haven’t a clue what people are talking about in that regard. Haven’t signed up to it personally and don’t like giving out my email to 3rd party blog companies lol

    I’m considering just using my twitter to comment in the future, looks like there’s an option there

  19. Oh and speaking of Dark Matter I agreem the story is really good. I guess from watching anime and reading manga, and of course normal books too you get that its just a small slice of something bigger thing when reading.

    Still, going to look into that twitter commenting thing, never seen that before on wordpress. Granted I use my real name on there but no probs there.

  20. Okay getting mad.. tried twice and my posts disappeared so have left chrome and come to firefox to see if THAT posts! One last me. 🙁

    Damn, responded and it disappeared. Have reloaded, it is not showing up so if it does, just delete it.

    Lots of causes/triggers for migraines. Sadly she needs to figure them out and also find the right medications to help prevent and treat them. Today there are so many really good drugs.

    Back in the 70s when I had them, not much helped except shots to knock you out nearly. So I was lucky to enroll in a neuropsychology/brain research program that used biofeedback. I literally learned to raise the temp in my hands a few degrees and help reduce the symptoms. Fortunately mine lessened over the years and I probably have one every couple of years now. Unfortunately, I cannot take any of the medications (except codeine) and mine are pretty severe. When people call a bad headache a migraine, I want to slap them. Tell me about your head when you are sitting in the bathroom floor throwing up from pain, crying from throwing up because it makes it worse.

    This link has a lot of good info from Mayo Clinic — drugs to prevent/treat, home things you can do, etc. Please give your mom a virtual hug for me. (took out the http part as maybe that is why my post poofed?

  21. @Sparrowhawk – Ate at my favorite place, Lucky Bones. I’ve never had a miss there. (Some of my friends don’t like it, but I think it’s because they’re soooo used to traditional combinations and presentations – prime rib, chicken parm, fried seafood, baked potatoes – that sort of thing. As soon as words like compote, confit, and lemon beurre blanc show up on the menu, they freak out. 🙂

    And I will NOT look at the cover!! I am torturing myself, for reals. 🙂 I’ve told ya before I’m a masochist, and right now I’m very much in that sort of mood.

    It’s been a weird week and weekend. I didn’t sleep well on and off during the week, which lead to a good day here, a bad one there, all week long. Mom had me rearranging furniture instead of working in the office, which has me all sorts of ways behind the 8 ball now. My best friend is here for the weekend. She lost her husband to accidental gas/CO poisoning ten years ago, so the visit comes with a lot of laughter, and not a few tears. I love her, though, so it’s all worth it. She’s just like the most amazing person, ever! But then I get sad knowing that she’ll be leaving tomorrow, and it’ll be months before we get together again.

    I also saw a rabbit that was hit, but not killed, by a car (not good), and I am upset over the disturbance of a bird’s nest, and concerned about some land that was cleared out near our local state park, and basically worrying about nature in general (I go through this now and then – Prince Nuada would understand 😉 ).

    I’ve also socialized all weekend – Friday night had my friends over, tonight went out with friends, and tomorrow night I’m supposed to go to an anniversary party. Even though I enjoy my friends’ company and laugh and have a good time, for some reason the more I do it, the more depressed I get afterwards. I might be excited when I get home, but by the next morning I just want to be left alone. I think it has something to do with over-stimulation (it only happens when I have days in a row of social activities, not the one off here and there).

    On top of all of that, DirecTV has this glitch that prevents me from setting up my DVR to tape rugby matches. Instead, I have to sit up until 1 or 2 am, wait for the match to start, then hit record and finally crawl into bed (like now). It’s because of some software glitch that is preventing the older Tivo units (which I have) from pre-recording setups on this particular channel that just happens to air the best rugby in the world! (Super Rugby from SA, AUS, and NZ!). I’ve called them three times, and basically they say I’ll probably have to upgrade to a new Tivo unit (who they just made a deal with), but that would mean losing the 17 Inspector Lewis eps I have on it, not to mention a good amount of film noir and other films that I don’t yet have on DVD.

    So, yeah, that is a bit petty, but it’s just annoying that I can’t record the matches unless I stay up half the night. So I’m just kinda stewing in my own miserable self-basting juices right now, but I’ll get over it. And when I do, then it’ll be Dark Matter time!



  22. Wish I could help out with the migraine problem. If she hasn’t seen a doctor about it in awhile, she might want to get a check up.

    Man, I’m not keeping up. I just bought Dark Matter #2 last week. I didn’t realize that #3 was already out.

    And what happened to the listing of the months on the right side of the blog? My computer is slow, and it was so easy to click on it to catch up.

    Can’t wait to see which projects you get yourself into! I hope your mom starts feeling better soon.

    And Irish or not, I hope everyone had a great St. Patrick’s Day!

  23. Long term, spends her whole life managing migraines gal here. Muscle relaxants with codeine are great, like Mersyndol. Take two if you have a migraine. Half every 4 hours to prevent. I always look at my diet and stress levels for triggers plus sleeping patterns. Preservative free foods for a while help to minimise them.
    As you can imagine right now my stress levels are set to extreme so I’m in management mode ensuring I stick to healthy foods with a combination of medication.
    Hope your Mum feels better soon. I’d rather have multiple broken limbs (and I’ve had that) than a migraine. When they were at their worst for me, between 21 and 25 I wasn’t sure how much longer I could cope. It’s debilitating. A few of the people around me suffer the same type of migraine as I do and we all share common triggers and treatments. Happy to share all we have put together if she doesn’t show any improvement.
    Take care.

  24. Any chance you will be making an appearance at the last Vancouver Stargate Con?


  25. I always wanted to make these dumplings, but so far I went with Goyza, because I don’t need the special steamer.

    About the migraines: I always pump myself full of caffeine. So it’s coffee and coca cola for me. Not a great method, no, but it helps and it’s so much better than pain killers for they do more bad than good in the long run.
    Sleep of course, which is the best, but not always available 😉
    And since I always feel under the weather I can sleep 12 hrs and still be in pain.

    But here is something you might be able to check out easier. Migraines often come from the jaw bone and the muscles around it. Basically the muscles that move your mouth. Some people bite very hard in their sleep and cramp with their jaw muscles. This is very common and the sleeper doesn’t feel a thing or notices it. So if your mother goes to her dentist next time, maybe she can check that out.

    Sorry, other than that, I know of nothing.


  26. I’ve had a migraine everyday for a year and a half. It is important that she go to her doctor to make sure any meds she is taking doesn’t conflict with migraine meds.

    I have spent many days in a dark room trying not to move…trying to keep my head at home rather than the hospital.

    1. Lay down.
    2. Darkened Room…cannot read during a migraine…can make it worse.
    3. Avoid talking on the ☎phone. Sending sound directly into your ear can increase the pain.
    4. Cold compress for the forehead and the back of neck.
    5. Don’t let your upset stomach get away from you. It can also make the migraine worse. I use chewable tums…but I also have a prescription med also.
    6. Excedrin Migraine has been mentioned by all my doctors. It is the best over the counter.

    Hope she feels better soon.
    Cheryl 🐰

  27. Hi Joe & everyone,

    I only just discovered Kale. Needed it for a recipe and I’d heard Ivon raving about it but I didn’t even know what it looked like or where to buy it. Really want to try to make the Kale chips. I’ll give it a go.

    I haven’t seen a mention of March Madness here this year. Are you not participating Joe? My bracket’s got more holes than a golf course. See I had Missouri to win the lot and Duke of course too…yeah that didn’t go so well. LOL

    My friend gets migraines. Hers are caused by misalignment in her back. She sees a chiropractor to prevent them. I guess you’d need to know what her triggers are.

    I like the site – doctors write the articles and it lists some preventative tips…such as “avoiding certain foods especially those high in tyramine such as sharp cheeses or those containing sulphites (wines) or nitrates (nuts, pressed meats). ” – MedicineNet. All of the medication discussion is a bit over my head. Sending some healing vibes her way….get better soon Mrs Mallozzi.

    I miss Vancouver. I really want to come back….looking at maybe May/June. Wish I had a million dollars, then I could have a place in Vancouver that I could visit several times a year….mmmmm yes that would be super secret awesome.

    I’m just gonna login with my Twitter account from now on…it’s easier….but I’ll sign off with Chev cos it’s ME!!!

    Cheers, Chev

  28. Migraines? The key to treating one is finding the cause/trigger. Is it food? Is it hormones? Is it environmental? Mine are mostly caused by sinuses. I’ve read about magnesium and feverfew. Both of those are supposed to help but I never had much luck with them. I suggest your mom read up on causes and ask her doctor for some badass drugs. A dose each of Imitrex, Aleve and caffeine really help mine. Everyone is different. She might have better luck with something else. I hope those migraines are few and far between for her! Hubby has good luck with a large bolus of sugar/caffeine/Aleve for his migraines.

    I loved the picture of Max! Yes, it is sad seeing them get older and knowing…. Going through the process a few times helps some because I know I’m going to help another kitten/puppy (when I recover from the loss). So many are out there being abused/neglected/abandoned so I pick one and change its life.

    The food pictures look good too. Have you tried L.D.P.’s touch with the kale chips? He puts lime juice and parmesan on them and it’s awesome! I think I’ll pick up some kale today.

    Our kidlet is coming home tonight. Last few hours to play 😉 .

  29. What a nice hide-n-seek picture of Max,a good memory. Akemi is uber talented in the kitchen I think, I am not sure I would attempt those dishes, but they look wonderful! Great job!.
    Hope moms headache gets better, never had migraines, but the sinus ones have put me in the bed at times. Ouchy!
    And looking for something else to plant in my little garden, maybe give kale a chance. green beans and zucchini are already up. Have a great Sunday!
    (maybe DM3 will be here tomorrow…)

  30. A slight derivation of the Thai pronunciation (sah lah bao), but still as tasty I am sure. I love steamed dumpling, especially with the BBQ pork-not a big fan of the bean. Dim Sam in the morning with coffee is another pleasant memory of my time in Trang, Thailand.

  31. Good news! Magnesium can be delicious! Good dietary sources of magnesium (from the National Institutes of Health):

    Food Milligrams (mg) %DV*
    Wheat Bran, crude, ¼ cup 89 22
    Almonds, dry roasted, 1 ounce 80 20
    Spinach, frozen, cooked, ½ cup 78 20
    Raisin bran cereal, 1 cup 77 19
    Cashews, dry roasted, 1 ounce 74 19
    Soybeans, mature, cooked, ½ cup 74 19
    Wheat germ, crude, ¼ cup 69 17
    Oatmeal, instant, fortified, prepared w/ water, 1 cup 61 15
    Peanuts, dry roasted, 1 ounce 50 13
    Peanut butter, smooth, 2 Tablespoons 49 12
    Potato, baked with skin, 1 medium 48 12
    Blackeye peas, cooked, ½ cup 46 12
    Pinto beans, cooked, ½ cup 43 11
    Rice, brown, cooked, ½ cup 42 11
    Lentils, cooked, ½ cup 36 9
    Milk chocolate, 1.5 oz candy bar 28 7 *
    ( 79% dark chocolate has about 3 times as much magnesium as milk chocolate)

  32. Third time this week I’ve heard good things about kale chips. I will definitely try to make them. I do know I dislike kale in the usual ways.

    Migraines, so individual, such a terrible thing. I had them for a few years, resulting from a ruptured cysts in the tendon at the base of my skull. Midrin and codeine, and rest in a dark quiet place. And yes, knowing the triggers is important, especially if it is something she can avoid.

    Off tangent ramble: Twice when I had a migraine going I had little choice but to take my meds and go to school to take an exam; I was finishing up a degree. One test was long and mixed, from T/F to short answer and capped by essays. One was straight multiple choice. I was high as a kite. Got the highest grade on the exams in both classes… oh, and these were not the same semester. And ages ago, I was taking an opiate for post-surgical oral pain. Aced an exam at the U then too. Opiates do that for me. High as can be, groggy but can’t sleep, but can perform detailed recall tasks crazy-well.

    I like hearing about Akemi’s progress with English, not only did I tutor the neighbor kids in Yokosuka, but I eventually got certified to teach ESL here in the US. Fascinating language to learn about even as a native speaker. Bragging a bit: I have that nearly non-existent accent associated with major network news anchors; my little neighbor pre-schoolers had the teachers thinking the kids had spent their first few years in America when they began their formal English classes in school.

  33. And I am another week behind with yet another illness that had me in bed most of the week. Body transplant anybody? Not a nice way to spend your birthday (March 17) but was bestowed a BluRay copy of Game of Thrones that I will love watching the special features for.

    Sorry to hear about your mom’s migraines. Besides magnesium (which is new to me), I’ve heard an herb called Feverfew is helpful. Usually the treatment is to avoid triggers and to figure out triggers my neurologist gave me a wonderful diary to keep track of my headaches (when we were excluding migraines which I don’t have). But the diary is handy to see if there are trends. Maybe she’s developed a sensitivity to a food or a smell that she wasn’t before. I’ve heard even hormonal changes can bring them on. Hope she feels better. Now I will try to backtrack your blog dates for the last week.

  34. Well this is weird…has my comment from last night gone into spam or has it just disappeared? Has anyone else had problems with disappearing comments? It used to show your comment with a waiting for moderation message now it just goes….hmmmm

    🙁 bad wordpress…I don’t think I can remember it all


  35. I’ll try to remember….

    1. Gonna try Kale Chips…I crave salt…only just discovered Kale

    2. Migraine – Get better soon Mrs Mallozzi….here’s a site I love run by Doctors – – see if you can find the trigger…I found this interesting “avoiding certain foods especially those high in tyramine such as sharp cheeses or those containing sulphites (wines) or nitrates (nuts, pressed meats). ” – MedicineNet

    3. March Madness – haven’t seen you mention it Joe…are you participating? My bracket has more holes than a golf course…I had Missouri to win it all and of course Duke…oh well, it’s fun!!

    4. Is the horror movie a supernatural or thriller type…and is the trailer for pitching purposes?

    5. I’m off to a social media conference this week… after having had it stripped from my job & given to someone else….gonna be tough to sit there for two days


  36. Hmmm. I just checked my spam folder and found it sitting there.

    Have you been shilling the healing powers of mangosteen with your account?

  37. @Sparrow_hawk

    Thanks for the list of magnesium-rich foods. Black beans are great, too. I just realized how much magnesium oats have. I didn’t realize there was an inexpensive grain that hit the mark so well. I can put that in my blender to make oat flour to use in place of flour in quick breads.

  38. I should probably say “Happy Mother’s Day” to your British readers…I seem to remember seeing a few comments from the UK here.

    And on that note, Joe, I hope your mother is feeling better. She is in my prayers. Lots of good comments on migraines here and I’ll just quickly add my wife’s story;

    When we were first married she used to get migraines about once a month (must’ve been the stress of living with me 😉 ). She would take Excedrine Migraine which would take the edge off but not completely cure it. Now I had been a strong coffee drinker since working with some Navy contractors (those guys like strong coffee!) and I gradually got Barb used to drinking strong coffee. After about six months we noticed that her migraines had stopped. She’ll still have one once in a blue moon, but now when she does, the Excedrine Migraine does a pretty good job of handling it.

    Of course, caffeine carries its own perils, but if managed (for example, my wife only has one cup a day) it seems to do a pretty good job of preventing migraines (at least in Barb’s case). As always, your mileage may vary…

    To close out the comment, I like the food pics. Makes me want to do some more culinary experiments. So if the weather is warm again in the midwest next week I may try to grill some pizza on the charcoal grill. I’ll post pictures if I have any success at it.

  39. @josephmallozzi:

    Hmmm. I just checked my spam folder and found it sitting there.

    Have you been shilling the healing powers of mangosteen with your account?

    Mangosteen ‘R’ Us – Wanna franchise? LOL Thanks Joe! 😉

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. was actually surprised when I googled that mangosteen is real LOL

  40. Joe,
    I am off to China again. Instead of going back to Hong Kong, you really must consider visiting Beijing and Shanghai. The culinary delights would astound you. Many things even you haven’t tried, I am sure.
    Hong Kong isn’t really China, after all.
    In Shanghai, you could pick up one of those fantastic robes that Jacob wore in The Summit – one of my favorite all time SG-1 episodes. There is a special shop I could tell you about where they would make one for you to order.


    BTW, fresh mangosteens are a revelation!

  41. I’ve heard of taking Mg but never tried it. I go to accupunture regularly and my migraines got a lot better. I can take an Excedrine Migraine and it usually takes care of it now. Sometimes I put a heating pad on my head. I don’t know if anyone else does this but it helps me.

    Hope she finds some relief.

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