March 19, 2012: The Supermovie Of The Week Club Reconvenes!  Cookie Monster Reviews Superman Iv: The Quest For Peace!

Wow.   Superman IV VERY impressive.  It achieve someting not even General Zodd and Leks Luthor able to do = kill off Superman.  After dis movie, Hollywood say: “Okay.  Time for Superman V!” and audiencez everywhere say: “Aaah, don’t bodder.  We good.  Tanks.”  And Superman go to sleep for twenty years until someone else get crack at putting him to sleep again.

March 19, 2012: The Supermovie Of The Week Club Reconvenes!  Cookie Monster Reviews Superman Iv: The Quest For Peace!
I hope comrade brought change of space pantz.

Movie start in space where Soviet space station take direkt hit from orbital junk.  But Superman arrive, cape flapping in de solar wind, and save de day.  Den, he change back into Clark and visit farm in Smallville where he hide space capsule from Kripton.  He learn about extra special power source dat can only be used once.  Monster wonder: “Why we just learning about dis power source now?”  File dis one away for future referents.

Clark play catch wit real estate broker.  Pretend he crappy at sportz (becuz he nerd – duh!), but when real estate broker leave, he hit baseball so hard it fly into space (and, monster like to tink, into Soviet space station dat plummet back down to Earth).

Back at work, Clark find out Daily Planet have new owner who want to turn paper into tabloyd.  New owner also have daughter, Lacey, who want to turn Clark into her own nerdy sexclusive!  Oh, and Amerika and Russia almost going to nooklear war.  So little boy write to Superman and ask him to do someting about it.  After all, he Superman!

Meanwile, Leks Luthor eskape from prison wit help of annoying nephew played by Jon Crier.  Dey decide to make Superman clone.  But where to get gentikal sample?  Well, luckily Superman stoopid enuf to give Metropolis Museum sample of his own hair for display purposez. Guggenheim, insidentally, have his collection of nail clippings and De Hermitage have hiz very impressive super stool sample after dinner at Olive Garden (it far but worth trip!).  Anyway, dey settle for hair.

March 19, 2012: The Supermovie Of The Week Club Reconvenes!  Cookie Monster Reviews Superman Iv: The Quest For Peace!
Budget kind of tight. Let's re-use same sekwence from first movie. It not make sense? Dats okay. We just pretend it never happen.

At about dis point in movie, plot stops for completely useless scene where Clark take Lois hand and jump off building.  Den – surprize her by turning into Superman!  Luckily she not have heart attack or shit her pantz.  He fly her around.  At one point, he let go – and she flying too!  How possible?  Me dunno.  Power of love?  Superman take Lois back to apartment, kiss her, and den use his “powerz of make people forget tings” to  make her forget everyting dat just happened.  Huh? Monster tink me alredy seen dis movie!

March 19, 2012: The Supermovie Of The Week Club Reconvenes!  Cookie Monster Reviews Superman Iv: The Quest For Peace!
Superman visit UN to outlaw nooklear weapons. And crocs.

Superman decide what best for world, visit UN and say he going to get ride of nookes.  He gather dem all up in giant net and trow dem into sun.  Kablooey!

Leks take advantage.  He hide speshul genetikal experiment in missile and den show up at testing range disguized as General (apparently dats all you have to do to get access to top sekret site = dress up like a general).  Monster wonder: Why U.S. testing nooklear missile when it obvious Superman will just trow it into sun?  Also, why necessary for Leks to show up at missile range dressed as general?  Also, why me still watching dese louzy moviez?  Sad to say monster have no good answerz.

March 19, 2012: The Supermovie Of The Week Club Reconvenes!  Cookie Monster Reviews Superman Iv: The Quest For Peace!
Behold...Mullet Man!

Missile lunched!  Superman arrive and trow into sun.  Genetikal experiment use power of sun and give birth to… Mullet Man!!!  He have power of beootiful hair, long radioactive fingernails, and ability to speak perfekt English.

Clark and Superman, meanwile, keeping buzy both trying to be at same place at same time.  Superman fly out window and change into Clark who on way into elevator but get taken out by baggage kart (?) den change into Superman and fly back up, etc.  Dis scene have potenshul but never any good reazon given why Clark and Superman HAVE to be at Lois apartment at same time.  Anyway, hijinks interrupted by Leks who lure Superman to ambush.

March 19, 2012: The Supermovie Of The Week Club Reconvenes!  Cookie Monster Reviews Superman Iv: The Quest For Peace!

Superman vs. Mullet Man!  FIGHT!!!  Mullet Man destroy Great Wall of China!  Superman rebuild using his speshul bricklaying eye beams! Mullet Man trigger volcano!  Superman cap it wit top of udder mountain!  Mullet Man drop Statue of Liberty on people!  Superman catch it and put it back!  Den, Mullet Man use his radioactive nailz to scratch Superman and kick him away.

March 19, 2012: The Supermovie Of The Week Club Reconvenes!  Cookie Monster Reviews Superman Iv: The Quest For Peace!
He scratch yer eyez out!!!

What going on?  Superman gone?  Clark dying of radiashun poizoning! But it turn out cure for radiashun poizoning iz pep talk from Lois. Oh, and power source introduced at beginning of movie.

March 19, 2012: The Supermovie Of The Week Club Reconvenes!  Cookie Monster Reviews Superman Iv: The Quest For Peace!
Aaaah! Nice, fresh space air!

Superman back!  Superman vs. Mullet round two!  Dey fight!  Mullet Man try to hurt innosent bystanderz!  Superman use his telekinesiz powerz to save dem (yep, he have dose too.  For dis movie anyway). Dey fight on de moon.  Mullet Man kidnap Lacey (who he suddenly in love wit…for some reazon) and fly her away from Earth, her beootiful hair rippling in de solar wind.  Superman save her and defeat Mullet Man…somehow.  Monster apologize but he leave for forty sekonds to check on baking cookiez and mis dat part.  Me tink about rewinding and watching missing forty sekonds.  But decide not worth it.

Anyway, happy ending, espeshully for dis monster dat not have to watch another movie wit Super in de title for a while!

Verdikt: Pros – Shorter den Superman III.  Also, Supergirl alredy retire award for SuperShittiestSuperMovie so some improvement here.  Cons – Still terrible movie.  Lotz not make sense but, instead of feeling angry (like after Superman II), monster just feel sad for everybody – aktors, audience, and espeshully hisself.

Rating: 1/2 chocolate chippee cookie wit no chocolate chippeez. 🙁

Pleaze diskuss.

Next week, monster view Batman (1989):

28 thoughts on “March 19, 2012: The Supermovie of the Week Club reconvenes! Cookie Monster reviews Superman IV: The Quest for Peace!

  1. I also noticed the “Space Air” when Superman is speaking to the cosmonaut in a vacuum…

    Or maybe his vocal cords don’t need air and the sound was being conducted through his body when touching the cosmonaut?!? Oh heck, this movie does not rate that much benefit of the doubt.

    I also noticed that Superman’s hair (which can apparently stop a bullet, survive explosions and fire, and can hold thousands of pounds of weight in tension), can easily be cut by a pair of hardware store wire cutters? At least Smallville tried to explain his grooming habits by showing him burning off his beard with his own heat vision.

  2. My hopes were raised a bit with the opening credits: this wasn’t a Salkind production! It actually might not be horrible! But alas, even with a different production team entirely, this was only slightly better than Supergirl.

    The beginning’s about as dull as Supergirl: a U.S./Soviet summit has broken down, and both sides are committed to ramping up nuclear weapons armament. A worried kid writes to Superman to ask him to rid the world of nukes. Supe agonizes about whether to “interfere” with politics on Earth. He gets stressed out enough to reveal his true identity (again) to Lois, just so he can fly her around (and do other stuff?) and then make her forget it all (again) with his Magic Forgetfulness Kiss (again). What was the point of all that, you ask? Because the script was thin, and they were desperate to squeeze 90 minutes out of it by whatever meager means they could scrounge up.

    Supe finally decides to honor the kid’s request. When countries fire off their nukes, Supe catches them and redirects them to his giant Nuke Net in space. Once it’s filled, he hurls it into the Sun. End of nukes. Wait a minute! Why were those countries firing off their nukes in the first place? Do countries normally go around firing nuclear missiles into space? Isn’t the usual protocol to stockpile your nukes underground, waiting for the day you hope will never come? Shhhshhhshhhh….

    At least Lex is back with a decent plan: with the help of his nephew (Jon Cryer, I guess to attract the teenage girl demographic), to create a superbeing capable of offing Superman, and once Supe is out of the picture — igniting the need for the world’s superpowers to re-arm themselves with newly purchased nuclear weapons — Lex can make a commission off the sales of these weapons, since he’s allied himself with the 3 biggest black-market nuke dealers. (And Jim Broadbent is one of them! Jim Broadbent! I didn’t even recognize him until I saw his name in the end credits and rewound to find him.) I know they’re the 3 biggest black-market nuke dealers in the world, because Lex gave a little exposition speech to himself about each one of them as he met them. How considerate of him to fill me in so painstakingly!

    Maybe I’m nitpicking, but is it too much to ask for Lex Luthor, “the greatest criminal mind the world has ever known”, to pronounce “nuclear” correctly, and not to pronounce it as “nucular”??? That seems really out of character for someone who insists on lording it over everyone how much smarter he is than they are.

    There’s a really bizarre scene in Lex’s penthouse just before the introduction of Nuclear Man. Jon Cryer’s listening to his Walkman, and Lex is dancing with some woman dressed in 18th-century French garb, a la Marie Antoinette, complete with the ginormous white powdered wig. What’s going on there? Is this some sort of kinky prostitution gig? Did Lex hire an 18th-century-France-themed hooker???

    Then we meet Nuclear Man, born of the Sun’s nuclear energy (or nucular energy, if you’re Lex or GW Bush), so he cannot function in shadow. Seems like a whopping big weakness, doesn’t it? But Nuclear Man doesn’t let it hold him back. You’d be surprised all the places the Sun’s light manages to hit: the lobby of the Empire State building, every floor from the lobby up to the penthouse (including the space between floors, since at one point Nuke flies through every floor and ceiling between the lobby and the penthouse without being in shadow once!); the entire street between towering skyscrapers… There is apparently very little shadow in Metropolis. Another bit of ridiculousness: Why doesn’t Nuclear Man look like Superman? They used Supe’s DNA to create Nuclear Man, after all. He should be something like a clone, not some Teutonic blond idiot with Lex Luthor’s voice. (How sad for that actor! They didn’t even use his voice!)

    Meanwhile, there’s a love triangle going on between Lois, Superman, Clark, and Lacy, the new publisher of the Daily Planet, courtesy of her tabloid-mogul father’s hostile takeover. Somehow, despite Lois’s disgust for Lacy’s and her father’s sleaziness, Lois and Lacy become best buds. The only reason for this seems to be so that we can see the best imitation of a Three’s Company episode that’s ever been seen in a Superman movie, in which Lois and Lacy have a double date with Superman and Clark in Lacy’s penthouse. Look, Clark has to go back to give the cab driver change, and hey, look, there’s Superman flying onto the balcony! And Lois has to go check on her duck in the oven, while Clark reappears in the lobby of the apartment tower, only to get prevented from following Lacy onto the elevator by a luggage cart. (In an apartment building???) And so on, until Superman has an emergency to attend to (which turns out to be Nuclear Man), and both guys disappear without a trace.

    Sadly for my attention span, the superbeing Lex creates is so devoid of personality, intelligence, and creativity that the ensuing battles between him and Superman are on the order of a middle school girls’ fight: pushing; grabbing wrists; scratching with fingernails – all the real juicy stuff you’d expect from the two most powerful beings on Earth, right? Even when he scratches Supe’s neck, thereby sapping Supe of his powers so much that he has to resort to using the One Last Piece of Krypton (We Swear!) to restore his energy, the effect is so subtle that you just see Supe’s cape fall from the sky to indicate something might be amiss.

    I’m getting sick of the lack of attention paid in these films to physics. If you were picking up the Statue of Liberty to fly it horizontally over Metropolis, would you pick it up by the fingers holding the tablet? No! You’d pick it up somewhere in the middle, where its center of gravity is. But apparently, Superman and Nuclear Man enjoy the extra workout challenge of lifting AND battling rotational forces simultaneously.

    And does no one consult a geologist when writing a scene involving a volcano? A stratovolcano like the one Nuclear Man erupted in Italy is not going to spill out orange liquid lava in the streets like Mauna Loa. C’mon, people! Just a cursory glance at a high school earth science textbook would tell you that. You don’t even need the geologist.

    Then after Supe gets his powers back, he just happens to show up at the foot of the Empire State Building right when Nuke shows up, looking for Lacy. And Nuke asks, “Where is she?” And Superman magically knows what he’s talking about. Supe obviously read the script. That, or he’s psychic. But why does Nuke show up at the Empire State Bldg looking for Lacy? He LIVES in that building! It’s where Lex’s penthouse is. If there’s one building in Metropolis where he should know Lacy isn’t, it’s that one. Why doesn’t this showdown happen at the Daily Planet building?

    Then Nuke finally gets ahold of Lacy and flies her into space (for what reason, Heaven only knows). And she must be an alien, because she can breathe out there and her eyes aren’t popping out of her skull. (This isn’t like low-Earth orbit; they’re pretty damn far out there.) I don’t know why she even needs Superman to come save her, she’s doing so well on her own.

    Finally, after a completely lame fight on the moon, Supe flies Nuke over a nuclear reactor and drops him in. And there’s a power surge in Metropolis. And Supe makes a speech about how even though the nukes are gone, he can’t save us from war. Something about how there are other galaxies and civilizations out there. Does he mean we’ll be going to war with those guys at some point? That’s what I got out of it, anyway. The end.

  3. Hey, Cookie!
    Someone may be trying to take your job… it looks like they started doing reviews of the Superman movies on ComicsAlliance

  4. Cookie, as usual your remarks are spot on – you covered a lot of the points that came to my mind, including expecting/wishing for the baseball to hit the Russian space station and knock it out of orbit! That would have been in a different, better, funnier movie that would not resemble this one in the slightest.

    Some other points:

    I thought the effects in the opening sequence were actually pretty good and gave me some hope. However, apparently they blew their entire budget there. Because the rest were pretty much… ew.

    I really had to wonder why Superman’s “clone” actually looked nothing like him, given the same DNA and all. Instead, he looked like a refugee from an ’80’s hair band with press-on nails. A reading of the Wikipedia entry for the movie was very enlightening (see below.)

    Was the fight between Superman and “Nuclear Man” some kind of metaphor for the no-win battle between the superpowers? I’m probably giving the movie too much credit.

    Ultimately, what’s so disappointing is that there is the idea of a much better movie in there somewhere. What I was hoping for was that once Superman rid the world of the weapons, he would come to realize that the nations didn’t necessarily WANT peace, he realizes that the basic problem of why the weapons are there hasn’t been solved at all, and humanity themselves must solve the problem. Instead, the plot veers off into the same old, same old.

    Weirdly, when we finally get to the ending there’s a short scene where it sounds like the movie I hoping for above – that Superman couldn’t really give the world peace. But the whole thing is given such short shrift, and it was such a tossed-off line, that the impact is nil. So did the countries all re-arm or what? (I guess that’s where all Luthor’s arms sales were going to?) All we got was the one line, Superman kind of shrugs and everything’s back the way it was? Yeesh.

    From the Wikipedia entry for the movie, which is well worth a read and explains a lot:

    “Unfortunately, Golan & Globus had so many other films in the pipeline at the time that their money was spread too thinly to properly accommodate what became Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, released in 1987, forcing the film’s veteran director Sidney J. Furie to cut corners everywhere. The film was panned by critics and fans alike.”

    The Wiki entry has other tidbits, like the evil superman was supposed to be played by Christopher Reeve as well, a darker version. (Too bad they kind of wasted that idea anyway in Superman III.) Reeve told the guy who played Luthor’s nephew that the about to be released movie was going to be “terrible”. The same guy said they basically released an unfinished movie.

    It shows.

  5. I’m surprised Cookie didn’t address the fact that Mullet Man had Lex Luthor’s voice even though he was made from Superman’s DNA. Also, why, if Mullet Man fell asleep in the shade because he gets his power from the sun, doesn’t Superman do the same? Or at least become powerless, i.e. turn back into Clark?

    Something I’ve always wondered…

    @ponytail – On behalf of all beagle owners, former and current, you are hereby required to share a picture of your beagle. Just kidding, I really don’t need to see him/her, I already know they’re too cute for words. 😉

  6. @JeffW & Kathode: I lost count of the number of technical/scientific errors in the movie. I really stopped bothering to notice after a while, with a few exceptions like the ones you’ve noted and others like dust clouds on the moon, when the dust should immediately fall because of the vacuum. The moonscape looked exactly like the sub-standard set that it was. The things like the impossible balancing of the Statue of Liberty or, Heaven help us, pushing the moon out of orbit to block off the Sun (OMG, the tides!!), I tried to attribute to its comic book roots. But even with that… ugh.

    I also wondered about Nuclear Man’s weakness of losing his power in shadow. I kept wondering why someone just didn’t throw a blanket over him and be done with it.

    I totally missed the “nucular” pronunciation, and that’s a good thing since it’s one of my pet peeves.

  7. Cookie: “Budget kind of tight. Let’s re-use same sekwence from first movie. It not make sense? Dats okay. We just pretend it never happen.”

    LOL! 😀 Your too funny Cookie!

  8. OH DEAR LORD!!!! That picture of Superman flying with Lois,in her suit and high heels, into space is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen!! No oxygen mask, no coat for warmth, no hair net! How are we suppose to believe that?!

  9. Soopr Man. uh, 1…2….4, yes 4. moor watch supie movie more brain cells die. drink wood alkohol funner way to kill brain. Wunder if brane damag purmint. Hope not.
    Seriously, after the repeated assaults on my intellegence, I’m at a loss for words. Luckily Kathode has done a fantastic job of tagging most of the points that sent my blood pressure rising. The final straw for me(though alas, not for the movie) was the Great Wall scene. Supes fixing it with his x-ray/superglue/telekinetic vision was absurd enough. But the thing that bothered me most was the bit just before that. Bad guy damages wall, but only 1 person falls off? and instead of continuing to wreak havoc, bad guy waits for Supes to rescue the single unfortunate tourist? And Supes, instead of putting person safely on the ground, carris the poor sod back up to the top of the wall, where the bad guy could easily have finished the whol busload of tourists. And since when do you get dna from hair cuttings? follicles, yes. But not the ends of the hair. I’d have expected Lex to clone himself before coming up with this pathetic non look alike version of supes. THAT might have been worth watching. Lex standing toe to toe with the S man….
    I refuse to give this one even a half cookie. The fact it’s so crassly designed to steal money from viewers, rather than offering them something in exchange for the cash proffered is just too insulting. I’m glad to see we’re past these movies, and moving onto something better worth reviewing. My thanks to Cookie Monster, as well as Kathode and other reviwers, in doing a much better job trashing this movie than the movie did in trashing the Superman myth.

  10. When I saw this movie is about nuclear weapons, I thought it was a good premise for a Superman movie. It’s a worthy challenge to find them all and not just leave a few in the hands of a supervillain. Superman versus The Abomination of Desolation! Think of the twist and turns, the risks and the pay-off!

    Lots of great movies start off almost killing the adorable one-liner guy so the cosmonaut scene gave me great hope for the movie.

    I’m a little disturbed that Superman was intercepting their radio. Stupid cold war. Or have we already established that Superman can hear voice through the vacuum of space?

    So I started out trusting the movie a bit more than experience with #’s 1-3 would lead me to. Sigh. Oh, Kathode, it IS the last piece of Krypton and it can only be used once. You just have to BELIEVE.

    Lois knows she can just yell “help” and groan “thanks” and Superman will hear. Not like the rest of those subway riders.

    I don’t think the subway is still safe just because Superman said so – I live in a world w/o Superman. What happens when the operator passes out in MY world? I don’t know and Superman’s platitudes don’t make me feel better. The writer’s lucky he didn’t need to raise questions about the safety of corn because he couldn’t squirm his way out of that political nightmare.

    Cutting Superman’s hair with bolt-cutters was cute.

    Love the nuke net. There are better ways to aim for the sun, but slinger-style looked fun.

    Lex Luthor pulled off the bad guy chatty exposition posing as arrogant bloviating awesomely. I’m complimenting the actor here, not the writer.

    Lex’s presence at the missile launch was silly, but I loved how he was all about firing that missile hastily. That’s not the usual treatment you see in missile launch scenes.

    Did anyone count the number of seconds that guy looked at his nails after he was born? I started to after a while. That was a lot of screen time. I’ve been exposed to way too much lead to be able to handle that much outer space screen time being devoted to fake fingernails. Maybe it’s just my issue.

    I thought it was funny the nephew said Lex was creeping him out when Mullet Man showed up. Lex had just been doing cosplay with his girlfriend in front of his nephew and he’s just now creeping him out?

    Double dating? Ugh! Why not do that scene where Superman puts too much soap in the washing machine?

    Fixing the Great wall, so co-dependent.

    I had no idea why Mullet Man wanted to find that woman. I was confused by him suddenly looking for her. I didn’t mull over what his motivation was – it’s a Superman movie, I assumed there wasn’t one.

    It turned out the nuclear weapon hurling was just how the writer made the creation of Mullet Man into a one-shot deal. Some concept. This movie was inspired by the invention of Lee Press-on Nails, not averting the end of civilization.

    I’d call it not a horrible movie if it didn’t tease me with the promise of a plot about forced nuclear disarmament. But it did. And I can’t forgive that.

  11. Wow, for a minute thought Mullet Man was Richard Dean Anderson…….sorry RDA.
    The only thing I can say good about this entire series is…….it took a lot of guts to spend that many years in spandex and carry it off!

  12. I agree. The movie was horrible. Bad acting and scenes that didn’t make any damn sense. I think I fast forwarded past most of the movie…

    Batman .. oh boy, that should be a funny review.

  13. @ Ponytail – no coat, etc., was explained in Sups I. But it was so important and technically correct….derrr, I forgot it. Lois asked Sups about it. Anyway – Too many brain cells have given their all for as long as they could under the assault of these movies.
    To make matters worse, once in another lifetime, I thought these were great!
    I think the Condorman pushed me over the edge. sigh.

    @ Joe – what happened to Jelly’s furrowed forehead? In her “too pooped to pop” state, she has a seemingly smooth forehead.

  14. I never saw this movie when it came out in the cinemas. Which is odd since the late 80s was the peak of my cinemagoing years. Maybe I knew that after the heights of Superman III and Supergirl that Superman IV could only disappoint.

    Even though I hadn’t seen it at the cinema I was pretty sure that I must have seen it on video or TV at some point. If I had then I must have blanked it out of my memory because nothing in this movie seemed familiar.

    There is little I can add after Cookie’s, Kathode’s, gforce’s and DP’s detailed and eloquent reviews. This movie sucked. It sucked from the moment I saw in the opening credits “Story by Lawrence Konner
    Mark Rosenthal Christopher Reeve.” When an actor decides to try his hand at writing look out!

    I can forgive the scientific inaccuracies. I would assume Supes can receive and transmit radio waves so that could explain how he heard and spoke to the cosmonauts. Maybe super beings are surrounded by some sort of force field that they can extend around other objects? Hence the ability to take Lacey into space without her suffocating and being able to carry the Statue of Liberty by one of its weakest points. Or being able to fly from Metropolis to San Francisco in a couple of minutes without Lois burning up from the air friction.

    What I can’t forgive is the sloppy writing when it comes to the character’s motives. Why would Lex immediately start plotting the end of Superman when he seemed to be doing quite nice for himself in his huge penthouse apartment? Knowing full well that he could end up in jail again? Why did Mullet Man decide he needed to kidnap Lacey? Why was Lacey introduced as a hard nosed bitch and then immediately set her heart on ensnaring Clark and all of a sudden she’s sweetness and light and we’re supposed to care for her? What did Supes actually do with the last piece of Krypton to heal himself? Why were countries firing live nuclear weapons!?!?!?!?! Why would Superman give into peer pressure? Was he unaware or unconcerned about the nuclear threat before some kid wrote to him and the newspapers started getting on his case? Why does Supes care if there’s nuclear armageddon? He can just fly around the Earth really fast and turn back time, can’t he? Why not, while he was at the UN, just use his special mind altering abilities to make everyone want peace? This is why it’s such a bad movie. It’s as if the writers had no concept of cause and effect, plot and consequence.

    Ahhhhh, Batman. So much to like about this movie and so much for Cookie to hate. I’m looking forward to it!

  15. Mullet Man was kinda hot.

    But boy oh boy, Batman! That big beret and flowy black coat look? I was rocking that before Vicki Vale ever flickered on the screen.

  16. The things that brighten up my day of boring studies:
    1) Sunshine
    2) Cookie’s Reviews

    Thank you!


  17. @Birdy

    Just Cookie’s reviews for me. Anything else good that day’s a bonus 🙂

  18. Line Noise: “What did Supes actually do with the last piece of Krypton to heal himself?”

    Given that it kind of looked like a Superository, I don’t think I want to know the answer to that question.

  19. Quite honestly that may be the funniest post you have ever had. Plus, I had such a giggle out of the comments Thanks All of you blog commenters! I swear this is better than watching the movie itself!!!!

    My hubby and I go over details of movies/TV shows in much the same way. Has anyone ever watched Armageddon?
    In the movie we watched them explode and shoot guns on an asteroid. My hubby was asking “Why would anyone need to BRING a Gatling gun to an asteroid? Would a gun even fire with no atmosphere?”

    Hubby’s visit with his sister went much better than I had hoped! I’ve been burned by my SIL too often to get warm fuzzy feelings but it would be nice if she could have a “normal” relationship with her brother. I must put those Pollyanna feelings back in the box because she burned her bridges with him also. Sad but I am glad she seems to be stable and doing well.

  20. Oh, thank goodness! We’re finally past the Superman movies. I remember liking the Batman movie. I’ll try to get it from Netflix for the weekend.

    @maggiemayday: So do you have a picture of yourself in that beret and long flowy black coat you would like to share with the class?

  21. My hubby’s coworker was recently on a plane. He had one of the new e-ink Kindle ereaders. They have a cool screen saver on the screen when turned off. The flight attended called him a liar when he told her that he did turn his electronic device off. He had to explain the tech to her. So beware all those flying with a new Kindle!

  22. G’day Joe

    Sorry cannot bare to sit through any Superman films. My sister actually loves them. No accounting for taste.

    Spare a thought for the people in my home town, hit by a freak storm, some are calling it a type of tornado. Unheard of in this area, usually just cyclones/hurricane. Comes just a year after Cyclone Yasi.

    Lucky no-one was killed.


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