Today, Ivon was out and about, scouting locations for our horror trailer. Kudos to him for coming up with some fantastic, diabolically creepy-looking places – the type of places you would never frequent at night, least of all to shoot something.  While Ivon was on the road, I was on my laptop, working on the script for the 2 minute trailer.  It’s pretty close.  Rhythmically, it goes something like this:

– – – …….!-!-!….?….?……!!!

So, whaddya think?  There are two great scenes I could use to cap the trailer and I’m not sure which one to go with.  Both are suspenseful with great pay-offs but the first leaves a lot to the imagination while the second is quite visceral (and might require me to call on the services of a couple of my old Stargate cohorts).  I’m leaning toward the former only because the expenses for this little project are coming out of pocket and the budget is a little tighter than what I grew accustomed to working with on Stargate.

Hey, speaking of Stargate, I was clearing out the files on my old Sony camcorders and came across a bunch of old pics…

I’ve got thousands of them, mostly unsorted, that I should really go through at some point.

Hey, blog regular, Deni, is raising money for a worthy cause: 100 Doghouses for 100 Dogs Without Shelters.  If you’d like to help, head on over here:

To those of you having trouble tracking my comic book series, Dark Matter, at their local comic book store, might I remind you that you can always order copies from here: or digital versions here:

Continuing our ongoing sneak preview of Dark Matter‘s next issue.  Yesterday, I posted the first page of Dark Matter #3.  Today, I repost it – along with the second page.  If you haven’t read the first two issues, avert your eyes.  Spoilers abound!

For more previews, head on over here:


kathode writes: “Joe (or any of the Vancouverites on here), have you ever gone to French Made Baking, on Kingsway near the intersection with Main? (I think it’s a new place. Maybe just opened at the tail end of 2011?) People rave about their macarons on yelp.”

Answer: Thanks for the tip.  To be honest, I’ve never even heard of it.  I’ll definitely check it out next week and report back.

kathode also writes: “I have an extreme weakness for delicious desserts, a là Fratelli’s, on Commercial. (Sadly, though, Fratelli’s does not produce a cannoli up to my expectations. I don’t know why, with the sizable Italian population of this metropolis, I can’t find a decent cannoli here. WTF?!?)”

Answer: Hmmm.  Funny you should say that.  Akemi and I just visited Commercial in our quest for pistachio cream.  Alas, no luck.  As someone who grew up in Montreal with its vast Italian offerings, I don’t find the Italian population of Vancouver all that sizable.

profmadmax writes: “You never seem to mention ANYTHING Sanctuary related I notice…
Did the Sanctuary team have better foresight to go rogue and create a new medium in your opinion?”

Answer: I never mention Sanctuary because I wasn’t involved in the production and it wasn’t a show I watched (though, to be fair, my viewing line-up is numbers about a half dozen).  I’m not in a position to gauge the success of their initial online venture, but clearly the fact that they’ve been on the air for some four seasons is a testament to the hard work of former Stargate vets Amanda Tapping, Martin Wood, and Damian Kindler.

profmadmax also writes: “Are you considering the successful(Sanctuarty)webisode approch to Dark Matter or the as yet unnamed horror project?”

Answer: Nope, not the preferred approach for either project.  Ideally, Dark Matter will be a television series (or mini-series, I’m liking this idea more and more given the property), while the horror movie will be a big screen feature.  That’s the plan anyway.

Tam Dixon writes: “Those macarons are impressive! Any other flavors planned?”

Answer: Akemi is mixing the buttercream as we speak.  We might do matcha, coconut, and speculous.

StellaByStargate writes: “Emboldened by your last mailbag, I have one question to ask…and after all these years, I promise it will be my last S/J question ever…had we gotten the 3rd SG-1 movie, would the status of Sam and Jack’s post-Threads relationship have been made clear?”

Answer: All I can say to that is that, there’s a dinner scene in the first draft of Stargate: Revolution that made it pretty clear that Jack and Sam were, in fact, together.

Samantha Padilla writes: “I never thought of your thinking that Jack and Sam getting together after “Threads” was an AU, is it? Or is it actually a concensus between the SG-1′s writing staff that ‘Yep, Sam and Jack are together now, but we just won’t make that fact so obvious on screen it’s like a pie shoved in someone’s face’?”

Answer: Neither AU nor consensus.  There was never a discussion about it among the writers.

43 thoughts on “March 1, 2012: Some prelim work on the trailer! Pics from the Stargate vault! Dark Matter #3 preview! Mailbag!

  1. Love the script, but I think it’s missing a few subtle umlauts. Just got back from family get together south of the border only to find the Steelers cut Hines. This is now the second worse event of my week; first is the baby bat that attacked me. Mostly it flew around looking startled but it was still bone chilling. And now my brother has convinced me that the bat was supping on me for days before we caught it. Doesn’t help that we’d just rented Contagion.

    The horror trailers that still stick with me were Alien, Blade and Scream just because they were so far out of the norm.


    Such a sexy beast!!!

    That Greer fella ain’t too shabby, either. 😉

    Thanks, Joe…I owe you one.



  3. Thank you for the pics – especially the Atlantis shots, but that’s just my prejudice. Zelenka, the Wraith, the team from “Whispers”… all good. Thanks again.

  4. I could use some of that C4 in the office today. It might just frighten some of the computers into line and make all my paperwork disappear. Thanks for all the pics.

    Your script rhythm seems to be going well. Should we add a triangle at the end to emphasise completion’s after thought?

    – – – …….!-!-!….?….?……!!! ☆

  5. Shiny…It gets worse for us Steelers fans. They are also going to release Aaron Smith and Chris Kemoeatu. If they also lose Mike Wallace then we are in deep trouble.

  6. I remember enjoying seeing Nicole de Boer, Christina Cox and the others from that SG team. A shame we did not get to see more of them. Any reason for that? Or where they intended for just one episode? Thanks for posting that picture and all of them.

  7. Thanks for those pictures…I really enjoyed them all. Thanks also for taking my questions!

    I found your script rhythm very gripping. Great to see you didn’t break Vonnegut’s First Rule!


  8. “I’ve got thousands of them, mostly unsorted, that I should really go through at some point.”

    Awesome pictures, Thanks a lot! 🙂

  9. Thanks for the info about the Sam/Jack dinner scene…. If only the movie had been realized!

  10. Loved the pictures. Did you watch Falling Skies last summer?? Colin Cunningham was amazing!!! Can’t wait for this summer and Season 2.

    Everyone who is in the weather threat area in the US today (3/2/12), me included, stay safe!!!!

    Have a great day, Joe!!!!

  11. I finished Superman III and I’m noticing a pattern. Odd and even numbered Superman movies suck. Un-numbered ones, too.

    I’ve learned so much about the movie biz from the Supermovie of the Week Club. I don’t know why you’re angsting so much about the script. Apparently, you slap a popular word into a movie title, tell the actors to show up, make up a story on the spot, and shoot the scenes before anyone can whine about whether the story makes sense. My Gummi Bears Zombify Nascar movie is going to make billions!

  12. Your horror trailer looks great. Is that an “oh my gosh!!!” moment at the end or an “oh crap!!!” moment. I love scary.

    Thanks for the pictures. That never gets old. Some Ronon would be nice… 🙂

  13. Glad to see you got a picture for Das. Love them all, thanks for sharing.
    and ok, I went to tfaw, ordered and preordered, but the BUY SAFE email I got afterwards was spooky…. guess I am just suspicious of any unsolicitated emails.
    But thanks for all the pictures. Maybe the sg friends would work for chocolate and all would be good. have a great day!

  14. My wife and I have been watching reruns of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman lately and I was very surprised the other day when I noticed the name Carl Binder in the opening credits!

    Did Mr. Binder ever tell you any interesting behind the scenes stories about Dr. Quinn? Can you point to anything in Stargate that may have been inspired by his time on Dr. Quinn? Also, are we ever going to find out what the final payoff was going to be for Stargate Universe?!?!


  15. i guess i did see the buy safe at the end of the transaction, sorry, just different,,,thanks for listening to me prattle on…

  16. Akemi is mixing the buttercream as we speak. We might do matcha, coconut, and speculous. Is she taking orders? Please?
    I’ve looked at macaron recipes but from everything I’ve read, you have to know how to adjust the batter for the South’s humidity.

    We’ve got a big weather storm coming through today. Good luck Lisa R! The last storm went completely around us Wednesday and I pray we are as lucky today! My hubby’s flying in from Ohio this afternoon, eek!

    Thanks for the teaser and the pictures!

    1. @Tam Dixon: Wednesday’s storm went around us too, but B’ham is in the path supposedly today. The wind is already picking up, but the sun is also coming in and out. Very strange.

  17. @ Lisa R and Tam Dixon – They have been talking about your storms coming today for a few days now. I’ll be hoping and praying any tornados leave you alone. Looks like it’s going to be a bumpy spring. Hope I don’t blow away this year either. Stay safe!

    @ Chad – I too have been watching those Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman reruns again. I think about Carl everytime! I have lots of questions for Carl about that show. I have never seen a small town, close knit group of people, who are so distrustful of each other like those town folks are. Walnut Grove was never that bad… I bet Carl has a ton of interesting stories. I bet he wouldn’t/can’t tell us any of them. (I bet Jane Seymour was a handful!)

  18. Hi,
    i just wanted to say “Thank you” for the great time with the Stargate Franchise!
    And thank you for posting on the pictures and stuff about Stargate.
    It seems like you really liked your work at Stargate!
    Would be awesome if you could upload more pictures and videos! All that behind the scenes stuff! i love to see, how all the Special And Visual Effects are done, and all the sets and stuff!
    Again, thanks for everything!


    1. @Tam Dixon: I am fine so far. The tornadoes touched down in Hunstville. Our county is letting public school out early, but, since we homeschool, that doesn’t affect me. My boys are learning about weather today. 🙂

  19. Hooray for Stargate photos. *fanning Das* Would there be any pictures of hunky Carson Beckett somewhere? 🙂 I sure miss that handsome grin of his…

    Joe, here’s another vote begging you to take us on a walk down “memory lane” of the Stargate: Atlantis episodes. That was such a tight-knit, fun-loving, caring group of people.

    Akemi, you make beautiful food! We want to see more macarons when you’re done. What were some of your favorite places in Japan that inspired you?

    Tam Dixon, Lisa R, et al., praying for everyone’s safety down there. In the midwest we had 1-1/4″ hail, but it blew over quickly. Hope it does the same for you guys!

    Joe, Alexander’s picture looked like it was taken in front of a government building. Was he getting dual citizenship papers or a, um, license of some kind? 🙂

  20. @ Tim Gaffney; the Steelers have officially lost me as a fan. Just like the Redskins lost me when they cut Riggins. Both are sweethearts who played with great heart. The Steelers bawled when they lost their first drive for five, but HInes was the only one who manned up and came out of the locker room to talk to reporters, even though he was still crying his eyes out for the Bus. Plus Hines’ charity work with bi-racial kids in Korea is phenomenal, he’s literally saving lives there. When a guy gives all to your city and team you don’t toss em out like stumble drunk bums. Maybe I sould be cheering for DC United or that nutty Tim Tebow.

  21. Yea, I made into the mailbag for the first time! I’m sooooooooo giddy!…God I am such a dork…But I love it!

    P.S. Thanks for the Stargate pics. I’m miss it all so much, it really sucks not being able to tune in every week like I use to and my family sit and watch Stargate. Thank God Gateworld’s doing the Rewatch. It’s not like how it used to be, but it actually kind of fills the void. Oh and please post more pics, thanks!

  22. Another walk down Stargate’s memory lane (even with new pics for public consumption), always good 🙂

    While we’re on the subject of Stargate, I read some time ago that the original movie is getting a sequel (and possibly another after that). The only ‘problem’ was the tv show, and it would be made (the 2nd Stargate movie) once the tv series had finished. I hope this isn’t true, as I feel that SGU, as did the other two shows, still had a lot of unfinished business. Actually, SGU really did. However, as there’s no new news regarding the movie either now, I feel even more strongly that the tv show shouldn’t have ended as/when it did.

  23. There are two great scenes I could use to cap the trailer and I’m not sure which one to go with. Both are suspenseful with great pay-offs but the first leaves a lot to the imagination while the second is quite visceral (and might require me to call on the services of a couple of my old Stargate cohorts).

    even if you had the budget, i’d say leave a lot to the imagination. it could be the “hook” that gets people interested. trailers tend to give too much away these days.

  24. Speaking of Colin Cunningham, he’s doing really well for himself it seems. His role as Pope in the series Falling Skies is superb, he plays the lovable rogue role perfectly.

    Then you have Rob Carlyle in Once Upon a Time as Rumpelstitskin/Mr Gold. Another former Stargate actor making a name for himself on American TV.
    (Personally I think this is his best TV role to date, perhaps more because of his acting talent, and the quality of the scripts he’s recieving for this show. Especially the Beauty and the Beast esq story they did recently with Rumpelstiltskin essentially confronting his humanside when Belle expresses her feelings for him)

    Carlyles acting in this episode was great, especially when he’s upset smashing up his place in the Fairy Tale world, combined with the 2nd story of Mr Gold kidnapping the theif who stole the cup given to him by Belle, and beats the guy with his stick thing

    Seems the more quality Stargate cast members are making a good career for themselves post Stargate.

  25. cripes. almost missed Thursday’s post…love the pics. please keep it up. Any way of us being able to buy them from you in some form? I’ll make sure to stay up late enough to catch today’s post, unless you’re cruel enough to wait till 4am or so your time. Meantime, Ramsay and Spartacus will keep me busy for the evening.

  26. Oh thank you so much for the SG photos! I don’t mind seeing more of the thousands of them! 🙂

    Best of luck today.

  27. If you need non-union (i.e. ultra-cheap) labor to help with the trailer, keep me in mind. A couple careers ago, I was a production sound mixer and/or boom op, and I’ve done my share of script supervising as well (although you probably wouldn’t need much of that for just a trailer). Also was a PA and an alien extra on Bab 5. It would be fun to run around Vancouver guerrilla-filmmaking for old times’ sake, as if I were back in film school. And as an all-but-thesis M.Sc. candidate, I pretty much make my own hours.

  28. @LisaR:

    We homeschool too…a snow day is just another day, much to the annoyance of my kids.

    I’m praying that all that are in the path of bad weather remain safe, warm, and dry.

  29. LOVE the BTS pics! Takes me to a happy place. Amelia’s so purty. Got to meet Colin in Vegas about six years ago. Literally just ran into him and his family in a store in the Caesar Forum shops. Once I told him I recognized him from Stargate SG-1, he was so friendly and happy! Got my picture taken with himand everything. Truly, truly nice guy, and solid. That guy must hit the gym everyday.


  30. Hi,

    Please please please make the 2 movies you were going to make. Just because MGM turned it down, does that mean you can’t go to any other producers with your script and make it?? Or even better, make it into a movie at the cinemas. It’s way long overdue for it to come back at the cinemas and I can garentee, with the massive fan base it has gain over the long years since the first tv episode was made it will be a big money maker. One to compete with the star trex films I reckon. Plus, if it’s a cinema movie, more money flowing in for you hense being able to do better things in terms of CGI etc… Surely you have thought of this. So is this not an option for you and why??



  31. If the third Stargate movie is not going to be made anyway, is there a chance that sometime in the future, the script will be released in book format for sale on the bookmarket?

    If there was a first draft already, it would be such a waste not to make any kind of money with it, and I’m sure a lot of fans would pay money to read it! 😀

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