Dark Matter #3. Cover art by Garry Brown. Colors by Ryan Hill.

The third issue of my comic book, Dark Matter, hits the shelves March 12th.  It’s a series with action, adventure, suspense, mystery, humor, twists, turns, surprises…but you already know this because you picked up issues #1 and #2 and are now anxiously awaiting the third installment of the four part opening story arc.  You’re no doubt wondering how our heroes will respond to last issue’s shocking revelation.  Well, if you’re REALLY curious, I can offer you a sneak peek of what you can look forward to in issue #3 – or, more to the point, several sneak peeks.  Over the next six days, I’ll be giving you a glimpse of what lies ahead for our intrepid crew.  But, just in case you’ve yet to get around to reading issue #2 (tsk tsk), I’ve uploaded the sneak peek to the bottom of this post.  Scroll away!

My editor at Dark Horse, Patrick Thorpe, has been keeping busy.  He’s overseeing the return of the avenging spirit,  Ghost, in a three-part story that will premiere in the June issue of Dark Horse Presents (#13): http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=37265. Meanwhile, he continues his editing duties on a comic book I really should be checking out: http://battlepug.com/.

The conference call we’d set up on the heels of the intriguing news I received yesterday (re: Dark Matter) has been pushed to Friday afternoon.  Welcome to Hollywood.  It’s still quite early in the game but, if this piece falls into place, it’ll be a enormous coup for the project.

Speaking of projects, I got together with Ivon Bartok today to talk about the trailer for our horror movie.  We discussed the narrative structure its (we want to tell the story in under two minutes) and its production demands and costs (we want to tell the story in under two minutes without having it cost us a lot of money).  I think we have a pretty solid plan of attack.  Over the next few days, I’ll be working on fine-tuning the mini script.  Ivon, meanwhile, sent me some terrific samples of the type of visuals we could use for the trailer.  Creepy and incredibly effective.

"Hansamu" as the Japanese would say. Apparently, he wasn’t allowed to wear his Lucchese cowboy boots under penalty of death.

When, in a recent email, Alexander casually mentioned he’d bought a suit, I, naturally, refused to believe him.  After all, this was a guy who, I’ve long suspected, was actually born in jeans and a t-shirt.  Him in a suit?  No way.  I asked for proof.  So he sent me the above pic.  Hunh. He DID buy a suit.  But why?  My guess is parole board hearing.

Akemi was busy in the kitchen yesterday trying out a new recipe…

Whipping egg whites and sugar syrup.
Making the shells. She elected to go pink(ish).
Baking the shells, then letting them cool.
Sandwich the chocolate buttercream and voila!

One of the interesting things I just learned about the macaron-making process is that you should allow the macarons to rest for 24 hours before serving.  I sampled them freshly made and, while tasty, they were far too chewy.  The shells lacked that diaphanous crispness characteristic of a truly great macaron (They, in fact, possessed the exact textural failings of the macarons Thierry Busset sells at his shop on Alberni).  The next day, however, they were perfect – crisp, airy and delicious.

Today’s entry is dedicated to Kathode.  Congrats on the engagement!

And, oh yeah, that first sneak peek of Dark Matter #2 I promised you…

You can check out more of the Dark Matter #3 preview, in addition to sneak peeks at other comic book titles, here: http://www.comicbookresources.com/

35 thoughts on “February 29, 2012: Dark Matter #3 preview (1 of 6)! Bizarro Alexander M. Ruemelin! Akemi’s confectionary creation!

  1. Looking good for Dark Matter 3. I have to hide my head in shame in saying that I don’t have Dark Matter 2 yet. 🙁 I’m getting it this weekend, I swear.

    Love the pictures of the macarons. Akemi did a great job.

    Have a great night!!!!!

  2. I now have Dark Matter 1 and 2! Haven’t read yet but will soon! You and Paul need to come to Calgary Comic Expo April 27-29 so I can get them signed 🙂

  3. pretty exciting, horror story and Dark matters projects moving along, hopefully to a successful and profitable conclusion. Akemi’s cooking looks delicious. I am passing on the sneak preview, just to see if I have the willpower to wait until I have omic firmly in hand.
    Alex looks quite spiffy in a suit, though he lacks your natural flair in said outfits. thanks for the daily fix.

  4. Joe, I really appreciate the preview, but could we have one that opens into a larger format. Pretty please? Or is it just my computer being wonky again…

    @Akemi: Those macarons look amazing! What flavor did you make?

  5. PLEASE share her macaroon recipe since I cannot get real ones here.

    Gosh I hope Friday is a stupendously good meeting.

  6. Could you fix Alexander in his suit so I can click it and get a bigger/better look at that devilishly handsome man in his new suit? Mighty fine! And he’s smiling too.

    Since your red-headed friend in Toronto gave away the ending of Dark Matter 2, (before I had read the comic), in her review of it, I hope there are more future surprises and twists yet to come that I can actually be surprised when I read them. I’m not reading anything else someone says, although, this group here on your blog is usually pretty spoiler savy and never really gives up too much information.

    Beautiful macarons.

  7. Catching up – Jelly looks great!

    Eagerly awaiting the next issue of Dark Matter.

    Yeah…Alexander looks smashing!

    OH MY, Akemi’s creations look absolutely yummy.

    Yes, ditto Debra’s request…to share the recipe.
    Not that I can cook, but I will sure finagle to try to get someone with cooking and baking talents to try these…oh yum!
    Now to wipe the drool up…sigh.
    and back to work.

  8. I’m with Debra…macaroon recipe please?

    They look easier than cheesecakes, so I might be tempted to try them this weekend.

    On other news, we had the funeral service for my friend tonight. It was a bittersweet time of memories, storytelling, and reconnections with mutual friends. It was nice to see how many people’s lives he touched and it made me thankful for the times we had together. We will miss him dearly.

    Tomorrow (Thursday) I fly from Baltimore back to Chicagoland; if only it wasn’t too early in the season for steamed blue crab! Guess I’ll have to settle for crab cakes for lunch before I leave. Good seafood (the none battered kind) can be hard to find in the mid-west and good shellfish is next to impossible (mollusks aside).

  9. I received my copies of Dark Matter #1 and #2 last week. I’ve never read a comic book before so it took some time for me to get into the habit of looking at the pictures and not just reading the words. It was interesting and I’m intrigued to find out what happens but I think I prefer the depth of narrative from a novel. At TV series would be awesome! I imagine a certain Firefly grittiness to it which would make me very happy.

    I tried making macarons a while back when you first started talking about them. They were a disaster! Far too runny, they just spread all over the tray and congealed into one big sticky mess. 🙁

    I have a telephone interview tonight for a job in Vancouver. Then on Monday I head into London for a live interview for the same job. Wish me luck!

  10. Hey Joe,

    I’m still here but my 😣headaches guide when and if I comment. I 💚LOVE💚the show-n-tell of Akemi’s 🙆beautiful macaroons. They looked👀 yummy.

    Your horror movie 🎥sounds like a fun project. You and Ivon make🎬 a great team. The further adventures of Joey & Ivon.📝

    Looking forward to the further editions to ✨Dark Matter✨

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 😄

  11. @ Akemi – You’re amazing! Not just because you tackled macarons, but because you did it for Joey! Now that’s love. 🙂


  12. Hello Joe,

    still reading you every morning. I can help you with your horror film project because I hate (sorry) this genre.
    But I will help you as much asyou need me with Dark Matter !!
    Have a nice day !

  13. Hi Joe,

    Emboldened by your last mailbag, I have one question to ask…and after all these years, I promise it will be my last S/J question ever…had we gotten the 3rd SG-1 movie, would the status of Sam and Jack’s post-Threads relationship have been made clear? Not asking for details, as I know it’s Mr. Cooper’s story to tell, but just wondering if clarification of that particular aspect was intended to be part of the tale.

    Thanks for you patience. And I promise. Last (S/J) one. Ever.


  14. Dear Joe,

    Amazon.com still doesn”t seem to offer your comic, WHY? As a graduate student I have to budget against taxes and shipping on internet purchases always… this seems very shortsighted on your publisher’s behalf…I was told nearly two months ago that your comic was NOT down for reprints, is there a reason for that? the dude in the cover picture looks amazingly like lee marvin to me; anyways. the concept reminds me of Saturn-3…the off the grid bot part anyways.Finishing SGA rewatch and really this let down- the overall quality of the commentaries—SG-1 commentaries were TONS better overall than SGA commentaries and LOADS better than the giggly SGU commentaries.

    You never seem to mention ANYTHING Sanctuary related I notice…
    Did the Sanctuary team have better foresight to go rogue and create a new medium in your opinion?

    I believe your achievements with SG-1 are unmatched! Are you considering the successful(Sanctuarty)webisode approch to Dark Matter or the as yet unnamed horror project? also, as a devout Chiller viewer, I have been tempted to start to accept diminished expectations for horror films, yet I resist.

    I am a total fan. and I may have flawed opinions, but I respect you enough to express them as if you were a coffee table friend, Thanks &

  15. @profmadmax
    Amazon did have issues 1 and 2. BUT…after I bought issue 2 from them as a gift, the next day, that same book increased in price to around $5.00.
    These are from 3rd party vendors and NOT direct from Amazon.

    The site Joe gave us early all – Things from another world has consistent pricing and they do deliver.

    Hope this helps.

  16. Hey Joe, I’ve been looking for Dark Matter to show up in the ComiXology app on my iPad (they have other Dark Horse stuff) but still nothing. It’s not at any of the local comics shops either. I don’t know if you have any control over it, but I thought I’d ask… Do you know if it will ever show up there?

    P.S. I never considered making my own macarons… looks like a good weekend project. Thanks for showing how easy they are!

  17. Thanks, everybody, for the engagement congrats! No date set yet. I’m from Detroit, and he’s from Vancouver, so we don’t even know where it’ll be yet. Although that doesn’t stop my family badgering me to decide these things less than 3 days into my engagement. Sheesh! =o)

    Joe (or any of the Vancouverites on here), have you ever gone to French Made Baking, on Kingsway near the intersection with Main? (I think it’s a new place. Maybe just opened at the tail end of 2011?) People rave about their macarons on yelp. But since I’ve not tasted a “real” (meaning “good”) macaron, I was wondering if you’ve tried theirs and had an opinion on them, before I venture over there. I’m curious to try their other creations as well. I have an extreme weakness for delicious desserts, a là Fratelli’s, on Commercial. (Sadly, though, Fratelli’s does not produce a cannoli up to my expectations. I don’t know why, with the sizable Italian population of this metropolis, I can’t find a decent cannoli here. WTF?!?)

  18. Hey Joe

    I throw my hat into the ring for Akemi’s macaron recipe.


  19. @ tarayelland – Yes you did. And I saw that. And Joe told us to go read the review too. Oh well. Hey, have you seen The Sixth Sense…let me tell you about it… 🙂

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