Akemi: I like Laboratory Retrievers.

Me: Huh?  You mean Labrador Retrievers?

Akemi: Labo-ratory…

Me: Labrador.

Akemi: Labratory…

Me: Labrador.

Akemi: I like Labu-chans!

Last night, Akemi made pork buns the likes of which you’re unlikely to find in most chinatowns…

Oink! Oink!
Get your mind out of the gutter, Das!

Well, things are certainly picking up on the creative front – and this after everything I said about wanting to take things a little easier this year.  Just this morning, as a matter of fact, I was considering the prospect of doing a foodie tour of the U.S., hitting about a half dozen cities (San Francisco, Las Vegas, L.A., New Orleans, Boston, Chicago, New York) over the course of a two and a half week period to sample their culinary bests.  It’s still doable but I now have a few more things on my mind…

I had that conference call today about our comic book series, Dark Matter.  Apparently, it has sparked the interest of a marquee feature director and his team.  We had a great initial conversation about the prospective series, covering everything from tone and theme to the all-important character dynamics.  They struck me as smart, creative and potentially a lot of fun to work with.  A very promising first step.  My homework this weekend is to polish the series overview and send it their way.

Also today, my agent phoned to gauge my interest in show running a series based on a well-established horror property.  I’ve been a huge fan of the creator since way back when and am certainly intrigued by the prospect of bringing this to series.  More cautious optimism.  Looks like I’ll be extra busy this weekend, reviewing.

Still fiddling with the script for the horror movie trailer (Sorry, Ivon).  I want it to be as tight (and unnerving) as possible and am still undecided on a couple of clips.  I hope to have it done by tomorrow after which it’ll be smooooooooooth sailing!

Continuing our sneak peek at the next issue of Dark Matter.  Here are the first three pages of issue #3:

More previews here: http://www.comicbookresources.com/previews

36 thoughts on “March 2, 2012: Of pig (pork) buns, getting busy, and Dark Matters!

  1. Sounds like you have a pleasantly busy weekend ahead!

    Akemi’s pork bun piggies are just too darn cute. But about that second set of pork buns – c’mon, Joe. Even you have to admit they have nipples.

    Your Labrador/laboratory exchange with Akemi reminds me of a joke about lab tests and cat scans. But I’ll spare you for now.

    And thanks for the ongoing Dark Matter preview!

  2. 😆 😆 😆

    I’m not laughing at the boobies piggies and your comment, per se, but at the fact that my mind went straaaaaaight to the gutter when I saw ‘getting busy’ in the entry title, and I was all ready to say something naughty about that, when I decided that maybe it’s best I act like a lady for a change and behave myself. THEN I saw the boobies, and your comment, and figured even if I did try to act like a lady, you’d never believe it. 😛

    I am trying not to get my hopes up about Dark Matter, but it’s not working! I really do wish for things to work out!

    @ Akemi – Don’t listen to Joe. He’s a terrible teacher! Just divide the word into syllables, say each one slowly, then combine them into one word. Lab…Rah…Door. Labrador. See, isn’t that easy?!

    For everyone – A great moment in rugby from last weekend – especially the commentators’ reactions! 😆



  3. Hey Joe realisticly how long could it be before we may see Dark matter see an air date. I as am sure alot others are going through sci-first withdrawl because of the lack of space based science fiction. Thanks for your hard work trying to bring this series to reality for all of us.

  4. Exciting news sir for your busy busy weekend.
    We eagerly await your announcements of any foodie tours in any city.
    Love the food creations.
    Akemi is brilliant!

  5. Get Akemi a Labu-chan! Big, beautiful, loveable dogs. Akemi would love one, you would love one, not sure about your kids, but you could get one the same color as Jelly and Bubba. See, it would fit right in.

    “Also today, my agent phoned to gauge my interest in show running a series based on a well-established horror property.”

    YES!! Do it! Mostly because we will get the behind-the-scenes scoop and pictures. I’m not selfish, am I?

    Continuing our sneak peek at the next issue of Dark Matter. Here are the first three pages of issue #3:

    La, la, la, la, not reading, la, la, la, la, la… Get thee away from me spoiler!

  6. Oh. I see you resently read Sweet Tooth 4. I didn’t know book 4 was available yet. That’s great. I’ll have to pick up a copy. I’ve been waiting.

  7. @Sparrowhawk – I was under the impression that the second picture was of the little piggy tails.

    So, whose mind is in the gutter now? 😀


  8. A foodie tour? Does that mean you just go in and eat and leave? I looked at your list of possible places and honestly, two weeks to visit all those? really? I think you are doing those places a serious injustice by just rushing through. Besides you need to really see the city as well as eat in it to complete the tour. My advise is to concentrate on 2-3 places at most for a 2 week period. You could easily spend a week in any city and not run out of good places. I have been to chicago at least 6 times and I am still going to new places! think about it.

    When you get those feelers from your agent, is one of your questions concerning which city where the series might be produced? I know when fielding potential jobs that is my first question. I am just curious if that is how it goes in the entertainment business as well. also is potential salary an initial discussion or on down the line when the talks get more serious?

    If Dark Matter goes into production in any form, do you plan to ex-produce or just be writer/creator? Do you sell your rights to it, or do you just shop around for potential directors/producers? just curious.

    Congratulations on the potential projects. Isn’t that the way you should do things: say no, really, I am so busy, I don’t want any projects. then here they come! LOL

  9. You have talent, work ethic, charisma, talent, did I mention talent? Not at all surprised things coming your way. Just can’t wait to see what you choose and follow it.

  10. Hahhahahahahhaaha, Das I guess you got owned before getting the chance of a response ;P

    Food looks awesome Akemi!! I wish I would be any good at cooking, but I’m really not.

    I wish best luck to you Joe, that everything runs smoothly and you’ll soon work on your very own series!


  11. Aww, the boobie buns are so cute. The piggies, too!

    That is great news about your projects, especially Dark Matter. I would love to see that on screen.

    Well, planning on screening Superman III this evening. Wish me luck!

  12. Just wanted to let everyone know that we are fine. Tam Dixon, hope you are fine as well.

    Joe, nice food and Dark Matter pictures. Have to agree with Debra. I’m not at all surprised to hear of what’s coming your way. Looking forward to seeing what you choose.

    Have a great weekend!!!!!

  13. Akemi…you are such a sweetheart! 🙂 I love your Akemi-isms. 😉 Those pork buns looks sooo cute! Gee…um…pork…boobies?? LOL! 😀 😉

  14. Hope everyone in the affected states are alright.
    We are getting some blowing but nothing like what you are getting.


  15. Congratulations on Dark Matter! Smooth sailing? I hope so!

    So…, if it’s not a boob then what is it?

    I like “Laboratory Retrievers” too (close enough 😉 ). They are super sweet but the chocolate ones can be a hyper, smart but hyper.

    We got lucky and the storms went all around us again. The death count for Friday’s storm is 28. Sad.

  16. @Das: I thought they were piggy tails, too! But whose mind is in the gutter, ALWAYS? Please… 🙂

  17. We’re gratefully safe here in Indy, just strong winds & a couple tiny hail dings in the car. (My sister-in-law, nephew & her dad’s plane landed before the worst of it.) But southern Indiana got hit really hard by the storms and tornados. One town is all but leveled, an empty school bus was pile-driven into a house, and 13 people lost their lives. 🙁

    Part of the chain of tornados passed near/through the Evansville area, in the SW part of the state. Anne Teldy, did you make it okay?

    Good luck with your homework, Joe.

  18. You’re just rolling in the good news. I know that you wanted a little more time to relax but I’m sure it’s nice to know that you have options. A little security goes a long way.

    The show running gig does bring up some interesting thoughts though. I’ve always found that the 5 act system with commercial breaks can carry a drama with heavy horror elements, but not a true horror show. The act of fast forwarding the DVR gives the tension too much time to dissipate even when the show is well-written. It seems like in a drama the scary is built around the characters so rebounding that tension can happen pretty quickly, but if the nature of the show is situational then it takes longer to ramp up to previous levels and by then it’s time for another commercial. Harper’s Island would be a prime example. It was well-written and well-acted but honestly the experience would have been more satisfying if I’d waited for the DVDs instead of watching as it aired.

    Obviously this is just my opinion and I’m sure people will disagree, but that’s my 2 cents.

  19. My mind’s not in the gutter. The view from the respectable sidewalk says those r bewbs.

  20. Aaaaah, piggie buns! Akemi, you rock!

    Anyway, my mind wasn’t in the gutter because boobies are somewhat higher up than that.

    I should dig out and scan in some of my pictures from the Nagoya Fertility Festival. If y’all thought booby buns were gutter-worthy, you should see the penis lollipops! And I have an sculptural adult sake set I must keep hidden away from random company.

  21. Just pre-ordered volume 4 of Dark Matter on TFAW! Can’t wait for volume 3.

    I finished watching House of Five Leaves anime and loved it. Beautiful animation, amazing characters. If you ever need someone to dub the voice of Two Katana-san from Dark Matter for the Japanese audience, the seiyuu (voice actor) for Yaichi (Takahiro Sakurai) is the man! He also did Griffith in the new Berserk.

    @das: yes, I’m pretty sure they are supposed to be pig tails. That was my first thought. After all, Akemi wouldn’t have intentionally made boobie buns, would she? However…

  22. But whose mind is in the gutter, ALWAYS?

    @ Deni – …uh…I dunno. Carl’s?



  23. @Akemi: What is your recipe for the pork buns? It looks very similar to something I used to make many years ago, but no longer have the recipe. Thank you!

    BTW, we have the new mini schnauzer and named him Kasper. He is absolutely terrorizing our 2 100-lb German shepherds and often corners them into shaking chickens. He’s not even 6 lbs himself…it’s so embarrassing…..

  24. @shaneac1

    You’re asking him way too soon there. You can’t just produce a tv show out of thin air. They have months of planning, script writing and casting to do before they can either consider filming.

    Assuming Joes Dark Matter series comes into fruitition very soon, I can’t imagine anything being filmed until at least the end of the year. Then if a network picks it up, probably Summer of 2013 in my opinion anyway.

    That is, if they are doing a FULL season, as in the traditional 13-20 episodes.

  25. 👋Hi Akemi,

    I 💜LOVE💜 your 🐷pork buns! You💁💩 are so ✨creative✨👨 and 🌻CUTE🌻

    I’ll take 📷pictures of a fun way to make 🈵pancakes. If you 💟like pancakes…you will have to try it out. I’ll take a 📷picture tomorrow…which is 💒Sunday and post it 🌄with directions📲.

    You are so adorable with 👫Joe. He seems so happy with you 💑around. You two are very blessed to have found each💏other.


  26. If you do do a foodie tour of great US cities, in Vegas you definitely need to hit Fluer at the Mandalay Bay on the Vegas Strip. Owned and run by spectacular Chef Hubert Keller, the pureed fingerling potatoes with truffle jus is fantastic, I can personally say, and my neice totally vouches for the steamed mussels she had when we were in Vegas for the summer STAR TREK convention. Also, the Hilton’s Bennihana was pretty fun for the both of us too. But Chef Keller’s Fluer has become a new tradition for us as well as the Paradise Cafe likewise at the Hilton.

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