Wow.  Two years after the stem cell transplant, my pug Jelly is an all new pug.  This was the same dog that, at one point, could barely stand…

Heard back from my writing partner, Paul, this morning.  He just read the first draft of the horror script and is very enthusiastic about it.  He made a few excellent points, came up with some excellent suggestions, and informed me he wanted to re-read the script a couple of times and give it further thought.  Tomorrow, I meet former Stargate Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok to talk about the script and start envisioning the trailer he’s going to shoot for it.  The script is also in the hands of my Toronto nemesis, Tara Yelland.  I sent her a copy a couple of days ago and she turned around some notes in record time, but complained about the fact that the script was unfinished.  Turned out I had sent her an early version that was about 50 pages light!  I mean, seriously.  How can she start studying her lines without a proper script?  Anyway, I sent the proper draft her way and am looking forward to reading her accolades/criticisms/innumerable character requests.

Well, this is interesting.  Just heard from my agent in L.A. who called with some intriguing developments on the Dark Matter front.  Looks like we’ve got a big conference call later this week to discuss.  Will, of course, keep you all posted.

I needn’t remind you all the the next selection in our continuing Supermovie of the Week Club will be Superman III which we’ll be discussing Monday, February 5th when guest reviewer Cookie Monster weighs in with his review.


poundpuppy(Erika) writes: “Hi Joe I know it has been awhile but I have a question for you, you said you saw Jack & Sam together in your AU what about Daniel & Vala are they together in your AU or your mind?”

Answer: Hey, Erika.  Just this morning I was thinking about some of the former regulars I hadn’t seen in a while, including you.  How goes?  To answer your question – in my mind, Jack and Sam got together not long after the events of Threads and Daniel and Vala not long after the SG-1 series finale.  But, of course, given that we never saw any of this play out onscreen, my opinion is just that – an opinion, no more or less valid than that of any other viewer.

gforce writes: “One of things that’s great about Joe’s blog, in this case the Supermovie club, is that I find it encourages me to try things like these movies that I never would have normally.”

Answer: Given the quality of the movies we’ve screened s far, that’s not necessarily a good thing.

howdy doo writes: “Are you retired from tv writing buddy?”

Answer: Nope, not retiring – just doing what I should have done last year, something I had always told myself I would do once Stargate ended: taking the year off to focus on my own projects (features, pilot scripts, pitches for an original series or two) and do a little traveling. In addition to going back to Japan, I ‘m also considering trips to Hong Kong, Vegas, San Francsico, Paris, and Berlin (to visit my friends Alexander and Sarah).  One of the many great things about those eleven years on Stargate is the freedom it’s given me to be able to take the time off, make my own schedule, and, for the first time in twelve years, not worry about deadlines or what’s coming up next.

Aussuu writes: “Quick question about the inspiration for the writing of Stargate, particularly the story line of the ancients. I was invited to go see a pre-screening of John Cater this last weekend and couldn’t help but see the correlation between the ability to travel between worlds and a superior race that over saw everything. Having not read the books by Edger R Burroughs I can’t say for certain, So my question is was there any inspiration taken from Burroughs writing in the creation and continued writings of Stargate?”

Answer: This one’s a question for Robert Cooper since he was the one who created and developed the whole Ancient backstory.  I doubt, however, that he was influenced by Burroughs though.

Lisa R writes: “And Joe, you don’t know what The Hunger Games is?”

Answer: Sure.  Isn’t it Battle Royale with Western actors? 😉

Matt writes: “I started reading Dark Matter and i picked up the first two issue and i was wondering during the creation of the characters for Dark Matter, did you and Paul ever wonder if your work on stargate was going to affect how you developed the characters? such as one character would end up as a Jack O’Neill type character. one character end up as the Carter type? the daniel type? teal’c type?”

Answer: As much as I loved the characters that made up team SG-1, there was never any danger of their personalities bleeding into the characters I’d created for Dark Matter.  I think that both groups of characters are distinct enough, something that will hopefully become obvious as the personalities of the DM crew develop.

Lewis writes: “If the X-Men’s Nightcrawler were to walk through an open Stargate would he be able to “transport” his molecules outside of the wormhole while still in the wormhole before reaching the Stargate at the other end? And if he were able to do so, where would he end up? (a random point outer space between the 2 Stargates? the nearest planet? back at the 1st gate/point of origin?)”

Answer: Hmmm.  Interesting question – although I’m not sure I understand the question.  Given what I know about Nightcrawler’s teleporting ability, he would be a simple physical form (no different from, say, a Cyclops or aWolverine) in order to walk into the event horizon – at which point we would be demolecularized, transported to the receiving gate, and remolecularized on the other end, back to his physical form.  He wouldn’t be able to teleport while in his demolecularized state, much less think.  On the other hand, I’m not sure what would happen if he was to teleport inside the event horizon – and doubt that would even be possible.  Again, I’m not sure how his teleportation abilities work, but I would think he would need some knowledge (or mental picture) of wherever he intended to teleport.  If, for the sake of argument, he was able to teleport himself beyond the event horizon (unlikely, but let’s say), I would imagine he would be instantly demolecularized within the mouth of the wormhole, transported, then remolecularized on the other side like anyone else.  The key here is that in order to be transported, he would need to physically reappear when he teleports himself beyond the event horizon.  In Kurt’s case, he teleports traveling not by dispersing his molecular structure and crossing to a certain target area but disappearing and reappearing from one location to the next instantaneously.   Or at least that’s the way I believe it works.

Sparced writes: “Personally I think Blu-rays killed the entire home video market.”

Answer: That’s what did it for me.  I used to purchase 4-5 dvd’s a week – then, when Blu-ray came out and made my dvd collection obsolete, I just said “Screw it!” and looked to the web for all my entertainment needs.

roger reynolds, Dallas Texas writes: “Joe, I wanted to write and say thank you (!) for what you created in Stargate Universe – i just watched again, the first three episodes – “Air” and am blown away by the musical scoring, the performances of the ensemble of talented actors and the expression of the storyline. The work stands repeated viewing and still impresses.”

Answer: Thanks, Roger.  A lot of very talented people worked very hard to produce Stargate: Universe and I’m very proud to have been a part of it.  Hopefully, I’ll have the opportunity to work with most of them again in the near future.

41 thoughts on “February 28, 2012: Jelly on a roll! Projects and such! Mailbag!

  1. Has it really been two years since Jelly’s stem cell treatment? Two? Wow, how time flies… She’s so cute, love her little walk!

  2. And now, in the effort to get caught up on my life the past week for the week I was gone, I now seemed to have missed a full week of blogs. This is how I got behind in 2005 on my taxes and I never caught up.

    So glad Jelly is doing better. You are an excellent dad.

    Was watching SG-1 last night on Syfy about 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. and it was Bounty, one of my favorites. It felt like it was sooo long ago that it ever came out, but when I saw 2007, I said to myself, wow, really, just 5 years? And then I remembered SGA and SG-1 were going on simultaneously for a few years there.

  3. Hi Joe

    Long-time no write, in Comments to the Blog. Congratulations with Dark Matter rolling off the presses, and so many other projects in prep. Ever since the news, then, of SGU’s cancellation and having learned more about your projects and plans, albeit in brief, I’ve being looking forward to when a head of steam would be thundering your loco down the road.

    I enjoyed learning about how series were planned, for TV and the possibilities for adapting the basics to other media. This chucked a few coals on my own fire when looking at development of fiction series in the e-book era, which along with normal paid work has been grabbing my time (& house move, etc) – and that said I’m always amazed at how prolific, and entertaining, you are. So, e-books, where there is potential for series with ‘seasons’ of varying numbers of ‘episodes’ of different lengths (though standard to each), and long-arc stories can be undertaken, or stand-alone episodic. And, a series mythos can be re-entered, and re-explored, in different takes and tones.

    Has there ever been such a good, and fun, time to be a writer. Aren’t you having a blast?

    With all best wishes to you and the gang,


  4. “Two years after the stem cell transplant, my pug Jelly is an all new pug. This was the same dog that, at one point, could barely stand…”

    Yep and just think…. if those creeps who are against stem cell research hadn’t of helped to delay such research for humans, sick and injured humans might also be benefiting from receiving stem cell transplants by now.

  5. Conference calls? Excellent. Is there any sort of a timeline we may be looking at? Weeks, or months? Or is it impossible to say? So many questions come to mind.
    If we are doing movies weekly, would it be possible to decide on the films for 4 weeks in advance? Given the troubles with Condorman, some extra time would make it more likely to get our hands on the selected film in time to review it. I do hope that the quality of the movies picks up. I’m not exactly a wuss, but I do have a defiite pain threshold, and after the next review I suspect I’ll be getting pretty close.
    Hope you’re enjoying your year; it sounds like you are anyways. But it will be fun to see you back in the working grind, especially if it’s on a project of your making. And one that will last a few years. Quality sci fi is desperately needed nowadays.

  6. @ Aussuu – So, how was John Carter? It’s one of the few movies I want to see, and hoping it’s decent. Doesn’t have to be great, just decent.

    Also, about the Burroughs question. Funny you should bring that up. I was just thinking about something similar. Michael Moorcock includes Burroughs as one of the writers who sparked his imagination, and so after reading about John Carter I got to thinking about Moorcock’s multiverse travelling characters. I believe he has addressed Burroughs influence on his writing on his forum, I just have to dig it up.


  7. Sounds like things are picking up for you, Joe. Glad to hear it. Are there any movies that are out that you’re thinking of seeing? For the first time in years, we’re considering going to the movie theater to see Act of Valor and The Hunger Games. That’s really big for us, considering we have just waited for the movie to go to video for like four or five years.

    Have a great night!!!!

  8. Hi Joe,

    I’ve been a lurker on your blog for about a month, but I do want to come out into the open and declare myself a major fan of your writing. I just finished a marathon of watching the entire Stargate library, from start to finish, on Netflix. I started in August of 2011, and watched 2-3 episodes every night until SGU “ended”. What a ride! For a while every dream I had at night was Stargate related! I am very selective in what I watch, but your universe really drew me in to the point where I had no choice but to see it through to the end. And now I’ve become addicted to your blog, as well!

    In honor of all the enjoyment you’ve provided me over the last 7 months (has it really only been that long? Wow, seems like years!) I have decide to name the new piece of equipment being installed in my research lab after something Stargate-related. It’s got lots of nice big stainless-steel parts and racks of power supplies, so it looks very high tech. You are welcome to make suggestions.

    Thanks again, and keep up the wonderful writing!


  9. Hi Joseph,
    I wanted to start a new “mailbag” with another … Stargate question!
    Yeah, one more… Sorry for that.

    There has been quite a buzz about the two shelved Stargate scripts, “Extinction” and “Revolution”. This reminds me of something I have read back in 2004 or 2005: apparently, ideas of a Stargate movie were already in the air at this time. And the movie was said to be set during the season 2 of SG-1, starring Richard Dean Anderson and all the classic main cast.
    Well, that’s another intriguing project… I remember this “information” has not been very echoed, to such an extent that I can’t even find a source back, 8 years later, on Gateworld nor anywhere on the web…

    So (if you will), the questions today are:
    – can you confirm there was indeed such a project, or was it only a fake internet rumor?
    – were you closely or only remotely involved in its development?
    – what level of development has the idea reached before being shelved?
    – and of course: how many informations, plot elements and teasing details can you deliver? (without being silenced by NID agents…)

    For hardcore fans like me who remember this rumor, it is such a stimulating mystery, a hidden treasure… I for one think abandoned projects are always fascinating in great SciFi franchises, such as Star Trek (Phase 2 and the rest), Star Wars and Stargate. It opens a gate of fantasies and thrilling “what if” questions… Such as that recently dugged out interview of Alexis Cruz revealing that he could have been a regular on SG-1. Well, I guess we’ll have to find another Quantum Mirror to see what those ideas would actually look like on screen!
    And this, over all, is the true power of the Stargate universe, one of the very few SciFi franchises which brilliantly continues to make us dream, even after its shutdown, through all the roads that have been taken, and even through the ones not taken…

    Thank you so much for your kindness and all the time you spend answering your mailbag! I thank you for having contributed with talent to Stargate and look forward to watch and read your recent, new and upcoming work!

    mg1138 — from France (sorry by the way for the eventual English faults)

  10. Joe! You’re on a creative roll! I can’t wait to see what comes of all of this.

    I’m glad to see Jelly so perky.

    re: Hunger Games; from reading the synopsis on Amazon, Battle Royale was what came to my mind, too.

  11. Just wondering… does Jelly by any chance like to eat jelly? Is she really anything like her edible namesake?

    Another random curious question: have you ever fallen asleep whilst typing at the computer, resulting in something somewhat reminiscent of scattered thoughts and possibly whatever you were saying in a dream? It could be that I just have a talent for continuing typing whilst having fallen asleep at my computer.

  12. Wow, Jelly is really doing well! What a trooper! You’re right, it’s hard to imagine the state that she was in before the treatments.

    That DOES sound like interesting news on the Dark Matter pitch – I can’t wait to hear more and best of luck on that.

    “Given the quality of the movies we’ve screened so far, that’s not necessarily a good thing.”

    Ha! Actually, I was kind of meaning the foreign films, not the cynical money-grabs that have been some of these disasters. I have a funny feeling that Superman III is even going to raise the bar significantly on that though, so watching it should be quite the endeavour. I remember seeing it (I don’t remember what it was about, trauma like that tends to get blocked out) and thinking at the time how awful it was, and that’s by the standards of the time. This was when I thought Superman II wasn’t that bad. Hey, I was (fairly) young!

  13. Go, Jelly, go!

    Burroughs… hasn’t everyone read all the Mars books? Really, no? I mean, it has been decades for me, but I used to steal my brother’s paperback books, all scifi and fantasy. Starting about age ten or so. My sixth grade teacher called me a liar for telling her I’d already read the Hobbit. I skipped telling her I’d slogged through the Ring Trilogy too. Sheesh, adults. But really, Burroughs is where so much science fiction began.

  14. Hey, Joe!

    Another hypothetical STARGATE/X-MEN mailbag question:

    Kitty Pryde had the ability to “walk through” things… do u think she could “walk through” the event horizon and appear at the back side of that same Stargate? Or would she automatically get “sucked” into the event horizon and travel to the 2nd Stargate?

    I apologize for the crazy X-Men questions… been sick the past couple days which meant re-watching SG dvds & re-reading old comics; combine that with cold medicine and its made for some funky sci-fi dreams.

    Consequently, if you were to ever write a Stargate/X-Men crossover comic, which mutants would you like to see find their way into the world of SG?

    PS- love the pics of Jelly.. it is so good to see her looking so much more mobile/happier!

  15. While you’re planning your travel’s – might I suggest Tacoma Washington, last weekend in September.
    We have the Chihuly Museum of Glass, the LeMay car museum, Point Defiance Zoo, and STINK! deli.
    I would buy you dinner at Marrow (hey, we really do have foodie places) before or after my one day zombie convention celebrating my comic’s 1 year mark that you would be under no obligation to attend, headline, or recommend to others…………… (I can try ’cause lord knows we have no budget.)

  16. Atta girl Jelly! Great to see her acting like a puppy again.

    Good luck with the conference call. And I can’t wait to see the trailer. Should be fun to make. I was wondering how much you’ve missed the production side. If it all works out, maybe you’ll back at the Bridge? I hope so.

  17. A doggie pic at last!

    Re: “Blu-rays killed the entire home video market.”
    I don’t think so. DVDs are still being produced and sold. The audio/video quality on BDs is much superior to that of DVDs. Granted, I suffered the same fate, I have tons of old movies on DVD and I was a bit annoyed when I saw they were being released on bluray, But that didn’t deter me. BD & DVD are still miles ahead, quality-wise, when compared to what’s being offered on the web.

    I really hope you get Dark Matter to be made into a series. It looks really interesting.

  18. I don’t understand. Sometimes your embedded vids work just fine, sometimes they don’t work at all. I view your blog on my iPhone all the time and I’m running 5.0.1 so I can’t understand the dichotomy of how it works every other time, it seems.

    Ok, buckle up. I believe I have a Stargate question nobody has EVER asked in the last 15 years. You ready….?

    If the Stargate program was based in Australia, when you started the dialing program, would it start spinning in the opposite direction? 😉

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. Also, one of my recent Stargate purchases was Eli’s linen outfit from Epilogue. Eli was one of my favorite characters and this was one of my favorite episodes and for whatever reason, it went super cheap(compared to my SG1 an Atlantis uniforms). I was so happy that I now have something from each of the series’. I feel it’s a testament to the great writing of some awesome characters, the great acting of some fine actors, and beautiful work of truly one of the best prop/wardrobe departments in all of television. I’ve seen a lot of TV props over the years and I got to see A LOT of the Stargate franchise’s stuff in person. Some of them look better in person than on TV. I know that’s weird to say, but it’s true, especially with the Replicator “Nuetralizers”! Those things were way cool. Oh and Daniel’s Ori wrist weapon thingy from when he ringed aboard the Ori ship to get Vala. That thing was gorgeous!! The amount detail on that thing was unreal and unfortunately, went largely unnoticed on screen. I’m so glad I got to see it, though.

    Ok. I’m done. “Bad Guys” is on.

    -Mike A.

  19. Haha! I forgot about the “seaweed” comment! Classic! That might be the longest callback in the franchise!

    Well done Martin Gero!

  20. @Jovanna – I’ve definitely fallen asleep while typing. For me, it’s been while taking notes in a class. I remember one class in particular — Geomorphology — when I had pulled an all-nighter studying for a midterm (in a different class) the night before, and for some reason thought it would be a good idea to attend the geomorph lecture in my near-hallucinating state. My eyes were open the whole time, but my typing fingers revealed the truth: that my brain was far, far away. The notes don’t even make any sense at all. Sentences lack beginnings or endings, and what’s there are just words that no sane person could glean any meaning from.

  21. Sorry I missed Condorman. I had a bitch of a time trying to get it downloaded, and then I gave up completely as I had more important things on my mind:

    I got engaged!!!!

    So considering that, and considering that Condorman wasn’t even a superhero movie, I don’t feel too guilty condemning Cookie Monster to suffer his fate largely alone. I’ll be back in full force for Supe III, which I expect will provide much fodder for my snark.

    P.S. – I don’t know about Daredevil (didn’t see it), but Elektra was pretty dreadful. But didn’t it have that guy who played SG-1’s Major Davis in it? Am I remembering that right? I seem to recall that being the sole redeeming value in that movie to which I desperately clung — until he got killed off, that is. Then I was left with nothing.

  22. for the love of Beckett: Very interesting comments by your brother the other day. I’ve never thought that far ahead but there must be a TV revolution coming. The PTB will have to make streaming easier for the novice user. I’m lucky to married to a tech guy, so he works the details out.

    Mr. M.: I can understand not buying Blu-rays. Streaming is easier, if you have a good internet connection. I still collect my favorite movies on DVD or Blu-ray but I’ve become much pickier on the movies I purchase. I don’t trust “the cloud” to store all my digital data. I’ve seen what ebook stores do when they have a dispute with the publisher.

    Jelly sure is a cutie pie!

    How does Cookie Monster escape being chewed to pieces? I saw what the pups did to their Christmas toys 😉 .

  23. Way to go Jelly girl!! 😀 {{big hugs}} She really is doing well. Way to go doggy dad.
    So what have you done today with your extra day in the year?(leap yr)
    Congrats on the writing front stuff, and fingers crossed for more good news. Take lots of pictures on your travels. Have you ever been to Berlin or those other places? Sounds like fun. I love to travel. Ok you shorted Tara 50 pages,hmm, how big is this script,wow! Have a great day!!

  24. Hey Joe! Long time no see!! It is Jenny Stiven from Fox — I used to do all the digital marketing for Stargate and MGM.

    So, I got some stupid flu bug and was trying to find something to read when I remembered your book lists and strolled over to see what was up on your blog. It had been awhile since I checked in! Well, two days and 18 months of blog entries later and I am caught up! 😉

    It was like reading a whole novel!

    1. Seriously. Where do you find all the Snow Monkey art? Congrats on the win!

    2. Following Maximus & Jelly (and the rest of the gang) was so emotional. I cried on the last posting for Maximus and send you all the best. Losing a best friend is one of the hardest experiences to go through and having to make the decision when they pass on is the worst. Having been there I send you peace and wishes for just good memories of the big (little) guy,

    3. Your food adventures are fantastic!! And salivating…and Akemi deserves an award for her Bento boxes. Why isn’t Akemi opening her own store? It did inspire me though I have to admit!

    4. The end of SGU, beginning/end of Transporter, amazing Dark Matter development/launch, and all of your work career & writing adventures were equal parts a soap opera, an inspiring get-off-your-butt-and-do-what-you-love story, and sit-com.

    5. The walk down memory lane with Stargate was a blast. I relived so many great moments both as a fan and as a digital manager.

    6. The whole reason I looked you up was for the reading list and BOY did you not disappoint!! Between your own comic book launch, the comics review and the book lists, I am set for a decade. The comics review was

    7. Superhero movie weeks? sweeeeeet.

    I just bought the first 2 issues of Dark Matter and LOVED it. I already see motion comics and so much online potential! 😉 What perfect marriage of the art/inks to your story. Cannot wait for the next chapters, developments, all of it!

    Since leaving the Stargate digital campaign in 2010 I have been incredibly lucky to be producing campaigns and content for Alien Anthology, Predators, Star Wars Blu-Ray (that was a year long campaign — you would have loved some of the stuff we did online!), and then most recently, went back to my first love (TV) and took over the digital campaigns for the majority of the TV on DVD titles for Fox/FX, etc.

    I am so glad I came back and got caught up with what you have been doing — it was a fantastic trip down memory lane as well as so exciting to see the new projects on your horizon.

    If you do come down to Comic-Con please let’s try to see each other for some chocolate (and coffee for me).

    All the best,
    Jenny Stiven

    P.S. I lost your email address from before so hope this gets to you! Please feel free to email me at above address.

  25. It’s my birthday today. I think that entitles me to make a wish. So without further ado. I wish for the (hopefuly near) return of Stargate. I mean c’mon, MGM recently got a lot of cash to continue whatever it is they do, Seems crazy to let something as good as Stargate go to waste.

    Also… Winning big in the lottery… But only if my wish for Stargate’s return isn’t realistic enough.

    1. @Tam Dixon: We’re anticipating a bad night tonight down here in AL. I guess tornado season has officially begun. 🙁

  26. Lisa R: Good luck! I hope it passes by you. Check in with us tomorrow, please. I’m a mom, I worry 😉 .

    sg1efc: One good thing that came out of banning embryonic stem cell research is that it made adult stem cell research go further. Without adult stem cell research, Jelly’s surgery wouldn’t have happened. They took Jelly’s own cells, prepped them and injected them back into her. Mindboggling! I’m fascinated by what other applications for stem cell treatment lie ahead! Gives me Goosebumps to think about paraplegics walking again or a person might grow a new organ.

    Kathode: Congrats!

    Mr. M.: Also, a big Congrats to you on the script!
    When does the next Dark Matter come out? I promise to get off the computer and get to work. I’m sure you have more important things to do than read my posts.

  27. Oh, that makes sense about the Blu Rays. When I’d hear people blame them for the DVD’s demise, I thought they meant people bought Blu Rays instead. It’s more like the change provided the kick in the pants they needed to try out the inevitable.

  28. Oh, I finished watching Superman III. Um, uh, you’ll see. Right off the bat, you’ll see what you’re in for.

  29. @Kathode: Congratulations! When is the big day?

    @Joe: Wake me when you get past Superman and I’ll try to join the superhero movie viewing. Right now I’m immersed in House of Five Leaves. New anime. Very thoughtful and character driven. All subbed, not dubbed. You might like it. And it might be available at crunchyroll if you need a break from the silliness of Gintama. Just a short break, mind you, since you can never have enough Gintama.

  30. Personally I think you’re better off behind a desk doing the writing/production tv side of things, not the comic book nonsense. Waste of your talents buddy!. Surprise us with something Joe.

  31. I never thought of your thinking that Jack and Sam getting together after “Threads” was an AU, is it? Or is it actually a concensus between the SG-1’s writing staff that ‘Yep, Sam and Jack are together now, but we just won’t make that fact so obvious on screen it’s like a pie shoved in someone’s face’?

    And on a side note: (for a mailbag in the future mini or otherwise) Have you guys (i.e. you and Paul and basically MGM) considered taking the Atlantis movie script to the guys at Big Finish who do the Stargate audio dramas and converting it into an sort of radio drama that they’ll put out? That sounds like it’d be a great and fun option for all us fans, I love the audio dramas especially Daniel and Vala’s. And I’d put out the money to buy it, this year Big Finish has expanded the SG-1’s as a three-part story spread between Daniel, Vala, and Ba’al with an assortment of minor characters. Just something to think about/consider.

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