Another interview for my upcoming comic book series, Dark Matter, that hits the shelves January 11th – this one with Eric Whitman at The Daily BLAM!

Wow!  This Supermovie of the Week Club has really sparked a lot of interest.  More, dare I say, than my Book of the Month Club ever garnered.  It would appear as though many of you would rather watch a movie than read a book.  Who’d have thunk?  Well, here’s the deal. We’re going to do both!

For those of you who missed yesterday’s blog entry (No, I don’t want to hear your excuses), I’ll be kicking off a “Supermovie” of the Week Club starting next Monday.  The goal is to watch every superhero-themed movie out there, starting from the 1951 Superman and the Mole Men to, well, whatever the latest movie to hit the big screen will be by the time we’re done (Brother Voodoo?  Aqualad?), then gather and discuss with this blog’s resident film critic, Cookie Monster.  Festivities will commence this Monday (January 9th) with – what did I say? – the 1951 Superman and the Mole Men, available on Netflix…and I hear elsewhere on the net.

The following Tuesday (January 16th), we’ll gather to chat about the second film in our intellectual little discussion group: the 1966 Batman movie which certainly beats any live action Batman movie produced prior to 2005.  We’ll push our little movie group by one day because that Monday, in keeping with the Bat-theme, we have a BIG Book of the Month Club discussion on Batgirl: Batgirl Rising.  It’s a trade paperback, a quick though no-less involving read, and should be available at your local comic bookstore.  I’d like you all to take the time to read it and come up with some questions for writer Bryan Q. Miller who is a good friend – once removed (he’s married to my good friend Erika Kennair) – and a former writer/executive story editor on the television series Smallville.

Homeward-bound today.  Hopefully yet another change in environment will give Maximus a much-needed boost.

22 thoughts on “January 2, 2012: Another Dark Matter interview! Superfilm of the Week Club Reminder! Book of the Month Club Reminder! Travel Day!

  1. I don’t know if I could stomach 1951 Superman, but we’ll see…:) My daughter goes back to London tomorrow, so maybe I’ll be bored enough to give it a try. Have a safe trip, and lots of love to Max!

  2. Y’know, Adam West, the 60’s bat-actor, is somewhat active on Facebook & Twitter. You might invite him for a guest blog.

  3. Have a safe journey back home. The weather might be a tad warmer. NOt sure about reading or movie watching,,, I think I am out of phase at the moment, can’t really get into much of anything. I did get the tree and decorations down, and it is almost time to go out and cover the plants, they say cold weather(freeze) is on its way, so save what we might. I need a big big burst of energy that will last., longer than a day. Take care of yourselves and the furry babies.

  4. Have a good trip back, Joe. Hopefully it will go well on poor Maximus.

    Are you referring to Netflix US? I can’t find the Superman on Netflix Canada at all (not that that’s a surprise). In fact, searching doesn’t turn up ANY of the Superman movies (not that that’s a surprise either.)

    Sigh, Back to work tomorrow. Yay.

  5. No “Hercules Versus the Moon Men?” I’ve got hot and cold running Netflix so I’ll be checking out those movies.

    Yeah I have a question for Bryan Quimby Miller: what happened to Doomsday? The poor guy was a conflicted villain and brooding dreamboat before suddenly becoming a mass murdering, Jimmy-stabbing stalker; ma perché? Was there any discussion or regret about not having a better arc for Doomsday?

    I’m reading Last Days of Dogtown, kinda dreary, perfect for a cold day. I hope Maximus will perk up when he sees his siblings again. If the pain shots help then I hope he’ll be able to keep eating and improve, sweet little guy.

  6. ALL those movies, Joe? I’m not sure how many hours are in your day, but mine only has 24. Between dining out, exercising, writing (supposedly), keeping up this blog, taking pictures of doggies (and food and friends), reading, watching anime, and now catching up on dozens upon dozens of superhero movies, when do you ever find time to go to the bathroom?


  7. Have a good trip back!!

    Listen, I have a request of you or any other Canadians on the blog. My older son is starting a unit on Canada in his geography course tomorrow, and we’re going to do a little research. If you could answer a few questions, we would very much appreciate it.

    1) province you live in
    2) most popular sport in said province
    3) favorite food in said province
    4) average temp in said province (winter/summer)
    5) official language (and any other languages used)
    6) any other info. you would consider relevant about your province

    Thanks so much and have a great night!!!!

  8. Have a safe trip home. I think I’ll take a pass on Superman and start up with the Batman movie. We’ve been watching some of the old Batman TV series. Lots of fun!

    @das: Nice superhero movie comments last night.

  9. Another nice review, Joe! But they misspelled slight (“but the differences, though sleight, can be frustrating…”) unless the differences were a cunning, dextrous card trick!

    Sorry. Couldn’t help myself I’ll take of my editor hat now.

  10. Um, I should be on a plane for Hawaii the day Batman is discussed. Dagnabbit!!!!!!!

  11. Isn’t January 16 a Monday? So do we do Monday the 16th or Tuesday the 17th, but I can see how you can be confused because you posted the blog as January 3, but it is, in fact, January 2, unless you’ve gone to Australia in the agonizing minutes of the 30 hours you had left of your trip yesterday.

    Yeah, I don’t know about watching any movie from the 1950’s. My cut off is usually the 1970’s after having watched Lost In Space from the late 1960’s to early 1970’s again recently.

    Just finishing up a Babylon 5 marathon? Any fans out there? Regardless of my knowing how everything turns out and watching it multiple times, the last 2 episodes of the TV series (not the subsequent movies made) always make me cry. Not just tearing up, but have-a-bawl cry.

    Anybody watch Lou Diamond Phillips in Rachael Vs Guy last night on the Food Network. Cute show. I hope he wins.

    Have a safe flight home. In your confused state, I would hope you wouldn’t land at the North Pole. I would worry about Maximus.

    1. @PBMom: We loved Babylon 5 here. In fact, our younger son is named after the two main characters. I also tear up at the final episodes. I actually won a video of the final episode which was really cool.

  12. I have garnered a lot of respect for you and your rallying behind Maximus for a while. There’s a strength of character and obvious loyalty for the things you care about that lures me back more than any amusement you provide. I now find myself in a similar situation and my understanding of what you have been going through has multiplied exponentially. Though I don’t have the financial resources to support a fight as strong as yours but I would like to query your greater experience in the matter.

    If this is something you can’t talk about feel free to ignore it or even delete the comment. Frankly it’s difficult for me to say aloud even though it has been running through me head constantly for the last three weeks as things turned further south. At what point do you call it? Where is the line past which you are hurting more than helping? I’m grasping at straws hoping this will turn around because I can’t stand the thought of losing the 15 lbs of hell and dog breath that have been the center of my world for seven years yet I can’t help but feel I am rewarding his unilateral and undying affection with suffering because I am too selfish to let go. I know I can’t expect someone else to make this decision for me and that your line may be different from my own but I’m a scientist by nature and profession and I’d like to use all of the resources available to me. Again if you find this too difficult to address I understand but I had to try.

  13. Superhero movies. Fun idea. I know I own some of them, and there are others that I’ve seen enough to probably give an opinion on. But it looks like you left out the 1996 Generation X made-for-TV movie. I’m almost positive I still have a VHS recording of that somewhere…

  14. There are many ways that movies can be superior to books.

    Someone thought it was a good enough story to bother making a movie.

    Instead of just being a collaboration between the author and me to populate and color a world with just words and imagination, hundreds of people put in real expertise to do that.

    Each actor put in the time and expertise to bring one character to life – they’ve already done the work of putting themselves inside the characters and imagining their reactions and they put a lot more into that than we can in the few seconds our eyes cross the words of a novel. I have a great imagination, but I just wouldn’t have imagined characters as endearing as many actors have the ability to make them.

  15. Happy New Year to you all! Hey, I might even be able to get some of my friends/family to do a superhero movie night once a week. There are many on the list I admit I have never watched — and some I have watched but won’t admit to 🙂

  16. Never fear Maggiemayday, I’ll take your trip to Hawaii and you can discuss Batman 😉 .

    PBmom: Yes, I saw Rachael Vs Guy. L. D. P.’s ribs looked awesome!!! It’s becoming increasing difficult to stick to a vegetarian diet 🙁 .

    Have a smooth trip!!!!!

  17. For anyone facing this hard decision, but especially for my brother and antisocialbutterflie:

    Making that final decision is always gut-wrenching. I have gone through it with several pets. Each time, I learn a little more of what is right for ME, and for my furry friend. Most people will tell you that you will “just know” when the time is right. After having to make this difficult decision for a few of my fur children, here is what I ask myself:

    Is my friend in pain?
    Is there irreversible damage?
    What is their quality of life?
    Can they eat/drink on their own?
    Do they have control of their bodily functions?
    Have I done all I can… are there other options to make my friend better?
    Is my friend still responsive to me/do they recognize me?

    For my pets who have passed, I believe I have known it was the time for sure by the look in their eyes. It is almost as if their light was dimming; as if their souls were leaving.

    What I also know to be true for ME, is that I will always be there with my friend until the end. I will hold them in my arms until they take their last breath, and I will do it at home. I know it is hard to be there when it happens, but having had it done several ways (at the vet without me, at the vet with me), I know I want my friend to go in as much comfort as I can provide… a familiar environment with familiar smells and surrounded by family.

    Sometimes, we have to love them enough to let them go.

    The Last Battle

    If it should be that I grow frail and weak,
    And pain should keep me from my sleep,
    Then will you do what must be done,
    For this, the last battle, can’t be won.

    You will be sad I understand,
    But don’t let grief then stay your hand,
    For on this day, more than the rest,
    Your love and friendship must stand the test.

    We have had so many happy years,
    You wouldn’t want me to suffer so.
    When the time comes, please, let me go.

    Take me to where to my needs they’ll tend,
    Only, stay with me till the end

    And hold me firm and speak to me,
    Until my eyes no longer see.
    I know in time you will agree,
    It is a kindness you do to me.

    Although my tail its last has waved,
    From pain and suffering I have been saved.

    Don’t grieve that it must be you,
    Who has to decide this thing to do;
    We’ve been so close, we two, these years,
    Don’t let your heart hold any tears.

    Author Unknown

    From Your Best Friend

    You’re giving me a special gift, so sorrowfully endowed,
    And through these last few cherished days,
    Your courage makes me proud.

    But real love is knowing when your best friend is in pain,
    And understanding earthly acts will only be in vain.

    So looking deep into your eyes, beyond into your soul,
    I see in you the magic that will once more make me whole.

    The strength that you possess is why I look to you today,
    To do this thing that must be done, for it’s the only way.

    That strength is why I followed you, and chose you as my friend,
    And why I’ve loved you all these years
    …my partner ‘til the end

    Please understand just what this gift you’re giving means to me,
    It gives me back the strength I’ve lost and all my dignity.

    You take a stand on my behalf, for that is what friends do.
    And know that what you do is right, for I believe it too.

    So one last time I breathe your scent and through your hand I feel,
    The courage that’s within you to grant me this appeal.

    Cut the leash that holds me here dear friend, so that I can run,
    Once more a strong and steady dog, my pain and struggle done.

    And don’t despair my passing, I won’t be far away,
    Forever here within your heart, and memory I will stay.

    I’ll be there watching over you, your forever faithful friend,
    And in your memories I will run,
    …a young dog once again.

    Author Unknown

  18. OK – i know i’m a day late for your superhero movie list, but i’m with das (and whoever else mentioned it) that you just have to include the 2004 pixar movie ‘the incredibles”. it’s absolutely terrific (as is pretty much everything pixar …) and happy new year!

    one more thought – maybe we could get the baron and cookie monster to opine about the end of the world as we know it in december 2012 … 😀

  19. I have had to make the sad decision this year with my mate Dusty; and just after Christmas with a “step-puss” Tufty. Both could no longer eat by themselves; no longer walk … I was with them at the end. I knew it was right, but it still hurt like hell. I started following your blog because of Stargate – and have stayed around because of the food, books and pugs. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us all …

    Good luck with Maximus. I do believe you will know deep down what to do at the right time

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