Sigh.  Only a day and a half away from boarding that flight back to Vancouver.  Less than 30 hours away from a visit free and clear of family drama and wholesale awkwardness.  Sooooooooooo close.  But, alas, it was not to be.  Now I’m left to count down the agonizing minutes until we’re on our way.

Hey, you know what I was thinking?  Liar!  You can’t know what I was thinking.  I was actually thinking about doing a super-film marathon, sitting through every major superhero-themed movie produced, one a week, and then writing up (or having resident film critic, Cookie Monster, write up) a short review.  It would be fun.  Not so much for me but for you, and it would also serve as a warning to those foolhardy enough to follow in my footsteps and screen, say, Daredevil or Catwoman.  I’m thinking I can even keep am easy-to-click-and-link rundown on this blog’s right sidebar.

Anyway, my exhaustive research (typing “superhero films” into the wikipedia search bar) turned up the following contendors:

1951 Superman and the Mole Men
1966 Batman
1978 Superman
1980 Superman II
1981 Condorman
1983 Superman III
1984 Supergirl
1987 Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
1989 Batman
1989 The Punisher
1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
1990 Dick Tracy
1990 Darkman
1990 Captain America
1991 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze
1991 The Rocketeer
1992 Batman Returns
1993 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
1993 The Meteor Man
1994 The Fantastic Four
1994 The Shadow
1994 The Mask
1995 Batman Forever
1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie
1995 Darkman II: The Return of Durant
1996 The Phantom
1996 Darkman III: Die, Darkman, Die
1997 Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie
1997 Batman & Robin
1997 Spawn
1997 Steel
1998 Blade
1999 Mystery Men
2000 X-Men
2000 The Specials
2000 Unbreakable
2002 Blade II
2002 Spider-Man
2003 Daredevil
2003 X2: X-Men United
2003 Hulk
2003 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
2004 Hellboy
2004 The Punisher
2004 Spider-Man 2
2004 Catwoman


Blade: Trinity
2005 Elektra
2005 Son of the Mask
2005 The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D
2005 Batman Begins
2005 Fantastic Four
2005 Sky High
2006 X-Men: The Last Stand
2006 Superman Returns
2006 My Super Ex-Girlfriend
2006 Lightspeed
2006 Zoom
2007 Ghost Rider
2007 Spider-Man 3
2007 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
2007 Underdog
2008 Superhero Movie
2008 Iron Man
2008 The Incredible Hulk
2008 Hancock
2008 Hellboy II: The Golden Army
2008 The Dark Knight
2008 Punisher: War Zone
2008 The Spirit
2009 Watchmen
2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine
2010 Kick-Ass
2010 Iron Man 2
2010 Jonah Hex
2011 The Green Hornet
2011 Thor
2011 X-Men: First Class
2011 Green Lantern
2011 Captain America: The First Avenger
2012 Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
2012 The Avengers
2012 The Amazing Spider-Man
2012 The Dark Knight Rises
2013 Man of Steel

With the exception of the campy 1966 Batman, it looks like mighty rough sledding up until 1988’s Blade.  What do you all think?  Maybe you can all watch along with me.  Any favorites in the list?  Any, uh, non-favorites?

Hmmm.  Looks like I might have to do two a week.  Who’s up for the Elektra/Son of Mask double feature?

Need a little convincing?   Well how about THIS trailer for Superman and the Mole Men?

Yeah!  I knew that would do it.  Grab it from Netflix and screen it by same time next week (January 8th) to take part in the discussion.

Oh, and while I’m reminding you about things to do, don’t forget to read Batgirl: Batgirl Rising by January 16th.  And have your questions ready for writer Bryan Q. Miller!

Mom's dogs sleep off the New Year's Eve cheer.

It’s the final day of the NFL regular season.  Teams are battling for their playoff lives and yet it all feels, well, anticlimactic.  After all, the real superbowl – the one that really matters – was played last week.  And my Snow Monkeys finally got their trophy…

Beautiful, aint it?  Anyway, I’m considering getting t-shirts made to commemorate the championship.  Who wants?

41 thoughts on “January 1, 2012: Happy New Year! Sort of. Join my Superhero Movie of the Week Club!

  1. Despite the fact that I’m sure I’ll live to regret it, I’m in for the movie viewing. Although, that trailer for Superman almost had me asleep after it’s running length. Do those guys not know they’re talking to Superman? I figured the big “S” on his shirt would be a dead giveaway. Admittedly, he does look a bit wimpy for the role, but whatever. Are all those movies available on Netflix Canada?

    I’d love to get a shirt but, um, I’ve already spent my T-shirt budget for the year. Yeah, that’s it.

    And yes, more Cookie Monster reviews! I thought he was going to do more of the Walking Dead. I suspect he probably just fell asleep through the rest of the season. Maybe I’m just projecting, though.

  2. Okay, it would appear that “Superman and the Mole Men” is on YouTube. It’s broken up into chunks, which is a good thing based on the first 10 minutes. It will be necessary to take this in small doses.

  3. How’s ’bout some chocolate to commemorate the championship? If so, I’m in!

    It’s been a busy day; after services I weeded the planter around the building, AND FOUND THE BIGGEST SPIDER, EVER! It even gave Mr. Das the willies. It was a wolf spider, and though considerably smaller than its cousins in warmer climes, it was still HUGE by my standards. *shudder* It’s been warm all season, only once did it get cold enough to kill my impatiens, and even then I still have one hanging on. It’s been in the high 50s all weekend, but that changes on Tuesday when it will drop into the teens, and not get above 30 during the day. We’ve had a good run, but now it’s time for winter. Hopefully that will do in the giant spiders.

    I could watch a few of those superhero movies. Regarding Daredevil, I have the director’s cut and it’s supposed to be far superior to the theater release, although it has that silly playground scene (which happens to be my husband’s favorite part of the movie 🙄 ). I’ve seen some of the movies on the list, probably at least a third, but not sure I can sit through a terrible one. It also seems to me that there should be more on that list…unless I’m thinking ‘comic books made into movies’ , and not just superhero flicks. I mean, there was Tank Girl, 300, Scott Pilgrim…etc…so I’m guessing you’re just focusing on the standard superhero stuff, right? If so, then you forgot the best of all – The Incredibles. 🙂

    Okay – gotta take a nap. ‘Watching’ The List of Adrian Messenger. Great movie, with quite a few fun cameos.


  4. Hey, I just watched Shark Boy and Lava Girl the other day when younger son was watching it. That was uhh…interesting. Yeah, that’s right, interesting. LOL And my brother was an extra in the 2002 Spiderman movie. When we went to see that, I made my boys t-shirts, and they were quite the hit at the movie theater. I’ll have to see if I can find those movies.

    Have a great night. Happy New Year!!!!!

  5. Hunh. Good point. Will definitely include that one in the list.

    Let me know if you notice any other oversights.


  6. Happy New Year!!

    We all have those awkward family holiday moments. It’ll pass, and you’ll soon forget all about it when you get back home.

  7. “family drama and wholesale awkwardness”

    But what was it? Are you going to leave us hanging? Come on, not fair! Your still a big tease!

    Your mom’s dogs are very politely using her bed to nap on. My dog would have it tore up in seconds and made an amazing nest to sleep in.

  8. Oof. This is gonna be more painful than I thought:

    2011 Super
    2010 Megamind
    2009 Super Capers
    2008 Wanted
    2004 The Incredibles
    2002 The Powerpuff Girls Movie
    1999 Black Mask
    1998 Orgazmo
    1996 Crow: City of Angels
    1996: Bar Wire
    1995 Judge Dredd
    1995 Tank Girl
    1994 Blankman
    1994 The Crowd
    1993 Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
    1980 Hero at Large

  9. I have to admit, some of those movies I flat out refuse to watch! I wanted 2012 to be a BETTER year, darn it! 🙂

  10. I just ate an apple. My #1 New Year’s resolution is now complete. Now gimme some chocolate!

  11. Wow. so many movies. I am almost done reviewing the hole SG1 series, sorry I could not finish before you completed your commentaries, but did you know how many there are? It’s like ten years….. I must have been one of those 3 Robert Cooper was talking about in 200. Anyways a movie club sounds like fun. Give me a chance to see some of those again and view those yet unseen. No Transformers please; they were painful to watch.

    If you are interested in embroidered shirts, I can get some whole sale at a cheap rate (had some done there for me on a personal order), bulk draws a bigger discount. One shirt for all those who you defeated in your league.

  12. Count me in, considering I own almost all those movies already, yes even daredevil AND catwoman!

  13. Astro Boy

    Are Phineas and Ferb superheroes? “Wolveriiiiiiines!” *said while pretending to wear super robot pants* Their movie is on Netflix streaming.

    Dr. Who: The End of Time

    Unbreakable – you and Peter DeLuise could go MST3K on it.

    Cookie Monster would be the greatest addition to the MST3K team.

  14. I have a soft spot for the Ninja Turtles. My son loved them when he was little. We have all the movies. The third one when they go back to feudal Japan is a lot of fun. I still have his Ninja Turtle birthday candles.

    Other favorites: X-Men, x2, Wolverine, Daredevil (guilty pleasure), Hellboy2: The Golden Army (das will back me up on this one), Iron Man, Thor, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (they were also favorites during my son’s childhood), Captain America.

    I’ll watch what I can, but might not be in for all of them.

  15. @Sparrow_hawk: My husband and I went to see Mighty Morphin Power Rangers when we were first dating. Good times.

  16. Hey Joe

    I’m in for the discussion, I’ve just finished with the movie Superman and the Mole Men!


  17. I saw the 1966 Batman in the theater when it came out. My neighbor took me with her kids the summer I stayed over (Mom visiting Dad at the European cities as the carrier made port calls). My parents wouldn’t let me watch Batman in any way, shape or form.

  18. I honestly never liked superhero movies. The one movie I have watched from this list is The Punisher, and I didn’t even know it was based on a comic book. I just liked it for the gratuitous violence. I don’t know why, but I watch less movies now that I did, say, 5 years ago. I find TV shows like Breaking Bad and such more compelling.

    On the holiday front, I trust you’re having a good one. I’m trying to give up smoking. So far, I’ve gone 40 hours without a cigarette.

  19. I’m baaaaaaaaaack! Went to a friend’s house for dinner, darts, and Fi-YAAAAH*!!!!!! *yelled in my best Napoleonic era British lieutenant’s voice.

    Okie dokie, in my opinion the superhero movies (so far, as listed), that I have enjoyed the most are:

    The Incredibles
    Hellboy II
    Iron Man I
    Iron Man II
    X-Men II
    X-Men III
    Spider-Man I
    Spider-Man II
    Captain America
    FF: Rise of the Silver Surfer
    X-Men Origins: Wolverine
    Ghost Rider
    Mystery Men
    The Incredible Hulk

    Yes, there are some questionable ones there, and yes, I have seen others and liked them, but these, more than the others, really entertained me. Also, a movie doesn’t have to be brilliant, or ‘according to the book’, it just has to give me something I want. For instance, I like the much maligned Ghost Rider because there’s nothing better than watching Sam Elliot and his horsey burst into flames to the beat of Ghost Riders in the Sky. That scene right there made the movie for me. So, you see, I am easy to please sometimes. 🙂 However, if I had to pick my top 5, the list would be (in order of greatness):

    The Incredibles
    Hellboy II
    Iron Man I

    It was hard for me to not add Spider-Man to that list, but I don’t think it was as pivotal a movie as the others, and I love Mystery Men, but that really is pure silliness, and Captain America was very good, but still too new to me to know if it stands the test of (my) time.

    As for the others, The Incredibles is, by far, the most well-rounded, entertaining, and intelligent (without losing its sense of humor or charm) superhero movie to date. Perfect in every way. Unbreakable was all of that, but takes second place in my book because of its more serious tone. Still, I will say that it is the best live action superhero movie that I have seen. Hellboy II is, in my not-so-humble opinion, the most underrated superhero movie in recent years, overshadowed by the second Batman movie and Ledger’s overrated (yes, I said it) performance. Hellboy II was visually stunning (and I’m not just talking about the pale dude 😉 ), not because of shitty CGI, but because of real sets and real puppets, and real people in real make-up. A gorgeous movie to watch, and a very thought-provoking message throughout for those who wanted to really listen to the ‘villain’s’ voice. Tim Burton’s Batman took the polish off of Hollywood superheroes and showed us the darker, dirtier side of comic book crime fighting, while X-Men catapulted the superhero genre beyond where it had ever been before, especially at the box office. And those numbers meant that – for good or bad – it was now socially acceptable to like comic book characters…especially when they looked like Hugh Jackman. 🙂 And lastly, Iron Man makes my top 5 for taking what started with the X-Men and putting a bit more polish on it, raising the quality bar just a little higher, as well as making superhero movies more accessible to everyone, and not just fanboys.

    Okie dokie, better stop there. I’m interest to know what your top 5 movies would be, Joe. (Also, would you count Red in on your movie list? It’s comic book-based, just not sure you would consider it ‘superhero’ stuff…but it did have Helen Mirren kicking ass, so that should count for something. 🙂 )


  20. Heh, meant to bold your name, Joey, not italicize it. 😛 This way it looks like I’m trying to insinuate something, like maybe my taste in movies is better than your taste in movies, or something. And, of course, we know that’s not the case, since I don’t have to insinuate anything like that because we already know it! 😀


  21. Okay…I’m still WIDE awake. 😛

    Just a note on my not-so-favorite movies. I really haven’t watched any that I’ve hated (that I can think of at 2:30 am), but I have not been pleased with the new Batman films.

    My problem is Christian Bale. He is just tooooo flat for me. In fact, the only movie I’ve ever really enjoyed him in is the made-for-tv version of Treasure Island. I loved him in that and never realized (until like…two weeks ago) that it was Bale. Maybe that role just suited him better, I dunno. What I do know is that an actor MUST do something to grab my attention, and win me over. Usually it’s something in the voice, or an expression, or the body language. For instance, Johnny Depp wins me over in any role because he has this ‘nervous’ little twitch at the corner of his mouth that just begs for my sympathy, even when he’s being evil.

    That’s all it takes, Mr. Bale…a twitch. But noooooo…instead I get a mask.

    When asked why I fell for Wolverine, people assume it’s because Hugh Jackman is good-looking. Well, actually, I don’t care for Jackman’s looks. He’s…okay, but not my cuppa. What Jackman does have, however, is personality. When I first started watching the first X-Men movie I wasn’t taken by the guy…not his muscles, or his whiskers, or his badassiness. You know what sealed the deal? The scene in the truck, when Rogue asks him if the claws hurt, and he replies, “Every time”. Jackman delivered that line so perfectly – with such understated emotion – that my ears perked, and I said to myself, “I gotta find out more about this guy!” And, hundreds of comics later, I did…

    Bale has yet to deliver his ‘every time’ line for me. There was a moment in the second movie (it may have been when he was sewing himself up, or something) when I saw some expression in his mask, and for a moment I thought I could like his Batman. Maybe if I watched the first movie again something will click, but so far, it hasn’t. And I WANTED to like Batman. I don’t need to be ‘in love’ with him (I’m certainly NOT in love with Mr. Incredible!), but I do need something to make me feel sympathetic towards him. Face doesn’t matter* (*see recent obsession with Wraith), but personality DOES. And I need more personality in Bale’s Batman.

    Okie dokie, NOW I’m done. 😀


  22. On your list, I’d ignore everything except Superman (1978), Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger and X-Men: First Class. I’d suggest trying some of the DC Universe animated movies for some good superhero movies: Wonder Woman, Batman: Year One, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, and All-Star Superman.

  23. Hmm, I’ve pretty much seen most of those I’d want to (with the exception of me waiting VERY impatiently for May 4th and The Avengers). My favs are: Watchmen, the X-Mens (1, 2, 3, FC, and yes, I even liked Wolverine), both Iron Mans (though I did prefer the first), Captain America (2011), and Superman Returns.

    That being said, I will do my best to obtain these videos and watch along when I have time! I look forward to the discussion, particularly since I seem to be the sole non-Batman fan in all of

    Congrats again on the fantasy league win!

  24. I’m up for the super-film marathon. I will try my best to watch all the movies. I haven’t seen the half of them. I like a lot the three X-men.

    Congratulations Snow Monkeys! I’ m a little late but better late than never (Mieux vaut tard que jamais) !

    Have a nice day.

  25. I loved The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, mainly because Sean Connery is in it. That man is a better actor as an older man than he ever was as Bond.

    For bad crappy movie – Son of the Mask – c’mon, that film was made just to make money. There was no real thought put into it. The writing was horrible!

    Have a great flight back to the Wet coast.

  26. Favourites…let’s see.

    Spider Man, and I just loved Iron Man – Robert Downie was fantastic in the role. Hell, the man just doesn’t make a bad movie -.ever.

    But I pretty much like all of the comic book films. I just love that genre.

  27. I’ll look on Netflix. If we’ve seen the film recently, do we have to re-watch it?

  28. Hey Joe

    How about:

    Aeonflux 2006 if comic book is one of the requirements then this had a 4 issue release in Dark Horse in 2005

    Ultraviolet 2006

    or the two Lara Croft titles (if we bend the definition a wee bit, she’s super and my hero…)


  29. Happy New Year! I’m in for watching the movies I own.

    All of the TMNT films. I’ve been a fan of the Turtles since the first black and white Mirage comics. I love the first two X-Men films, Blade 1 and 3, and Hellboy. I like many of the other films listed. I took my god-daughter to the theater to see Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. She liked the end credits music, so she got up and danced in the aisle. I got up and danced with her.

    How about considering Constantine?

  30. Confused by this:

    Only a day and a half away from boarding that flight back to Vancouver. Less than 30 hours away from a visit free and clear of family drama and wholesale awkwardness. Sooooooooooo close. But, alas, it was not to be. Now I’m left to count down the agonizing minutes until we’re on our way.

    Um.. you aren’t going to Vancouver or family/family drama going WITH you. Was 30 hours, now minutes? Or family drama/awkwardness so bad you are counting the minutes left in the 30 hours? And doesn’t your family read this and won’t that comment lead to a hell of a lot MORE family drama/awkwardness?

    Happy New Year.

  31. Joe,
    I want a Tee……..Superman and the Mole Men ….I have that on DVD….Had it for Year’s…

  32. @Debra — I read that as it was FREE of family drama or wholesale awkwardness.

    I think counting the minutes to 30 hours would be the more agonizing chore.

  33. If it helps, the listed mid-’90s FANTASTIC FOUR wasn’t officially released — a great excuse to skip it.

  34. Nice idea the supermovie marathon thing however whats left of my brain is already at the pre-mush stage of organising offspring number 3’s imminent stretch of his wings into a nice, tidy little flat of his own in the town 5 miles away….so thats 3 down, one to go:)

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