“Traffic blah blah blah.  Dishwasher blah blah blah.  Football blah blah blah.  Romo Romo Romo.”

– Akemi’s imitation of my conversation with friends – October 28, 2011

A great turnout today for round three of the ongoing Vancouver food truck tour.  Joining me on this incredibly rainy day: food truck roving regular Akemi, returning participant Ivon Bartok, and first time foodsters Jodi and Rob.

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these eaters from the swift completion of their appointed meals

First stop: Soho Road Naan Kebab

This one came highly recommended - by a couple of fellow food truckers no less.
We had a choice of three wraps: butter chicken, tandoori, and the veggie that would have been ideal for Ashleigh. Had she not bailed on us.
While we waited, we were served complimentary chai tea. A nice touch.
Butter Chicken Wrap. You know who would like this? Carl Binder. You know who liked this? Everyone! A terrific start to the eatathalon!

Second stop: Re-Up BBQ

Two choices here: the pulled pork and the beef brisket. According to the fellow manning the truck, their meat is smoked at their Gastown (?) location, then delivered piping hot every morning.
Pulled Pork Sandwich. Pretty good. The pork, sweet and savory, nicely complimented by the coleslaw crunch. Hard to beat the pulled pork sandwich at the Memphis Barbecue House though.

Third stop: Finest at Sea

One of the more extensive food truck menus.
We grabbed our sandwiches, then ducked out of the rain, taking shelter under the covered iceless skating rink on Robson.
Flash seared albacore tuna filet with marinated seawee, wasabi mayo, and micro greens. Okay. Found it a little bland.
Curried B.C. halibut and eggplant served in a grilled naan with crispy coleslaw. This, on the other hand, was quite flavorful and all-around delicious. Akemi finished mine.
Team Eat

Fourth stop: Bun Me Baguette

A family-run food truck specializing in Vietnamese-style sandwiches featuring mom's secret chicken recipe. Choice of two sandwiches: lemongrass chicken and a tofu alternative that would have been perfect for Ashleigh. If she' hadn't blown us off.
Banh mi Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken Sandwich. Terrific! We had ours with hot sauce and jalapenos. I was mightily impressed.
Team Eat!

 Last stop: Well, we WERE going to go to the Roaming Dragon food truck – but they didn’t bother showing up at their appointed street corner.  So, instead, we walked the five blocks down to a waffle place – that no longer existed.  Then walked back the five blocks to my car and drove to a waffle place that does exist.  On west 2nd street: Patisserie LeBeau.

Holy smokes!  Where have you been all my Vancouver life?!  In addition to assorted desserts, LeBeau also offers up authentic Belgian waffles.  We sampled…

The White Chocolate with Toasted Almond. COULDN'T - STOP - EATING! Loved the contrast of the crunchy outside with the soft waffle interior punctuated by the occasional unmelted pearl sugar nugget.
Milk Chocolate! Soooo good. As I said to Akemi, discovering this place is very dangerous...for our waistlines.
Rob's Special. Rob, who owns his own waffle makers, is obviously a seasoned pro - and he orders like one.

And so ended the third round of our ongoing Great Vancouver Food Truck Tour.

Possibly on the menu next Friday: takoyaki, shish kabob, Philly cheesesteaks, dim sum, and Pan-Asian favorites (provided Roaming Dragon does less roaming and actually shows up).

31 thoughts on “October 28, 2011: The Great Vancouver Food Truck Tour #3!

  1. Stop it–you’re making me hungry!! Naan and butter chicken?? Oh, yum! GeekBoy and I tried out Pho 2 here in town at lunch. He ate his entire bowl of beef and meatball pho with chopsticks. The kid who couldn’t tie his shoes until he was 12 masters chopsticks on his second try??

  2. Looks like Akemi lost all the weight she gained from the last food truck run. What is her dieting secret? Maybe she hasn’t had anything to eat since last week? You sure that wasn’t just a bee sting?

  3. Wow today’s trucks were the most appealing. I’d love, well just about everything you had! Needless to say waffle place too. Bad Ashleigh! Your loss missy!

  4. Holy crap…. takoyaki… there is a takoyaki truck… it’s been too many years since I last had takoyaki…. where does this truck frequent?

  5. Everything on today’s safari sounds yummy.

    @Akemi – me too, I love waffles.

    The list of food places is getting longer which is cool. Time to start planning the Joe Foodie & Vancouver Gathering. Including estimated costs per person at the restaurants. Need to be sure us participants have either credit cards (if accepted) or cash. Pick the right time, I am in! Wheeee, eat our way across Vancouver.

  6. Wow, I have to say, those waffles look delicious. Especially the milk chocolate one. The white chocolate one looks very good, but I’m not a huge fan of white chocolate. I wonder if they have one with milk chocolate and almonds.

  7. It all looks delicious! I don’t know how you do the sheer volume of food though. I’d have to starve myself for three days to eat that much.

  8. So you are saying Ashleigh failed to show, much like the missing food truck,,hmm, a pattern… A good group to travel(sample food) with, see what you missed Ash.
    Wow, I agree with Akemi, the waffles. yes.yum, thanks for the photos. working great for my diet, or not diet, depends on what day it is. but really, thanks.

  9. All of the food looked quite good. Especially the waffles. Yum! Yum! Can’t wait to see your next tour—especially the Philly cheesesteaks.

    Have a great weekend!!

  10. Everything looks good, but I think I’d probably agree with Akemi–those waffles look hard to beat. And now I really want to find a good waffle place for breakfast.

  11. back from vacation and catching up on what I’ve missed. LOVED seeing Cookie Monster make an appearance. I hope he will be followed by others. The food run is incredible. The closest to be found within a hundred miles is a thai truck which serves…meh food. Keep up those reports and I’ll have to start exploring further north, where more varieties of food can be found.
    Glad to see you in contact with ‘the old gang”, and everyone looking well. And yes, belgian waffles are hard to resist, especially with the additions to the ones you were kind enough to display. Thanks for sharing.

  12. do all these food trucks head south for the winter?

    have to wonder what happens when it hits freezing temperatures.

  13. Read this after eating Breakfast…I am hungry again!
    I once told a friend that the only two good things the French left Viet Nam are baguettes and coffee. Even though the sauce scares me a bit I still love it on the sandwich.
    Joe, ever see the Farscape cartoon on the professor who invented the dog translating device? Could it be Akemi has one?
    Living vicariously though your appetite.

  14. WOW!!!! Those waffles are incredible. You are so making me want to come for a visit. I am thinking about an April visit next year, if I can just get my finances together.

    Would any of those TV project you have been brainstorming about have a role for a Stargate actor or three? ; ) I was wondering just how much input you guys as show runner/writers had with casting?

  15. Everything looked fantastic. Can’t wait for next week’s tour – I love dim sum, shish kebob, and Philly cheesesteak.

  16. God, I agree with crazymom1, the pics and descriptions are pure torture, arrrgh! The halibut sandwhich is a thing of beauty, the butter chicken sammie sounds so tasty and those waffles, so yummy looking.

    I don’t have any fish so I’ll try a coleslaw on roast chicken sammy, won’t be as tasty as these, tho!

  17. Meh. Dark chocolate waffles would be better. The fruity waffle (the food, not you, Joe 😉 ) looks good, however. And I can’t even imagine that the upcoming Philly cheesesteak will be able to compete with what we have around here. It’s the bread, ya know…it’s all about the bread.

    Also, I gained about 10 pounds just looking at that food, so needless to say, I’m terribly jealous of all of you and your skinny behinds! 😛



  18. Joe, dont give up on Stargate! please go to Showtime or HBO. We SciFi fans need this. Currently no quality SciFi on TV.

  19. Heh, got to talk to David Nykl on the phone today! What a nice guy! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everybody! 🙂

  20. @Deni
    David Nykl? Ooh, you lucky thing. He seems so warm, charming, and funny in interviews and on his blog.

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