DARK MATTER #1 (of 4)
Joseph Mallozzi (W), Paul Mullie (W), Garry Brown (A/Cover), and Ryan Hill (C)
On sale Jan 11
FC, 32 pages

A derelict ship floats in space, its troubled crew awakened from stasis with no memories of who they are or how they got on board. Their search for answers triggers the vessel’s deadly security system: a relentless android bent on their destruction. Facing threats at every turn, they have to work together to survive a voyage charged with vengeance, redemption, betrayals, and hidden secrets best left unknown.

Science-fiction veterans Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, best known for their work on television’s Stargate franchise and the new Transporter: The Series, create a new and exciting universe!

Oooh, check it out.  Dark Horse just released its advance solicitation for January 2012 and look at what made the list.  The November issue of Previews (PREVIEWS: The Comic Shop’s Catalog!) will include a two page color excerpt from issue #1 of Dark Matter, so make sure to check it out.

Speaking of sneak peeks, here’s a look at some of artist Garry Brown’s phenomenal pencils for the series…

Awesome, no?  The space battles and firefights are pretty awesome as well – but you’ll have to wait for those.

Going through my portable hard drives and came across a slew of old Stargate-related photos and video clips including this early tour of the seed ship set from Stargate: Universe’s Awakening.  It was designed for the diminutive alien crew and, as a result, the crew kept bumping their heads on the low ceiling, banging their elbows on the close quarters and, in the case of one camera man, getting trapped in one of the narrow corridors…


John Scalzi writes: “Note to self: Remember to show up at Joe’s door, suitcases in hand, the next time I’m in Vancouver. Preferably unannounced.”

Answer: John, know that you and that team of personal chefs you always travel with are more than welcome.

P.S. I like my omelets extra fluffy.

Levent Tasken writes: “They’re not giving you a courtesy car?”

Answer: They gave me one.  It’s a white A4 with the words “Service Replacement Vehicle” on the side lest someone mistake it for a real car.

Ganymede writes: “BTW, you should get the Car-Guys to put in a remote camera behind a see-through mirror for the NEXT time this happens!”

Answer: If I’m going to spend money on security features for my car, I’d rather just go ahead and get the side-mounted flamethrowers (http://www.motortorque.com/blog/tag/flamethrower-car/)

JeffW writes: “Is that the “Weird Science” Kelly LeBrock, or am mixing up my eighties films again?”

Answer: Nope, that’s the one.

Ivon B writes: “Damn, this is my favourite blog of the year… Fun-E!”

Answer: Laugh while you can.  My Snow Monkeys are going to lay a beatdown on your fantasy team this weekend.  Shall I make pork chops for lunch?

27 thoughts on “October 18, 2011: Dark Matter hits the street January 11, 2012!

  1. REALLY looking forward to Dark Matter! Funny thing is, just this evening I reminded my comic book guy to add it to my pull list as soon as the solicits come out. I must’ve been reading your mind. 🙂

    Now, I must get to bed. Was up watching a Jimmy Fallon repeat featuring Pearl Jam ( :heart: ). Nothing like hearing Eddie belt out [Tar] Balls in Your Mouth. 😆 (Which is, of course, about the oil spill in the Gulf, so get yer minds outta the gutter!)

    Wish I knew it was mailbag time. I was curious about what you’re up to these days since you don’t have a regular office job right now. I know you’re trying to sell Dark Matter as a movie or tv show, but are you working on any other comics, shows, or perhaps a little more prose?

    Nites, sir!


  2. Joe: Did you ever watch the sci-fi movie Pandorum with Dennis Quaid in it? Sort of a twist on what you said above. They wake up on a space ship and have no idea who they are, and they discover some horrible creatures on the ship with them who are hunting them down. Interesting twisted ending I was not expecting. It was a good movie. Won’t tell you what they discovered about themselves or why they were there in the first place. Part of the fun.

    I’ll definitely order your comic book. 32 pages is right up my alley in length.

    Thanks for the SGU memory lane. That reminded me of Lou Diamond Phillips who, if anyone is around in Dallas or can make it to Dallas, he will be on Wednesday to do a stage read of a play he wrote. It is at Theater Three. Call their box office to get tickets. I had to choose over the dress of my dreams or going up to see him, and I won. This IS the dress of my dreams (next to my wedding dress). So I suck as a fan.

    However, Alaina Huffman & Julia Benson are going to be at the Austin Wizard World November 11-13 & since it is a weekend, I can do a day trip (as much as a 3-1/2 to 4 hr one-way day trip can be) and not have to worry about hotel which is more expensive than a downtown Dallas hotel room. I’ll likely only go up for one day. Gilder and I are making plans to meet each other finally.

  3. First, a very belated Happy Natal Day! And best Birthday Card ever from Akemi!

    Sorry to hear about the mirrors, especially since you’re back in Vancouver. But thrilled to hear that Max is doing so much better. I keep thinking positive thoughts for the little guy.

    I’m not into graphic novels (?), but willing to jump into Dark Matter. Anything I need to know as a newbie? And will there be a story arc beyond #4?

    I finally made it into Vancouver last night, for a much needed vacation from endless medical problems. Then today, my first full day here, I went walking around a lake, and promptly lost my prescription sunglasses. The ones I need to drive 1300 miles back home. Lens Crafters will be on the top of the list tomorrow, after I get the prescription faxed up by the doc.

    But really loving the fall colors, and cool weather. I can see why you missed being here. It’s such a great city!

    I haven’t been able to keep up lately, so apologies if this has already been discussed, but didn’t you mention you were working on a comic “thing” involving the blog awhile back?

  4. Dark matter looks awesome!! My wife likes stargate and comics so I will be getting this for her! Congrats!

  5. I really hope, you are going to be successful pitching Dark Matter to become a TV Series, especially since there is no other SciFi left to mention. BTW Quite amazing, that you are born the same day as I am, just a few years earlier. I have never met someone before sharing the same birthday. So happy birthday to us both afterwards. We had quite a feast with a fabulous Thanksgiving Turkey. I am confident that you would have liked it… 🙂

  6. Exciting news about Dark Matter! Now I can add the specific date on my “To Buy” list.

  7. Mr. Mallozzi, I’m curious how your name should be pronounced. I was always under the impression it was Muh-LOW-zee, but I was watching Stargate the other day in described video and the credits were read as Muh-LAW-zee. Which, if either, is correct?

  8. Does Dark Matter come in an eBook version for the ipad?

    We watched Green Lantern last weekend and that brought back all the good memories of comic books. Good times.

    If only we could buy some kind of SERIOUS security features! I believe that if someone steals something or breaks into our property, they are henceforth entering into a verbal contract. With a clause to protect the homeowner, such as “I am aware that I may be severely injured, permanently disabled or die as a result of my criminal activity”. 😉

  9. Will any big retailers carry Dark Matter (i.e. Barnes and Noble, Amazon)? Unfortunately, my town has a lack of comic book stores.

  10. Dark Matter may be my first comic book purchase. Never did get into that form of reading. Please don’t hate me 😛 I wish you big success with it and hopefully a TV series 🙂 Do you have any actors in mind for your characters should it get green lighted for TV?

  11. Huge fan of SGU – thanx for the video (too funny) . .

    I have never gotten into graphic novels before but I have been leaning that way since Koontz’s Odd series continued in that form after the books (great stories); I will definitely have to check into them know; the artwork is amazing and I am already familiar with your awesome writing from SGU; looking forward to checking it out (and also seeing if it is something my nephew might enjoy – but he may be a little young yet)

    Congratulations & best of luck; also wishing Maximus all the best (who incidentally was diagnosed with cancer the same time a dear friend of mine was)

  12. I’m looking forward to Dark Matter, even more so now that I know a little more about the premise! I just love vengeance, redemption, betrayals, and hidden secrets.

    @das: Thanks for sharing the video!

  13. A very belated Happy Birthday to you Joe and kudos for the Dark Matter graphic Novel, any idea if this is going to be available over this side of the planet yet or am I going to have to wait?

    I see you’re reading Terry Brooks, wait’ll you get to the Genesis of Shannara books. Truly AWESOME!

    Hugs to the pups

  14. Like the sneak peak at Dark Matter will I get a signed copy sent to me if I beg?

    I would totally come an move in! Only problem I’d be an unemployed bum! I’m a good dog walker!

    Go Snow Monkeys!! Awesome video how did you film in there?

  15. Looking forward to Dark Matter. I’ll make sure to reserve a copy or three with the local vender. Meantime, took a poll at Universal Studio. Ironically, I got to vote for SGU as one of the shows I prefer. Wonder if they’ll share that info with MGM? Ahh, the power of being the representative of x number of tv viewers… good luck on the upcoming week of FF…

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