What the heck IS Ashleigh doing?  I honestly don’t remember.  But I’m sure that anything you guys come up with will be far more interesting than the truth.

Also of interest is another video clip I discovered in the vault – this one the rehearsal of a scene from  SGU’s Resurgence:

I received a horrifying email from our friend Tara Yelland today.  Are you sitting down?  Are the lights on?  Okay.  I quote it in its almost entirety (minus the preamble about the birthday drawing I requested which is, apparently, in the works):

“I came home and found a giant raccoon hanging out in my apartment. It was very startling. I noticed cupboards were open and it was cowering near the back door hissing at me. Then as I approached it, it ran upstairs and under the bed! So I took that opportunity to open the back door, then went upstairs and jumped on the bed and poked at it until it ran back downstairs and out the door. It was a harrowing experience. I can’t figure out how it got in here! No windows or doors open…”

No windows or doors open?  How did it get in?  Hello?!  Isn’t it obvious?!  You’re place is haunted by a ghost raccoon!  Seriously, take a closer look at the supporting photo that accompanied the email:

Tell me that’s NOT the spookiest ass raccoon you’ve ever laid eyes on.  

Anyway, I hope Tara is able to contact a proper animal spirit exorcist to deal with the problem – once she’s finished my birthday picture of course.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to Trevor Finn.  You may not have been a robot or a member of the cabal, but you were a damn fine assistant and script coordinator!  

26 thoughts on “October 19, 2011: Some clips from the vault! Ghost raccoon!

  1. Well if you guys will live with your wildlife…..LOL

    Oh I had something similiar happen to me…but with a goldfish! Had a cat and a goldfish so used to close the door on bedroom so cat could not have a free lunch…well came back one day and no sign of fish! the door was closed windows closed! never did find it…must have a bloody polite cat who closes doors behind him….

    Kriss 🙂

  2. I got it. Ashleigh is developing a new workout routine for the workplace where you put an orange or apple in your pocket then you swing yourself in order to make the fruit go in front, then in back, then in front. Good exercise, and you can even appear to be working! Impressive, Ashleigh!

    One time I had a squirrel get into a bedroom through a fireplace we thought was totally bricked over. funny thing is we didn’t know the thing was in there until my mother in law came to visit and slept in that room. She kept saying she heard something, but we didn’t believe it. then she felt it crawling on her when she was sleeping. Her screamming woke us up, and scared the squirrel as well. The thing ran up the drapes and sat on top of the curtain rod. Hubby got a broom and tried to beat it down, which looked like a tennis match going back and forth on that curtain rod. I guess he got tired of that cause he jumped down and ran back into the fireplace. You can bet the next day we had somebody there fixing that fireplace. The mother in law wasn’t so keen to sleep in that room again. she preferred the sofa in the living room. wonder why?

  3. Raccoons – cute but sneaky. The worst was finding two juveniles trying to get my petdoor open. 🙁 Ok, I guess “worst” would have been if they had succeeded. So, does Tara have pets?

  4. “Are you actually filming this,…?”
    I laughed so hard. 😀

    The raccoon is so badass! I’d keep it as a pet, lol!

  5. I would have to guess that Ashleigh is swinging her pokewalker to up her step counts and evolve her digital pokemon. At least, that’s what my kids are doing when they swing around like that.

  6. It is beyond amazing how wild animals can get into homes – or why they’d want to for the most part. I’m glad Tara is okay. Encounters can turn out badly. At least the critter had enough sense to get out when it had the opportunity.

    Thanks for the video clips. Always enjoyable.

  7. “How did it get in?”

    Asgard beaming technology or the critter just Ringed in. 🙂

  8. 1. Ashleigh is obviously ‘fanning a fart’. Those vegetarians and their beans. 🙄

    2. People are more scary to racoons than racoons are to people. I mean, just imagine seeing this furless creature ten times your size coming at you on its hind legs, arms flailing, mouth contorted into some sort of Edvard Munch painting, wailing like a banshee. Poor a-scareded racoon, frightened so terribly by the menacing Tara it had to hid under the bed. She should be ashamed of herself. 🙂

    3. Have a good day, sir! And stay away from Ashleigh, I hear she been a bit gassy lately. 😉


  9. Loved both of the clips, and I would have freaked out if I had seen that raccoon in my apartment. Hope she can get it out.

    Have a good day!!!!

  10. Hi there I’m from Englland and A big fan of SGU (biggest fan) like we need the series to have some sort of concusion every night I hope destery will bring them back home you must must finish what you started please

  11. Wow, space pampers aren’t flattering to anyone. Kelamis looks quite cute in those silver pot holder pants.

    If Tara checks the drywall in the cupboards and closets she’ll probably find the hole the raccoon used to chew his way into the kitchen. Yeesh, I’d hate to come home to wild raccoons under the bed, poor Tara.

  12. Most wild life will gain entry into the home through an attic roof vent although I would rather go with the haunted racoon theory.

  13. If I recall correctly, I believe the Ashleigh vid was one of your wild and crazy contests to see if we could guess what was in her pocket. That or she was practicing to be a human Japanese spinning drum toy.

    Please say hi to Ashleigh. It’s good to see her again, even in reruns 🙂

  14. Quick question about Dark Matter. Do you know if the purchase of electronic issues of Dark Matter will count towards whatever figure is used for determining the success of series? Or do only physical issues sold count?


  15. Aw, the raccoon is darling (as long as it’s not near me). It’s those shaggy spring raccoons that are icky looking. And why does Word Press tell me I spelled “raccoons” wrong, but not “raccoon”?

  16. LOL…some of the antics are priceless, including some of our blog commentary.

    Hope Tara survives and recovers from the shock. And, that thing in the foreground, at first, I thought is was a snake to go with the raccoon.

    Hope all is well with Trevor. Your note leaves me wondering about his well being.

  17. Why the random blog dedication for Trevor? Is he okay? Did he and his wife have the baby?

  18. Was interested to know if you are still enjoying Moribito? It was one of the 1st amines I watched when I was getting into the gene a few months ago. Two rather off beat ones you might enjoy is Angel Beats & Ouran High School Host Club. I believe you like Fruits Basket so you might also like Clannad & Clannad After Story. Another show that I was really pleasantly surprised by was Hikaru No Go. It is about a kid who learns to play the game Go from a ghost; which in turns sparks a rivalry between the boy and a Go playing prodigy of the same age. Not very fast passed but heart felt and well written.

  19. Joe, just saw a little news tidbit about an upcoming comic from Image called Album, the first series of which is a sci-fi story of people trapped on a space station being attacked by a robot. Sound familiar? They’re looking at a March-April release date. I’m sure copyrights are a bit different and more nebulous with comic book stuff than TV, but it seems like Dark Matter is already more popular than you might want it to be!

  20. That is one cute racoon Joe..

    I’m just getting ready to leave for Armageddon…it’s gonna be a blast…will get to meet Alaina, Amanda, Robin, Agam and lots more….as well as all of the awesome fans.

    Guess what Joe…I slayed the giant this week in Fantasy Football… I had a 1-4 record, Bronco guy was 4-1 and I beat him 123.70 – 82.75 woohoo!! Go Brody’s Bar.

    Well i gotta go…wish me luck.

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. Joe, if they asked would you come to Australia for Armageddon to promote Dark Matter?

  21. Nope.
    The spookiest raccoon I’ve ever laid eyes on was when I was walking by myself, in the dark, down a trail, and I suddenly came across a cross in the ground, with a pair of boots sitting underneath. As I was starting to get over the creepiness of finding what looked like a grave…I shone my flashlight around to notice a pair of eyes staring at me from way above me! All I could see was the eyeshine…apparently hovering there 5 meters above me. Can you say…shivers down my spine? Anyways, it was just a raccoon…and he continued to watch me for quite some time. Creeeeeeep….eeeey.

  22. The raccoon just came to do some electrical work.
    As to how it got in; if raccoons are anything like cats, they can smoosh themselves through spaces you’d think would give a mouse pause for thought.
    And, hey, at least it wasn’t a skunk…

    dasndanger: ‘…just imagine seeing this furless creature ten times your size coming at you on its hind legs, arms flailing, mouth contorted into some sort of Edvard Munch painting, wailing like a banshee.’

    Once again, hee-hee! And also, so true. Animals are far more scared of us, and with good reason.

    Thanks for sharing, Mr. M!

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