Alexander M. Ruemelin in: "Don't Mess With the German". Rated R!
“Who’s Michael Vick?”asked Akemi.

“A guy who killed a lot of dogs,”I replied.  And then, almost as an after-thought: “He also plays football.”

And, lately, not very well.  Turns out dog-killer has regressed to his original mediocre/selfish game play.  And, of course, it’s all the fault of the refs, according to Vick. He did so much whining in his last post-game interview, you’d think he’d been body-slammed and electrocuted.  Boo hoo hoo.

In celebration of my Snow Monkeys 2-1 start to this fantasy football season (and the fact that their next opponent will be the winless Reagan’s Raiders who, delightfully, used their #1 draft choice to grab Michael Vick), I’m thinking of hosting a little football screening this Sunday.  My fellow league GM’s are invited over for the day – or up until my Snow Monkeys start losing.

Yes, that’s right.  I’m finally back in beautiful Van.  Flew out Sunday with my buddy Steve and two dogs (Maximus and Bubba), stayed the night, flew back Monday morning, stayed the night, then flew back out today with Akemi and the other two dogs (Jelly and Lulu).  All four were incredibly well-behaved.  Although I’d originally planned to bring Maximus in on the second trip, I bumped him up a couple of days because I feared it was his last days.  He’d stopped eating and I wanted to make sure he got the chance to enjoy the familiar surroundings of home one last time.  Happily, he started eating again (although, like everything else since his diagnosis, it’s slow going) and he seems in better spirits.

And that’s it.  I think.  To be honest, I didn’t announce my plans because, the way things have been going, I wouldn’t have been surprised to have been surprised by the news I wasn’t going anywhere.  Even though I’m back home, I’m not wholly convinced I’m here to stay.  All I can say is it’s been a very, very, very weird year and I’m not taking anything for granted.

We’re happy to be back.  The dogs seems very happy to be back.  And our old buddy, James, from Bella Gelataria – the greatest gelato place in existence – was very happy to have us back.  We dropped by tonight after dinner (real sushi after seven months!) and enjoyed three flavors: a decadent dark chocolate and brownie, a buttery salted caramel, and a nutty nocciola.  How good is the gelato here?  REAALLY good.  You’ll just have to trust me.  Or, even better, check it out yourself the next time you’re in town.  Owner James Coleridge trained at the Italian Culinary Institute and then did his advanced masters training at Carpigiani’s Gelato University.  Yes, you heard correctly.  There’s a Gelato University!  And I wasted all those years getting a Bachelors degree in Political Science and History and  Masters in English Lit.

James was the recent recipient of this award in recognition of Gelato Pioneers who embrace the genuine Italian spirit of gelato - a first for someone outside of Italy.

Next year, James represents Canada at the World Cup of Gelato.

James and his new sous chef.

So I’d like to settle back into my routine: working out, cooking, and reading.  I checked out about a half dozen books over the last couple of weeks, several of which failed to impress, others that proved so disappointing I didn’t even bother finishing them.  I am, however, enjoying the hell out of Helen Simonson’s Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand.  Anyone else read it?

Am thinking of shifting some focus to the new fall season but, to be honest, kept up on the new shows.  I feel like I was abducted by aliens and held in their inter-dimensional fortress for the past seven months, away from loved ones, the comforts of home, and the new fall t.v. previews.  Is there a new show out there that you, my dear readers, would recommend?  Let me know.

Finally, today’s blog entry is dedicated to the German bad-ass whose pic leads this day’s ramble, the determined and talented Alexander M. Ruemelin, a guy who shepherded The Transporter t.v. series through its infancy and, when all is said and done, will have spent two full years of his life bringing it to the small screen.  So let’s stop a second to give credit where credit’s due – for the unflagging dedication, long hours, and countless rewrites.  Viel Respekt!

56 thoughts on “September 27, 2011: I’m jet-lagged so this one’s a bit of a ramble…

  1. Viva Herr Fuemelin!
    The JOE is back and Akemi and the puppies…yay.
    Get some sleep…recharge them batteries and brace yourself for the suggestions and recommendations – tv, etc..
    nite nite

  2. My heart breaks for Maximus, lets hope being home helps give him a boost. Please ask your vet about cyproheptadine. It really is a miracle for appetite boosting. I am glad you are home too.
    New shows… hm, I really am bad– recording several and if the reviews stay good may watch them. I had 2 shows last year, complete series, that I deleted because they were cancelled or the first one didn’t interest me. Saved a lot of time watching week after week. OTOH I taped all of Burning Skies and loved it. I have already decided no to Alphas. Boring. Couldn’t pay me to watch Charlie’s Angels or the Playboy thing. But Terra Nova and Ringer look good.

  3. drats…that was supposet to be….Herr Ruemelin!
    give me a Gibbs style head slap…sigh.

  4. no new shows that stand out so far this season. Still a few more that haven’t aired yet though, but i’m not expecting a whole lot.

  5. I really enjoyed Person of Interest. Prime Suspect, not so much. The new sitcoms I’ve seen are nothing new so far.

    Everything else I’m watching are returning series (Community, Good Wife, etc).

  6. Hi there!
    You look very happy to be back home (Van.). Glad for you.
    To answer your question, I’m watching Fringe and Warehouse 13. It’ good but not as good as Stargate and Farscape. It’s different! This summer I watched Game of thones, it’s great.

    PS: Sorry for my mistakes in english.

  7. Hi Joe! I think most of us figured out you’d taken two dogs home, etc.! That said, I’m glad you’re home, but especially happy for the dogs. 🙂 I think I can safely say that many of us on this blog feel your relief! Enjoy your day and much love to Max!

  8. It’s always good to be home, especially when home is Vancouver 😀
    I don’t know how you managed it, with no decent sushi places, all this time. I think I would have lost my mind. I hope being home again is good for Max!

  9. Well congrats on being back home…and glad to hear Maximus is eating again 🙂

    As for fall TV, I have to say that I really enjoyed the pilot of Pan-Am. More than I thought I would.

    Ringer’s ok, but I’m not sure if it’s got legs.

    We laughed a lot during the first ep of The New Girl. Haven’t watched ep 2 yet.

  10. Joe – I’m sure you are happy to be home. I certainly would be.

    When it comes to recommending TV shows, I usually am very hesitant because tastes vary so greatly. However, I am quite confident in this one: New Girl on FOX. Zooey Deschanel has created a quirky, yet believable character. Then again, perhaps I’m biased due to the fact that she played Trillian in the ill-fated Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie where she played the character in a way that fit with my own imaginings from reading the 5 book trilogy.

    As for other shows, Unforgettable looks like it could be ok for procedural fans, but the character development seemed a little stilted in the pilot. 2 Shows that have premiered that I haven’t had a chance to watch yet that I am looking forward to are Pan Am and Prime Suspect. I’m hoping for quality from productions that Christina Ricci and Maria Bello have chosen for their first ventures as TV leads.

    One show I’d also suggest watching, if only for laughs, is Terra Nova. The pilot reminded me of past Network Sci-Fi failures like Earth2 and Seaquest. Based on the pilot, look forward to teen angst and rebellion against authority.

    Good luck with Max. Losing a pet sucks. (Massive understatement) I was quite distraught when I lost my companion Bear that would guard me while sleeping, go for walks without a leash, and play fetch with me. The odd thing is that he was a cat. 😉

  11. {{{hugs}}} for Maximus. Glad he’s eating. My stomach began to growl just reading the names of the gelatos. Congratulations to James, and best of luck next year in the World Cup of Gelato. I will stop by James’ shop if I ever get to Vancouver. The new television season? I like the first episode of “Terra Nova.” I haven’t seen many other new series. I keep forgetting to watch most of the new shows. It’s been a crazy time for me.

  12. Firstly, and most importantly, I am SO glad you are back home with your friends, your love, and your babies, and I am also SO glad you didn’t announce your plans because it saved me a lot of worry. 😛

    Secondly, and this is where you start banning me from your blog…I have to say something in Vick’s defense. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not totally sold on the guy, but I have also heard both sides of the story, as it were.

    Vick grew up around a culture where dog fighting and killing were the norm. This is similar to people who grow up with cock fighting and find it perfectly normal. To them, it’s no different from the sports hunter who kills a deer just for its rack, or the farmer who slaughters animals so we can eat. Animal sport is very normal Vick engaged in a practice that was ‘normal’, to him, and to those he associated with.

    Then he went to prison. Then he was educated that what he did was wrong, and he has said so many times. He said he now understands such brutality was not ‘normal’. Of course, he could be full of shit, but you know me, Joe…I believe in redemption. He has worked hard – and humbly – to educate people about animal abuse. Yes, it could all be a smoke screen, but I have to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Why? Because, in the end, he only killed dogs. I know, you hate me right now, Joe, but there are murderers of human beings who are not getting as much hate as Vick has gotten, and continues to get. There is some sort of freaky moral imbalance going on when people have more hate for a football player who killed dogs than they do for a football player (Donte Stallworth) who killed a human being while driving under the influence, or a football player (Rae Carruth) who plotted the murder of his girlfriend.

    Yes, Vick did wrong, and he paid the price. He no longer supports that which he thought was okay to do. Because I can’t see into his heart, I can only hope that his reformation is real. I have to give him the benefit of the doubt because I do believe people can change. I also have to give him the benefit of the doubt because he has sought forgiveness, and I’m a sinner and I need forgiveness every day, too. I mean, I can screw up bad sometimes. 😛 So I don’t want to be the pot to his kettle, especially if his change of attitude is genuine.

    Lastly, as far as Vick’s whining about the hit, he – unlike most football players I’ve seen – has apologized for that, basically admitting that he was out of line. Sure, maybe someone told him to say that, but I’ve seen enough from gridiron players to know that humble pie is not their choice dessert.

    Of course, you are free to continue to feel however you want to feel about Vick. But I just think the hate needs to be put into perspective. I detested the guy when all of this first happened, and I was not happy with him coming to Philly (even though I hate football and only ‘follow’ the game on the local news reports), but I think the Vick hate has gone way beyond what is healthy (this is based on Eagles ‘fans’ who were gloating over his hand injury to a malicious degree). And I guess it’s the intense Vick hate that has made me listen to his side of the story, and that has helped my opinions of him soften a bit. Am I a Vick fan? By no means. But I am not a Vick hater, either.


  13. Blah. Third paragraph line should have been ‘animal sport is very normal in some cultures’, etc… I must’ve cut it off by accident.


  14. Welcome back home guys!

    Even as an Eagles fan, I’m very pleased any time Vick gets the shit kicked out of him, or feels the sharp talons of karma. I poked a bit of fun at my friends on Facebook when I posed the question: “I wonder if Vick is worried that he’ll be hung from a tree and killed since he’s been injured.” Good times. Good times.

    I watched the series premier of “Terra Nova” (FOX) last night and really enjoyed it. I think it’s got a lot of potential.

  15. Glad you are back home. I know what you mean about 2011 being a very very very strange year, and we’re still trying to get back to some form of normalcy while adjusting to a new town. I might have to try that book out. I’ll check and see if it’s at my library. Oh, and as far as tv shows go, I really enjoyed Terra Nova the other night.

    Hope you have a great day!!!!!

  16. I have to say that I’m pleased to hear that you, Akemi and special furballs have finally “landed”. I’m sure it won’t take long to settle in your home. So sorry to hear about Maximus. I expect that it’s going to be a roller coaster for you all in that any little whine or subtle change in him will set the flags flying. I know it’s so hard.

    My job is demanding my time more and more and I’m unable to join the crowd on this blog and write regularly, but please know that I’m thinking of you and of the others who are going through hard times. Life sucks sometimes and it would be nice to get into bed and pull the covers over your head for a good year. I’m so tired of the worry myself, but I know that there are people who are going through much worse…

    Take care

  17. There’s no place like home, Joe. Glad you’re back.

    Hugs to Maximus too.


  18. There is nothing – NOTHING – better than dark chocolate gelato. Do you think he would ship some to the States? It’s going to be 97 degrees here tomorrow and I could really use some.

    Happy to hear Vancouver is good for Maximus. Hope he continues to improve.

  19. Well Joe, those three clicks of the ruby red slippers did their job. You are now home among friends, family and loved ones. Best of luck as you relax and reconnect. I suspect good times are coming your way. You deserve it.

    New TV shows: Terra Nova – looking forward to its potential. New Girl – quirky, will see if it holds up. Unforgettable – interesting premise. Prime Suspect – so far so good.

    Have a great day everyone!
    Patty O

  20. Respekt!

    Does he have time between rewrites to read our encouragement?

    I knew I would like a guy who wears flannel shirts and doesn’t refuse bad pasta. And doesn’t need no stinkin’ hearing protection. Alex reminds me of my beloved hillbilly relatives.

  21. Welcome home!

    I’ve really enjoyed “Person of Interest” so far. Prime Suspect and Unforgettable were fairly forgettable to me, although my husband likes the lead character in Prime Suspect.

    Enjoy your down time. With the way life keeps throwing you new projects, you better take it while you can.

  22. Having been through the pain of losing pets before I know how much it sucks. At least over there I have noticed a better standard of care for them. More treatment options. Here in Ireland when a pet is diagnosed with cancer there is little option but putting them to sleep. I hope Maximus holds out for some time yet. He sounds like a very spirited dog.

    As for shows, the only new one I have seen so far is Person of Interest. From the premiere I think it will be good, especially with Michael Emmerson playing his typically morally ambiguos character.

  23. There’s no place like home! 🙂

    Recs for new series: Eh, just stick with your old ones. 🙁 Two eps in on Unforgettable, and the main character is fast becoming Unwatchable. Person of Interest is too predictable to be all that interesting. And Terra Nova – geez, where to start? Hey, I enjoy cheezy sci-fi (obviously), but TN doesn’t have the fun of Stargate or Star Trek to carry the cheeze. I also enjoy serious sci-fi, but TN thinks “serious” = “ponderous”, “self-important” and “humorless”. I can enjoy an anti-hero, but not a brainless twit. So right now I’m rooting for the dinosaurs. Everyone but Agriculture Guy and Orphan Girl can go get et. (And she’s on probation.)

    I’ll give ’em another ep in the hope for improvement, but signs are not good.

    Are you watching Fringe? Why not? It’s AWESOME!

  24. Das: I hear what you are saying about Vick. Dog fighting/cock fighting are considered “normal” but they still know it’s illegal. That being stated, there are reasons why the NFL is known here as the “National Felons League”. Vick is no worse than any of the others but I wouldn’t go so far as to suggested he is “educated” about dog abuse. There is a big subculture in the South that thinks animal are…..irrelevant, disposable and etc. I’m sure most of his family/friends are telling him what a farce the whole fiasco was. Vick is not the devil, though. I would take Vick over Roethlisberger ANY DAY!
    Did you see the news story about the Ex-NBA player involved in a drive by shooting? A tragic way to end up after having so much.

    I’m glad you are all home safe, Mr. M. I’ve been asking my vet sources about that vaccine. They have heard excellent news about the vaccine’s results IF the tumor is completely excised. They are not sure what will happen if the tumor is left in place. I’m glad you chose not to do that radical surgery on Max. In my view, you have been exemplary in your treatment choices. Sending hugs to the little guy!

    I hope all of you can fit in a nap in the next few days!!!

    An interesting thing happened at the humane society today. I’m technically supposed to be taking care of the cats but when I get there early, I let the inside dogs outside in the play area. The play area has some large dog cages (8 x 10 heavy duty wire) for the larger dogs. I let out a submissive, small pit-bull mix named “Bambi” and when I went to get her back in, she was gone! I found her in a large dog cage with two curious German Shepherd mixes. I don’t know how she got in there. The walls of the cage are, at least, 7 feet tall. The gate was secure. I managed to get her out of the cage without a dog fight. They have padlocks on the gates and I don’t have a key. Just luck that I managed to get her out of there at all. Whew! That could have been bad. You can imagine the note I put on Bambi’s cage!!!

  25. Sorry, I can’t recommend any NEW shows. But, here’s a list of the returning shows I’m enjoying or eagerly awaiting:

    Castle – I was afraid this show had lost its “funny” forever. But, Heroes and Villains (the second episode this season) had everything that was good about season 1.

    Psych – Here’s a show that breaks the Moonlighting curse. Two of the main characters get together and it’s still funny.

    Nikita – Love the pace of the show. Every time I think I’ve figured out what will happen, they speed things up. (I know it’s not much like the movie, but I still love both.)

    The Mentalist – Can’t find this one streaming so I have to wait for the DVD’s.

    Archer – Too funny.

    I’d suggest some new Sci-Fi for you, but there isn’t any. (You should fix that.)

  26. I’m glad Maximus is back on home turf and eating again; would a little Snoop-doggy-herb in his food help? I loathe all things drug-and-crack related but in the case of cancer it does boost appetite and ease pain. Last thing I read was American Vampire, my austerity plans has me holding off on books. The next thing I buy will be Dark Matter.

    I gotta disagree Das; people who fight dogs do it underground and illicitly because they know it’s illegal and that they’ll get in trouble if caught. They know it’s wrong and do it anyway. As a celebrity and supposed educated human Vick especially can’t claim innocence of the law or of the immorality of dog fighting. If he hadn’t been caught he’d still be fighting dogs, only he’d be on the Wheaties box..

  27. @Das: I will wholeheartedly disagree with every single point you’ve made about this sonofabitch. To claim that it’s a matter of “culture” is akin to my neighbor leaving her dogs outside in the 100+ degree heat with no water or shelter because “That’s the way we do in Texas.” or “That’s the way we do it in the country.” What country would this be? To say that he “only” killed dogs is saying that somehow, you find this acceptable. Murder is murder. Are dogs, then, in your opinion, soulless creatures with no feelings? Do they not suffer? This is a man that went to Virginia Tech and was supposedly educated. If nothing else, he knew this was illegal. To knowingly engage in the abuse, torture and execution of these poor dogs is despicable, and there is NO excuse. I agree with Shiny – if he had not been caught he’d still be at it. Inasmuch as you’re willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, would you leave your pets with him? I doubt it. Animals have no voice, no vote, no recourse when they are being tortured. Some things are for G-d only to forgive, because the mere memory of the images of those poor animals will haunt me forever.

  28. Glad you’re home where you feel at home. Sometimes it takes being away to really appreciate what one has. Also glad to hear Max has perked up a bit, and all the other puppies did well on the trip.

    Okay, don’t even get me started on Vick, or this post would end up novella length. We were in Atlanta when he was the quarterback and all this happened. I have no respect for him whatsoever. He’s a thug, and he’s not reformed. I believe he is full of bs, and would do it again in a heartbeat. Even the rednecks in the South know it’s illegal to dog or cock fight even when they do it.

    I don’t think he was given enough time (yes, I know it was what the law said), and I don’t think he should have been allowed to play football again. Anyone remember Pete Rose? He’s still banned, and many other athletes have committed much worse crimes than his and are still playing their sports.

    TV — Haven’t checked out many of the new shows yet. Terra Nova was all right, as long as you don’t analyze it too deeply. I liked the adult characters and the premise but the focus on the teen characters is a bit much.

    The new Amazing Race has begun and Hawaii 5-0 has a couple of good new cast additions that have enhanced the show. David Hewlett’s movie, Morlocks, recently aired on Syfy. Hey, it’s a Syfy movie and it’s got David – great for a lazy Saturday afternoon viewing. I’m looking forward to Once Upon A Time… even if it’s bad I’ll probably watch every episode.. cause, hey, it’s got Robert Carlyle, as Rumplestiltskin, basically. And of course, I’ll be watching Sanctuary.

    Going back a few days — I don’t recall anything I’ve eaten that I don’t eat because I ate it till I got sick on it. There’s a few foods not allowed in the house because I will eat them till I’m sick… but that’s a different issue. But there are foods that I swore I would never eat again once I left my parents’ house including fried chicken livers – a Southern US delicacy. IMO, the only thing chicken liver is good for is catfish bait. (or any liver for that matter, even with Fava beans.) The other is also a Southern tradition known as beans n greens — Pinto beans with turnip greens, usually accompanied by a pan of cornbread. It’s considered a meal worth serving to guests. I wouldn’t serve it to pigs, except the cornbread.

  29. By the way, for anybody else here who’s in / near Chicago, we’ve got some really good gelato too, with more on the way.

    Jessica Oloroso’s Black Dog Gelato makes some fantastic stuff (

    A few weeks back, I went to dinner at Top Chef season 4 winner Stephanie Izard’s home for a charity event. Jessica brought gelato for dessert and they made some really great little gelato sundaes for us.

    If you have any interest in the food that Stephanie / her team / Jessica made for us, you can read about it here:

    As for the gelato that’s “on the way”, Tony Mantuano’s new place, Bar Toma, is going to be “gelato heaven” according to Chef Tony. I think it’s opening in the next couple of months.

  30. To Das. I started reading this blog because of SGU, and have kept it up for nearly three years, because Joe is funny and odd, yet generally upbeat on life, and the fact that he writes here EVERY DAY. Staggering.

    The only other thing I check for is your comment. Always genuine, well spoken and sharply observed, yet always falling to the kind side, even when it is sharp. I love you in a totally sympatico, non-weird, non-stalker way.

  31. Yes, that’s right. I’m finally back in beautiful Van.

    ~cheers and yippee’s~ 😀

    now don’t go leaving home again, joe, and that’s an order! 😛

    Is there a new show out there that you, my dear readers, would recommend? Let me know.

    i’m going to try ‘once upon a time’. the premise sounds really interesting, and if i’m remembering right, it’s done by the guys that did Lost. ’nuff said. :p

    i’m glad you’re back home, in wonderful and beautiful and did i mention wonderful vanvouver! 😉

    *hugs the mallozzi clan*

  32. Glad you’re back in happier surroundings, and that Max, the gang, and you, can enjoying sharing each others’ company while the big guy is still around. I’ll pit my Gelato Celeste against your place, but alas, it’s unlikely a comparison can ever be arranged. Or maybe it can be… too much on the table right now but maybe I can check into matters around Christmas.Enjoy the good air of the western coast. Still faithfully lurking.

  33. glad you’re back safe.

    i would like to have some good gelato. had some from a grocery store once & while it wasn’t terrible, i kept thinking it could be better.

    i’m not watching any of the new shows this fall. nothing interest me a whole lot. the amazing race just started up again on sunday, but i think i’m falling out of love with it.

  34. Welcome home Joe.

    Maybe you should just chill out for a while, and recharge those batteries.

    Hugs to Max.

  35. About the TV shows:

    Terra Nova: keep an eye on this. Although it has 4 times the budget SGU did, they still can not beat Mark Savela SFX ! (I am still furious at that Emmys scam btw) But Terra Nova is worth keeping an eye on. I love the daring move of the hero when passing the time gate!

    Breaking Bad: HOLY COW !! this is the awesome show I never saw coming. Very few folks followed the show from the beginning, and its always the same comment: Insanely surprising and good. You can not know what is going to happen. The characters are so tasty, so well written and acted. I didn’t have fun watching a TV show like this since… SGU 😉

    Game of Thrones: at first impossible to not compare it to Lord of the Rings, but then it becomes more of a political intrigue story, not without recalling Dune and the war between the Houses. Very interesting. The introduction CGI is remarkable.

    Alphas: a new syfy low budget show. Surprisingly good because it’s not too pretending, just the right tone. The writing is also well toned, the characters are complementary of each other. Some call the show a cheap X-men version, but I disagree. There is often the ‘villain(s) of the week’ that is used as an excuse for the week’s episode. Again it works because in spite of a low budget, the show is well acted and not too pretending, perfect for a casual audience.

    Doctor Who 2011: Unequal episodes. Some are awesome, some are just forgettable.

    Falling Skies: personally I think its a flop. The story is too basic. The aliens are barely present and their design is laughable. It feels like desperate housewives AND aliens (sometimes).

    Primeval : such a good S5 but OMG 5 episodes ?? its so short !!

    Torchwood (US Version). Pooh pooh pooh pooh and gay sex. Sorry but the show lost its soul by going onto Showtime. It’s worth crap. Badly written, not so well acted, badly directed. Moving the production was a major mistake, and I hope they don’t bring it back. S3 and S4 were so good and S5 is so bad.

    True Blood: hahahahaha they keep adding archetypes. Vampires and Werewolves and now warlocks and latino daemon? At least no one can’t say they surf on the Twilight hype now 😛 But it is very entertaining, I enjoyed it, though some twists and scenes are just laughable and ridiculous.

    Eureka: I like it a lot. En route to Titan !!

    Warehouse13: much better than last season. I know its casual, but it was better than before.

    Fringe: YES YES YES !!! that is just an awesome daring show. I wouldn’t have bet on it on its first episodes, but it’s going really well with a complex and nice story. Pay attention to the color and texts of the introduction credits because they tell you if it happens in our universe (blue) the other parallel universe (red) or the past (white and 80s music) or even now the new ‘merged’ reality (yellow/metal).

  36. TashaT writes: I love you in a totally sympatico, non-weird, non-stalker way.

    In a totally non-weird way?



    (And thank you for your kind words. 🙂 )


  37. Congratulations on being back home!

    “I am, however, enjoying the hell out of Helen Simonson’s Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand. Anyone else read it?”

    ‘Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand’ was wonderful; it reminded me of one of my favorite books — ‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society’ by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. They both seem to have a ‘warm’ tone, for lack a better description, that makes you want to share them with another person.

    If you read ‘historical’ at all — ‘A Thread of Grace’ by Mary Doria Russell is an amazing story about the Italian Resistance in WWII. She’s actually written some science fiction, but I haven’t gotten to that yet — so many books, so little time! 😉


  38. A hearty welcome home to you all.:D I hope the familiar,warm, home surroundings are a comfort to everyone and especially to Max. He’s such a brave little trooper.

    So, when are you peeking in on ReFuel?

    Take good care and happy dreams,

  39. Glad you’re re-settling!

    Shows enjoyed at our house:
    Storage Wars, A&E
    Project Runway, Lifetime
    Castle, ABC

    Pan Am? Giving it a chance, as my dad was a commercial pilot in that era and we knew several others. Had to smile at the major inaccuracies; the guy playing the captain, for example, is FAR too young for his rank and assignment. I understand one of the producers WAS a PAA flight attendant, so I’m reserving judgment.

    BTW, the “DC-6” aircraft used as a huge prop in the pilot? It’s a restored Eastern Airlines DC-7B owned by the Historical Flight Foundation (Google it).

  40. WARNING: I am sitting out on my back patio with the benefit of my dictionary. If I spell anything wrong hopefully your brains will automatically correct it. If not, just go with the flow, okay? Okay!

    Joe your blog today was just as good as ever. Ramble? That’s all I ever do in my comments, so I wouldn’t notice if you did it. Glad Max is eating again. Maybe it was just the anticipation of something going to happen that made him nervous.

    What do you mean by “I’m not wholly convinced I’m here to stay.” ?? Take it easy for a while. You could be a sous chef once a week or once a month for the fun of it and to learn. Plus it could supplement your income – what a minute – it would be your income! Excuse me now, I must have a word with Miss Das…

    @ Das – Hey! I haven’t seen you this riled up since you were defending the Wraith a few years ago. Like others have said, dog fighting and cock fighting is iilligal. Everyone who does it, knows it. They hide their fighting arenas from the police and general pubic so no one tells on them. Vick ain’t stupid. He knew what he was doing. He is a criminal. Period. If his family did that to dogs, then he comes from a criminal background. Deni’s post almost made me cry. How could anyone treat an animal like he treated those dogs? God said we are to take care of the animals on this world. We can kill for food, but otherwise they are his creations just like humans. God will be Vick’s ultimate judge, but that doesn’t mean I have to like him. I think he is being a “yes man” right now. He is trying to do and say what everyone wants. Why? Money honey. Football needs to man up and clean house! Surely there is talented men out there wanting to play football and who aren’t the devil’s handyman.

  41. How about viewing both seasons of SGU, and see if you would change anything about the series. Look at it from a fan’s perspective and from a producer’s perspective. That’s kind of like reviewing your own work.

    Im not saying SGU was bad, but I am saying first season was way too slow. Now that you arent doing SGU perhaps you could give a better perspective by viewing the episodes again.

  42. Glad you’re back in Vancouver, Joe. Your question about TV shows reminded me of the season opener of CSI Miami that I caught briefly a few days ago. Watching it, I screamed “Hey, that’s from Stargate Atlantis!”

    The CSI episode opened with David Caruso’s character having lunch in a restaurant with a woman who I guess is his lady friend (I don’t normally watch the show, so I have no idea who she was). But they were all soft-talking and goo-goo eyed. Then he seems to be in pain and he looks down at his shirt and blood starts to stain his shirt. Turns out it’s a dream and he’s really laying somewhere bleeding – I guess because he got shot. And his lady friend is actually in danger, about to die, and she starts telling him he has to get up so he can save her. If you ask me, an obvious rip off of the Season Five opener of SGA, which opens with John and Teyla having a candlelight dinner, and then John looks down as blood stains his shirt because he’s actually trapped in rubble of Michael’s lair with a piece of metal in his side.

    But then I wondered if it was the CSI writers nod to the SGA “Vegas” episode, also known as CSI Atlantis. 🙂

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