As far as years go, I’ve had better.  Admittedly, it’s been a rough 2011 for me and, while there’s a lot I WON’T miss about Toronto, there are a few things I will. At the very top of the list, is these two –

Meeting and getting to know Sarah and Alexander has been THE best thing about my time here in Toronto.  In a future blog entry, I’ll go into great detail about how, going into this recent job, I fully expected NOT to get along with Alex – only to be impressed by his talent and then completely won over by his “unique” personality.  But, for today, since it’s getting late and I still have packing to do, I leave you with pics of tonight’s outing.  Dinner at Buca…

Nodini: warm bread knots with olive oil, rosemary, garlic, and sea salt.

Cervello: lamb brains alla saltimbocco with sicilian caper agliata.

Sarah enjoys un beau verre de vin.
Alexander asks: "What're YOU lookin' at?"

Akemi - our designated pizza cutter.

Look at these two lovable kids!

 Akemi and I are going to miss these two – but hopefully not for too long.  There’s a guest room awaiting them in Vancouver.

18 thoughts on “September 26, 2011: The Final Goodbye Dinner!

  1. Ever since you first started “talking and showing” Alex in the blog, it has been a joy to try to see/read his expressions – priceless. Again, good friends, good food – great memories. See you on the flip flop – back in the west.
    Hope you have all your puppies in tow, cannot leave any one of them behind, you know.

  2. Aww, looks like a nice dinner with some good friends. Well, except for the lamb brains. Don’t really care for the sound of that!

    Are you doing the same flying procedure with the pugs as you used going to Toronto? Hopefully everyone makes it there okay.

  3. Yummy, yummy food, and good times all around. I felt that way as we made our most recent moves. Hope the trip back to Vancouver goes well!

    Have a great day!!!!!

  4. Meeting new friends can make the bad times seem worthwhile–glad something good came out of your time in Toronto. Plus, I’ve enjoyed Alexander’s guest starring roles in the blog. Looking forward to his and Sarah’s visit to Vancouver!

  5. Aw looks like you all are having fun. Friends and Food pictures,yum. Hope the weather is a bit warmer for you in Vancouver(when u return home to stay), I am not a big fan of sn**. mostly the driving in it. Is that really scissors to cut that pizza, how cool! Give the pups a hug for me, and have a wonderful day!

  6. I second the awful 2011 thing, but its great that you took the plunge on Transporter; you put off your Year of Joe for it, but now you and Paul have yet another cool show to your resume and you’ve made wonderful friends! It is like you’re coming home from camp; you were homesick, thought you’d never find decent food, then made wonderful friends, and you’re glad to be home but also glad you went.

    BTW really enjoyed Joe Flannigan’s bug eyed stare on Fringe last week; he used his Conversion experience to channel his zombie shifter character.

    On to the next adventure! Any chance of a Dark Matter video game? Sorry if I already asked the question. I’m a fan of the Alias video game and now of Jane Jensen’s work, just finished her Gray Matter and it was terrific.

  7. I can see why Buca is Jewel’s favorite resturant in Toronto. That Nodini looks very yummy!

    Have a good trip!

  8. You could always smoooosh Sarah and Alexander into a suitcase and take them to Vancouver with you. Just make sure you give ’em air holes!


  9. Indeed, travel safely and find time for a blog where you tell us why you traveled back west for a day and when you are moving— seems immediately? You know we like warnings and time lines, yes? Oh and if we ever meet and have dinner, I’ll let you have any brains, tongues, eyeballs, intestines and most other organs. I am generous that way.

  10. Joe,

    Here’s a thought for ya:

    Do you think FTL or time travel might become a reality or are you siding with the notion of the faster than light muon neutrinos being a fluke?

    Here are some interesting things I found and compiled over at my blog:

    I believe it’s possible, yet I also am inclined to believe that the 9/22 announcement from CERN is a fluke and that the day we discover true FTL is yet to come.

    As for time travel, well, unless our understanding of physics is turned upside-down by confirmation from other labs of 9/22 finding, then it’s safe to say that traveling back in time could become a reality… in, say… a gazillion years. But by then all people will have to do is travel back to 9/22 and tell the folks at CERN that it’s the real deal. But, wait a sec, according to some theories, traveling back in time creates a new “stream” of events. Right? 😉


    …well, we may never know.

    Another article:


  11. Is this the final ‘final’ goodbye dinner? Hey…any excuse to eat out right? 😉 Those garlic knots look scrumptious.

    Lamb brains??? >.< Think I'll pass.

    That dessert looks scrumptious as well. Looks like pancakes with vanilla ice cream. 🙂

    For mailbag….

    Have you watched Terra Nova? What's your take on it?

  12. Oh my gosh that bread looks to die for!!! Then scroll down to the next picture and gross! lamb brains. What’d ya go and ruin it for!

    Agree with Sylvia. I’ve really enjoyed Alex too. I will miss him. Can’t wait to hear the stories about him. His “unique”-ness has shown thru on your blog.

    I guess professional Mallozzi dog sitter Lawren has 2 of your babies back home in Vancouver and you’ll be bringing the other 2 back this trip. Good idea to get it done quickly. Just hard on the “rear-end” sitting through all the air miles.

  13. Oh, and also, that last picture brought a tear to my eye. I’m such a sap for goodbyes.

    Hey! Wait a minute! Alex is smiling in that picture. Awe, how cute…

  14. @Dr. D/Sean:

    But, wait a sec, according to some theories, traveling back in time creates a new “stream” of events. Right?

    Sounds like the Multiverse theory; but there maybe problems with that: 😉

    Or it could be like a “reset” such as in Stargate Continuum (or James P. Hogan’s “Thrice upon a time”). Of course causality becomes a problem…

    I think I’ll stop there before I give myself a headache!

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