Dinner last night…

Tonight’s dinner..

Chef Jane
Heirloom tomato salad. So sweet, it was like eating candy. NATURE’S CANDY!
Walla Walla Onion Risotto
Short Ribs

Back on the west coast tonight, then back to the east coast tomorrow morning!

Pleased to report that, while their General Manager was flying the friendly skies, the Snow Monkeys clawed their way to a 2-1 recrod following a close shave 0.64 victory over the Autodrafts.   Bamboo leaves for everyone!

23 thoughts on “September 25, 2011: From East to West!

  1. Ahem…
    September 26, 2011: From East to West!
    September 25, 2011

    I hope you don’t think that by posting when it is still the 25th on the West coast that you can count it for the 25th and 26th?
    And why are you there for a one day trip? … Tease.

  2. Are you doing your 2-flight transfer of the puppies back to Vancouver? Did Maximus and Jelly fly home first? Hugs to all and safe travel for flight #2!

  3. …at least, I’m assuming that’s a snow monkey. It’s hard to tell with, you know, the hat and outfit. 😉

  4. Congrats on the fantasy football win! If you remember my previous posts about who I have on my team, then you know the forgone conclusion of my victory as well. People always giggle when I either draft Wes Welker early or make him one of my keepers in my keeper league. Where are the scoffers now? He had 16 catches for 217 yards with two TDs. Those are insane numbers! In one league, he had 48 points, in my other league, he had 55 points!

    Cracks me up everytime! Literally. I laugh out loud when he has days like this.

  5. Joe I am glad to see you are eating, I was worried about you. Was Lawren glad to see you, is the house ready for your return. The heirloom tomato looks delicious, I am trying my fall planting of tomatoes now here in Fl. Thanks for sharing. Go Snow Monkeys!!

  6. Last week went by in a whirlwind! I enjoyed reading about your dinners. You had some good pictures of everyone in the last few days, also.

    Those cupcakes looked very tasty. I suppose I’m in the minority because I like less icing and more cake. My hubby and I have an understanding about cupcakes; he eats the icing and I eat the cake. It works for us.

    As for foods that I despise/makes me sick:

    Hominy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hominy If you’ve never had hominy, count yourself lucky. It used to be served in our school cafeteria and even though it’s been years, I still despise the stuff!
    The other food I hate is a food combination that my hubby loves to stink up the house with, chili and parmesan cheese. I’m talking A LOT of parmesan per bowl of chili, around 1 cup of parmesan! It smells totally disgusting!

    Sending hugs to Max and Jelly. Ok, hugs to all the rest too, please and Thank you!

  7. Ooooh?! Who is the friend? Nah rahk mahk-very nice. Tomato salad, something so simple, something so good. I believe I owe you an apology. I questioned your choice of A. Peterson as a member of the team Snow Monkeys. He has shown to be very productive in spite of the team surrounding him. A genius sees too soon while the fool see to late.

  8. If the SM’s won, why is that monkey looking so shaggy and wet? You need a “triumphant Snow Monkey” pic; surely league managers are allowed excessive celebrations without fear of penalties and fines?

    Those short ribs look otherwordly but delicious. Yay for Lawren and Vancouver, see? Toronto wasn’t so bad was it?

    Meanwhile just read today that Pitt is leaving the Big East for the ACC, I mean really, the Ack? Sheesh. It’s just embarrassing, first they screw the coaches and now mess with the conference. I have to go to my happy place, this is all too upsetting.

  9. Hi Joe

    Was just watching re runs of Atlantis on Space, and Aurora was on. I was just wondering if yourself or anyone else on the writing/producing team talked about what the “secret communique” and the weakness In wraith technology was?

    Thanks Joe, an welcome back to the west coast! Sorry to see it’s so stormy on your first day back!

  10. As you cross the continent again and gain…you’re gonna have at least one but more likely many welcome home dinners. Great to see Lawren and Fondy. Guessing you had your dinner at Refuel? Well, whereever, the food looks wonderful. And we wait for your next travelogue.

  11. Im guessing Joe got an face-to-face meeting for a new project in Toronto. Odd why he didnt stay 2 days more rather than fly back and forth like this.

  12. Laaawren!! He’s looking good. I’m sure your house looked good too. Won’t it be nice to finally sit down, relax, and read (or write) a good book? Akemi should get a job working for an airline. As much as you fly she could save you some money. I bet they could use her Japanese language skills.

    @ Das – I am a purest. I’m with Mr Das and like my liverwurst with bread and mustard only. Why mess with a good thing?

  13. Just wondering, who was more happy?

    You back at Refuel again, or Refuel happier to have their best customer back?

  14. Joe, I’m watching Terra Nova right now. Um…STARGATE, anyone? Oh my heck!? Please tell me they had to pay some sort of royalties for…well…totally ripping off the SG wormhole!!?? ARGH!! (OK, I may be a bigger SG Geek than I’ve previously admitted…)

    As always, fangirling you from afar,

  15. Welcome back to the West Coast (if only for a day).
    Saw this article about anti-cancer vaccines in the new issue of “Scientific American” and thought of Maximus. Sydney Cat and I have paws and fingers (respectively) crossed for his treatment.
    (You can’t see the whole article online unless you buy the digital issue, but you can at least see the introduction.)
    – KB

  16. Coucou 🙂 Comment ça va ? moi très bien, il fait tellement beau et chaud à Paris en ce moment!

    Lol à chaque fois que je viens sur votre blog il y’a de la nourriture, mais combient de fois par semaine vous allez au restaurant? ^^

    Dans 3 semaine je vais faire une convention à Marseilles où je vais rencontrer Joe Flanigan ,Torri Higginson,Paul Mcgillion,Dan Payne,Ryan Robbins,Robin Dunne & Rekha Sharma …ça va être génial! je suis impatiente!

    Bonne journée, bisou 🙂

  17. @LuvnJack yep, Terra Nova was so Atlantis, down to the one way trip. Except with a family of really annoying kids instead of cool soldiers and scientists. I can see why there were so few kids on Atlantis, yeesh. We’ve decided to just call it Dinotopia. Much as we ragged on it we ended up watching the whole thing, argh. I just hope the dinos get to dine on humans every week; instead of killing off annoying characters just feed ’em to the dinos.

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