I’m not the only who’s enjoying the time off.  My dogs seem to be having a grand old time at mom’s place, making the most of her comfy couches…

Lulu finds that cats make the best head rests.
Bubba enjoys some long overdue R&R.

Today, we headed east to pay a visit to my Auntie Jeanette.  At 93, she’s still as chatty as ever.  I remember, back when my grandmother was still alive (my grandmother who lived to 112 by the way), my aunt used to pick up her meds for her.  One day, when she went by the pharmacy for a pick-up, the pharmacist handed her the meds and started giving her very specific instructions: “Now, when you take these pills, you have to take them with food – ”

“Oh, they’re not for me,”my aunt informed him.  “They’re for my mother.”

“Sure they are,”said the pharmacist, no doubt assuming my elderly aunt had lost her mind.  “They’re for your mother…”

Auntie Jeanette always comes armed with a story about a friend of a friend of some friend...
Akemi does the rounds.

We had dinner reservations at my fave Montreal restaurant, Au Pied de Cochon.  But we got downtown early to hit a few places: Fouvrac (where I picked up some maple chocolate), Rhubarbe (a little pasty shop where we enjoyed a buttery mille-feuille), and Point G (where I had a terrific pistachio macaron – and bought a half dozen for good measure).

Me and my macarons.

And then, it was dinner time!

Sis and Daisy
The crosmesquis with their liquid center foie gras.
Foie gras poutine.
Sushi Cake: scallops, tuna, tobiko, avocado, cucumber, and nori. Not the type of dish I'd think to order here - it was Akemi's choice - but it was surprisingly good (although a little heavy on the mayo).
My sister and I split the confit pig's head. Okay, but it didn't come close to the Refuel version I enjoyed last year.

I was really looking forward to the Pouding de Chomeur for dessert – only to be told it wasn’t on the menu.  Apparently, the restaurant uses their own maple syrup for the dish and, since they were out of their own maple syrup, they elected not to take it off the menu.  Very disappointing.  Their pecan pie for 2 was fine, but their lemon meringue tart was another pleasant surprise.

And tomorrow, we’re Toronto-bound.  A big week lies ahead: Jelly goes in for her stem cell booster, Maximus goes in for his anti-cancer vaccine, and we bid a fond see-you-later to Carl who wraps up his Toronto stint on Friday.

22 thoughts on “September 18, 2011: Dogs on vacation! My Auntie Jeanette! Sampling Montreal’s finest! Au Pied de Cochon!

  1. If you can prove she lived til 122, you really need to submit it as the oldest proven was a Jean Calmet who lived to 122 yrs, 164 days. Next oldest documented only made it to 119. Proving your grandmother would be a great fun for all the grand kids, great grands, etc!
    Glad you are having a relaxing time. You needed it.
    Tell Lulu she is really truly pushing her “guest” status with the cat.

  2. Have to say, I love “traveling” with you. Good times. Good friends. And, of couse good food. Now that I have tried foie gras and like it, gotta say the poutine with foie gras looks good as do the foie gras ball things. Now I’m hungry again…sigh.

    Great story about the meds. and Auntie Jeanette looks much more spry than I do and I’m quite a bit younger. hmmmm. And, what is the secret of her youth and energy?

    Love the pix of the lil ones. Poor baby looks rather tired. Home she is feeling better. Now to go grazeing for food.

  3. Looks like you’re having all kinds of fun–and the food looks wonderful!!!!

    Oh, and Sunday nights here are fun now because the local tv station has a SGU/Atlantis/SG1 marathon. My younger son asked tonight if these were new episodes, and I said no, but I still wanted to watch. He didn’t like losing the tv (we only have one right now), and after he left the room, hubby told me to tell him that they were ALL new. LOL

    Have a great evening!!!!

  4. Oh how nice, love the dogs, yum food and macarons. Auntie Jeanette certainly does not look 93, she looks great! So glad you have gotten time to spend with family, before you head back to Van. Hoping good news for Max. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love the sweater your Aunt Jeanette is wearing! She looks so pretty in it too!

  6. So glad you are feeling relaxed again. I didn’t do too much today. Moved from my bed, took a shower, went back to my bed, etc. I did way too much I think this past week. My stamina was low when all this stuff started this summer. It’s going to take that much longer to try to rebuild it. And I head to North Carolina Oct 6 to see my sister — it’s been at least 5 maybe even 6 years since I’ve seen her in person. It willl be a short trip, but that will take something out of me as well (air travel does suck the life out of you, doesn’t it)? Heard Mark Savela & team did not win their Emmy (lost to Boardwalk Empire, which surprised me. I thought if they were going to lose, it would have been to Game of Thrones.

  7. Yeah…I thought you were being a smart ass and I totally got poutine mixed up with poontang (Damn, you, Ted Nugent!). 😛 😛 😛

    I’ve never heard of poutine before, so I googled it. Interesting. Here in the States we have ‘loaded’ fries (they go by different names, depending on the restaurant). Loaded fries are french fries, jalapeno peppers, fresh crumbled bacon bits, green onions, and loads of fresh grated cheddar cheese melted all over (with some variations). Basically, it’s the best heart attack waiting to happen you will ever eat! DElicious!


  8. Ooh, hi Auntie! Looking lovely! I see an alarm bracelet, good move.

    Ah, LuLu and Baby, so cute.

    Maple chocolate? MAPLE chocolate?! Where’s my passport? I am so going shopping.

  9. SO yesterday I commented on how I thought it was cute that Lulu was protective of Baby, now I see she is taking advantage of the situation and using Baby as a pillow…although she could still potentially protect Baby…

    I tried “real” (non coconut) macarons for the first time the other week and they were very yummy. I had a rasberry one & a lemon one. Brought a couple other kinds home for the family to choose over and my sister first turned them down because she thought they had coconut in them and she dislikes coconut. She tried them and also loved them.

    What will Carl be up to after Friday? Is he heading also to Vancouver or elsewhere?

  10. Joe

    Has somebody attacked Baby with some hair clippers? He looks all like a lion – all fluffy at the head end and not much anywhere else.

    Auntie Jeanette looks/sounds like fun.

    I hope that Maximus is feeling well – and that the treatment is having a positive effect on his health.

    Does your mother have two dogs and one cat – if not I wonder where that thought came from! Your sister has two – the husky with blue eyes and A.N. OTHER

    Susan TTT – The Tartan Terror

  11. Hi Mr M!

    Catching up on the blog. Is it just me or does that pic of Uncle Vic remind anyone else of Bob Picardo?

    Best from a very rainy/wet Ireland.


  12. Hello Joe,

    It’s been a while since I am not come to disturb you! =)

    Let me ask you a question:

    – Do you know what the staff are doing Stargate since the end of the series?

    (PS: looking forward to “Le Transporteur”!) => in france, it’s M6 ?

    Thank you !

  13. Looks like the puppies are having a great time. Loved the pics of your mom and Akemi cooking together. Glad everything is working out for Akemi’s visa.

    We have made a wonderful chocolate discovery in Frisco, Tx. A place called the Sublime Chocolate Bar, and it is aptly named. Their specialty is their “sipping chocolate” which is like an expresso version of hot chocolate. They also have handmade chocolates — favorites include the Honey Caramel with Hawaiian Sea Salt and their Maple Cream-filled with Dark Chocolate. Had one called a Soyakoze, very interesting flavor, but delicious — coconut, mango and curry — but it worked! Made fam take me for my birthday treat this weekend; I had the frozen dark hot chocolate.

    Great to see all your family and how well they’re all doing. I hope I do as well when I’m older. At least you know you have good aging genes. 😉 Can I come over for dinner? Your mom’s cooking always looks so delectable.

    Hi mom and sis!

  14. That is a sweet picture of Baby and Lulu. Cats run a little hot (around 101 to 102.5F). Have you thought about a heating mat for the dogs? Baby is not going to be around forever.

    Thank you for sharing that story about your Aunt Jeanette! Great description, I can picture the pharmacist rolling his eyes. So Aunt Jeanette must be a hoot, right? I love listening to stories from the “older generation”. Life back then was so different.

    Remember you owe Akemi big time for making the family rounds! Of course the food might be payment enough.

    Have a good trip!

    PBmom: I hope you start feeling back to normal soon.

  15. Having lived so long and experienced so much as in change, does your Aunt have in-site as to what she finds best? Does she more fondly look back “in the Day”, or does she find contemporary times more gratifying (not sure that is the right word I am looking for)? I talked to my girlfriend, who is about our age, and she grow up using outhouses and kerosine lamps. What are some of your Aunt’s favorite stories?

    The food looks great, but sounds so different. It is not something I would knowingly order, except the macaroons. Ever think of setting up some sort of food tour?

  16. Hi,
    I love macarons and pistachio macarons are my favorite. Now you can find them almost everywhere (in France at least) it’s great. I had rhubarbe tart at lunch, it’s one of my favorite dessert too. I don’t know maple chocolat but sounds good.
    “Point G” what a name for a food shop!
    Your dogs look at ease, like at home.
    Have a safe trip back.

  17. Hi again Joe, random question:

    Do you use or know of any computer programs that help with organizing ideas for writing stories?

    I’ve been using my own system for my off-the-side fiction writing hobby but am curious to know about any software that makes that an easier process. Thanks!


  18. The macarons look tasty but I’m more interested in the waffle cookies in the shelf; are those stroopwafels? I’d move to Holland just to eat stroopwafels and black licorice all day.

    There is a cartoon brewing here; the story of a young pug named Lulu and the distringuished kitty who teaches Lulu how to be a proper young lady. Seriously reminds me of my grandmother teaching me that ladies always wear earrings and carry kerchiefs, when all I wanted were Batgirl boots.

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