A full day today.  Let the pictures tell the story…

Some of you have asked how all the dogs are getting along.  Well, I’m happy to report: “Great!”.  We adopted a go-slow approach, introducing members of my gang one at a time, starting best behaved to worst…

Maximus is by far the gentlest and easiest-going of the pack. He'll sniff a greeting, give a wag of his tail, and then be on his way - that's about as excited as he gets. He'll keep his cool in the face of even the barkingest of big dogs.
Lulu may be tough, but she's actually very sweet. Sure, she's interested in meeting other dogs, but her priority is sucking up to people in order to garner maximum attention. Good with other dogs but, surprisingly, prefers to stick with those she knows (ie. Bubba).
Jelly is the alpha female of the pack and likes to set the ground rules. She can be a bit bossy and likes to order the bigger dogs around, but shown proper deference, she is incredibly friendly.
The crazy one! When on leash, he'll put on the tough guy act, barking and howling at any dog in sight. Off-leash, he's a bit of a chicken - and fairly well-behaved if he sees that the rest of the pack are cool with the situation.

Anyway, yes, my dogs get along well with mom’s dogs and cat.  That being said, I don’t think Felix and Caramel are that enthusiastic about having guests.  They’re like the long-time members of a country club that’s opened its doors to riff-raff out-of-towners.  They prefer to spend much of their days upstairs on mom’s bed, leaving my gang the run of the downstairs.  And Baby cat.

Last night, Akemi stayed up late to assist mom in making pie and pasta…

Mom rolls out the dough.
She cuts up the dough into individual squares.
The dough squares are put through the pasta machine - stretched and flattened.
The sheets are used for the lasagna. Mom then shifts her focus to rolling her handmade orechiette.
And voila!
The finished dish!

Today was a family reunion of sorts as I got together with my cousins Paul and Marco (and uncle Vic) who I haven’t seen in almost seven years!

Cousins Paul and Marco. Both single, ladies.
Uncle Vic. Shades of a young Uncle Junior!
Paul mans the grill.
Friends visiting from Italy.
Marco and Akemi. BTW - Marco = HUGE Stargate fan. He was NOT very happy with SyFy's decision to cancel the show.
Me and the kids (Jake, Erica, and Logan - apparently named after a certain Uncanny team member).

We were so stuffed that Sis ended up canceling our dinner reservations.

Akemi gets a present from Sis.
And check out what Sis got me. Early birthday cufflinks. And not just any cufflnks. From left to right: Iron Man, Wolverine, Spiderman, and the Hulk.

Okay, equally big day tomorrow.  Off to get some sleep.  But first…

Today’s entry is dedicated to birthday gals Debra and Penny, and Daryl and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter who will be tasting bitter defeat at the claws of my fearsome Snow Monkeys tomorrow (and Monday night).

32 thoughts on “September 17, 2011: Okay, a lot to get through! Let’s get started…

  1. Everyone (including doggies) look like they’re having a great time – especially you! That pasta looks fabulous, watch out mom or the whole lot of us will be heading there for lunch. Love the cuff links.

  2. Oh Man! doggies, kitty, food, family and presents and eye candy(thanks). OK get some rest and do some more cool stuff tomorrow, and remember lots of pictures and sharing.

  3. Very cool family gathering. And, sir, you scored big time with the cufflinks…awesome. Now we wait to see if Akemi will share what goodies were in her gift bag.

    Awwww, all the poochie pix…nice.
    And, mom in the kitchen with all the hand made stuff. Looks yummy.

  4. I thought maybe you were going to the Comic Con in Montreal – Gail Simone will be there (I think…I’m pretty sure…).

    You have a lovely family – and friends. Uncle Vic looks just like Phil Silvers (yes, I am dating myself here). Andy why are your cousins single? Handsome fellas…nice eyes, nice smiles…and I’m pretty sure Paul would look super hawt in a long white wig…

    But I digress. 🙂

    Cufflinks are great, Sis looks great, Akemi is her usual adorable self, Mom needs to come cook for me, and love the pups. Baby looks a bit worse for wear, but that could be the haircut. 😉 How old is Baby? My old lady Marbles (17) is now on thyroid meds, and seems to be doing a bit better. Sleeping better, and eating better. She has so little muscle tone, though, that she’s having a hard time getting around. I hope she can hang in there long enough for her muscles to build up a little, and maybe that will help her walk a little better. Time will tell. My other cat, Big Girl Kitty (a.k.a. Kitty Pride) might have cancer (a fear we had back in the spring, but that seemed to clear up). Now her lip is corroding away. She has battled mouth ulcers in the past (it’s a form of cat herpes), but this looks pretty bad. Will find out Monday. Otherwise she’s doing great for an old kitty, so I hope it’s nothing, though fearing the worst (as I always do).

    I passed on a chance to go to a Japanese cultural event about an hour away today. Mostly because it was raining, and because Mr. Das was working and unable to go with me. I really wanted to go because they were doing a tea ceremony, and I have yet to do one (though I have all the fixings…I’m just lazy). We may go tomorrow, but there’s no ceremony tomorrow, though there will be drums. And I love the drums. 🙂

    And congrats to the Philadelphia Phillies – 2011 NL East Champs as of tonight!! WOO!

    Enjoy the rest of your visit, Joe!


  5. Yo Joe it’s your cousins Jake,Logan and Marco thx for putting us on your blog. Now we can make FRIENDS!!!! Yay thx again.jake

  6. Little hats! That really brings back childhood memories for me. I know they are really orrechiette but when my grandmother made them I always thought they looked like little hats! And she would drape the lagagna noodles over a broom handle to dry.

    Oooh. Cook cufflinks, Joe. Your sister knows you well.

  7. I was just thinking that it would’a been funny if that caption under your cousins’ pic read: “Cousins Paul and Marco. Both single ladies.” 😉 Damn that comma!

    @ Jake – Welcome to cousin Joey’s blog! That’s what we call him…Joey (well, that’s what I call him). Sometimes I call him Gigollozzi…I’ll let him explain that one to ya. Some things you need to know about Joey…

    1. Joey loves snakes. You don’t happen to have a snake with you, do ya? 😈

    2. High up on his list of things he loves to talk about are tramps, and teamsters. I’ll let him explain that one to you, too.

    3. Two things he just can’t resist…chocolate…and mint. So, ya know, buy him a Peppermint Patty and insist that he eats it while you watch, just to see the pure joy on his face!

    4. Joey said that some day he would share baby and/or childhood pictures with us. Can you pleeeeeease nag him in person to make that happen? 🙂

    5. Whatever Joe says, I am not a crazy lady. I SWEAR!

    Cheers, everyone!


  8. Glad you’re having fun with the family.

    How does one win a date with Marco? Is there a contest for that? Do I have to cook something? LOL

  9. I so admire the culinary gift your mom has to make pasta by hand; I’m not good with dough at all, despite my love of all things baked and batter dipped. What a beautiful family, with great smiles. Nice to see a new generation of sassy Mallozzi’s coming up. I didn’t get the reference to Logan and SG1? X-Men? I lose geek points for that, I know.

    The first pic of Max is so super plushie and sweet; dammit he is the cutest dog in the world, way cuter than Boo. How did Boo get into Time mag and not our lovely seal-skin coated Maximus? All the pugs look very dignified and sweet. Love seeing how sweet Lulu is with Baby.

  10. Thank you– reading it after midnight here so it IS my birthday. Since I told people for most the year I was 55 and only recently realized I was 54, the age to sputter out is really familiar. Half a hundred plus 5. My friend got me flowers, my husband gave me money and is going out to breakfast with me, and the dear daughter sent me a Sons of Anarchy Coffee mugg and you mention me in the blog. 🙂 Life is good.
    ROFL over the cufflinks. Wear the hulk ones first.
    Most the time, animals will sort out the pace Unless blood is draw, I say take it slow and tet them decide. .
    Your mom and uncle look great.

  11. That pasta looks heavenly. But such hard work! Your mom is amazing.
    Good looking family and friends you have. Thanks for sharing your vacation. Love your new cufflinks! Hope your children continue to behave themselves. Get a picture of Felix and Caramel in their hideout upstairs as they wait for the coast to clear.
    (I like Marco) 😛

  12. @Joe:

    Uncle Vic. Shades of a young Uncle Junior!

    You have an Uncle Junior too?!? I was 14 before I learned my uncle’s name was Jim!

  13. Hey nice job with those dogs man, how many you have? and I have noted several references to comic books characters from some members of your family. By the way, did you knew about the fan campaign (it just started) about developing a fan made unofficial animated third season for SGU!!! a lot of other fans and me of course are going to have fun the days to come…. and another question , how do you feel about the fact that there is an article about you on wikipedia.

  14. Sounds like a fun day, Joe. The pasta looks delicious! The dogs are cute as always. Tell Marco that he is not alone about SyFy’s decision – I’m STILL irked!

    Say hi to your mom!

  15. Seeing your mom’s preperation of dinner and realizing how long it takes her make me miss my grandmothers’ cooking, both of them. Seeing how much time and preperation and love that goes into meal time for them makes me afraid to realize the real probability that I can forsee happening: within a couple generations of now, home cooking that takes longer than an hour will all but disappear from America. Both my grandmothers were armed with decades of heritage and family recipies that, while I do have those recipies, it’s not in my daily routine to prepare them and get used to what all is involved in the process. I know of very, very few girls my age as well who spend ANY time in the kitchen cooking food they were brought up on. As you well know, food can be a very personal experience at times and being able to remenisce through flavors can be a very existential experience. We must stand firm to tradition, take up our slack, and force ourselves to learn to make te dishes we so loved many years ago in order to keep our families’ heritage going. To this day, no other shish-kebab I have ever tasted has come anywhere NEAR what my grandmother used to make and my other grandmother’s potataskorf(potato sausage) was unreal(In case you’re wondering, yes I’m half Armenian and half Swedish)! And those are just the dishes most everybody has heard of! That’s not counting all the traditional dishes that I would have to spell phonetically so people could have at least a small chance of recognizing what they were, IF they’ve ever even heard of them before.

    Anyway, this is something I’ve worried about for a while now and why I’ve started cooking for myself(as I mentioned in my comment from yesterday). Hopefully I’ll meet and marry a culinarily adventurous girl and we’ll have a blast in the kitchen together.


    PS. Hopefully as a writer you’ll overlook my sentence that started with a conjunction and ended with a preposition! It was the best way of expressing what I was trying to get across at the moment. 😉

  16. Ah, if only he were a bit older Marco would be such a prize for me…who could resist a SG fan mad at SyFy? As it is, I will occasionally wistuflly ponder what might have been….lovely pictures and enjoyed the report on how the doggies did. Glad to see your mom up and at em. Thanks for sharing and hope the reunion continues to go happily.

  17. Goggies and a kitty, yeah! And cutie cousins too.

    I had a pasta machine like that, made delicious noodles, gave it to a young friend with a stronger bent for scratch cooking then I had. But still, yum.

    Oooh, cufflinks. Do they give you super-powers?

  18. My partner and I just finished watching all of the Stargate Universe episodes, seasons 1 and 2…. and I find out there’s no Season 3!
    We are devastated and hearbroken =(
    Then I find out The Stargate Series has been completely canceled…
    With that being said, and putting my emotions on the shelf for a minute, I want to thank you and everyone who worked on the show to make it what it was…..

  19. Thanks for sharing. One reason I like dogs more than cats, they have a real variety and palpable personality traits. I grew up with German Shepherds, but have learned to enjoy the smaller varieties as the years passed. Unfortunately allergies precludes me from having one of my own. Not that I don’t like cats; when I was in the Peace Corps I was adopted by one.

  20. Now that you have more time on your hands, I’m dying to know: Have you tried buckeyes yet?

  21. Ooh, just remembered something…but, not being a tech-head, don’t know how to add the link here…but if you google ‘rope skipping dogs japan’ you’ll find a video (should be the first listed) which brightened my day, anyway.

    Not sure about dyeing your poodle, though…hope the colour’s non-toxic.

  22. @ Jake – Welcome to Joe’s Blog! Where have you been?? Has Joe been paying you to stay away thinking we would be asking you questions about him?

    I can back up everything dasndanger said about Joe. I just wanted to add a couple of things she did not mention that you might not know. The part about how Joe can’t resist chocolate and mint, well it’s mostly the mint part. He loves mint, just go easy on the chocolate. He tolerates chocolate in very small quantities.

    His birthday is coming up and if you really want to make him happy, he loves anything with lots of fruit in it for dessert. I must warn you, Joe is allergic to ice cream so don’t get any on his fruit pie or fruit tart or fruit whatever.

    Joe has a secret addiction to KFC and their Double Down sandwich. Would you believe he can sit down and eat 3 or 4 of those all at once. He likes to film himself while eating. It can be kinda scary, but that’s your cousin for ya!

    Joe also loves fixing broken locks and monkeys.

    @ Debra & Penny – happy birthday! Hope it is, was, or has been a good one!

  23. Wow, what a terrific blog. It’s just as good as Christmas: food, beautiful family (and family-to-be?), and furry friends. Making the traditional foods is a celebration in itself, and your mom looks great! The photos of pasta-making, and everyone else, are treasures. Akemi looks adorable, and fits right in. She’s family already. Do you tag your family blogs as “family?” Will have to revisit this one when I need an antidote for a blue day. Joe, you are rich with family and friends. Wish you could get home to Montreal more often! 🙂

    Who are the people in the photographs on the refrigerator? Are they your mom and dad? Thought about your dad recently, as the summer pears have been in season here. They are so sweet and juicy, and melt in your mouth. They’re the “eating” pears. The hard-as-rock pears for canning and baking don’t ripen till October.

    Do you have a picture of your mom’s Caramel? Is it a puppy or kitty?

    LOVED the video of Bubba laying his ears back like a baby bunny and pleading to go to doggy day-care. Gosh, he was so cute. Wanted to reach through the monitor, lift him out, and give him a big smooch!

    SIS, dandy birthday shopping! How is Aspen? Is he visiting, too? Hope he is getting around well. (I love northern breeds.)

    Can’t wait to hear about Day 2, Joe. 😀

  24. The Reader’s Digest version of today in my house: Elway = seizures all day. Sunday = crap. No idea what’s going on, but his seizures are back to every month, and it’s worrying me terribly. People telling me to put him down aren’t helping, either. He has a bad day and for that I’m supposed to put him down? Are they nuts? This little guy is my heart! Hopefully he’ll have a quiet night and be back to normal tomorrow. Have a good night, all!

  25. Loved the look of the pasta your mom made.

    Glad to see your moms cat wasn’t too stressed with having your gang there. Lulu is so cute being so protective of Baby.

    Thanks for the B-Day shout out. The day was a bust because I spent hours at Sick Kids and heard no new news on a surgical date 🙁 But hey that’s the way things go.

    @Debra: your 54 this year not 55 that’s awesome, hope your B-Day was great.

  26. Hi Joe!!! Thank u for adding our photo in your blog! i will send you via mail the photo of the family! We are very happy to have met you and Akemi in Montreal! Tanti saluti dall’Italia!!! Andrea Elisa and Davide!

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