Editor Lou Anders and his new budy

Congrats to my buddy, editor Lou Anders, for picking up his very first Hugo Award!

Prometheus Books put out the following press release:

Anders received the trophy for “Best Editor–Long Form” at a ceremony on Aug. 20 at the Peppermill Hotel and Casino in Reno, Nevada. Jay Lake and Ken Scholes presided as masters of ceremony, with additional presenters including Renovation Guests of Honor Tim Powers, Boris Vallejo, and Ellen Asher, along with leading genre writers George R. R. Martin and Robert Silverberg.

The Hugos are international, fan-voted awards. All members of the World Science Fiction Society are eligible to vote.

This was the fifth consecutive nomination and the first win for Anders in the category.

 “Words cannot express what an honor this award represents to me,” Anders said. “But what I can express is how privileged I feel to work every day with the host of brilliant authors who have made Pyr what it is.”

“Lou’s taste, vision, and stewardship have been instrumental in shaping the Pyr brand,” said Prometheus Books President Jonathan Kurtz. “We’re extremely pleased and grateful for the tremendous reception Pyr has received since its inception.”

Prometheus Books, an independent publisher of thoughtful nonfiction, launched the Pyr imprint in March 2005. Since then, it has become a brand known for books with quality both inside and out, from rich, engrossing narratives to award-winning cover art and design. Although technically an imprint, Pyr was called “one of a very few publishers I know of who have no bad books to their name” by a BiblioBuffet writer, and “one of the most exciting publishers in the business” by Black Gate magazine.”


If you’re interested, you can check out the whole ceremony here: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/16783348

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Checking in with the dogs…

Lulu's eyeing you!
Bubba squeeeeezes in.
Jelly's look of disdain
Maximus - hopefully on the mend.
Hanging out for the weekend.
Lulu all sprawly-comfy.

Yet another Weird Food Purchase of the Day installment.  Today – the deep-fried Jos Louis…

Goodnight!  I’m off to walk the dogs, then watch Bruce McDonald’s director’s cut of episode #102, 12 Hours!

24 thoughts on “August 23, 2011: Lou and Hugo together at last! Doggy R&R! The Weird Food Purchase of the Day: Deep-Fried Jos Louis!!

  1. Congrats to Lou Anders!!

    Awwww….the other babies are taking over Maximus’ new bed.
    Max looks so laid back and almost content, even without his bed.
    That WFPoD kinda looks interesting to try at least once.

  2. I can hear your arteries clogging up all the way down here in Virginia, despite the annoying rumblings of that pesky earthquake(just enough rattle locally to make me worry about my bookshelves tipping, given their overloaded status). You keep up these examples and I’ll be forced to attend my state fair just to find some of this stuff. On an unrelated question, ever try red bean ice cream? One of the local fast food places actually offers that, and the slightly more familiar green tea ice cream, on the menu. Lacking your level of dedication to weird foods, I have not yet brought myself to try the stuff.
    Doggie pictures are great. Sending my best wishes at maxiumus, Thanks for sharing the pics and videos with us, and please try not to damage Mr. B. We don’t mind lending him to you folks up north, but we have to treat him like the American Treasure that he is….

  3. Congratulations to Lou! I remember reading his Q and A responses a couple of years ago and really understanding for the first time what an editor actually does. Good to see that people recognize his hard work and talent.

  4. Louuuuu!!! Way to go Lou Anders!! He had said on your blog he had several nominations over the years but no trophies. Well he’s got one now! Congratulations on the BIG Hugo win! Joe I think you helped him win that. Way to go Joe! You and Lou are going to have to do another project together sometime…

    Lulu and Bubber stole Max’s new bed! Max is so sweet, I bet he is sharing.

    You and Carl are too cute together. You can tell you are good friends. That Louis almost burnt off Carl’s mustache! Still not sure exactly what it is??

  5. Speaking of Renovation: Worldcon 2011, another good piece of news was announced last weekend. Worldcon 2013 will return to San Antonio as LoneStarCon 3!

    Joe, want me to start lobbying? I have contacts among the LoneStarCon 3 organizers.

  6. Congratulations to Lou Anders!

    I’ll take a pass on the deep fried junk foodie stuff.

    So does Maximus ever get to sleep in his new comfy bed or has the rest of the crew taken it over?

  7. I’ve really missed Weird Food Purchase of the Day!!! I’m so glad its back! 🙂

  8. 1. Congrats to Lou!! 😀

    2. I still can’t see the videos. 🙁

    3. My great uncle’s name was Ken(neth) Scholes. He looked like a young Orson Wells. He was friends with someone on…hmmm…I think it was Gunsmoke. In one episode, someone comes into town with news that Kenneth Scholes was killed. That character was named for my great uncle. He was a professor, taught in both Greece and Japan. While in Greece he used to help people defect from Turkey, waiting for them on the other side of the river that separates the two countries. While in Japan he wore a kimono and had a houseboy. No explanation needed there. 😉 My dad and mom knew him, but I never actually met the man because he was always overseas. You know what how he used to refer to my family – without ever knowing me and my sister (he probably knew my brother, but only when he was little)? In letters to my grandmother (his sister), he called us troglodytes. Yup. I can’t say that I have a good opinion of the man.

    4. Just got in from an evening out with friends. The weather is BEAUTIFUL – cool, clear and dry! Had dinner out on a deck, overlooking a marina. The schooner I once worked on sailed by and it kinda made me sad I don’t work on her anymore, but I really just don’t have time right now. Another couple joined us and we ate and chatted and had such a nice, relaxing time. I’m just hoping this isn’t the calm before the storm, so pray that Hurricane Irene doesn’t wipe us out this weekend.

    Gotta run! Have a good night, sir! Give Akemi a hug for me, and give all the pups kisses! Oh, hell…if you want, give yourself a kiss, too. 😉


  9. @Sparrowhawk – Whoa, whoa, WHOA!! Since when did you take to calling Joey ‘tiger’? Next thing you’ll know, you’ll be peeling back his mask and kissing him upside down! 😉

    @ Elminster – I just saw one projected path that goes right over top of us. I’m really not prepared for this right now, not after this crazy summer. I would have to figure out how to evac the cats if necessary, and pack up a few things, and grab my important papers, maybe pack up a few things I wouldn’t want to lose, and bring my plants in, and…crap. I really hope this thing swings out to sea. 😛 Here at the shore the rain is never a concern, but the wind…with all the trees around my house…is what worries me.


  10. I know it’s not a contest (and if it were you would win hands down), but I might have to try all of those on Saturday. Any helpful hints on how to keep it all down? You should totally come cheer me on! Maybe we could have an eating contest! Anyone else going to be at the CNE on Saturday?

    Congrats to Lou well deserved!! Was really hoping he would win this year! 🙂

  11. @Das I discovered having a problem using internet explorer with the watching of the videos; however, the Firefox browser works just fine.

    Congrats to Lou Anders. Weren’t you in those nominations, Joe? Or am I having memory failure?

    @Thornyrose Glad you are safe. That must have been scary. And now Hurricane Irene is bearing down. Yikes.

    I can’t remember when I was at a state fair last. Maybe my childhood? Having been on a diet of nuts, veggies and fruits, I found just eating French fries on Saturday at our museum visit nauseating. I don’t think I could handle deep-fried fudge or Twinkie. Barf. But love watching you eat these things. Carl looks happy but he did not observe the double-dipping rule. Hopefully your mononucleosis won’t spread to him.

  12. The Hugo is one of the most beautifully designed awards imho – I have seen one up close as my friend Sue has been a recipient in the past. They are simply stunning. Congrats to Mr Anders on his win.

  13. Awwww….love your baby doggies! 🙂 Looks like Lulu, Bubba, and Jelly are taking turns in Maximus’ bed. Though, they seem to have drove out poor Maximus. He needs to take back his bed. So…how are the treatments going for Maximus? Poor thing must be just drained from all those treatments. Hang in there Max. I’m praying for ya buddy. Hugs and kisses to Max….and to all baby doggies. 🙂

  14. Ouch! I feel for Carl Binder’s seared lips. Ugh it’s a rainy day following an earthquakey day which followed a flood, hail and lightening weekend. Now I’m just cranky and very mistrustful of Mother Nature.

    Congratulations to Mr. Anders on his Hugo. Any plans for you guys to work together on a new project?

    Hugs to the pugs, in my next life I wanna come back as Lulu, what a a gal.

  15. Great doggie pictures! Congrats to Mr. Anders!

    I noticed there are no videos of the ladies tasting those awful creations. (the smart ones?)

    Das: I have I.E. 9 and the video shows with no problem. Could it be your version of I.E.? Good luck with the storm!!!!!

  16. Thanks for the computer advice, everyone. Right now I’m not even going to try to fix it because I’m not sure I’ll have a house next week. 😛 This hurricane is forecast has me very worried. Just praying it pushes further east.


  17. @das – Never take the 5 day forecast for anything, it averages 250 miles off. Now if it’s still pointed over your house 2-3 days out…


  18. ~Congratulations to Lou Anders, I like his shirt.
    ~Wonderful dog pictures, glad they like to share beds.
    ~I think I will take my chocolate not dipped except in more chocolate, yumm. Ouch on the hot burn my lips dipper. Glad to hear you are working on helping Akemi, I sorta figured you would. fingers crossed. more food videos thanks.
    ~@das be safe from Irene, and everyone in its path. happy to be missing out on this one in Fl.

  19. Adding congratulations to Lou Anders. His work on the Masked anthology was wonderful. He deserves the award.

    Love the baby, er, doggie pictures. 🙂 Just want to give Maximus loving pets and a kiss on the forehead. Sweet boy… Joe, I just sent you a quick e-mail.

  20. @Das: Having been through hurricane Andrew (we were living in Homestead, FL. and lost everything), I will tell you to prepare now and get out EARLY if you have to evacuate. Don’t wait! We dodged the bullet in Florida this time, but who knows about the next one…oy! We’ll be thinking of you guys!

  21. @Das: Former American Red Cross (ARC) staff & volunteer agrees with Deni and sylvia. Don’t hesitate to evacuate! Check the ARC and FEMA websites for emergency-preparedness tips.

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