Last night, we went out for yet another Carl Binder belated birthday dinner.  I mean, seriously.  How long is he going to keep milking this?  I think his birthday was back in March!

Anyway, we all gathered at Babur Restaurant that Carl happily declared his “favorite restaurant in Canada”!, apparently beating out the likes of Earls, Red Robin, and that little Mexican place with the taco soup they don’t call “taco soup”.

The birthday boy, all smiles.
With super special guest star: Alan McCullough.
Mike Dopud, in town shooting our show - and about a half dozen other shows as well.
Alexander and Sarah. Alex has been putting in such late hours that we actually had to wake him up for this picture.
Me and Akemi. Post vindaloo.
Alexander and Sarah surprise Carl with the perfect gift: one heavy-ass beer keg he had to lug all the way back to his place.

Today’s weird food purchase of the day video installment: the classic deep-fried Mars Bar.

Finally, today’s bento breakfast masterpiece compliments of Akemi…


Hmmm. Many of you seem to be experiencing technical difficulties trying to play the videos on this blog.  Someone suggested it may be browser-related.  I just noticed my own browser-related quirk.  For some reason, I can’t approve comments if I open this blog in Safari.  My “approve” button just doesn’t exist unless I use Firefox.  Odd.

P.S. A huge thanks to everyone who has been offering advice on the whole Akemi immigration thing.  Extra special thanks to Lise for the informative pointers.

30 thoughts on “August 24, 2011: Yet another Carl Binder belated birthday dinner! And another Weird Food Purchase of the Day video installment! And one more bento box masterpiece!

  1. We celebrate birthday months in my family. Perhaps because I can’t ever seem to get a card in the mail on time! Milk it for all you can, Carl.

    Love the Bento box teddy bear. He looks sad, though.

  2. Cutest Bento box ever! Too cute to eat. You didn’t eat that cute little bear? did you?

    Okay, I’d like to try that deep fried Mars bar. I bet it would be good.

    Joe if you hadn’t forgotten Carl and his birthday, and celebrated on the day, you would not have to keep throwing birthday party after birthday party for him. You’ve got a lot of making up to do.

  3. You’re spoiling us with all the WFPOTD videos. (No problem viewing them here on Windows laptop using Chrome browser, BTW.)

    You realize now we’re just going to expect a new video every day? Perhaps we could have Special Guest WFPOTD Tasters, just to give your arteries a break.

    – KB

  4. Another great bento from Akemi! They really are works of art.

    Wow, it seems that Mike Dopud is everywhere these days. That’s a good thing. He’s awesome!

  5. Nice pictures. Looks like you all had fun. We celebrated my newly 12 yo son’s birthday tonight. Great time was had by all!

    And the BIG NEWS, hubby got the job in Alabama!! YEAH!!!!!!!! We will be headed back across the country shortly. YEAH!!!!!! Thanks to all who have been thinking of us.

  6. @ Lisa R – Congratulations!! Great news! Hope he likes his new job and you all enjoy Alabama! I’m sure you will.

  7. @Lisa R – Wheee! Yay! So glad to hear it – you realize, don’t you, that you HAD to bite the bullet and move West in order to go back East, right? The world being round, and all that? The courage to act pays off.

  8. I give up.

    I downloaded Firefox. I watched one video (today’s), and it was fine. Then I tried to watch another and it wasn’t fine. Then I got an Adobe update thingy, and I updated…and now I’m right back to where I started – sound, but no picture on the video.

    This isn’t the only problem I’ve been having. I’m also having a problem with my text not scrolling when I type, but instead my view keeps bouncing back up to the top of the message box, so that I can’t see what I type beyond the viewable area. Right now Firefox seems to be working okay and enlarging the box as I type, but I was having a hellava problem before with IE. And not just here, but on forums, too.

    Yeah, this seems to be working okay for typing, but I still can’t see the videos. This really sucks. I’m going to go pout right now (though I should be gathering up important papers and such in case we have to evacuate…but I just don’t care right now. I’m tired, and cranky…like Todd when he’s feeling a bit peckish).

    Have a good night, sir. I’m really sad that I can’t watch you destroy your arteries.

    @ Akemi – Are those bing (sweet) cherries? I love how you put the blueberries in the center. You are both artistic, and very, very patient.


  9. @Lisa – woohoo moment – BIG TIME!

    @ Akemi – great bento creation.

    Great company for the birthday, Carl shud be smiling!

  10. Oh wow Lisa R, tell your son happy birthday. Don’t blink, he’ll be in college. My daughter turns 20 on Sept. 24th. WAHHHHH.

    Hey, at least Carl is tasting things! You’ll be able to compare cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart meds soon.

  11. @Lisa R–congrats all around!

    Mars Bar. Not a big fan of them. How about tasting the twinkie next? That’s one I’d love to try. Hey, you didn’t try the deep fried butter.

  12. Mmm-boy! That Mars bar looks good. Wish I could eat that. 😀 Go, Carl!

    At the state fair I did have a lamb burger *swoon*, corn on the cob, and home-made kettel corn (the sweet-salty popcorn) YUM! The pièce de résistance was a towering strawberry milkshake from the Dairy Bar. Towering because it served up like 24-oz. of soft-serve ice cream. Heh. It was so hot that day that by the time we walked to the car, it was a milkshake. Pure, cold strawberry sweetness in the midst of all the heat. 🙂

    Nice photo of Akemi and Joe. I’m hoping/praying for the very best possible outcome for you both! 😀

    For Das and others having video troubles, there are a couple things you can look at or do. Knock on wood, but this works for my computer.

    * I.E. v. 8
    * In the Control Panel, enable automatic updates for both Java & Flash Player (advanced tab/select the radio button “check for updates automatically”).

    Any Tech gurus out there with more ideas?

    For comment writing, try composing in another program. Wish I had done it earlier. It would have saved wailing and gnashing of teeth when I lost a post! 🙂 You can use a blank e-mail, but someone techier than me suggested using WordPad, because it doesn’t mess up coding the way MS Word does. (Keeping a journal of your comments in Word is great for archiving, though.) Use double spaces between paragraphs, or you can add spaces after each paragraph when you copy & paste the post into the comments box.

    WordPad = start menu/all programs/accessories/wordpad

    Also, you can see/edit your coding better. If I can remember to turn my coding “faucets” on and off and not leave the water running. 🙂

    @ Lisa R — Hurray!!! Terrific news about your hubby’s new job. Is he stoked about the opportunity? Is it anywhere near Alabama’s coast? Despite hurricane damage, I hear it’s beautiful. The good thing is you don’t have to do as much packing!

    Photos of Mike Dopud never get old. Reminds me, I realllllllly miss Paul McGillion. 😎

  13. Akemi, how CUTE is that! He’s a grumbly, adorable teddy bear. Online there was a video and pictures. Is Kuma-chan also an anime character in a TV show?

  14. With as much of a foodie as you claim to be, it’s nice to see that you’re not so stuck up about food to not be able to enjoy the “finer” things created by redneck county fair vendors! I’ve had the deep fried Twinkie, deep fried Oreo, and deep fried Coke before so I’m well versed in the juxtapositional nature of this kind of cuisine. But I don’t think I could ever stomach deep fried butter. That just seems to be the epitome of the worst thing I could ever eat. I don’t think I could forgive myself for that! For the record though, the deep fried Twinkie, when done right, is a thing of beauty.

    One more thing: I now have a new found respect for all the actors, lead and background, of SGA. Last year I puchased an Atlantis uniform from the Propworx live auction because I really wanted a memento from the show and what better than something I can not only see being worn on screen but that I can wear myself. Well since then I started completing the outfit by buying the correct tactical vest and drop-leg holster. I still have yet to buy the P90 and corresponding sling. Well, I decided to put it all on tonight to see how authentic it all looked. Within about three minutes, I was baking hot. While I know that the show taped in Vancouver, I truly hope it was all done in the winter! I assume so because the Atlantis jacket I have has a quilted lining that is quite warm in and of itself(I’ve worn it out before, last winter).

    So while I am thoroughly happy with my SGA uniform and it’s accuracy and authenticity, I can see how difficult it must have been to wear that costume day in and day out for hours and hours and hours. Whew! No wonder Flanigan started just wearing the BDU shirt all the time, even off-world.

    Don’t forget to keep providing us with the Akemi quotes! I think that’s my new favorite feature here. I love that kind of stuff!

  15. I am not able to play your videos using Firefox anymore, but I thought it was just me being stupid or my computer. However, I am able to play them using IE on the same computer. I am going to blame the computer being finicky. Thanks for the wierd purchase of the day videos. 😀

  16. Instead of having belated birthdays, why not grab the bull by the horns and start celebrating Carls birthdays in advance? You could knock out a couple of years worth of celebrations before he heads back south. You could end up celebrating Carl’s 80th birthday within five years if you can cram enough birthdays, belated and anticipatory, into the schedule.
    Great on the Bentos, and thanks for sharing the latest. Not a Mars bar fan but I’ll take the next opportunity that arises to try the fried candy bar combos out there.

  17. Yeah, looks like I’m totally screwed. If I drop off the map for a bit, don’t worry. I really have a lot to do right now. I have no idea where to go, however…not with two cats. My big problem is my old lady cat – she cries very loudly for attention, and I don’t think many places would accept her. I’m actually thinking of putting her down. I really don’t know what to do. I gotta get to work and finish up stuff there so we can move the computer and important papers out of the office (it’s a trailer). Ugh. I better go.

    @ Lisa R – Congrats! 🙂


  18. Carl has a good thing going with the belated birthday dinners. Keep it up for several months, then it’s time to start the pre-birthday celebrations. Make it a year-long affair!

    @Lisa R–congrats on your huband’s job! Good luck with your move to Alabama. Hope you like college football (I grew up in Alabama–college football is REALLY important there)

  19. That Mike Dopud is one busy guy. I went to see Rise of the Apes and near the end my friend leans over to me and say “Hey that guy is from Stargate” and it turned out to be Mike playing the role of a cop. Turns out part of the movie was shot in BC.

    I was not a fan of the original Ape movies. The only reason I went to see Rise of the Apes was because David H. was in it and he tweeted about how much fun he had with John Lithgrow. I was pleasantly surprised that it was a really cool movie. I recommend it. : )

  20. Stay safe, das.

    Akemi, that bento is so cute I could just eat it up!

    Tomorrow afternoon we hit the pavement for Burning Man. I should be completely out of touch for ten days (although I might get onto the super secret wifi once or twice for a few moments).

    I will be camping at the Booby Bar theme camp, a bar made of two domes covered in pink fabric; a celebration of those who beat breast cancer and those who battle on, and those we lost. Yay Boobies!

    I can receive postcards in the desert if you mail them now. I love random mail! (hint hint)
    (also, I go by Anti M, not maggiemayday. Really, Auntie Em!)

    Anti M’s Home for Wayward Art
    c/o Booby Bar
    3:30 & A (on A)
    GERLACH, NV 89412 U.S.A.

  21. Joe…it’s been nice knowing you. They just changed Irene’s projected course again, and it’s a dead hit on Cape May at Cat 2. I might go up to my brother’s house (he’s about 5 miles north and a little more inland), but that really isn’t much better than where I am now, except for smaller trees. I might pack up a few things I’d rather not lose, like some of my art and stuff, but I really have way too much stuff and so I’m just gonna kiss it all goodbye now. And I’m so worried now about my feral cats, especially the one we call Staches. He’s so sweet, and he does let me hold him briefly, so I might be able to get him in a cage, but I doubt it. I just hope they’ll be okay…hell, I hope we’ll be okay! On top of all of this, my sister and her hubby are flying into Philly on Monday (probably will be delayed now) from Scotland. So, it’s like my entire family will be in the path of this storm, so a lot of people to worry about.

    Anyway, I hope I’ll see you all on the other side of this storm, but if I don’t, I had a blast here over the past few years! Long live the Wraith…and us, I hope. 😛


  22. Geez 1st an earthquake & now this. @das & everyone on the East Coast NC northward, take heed of the big nasty heading your way & take care!!! Don’t mess around, heed evacuations if needed & please board up & secure ALL loose things. Still hoping the track turns further eastward.

    Son has left for college, I wish I was more happy about it! Looking for new routines to replace the old.

    HB Carl!

  23. Das sending hugs to you and pray you stay safe (kitties too).
    Those little icons float for me too but it just started a couple of months ago. I have I.E.9 on my computer but it acts funny on the ipad, as well.
    Oh, I forgot to mention that Irene is my mom’s name. Yes, she is a little spitfire. So this storm has an apt name. Stay safe!

    Lisa R: Alabama is beautiful! I like traveling through there because the rest stops are so cute. I have a bunch of family/friends that live there. It’s only 1 1/2 hours away from me (MS). Have you ever lived in the South? Make sure your A/C is in good working condition! There is still a lot of racial tension, so be prepared. I don’t see how Alabama could be worse than Memphis, though. Just this morning I was reading in our local paper that Bass Pro Shop is going to build a super store in Downtown Memphis. Yes, someone is trying to make that into a racial statement. (shakes head) If you don’t agree with certain people here, then you will be labeled a racist. I hope it’s better where you are moving.

    Hubby says it’s a browser thing with the video. Something about whether your browser supports that version of flash.

    maggiemayday: have fun!

  24. And now my day is a little shinier thanks for yet another fab Mike Dopud pic, gracias! So nice to see Allan Mc. visiting, a true SG reunion.

    Awesome bento box; are those pitted cherries? They look perfect, mine would be all mushed! I can totally see Akemi demonstrating her cooking skills on TV and her gourmet bento boxes.

  25. @Das: If you have time, go and buy a can of mackerel or other stinky canned fish and put it in a cage for Staches. When he enters, gently close the door on him. Do whatever you can to take as many kitties as possible – it sucks to come back and never see them again. Stay safe!

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