Kicking off today's entry with a pic of Damion Saliani from Costumes - mainly because his wife reads this blog on a daily basis and will apparently go bananas when she sees this.

Up at 5:30 a.m. this morning to walk the dogs and get in for the first blocking.  It was Day #1 of Episode #102, 12 Hours, and I wanted to make sure I was there on time: a) for my director, Bruce McDonald, b) for my cast, c) for my crew, and, most importantly, d) for breakfast.

I arrived with plenty of time to spare.  Approximately 45 minutes to spare.  And so, I ended up doing a little work in the office before strolling over to our standing sets.

First up today were two scenes with actor Francois Berleand (Inspector Tarconi).  He was brilliant – picking up where he left off in the the Transporter film series, crafting a character both amusing and incredibly endearing.

Director Bruce McDonald. Hot! Hot stuff!
Tara Yelland and Robert Morse, our stand-ins. HE was incredibly nice, even going so far as to grab me a ham sandwich as time ticked past dinner. SHE referred to me as "not-Paul" (a reference to my writing partner who was on set producer for the last episode), then berated my television viewing choices (this despite the fact that she never misses an episode of America's Next Top Model).
VFX Supervisor Brendan Taylor. Disclaimer: His head isn't really this big.
Check out the lazy stand-ins. We ended up sending Robert over to the Frank set to chop vegetables. Really.
Those veggies in their pre-chopped state.

After finishing up with Frank’s house, we moved to Carla’s office for Chris Vance and Andrea Osvart’s first scene together.  Wow!  Talk about onscreen chemistry.  These two spark and sizzle together.  Tough and charming meets strong and sexy.  It’s going to be a lot of fun writing for them this season.

Our studio Audi rigged to ride.
1st A.D. Simon Board and Director Bruce McDonald prepare to change into their swim trunks and go for a dip.
Running through the Int. Audi scenes.
It's like they're ready for prom.
Happened across this guy on my way back to the production offices for lunch. Think he may figure into the episode's climax.

We finished up the office scene after lunch, and then it was over to our rigged Audi for the interior car sequences.  We ended up blazing through the driving sequences and, defying the odds (and Brendan’s pessimistic prediction), finished our day on time.

Congrats to the cast, crew, and the fast and fantastic Bruce McDonald!

Bruce Almighty!

Got home for 8:30, exhausted yet upbeat.  It was very good day. Except for the fact that I got no writing done on my rewrite of Payback. Not at all sure when I’m going to find the time.  I think I might leave the script out on my coffee table overnight in the hopes that the script elves pay me a visit.  I know it’s a longshot but at this point I’m willing to try anything.

28 thoughts on “July 27, 2011: The Transporter – Episode #2 – 12 Hours – Day One!

  1. Cool pictures!!! It sounds like everything went well!!

    We are still enroute to the West Coast—in Tucumcari, New Mexico tonight. Hope everyone is doing well.

  2. Great pix. Heya, perhaps Maximus may assist since you enabled getting him back into a more healthy state. And, the most important part – to be able to eat. I know I do not like to miss a feeding either.

    How was the ham sandwich since you kinda sorta missed dinner?

    Do get some rest.

  3. No shots of the stars? Just their stand-ins?

    That’s a little odd, don’t’cha think?

  4. My first thought on seeing McDonald sitting at poolside: “Nice legs under those jeans…”

    Glad to hear it was such a good first day!

  5. Exciting, exciting day. Chris Vance sparks and sizzles with everyone on screen, well except when he was playing the creepy psychopath on Dexter last season. You know I’m a sucker for Carl Binder scripts, so I look forward to this one.

    “Tough and charming meets strong and sexy.”

    How about “Tough, charming and sexy meets strong and sexy.” Your opinion is biased. Okay, so is mine.

    Did I tell you all I won Ming Na’s shoes on the MGM auction yesterday? Apologies if I’m repeating myself. The ones she wore in season 1, episode 1. I’m going to need a curio cabinet to put all this wonderful stuff from the SGU set. There are more auctions up if anyone is interested:

    I had a great day going in for some training at Patrick’s school so I could get caught up-to-date with what they are doing so I can carry this over for the next 2 weeks at home while he is on break. Had to say good-bye to the director of the program who is moving. Lots of tears.

    Tomorrow I get my PICC line out. Happiness! And maybe by Friday afternoon, we might have a tropical storm/mild cat-1 hurricane. Keeping my eye on the Gulf of Mexico. I hope it is a good guest — comes through, doesn’t cause much damage, doesn’t hurt or kill anybody, dumps a lot of rain (we’re more than 18 inches behind right now) but not major flooding, and moves through quickly and doesn’t stagnate like Tropical Storm Allison and 30+ inches.

    Waves hello to Damon’s wife!

  6. How many episodes is Bruce McDonald directing? I think I am a little smitten with him. He looks nice. That Robert Morse is a cutie too. I never believed you when you said that was Frank’s pool. (because you are a trickster sometimes) I stand corrected. But why is it so small?

    Are there any aliens in “12 Hours”? Any space ships shooting at the Audi?

    By the way… I get up at 5:15 every morning on workdays. Only difference is I don’t get to go to a cool film set. 🙁

  7. Well, you can always check your email box in the morning. No doubt quite a number of scripts could appear not so magically. USABLE scripts, not so much. The price you pay for being so good at what you do. Pictures and narrative apreciated. Good luck on that scrhipt stuff….

  8. I don’t know how anyone can be expected to write with your schedule. Have you considered an iPad? You can look like you’re taking notes in meetings, but actually be writing. They have good battery life as long as you turn the sound off while you play Angry Birds, I mean, write.

  9. So glad Maximus is doing much better!

    Really enjoyed the day-1 debriefing & pix, but feel guilty because you have so much to do… and now I’m going to beg. Please-oh-please, sometime can we have shots of Francois Berleand, and of him cooking? Cannot wait until you guys go out to dinner. 🙂

  10. “I think I might leave the script out on my coffee table overnight in the hopes that the script elves pay me a visit.”

    And WHEN The DOGS “Eat IT”, what “excuse” will You use…?!!

  11. Behold the Oven Mitts of Doom!

    No, I’m not drunk. Long, long story, Burning Man related. Involves a giant weaponized oven mitt. You just had to be there.

  12. Maybe if you leave some freshly baked cookies and hot cocoa with the script … oh, wait. That’s for Santa at Christmas. Well, it might be worth a try.

  13. This is the stuff I really like seeing, thanks Joe. You usually only see glimpses of these kinds of goings-on in the DVD extras years after the show’s long gone. I just hope it doesn’t take away from the magic of the show when it airs!

    A couple of SG related, random thoughts:

    If “indeed” was the single-most uttered word in the show’s run, I’d think that Oneill’s “nice” or “that’s it?” need to be checked for a close second. 🙂

    Also, if the Asgard are clones of clones of clones, etc., etc., and their original forms were very close, if not identical, to that of humans, why are they not considered Ancients? In a couple episodes it’s mentioned that their cloned bodies have taken that form over thousands of years of cloning. So it leads me to believe that they either were friends of the original ancients or are relatives of theirs that never ascended. Given the similar timelines and that they were one of the original four races, why did they never seek ascension? Belief system? Technological pursuits vs. Religious pursuits? One would think that they knew each other very well seeing as they both developed Replicators albeit in seperate galaxies(if I have the stories right).

    This is just something I thought about after doing some math and watching “Revelations”. Also, I absolutely LOVE the music in the episdoe that is used for Daniel’s “appearances” here and later in the episode “Abyss”, one of my absolute favorite episodes! Everytime I hear that music, I get a little misty-eyed. It’s episodes like “Abyss” that tend to make me side with the group that believes SG1 was really about the Jack/Daniel relationship than anything else.

    Just my two cents…

    Great to see Maximus is doing better!


  14. @HMBC

    my guess is that they will release official images to the press/entertainment websites/etc instead of leaking pics of the cast on Joe’s blog.

  15. Coucou 🙂 ça va bien? moi oui enfin arrivé chez mes parents je vais pouvoir profiter de la plage!! 🙂 ça va me chager de Paris.

    Merci pour ces photos, quel dommage que vous ne fassiez pas le tournage en France, ça aurait l’occasion pour moi de vous rencontrez enfin 🙂 !!! ..j’espere que vous viendrez un jour qu’en même ! 🙂

    Bonne journée!
    Gros bisous

  16. This looks like its going to be brilliant, and thanks for the pictures.

    Glad to hear that Max is doing well, and of course that you managed to snag breakfast!

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the plot bunnies – I think they’re kinder than the elves – will pay you that visit.

  17. Hey Joe

    How are the script elves going to help if you won’t tell us where you live?


  18. Tantalizing and intriguing! I want to see more, but I’m guessing we’ll have to wait for the eps to air. Very cool!

    I like Damion’s hat. I had one just like it but one of my sisters absconded with it.

    Frank’s house still seems pretty bare; will his home have a lot of CGI in it?

  19. You could always say “the dog ate my paper”. Wow! The show is really coming together. Sounds like you are getting along well with the cast/crew.

    PBmom: Sending luck vibes! The right amount of rain and no PICC.

    Das: TMI 😉

    I thought with Hubby out of town, I would be sitting eating bon-bons or something. It’s been hectic! I didn’t even get to go shopping 🙁 . Off to start working again.

  20. Hey Joe, been awhile since I posted here. Glad all is going well with your new series and Max!

    I am curious, and have always wondered this, how in the world do you get the car for set use? Do you contact a dealership or is there a business that specializes in vehicles for this purpose?

    Thanks, and all the best!

  21. @PBmom

    neat. I didn’t realize there was still SGU stuff being sold off. Looks like there’s still a lot of interest among fans.

    kino and remote sold for $3k

    communication stones sold for $2500

  22. @Sparced You know if I was single and didn’t have a family I would have been top bidder on that Kino and the communication stones. Or if I won lotto or came into a large inheritance. I’ll be grateful with the shoes and the other stuff JC Williams sent me (a tray, a cup, a coffee mug and spoon, an Alteran outfit from extra Ian Duffy, and a woman named Bartram (a Marine)’s uniform on Destiny (he thinks she was in a shot in the infirmary), an autographed picture of himself (JC Williams) and one of Herb Sommerfeld. Did you see the video I made of me opening this box (I had no idea at the time what he bought me).

    I was eyeing Lt. James combat boots because they would go nicely with my new uniform, but she was a size 8. I’m more a 6-1/2 to 7, but if I’m going to buy shoes/boots, I want to be able to wear them with an outfit. (those were in the last rounds of actions).

    Maybe I should think of any episodes Ming Na wore combat boots as Camile Wray. Those would possibly fit me. The husband got an XBox game out of it. Had to offer something to keep the peace.

  23. @ HBMC – who needs pics of the stars when the stand ins are so damn good looking?

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