Let’s kick off today’s entry with a (sort of) pic of Tara Yelland – actress, entertainer, stupendous stand-in, and princess (For real!)…

Tara insists she was defamed in yesterday's entry so I feel the need to post a retraction: While she did call me non-Paul, berated my t.v. viewing choices, listed America's Next Top Model as one of her favorite shows, AND didn't get me a ham sandwich, she wasn't exactly lazy. No, she didn't chop vegetables like Robert, but she did contribute to blocking the Frank and Carla driving scenes and the poolside sit - in the case of the latter, braving a dangerously rickety patio chair in the process.
Rob stocks up in anticipation of THE BIG ONE!
A toast. To the Executive Producer!

We started the morning with the reception area so that we could shoot out Francois Berleand who heads back to France today.  Another great Tarconi scene. Apparently, before leaving, Francois let it be known that he had a terrific time on set, in no small part due to his interaction with Director Bruce McDonald (who seems to be gaining a lot of fans amongst the cast and crew).

Of course you all recognize the Rousseau Electronics logo.
Director Bruce McDonald dreams big!
Robert Morse hits his mark.

Too busy today to get any work done on the Payback rewrite.  Just like yesterday.  So far, I’m 0-2 with ten days to go before I prep my next block.

You do the math.

Anna and Damion discuss...actually, don't recall what they were discussing. May have been red leotards and leather kilts. Really.
Tim tries to steal another sign.
The view out the window offers a taste of Nice.
Stephanie preps the playback. En francais, s'il vous plait.
Hmmm. Bruce considers his next shot.
Director Bruce McDonald and Director of Photography Derick Underschultz arrive at a consensus.
Tara, still refusing to put in a blog reappearance. Sassy, no?

We were about to shoot our first scene in Rousseau’s office when the dulcet strains of a street corner musician rose up to greet our first take.  We waited while someone went downstairs to talk to the guy (pay him to go away?).  It reminded Rob of an experience he had when he was shooting something downtown across from a condom shop. Apparently, the owner of the condom shop was playing some loud music.  The production asked him to turn it down.  He refused. They offered him $50.  He demanded $850.  They refused.  He turned up the music REALLY LOUD.  They caved.

We were shooting at the elevators so these guys had to wait a while before they could go down to the lobby. They were all: "This is an outrage!". And I was like: "Seriously. Where does that guy have to be?"
Another thumbs-up day from Bruce.

We actually finished early today.  Our first early day!  That’s the good news.

The bad news?

I think the production may be haunted.

More on that in the coming days…

15 thoughts on “July 28, 2011: The Transporter – Episode #2 – 12 Hours – Day Two!

  1. I have to ask – why is a cow in two pieces halfway down the outside of a building?

  2. “I think the production may be haunted.”

    😮 Cool !!!! I want to hear ALL about it! Remnants of Silent Hill?? Maybe something is following Bruce McDonald? Maybe a poltergeist!

  3. A haunted production?? Oooh! I want to hear more. We are in Flagstaff, AZ tonight. Will be at our destination tomorrow.

    Have a great evening!!!!

  4. I’m not so sure about those guys by the elevator.
    Two by two, hands of….
    (running away now)

    – KB

    P.S. Thanks for the production updates!

  5. Tara, if you are out there…PLEASE, continue to torment Joe. Please…pretty please. We need a person on the inside. Back in Vancouver it was Ashleigh. Of course, Joey tried to make Ashleigh look like the villain, but we all knew she was our hero! If you need some pointers, just do a blog search for Ashleigh…or better yet, drag Joe to a raw foods vegan restaurant! 😀


  6. @Lisa R – Good thoughts and best wishes for life on the West Coast. New adventures await!

  7. Were there no electricians on the shoot – they specialize in making electricity (or lack thereof) work for the betterment of all…

  8. I don’t know, but posting that bit about finding where you guys are filming and playing loud music gets you money may be a bad idea.

    Been reading you blog for awhile, finally had somethign to say.

    Really enjoy you blog, BTW.

  9. Is the ghost going to demand money too? Paying someone to be decent and considerate. What is the world coming to? Transporter is for a cable station right? Why didn’t the store owner just ask for free advertising? You know, a quick sighting of his condom shop while Frank walks down the street or something?

    Das: Are you trying to “turn” Tara? For shame!

    Maggiemayday: I thought the same thing when I saw Tara’s hair. Beautiful color!

    Thanks for the pictures! It’s exciting to see the show coming together.

  10. Hi Joe,

    Do you really think it was wise to tell would be ‘musicians’ about the guy who got paid off?

    None of your regulars would do such a thing…but, you never know who’s reading your blog!

  11. ah, maybe better be nice to Tara, she might know where they hide the macarons,
    How is Maximus? Hello Akemi! Have a great day!!
    The guys with the stretcher look kinda ghostly…

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