Thanks to those who sent their well-wishes and expressions of concern for Maximus.  He went in for his emergency dental surgery yesterday during which he had two teeth and a tumor(!) removed.  I’m happy to report he is on the mend, on meds, and back to his typical gluttonous, voracious, mud-eating, food-slurping self.

See?  Much better.

Look at what I received yesterday!  The package included chocolate-covered pretzels, ginger chocolate, salted caramels, peanut butter chocolate bacon, dark chocolate bacon and – my favorite – dark chocolate-dipped potato chips.  They were compliments of Steve and Jodi in Vancouver who are not only very good friends, but very good at reading between the lines.  Thanks, guys!

The final day of prep for 12 Hours saw us boarding the early morning bus for a trip to Hamilton and the second part of our tech survey…

Field trip! YEAAAAAH!
Back at the Devil's Punch Bowl. We're talking about using a crane and a descender. The latter worked beautifully in The Prodigal.
Director Bruce McDonald takes everyone through the vineyard scene.

Once we were done, Anna and I walked over to the big red barn by the side of the road and stocked up on butter tarts, pecan tarts, peanut butter squares, brownies, and chocolate-coconut squares…

We had our cast read-thru after lunch.  Everyone loved the script – fast-paced, funny, and very exciting.  Kudos to my buddy Carl Binder.  And a big welcome to some of the fantastic guest stars who’ll be appearing in this episode: J.P. Manoux, Ennis Esmer, and Greg Bryk.  If that table read was any indication, this one is going to be a lot of fun.

An early start to the day tomorrow as we kick off production on episode #102 (12 Hours).  That’s a 7:00 a.m. main unit call.  We’re on our standing sets, in and around Frank’s place, Carla’s office, and the Audi interior.  Green screen, plates, and lighting challenges will not doubt make for a long and involved afternoon. This will be my first full day on set with the dashing Chris Vance and the drop-dead-gorgeous Andrea Osvart, both of whom have been absolutely amazing in dailies.  I was in editing this afternoon checking out one of Andrea’s scenes.  Me: “Holy smokes!”.  Editor: “Yeah.”  Nothing more needed to be said.

Also tomorrow = Tarconi cooks!  Actor Francois Berleand was trying to decide what he wanted to prepare for the scene.  I suggested tete de veau.  He laughed then, suddenly dead serious, proceeded to run through its proper preparation.  I love this guy.

27 thoughts on “July 26, 2011: The Maximus Update! A Chocolate Surprise! One Final Field Trip! Prep Ends and Production Begins on 12 Hours!

  1. I saw a little tail wiggle there. Maximus does look brighter eyed and better. The poor little baby. Tell him no mud eating for a while until his mouth heals up good. Is that a shoe smorgasbord you’ve laid out for him to sample?

  2. Yeah!! way to go Maximus, glad to see you much better!! pups and chocolate, this day is good!, thanks Joe.

  3. So cool to see Maximus home and a bit of a tail wag, and almost a smile.
    Chocolates…wow..sounds like a wonderful selection.
    And field trip in a vineyard…what’s not to like?

  4. Dear little Maximus…so glad you are feeling better. With that camera presence, I am quite befuddled as to why your human has not found an appropriate media vehicle to showcase your talents on a global scale…

  5. Glad to hear that Maximus is feeling better. He’s such a cutie.

    Is Greg Bryk the same guy who has the family reno show, “Building Bryks” (on the W Network)?

    I was with my family in T.O. today, and just as we were leaving St. Lawrence Market (with a bag full of veal and eggplant sandwiches, of course), we drove towards the QEW; right under the Gardiner Expressway, we saw the filming of a car chase — 4 cop cars chasing another car. I immediately thought it might be a scene for The Transporter. Turns out they were filming a remake of “Total Recall.” You work in such a cool industry.

  6. Glad to hear Max is mending well. I can’t have pets due to allergies but love to hear the good stories dogs bring. Instead, I watch my squirrels but a pair of hawks had other ideas hence no more squirrels to watch eat the few nuts I served.
    Just watched Window of Opportunity, SG1 S.4. Was that the first ep. you and Paul submitted? Any opportunity for an Anise type character in Transporters?

  7. He looks so much happier. I can’t even imagine how bad he felt. We can tell a dentist when our teeth hurt. Glad he’s on the mend.

    Chocolate covered bacon? I had a cupcake a few weeks ago with bacon on it. Banana cake with peanut butter frosting with maple bacon bits. They called it The King since supposedly Elvis loved this combo. It was actually good.

  8. Glad Maximus is on the mend!

    The ginger chocolate sounds fantastic. I honestly dont recall ever having it, I’ll add it to my list. One can never go wrong with bacon and chocolate. 🙂

  9. Big day, well after midnight and just getting home (trip to say goodbye to Borders 🙁 🙁 🙁 ). Just wanna give Maximus hugs, and wish him the best. Take care, Joe…you don’t get any hugs until you share that chocolate. 🙂


  10. I was thinking blink one for yes and two for no (with Maximus). Actually he does look better. A tumor though? Benign? Malignant? Not what I want to hear.

    What a nice care package and intuitive friends you have. I think I need some chocolate. Oh yeah, we don’t HAVE any (well if you could Flipz something chocolate, then, it will do in a pinch, or hot chocolate. I’m always cold even in 100-degree heat, so I could make me some of that.

    I’m feeling so sad today. A friend’s child with autism died. Now makes 3 families I have known in as many years whose kids with autism have died (and horribly so). Seems like a disproportionately high number. Please keep my friend and his family in your prayers. Yes, I definitely need chocolate.

  11. glad to see Maximus so active and happy. Is he on any pain killers for the next few days? Also good to see you seem to be having real fun on the job. And that you have faithful friends prepared to ship you care packages. Is there a business address to which items might be directed your way? Just wondering. No plans to send anything right now but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Thanks for pics and post.

  12. Glad to see that Maximus is back to his usual self. Did the vet say what type of tumor it was?

  13. Awwww….Maximus! So sweet! 🙂 Poor thing looks exhausted. Good to hear the surgery went well. 🙂

    Chocolate! Mmmmm! 🙂

  14. Aww. Maximus is adorable as usual. I’d say you should baby him until he recovers from his ordeal, but I’m sure you and Akemi are already doing that. Nice to hear that its smooooooth sailing with Transporter.

    @das: Yeah, I’m depressed about Borders Books closing, too. I went last Friday to pick up a few travel books… and last night found two gift card. So now I need to go back!

    @PBmom: sorry to hear such sad news.

  15. Yay for Maximus! I hope the tumor comes back ok. Did you check the other dogs teeth?

    Those desserts look yummy…

  16. Soooo happy to see Maxie on the mend, although his inscrutable baby seal face doesn’t betray a hint of pain. Poor lil’ guy, he’s so cute. Glad they caught all those medical issues so he can eat that delicious mud he’s so fond of.

    Greg Byrk, so terric (in an evil way) in Rabbit Proof Fence, cool! I want to go to the red barn and get tasty treats, you guys are so lucky. Our nearest bakery was replaced with a store that sells fancy disco sneakers. Hm, lunch time beckons, I’ll see if our cafe has any decent baked goods.

  17. Sorry, Greg Byrk wasn’t in Rabbit Proof Fence; I was thinking of his switched at birth twin, Jason Clark of Chicago Code. Greg was of course terrific in ReGenesis; I’m still waiting for Hulu to post season 4 of that, grrr!

  18. Poor Max. He looks like he thinks he’s done something wrong.

    I can’t look at the basket of chocolate without imagining it melted into a big puddle. Sorry, it’s been 100 degrees today, and up around 100 for so long this summer that chocolate doesn’t stay solid unless it stays in the refrigerator.

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