Can I just say how much I like the people I’m working with on this production.  All very nice, very creative, very hardworking individuals.

Today, we all went on a bit of a group field trip to take in some of the locations we’ll be visiting for episode #102, 12 Hours…

The alley where Frank meets Ogilvey and co.
Director Bruce McDonald fills everyone in on how he envisions the scene unfolding.
After pitching out an inspired step-by-step/blow-by-blow throwdown, Fight Choreographer Cyril Raffaelli films the location from all angle. He'll no doubt study the footage later as he perfects the sequence.
Cyril's right-hand man, Momo, takes note.
Director Bruce McDonald runs everyone through one of the security guard beats.
Simon stands in for Rousseau's secretary. Sadly, his imaginary typing skills leave much to be desired.
Our hero Frank (played by the dashing Bruce McDonald) confronts Rousseau's Secretary (played by the demure Simon).
I catch Tim trying to make off with the 4.
The site of our seedy nightclub.
I drove myself to the next location, the clean room, only to discover a production was already shooting there. We had to wait until they broke for lunch before doing our tour. No sign of Erika. 🙁

19 thoughts on “July 25, 2011: The Transporter Tech Suvey (Episode #102: 12 Hours)!

  1. I dunno who Erika is, but was there any sign of Laura Mennell, aka Nina on ‘Alphas’?!

    Not surprised Tim was trying to steal the 4. It looks maybe like a big-ass Neutra.

  2. I can’t wait to see the show!

    I hope you are getting at least some sleep at night around the non-stop life you have going on lately!

  3. Don’t ya just love writing the name Momo? How did you get director Bruce McDonald? My new mission is to find something you forgot to blur… 🙂

  4. I’m giddy with anticapation for the premier date of the show I wish I could set my dvr right now .I’m glad to see so many people doing well after the cancellation you with transporter,jason mamoa with conan and other projects, chris judge with batman hoping its a big role and not a guest spot,and whatever michael shanks is up too. This can’t be said for most stars involved with science fiction in the past I.e. startrek.

  5. Cool photos. The nightclub & alley look interesting. Can’t wait to see some behind-the-scenes video. 🙂

    Are they keeping Maximus overnight at the vet’s for observation, as the anesthesia wears off? Hang in there, buddy! It’s gonna feel better soon! Speaking as one who’s had untold # of tooth troubles, since childhood. All clear now though, thank goodness!

  6. @Nola: Yes, Canadian alleys are pretty clean. Dumb cities keep cleaning them. They also tend to mow the tall grass on the sides of highways. What are ya gonna do…

    Joe, have you seen any part of the new series Falling Skies with Stargate Alum, Colin Cunningham? If so, what do you think?


  7. Jewel Staite tweeter she off toToronto to start work on her new show, but is sworn to secrecy. Any chance you’ll be seeing her and can get us a scoop?

  8. What happened with Maximus.

    Things are coming together on TtS. It is lovely to be this far back when everything starts–kind of like with Stargate Universe. Do we have TWitter accounts for any of them yet?

  9. Another voice in the crowd: “How is Maximus?”

    Looks like a great crew you are working with!

    My hubby is in Redmond, Washington this week. He is complaining about how cold it is there. Grumble, grumble. Wait until he gets back to breathing hot steam in Memphis/Mississippi 😀 .

  10. The alley looks very European with the stone bldg on the right side and the cool arch, din’t know Toronto had such cool architecture. Reminds me of the entrance to the baddies lair in Femme Nikita; the french original, not the US version.

    I’m finally recovering from my Misfits total immersion; for a while I thought I’d have to be deprogrammed, the show is that darn addicting. The cussin’, the music, the mayhem; god bless the brits and their bat s&*t crazy shows. Sadly I’ve now infected myself with Guild fever; watched the whole series in one go and waiting now for season 5.

  11. Hello Joe.

    Looks like things are coming along on the new series. Refresh my memory: in the Lower 48, will the show be on HBO or Cinemax??? Just added both since I couldn’t remember.

    Also, any chance of improving our moods w/ puppy pics?

    Best wishes,


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