Yesterday, we hit the Toronto version of the Chinese Night Market.

And I happened to have my camera with me…

What I at first assumed was an offensive waft coming off the porta potties was, in fact, this place: Wei’s Smelly Tofu.  Didn’t get around to sampling the goods but I can confirm it was appropriately named. 
As was this place.  Check out the guy in the bask.  Apparently, not even he can stand the smell of his own cooking.
Akemi enjoyed something a little more staid: buttered corn on the cob.  Meh.
This was surprisingly good – incredibly moist and flavorful.  They’ve got a place on College.  Will have to check ’em out.
A variety of toasts, from sweet to savory.  I dunno.  It’s a Hong Kong thing.
I went with the vanilla ice cream, nutella, and bacon bits.  Alas, the bacon didn’t work for me here.  The nutella?  Well, that works for me anywhere.
The highlight of the night: the deep-fried Mars Bar.
And then it started to rain – at which point everyone get very intimate under the food tents.

So how did the Toronto Night Market compare to the Vancouver version?  Pros: Offered several food items not available back in Van, like the Caribbean fare and deep-fried Mars Bars.  Cons: Not as big, food not as varied, and few merchant shops.  Akemi was really looking forward to picking up four pairs of socks for ten bucks.

I spent much of the day going over the two scripts I’ll be producing after 12 Hours.  Sharks is a road show and boarding long, but Payback is much more manageable given that much of this episode’s action takes place at one grand location.  With a few adjustments  – changing the industrial complex pick-up to a forest meet, making the garage confrontation an exterior scene, and switching the location of the op – I think I can get both episodes to board comfortably within the days alloted.  And who knows.  If I get really lucky, we can knock off a half day early and go to Bier Markt for the afternoon.  There’s this Rogue Double Chocolate Stout I’ve been meaning to check out…

23 thoughts on “July 24, 2011: Night Market!

  1. 1. What’s a bask?

    2. It doesn’t look much like night there…

    3. That deep-fried Mars bar would have been 100x better wrapped in bacon. Trust me. 🙂

    4. You just don’t know how to eat corn right, Joe…with butter, lime, and chili pepper…mmmmmmm! (Oh, right…you’re not big on lime either, are you?)

    5. Joe Mallozzi – the only man I know who can have his cake and eat it, too. 😉

    Have a good evening, sir! Hope all goes well for Maximus tomorrow!


  2. Always good to see you enjoying Toronto, the more so when you’re in the company of two great ladies. Going in for a dental check myself tomorrow, so I will sympathize with Maxiumus as he undergoes treatment. glad to hear it’s a fairly straightforward problem and so fixable. Enjoy the work week and thanks for sharing you day off

  3. Yes…good vibes for Maximus.
    Akemi was making short work of the corn…looks good. Not sure about that tofu, but if nothing else, its name is a put off. gimme corn, mars bar.
    Agree with Das…put some bacon on that mars bar.
    Fondy looks great!
    Looks like you guys had a great time.
    Food fairs are always fun!

    @Shirt-n-tiie – Happy Birthday. Been enjoying your blog and your tweets. Boy, you are a formidable tweeter.

  4. GO GUS GO! That was wonderful!

    Yum, lime and butter on corn… must try it das, thanks for tip!

    Hope the scripts and next 2 weeks go smoother than you expect, Joe.

  5. Sending positive energy for Maximus tomorrow with the abscess.

    Deep fried Mars bar will not get me into any cool outfits, so I’ll admire from afar.

    I should hear back about my labs tomorrow and suspect it will be fine. If so, then this PICC line can be removed Tues, Wed or Thurs. If the husband goes with me, then I’ll likely have to wait until Thursday which is better for his work schedule. Now I have to get my baseline stamina back.

    Did you guys hear? Remi Aubuchon is going to be taking over season 2 of Falling Skies.

  6. I used to live in Taiwan, many years ago; nothing worse than the acrid smell of fermenting tofu – used to remind me of baby poop.

    Toothache is a bigger; my 14 year old Springer wouldn’t have that problem since she has so very few teeth left…

  7. Changing subject, to Stargate if I may…

    It must really irritate you, all these “you didn’t do enough to save our favourite series” posters. Sure, I too would love more Stargate but on the flipside perhaps a break right now is good?

    A UK series called “Spaced” starring Simon Peg did 2 seasons. A third would have been awesome but it never came; which stopped the series getting stale. Another good series, “Father Ted” stopped after the lead actor passed away; again, ensuring that series ended on a high without getting tired.

    I know you did all you could do to save Stargate, as I’m sure did your executive colleagues. If SGU was ongoing, I imagine you’d also be back in a city you love rather than Toronto too – so its also for selfish reasons you’d want SGU to have continued.

    I loved the yarns you weave however and am much looking forward to your new Transporter series as a result. Stargate was great but it ended on a high for me without a chance to get stale or tired – which if you can’t have a clear end is the next best thing…

  8. Been camping in the woods, just catching up with the blogs. Sorry to hear about Maximus, I wish he gets better. He does look a bit skinnier too. For some reason, he always reminds me of Yoda.

    I’m not sure how people can eat tofu with that strong of an odor. Tofu alone is not that appealing to me to begin with. I’ve noticed though, that when I go to buy fruits and vegetables at the market, just the sight of them is enough to make me really hungry. My ancestors were probably vegetarians or something.

  9. DALLAS MARSHALL: Thanks for the video! Very funny 🙂 .

    Beautiful ladies, Mr. M.!

    Deep fried Mars bars? I’ve heard of those but it makes my teeth hurt to dwell on it. What did the doc say about your cholesterol?

    Sending hugs to Maximus. Did the vet show you how to take your dogs’ temps? It will come in handy one day. Just remember to mark which thermometer you use on the dogs 😉 .

  10. Coucou 😉 Comment allez vous? contente de vous retrouvez …j’ai eu quelques problémes d’ordinateur =/

    Demain je part en Vacance vers Bordeaux…je vais rapporter pleins de vin je crois!!! 🙂

    Super tout ces stands! vous qui aimez la culture asiatique, vous avez du être heureux! C’est bien que vous ayez gardé de bon contact avec Fondy :)!!

    Bonne semaine:)
    Gros bisous!

  11. @Dallas: I think you have to start a blog and then upload your picture. That is how I made it go away. Maybe others have better tech tips though.

  12. OOOOh, those pictures are giving me the MN state fair gaseous feeling! Anything you want on a stick.

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