Congratulations to the Stargate: Universe Visual Effects team on their Emmy nomination for their work on season 2’s Awakening!  Specifically, a big “Way to go!” to  Mark Savela, Krista McLean, James Rorick, Craig VandenBiggelaar, Adam de Bosch Kemper, Erica Henderson, Michael Lowes, Wes Sargent, Luke Vallee, Kodie MacKenzie, and the rest of the gang.  Here’s a peek at the amazing work they did for the episode:

Although we started prepping episode #2 (12 Hours) a while ago, I’m declaring today the first official day of prep on the episode if only because we had the concept meeting this morning.  Well, late this morning and into early afternoon which, in hindsight, is the way to go because a nice, fast-paced meeting ensures that lunch is eaten at a reasonable hour…

The (soon-to-be) usual suspects gather: our various department heads, Sue, Alexander, Andy, and – our director for this episode, a Canadian icon: Bruce McDonald (Roadkill, Highway 61, Hardcore Logo, Picture Claire, Pontypool).

The lovely and talented Bruce McDonald!

Alexander – oh, so thoughtful! Lookit him think!

Brendan - VFX Supervisor and fellow foodie.
Jamie (VFX)!

Followed the concept meeting with a locations meeting which I followed with a conference call which was followed by a late afternoon spent screening auditions with Bruce.  Pleased to report we are both on the same page when it comes to the selects (always a good thing when you can agree with your director!). Tomorrow, I complete my rewrite of episode #5 and then move on to a rewrite of episode #4 after which I’ll do a pass on Alexander’s rewrite of episode #7 after which I’ll do my next pass on episode #6 and follow that with (what I hope will be) a final pass on episode #2 and then move on to my revision of episode #3 which I’ll follow with a trip to the local asylum where they should have a padded room booked well in advance of my arrival.  Alexander, meanwhile, is moving off his rewrite of episode #7 to start his script of episode #8 – provided he can find them time between those lengthy phone calls and email exchanges with Europe, the last one of which forced him to cancel taking in the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert he’d been so looking forward to.  As for Paul – he’s equally busy on set, producing the pilot.  The dailies look great!  Looking forward to catching the specatcular premiere in the comfort of my own home theater back in Vancouver early next year!

Finally, to those of you who commented on Akemi’s panties featured in yesterday’s blog (shame on you!), she wants you to know that they’re the work of designer Tsumori Chisato and that you can pick up your own pair of panties (or equally colorful garb) here:

23 thoughts on “July 14, 2011: Congrats to the SGU VFX team on their Emmy nom! Starting prep on episode #2: 12 Hours!

  1. I hope Stargate does win an Emmy, or 2 or 3 or more… 🙂

    Not fair, blurring out the 2 stacks of papers on that big table so we can’t have a peak. 🙁

  2. SGUs VFX were incredible, breath taking at times. Fully deserves awards, just a shame not enough of Syfys Nielson families watched live. Savela is the king of VFX stuff lol

  3. One day you’re going to have to ask all the folks you work with what they think of this blog. Might not get truthful answers, but they should be interesting at least. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the remaining day of the week.

  4. I hope Stargate wins too. 🙂

    Joe, I’m surprised you’re not already in the insane asylum. I know all of your hard work will look great onscreen! And then, when I see it, I can tell everyone I saw pictures when it was being done. 😉

    I’m still busy, busy, busy. Ten days until we leave for the West Coast.

  5. Big congrats indeed to the SGU team for the Emmy nom. Hopefully it’ll save the series from being canceled!

    Joe, have you ever thought about doing any writing? Seems like with all the writing and re-writing you do, writing is something you might want to consider, professionally.

    Finally, despite what Akemi says, I refuse to pick up my own pair of panties. Somebody else can pick them up. And put them in the laundry. Please.

    [this space left intentionally dumb]

    Please note: This entire comment post has been purposefully ridonculous. It’s been that kind of week.

  6. Bruce looks like a fun guy and Jamie is so delicious I feel like a really dirty old lady.

    Still in the hospital, but fingers crossed (if I could) to be released tomorrow. Hand looks like a blushing puffer fish (sans spiny poky parts).

  7. @ PBMom – Mr. Das has some weirdo bite on his leg…it appeared right after we found this giant leggy spider in our kitchen (he had been outside, I’m thinking it hitched a ride). It seems to be clearing up – but it was looking pretty bad there for a while. The thing is, I am NOT afraid of spider bites, I just can’t handle their leeeeeeegs!!!! 😯 *flails arms and runs away*

    @ Sparrowhawk – Thanks for the e-mail! 😀 I really think you should send a copy to Joe…he will appreciate it, too. 😉

    Also, Brokeback Hiveship! 😀

    @ 2cats – GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHH!!! I would encourage Mr. Das to wear a long white wig and reenact that scene, but the last time we tried something like that he called me Sheppard… 😛

    @ Joey – That Jamie fella is just too cute for words! Hmmmm…I wonder how he feels about big cats…like lions, and tigers, and…ya know, cougars… 😉

    Have a good night, sir…and no prancing around the house in Akemi’s panties!


  8. Good luck to SGU’s Visual Effects team on their Emmy nomination!! That’s a big time award. The nomination is well deserved. Go team go!

    You got Bruce McDonald! I recently saw that movie Pontypool. Even though I don’t care for blood and guts movies, I was mesmerized by this one. I thought it was very artistically done. Great direction and I never knew Stephen MacHattie had such a great deep voice. It sucked me right in.

    @ Dear All You Infected, Puss Filled, Swollen, Red, Oozing, Itching Friends out there – you poor people! How painfully awful. I wish you all a speedy recovery! Any words of wisdom any of you would care to share? Like, don’t stick you hand behind the washer or don’t clean out the closet without gloves on? Spider bites are nothing to mess with. Very potent little suckers! Everyone get better soon!!

    Joe, like someone suggested yesterday, I’m waiting for pictures of your undies. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. (or something like that)

  9. @ Das & maggiemayday – you girls put your eyes back in their sockets and stop drooling! I was going to comment on Jamie too, but good heavens, look at him! He looks like he is 18 years old and still in high school. Joe is he 18? Did you check his driver’s license? Does he even have a driver’s license yet?

  10. Raer, Jamie. Finally, evidence of at least one hot guy on this new show of yours (since you don’t seem to have posted many pics of the cast, who I presume will be generally good-looking).

  11. Ugh.. More fantastic SGU news.. I really hate syfy right now.. So much so, I’m not even bothering to capitalise them. HA!

    Really looking forward to Transporter, having finally gotten around to watching the first 2 films the other day.
    I wasn’t expecting the movies to have such a “TV Show” feel to them, by which I mean, the idea of a weekly “job of the week” is immediately apparent. woot!!

  12. Congrats to Mark Savela and the VFX team on the Emmy nom for SGU! 😀 Will be crossing fingers and toes.

  13. Congrats to the SGU VFX team!!!!!

    It looks like a great team for Transporter. I don’t have any of those pay channels so I may have to wait until Netflix picks it up 🙁 .

    Good news here! My 27lb cat is down to 26.4lbs!!! The diet is working. I just have to be strong and keep resisting “the pitiful look”.

    You ladies on this blog are hitting all the high notes today! That picture of Jamie has them all riled up. You’ve increased all their BP’s. Not good, Mr. M.. It’s a sickly group we have here lately.

    Ponytail I love your description of the sick people on the blog 😀 ( Dear All You Infected, Puss Filled, Swollen, Red, Oozing, Itching Friends out there ). I hope everyone is better today?

    Thanks for the laughs and blushes y’all! 😳

  14. Yep looked for the panties since child liked them, but not on it so must contact store by email maybe.

    WTG on Emmy nomination but hell, SG should have had many wins already.

    LOL at Lou, yeah, I think writing might be a good career for Joe. Wonder why the hell he never thought about it before?

    Harry Potter was good… end of era. Have spent precisely half my child’s life going to the midnight shows with her.

  15. @Debra

    For the same amount of time Joe could speand doing a decent book, he could speand on a TV show as producer and earn much more money. I think the problem there being, if he writes a book, finds its not popular, he’s short of income, however being in the TV industry is a sure thing.

    People naturally go where the money is. No offense to authors out there but you earn much more money than the average author by getting a decent TV job.

  16. Hi Mr M!

    Catching up on the blog. Great to see Transporter:The Series taking shape. Funny, I was talking to a fellow SG fan, who doesn’t check in here (shame on them!) I told them the buzz re : Transporter….Their response : “You had me at Mikita!”

    Best wishes to all in Toronto.


    By the by, I have a wee story re : RDA on my *freshly minted* blog that some SG1 fans might enjoy.


  17. Please thank Bruce McDonald for Hard Core Logo which begat Hugh Dillon and Callum Keith Rennie, two of my biggest crushes and the world’s hottest hotties.

    I was just enjoying Hugh in Flashpoint today, can’t tell you what the ep was about because all I saw were Hugh’s baby blues.

    Congrats on the SGU Emmy nom, that is very cool. Those devious little creatures were awesome looking.

  18. @Ponytail OMG I’m laughing so hard.

    Congratulations to Mark Savela and everyone who worked on the VFX. They BETTER win their well-deserved Emmy this time. Or we’ll riot.

  19. Don’t give up on SGU. It was all starting to work really well in season 2. A few pods can fail to solve casting issues, lol… I really miss SGU, can’t u get it back up and running? Maybe if u directed the next Avengers movie???

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