Okay.  As promised the other day, here is a peek at Akemi’s new panties.  The pattern resembles what I’d imagine a drug addict would hallucinate during a bad trip: mushrooms, insects, snakes, and clouds, furry fearsomes, flying tweens, and sackfuls of love.

Well, the votes have been tabulated in the Name Trevor’s Baby contest and we have a winner!  The results…






Coming in at #5: Oprah.  Sadly, my favorite was never really in contention and finished a distant last.

At #4: Muff.  I know, I know.  Many of you thought it was a horrible name, especially for a girl – but when you consider Trevor’s last name is Finn, it was, in hindsight, quite appropos.

In the #3 spot: Trouble.  I would have gone with this one for the occasional opportunity to shout “Here comes Trouble!” in advance of the kid’s appearance – everywhere!

At #2: Spearmint.  Damn!  This one was mine.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Gwyneth Paltrow steals it for the name of her next child.

And our winner……




#1: Eufemia!  I was all on board when I was under the assumption this was a disease but, apparently, it’s just a name.  A really silly name.  Oh well.

Eufemia Finn it is!  Now, all Trevor has to do is break the news to his wife!

Yesterday, I got to meet a legend – the Car Stunt Maestro himself – Michel Julienne…

Holy Smokes!  What a nice, soft-spoken, good-humored fellow.  Really looking forward to working with him.

Speaking of work – I apologize these blog entries haven’t been as involved as usual, but I’ve been up to my eyeballs in most every aspect of prep and production on our new series, The Transporter.  Worked on the rewrite of episode #5, re-read and provided input on episode #4, had an advance visual effects meeting for episode #2 (12 Hours), fielded about three dozen emails, and checked out and made my selections on the first wave of auditions for 12 Hours.  Going to take a break to walk the dogs and then I’m back at it.  If it wasn’t for the need to eat, sleep, walk the dogs, and pay some attention to an increasingly isolated and lonely girlfriend, I’d be on this 24/7.  

49 thoughts on “July 13, 2011: Akemi’s panties! Trevor’s baby’s name! Car Stunt Maestro Michel Julienne!

  1. Don’t know how you do it, Joe. You tire me out just saying all that. Well, I have to tell the truth, I was already tired, LOL. Packing is a bear. Eleven days until we leave for the West Coast.

  2. Hey Joe

    I understand. It must be really hectic launching a new series.

    @Akemi – Nice underwear! I think I did a poster like that years ago.


  3. I don’t know about anyone else, but those panties are setting off all sorts of pedophile alarms here… 😕

    Also, sorry for sending you so many e-mails lately. 😛 I won’t bore you with the details of how my blood pressure ended up at 160/100 today… *pops another bp pill* … let’s just say that I am as close as one can get to going postal on a certain employee. Thank god for chocolate, wine, and bigass naps. 🙂


  4. Uh-oh, Joe is in trouble. Once Akemi sees that you photo/posted her panties here, she will no doubt call strike on Bento box lunches. Now see what you did!

    Eufemia Finn is quite lyrical. I do hope mommy-to-be Mrs. Finn embraces the name. Blog edicts are, after all, sacrosanct.

    Joe, how do you chose someone from auditions? Looks the part, sounds the part, or just makes you believe they ARE the character? Just wondering.

    G’night all,

  5. Michel Julienne… – Cool! Well, I thought he would be real tough looking with lots of battle scars and maybe an arm hanging on backwards etc. But he looks quite normal and rather handsome too.

    Does Akemi know you’re in her panty drawer?? And what if the baby turns out to be a Mr. Eufemia Finn? Kind of a girly name, don’t ya think?

    Your small blogs still pack a big punch. You are so talented, anything you write and all the pictures you post are interesting and lots of fun. Keep up the great work. We appreciate you!

  6. >Speaking of work – I apologize these blog entries haven’t been as involved as usual

    I honestly haven’t seen any difference Joe, asides from you not doing the mailbag in weeks.

    By the way Joe, speaking of Akemi feeling lonely, does she like videogames? RPG games are good time sinks for anyone with a few hours to spare here and there.

    I assume her Visa prevents her from working, otherwise I would of suggested perhaps you could get her a non speaking extra role on Transporter or something like a background character, kinda like what BAG was from SGU lol

    Anyway, hope The Transporter stuff is going well, sounds like a lot of work, hope it all pays off.

    Oh and as I havent mentioned anime lately. Ga-Rei-Zero is an amazing series, the first episode left me speechless, mostly because of the twist at the end, and to think I was kinda erm starting to like the characters, I won’t spoil anyway. A lot of people think the series started off solidly and ended solidly too.

    Its a prequal series to Ga-Rei, so anyone familiar with the books would of known how it would end, hopefully they animated the main series next. Its only 12 episodes and comes in a Blu Ray/DVD boxset for the same price as a regular anime boxset, so obviously good value.

    I think you may like this one Joe, mostly because well without spoiling, it’l surprise you, shock you, and it may entertain you. The monster stuff was kinda cool.

  7. Those are really amazing.

    And for the blogs – we appreciate your dedication, but Akemi and the pups and the job need you.

    Hey! Maybe you could recycle some classic old blog entries!

  8. Those are one busy pair of panties, but are you sure that Akemi doesn’t mind that they’re now out there floating around on teh internets?

    Also, I think we all consider it great that you blog at ALL, so certainly don’t worry if you’ve been keeping them short lately. Anyway, who was it that said, “Brevity is the soul of wit”, or something like that. Some old guy I guess. Carl Binder, maybe?

  9. Thanks for all the well wishes guys. Mending. Loooots of time on pain killers so have been offline and spending most of my time staring blankly.
    Take care.

  10. i second Sparrow_hawk’s suggestion of re-posting “classic” entries. but then you’d have to go dig them up, so that would be work too.

  11. Akemi needs to slap you upside the head for sharing the pix. Geeeez. Meanie. Hope you asked permission or at least begged forgiveness. Sigh

  12. You’ll look back on this hard work with rohipnol of time and only have fond memories of getting TSPTR on the road.

    The bragas are very colorful and cool, they remind me of the Fantastic Planet mixed with a little Oblio and a side of Partridge Family, groovy!

    I’m currently dealing with sibling dramedies; I tend to avoid drama but my sibs love to get together and argue over bad blood that dates back to the disco. I have too many sibs (five) which means some go together like perfect puzzle pieces and others like rabid spider monkeys. My goal for the week is to avoid my cell, emails and land lines to stay out of the fray.

  13. Eufemia? REally? ok…

    You must be a real fast typer. Somewhere in the vicinity of 90-100wpm (to my mind) – to be bothered to do all that writing/typing and then still blogging!

    If not a fast typer, you must be a real quick thinker. It takes me all the speed of 60wpm or less to get my thoughts down onto a screen with any accuracy (ie re-readable accuracy).

    Somehow, it don’t seem right that Akemi’s panties be included in the post. She’s not too embarrassed about it? Were it me, I’d have almost knocked photographer’s head off before it got its picture taken.

    With all the revisions going on, hope you’re sleeping well. When work invades your nightmares, that’s trouble.

  14. @Narelle Hugs sweetie.

    @Das: Narelle told me not to tell you about my infection I developed after a spider bit me. Was in the ER Tues, may be admitted later today (Thurs) after I see the doc again b/c I’m still running fever and my arm I can barely move. So this is me not telling you about it.


    @Joe: I worry about you. Appreciate your commitment to post something every day. Loved the dog pictures yesterday. They made me smile when I looked at them tonight. Hmmm.. I think this is the first time you’ve actually said “girlfriend” when talking about Akemi to us. Cool.

    If you aren’t on Twitter or Facebook with me, then you missed this on Monday:

    yfrog.com/kkj5htj (My new SGU uniform thanks to someone who bought many things for me in the sale). This was a few hours before I was overwhelmed by post-spider-bite infection. I think the adrenaline held the infection off for a few hours. Well, the blue socks have to go, but otherwise, it’s awesome.

    Also, if you want to see me open the entire box (and it’s a lot of stuff), it’s about 8 minutes long:


    And the video where I discover the uniform actually fit about 20 seconds long:



  15. Hey Joe, was just wondering when you were going to reveal more about the Stargate: Extinction plot??


  16. What’s the name of those kids books where every page is an explosion of images and you have to find certain things? I’m thinking the underpants textile designer read them a few times. Tres cool…

    Well, the only advice I have for young Trevor 2.0 is smile politely when their name is butchered in public. As the bearer of an unusual name, I already feel the baby’s pain. Poor Eufemia

  17. Don’t be so hypocritical and sexist, people. If Akemi had a blog and posted a picture of Joe’s boxers you wouldn’t bat an eyelash. It’s just a piece of clothing, seriously …
    Sincerely, someone not as ridiculously prude as most Americans seem to be.

  18. What;s with infections? I’m in the hospital with an infected cat bite, my left hand is all puffy and red and I can’t bend my thumb.. hurts like a mofo if I knew what that meant.

    Ahem, panties and memories of sleazy bar districts during the 80s…. I just can’t share here.

  19. Joe,
    I just had an idea…you can kill two birds with one stone: Turn your blog over to Akemi for a day. It’ll give her something to do, some level of interaction, and give you a little extra time for your other tasks.

    PBMom: That’s awesome! Congratulations!

  20. @ Maggiemayday
    OMG! Hope you are okay fast. (hugs)

    ::::::: If it wasn’t for the need to eat, sleep, walk the dogs, and pay some attention to an increasingly isolated and lonely girlfriend, I’d be on this 24/7:::::::

    That is the first time I have seen you PUBLICLY call her your girlfriend. 🙂 Can you next blog say “fiance” so we can stop worrying about her leaving. She is obviously good for you and we love her. And if she doesn’t kill you over the panties, you must know you got a winner! Btw, did she buy those or were they included with the apron gift from her mom. If those are from her mom, I am probably more disturbed about THAT than you posting them.

    I think we all realize how much under the gun you are work wise.

    I am an idiot btw. Muffy Finn. That would have been perfect. Maybe he can still use Muffy as her middle name?

  21. YIKES! I hope all the ailing people get well soon.

    @das: (((hug))) I’m forwarding to you a stress reduction exercise a friend sent me the other day. Work has been….difficult…. lately.

    @PBmom: Congratulation on your haul of SGU swag. And how exciting to have the uniform fit!

  22. @Anders
    Don’t be so hypocritical and sexist, people. …
    Sincerely, someone not as ridiculously prude as most Americans seem to be.:::

    Wow, guess someone doesn’t have much sense of humor. Wow. Get over yourself.

    @JimfromJersey… Great idea, but I have better one. While you are busy, we could take turns hosting Akemi! OMG wouldn’t many of us LOVE to have her visit? Oh wait, the dogs would be sad. Okay, blog it is!

    @ everyone… gosh folks, heal up, take it easy. I sliced my finger yesterday… must be something in the air.

  23. Well hell, not done. As for the panties, I suspect everyone knows he would NEVER have posted them without knowing she was fine with it. Because YES, doing that without permission and if it would have upset her would be an insensitive lack of respect for her privacy. We are simply having fun poking at Mr. Mallozzi. Do you seriously think people here believe he is some jerkwad who would do something that would cause her embarrassment? It is FUNNY, and the panties very entertaining. The “prude” is the one taking the fun as serious. Just a thought there bucko.

  24. @everyone with infections, cuts, and other problems – hope you all are able to recover without too much difficulty. Please pardon what appears to be insensitivity as I’ve been relagated to reading the blog on an iphone. This and email is a reallllly a PITA when one does not have power and Internet thanks to mean thunderstorms – and I do mean MEAN. Saw trees bend over to the point of breaking in severe downdrafts. Anyway, I love my iphone, but….it has one teeeny tiiiny screen; can do a lot, but hard for “aged” eyes to read.

    @PG15 wheeeee, you’re on line

    @Anne Teldy – hope you are able to read about books, chocolates, and panties – ooops, did I say that out loud? Hope you are feeling better and are able to get on-line to post.

    @Trevor – we ain’t bad, but we can be mischievious when our fearless and sleepless leader leads us.

    @JOE – Very glad to see you refer to Akemi as your girlfriend for whom you must and will make time for.

    @Akemi – you are a wonderful person! Hang in there.

    whew…I R tired.

  25. @Debra

    Yeah I agree with your comments about Akemi and Joe, if anything its just a matter of waiting to say congrats if/when they get married lol.

  26. Love the panties. Do they have a matching bra available? I’d buy a set. You can’t go wrong with snakes and mushrooms 😉

  27. Yay!!! Eufemia won! 😀 That’s the name I voted for! Will she be called Euffie for short? 🙂 Such a pretty name.

  28. The panties could be part of a set for a summer nighty. just a thought. anyway they are cute, Joe so nice of you and Akemi to share. Have a good day!

  29. Hello!

    Waaaouuuu sexy la culotte 😉 lol à vrai dire j’en moi aussi quelque une dans le genre “cute” ..mais pas avec autant de motif et je ne l’ai met que pendant une certaine période dans moi (vous voyez ce qu je veux dire) ..car comme on dit en France c’est un “tue l’amour” XD!

    ah, vous me rassurez!! vous aussi vous aviez choisi Oprah.. nous sommes des personne sensé!! lol Je crois que nous avons le même avi, la plupart de ces prénoms sont très bizarre!! …Joseph, Anais, voila des beaux prénoms!

    Passez une bonne journée!
    Bisous :)!

    PS/ Allez vous aller voir Harry Potter 7.2?

  30. @Anders: “Sincerely, someone not as ridiculously prude as most Americans seem to be.” Get over it.

    @Joe: There’s a certain Bridget Jones quality to the panties you’ve just gotta love. 🙂 Love the dog pics and vids, as always!

    @maggiemayday: Yikes! Feel better.

    Here, things are SNAFU. Root canal failed, tooth broke, implant or some other big deal now (and I look positively lovely…ugh). Not a good year so far, but hey, better days ahead, right. Right? Right?

  31. I voted for Eufemia! It’s certainly better than MUFF. 🙄 Spearmint isn’t too bad. BUT Apple and Spearmint? Not very good together. Gwyneth will probably go for something like Cherry, Pear or Peaches with the next kid. 😉

    Narelle: Yeah! Glad you are feeling better. We missed you.

    PBmom: I hope today brings you relief! You’ve had it rough lately. Oh, and good catch on the “girlfriend” comment 😉 .

    maggiemayday: I’ve been there! Bite wounds are so painful. I hope those antibiotics kick in soon!

    Has anyone watched Falling Skies on TNT? It is good seeing Noah Wyle on TV again. I’m surprised it’s not on SyFy. They missed out on another good scifi show but hey, we can always watch Ghost Hunters 🙁 .

    Thanks again for taking time to deal with all of us!

  32. @Deni: That sounds so painful. We keep asking ourselves the same questions about better days being ahead.

  33. @Tam Dixon: Yes, we are watching Falling Skies. It is quite good, and yes, Syfy missed out. But that really doesn’t surprise me. 😉

  34. ah I just noticed the photo. I’m not sure what the customary response should be so I hope Joe you understand, so i’ll just change subject now, do you think its possible for stargate to be revived and would you rather have it a remake or a continuation?

  35. @Lisa R: Happily, not much pain involved because I’d already had a root canal (that failed miserably, dumbass dentist). Happy times ahead with the stupid thing, though, not looking forward to it at all, especially because my daughter’s coming to visit for a whole month, and who knows what I’ll be able to eat! And yes, there HAVE to be better days ahead!

  36. Hope all the unwell people here get better soon, pain is horrible to experience, I guess ive been somewhat lucky to not experience anything bad since my appendix burst last december lol

  37. @ PBMom … I am jealous of your Stargate swag haul, especially the great fitting Icarus Base uniform. Enjoy! Loved the vids too 😀
    @ Debra … you tell ’em kiddo!
    @ Tam Dixon and Lisa R … am loving Falling Skies. Why only 8 episodes though? One 2 hour pilot and then 8 eps. Geez, it’s from Stephen Spielberg. Can’t there be 20 eps? Yes, good to see Noah again.
    @ maggiemayday … please feel better soon. I’ve had cat scratch fever, but nothing as severe as what you describe – yikes.

    Last, but not least, @ das … take care of yourself. Work issues be damned. Think happier thoughts, like Todd striding towards you, sinuously tall and strong-limbed, long white flowing hair, piercing eyes of desire, sweeping you into his arms and… we’ll have to stop there. My BP just spiked.

    G’night all,

  38. You probably already know this, but Euphemia is an old Scots name that mothers gave to daughters they didn’t like. Well I’m assuming that, because its a terrible name to inflict on any innocent child fresh from its mothers womb!

    It sounds even worse shortened – Effie. If you don’t believe me see if you can catch a clip of an old homegrown soap called ‘Take the high road’.

  39. Thank you for all your hard work guys, what a fabulous name! I will inform Holly that Eufemia has won. Or perhaps on second thought, I won’t inform her and will just go ahead and fill out the birth certificate first, and then show her afterwards. Yes, I think that will be best.

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