Having wrapped work on the Saving Hope pilot, Michael Shanks (Stargate’s Daniel Jackson) is westcoast-bound were he’ll begin work on The Pastor’s Wife opposite Rose McGowan.  But before jetting off, I managed to corral him for  a mini Stargate reunion of sorts last night.

Fab director Andy Mikita and his even fabber wife Candace.
Executive Producer Robert Cooper waits to be impressed.
Michael Shanks considers the agnolotti. And, ultimately, decides to tell a story instead.

We gathered at La Forchetta in Little Italy where we enjoyed a nice meal highlighted some tasty gnocchi, great smoked duck, and a tale of absolute bone-chilling terror compliments of Mr. Shanks.  Oh, this one had it all – a red-eyed demon, a boy in a closet, an Indian burial ground, self-immolation, protective wards, cleansings, inter-dimensional travel – and was almost an hour in the telling.  So engrossed was Michael in the based-on-a-true-story account that he didn’t get around to his agnolotti until well after the whole demonic portal revelation…

The agnolotti had to wait until after the account of the exorcism.

Candace, Andy Mikita’s wife, countered with a tale of her own involving a young girl left home alone, the spirit of a hunchbacked old man, a mysterious message, and a grisly farm accident.

Rob and I sat listening, rapt, trying to figure out how we could combine both tales into one glorious low-budget feature film that would gross tens of millions of dollars.

Michael pitches the bit about the non-arcing salt and the creepy imaginary friend.

Anyway, as far as ghost stories go – pretty hair-raising stuff.  Michael’s in particular was filled with enough horrific shocks and startling surprises to make that actor who played the doctor in Signs green with envy.  Next time he guests at a con in your burg (MS not the doctor guy), get him to tell it again.  With the lights off…


Candace partakes in spirits of another kind.
Rob isn't sold on the late second act twist.
Andy was on the edge of his seat!

It was a great night – a lot of fun, a lot of laughs.  It’s always nice to get the band back together.

Looks like Michael will be heading back to T.O. (family in tow) in August for the big Fan Expo.  Hopefully he’ll come armed with an equally ghoulish sequel.

A toast to the ghosts! And the panna cotta!


23 thoughts on “July 6, 2011: Gusto, Gorgonzola, and Ghosts!

  1. Nice to be informed that people from StarGate are continuing to get work, Thanks.

    Whenever a favorite sci-fi show of mine is announced it’s being cancelled, I stop watching it. Just get pissed off too much. Well, I finally just watched the last 10 episodes of Universe for the first time and it was exactly as I feared. All of the episodes were awesome. 🙁

    Here’s to hoping that MGM revives the StarGate franchise sooner, rather than later. 🙂

  2. Speaking of Michael Shanks, he had a small role in the Red Riding Hood 2011 movie, thought the film was rather good actually, may not be everyones cup of tea though.

    If anything it was kinda cool seeing him in a movie with a decent sized budget, hope he gets more movie roles like that.

    Also I hope if in the distant future MGM ressurects the Stargate name and does a movie that they consider him for Daniel Jackson.

    Anyway on the Ghosts subject, not sure what it is, but thinking about Ghosts too much kinda creeps me out lol

  3. I’m so envious to your time with MS. I have watched his Con Q & A appearances on you-tube and his website and he is one fabulous story teller. I thoroughly enjoyed every thing I have viewed of his stories and it is why people pay the big bucks to see him. You got him for free, wow what a bargain! Are you planning to go see him at the con in august?

  4. Too bad you didn’t record him! You could share with us.
    How are the doggies? Did you get the next stem cell treatment?

  5. I have never seen (heard) a human being capable of talking as fast as Michael Shanks.
    I always wondered if he was really doing it, or if there was a trick.
    My best guess is that his Stargate experience has actually ‘enhanced’ him and he is really able to do it! 😉

    Got to be easy to write for him, he can say anything in a few seconds no matter the amount of text

  6. Glad you had a good time with the gang! Michael Shanks looks different somehow, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I’d be hard pressed to recognize him from those photos. Not a bad thing, just interesting. Good luck to him, hope his pilot gets picked up. 🙂

  7. PS – I’ve been seeing this all over today (on Gateworld and Twitter in particular), a contest for the UK’s Biggest Stargate Fan. Being run by 20th Century Fox, it seems to be part of the promotion for the release of the SGA Blu-ray and the DVD’s of Universe’s Season 2, but it also says:
    20th Century Fox are looking for the UK’s biggest Stargate fan to help support and lead the campaign for its return! Are you an avid and devoted fan? Have a massive collection of memorabilia? Got any Stargate tattoos? Do you pop to the shops wearing a Stargate costume? If so, then it’s your destiny to come on board this mission!

    Campaign for its return? If only dreams came true!

  8. Michael is a great raconteur – his con appearances are the best of the best imho!..thank you for the pictures – they make a great birthday present – another year older is always bearable when able to enjoy chat about Mr Shanks and Stargate!..I still miss this most excellent series and am very glad to see that Michael is getting some great work outside of it…I’m one of those who enjoyed Red Riding Hood very much and am looking forward to purchasing the DVD when it comes out over here in the UK – already have the soundtrack which is great…

    Would love to come to TO in August – alas flights are booked to Cali instead – Disney wins out over Michael this time…


  9. Coucou! vous allez bien!

    Moi très bien 🙂

    Alala j’adore la cuisine italienne, presque autant que la cuisine française! ça fait plaisir de revoir des tête connus. J’esper que vous n’avez pas parlé avec Micheal de la saison de Hockey…le pauvre il a été trop déçu =(

    Passez une bonne journée!
    Gros bisou!

  10. Sounds like fun all around. MS should put that tale in writing. I bet lots of fans would run out to buy the book. 🙂 Thanks as always for the pictures of good times.

    Have a great day!!!!

  11. Quote:


    PS – I’ve been seeing this all over today (on Gateworld and Twitter in particular), a contest for the UK’s Biggest Stargate Fan. Being run by 20th Century Fox…..
    Campaign for its return? If only dreams came true!”

    Yes I also wish this would work out. Mr. Mallozzi, if you should hear any news about Fox really being serious about bringing StarGate back, please let us know. Thanks a lot. 🙂

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  13. LOL…Perhaps Quade’s proposition could work. Of course, the key person to accept or decline would be Akemi. Me thinks Quade just wants the daily Bento breakfasts. And one has to wonder, can 17 children be any more effort than 4 puppies? hmmmm???? And, then Deni has a point there…eeeuuuuwwww!

  14. Sylvia: And one has to wonder, can 17 children be any more effort than 4 pupies? Yes! You don’t have to ask a dog to take a nap. 😉

  15. In all seriousness I believe the only way for a permanant residency in most countries is to either marry a resident(Easiest way), or by means of employment and skills that meet the requirements. I’m pretty sure there isn’t any other way.

    There are other ways I believe but I think you and Akemi should be looking at these now instead of just before her visa runs out Joe.

  16. I loved the pictures of Michael Shanks. I’ve followed his career for many years and have never had the pleasure of meeting him. Hearing a little something now and then about him is terrific! Would love to hear that story he told you 🙂 I love spooky stuff! Actually I named my cat “Spooky”, and since my last name is Powers, I always get a laugh at the vet’s when they ask his name and I reply Spooky Powers!

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