46 thoughts on “July 7, 2011: Sooooothing doggy pics!

  1. Doggie pics. Ooooh, how cute! Went to a friend of mine’s house today and got to spend time with their poodle.

    Our move is starting to come together, and we’re having a big yard sale on Saturday. Hubby also found several jobs to apply for out in California. We think the one in CT fell through.

    Have a good night!!!!

  2. Ahhhh, yes, SWEET soooothing doggie pix.
    Many thanks, I needed this for my day too.
    How did you know?

  3. Joe,
    Have you been watching the new season of True Blood?? Janina Gavankar is a shape shifter ….a Horse…..She looks Good…..

  4. It worked. I am soothed. Which is a good thing. YOU try going to sleep trying to remember if you wrote down everything you know about Commodio Cordis in a coherent manner, especially if you’re rusty and aren’t absolutely sure you half page essay is on another subject entirely. Hope the weekend lets you relax.

  5. Oof! AHHHH! thanks for sharing, drool and all, someone is not sure about the sharing,,being on top and all… what fun. Better day tomorrow.

  6. @Joe: I hope tomorrow is better for you.

    Peaceful pups. Very nice. I’ve been having nightmares for days, or rather, nights. This should help. And maybe a nice warm lavender bath.

    @Thornyrose: I had to google commotio cordis: cardiac arrest from a blow to the chest. Kind of a reverse cardiac thump as done in CPR. Very interesting. Now your essay is done and you can sleep….sleep….. slee…..(snore)

  7. I can sympathize with your day, I had a similar one today myself. Sadly, chances are I will have another one tomorrow.

    I fear it will take more then dog pics to fix. Oh well, we’ll see what happens.

    Have a good one.

  8. das has that photo of a swimmer…that’s a soothing photo. Make with the photo, das.

    I’m looking at a chubby, sleeping baby right now. You have to listen to her breathing and squeeze her chubby, warm foot to get the full effect – it’s multi-sensory, very soothing.

  9. Here I thought that only cats made piles. You did sooth me and make me giggle at the same time. What a crew you have! Here’s to a better tomorrow.

  10. Hi Joe. Ok, this should offer you something to smile at other than the absolutely irresistable charm of your triplets…..

    Has D Blue sent you advancement concept doc. yet? If not, email me, catch me on twitter or leave a message on our webblog and i’ll fill ya in. -Drea


  11. Hi Joe,

    Ohhhh! *squeee!* Puppies! Yes, indeed, when life hands you lemons – chuck them aside and concentrate on puppies! I’m currently experiencing “one of those days…er…summers…er…years,” but puppies bring everything into perspective and help one focus on the truly important things in life. Speaking of…Akemi has become such an important feature in this blog, she must be so central to your life…don’t even chance losing her. I think we’d all be so incredibly sad to see you two be forced to part, especially by something so clinical and bureaucratic as governmental rules and regs. Please don’t let her go?

    Wobbly smiles, Julie

    @Akemi – we’re keeping our fingers crossed and hopes alive for you!

  12. @Lisa R – All best wishes. Moving is never fun, but sometimes you just gotta shake things up to get anywhere. {{Hugs}} to you both. Go get ’em!

  13. Three on a bed! Cute as pie & yes, soooooothing.

    TGIF Joe

    I have a new kitty(Callie), found her in a tree near the edge of the yard. Very poor but tame, so now “slowly” getting acquainted with my other cat, Cooter. It’s something how cats can be, I had one that had been here a couple years leave-poof! When I brought another cat home(outdoor country cats here) I have 4 dogs, Spot, Bandit, Albert & Penny. The pets ALL love mornings-breakfast(yay!)

    Everyone have a good Friday/weekend


  14. For goodness sake! Buy another dog bed 😀 . Thanks for the doggie pics!!!

  15. Baby doggies!!! Awwww!! Such cuties! 😀 Brie seems to like to sit on the others. It’s kinda like she’s saying, get up it’s my turn to use the bed. 🙂 Love Brie and Jelly and Stewie and Lulu and Maximus! Love all your doggies! They always make my day. 🙂

  16. What, no story today? 🙂

    BTW If it hasn’t already been mentioned concerning the Akemi situation: Isn’t marriage and/or a baby the answer to that problem?marriage and/or a baby the answer to that problem?

  17. Das: have you had time to watch Masterpiece Theater? David Suchet is the perfect Poirot.

  18. Funny! But, that does express how I feel on occation with a certain someone in my life. Ha

  19. I did indeed need a Doggie Day.

    (stupid petty thieves stealing my yard knickknacks, could have taken the stupid resin gnome, but no, went for the small ceramic gazing ball in the metal stand and my bush of solar lights flowers. Stupid thieves)

  20. Joe, out of the Frenchies, who is the biggest character? I thought it was Lulu, then Brie came along and I thought it was her, but now Stewie seems to be the one stealing the limelight. So, who’s top dog amongst the Frenchies?


  21. Yes, yes, I could feel all the tension of reading the blog about Akemi’s situation being calmed after reading this. Who knew? I love the pups. I hope you are having a better day.

    I was at the hospital having a test done this morning and was watching the shuttle lift off. I was crying, people were either looking at me strangely or not even caring about the shuttle’s last flight, which made me even more sad. This was an end of a era of space flight. This was an historic (or a historic for the other crowd) moment. And no one gave a crap about it. In Houston of all places — we have Johnson Space Center here and hundreds of thousands of people employed by them. If you can’t be excited about the space program in this town, then what hope did it really have. The apathy drives me nuts. For my entire life, there has always been manned space flight and now it’s gone. I want to see a human being on Mars before I die. If we don’t start looking for a new home planet now, by the time this one is ready to implode, our race will indeed die. Not enough incentive for anybody? I thought self-preservation was pretty strong in us.

    Okay, go back to the puppies, go back to the puppies. Deep breaths.

  22. @PBMom

    Speaking of the shuttle stuff, I felt the same way, didnt cry but felt it was an event of great significance.

    Too bad we live in an era where Space is an after thought to goverments.

    If the money speant on wars was speant on Space, we’d probably be back on the moon by now. And potentially thinking about mars.

    With the way the world is going, like climate change and stuff, goverments should be thinking about either relocating to a new planet in the future if Earth becomes uninhabitable due to global warming, or inventing technoligies to reduce reliance of oil etc

  23. @ Tammy Dixon – Yup! I love Suchet’s Poirot – I’ve been enjoying his performance as the fussy Belgian detective for nearly 20 years now!

    I’m also looking forward to the return of my dear Sgt. Hathaway in the upcoming Inspector Lewis episodes – I get all excited just thinking about it! Very few tv characters delight me as much as he does – just can’t wait to see him again! 🙂 This is one of my favorite moments in the series thus far:


    Hathaway’s hair is a tad longer in the new series, but I really liked it short – just suited his reserved personality so much.

    Here’s a nice interview with the actors, the end of the interview is quite amusing (to me, at least 🙂 ):



  24. Thanks for the videos Das. Hathaway’s hair isn’t “that” much longer. I suppose it will fit in with his character being more cheeky? He does have a unique bone structure.
    I like watching British shows and hearing the differences in vernacular. The British actors come in all shapes, sizes AND imperfections. In most American network shows, everyone looks so perfect that they start to look alike. I have a hard time differentiating between blonde actress in the same program. That could be because of my bad eyes but they all seem to blend in together (perfect noses and long blonde hair).

    PBmom: Even though Texas is soooo hot that attention spans are shot there; I know several people “here” that were talking about the shuttle launch.
    Also, I hope you get a good kidney checkup! Hubby is passing another stone and SUCH a pleasure to be around 🙄 .

  25. Brie is such a big gal now, is she still growing? Maximus has the sweetest face, even when Brie is squashing him.

    Enjoying some huge Ranier cherries today with some Jarritos grapefruit soda; I love summer.

  26. @ Tammy Dixon – I agree with you 150% – I can’t get into most American shows because everyone looks and sounds the same. I have no idea who most actors are because they’re just cookie cutter stamp-outs. I think that’s why I love Abby on NCIS – because she IS different.

    I grew up watching a lot of British television, from Monty Python to sitcoms like Doctor in the House and The Good Life (Good Neighbors). I probably know British acttors better than I do American! And I certainly like them better, imperfections, and all. 🙂


  27. @PBMom – I completely agree about the shuttle launch – it seems most people aren’t really interested. On the other hand, they were expecting about a MILLION people to be around the Cape today to watch the lift off, so there is definitely still some interest out there. I watched Atlantis’ launch last year (expected at the time to be its last) live at the Kennedy Space Center and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Just incredible. I just hope that NASA’s future plans turn out as grand as they say. I just wish there were some hard targets for it.

    Joe, what are your feelings about the shuttle and the future of the space program? I would think that it being Atlantis’ last launch would have some significance given the name! 🙂

  28. Aw-w-w-some video, thanks so much svetbi!

    @ PBMom I agree that apathy about the American space program is hard to take. I’ve been a member/supporter of The Planetary Society for 30 years. Carl Sagan sparked my interest in real space exploration and Isaac Asimov interested me in science fiction. I’ve often thought the first, fed the latter.
    So, as we witness the decline of real space exploration, watch for the effect on space-based science fiction writing, it too may decline. We’ll be left with the likes of Ice Spiders IV, for God’s sake!

    At least at work today, I and my team sat rapt through the entire launch. The 28 year old young man was almost jumping out of his seat in excitement. So maybe there is hope that the young among us will think the pursuit of space, the planets and beyond is worth the effort. I pray so.

    Have a good, starry night all,

  29. @TammyDixon Thanks for the cheer up. I still have the stone on the right and probably fragments on the left, but things a bit more serious with a different issue with the kidneys unrelated to the stones. Don’t want to get all gross on the blog with specifics. They’ve made me stop my anti-inflammatory medication to see if it is causing the issue. I get labs next Friday to see. Let’s just say I didn’t realize how much the anti-inflammatory medication has helped my other medical issues. I’m hurting a great deal without it. I hope it is not the cause. There are two other medications that could be culprits, so we’ll try eliminating those one at a time and see. If not, then my nephrologist is wanting to do a kidney biopsy. I went and looked on You Tube. OMG. Looks like they do mild sedation and local anesthesia. I’ve had spinal taps with just local anesthesia and they hurt enormously; I can’t imagine having a needle inserted into both my kidneys for tissue samples without being unconscious. They really need to make these doctors undergo these procedures to see how they feel. That is just nuts to me. Certainly don’t want general anesthesia, but they could give you enough meds to allow you to sleep through it. Need to do it, if I have to do it, though by the end of the year, because we’re at 100% on our insurance. Hope your hubbie’s stone passes soon. Definitely as close to labor as men will ever get.

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