I was in the kitchen, packing away the dog food, when I heard Akemi, in the next room, drop three successive f-bombs as she struggled with her laptop.  Sweet, polite, demure, soft-spoken Akemi!  “Where did you learn that?”I asked/admonished.

“Joe’s school of language,”she informed me without missing a beat.  And then, redirecting her attention back to the laptop: “Jesus Crisis!”.

So, okay, I’ll admit I’m not a great role model.  Especially when I’m behind the wheel.  In traffic.  Late for appointment.

Still, Akemi’s outburst was a unique experience – and, frankly, perfectly acceptable given the circumstances.  It was ticking close to 1:00 a.m. and we’d spent the last three hours moving across the street and one block over to our new digs.  We were exhausted.  And by the time we crawled into bed, it was almost 2:00.

I figured I’d be able to sleep in.  The dogs, on the other hand, figured otherwise.  And so, at 8:00 a.m. this morning, I was heading out with Bubba and Lulu for their first walk of the day.  It wasn’t a great start to the day.  As I was stepping off the elevator, I glanced down and noticed Lulu had vomited.  In a matter of seconds, I was multi-tasking: holding onto the dogs, fishing out my doggy bag, holding the elevator door open, and apologizing profusely to the gentleman about to step inside.  He smiled and offered to hold on to the dogs for me while I cleaned up the mess and then, handing the leashes back, offered a “I’ve got one of my own.” before heading into and up.  The interesting thing about this incident was not so much the dog vomit or the kindness of this stranger but the fact that I knew the guy.  Well, not exactly.  I mean, he looked incredibly familiar.  I’ve seen him somewhere – probably on television – but I couldn’t place the face.  Apparently, the hotel/residence we just moved into is quite popular with productions.  I passed a couple of Warehouse 13 cast members on my way to the park.

I finally got around to doing a work-out, my first in over two weeks.  I ran for thirty minutes, hit the weights for another twenty, then celebrated by visiting St. Lawrence Market and enjoying a highly-recommended Mustachio veal and eggplant sandwich…

The verdict?  Two huge thumbs up.  If there’s one thing I can say about Toronto, it’s that I WON’T be going hungry here.

Going anywhere but down.
On the way back from the market, we stopped off to pick up dog food and met this sweetheart: Cookie.
Cookie models one of the shop's 30% off sweaters.
While we're on the subject of dressed-up pugs, check out Portia, an equally fashionable pug.

Thanks to everyone who weighed in with their helpful suggestions for dealing with my lost password problem.  There are a lot of very smart people out there. Which begs the question: What are they doing reading this blog when they could be out there inventing something?

Worked on the outline today.  One more scene to go and I’m done.  I’d have completed it had I not gotten distracted by the character breakdowns and audition sides I had to put together for Dieter, Olivia, Sergei, and Nicolai.  Well, in truth, the outline won’t truly be complete until I’ve taken that tour of Casa Loma this Friday.

Today’s entry is dedicated to Arctic Goddess.  Good luck on your surgery!


Michael writes: “We need some photos of the dogs in the new place.”


Bailey writes: “If you do another mailbag, did you even consider mentioning Jonas in tonight’s SGU ep?”

Answer: Yes, in fact I gave a note at the script stage that, at the very least, some mention should be made about the fact that Jonas Quinn had retired from public office.  Don’t know what happened but it obviously didn’t make it onscreen.

Lou Zucaro writes: “But why not just buy a domain and have e-mail at your own domain? It’s not very expensive. I own a hosting company and could help with it if you so desired. I’m assuming you own either (or both) mallozzi.com and josephmallozzi.com, but if not, I registered joemallozzi.com for you in case you want it (just tell me).”

Answer: Very kind of you, Lou.  I may take you up on this once things settle down here.

Jason writes: “I would contact yahoo technical support/customer service and explain the situation, and offer to verify who you are using the yahoo email account. They can email your yahoo account some unique phrase or something, and you can read it back from the phone.”

Answer: Hey, Jason, thanks for this.  May use this as a last resort.

majorsal writes: “what about an amalgamation of the three series into one stargate movie?”

Answer: That was one of the ideas floated at one point.

Randomness writes: “For anyone thinking SGU will get a movie, see the most recent ratings.”

Answer: Said it before and I’ll say it again – the ratings will not impact a decision on the movie.

44 thoughts on “April 5, 2011: Joe’s School of Language!

  1. Thanks for the photos Joe! Hopefully everything is OK with Lulu =)

    Was there anything in particular that made Akemi “Jesus Crisis”? Or just the pent up frustration? (And I think I may need to steal that line from her. I can just imagine Napoleon Dynamite saying it, lol)

  2. There are a lot of very smart people out there. Which begs the question: What are they doing reading this blog when they could be out there inventing something?

    That’s what I keep wondering, since i’m unemployed right now and looking for work. But then, I took a liberal arts undergrad, and then a masters in public admin..which geared me towards being a civil servant..but there’s just no work in the field in Nova Scotia where I am.

    I’m actually planning a job hunting trip to the Vancouver/Victoria area late next month. I’m going to stay at one of the university residences and see how things pan out. Been applying to jobs in the area, but not ‘living’ there right now is an obvious handicap. Ugh…Don’t know anyone there…and everything I know about the area I know from your blog pretty much. The anxiety and the unknown is a bit stressing 🙁

  3. Aw… I still miss Jonas Quinn. He was cute and sweet. But at least when he left it wasn’t because he died.

  4. In “Seizure”:

    1) Was there any consideration for Mr. Woolsey or Ambassador Ovirda to mention Dr. McKay’s failure with Project Arcturus in SGA, during the meeting?

    2) Telford took two SG-units with him on the Langara mission. Were they specific ones like SG-3 or SG-5?

    3) That was really cool to hear a little of the SGA theme when McKay walks in. Who’s idea was it?

    4) Was it ever planned to include something like a brief one sentence ‘update’ on the status of Atlantis?

  5. Veal and eggplant?! I’m in! Man that sounds good. Right up there with chicken Milanese + eggplant + roasted pepper sandwiches.

    Joe, if you do want to use that domain I got, you can get my e-mail address from your blog.

    By the way, I *am* inventing something. Launching soon 🙂

    (and it’s restaurant-related!)

  6. I put sweaters on my dog. Many people think I am doing it to dress up my dog in cute outfits, but the truth is she gets very cold, especially after she is groomed, and she will shiver. She loves the sweaters as they keep her warm. You might try one for Lulu and she looks very lean without much body fat to keep her warm. just a suggestion.

  7. What a wonderful episode that was. It actually made me cry at the end. Totally heartbreaking. But I did not quite get, whether it would be possible to retrieve Ginn and Perry or not. The way I understood it, it was not that Eli deleted the programms, only that he kind of put them in a different area – like when you take a program from one folder and put it in another one. Maybe I misunderstood – drawbacks of not being a native speaker. I am about to watch it again in hopes of understanding it better this time around.

    About making an amalgam movie of all 3 Stargate incarnations – please don’t. I know many people here are fans of SG1 and SGA so I have been holding back with my opinion on those – at least mostly. Just don’t. That would be like mixing night and day – it will not work out. Although the majority of people may be action and fun-oriented, not everybody is (I most certainly am not – I loath action that only exists without purpose and can only tolerate it, if there is a plot-necessity for it and fun is only funny if there is depth to it, otherwise it is shallow and empty and rather “unamusing”).

  8. I just finished watching “Seizure” and realized how much I’m going to miss SGU.

  9. That picture of Portia in the ruck-sack carrier thing reminds me of the term ‘Happy as a pig in muck’. 🙂

  10. Thanks for answering my question about Jonas. He was always one of my favorite SG1 characters and I have often wondered what became of him.

  11. Hi Joe

    Your wee doggy’s are as cute as anything with their cheeky wee faces.

    SGU S2E15 was again awesome! This show has more twists and than a Pig’s tail.
    Joe personally I reckon if SGU was on big US channel and not a piddly little channel like the Syfy(wresteling/cooking/realityTV) Channel it would be a major US hit show.


  12. Hello Joe,

    Can you ask Brad – what are the probability that the film “SGU” is produced?

    Your picture “April Shower” is superb, it could be framed!
    Is it Toronto?


    PS : Beautiful dog clothes ! ahah !

  13. Hey Joe,

    1) Can you dedicate a blog post to your Transporter: The Series show? IE going into further detail without giving too much away ect

    2) Do you have an interested network? If not then may I suggest going to the USA network as it would fit in nicely with their other shows, Burn Notice (You ever watch it?) etc.

    3) Mike Dopud being considered for the lead?

    4) Speaking of SGU, any word from Brad about the movie(s)?

  14. Might be a good day to get with the times and switch to gmail. Forgotten password recovery can be done with a text message, and you can use your own domain name with it (but that ain’t free).

  15. Hi Joe,

    Cute dog pics…thanks!

    Have you ever considered opening up Joe’s School of Language For People Who Can’t Speak Good?

    How’s Jelly doing with the colder weather?

    Do your dogs suffer hairballs like my cat occasionally does? I get the dry food that helps to reduce that.

    Has casting started on your super secret show? Any hints?

    Hope you’re well. We get Seizure tomorrow night….looking forward to it, as always.


  16. Salut!!!!

    Ahh vous aussi vous vous enervez vite au volant..mon cheri c’est pareil, sauf que je donne toujours raison au autres automobilistes donc ont se crient dessus lol XD

    Oula vous n’avez pas dormi beaucoup =/

    savez vous combien de temps vous allez rester à Toronto, j’ai besoin de savoir pour planifier mes prochaines vacances!

    Bisou 🙂

    Ps: vos chiens sont adorable dans leurs petits vêtments!

  17. Nice to see someone else multi-tasks. I had to do that myself yesterday. Let’s see–started off with waking up at 3:30 AM due to storm roaring through our area (75 MPH winds); then lost power until after 8 which meant that our homeschool started late; then got letter in mail saying 11 yo’s gymnastics academy was closing at the end of the month (That was fun telling him. 🙂 ); then had to make hour trip over to hubby’s work because his battery died; came back home and then went back to jump said car off–but guess what, there were no jumper cables in his car, so we had to wait for security guard which took a very long time; then her little jumping thing didn’t work so we had to wait for her boyfriend to come (don’t get me wrong, I was very appreciative, but I was tired when we were done, LOL), and finally, the car started, and I was able to go back home while hubby went to buy new battery. Can we say exhausted? Hoping today is better.

    Have a great day!!!!!

  18. Portia looks like a lady bug in that back pack. Cool idea but it would cut down on her exercise. Thanks for the doggie pictures!

    When had our son, we stopped cursing (out loud). I am a fan of Joe Flanigan but he has a big potty mouth for someone with three kids! I can imagine some of the parent-teacher conferences for his kids.

    Other memorable passwords: Bigbutz, ohnomytoe 🙂

    Das: pets ain’t cheap! Thanks for helping out the strays!

  19. Hi Joe!
    I thought I would chime in on your take on SGU getting a movie.
    I am very glad to see that the ratings will not have an impact on making a movie.
    I am sure the ratings have a lot to do with the time slot the show has had for all of season 2 . Season 1 had so much higher numbers compared to season2. In my opinion season 2 has been way way better than most of season 1.
    So I bet if it was still on Friday nights, the show would still be doing pretty well.
    It defiatly would get quite a bit of help from the wrsetling show played right before the 10pm friday timeslot. That is what has been helping Sanctuary out this season. there has to be quite a few viewers that just keep the t.v. on SYFY after wrestling is over and watch Sancturay just becuase it already is on that station.
    don’t get me wrong , I love the show Sanctuary, but it is not even close to class of SGU.
    Well I am crossing my fingers that a movie ends up coming out.
    Do you have any timeframe when they might be letting us know if and when it may happen ?
    I really beleive that MGM will at least make 1 movie to finish up the show just becuase Stargate has been with them for so many years, and just in case there is not a stargate show for a while , they can at least make the fans happy with an ending to SGU.

    Have a nice day!

  20. As you, no doubt, have discovered… we’re all geniuses at one thing or another. We read your blog because there are times that we need a distraction from all that heavy thinking that we do… :>

  21. California Sandwiches. Despite the name, they make the best veal sangwich in town.

  22. Since people’s consciousness can be uploaded and downloaded to and from the chair would it be possible to change the person’s code and their personalities while they are in Destiny’s mainframe?

  23. Glad to see you all settled into another place. See the sanity thing does work sometimes!

    Since you don’t have it anymore I feel weird about leaving an SGU comment here. But what the hell. Good story but way too much Rush and not enough McKay.

  24. “majorsal writes: “what about an amalgamation of the three series into one stargate movie?”

    Answer: That was one of the ideas floated at one point.”

    Heh I know the perfect working title for that. “Stargate: Ascension”

  25. Despite your bad experiences so far in the Tee Dot…I must say I’m excited you’ve moved if only to hear your opinions on the food! Especially (hopefully) the best place for macarons? 🙂

  26. [quote]
    Randomness writes: “For anyone thinking SGU will get a movie, see the most recent ratings.”

    Answer: Said it before and I’ll say it again – the ratings will not impact a decision on the movie.

    Its things like SGU ranking as the #3 most downloaded show on iTunes (at one point anyway) that would actually factor into that decision, right?

    As for Jonas.. was there ever any discusson on maybe having him make a cameo as well? I do like that you guys always tried to keep things tied together across the various incarnations of stargate.. even if it didn’t sometimes make it to screen. Its nice to see it play out that regardless of which series we’re watching, it is all part of the same… universe.

    I know its not on the table right now, but assuming an SGU movie does get green lit, and enjoys the success I know it will.. and given the realities of scheduling… future movies that bring elements from all three together would be welcome.

    Maybe I just want a space battle involving Destiny, the Hammond, and Atlantis (preferably on the same side). You are all clever writers, I’m sure you could find a plausibe reason why Destiny was in the neighorhood to participate in said battle. 🙂

  27. Ponytail
    Your blog is like a daily soap opera. Addictive.

    Agreed! I only subscribed to keep up-to-date on Stargate’s production… yet find the rest of your postings far more entertaining.

    Guess that makes me a fan of you the writer, in addition to being a fan of three of the TV shows you’ve written for. 🙂

  28. Sorry Joe but I disagree about your comments about the ratings not effecting the movie.

    Reason for this being MGM will want the TV revenue from the movie airing on networks like Syfy, and with the ratings at an all time low, and Syfy on the verge of pulling the show off the air like they did with Caprica, they won’t touch the movie.

    I think you can tell from the fact I’ve posted here for years that I respect you, but on this issue I just can’t agree, for one the DVD/Blu Ray sales are way down compared to Atlantis and SG1.

    MGM simply won’t make the money back from an SGU movie.

    However as Dave Hewlett seems to think, if MGM went along the route of merging all 3 shows into a movie you’l have gold there, SG1/SGA/SGU fans would likely buy into the movie and it’d likely be something Syfy would invest in.

    But SGU on its on is dead as a movie. Please explain why you can’t see that? As optimistic as I was about a movie/season 3, all signs point to this being the end.

    You have The Transporter now anyway, so really I’m more interested in hearing about that than well the possibility of a movie that will NEVER come.

    Speaking of which, I really can’t understand why you, Paul, Carl etc have all joined the Transporter, all of you including Brad should of done a 4th Stargate series. You all have the ability to re create the magic of the first 2 shows that won tons of awards, won the hearts of millions of fans…

  29. “There are a lot of very smart people out there. Which begs the question: What are they doing reading this blog when they could be out there inventing something?”

    Well since you asked…

    I am a Board Member and Chair for Technology and Social Networking (in other words, I’ the team geek) for a non-profit called “Reading with Scott and Friends” which is a program for youth readers.

    And you post just about the time I am done working and reading through my email.


  30. So, you WILL tell us who the kind stranger/familiar face is when you eventually identify him is, won’t you? Glad to see you’re starting to have more pleasant experiences in the new city. Looking forward to further updates(and the time to scroll through the comments later)

  31. @Randomness

    What I’m really curious about is why you would tell Joe, a person who worked on SG shows for years, that you “disagree” with his statement about the business that he works in that you do not.

    Don’t you think he probably has much better knowledge of and insight into the workings of the show / production / movie possibilities and the why’s of such, being that, you know, he actually worked there?

    And asking why they didn’t just make a 4th SG series is equally strange, as if to suggest that they never thought of it, and if they had, it would’ve just happened.

    Movie money and TV money come from entirely different sources, so a network or studio may not be interested in a TV series because of ratings, whereas a movie is an entirely different beast and makes money in different ways.

    If the network wanted an SG show, they would probably have one. I doubt there would be a lack of people to work on the production.

  32. majorsal writes: “what about an amalgamation of the three series into one stargate movie?”

    Answer: That was one of the ideas floated at one point.

    my opinion on this: i’m an sg1 fan. i’d prefer an sg1 movie. BUT… i believe the *most* fans would be happy with a combo movie, covering all three series. isn’t something better than nothing? i think this could work. 🙂



  33. @Tammy Dixon LOL, kids learn. My husband speaks the f word in every sentence, sometimes several times. I told him no one would let their child play with ours. But, from birth til her senior year of high school, no potty mouth… when hell and damn crept in. I guess it’s the old southern mom saying “do as I say, not as I do.” Sometimes it works, lol.

    I almost don’t want to watch any more.. just record and savor to watch later on. I really hate that it’s over.

  34. Randomness said:

    Speaking of which, I really can’t understand why you, Paul, Carl etc have all joined the Transporter, all of you including Brad should of done a 4th Stargate series. You all have the ability to re create the magic of the first 2 shows that won tons of awards, won the hearts of millions of fans…

    I think I understand. Sometimes you want to step away, do something different and challenge yourself creatively. Do you expect that all involved in Stargate should be making new series after new series until they retire? In a creative field that could be a bit stifling.

    I imagine it’s good to see you can write in a different genre.


  35. Joe,

    The idea of combining all 3 stargate franchises into one movie sounds, AMAZING. Is this the idea that is most probable at this point or is Brad still gunning for a separate SGU movie first?

  36. Quade said:

    <blockquoteWould you believe me if I told you the weather in Vancouver is worse than Toronto? Just ask Khula

    LOL…the sun’s rays in that photo look nice and warm….hehe


  37. Hi Joe

    Could you please do me a favour and close the ankle bracket after blockquote in the previous comment?


  38. @Randomness

    Did you catch my previous post about the current people in charge of the franchise got to fade before further MGM actions. And the possible DALLAS solution.

    IMO a new team will take over to either reboot or restart the franchise.

    MG is better off doing a new series instead of movies, think it’s a better return on investment. Cable networks need to fill time slots with something. A movie will only get aired several time a year at the most, while a series will be on several times daily for months or years.

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