Success!  I finally have access to my yahoo email!  And it only took me an entire afternoon and approximately one hundred letter and number combinations to get it!

Let’s celebrate with a pic of my mother’s dog in silly outfits!

My other objected not so much to the fact they looked silly, but the fact that they looked like they were wearing pyjamas.  So she made my sister return the outfits.  If you ask me, I think they look like they’re prepping to perform surgery.

Last night, I hit what was my favorite restaurant the last time I was in town: Splendido…

The double amuse bouche: carrot and cumin on the top, and carrot and orange on the bottom. Interesting.

The high-point of the night were the first round of appetizers: a) a delicious Shalom Farm Red Deer Tartar with pistachio, sorrel, and grilled bread, and b) the house charcuterie platter that included, among other things, a perfect terrine of foie gras as well as sweet and savory boudin noir with whipped pork fat.

That's the whipped pork fat on the left. Tasty, tasty whipped pork fat. Light yet heavy.

For round #2, we split two pasta plates: a) a good venison ravioli and and even better b) tagliatelle with Quebec rabbit, pancetta, and parsley.

For our mains, the ladies went with the butter poached lobster while I opted for the Yorkshire Pork Tenderloin with sultana raisin and pork sausage, and sage and walnut bread & butter pudding.  All very good but I was already slowing down.  So much so, in fact, that I only ordered two desserts: the Niagara Spy Apple and Saskatoon Berry Cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream and creme anglaise, and the dark chocolate and mascarpone parfait with chocolate sorbet and espresso anglaise.  Nothing to complain about but, ultimately, nothing to really love either.

Tomorrow, it’s back to the office to discuss oautlines and one-pagers.  We’ve got scripts for episodes 1 and 2, and stories for episodes #3-8.  Four more to go and we’ll have our first season mapped out.  After that’s done, all that will be left to do is prep and produce season one.  Smoooooth sailing!


Michael writes: “1) Was there any consideration for Mr. Woolsey or Ambassador Ovirda to mention Dr. McKay’s failure with Project Arcturus in SGA, during the meeting?

2) Telford took two SG-units with him on the Langara mission. Were they specific ones like SG-3 or SG-5?

3) That was really cool to hear a little of the SGA theme when McKay walks in. Who’s idea was it?

4) Was it ever planned to include something like a brief one sentence ‘update’ on the status of Atlantis?”

Answers: 1) There was not.  While interesting, it wouldn’t have added anything to the scene and, quite the episode, would have only confused the issue for viewers unfamiliar with SGA.

2) To the best of my knowledge, they weren’t.

3) That would have been the magical Joel Goldsmith, expert musicsmith.

4) Nope.  We were keeping it purposely vague in order to keep our options open for any potential movies.

Lou Zucaro writes: “Joe, if you do want to use that domain I got, you can get my e-mail address from your blog.”

Answer: Will do.  Thanks, Lou.

Ulrike Tannenberg writes: “But I did not quite get, whether it would be possible to retrieve Ginn and Perry or not.”

Answer: It was kept vague, however, there were plans for a cool early season 3 story involving Ginn that would have totally changed shipboard dynamics for many of our characters.  Remind me to tell you about it sometime.

Ulrike Tannenberg also writes: “About making an amalgam movie of all 3 Stargate incarnations – please don’t. I know many people here are fans of SG1 and SGA so I have been holding back with my opinion on those – at least mostly. Just don’t. That would be like mixing night and day – it will not work out.”

Answer: Well, in your opinion, did it work out in Seizure?  Ultimately, it would really depend on the characters crossing over.

Simon writes: “1) Can you dedicate a blog post to your Transporter: The Series show? IE going into further detail without giving too much away ect

2) Do you have an interested network? If not then may I suggest going to the USA network as it would fit in nicely with their other shows, Burn Notice (You ever watch it?) etc.

3) Mike Dopud being considered for the lead?

4) Speaking of SGU, any word from Brad about the movie(s)?”

Answer: 1) Sure, eventually.  Right now, the series is in the early prep stages and we’re still in the process of hammering out stories and assembling our team.

2) We already have an American broadcaster and it is a perfect fit for this high-octane, sexy, action-adventure series!

3) We’re presently auditioning for several roles and I have asked to see Mike.

4) Still no word.  Sorry.

chevron7 writes: “How’s Jelly doing with the colder weather?”

Answer: She’s a shiverer.  I carry her out, set her own, wait for her to do her business, then scoop her up and head inside.

hal ehlrich writes: “Well I am crossing my fingers that a movie ends up coming out.  Do you have any timeframe when they might be letting us know if and when it may happen?”

Answer: I don’t and I honestly feel it has to be sooner than later if we want to take advantage of actor availability.

N writes: “Since people’s consciousness can be uploaded and downloaded to and from the chair would it be possible to change the person’s code and their personalities while they are in Destiny’s mainframe?”

Answer: With the proper knowledge of how to go about “changing the respective programs” it might theoretically be possible to excise certain memories, even personality subroutines which would, in effect, be the equivalent of brain surgery.  It would be unpredictable, however, and I wouldn’t recommend it.

Randomness writes: “Sorry Joe but I disagree about your comments about the ratings not effecting the movie.”

Answer: Disagree with me all you want.  Regardless of whether this movie gets made or not, at the end of the day I’m someone who has worked on the franchise for over a decade and have access to certain information like, for instance, what variables are being considered in the decision-making process, and what variables aren’t (ie. ratings).

Randomness also writes: “…and Syfy on the verge of pulling the show off the air like they did with Caprica…”

Answer: Really?  What’s the source of your information?  Or is this merely an assumption on your part?

Randomness also writes: “Speaking of which, I really can’t understand why you, Paul, Carl etc have all joined the Transporter, all of you including Brad should of done a 4th Stargate series.”

Answer: Our focus was on SGU.  Our plan was to continue the series, not set up a back-up spin-off.  Rob left the franchise to pursue other projects.  Paul and I said that if and when SGU ended, we would move on as well.  Brad, who co-created all three shows and has been with the franchise longer than anyone, is looking to provide SGU fans with a satisfactory conclusion to the story of Destiny’s mission.

Thornyrose writes: “So, you WILL tell us who the kind stranger/familiar face is when you eventually identify him is, won’t you?”

Answer: Sure, but it could be months, perhaps years, before I can place the face.

chevron7 writes: “Could you please do me a favour and close the ankle bracket after blockquote in the previous comment.”

Answer: The what in the what now?

65 thoughts on “April 6, 2011: I’m back in! Silly dog outfits! Splendido! Mailbag!

  1. Ugh, just got a call from Canada of all places from a very jerky scam artist; guy with a horric accent pretending to be “Joe Smith.” Sounded more like an escapee from a Romanian gulag. He really seemed offended when I wouldn’t give him my soc.

    The cobbler sounds fantastic. I’d love Mike Dopud as Frank. I’m wondering if you’ll have the world weary detective in it, the one who loved Madeleines.

    The pug costumes look like priest robes, especially the one with the white collar. I can almost hear the liturgy. We pray to the lord.

  2. Didn’t realize there was another Michael posting here, will need to change my name to Michael1!

    I was under the impression the new show was supposed to be a miniseries with only 7ish episodes. Have the plans changed? Are you working on a full 12-20 episode season with chance for renewal now?

  3. Hello Joe,

    Are you familiar with the short film series “The Hire”? The series starred Clive Owen as a driver for hire, and brought together several of the best directors in Hollywood including John Wu, Ang Lee, john Frankenhimer, Ripley Scott and others. The short film “Hostage” by John Wu featured the best motor vehicle stunt ever… if you can watch the film, check out the bridge scene.

    I have always wanted to this character face off against Frank Martin. Who do you think would win?

    Glad to hear you are getting settled in the new new place. How is the Gym?

    Best wishes,


  4. Thanks for the answers. I just hope the channel you refer to isnt “fox”, their hobby is to cancel good shows (like firefly, dark angel,..)

    Anyway, have you guys discussed the color of the Audi yet? I’m hoping to see dark blue 😛

    Also, is Jason Statham out of the question as the lead actor? (I hope in that case for Mike Dupond too, top acting, looks strong and charismatic).

  5. “If you ask me, I think they look like they’re prepping to perform surgery.”

    Nooooo. They look like a cupcake making team in The Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. Felix is the team leader. Duh. (I don’t see no silly outfit?)

  6. If the only way to ever see the SGA Team again is for a fusion movie, I’m for it. I’d prefer a stand alone for each series, but I’d take what I could get, if it came down to it. And while I’d love to see everybody in a movie, the only one that I absolutely require in order to watch would be Sheppard.

    Still loyal, after all these years!

    Stay warm!

  7. I agree with PBMom!!

    A question! Does the fact that the Canadian dollar being so high have an impact on production?

  8. hmmm… block quote… I’ve never known how to use the quote tags on wordpress blogs.

    Let’s see if this works.

    So, I used


    Anyway, enough polluting comments with quote tags.

    Here’s a thought on a cool early season 3 story involving Ginn:

    Ginn and other members of the Destiny crew agree to swap consciousnesses via the chair, giving Ginn the opportunity to experience life in the flesh and giving other characters the opportunity to experience life in virtual reality (along with unique access to the ship’s systems). 🙂

    Regarding the idea of an amalgamation of SG1, SGA, and SGU into one movie:

    I think it’d work as long as it has a good story and convincing purpose for all of the characters involved.

    If SGU would’ve been renewed for a 3rd season, I’d love to have seen McKay aboard Destiny for the whole season. It reminds me of how Carter was in SGA for an entire season. It’s a great idea! 😀 Lots of potential for cool possibilities across the board.

    The only concern with having a merging of SG1, SGA, and SGU into one movie would be, which of the 3 shows is getting the spotlight? It’d make sense if it’s SGU, considering the sets are up and such. Though, it’d still be great to see things revolve around the SG1 premise and the SGA premise. In that regard, maybe it is better to keep things separate but really what matters most is if the movie has a good story, puts good use to everyone involved, etc. then it’s going to be an enjoyable viewing experience no matter what.

    Sean D.

  9. Hey, Joey Pottymouth! I totally read “the Niagara Spy Apple” as “the Nigerian Spy Apple”….which to me just makes more sense anyway.

    Okie dokie…today I shelled out $377 for a new (well, rebuilt) car radiator. At this rate, I’m gonna haveta sell my body to make ends meet. Hmmmm…I wonder what Todd’s doing these days? He’d make a great pimp! 😀


  10. The items in that picture of the whipped pork fat…I think I saw some of that in my backyard tonight. Come and get it!

  11. Bailey, if a movie set in the SG Universe with actors from all three series works, and sells well, it could/would probably lead to seperate SG-1 and Atlantis movies down the road.

    Sean D., SGU would indeed probably get the spotlight, but a movie set in the Stargate Universe would probably use SG-1 actors the way SGU currently does, and hopefully also tie up the loose ends with Atlantis while telling SGU’s story. (And as mentioned above, could leave room open for a future SG-1 and or Atlantis movie based upon the scripts that have already been written)

  12. I too think it would have great to bring David Hewlett on board Destiny for the entire season.
    Its not like there can only be 1 super smart scientist on a show. SGA had quite a few includng Zelenka and McKay , plus they even had Carter for all of season 4. They had a huge science team on SGA. Did you guys put the part in Siezure where Telford asks McKay if he would board Destiny to possibly set up something for season 3 ? I sure would love for you to let us know any ideas you guys had for season 3. I remember you telling us that we were finally going to find out about the aliens from the planet Eden (from the episodes Faith and Visitation) .
    Also do you have any idea how the ratings in Canada have been for season 2.5 ? Are they also down like in the USA or are they holding steady or better yet going up ?
    I have tried to research this but can’t find any ratings for Canada anywhere.
    Thanks joe 🙂

  13. Just watched the newest SGU. Every episode ends the same way, with me asking “Where was THIS show for the first season and a half?” Damn good.

  14. Now here’s a rugby tactic I’ve never seen before (gotta watch until the very end for a special added clip):

    The guy got 12 weeks suspension for that move. (That’s a rugby league match, which is a slightly different game from rugby union, which is what I follow. In the union game they’re much more sportsmanlike…they only stomp on heads and stuff. 😉 )


  15. What a lovely surprise to get another mailbag – that just made my day.

    “Ulrike Tannenberg also writes: “About making an amalgam movie of all 3 Stargate incarnations – please don’t. That would be like mixing night and day – it will not work out.”
    Answer: Well, in your opinion, did it work out in Seizure? Ultimately, it would really depend on the characters crossing over.”

    “Seizure” is one of the best episodes for me, but it is not an amalgam of SGU and SGA. The story is entirely SGU with only some SGA members included (and I do know and love Robert Picardo from Star Trek Voyager). The focus is on Rush, who is my favourite character (not just of SGU, but all-time favourite, even more so than Spock who held that place for around 4 decades) and the other characters who are prominent in it (Perry, Eli, Ginn) are also very dear to me. That’s why it worked for me. A true amalgam would not work for me, because it would not focus entirely on SGU. I said it before and say it again, I love all the SGU characters. Unlike any other series I have ever encountered (which I have to admit is not that many, as I don’t usually watch TV), there is not a single character I dislike, only variations of how much I like/love them.

    On the dog front: Dogs have a wonderful fur, which makes them naturally much more beautiful than us poor, naked humans. To dress them without necessity (like extremly cold wether for a very small dog with only little fur) makes them look silly and ridiculous and is (in my opinion) demeaning to them. They are not toys! If someone wants to have a toy to dress up, they should get a Barbie-doll.

    We should never forget, that dispite many dogs being more or less crippled by unresponsible breeders, who don’t care whether certain aspects of their breeding standards are crippling for their dogs (certain joint problems, higher rate of blindness/deafness, heart problems, breathing problems, complications giving birth, propensity for cancer and so on and so on), the dogs themselves still have the soul of a proud predator.

  16. Ugh… super DOOFUS moment of the day:

    When I went to get undresssed tonight, I see this big lump on my calf under my pant leg, and I’m all like, ‘what the hell…??’ UGH. Seems I walked around ALL day (restaurant, the car dealership, work, etc…), with yesterday’s dirty underpants shoved down the leg of my stretchy, clingy Walmart leggings. 🙄

    White trash das

  17. So who is “future guy”? Oh wait, wrong show, sorry 😉

    I hereby remind you that you wanted to tell us about one intended early season 3 storyline involving Ginn. I know you just said that yesterday but since it won’t get made anyway… or is it possibly being added to the movies (I hope you guys will be able to make them, SGU is just great!)?

  18. It’s good to see there are a lot of people who like Mike Dopud and think he’d be good in ‘The Transporter’. I was under the impression that the sci-fi watching community hadn’t forgiven him yet for beating up Helo and Galen in Galactica. I even read somewhere that someone was happy to see him get hit on the head in the finale of Caprica, as if he was playing the same character in both series. It’s interesting that some people can’t separate fiction from reality. And slightly sad. 🙂

    QUESTION: Supposing that a movie doesn’t happen does the last episode of SGU tie up at least some of the major threads or are we going to end up looking at the sunset and waiting wistfully with our quivering lips, running mascara and a bouquet of wilted flowers in our hands.

  19. If they did do a 3-in-1 movie, I’d rather they at least did a plain SGU ending first.
    Think of it like Continuum. It’s a great standalone movie, but before you could have it, you needed to have the ending for SG1. It couldn’t have worked without it.
    End SGU, then play with the three, and do something special!

    Just as a random act of kindness/spam, not sure if this is allowable by Joe, but here’s some iOS Promo Codes for my fun little bouncy game SpikeDislike! 😀
    Each one works only once, type them into iTunes/AppStore where it says “Redeem Code”

  20. chevron7 writes: “How’s Jelly doing with the colder weather?”

    Answer: She’s a shiverer. I carry her out, set her own, wait for her to do her business, then scoop her up and head inside.

    Awwwww Jelly..does she have a heating pad like the Snuggle Safe or does she keep warm inside with the dogpile?

    chevron7 writes: “Could you please do me a favour and close the ankle bracket after blockquote in the previous comment.”

    Answer: The what in the what now?

    OK. If I’m quoting someone and I want those big quote marks around the text I type in some code.

    The code looks like this

    The other person’s comment

    and appears like this:

    The other person’s comment

    Of course the real code doesn’t have any space next to the ankle brackets.

    Which leads me to ankle brackets ….some people may call them angle brackets. They are the boring people ;). I’ve always called them ankle brackets, just like I call angle grinders ankle grinders…It’s one of my things.

    If I forget to type the second bracket like this

    bracket at the end of blockquote.

    Sorry to confuse you Joe 😉 ..maybe teach Akemi about ankle brackets. Tell her it’s from Chev’s School of Language.

    Cheers, Chev

  21. Seizure was a good cross-over but I didn’t care for musical introduction to mckay, just introduce him like you would to any guest character. Too many references I think, the focus was too much on mckay rather than on the story. I don’t think Jonas shouldve been mentioned either, all that takes away from the story. So if SGU movie was like that then okay as long as there arent redundant characters. We got mckay, rush , eli. one of them cant be in it. Sheppard, young, o’neill. thats too many again. Most definitly SGU has to end with Rush vs. Young again, thats how the show started out. All these other characters will break the focus.

  22. Hmm….interesting…. WordPress ignores the space when I try typing the code:

    The code looks like this:

    (blockquote)someone’s quote(/blockquote)

    except swap ( for


  23. I want to hit wordpress in the nose right now…just use ankle brackets instead of the regular ones above…I’m out!!!


  24. Joe,

    When you meet the kind, familiar elevator guy again why don’t your introduce yourself and start up a conversation? I’m sure you could ask enough questions to place what show he’s been on.

    Could you make up a reason to take a photo w/ him holding the dog? I’m sure someone in this community will know who he is. Maybe he reads your blog….oooh now that’s an interesting thought.


  25. I’m super super bummed….turned on tonight to watch SGU Seizure but it wasn’t on….SciFi moved it to Friday. OK, just watch it on Friday you say….but I’m not gonna be home. I’m having a weekend in the city with my sister and her kids. *sigh*


  26. Um Joe…do you think you could write an episode where I get a parcel delivered to me on time?

    I have bad parcel karma – so many times things go missing or take ages to arrive. Last year my super secret project went missing and Apple sent another (free of charge) but messed up the address and sent it to home not work, so they sent a 3rd. All 3 parcels turned up on the same day – go figure.

    The latest is my autographed Snowed in Comedy Tour t-shirt signed by Peter. I think it’s been about 7 weeks now *sigh*


  27. Hi Joe,

    A question I ask myself, Stargate is a franchise that works well, I’m wrong? Rather SG-1 and SGA actually.

    If a series works well, it makes money, right?
    And is the money earned to live that makes a series?

    So why not go back to basics with a new series? innovative, incorporating the features of SG-1 and SGA?

    Safe values ​​+ news ideas = guaranteed success

    In addition, this franchise has tremendous potential, I do not understand how you can stop there. The work you have provided is great.

    Look in a different direction as you did with SGU was a good idea, but it was too enterprising … I am confident that with the potential you have, you might find something of innovation and renovation to the franchise!

    Joe! Think about it!

    Thanks !

  28. Is the Spike Network trying it’s hand at original scripted programming again? If I am correct don’t let them sandwich you between a Steven Seagal movie and UFC. I’m pretty sure that’s how Blade the Series died.

  29. Nice mailbag. And since the supersecret project is no longer secret, why the coyness about which network will be carrying it? We want to be sure we have that channel available to us, after all.
    As far as future SG projects, I’ve gone the “abandoned all hope” road. If something does pop up, fantastic. But if Syfy has any involvement, I wont expect to see anything before I’m wheelchair bound in a nursing home. Given the last few episodes of SGU,never mind the unresolved issues from SGA, and I only wish we could bring criminal charges agaisnst those who cancelled both shows without allowing each series to wrap up more neatly. As things go, I expect the best we fans will get is you able to give us the “what we had planned to before the cancellations” once you’re given a green light to do so. Not a criticism of you or anyone involved in the productions, mind. I recognise the thing is a business matter. But as the consumer of the product, it’s depressing to see quality items become unavailable despite my consumption of that product.
    Anyways, thanks for the daily posting, and looking forward to more.

  30. The dogs are still cute and maybe confused about their outfits…I can see the surgery part and the clergy references,poor dogs, are they saying wtf.. but cute! Hope mom and sis are doing well. How far away are you from them now? Is Lulu ok, with all the throwing up, maybe a virus? or homesick.
    Food, back to basic, thanks for the pictures and descriptions Joe. Glad you are able to find foie gras to your liking.
    @das, OMG..*snicker*

  31. @ Chev – Yeah. WordPress is almost as bad as autocorrect. I get annoyed with technology trying to think for me. Since I often make up words (Joeykins), purposely drop letters (you talkin’ to me?), and make my own contractions (doncha know it!), an autocorrect feature would drive me nutso, always ‘fixing’ that what don’t need goshdarn fixin’!!


  32. Hello

    may I ask if you also have asked to see Claudia Black ?

    And “Seizure” the best of all episodes since the first SGU.
    Very good acting, good dialigues, very clever twisted scenario etc. etc. A piece of anthology

  33. Joe Said – “2) We already have an American broadcaster and it is a perfect fit for this high-octane, sexy, action-adventure series!”

    I’m going to guess Spike TV. Seems like a show that would be right in the wheel house of their target demographic.

    On another note, inresponse to this exchange:

    Randomness writes: “Sorry Joe but I disagree about your comments about the ratings not effecting the movie.”

    Answer: Disagree with me all you want. Regardless of whether this movie gets made or not, at the end of the day I’m someone who has worked on the franchise for over a decade and have access to certain information like, for instance, what variables are being considered in the decision-making process, and what variables aren’t (ie. ratings).

    I can’t believe your arrogance! How can you think that just because you are on the production team with access to first hand information makes your insights better than someone tied in to the rumor circuit on the internet?

    Don’t you know that information from a guy who heard from a guy that read that someone said something is about as good as information gets?

  34. Wait… you ate a cute little red deer? Food can’t be cute! That’s why I like my beef aged. I have a perfectly delicious leftover sirloin roast in the fridge, cut from a perfectly grown up cow. His name was “T-Bone” before my friend sent him to the butcher. We’ve been eating on him all winter. Much better than an anonymous, darling deer.


    Dammit, I read your blog before breakfast again.

  35. Just a comment on yesterday’s blog (I didn’t have time to comment until today): I’m so glad that you got around to trying Mustachio’s veal and eggplant sandwich and that you really enjoyed it. How does it compare to the one at California Sandwiches? Just as good, better, or not as good? My husband hates T.O. just as much as you do, but he will make a trip there just for the sandwiches.

    Also, consider trying the pizza at St. Lawrence Market. I don’t remember the name of the place, but it’s on the main floor, and it has good thin crust pizza. We usually get the bacon and mushroom. As well, on the same level, there’s a place that has egg and peameal bacon sandwiches, which are really good, too (or you can skip the egg and have just the peameal bacon).

    On another note, thanks for giving an update on the progress (or lack thereof) of the SGU and SG1 movies.

  36. @ Chris U – 😆 If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were Joe in disguise. 😉

    @ Airelle – I felt like a chipmunk, stashin’ acorns in my cheeks, only it was dirty underdrawers, stashed in my…well, certainly not in my cheeks…I don’t think…

    *checks mirror to see if ass is really THAT big…*


  37. Hi Joe,

    Would just like to say a big thanks (from me and the other fans) for giving us updates re: Stargate franchise even though you have moved on to pastures new. Cheers for that.

    A quick suggestion for your new series – I think it would be great if you could get Jason Statham in to do a cameo where he would hand over the keys for his Audi over to whoever is going to be cast as Frank Martin! Would help bring the films and TV series together nicely?

    Also, would you like to work with Luc Besson (one of the writers for the original Transporter film) if he wanted to work on an episode? It isn’t beyond the realms of possibility for big name to work on a TV series – Tarantino did one for ER and CSI after all.

    One last one – not sure if this has been asked or not, but if they did decide to go forward with a movie for SGU, would you want to work on it (in any shape or form)….or would you rule yourself out totally as you are now busy with other projects?


  38. Very cute doggie pictures!

    I enjoyed SGU this week but I was interested in how the programs being quarantined worked into future shows. I would love to hear where you were going with it. Thanks for putting that in the Q & A.

    It was nice seeing David Hewlett. Hubby and I thought the dynamic between Rush and McKay might be interesting. Both brilliant, both arrogant but while Rodney is honest, Rush is……not. I would have liked to have seen more interaction between the two characters. I’m going to miss SGU when this season ends.

    Das: Loved your story (wardrobe malfunction)!
    With me, it’s usually wearing clothes inside out 😀 .

  39. Lev, AFAIK the final episode of SGU was shot before the cancellation announcement and will be a cliffhanger.

    edit: Yup, see quotes from Joe below

    “Most would probably consider [‘Gauntlet’] a cliffhanger while I would consider it a touching, bittersweet end to the series (if it comes to it).”

    “As was the case in every other season, the script for our season finale will be written by the time a decision is made on a pick-up [for a third season]. In fact, I suspect that by the time we do hear, we will have already wrapped production on Season Two.”

  40. @Das – Agreed. Have you noticed that when people tell you what autocorrect suggested it’s always the least used word. I love iPhone autocorrect jokes though…the latest tweets:

    “Hey iPhone autocorrect, don’t you think it’s more likely I was trying to spell “got the” instead of “Goethe”?”

    “Clearly someone stole my iPhone and gave me theirs…my autocorrect keeps changing “money” to “Monet”…art before money? Not my phone.”

    I turn off predictive text on my phone too.

    Oh and I have wandered around with a sock caught in my jeans, never underwear. glad yours didn’t fall out during the day. thanks for the *smiles* …I needed that.


  41. @ @ Airelle – Oh, wait…what were you snickering at? Pimp Toddy Todd, Rugby Stinkfinger, or Dirty Drawers Done Dirt Cheap?


  42. @das- it could have been all of the above, funny, thanks for the laughs. ~~

  43. ROFLMAO, someone told me you were calling Akemi your other. I thought, huh? Looked:
    :::::::My other objected not so much to the fact they looked silly, but the fact that they looked like they were wearing pyjamas. So she made my sister return the outfits. :::::::
    First, they are cute, but I agree surgery not bed. And second, seems OBVIOUS to me you meant “my mother” not “my other,” because even if you ARE calling Akemi your other, I don’t think she has power to order your sister around over what clothes your mother’s dogs wear. 🙂

    @Michael1… Have the plans changed? Are you working on a full 12-20 episode season with chance for renewal now?……..

    wink wink, if you mean Transporter, latest news says 12 episodes:
    which is precisely what Joe said:
    —>>>>We’ve got scripts for episodes 1 and 2, and stories for episodes #3-8. Four more to go and we’ll have our first season mapped out.

    @Ulrike Tannenberg .. Dogs don’t care if you dress them up mostly… bows, fancy collars, sweaters, whatever. I stick to halloween quick photos, but I don’t get panties in wad over those who dress their dogs up a lot. Being a breeder/rescuer/rehab trainer, honest, people putting clothes on their dogs is the least offensive thing they do to pets. I wish dressing up dogs was all I had to see. 🙁 But Jay Leno also finds it a pet peeve. I just don’t get why people give a flying fig if others dress up their dogs.

    @ White Trash Das… ROFLMAO, TMI and funny as hell. Least they weren’t stuck to the outside of the back of your shirt, lol.

    On Rodney.. a little Rodney goes a very long way. I am glad he wasn’t regular on SGU… sorry, he just doesn’t fit the dynamics. What is there is pretty darned perfect interactions.

  44. I understand that Joe I really do, and normally I would accept that as I have done everything else you’ve mentioned on here over the years but the numbers as in ratings worldwide arent as high as the previous 2 shows, nor are the sales. All signs are pointing to there not being enough of a market compared to SG1/SGA to make a purely SGU related movie.

    I’ll put my hands up and say I wanted a movie/series like everyone else but all these numbers are telling me is it simply can’t be done.

    Speaking of the pulling off Syfy part, I hear things too(Not online), but am really not one to drop people in it, to that I will simply answer that SGU is matching Caprica now in the ratings that matter to the network, and if Caprica could get pulled for getting those kind of figures, I’m kinda concerned myself that SGU could be.

    Out of respect to you Joe, I promise I won’t bother about the movie part again on here, You have your thoughts, I have mine, sadly they don’t agree.

    Speaking of which though, I hope You, Carl, Paul, RCC return to do a new Stargate series after Transporter, you even said yourself that you prefered Vancouver, all of you are very talented writers so I look forward to whatever you do anyway 🙂

    By the way thanks for answering without getting angry/annoyed. I’m kinda glad I didnt offend or anything.

  45. Speaking of which, Japan got an earthquake that was felt back as far as Tokyo, there’s video going around of buildings shaking and Japans bullet trains grinding to a halt, I’m guessing Akemis friends/family probably either felt it and got woken up, or woke up to stuff knocked over. Unsure if it hit Osaka though?

  46. Question for you, I know we are all delusional dreaming of a season 3 of Universe, but Google/Youtube just announced that they were going to put $100Mil towards original professional ONLINE programming. Is there any remote chance for something like that to help jump-start season three?

    And not that I expect you to necessarily have the opportunity, but more Gin and more old-timers like McKay, the better.


  47. Quick update Joe, look what I found in store today.

    I had forgotten about the Blu Ray release of one of the great Mr. DeLuise’s movies. The sequel was also made available on Blu Ray, but the first one is the better.

    If you have yet to pick it up, it could be a good way to introduce Akemi to the awesomesauce that was Dom DeLuise. That is, if you have yet to show her classics like Cannonball Run, Fievel Goes West, etc.

  48. Randomness, The earthquake did look pretty bad, luckily it seems not many were hurt. (Hopefully Akemi’s family is alright)

    Zen, SyFy would never let that happen unfortunately… =(

  49. Joe, is it The Transporter or just Transporter?

    Also $48 million!! Woah that’s like $4 million per episode. Is the production cost bigger because the production is spread between two countries…everything is double? I understand if you can’t answer this yet or if it’s too personal to answer at all. Sounds like it gives you a lot of creative freedom in the writing dept.


  50. Tammy Dixon said:

    With me, it’s usually wearing clothes inside out

    OMG that reminds me of an embarrassing story. I’m not a morning person and I’m sometimes not quite with it when I get dressed. I was going to a workshop in the city for work and put on this really nice top. It’s flimsy material and looks pretty much the same on both sides of the material. It was only when I got home hours later that I realised I had been wearing it inside out the entire time. The tag was showing at the side and if you looked closely the seams were too. Plus they were filming interviews at the workshop. I don’t know if anyone noticed but no-one told me. Ugh!!


  51. The last bit of your blog entry, “The what in the what now?”, is a line from Simpson’s Road Rage. Behold the writer’s collective consciousness.

  52. Hey Joe,
    Kinda a random question but has any of the Stargate productions ever run into the productions of Supernatural or Smallville? If so, was it hard to film close to one another?

  53. vvv0472, I think Joe has mentioned quite recently that the most they’ve run into those productions is through barbecues and other Vancouver area social gatherings for the production community. (As those two shows don’t film at Bridge)

  54. … and you know, who else I would like to see is Connor Trinneer. I loved the scenes between Michael and Tayla – the sparks sure flew (far more than with Shepherd, I thought). I would like to think that Michael is somewhat of a changed person, after all the things he has gone through and is somewhere, trying find Teyla and her son for all the good reasons.

  55. Just want to say what I think about SGU temp/perm ending. I’d rather have an open ending in the middle of the story (with a not too big cliffhanger), then a story cut short.
    And I’d also rather see a season 3, then just a movie (which is like a 2 part episode) to finish the whole story, . All of this because the story is way too good to be just cut short. It would too unfair for the effort put into this show.

    I watched odyssey 5, which ended after 1 season (20 episodes). It raised some new questions that weren’t too big in the final episode. But the episode ended like was just a normal happy day and in the end it felt good to watch it end that way. Although it was supposed to end at least after 5 seasons, it just left things to our own imagination in a kind way.

  56. I’ve only joined your blog readership in the past few months, and haven’t had enough rainy days to go back through your archives, so I have to just ask you: Who is Akemi? Wife? Girlfriend? Daughter? Adopted daughter? Exchange student? Other? Thanks.

  57. Dallas, Akemi is someone from Japan living in Canada with Joe. He can probably explain it better, but AFAIK their relationship is platonic. (He recently mentioned how she was thinking of cutting her stay short, so one would assume she’ll be returning home at some point)

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