Moved into the new place this evening and, while it’s an improvement in many ways (includes work-out room, working tea kettle, oven mitts!), it’s also has it’s share of problems.  The air circulation is poor, there’s no main floor closet, and my spot is located so deep in the bowels of the parkade that I’m parking between the falsifiers and the sowers of discord. Still, it’s well-located next to a quaint little park where, today, the dogs enjoyed a late afternoon stroll amid the singing birds, the burgeoning bushes, and the homeless man relieving himself on a nearby tree.  Ah, city life.

Anyway, this was in marked contrast to last night’s April showers –

And by “showers” I mean “snow”.

Yesterday, we checked out three local comic book shops.  I couldn’t help but notice that the friendliness of the staff is inversely proportional to the size of the store.  Silver Snail Comics was by far the most impressive.  There, I purchased a Dr. Octopus statue from a guy who seemed unusually irritated by the prospect of having to pack away an assortment of faux metal tentacles.  Over at 1000000 Comix, where I purchased an Ultron statue, the guys were polite and helpful. I didn’t buy anything at Hairy Tarantula (a tight space tucked away at the top of a sketchy-looking staircase), but was so charmed by the ebullient Irish guy at the cash that I vowed I’d be back for all my trade paperback needs.  And volume 3 of Death Note for Akemi.

We also checked out Sanko, a Japanese konbiniya on Queen Street West, where Akemi went absolutely nuts, picking up a rice cooker, green tea and sesame cookies, sake kasu, yuzu, nori, sakura-shaped cookie cutters, enoki mushrooms, and ramen.  She suggested we also pick up some rice bowls, choosing a beautiful blue fish-themed handpainted wonder.  For my part, I went with this –

Why, yes, now that you mention it, it IS pink.  But look at the cuuute cat!

As I settle in, I’m starting to do a little more cooking.  Last night, it was Chicken Piccata –

Want to know the secret to juicy, perfectly cooked chicken breasts?  Okay, I’ll tell you.  Ready?  Simmer the meat over low heat.  Yep, that simple.  Slice your chicken breast into two thinner slices.  Pour some chicken broth in a pan.  Toss in some rosemary, thyme, a couple of bay leafs, two cloves of garlic, and a chopped shallot, season with salt and pepper, then bring to a boil.  Once it starts bubbling, bring it down to a low simmer, then lower your chicken breasts into the savory stock.  Make sure the meat is completely covered.  Leave it to slow simmer until it loses all traces of surface pinkness, then remove from the pan and season with salt, paprika, oregano or dredge in a seasoned flour mixture.  Heat some olive oil in a pan over medium-high heat.  Re-dredge the chicken in the flour mixture (if that’s the way you’re going), then sear the meat, about a minute a side.  Remove the meat, add another tablespoon of olive oil, add some chopped garlic, and sautee over medium heat.  Then, add a cup of white wine (capers, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, or whatever else strikes your fancy), reduce by half, add the chicken back into the pan and let it cook for another minute.  Take it off the heat, toss in a tablespoon of butter, and baste the meat with melted butter-white wine reduction.  Plate and serve.

Let me know how it turns out for you.

Finally – a couple of weeks ago, I found out that yet another one of my friends had had their yahoo account hacked.  Figuring my four letter password made me a perfect target, I made it a point to change it to something a lot more complicated.  So complicated, in fact, that when I went to check my email this morning and discovered I’d been logged out, I couldn’t remember what it was.  After many failed attempts, I clicked on the “I’m too stupid too remember my password” button which directed me to the “Change your password, you idiot” option.  Alas, the back-up email I provided two years ago when I first created my yahoo account is now defunct so I had to go the “Answer the personal questions” portion of the show.  I got the first one but then, when it came to the second one, it told my my answer was incorrect even though I know for a fact that my favorite food when I was a kid WAS NUTELLA!  “Smoked oysters?”offered Paul helpfully.  I tried.  It didn’t work.  Neither did powdered doughnuts with milk, smoked meat, or duck a l’orange (actually, my late father’s favorite).  And then yahoo informed me that I was locked out and wouldn’t be able to attempt to access my account for another 12 hours.  Ironically, I AM able to access my yahoo email on my iPhone, but am unable to access my account (which would allow me to change my password and solve the problem).  Suggestions?  Besides subscribe to mobileme?

Finally, allow me to leave you with THIS awesome cat massage video.  You’re welcome:


58 thoughts on “April 4, 2011: My spot is located so deep in the bowels of the parkade that I’m parking between the falsifiers and the sowers of discord.

  1. @ akemi: I love Death Note!

    @ Joe: I never considered poaching chicken breasts before sauteing them. But it sounds interesting. I’ll try it this week. But why is there no lemon in your picatta?

  2. Hairy T is the place to go for comics. It’s definitely a sketchy walk up those stairs, but the staff is fantastic. (And it’s well located)

    We need some photos of the dogs in the new place btw =D (Did you buy a new camera? Or just pick up your old one from Vancouver?)

  3. I left Yahoo email a long time ago, so my only suggestion would be to find a new alternative. Heck, I’d set you up on my server and give you instructions on how to access it from your phone and by web and/or client of your choice!

  4. You could use your iPhone to forward emails to a new account. You could try to re-open the old email account.

    I will try the chicken-cooking trick (sans butter). Now that I have a twitchy gall bladder, I have to come up with lots of new ways to serve lean meats.

    I once said I was trying to up my tolerance for cholesterol while I’m young. I totally take that back now. Oh, right, I can’t take it back, it’s done.

  5. My favorite food when I was a kid: beans
    Pinto or great northern. Still is.

    Did you try “chocolate”? or “ice cream”?

    Suppose to get up to 90 degrees here on Saturday.

  6. 1. I almost bought that exact kitty bowl at our Asian market, but thought it was too girly. 😉

    2. Thanks for the kitty massage vid – I really need one of those right now.

    3. The chicken sounds delish! Will try it soon!

    4. Joe, before you complain about the homeless guy, remember how close you just came to sharing a pee-tree with him. 😉

    5. It was a lovely day today, so worked out in the yard, getting things ready for spring, but sorta over did it and now I’m all stiff and sore…see #2.

    6. Plumbing is all fixed! However, I still have to wait for Mr. Das to rebuild the bottom of the cabinets before I can put stuff away. Needless to say, the kitchen remains a mess.

    7. Just realized tonight that I forgot to pay our monthly bills! ACK! I’m so screwed up lately, I can’t keep track of anything. 😛

    8. Car is leaking coolant. Grrrr.

    9. Sick, possibly rabid, cat did not return to our yard today. I keep going over in my head if any of our feral cats nipped me at any time in the last few days or weeks, and I can’t remember. Either way, I’m pretty sure I’ll get rabies and die, since life has sorta been going that way lately. 🙄

    10. I totally read that one bit as “an assortment of faux metal testicles”…but you, and Major D., already knew that I would.

    11. I don’t have the energy to watch Universe tonight, but Mr. Das is and he got a huge kick out of McBoob…I mean, McKay. 😉

    12. I think the young, really cute fella with the lip ring and lovely smile and bushy bushy ginger hairdo down at the local coffee joint was flirting with me today… *sharpens cougar claws*

    13. Mr. Das told me that he was heartbroken today when he saw a car just like mine, only to realize it wasn’t me. *puts cougar claws away and huggles Mr. Das*

    14. Gotta take China to the vet tomorrow for shots. At least one of us won’t get rabies.

    15. I finally bought a Duesenberg! Okay…so it’s only 5 inches long and made of cheap metal and plastic, but still! It’s my very own Duesy!

    16. Today I received a new Michael Moorcock book – Modem Times 2.0, my second place prize in a contest on Moorcock’s Miscellany, where we had to sum up one of Mike’s stories in just a few words. My entry was for the Elric saga:

    There once was a broody albino
    Who hung out with a short little wino
    Imbalance they fought
    And with problems were fraught
    Till on their souls Stormbringer did dine-o.

    Yeah, I can’t believe I won anything, either. 😛

    Okay – that’s all! I gotta go! Gotta pee! On a treeeee! (Well, not really, but it rhymed! :D)


  7. @ DP – Joe’s living in an apartment. Apartments turn people into pus…I mean, cat people. 😉


  8. @ Debra – OMG!! That cat flushing the toliet is soooo funny! I cannot let my crazy beagle see this video. She’ll want to flush it too. I’m already afraid she is going to drop a toy in it.

  9. I am going to get permission to bring some cooking wine to work to try out that recipe. barring tht, I’ll wound up the ingrediants and take a stab at it on my next break. Sounds delicious.
    As for the parking spot, where is Paul’s in relation to yours? Perhaps some sort of trade off could be arranged? Just a thought. though on the plus side you get a little extra exercise.
    The massage video was just too cute. Couldn’t help but wonder though, if the masseuse kitty was blind. That would make it just too perfect. Not that I enjoy cats being blind…anyways thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh, I so love that cat rice bowl!!!

    If you do another mailbag, did you even consider mentioning Jonas in tonight’s SGU ep? People are wondering.

  11. Finally something I really know about.

    On Yahoo Mail your password and your Security Questions’ answers are case sensitive so think about how you may have or may not have used caps. Remember if you try too many time you will get locked out again.

    If that doesn’t work, purge you temp files. In Internet Explorer – on the right top “Tools” then “Internet Options” which will open a new smaller window. Go to the “General” tab, down in the Browsing History section and click the “Delete” button.

    If that doesn’t work, run “Disk Cleanup” on your main drive. If you are using a version of Windows, it will be under “Programs” then “Accessories” and maybe one more sub-folder “System Tools” and run “Disk Cleanup”. Now reboot.


  12. Passwords are so fun to deal with..especially on some sites where you need to use:
    -At least one upper-case AND one lower-case letter
    -At least one number
    -Some kinda symbol like #,$,%,^,*,etc….
    -You can have no more then 2 consecutive letters or numbers in a row before changing to whatever you weren’t using.
    – It must be a minimum of 6-8 characters in length.

    I’ve noticed more sites are going to this better to think of some now then try to think of one on the fly…only to forget it later.

    My solution is…use someone else’s birthday that you know.

    For example (totally made up,btw, so forget hacking my savings account,lol).

    John Smith, DOB:20 July 1975
    Would be

    The breakdown is simple enough:
    j – John
    20- 20th
    S- Smith
    75- Year
    * – Because that’s how the shepherds found Baby Jesus.

    Sticking with a system like this makes it ‘really’ easy to remember once you get into it…and by using someone else you know…it’d be pretty hard for someone to guess. Knowing the pattern itself is meaningless without a reference to use.

    I’m sure you’ll find this info helpful someday…hopefully you won’t be cursing me the day next when you forget which person you used 🙂

  13. What would I have to do to get a cooking lesson?? I’m always amazed at what you and Akemi cook. I’m coming your way on April 15th, as I come to T.O every month.

    Not asking who your voting for, but are you following the election? I’m kind of upset that no one talks about how important the arts are in Canada. I know I should vote but I can’t seem to muster up up enough energy to care.

  14. Joe, in order to fix your Yahoo! password issue, we’ll need a bit more info. Please post your mother’s maiden name and the Canadian equivalent of your social security number. Also your date of birth and current address. K’thanks.

    Seriously, do you use Safari, and do you ever let it store passwords for you? If so, it’s in there, but I bet you don’t use that feature or you wouldn’t have been logged out! Firefox also stores them for you if you ask it to. In both cases they are stored in tables you can get to via your preferences. In Safari it’s under AutoFill->User names and passwords. In Firefox it’s under Security->Saved Passwords. You have to click on “show passwords”. Again, probably not helpful but thought I’d throw it out there. It could also by chance be stored in your “Keychain Access” app on your Mac, which is in the Utilities folder.

  15. I’m sending this from my sister’s computer that doesn’t have your site bookmarked. So, if you don’t get this, it’s not may fault. And…I tried really hard, to send it, Joe.

    Anyway, the whining is permissible, I’ve decided, since I’m being accepted into a Canadian hospital in Edmonton tomorrow to have surgery. I fell a while back, and managed to tear an abdominal muscle. That was truly painful. So, now comes the fix. They are going to insert a tube into my side, blow me up with helium…er CO2 and get me to float above the bed while they insert a patch to fix it. Yeah, I thought it was kind of weird too. If I don’t send you any more oddball messages, you’ll know I didn’t make it. So think fondly of me. Otherwise, I’ll send my minions after each and every one of you. We’ll find out where you live.

    By the way, Joe, my nephew, Jonathan, lives in Toronto, would you say hello to him for me? 🙂


  16. Seriously, Joe? Yahoo? MobileMe? The only free e-mail service you should use is Gmail. Here’s why…

    AOL, Yahoo!, Hotmail, SBCGlobal…there’s a dirty little secret they all share that they prefer people don’t know about, and that’s that they simply DISCARD mail without ever telling you they’ve done it. It doesn’t bounce to the sender, and it doesn’t go into your junk mail folder. It just goes away.

    Why do they do this? Because they like to act like their spam filtering is so good that it catches all spam and has no false positives. So the best way to do that is to filter out stuff that is obviously spam and show you what a great job they’re doing, and then to just delete everything (without telling you) that they THINK might be spam, maybe, but aren’t quite sure.

    Yahoo! is the worst, randomly just choosing incoming mail senders in bulk and for a period of two to three weeks, simply deleting all incoming mail from those senders.

    So I would go with Gmail because so far, they’ve proven to have their act together the most.

    But why not just buy a domain and have e-mail at your own domain? It’s not very expensive. I own a hosting company and could help with it if you so desired. I’m assuming you own either (or both) and, but if not, I registered for you in case you want it (just tell me).

    That aside, you might want to invest in a password vault. Then the only password you really need to remember is the one for your vault. There are a number of them out there that work on mobiles and desktop computers so that you can sync them and always have all your important passwords handy.

  17. Great episode of SG:U. Sad about the loss of the two programs on Destiny. Can’t wait to see if James’ action will make a difference in upcoming episodes.

    How unfortunate that SG:U is cancelled because it is an outstanding show.

  18. Joe,

    I was at a place called “Cicada Club” last night, where a certain SG alum Robert Picardo sang a few numbers. If you’re ever in LA, you should check it out. They do have Moscow Mules on the menu, of which I had two. I thank you for mentioning it in your blog, else I probably would have passed right over it. They are dangerously delicious, and my new vodka drink of choice. Thanks!

    As for your password, there are ways to obtain the password from your iPhone, however it involves jailbreaking and a few other “fun” steps. If you’re interested, here’s a brief description and video:

    Lastly, I use a program called 1Password that does a great job at managing passwords. You can use it to store your login info, enter it into websites for you, and view the saved passwords in the 1Password app.

    Alternatively, if you ever had your Yahoo! password saved in your Mac’s keychain, you can view it by going to Hard Drive/Applications/Utilities/Keychain Access. Select the “login” keychain on the left, look (or search) for Yahoo, double-click it, check “Show password”, enter your Mac’s password, and voila, your password (hopefully)!

  19. Good luck on your surgery @arcticgoddess

    @Das — What a list!

    I’m feeling better now that I’m on the two different antibiotics and got some energy back. Yay!!! The Rock Autism benefit went well, although I was disappointed at the turnout considering how much I worked to publicize the event as did two of the three bands. I even got them a spot on the local news. But it was a Sunday and the NCAA Final Four going on with free concerts of big-named stars. My speech went so-so. I have forgotten that you cannot hold a microphone in one hand and turn pages of notes with just the other hand–next time–one page. Very forgiving crowd. Apparently I had some people in tears. Jeff was supposed to film the entire speech — he didn’t until the last 1 minute of the 5 minute 30 second talk. And he forgot to bring the cash we had taken out. And he forgot to go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription I needed. He is so fired as a husband. I’m about to change my avatar to my picture from last night. I needed some powder to get the shine off.

    Next up — the fancy Gala on Saturday and me in a dress. Ugh. Still breaking in the heels so I won’t have blisters, but I’m betting I will be taking the shoes off before the night ends.

    Sounds like your move went well. I hope you’ll be able to stay there for awhile.

    SGU was wonderful tonight with lots of talented guests and a few nice surprises. I won’t spoil yet. And while I love it, and I see it getting better and better each episode, the sad reality is it will be over soon….at least for now.

    How’s Jelly UTI going? Is she feeling better?

  20. Seizure…Yet another great episode in an absolutely awesome season of Stargate:








    Always great to see R. Picardo and D. Hewlett again! A bit disappointed that althought billed heavily, V. Garber was barely in the episode. Great performances by R. Carlyle and LDP. I loved the use of the stones as incursion devises, although after the blueberry aliens used them to gain control of James, you would think that the dangerous possibilities of such a tactic would make them think a bit more about it. I thought it would have taken longer for Perry to go crazy and try to “kidnap” Rush. Judging by Greer’s condition it hasn’t been long since Hope. You would think that a scientist would last a bit longer that a normal person would in that situation. Loved Eli’s anger at the end, first he loses his love, then gets her back as sort of a “ghost” and now he can’t even see her anymore because Rush was thinking with his little brain instead of his much bigger brain. Of course, the line of the episode was James’ “I’m up here” to Rodney. Now we know what he was staring at when T.J. and James were discussing it earlier in Twin Destinies. Nice to see McKay still being McKay.
    I don’t like the militaries handling of the situation any more than Wolsey did. There was no real proof that the L.A. had made a deal with them, and now they have ruined any chance of getting much needed supplies to Destiny. Still can’t believe that now it is Telford who is trying to get people to come to Destiny, when he was the one trying to convince everyone to leave earlier. Complete 180 there.
    Great job all around by everyone. The season keeps getting better and better, and unfortunately shorter and shorter. Bring on The Hunt!!!

  21. Did you try different spellings of Nutella, maybe your self from 3 years ago misspelled it for some reason.

  22. I’m definitely trying that recipe. My chicken is hit and miss with the dryness.

    Love that kitty bowl.

  23. hey, things are looking up. ok, so the parking spot isn’t good, but did you really expect everything to be great? The way things have been going for you in the living situation, I half expected the apartment to have dead animals in the walls that let off a terrible smell and the dogs would keep barking at the walls, then the neighbors would get mad at the barking, Akemi would get sick from the smell, the apartment manager would deny the smell, then you would finally take a knife to the wall and find the dead animals and you would have to move to a different apartment so they would fix the walls. so I am so glad none of that happened. see, things are going well. a working tea kettle!

  24. The recipe looks good. I’ll copy it to try this weekend. Thank you for posting it!

    I have a set of those kitty bowls! Someone gave me those for Christmas. It is widely known that I’m a cat lover.

    Das: What is all this cat lover bashing lately? Mr. M. would be lucky to turn into one of us 😉 . He’ll be feeding strays in no time 😀 .

    Password mix ups are always frustrating. I got a laugh out of my hubby’s password when he was having problems: “mystupidpassword”, or “anotherstupidpassword”.

  25. I found the cat massage video entertaining, mesmerizing and disturbing. Thank you.

  26. @Joe: I had to check my copy of Dante’s Inferno to see how bad your parking spot was. It’s pretty bad.

    I’m amazed at how knowledgeable people here on the blog are about computer stuff. I just had to fill in four security questions for work: my favorite pet, my favorite ice cream flavor, etc. I skipped ones like: “who was your favorite teacher?” “who is you favorite author?” and “what is your favorite movie” Seriously? do people really only have one answer to all of these questions? I just hope I never need to use them.

    @arctic goddess: good luck with the surgery.

    @PBmom and everybody else who is/was ailing: I hope you are feeling better.

  27. Oh, that recipe sounds good. I’ll have to try it. And the snow picture was interesting. We had massive rain and high winds last night, and we lost power around 3AM. We woke the boys up, and they and I spent some quality time in the only room with no windows while he went to check things out. Storm is over now though, and we just got power back about thirty minutes ago. He called me from work and said power lines and trees were down all over the area so I feel fortunate that we got our power back so soon. And I’m really glad it wasn’t a tornado because it sounded like one. 🙂

    Hope everyone has a great day!!!!

  28. Enjoyed seeing McKay, but “SG-1 teams 4 and 5”? Huh? You guys are better than that.

  29. Try to edit the security questions on i phone, I would also recommend u to change to another service like gmail.
    Good luck 🙂

  30. Kawaii desu!

    Okay, I just strained my Japanese ability. I too have many cute Japanese things with cute cats on them; no rice bowls though. I even have a battery operated cat’s paw massager. The real kitty is much cuter.

    I have plenty of blue fish dishes I inherited from my folks. The problem with a dad who loved Japan and went there frequently with the Navy, then joining the Navy myself and being stationed in Japan, is I purchased my own sets of Japanese things I loved as a child in our home. So I have grundles of Japanese dishes and dolls and tanukis and woodblock prints and geta and kokeshi and teapots and ohashi and fans and lanterns and and and …. I could open a shop.

  31. That kitty back massage looks fabulous, could really use one after spending four hours delayed at National this weekend. Are you in walking distance from these cool shops?

    Chicken breasts are my least favorite thing to cook because they’re usually so dry, but your recipe looks delicious, thanks for the tips for making ’em juicy.

    Checked out Source Code over the weekend, audience wasn’t big but it was very interesting and twisty.

  32. I must say the special characters thing, if forced on me to use, is trickier to me, passwordly speaking. Maybe using a character that correspond to a number on the keyboard would work, if only there was some sort of standard place to put them! Most of those inherited from dactylography manage to keep their old spots though, but others move from place to place (say, from Vancouver to Toronto?) I have two keyboards where the @ is at the same place but accessed differently! Imagine how often I mix up when one keyboard uses shift-2 and the other alt-2 if I write emails on one or the other!!!

    Anyhow, I’m thankfull for this seemingly useless faculty of remembering old numbers I don’t use anymore for several years. Comes handy to figure out PWs. Like my dad’s old licence plate number (I don’t really use, so there’s no use in trying to figure it out!) or my old college days phone number, or one form the students’ association’s I was part of, or a mix of both numbers (again, I’m not using those… or do I?).

    And I once learned this old mnemonic trick to remember long numbers that you can move from back and forth, to or from, to figure out those passwords.

    The good ol useless PW going by 12345, becomes TNMCL, for example and is now also useless as everyone here knows it now. This in turns can be turned in an easy to remember phrase as : The North Montrealers (are) Called Lavalois.

    If this is of any help to anyone here’s how it goes:

    1=T= one legged letter (can be D as phonetically close)
    2=N= two legged letter
    3=M= three legged letter!!!
    4=K= ressembles a K (can use also C as phonetically similar)
    5=L= 50 in roman numbers
    6=G= carelessly handwritten, it makes a 6 (as alternate: J, both phonetically equal and looks like an inverted 6 somewhat.)
    7=F= when you bar your 7s to distinguish them from a 1 in hand writing, it makes an inverted F (V as phonetical equivalent)
    8=B= Looks pretty much like an 8
    9=P= inverted 9 (or R if you add a leg to the P)
    0=Z or S

    So, you can manage to turn a word into numerals (NUMERALS = 23950, forgetting the vowels not used to ease the pain of making something making sense with this trick) or that old licence plate going by 272M973 into NFN3PVM (and be complicated by alterning capitals with lower case in some special way, whatever you fancy to remember more easily. My own take on it might be NfN#pvm)

    Complicated enough? Good!!! This makes for strong, yet, once you dig it well and add some salt to your taste, easily remembered PWs!!! 😀

    Trick or not, never use your SIN number. It’s too hot to ever use outside its dedication and too hard (impossible?) to change if it ever gets cracked.

    Signed: G3@2/Tv70v9 (Now, guess my real name! Nope! Never said I don’t mix up different tricks together either! Remember that touch’o’salt? Still, this should be an easy one for you, …now. And niet, I never used nor currently use that PW either. Don’t bother, you’ll waste lots of your presumably precious time.)

  33. I find it to be both odd and amusing to see
    a Syfy channel *food* show being promoted
    during the SGU commercial breaks.

  34. After last night’s episode, I’m begging some one to mail baby powder, or baking soda to syfy, preferably sneeze in it first to make it biological.

    They need to suffer for canceling SGU, they MUST SUFFER FOR THIS. Unless of course they grant me an audience so I can apply for a job as a messenger, or any other menial job, so I can gradually work my way up to become in charge of programming, to be sure anything Stargate related, stays on FOREVER!

  35. You know Joe, the first paragraph of this blog entry plus the photo of that street…
    my first thought was. oooh that would be like a perfect setting for several scenes in a episode of the series. (or re-occurring location even).

  36. @maggiemayday: If you ever decide to unload your attic, drop me a line! I may be in the market for some of that wonderful stuff.

  37. I’m really interested to hear your thoughts on each question I asked, yesterday and the ones two days before. But if you can’t answer because they make you angry, I’m sorry. It was more me looking at the shows situation logically, and in marketing terms.

  38. Joe,

    Yahoo over iphone uses a completely different / odd authentication mechanism involving a cert and a generated token, which is why it still works. Unfortunately emulating that on a computer is non-trivial (but it is possible, you can technically hack your phone to get it, or do a man-in-the-middle attack).

    I would contact yahoo technical support/customer service and explain the situation, and offer to verify who you are using the yahoo email account. They can email your yahoo account some unique phrase or something, and you can read it back from the phone.

    Otherwise if you logged into any computer where you used the save password capabilities you can retrieve the password from there. Also if you ever used an instant messenger you may have entered your password there.

  39. hi, joe,

    sg1-atlantis-sgu: what about an amalgamation of the three series into one stargate movie?

  40. Oh love that street picture.

    Not sure what the cat pron was about – though that flush cat was clever – if it can clean the bowl as well it has a job!

    As for password, case may matter, did you try all lower, all upper or capital N ?

  41. I no longer keep an email address book after mine got hacked a few years back and all my current contacts as well as old college professors and people I do some occasional internet stalking on all got a “dear friend” message from “me.” I had to send an apology message out, and tell anyone who wanted to catch up to drop me a line.

    Nobody did.

  42. @ Tammy Dixon – I’m just trying to keep Joey humble. 😉

    Speaking of cats…$160 to get China all her shots and make her ship shape for outdoor living. Ugh. Now excuse me while I go and eat a bowl of cereal for dinner. 😛


  43. For anyone thinking SGU will get a movie, see the most recent ratings.

    Stargate Universe (SYFY)
    – 0.823 million viewers
    – 0.5/1 HH
    – 0.3/1 A18-49

    I would imagine Syfy getting close to pulling it off the network like they did with Caprica, if they havent planned too already.

    I think its a shame really but all it really tells me is, the more hardcore of Stargate fans, and fans of the previous shows have simply voiced their objections to the show by not watching.

    I would like to be proven wrong that SGU won’t get a movie but it appears no one, not even Joe can prove it with evidence. lol

    As much as I love the show, that’s all folks.

  44. Majorsal, that’s probably what will end up happening. (Based upon clues Joe has provided, and common sense due to canon and continuity)

  45. I did it.

    For the first step: buy chicken, I must’ve bought ostrich breasts. A couple were a whole pound. I have pictures to prove it.

    We decided we won’t buy that chicken again. It’s an abomination to be that big. Somewhere, there must be a pack of broken drumsticks.

    Anyway, I sharpened the knife and sliced up lots and lots of chicken breasts. Besides dinner, I put away some in freezer bags, using the sauce to protect the chicken from freezer damage. Those will be thawed one by one so I’ll have something to top my salads.

    Very tender, very tasty chicken breasts. Thanks for the tips. What’s next, Boss?

  46. @ Randomness – I dunno, but it seems to me that SyFy wanted to kill Universe. I can’t figure the switch to Tuesday nights (and now Monday), when they kept Sanctuary as is. The two back-to-back made perfect sense, especially with so many veteran actors from one show in the other.

    Speaking of the show, a good ep, but a bit too depressing for me. I’m seriously worried about Greer, and – well – just found bits of it too much of a downer. But that may just be me being in a bit of a down state myself today.


  47. Wow…THAT was some blog there Joe. So happy you ave a place near a park. The cooking also speaks volumes about you. I love it…the recipe looks so yummy.

    Yahoo…well I would imagine that a day on your phone is better than being locked out forever. Technology in general when removed from us..a SMALL amount of panic sets in. You’ve been through too much lately. Don’t you have an assistant that can bear the burden of this one? *sigh*

    Best to you Joe…fun read tonight.
    *hugs* Cheryl 🙂

  48. If you’re looking for comics stuff and manga in particular, you really oght to check out The Beguiling in the Annex. It’s easily one of the best stores in the country, and the manager Chris has a particular affinity for both Japanese culture and food and might be able to point you in the direction of some decent restaurants.

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