Well, we’ve found a new place.  And it’s only one block over.  And one floor up from where my writing/producing partner, Paul, is living (His response when I told him: “I’m afraid I’m going to have to complain, buddy.  I don’t want people with multiple dogs living in my building.”).  It has a fitness room, a swimming pool, and a deck I’ll never ever step out onto.  We move in tomorrow night!  Please leave your apartment-warming gifts in the main lobby with the concierge. Thanks.

I’m off to work on an outline.  Here, entertain yourselves with a long overdue mailbag…

Angelus writes: “You mean the “super secret project” A.K.A “Transporter TV Show” of which everyone has been aware for the past couple of months? That super secret project?”

Answer: Yes, that one.  Shhhhh.

cherluvya writes: “Now…Carl isn’t leaving LEAVING is he? Just for the writing period…right?”

Answer: Alas, Carl is just freelancing on the show.  He’s going away to work on his script and will be back sometime in the near future to break his second episode.  🙁 As Paul pointed out last night, even though we’ve known Carl longer, Alexander will probably miss him the most.  Those two really hit it off.  They were beste of freundes.

irish pete writes: “Will this new series have as much action as human target?”

Answer: That’s a pretty safe bet.

David J writes: “has Brad and co made any new progress then last you said they had made progress (earlier last month) not that you could tell us much but has there been ANY moves forward for SGU?”

Answer: Last I heard (on Friday) there was some movement but, curiously, it was neither forward nor backward but sideways.  Strange but true.

DP writes: “Questions about the new series: 1. What does the new series have in common with Stargate?”

Answer: Action, adventure, engaging characters, interesting relationships, a sense of fun, and humor.

“2. What does the new series have in common with the Xbox game Simpson’s Road Rage?”

Answer: Fast-paced four-wheel action.  And colorful characters.

“3. What are some locales we’ll see in the new series?”

Answer: The series will have a certain European flair.

“4. Who is your favorite character?”

Answer: Right now, I’m loving them all – however, I do hold a special affinity for our protagonist, Frank.

“5. What are some of the main character’s quirks or, oh, let’s say, rules that govern his/her behavior?”

Answer: Oh, he’s got a few.  He’s quite regimented that way.

“6. What has the main character been doing since the last movie?”

Answer: Ah, you’re assuming the series picks up where the last movie left off.  Not quite.

“7. What will the main character be doing in the pilot that we’ve seen him/her do before?”

Answer: His job.

“8. What does the main character do for a living?”

Answer: Helps people in need.  For a price.  So long as their need requires getting something from point A to point B.

“9. Does the main character have any special skills?”

Answer: Oh, plenty.  Don’t get on his bad side or you’ll experience them firsthand.

“10. Is the main character an upstanding, square-jawed hero?”

Answer: Definitely not.

“11. What does the main character have in common with you?”

Answer: He’s not an upstanding, square-jawed hero.  Also, we both drive Audi’s.

“12. Does the main character have any pets?”

Answer: Nope.  Maybe a couple of pugs in season 2?

dasNdanger writes: “Since it’s fresh on my mind – any news on the comic book front?”

Answer: We’re looking at an early 2012 release.

Lou Zucaro writes: “1) How many black Audis does the production have, and are they owned / leased / fake?”

Answer: We’re still in early prep and have yet to close the deal on the cars.  Once ours, they will need to be modified in order to pull off some of the ambitious/awesome stunts we’re scripting.

2) The new A8 is pretty f’ing phenomenal…is that what we’re going to see on-screen?

Answer: That’s the plan.

3) Did you open the package?

Answer: I’m incredibly curious and impatient so, yes, I couldn’t resist and opened the package.  It contained gummi bears and a coupon for a free tractor trailer ride at the local county fair.

Andrea-Fonville White writes: “Have you thought of casting any one from Stargate?”

Answer: I’ve certainly suggested some former Stargate vets as we gear up for auditions.

Thornyrose writes: “So, as an executive producer, will you have to fly over the pond for the European side of the production? If so, how often?”

Answer: That task would fall to someone else.  Chances are I’ll probably be quite busy on this side of the pond.  Still, if it was necessary, I do speak French and do love French food…

Sparrow_hawk writes: “Did I miss some posts or haven’t we gotten any Q&A responses from the authors on the recent books?”

Answer: Nope, ’tis true.  We’re awaiting Q&A responses from our last three guest authors.  In all fairness, I told them not to rush and to turn their answers around at their earliest convenience.

Sean D. writes: “What would you say are some key similarities and differences, so far, in your experience with the new franchise as compared to the Stargate franchise?”

Answer: When Paul and I joined the Stargate franchise, the production was a well-oiled machine that had been humming along for three years.  All the major start-up issues had been addressed and it was a simple matter of stepping aboard and enjoying the ride.  In the case of this new series, we’re essentially building the foundation for what will hopefully be a nice long run.  Like Stargate, the people we’re working with are terrific, which is key.

Sean D. writes: “How does the restaurant scene in the Toronto area compare to that of the Vancouver area?”

Answer: Sushi aside (I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that I can give up any hope of enjoying a Japanese meal for the duration of my Toronto stay), pretty good.  I hit some pretty fine restaurants on my initial trip here (Nota Bene, George, Splendido) and discovered some very good casual eateries on this swing.

KEK writes: “Is there any way you could push for MGM to commission a novelization of your script that you and the other writers would consider canon?”

Answer: Alas, it’s out of my hands.  For what it’s worth, I think it’s a terrific idea.

pennlynn writes: “How has your stress level been??”

Answer: 95% of my stress revolves around dog issues (their safety, their health, the fact that they’re well taken care of).  I can pretty much roll with whatever punches life throws at me on all other fronts.

Ivon Bartok writes: “Stop talking shit about Toronto, Mallozzi…”

Answer: A Vancouverite such as yourself wouldn’t understand…

Stu writes: “Come on, there are douchebags in every major city, small town, hamlet, and outpost in the entire world. Don’t shit on an entire city because of one a-hole. […] Meh, you just lost a reader.”

Answer: What are you, the mayor of Toronto?  Look, I’d love nothing better than to say the city is beautiful, the traffic is awesome, the people are friendly and, up until recently, the weather has been delightful – but I can’t.  Hopefully, in time, I will.  Still, I’m sorry if I offended you.

And your Maple Leafs suck.

Ulrike Tannenberg writes: “Someone commented a few days ago that the chances for a 3.season are zero (sad, but I knew that) and the chances for a movie are almost zero (that was new to me and totally shocked me, as it is/was something of a last hope). So the question is: is it true – almost no chance for a SGU-movie?”

Answer: Someone commented?  Was this someone an official spokesperson for MGM?  If so, then they would know.  If, on the other hand, that someone was some nameless noob on a discussion forum, then they don’t know anymore than hou do.  A third season of SGU is not in the cards, but a movie is still a possibility.

paloosa writes: “1) Since the show is in early pre-production, will it be airing in 2012?”

Answer: Yes, the plan is to premiere in early 2012.

“2) Any chance for casting any Stargate actors?”

Answer: I did make some requests for people I wanted to see audition.

“3) Is this strictly a Canadian production, or will it include American or European actors, writers and directors?”

Answer: It’ll be a melting pot of talent in front of and behind the camera.

“4) Will there be less studio or network involvement in the creative decisions than you were subjected to with Syfy?”

Answer: No, I’m sure the networks will be equally involved on the creative front.  Their first round of notes were quite good.


41 thoughts on “April 3, 2011: On the move! A long overdue mailbag!

  1. Answer: I did make some requests for people I wanted to see audition.

    Somehow, Joe, you managed to make that sound dirty.



  2. “KEK writes: “Is there any way you could push for MGM to commission a novelization of your script that you and the other writers would consider canon?”

    Answer: Alas, it’s out of my hands. For what it’s worth, I think it’s a terrific idea.”

    John. Scalzi.

  3. Sounds like your new show’s going to be a blast, and I hope the dogs find the new apartment more to their liking. And that your new neighbors are willing to give the pups a chance to settle in.

  4. @ Sean D. – Thanks for the info on the band. I think I’ll check out some of their other stuff. The guy who sent me that link is from Ireland, so I shoulda known! 😆

    @ Sparrowhawk – Okay, the falling glass thing is sorta scary – coulda poked ya through yer skullcap. However, I still have a torn apart kitchen cabinet and a possibly rabid cat roaming my yard and eluding animal control guys…so I have you beat. 😛


  5. Thanks for the mailbag.

    @Randomness: Your conclusions sound very logical – sadly. If there will still be a SGU-movie, maybe they will hire different actors for it, as they sometimes do. But that would not be my cup of tea then. Let’s just wait and see.

  6. @Das

    I love how you are able to see everything in a perverted light just as I do…. makes me glad to know im not the only one out there….

    Say, how have you been lately? Been enjoying the new SGU?

  7. Good luck on the move. It’s going to be fun to see how it plays out with your partner as your neighbor now. Hope the doggies like the place, and that you can settle arrangements for their care.
    As for those people upset at your less than complimentary comments about Toronto, well, time for them to step up and prove to you the city is worth some good ink. Of course, you’ll have to try to take their recommendations to heart, and see what that city could offer. At least you have a few folks to ride shotgun with you, assuming you can drag Paul out. Or tell Ivon to quit complaining and fly east to help you out.
    Thanks for the post, and here’s hoping for a warmer happier week all round.

  8. “Please leave your apartment-warming gifts in the main lobby with the concierge. Thanks.”

    Well? What is your new address? 🙂

  9. Thanks for the mailbag! I seriously don’t know how you’re juggling all the stuff being flung your way. But glad to hear that the pups are being rescued from that heathen building.

    I can’t wait to see if you can get some Stargate alum onboard or as guest stars. With such a great fan base, ratings will hopefully be off to a good start. And really looking forward to seeing McKay on SGU. It’ll be interesting to see if the ratings get a bump.

    @Tammy Dixon I love cats! The cat of friend of mine is finally letting me pet her without trying to take my hand off. And it’s only been about 5 years. 🙂

  10. @ Major D. Davis – Sooo…does that mean I have the hormones of a teenage boy?? 😕

    I am enjoying the new SGU, though I am a bit afeared now for Greer. Of course, my enjoyment is bittersweet, knowing that the show will soon end. I’m not as gutted as when Atlantis ended, but I am sad nonetheless.


  11. Joe – great Q&A! Thanks for responding. 😀

    dasNdanger – comedic music can be some of the best! 😀 (And there’s not nearly enough of it out there.)

    Sean D.

  12. @ And your Maple Leafs suck.

    LOL I love you.

    I still don’t get that if you had permission for the dogs, how can they evict you for the dogs? But glad you found a new place. 🙂

    Watching SGU makes me very sad. It is so good, so deserving of a long run. Damn.

  13. @Joe: I hope the new place works out better than the current one! And thanks for the answer.

    @das: Yep, you’ve got me beat all to pieces. No rabid cats and so far the plumbing is holding up.

  14. Just finished reading the new Altantis novels, “Homecoming” and “The Lost.” They were both excellent. For those that don’t know, this is a six book series that continues the story after the events of Enemy at the Gates. The third novel comes out in June or July.

  15. So, if I have never seen or heard of the Transporter, prior to this blog, what should I watch/read prior to the show’s premiere, or is it better to remain a “blank slate”? It sounds very similar to Burn Notice.

  16. Thanks for the mailbag and glad you were able to find another place to live. Best wishes for it to be much more to your liking. 🙂

    Hope you have a great day!!!!

  17. Ah Joe,

    Hope the move went well 🙂

    Well I love the Leafs and won’t hold your comment against you ’cause you know what? This season (and the last few if we are being honest) but I still hold out hope that they will one day win the Cup!!

  18. paloosa: I love cats but to be honest, I like most animals. Cats are easier for me to live with. Dogs are too much like having another child. I get my dog fix by volunteering at the humane society, and through the pictures that Mr. M. posts.
    Five years? Must be a neurotic cat then. Have you tried ignoring it? I’ve used that technique on cows, goats, pigs and dogs with some success.

  19. I’m kinda confused, why wern’t my questions answered? Not that I mind in all. I was more asking to hear your honest opinion on the show and the way it was recieved/handled, I thought I worded those questions mostly okay too.

    Speaking of which, as it was me that made that comment Ulrika questioned you about, and on your blog Joe, I’m not Nameless :3

    Though I was more using simple logic and what I heard more than anything.

    Simple fact remains.

    Why would MGM commission a movie on a series that has been widely slated by critics, recieved poor ratings on the Syfy channel and on any other channel it has aired on worldwide, and has recieved poor DVD/Blu Ray sales worldwide?

    Secondly what logic would someone have to give the show a movie when they have 2 other award winning shows with widely successful reviews, both having huge fanbases, both which done well in the ratings department, both doing well in syndication, compared to SGU?

    Thirdly, as Syfy is likely the only channel that airs Stargate Movies, with the show somewhat making a loss for them, why do you still insist that a movie will come, yet alone Syfy willing to pay for such a movie?

    Fourthly, am I right in thinking you never actually dealt with MGM on the important issues relating to all 3 shows, and it was infact Brad and RCC that did all this? If so am I right in thinking you know as much as everyone else on the movie front?

    Lastly thankyou for answering the questions, as much as I love SGU, I think somewhat in a realistic sense, to imagine an SGU movie at this point is like looking out my window and seeing flying pigs.

  20. By the way, I wasn’t intending to cause offense/annoyance with those questions Joe lol

    Just, as I said, I like to think more in a realistic sense than anything else, and with someone mentioning the movies I figured now would be a better time to aim those questions.

  21. Answer: 95% of my stress revolves around dog issues (their safety, their health, the fact that they’re well taken care of). I can pretty much roll with whatever punches life throws at me on all other fronts.

    I’m the same way. Life generally leaves me unphased… until the well-being of my quadrapeds is called into question.

  22. @Joe: How much does Netflix, Hulu, and other online deliver methods add to the ratings? Do they even count?

  23. Joseph Mallozzi wrote: “Answer: I’ve certainly suggested some
    former Stargate vets as we gear up for auditions.”


    YESSSSSS!!!! 😀

  24. Joseph Mallozzi wrote, “…they will need to be modified in order
    to pull off some of the ambitious/awesome stunts we’re scripting.”

    You cannot forget Jim Bamford to help with the stunt coordinating, either…. right?? (if he’s available)

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Quebec city (and some parts of Montreal) has a certain European flair and some of the best restaurants… you just might find yourself filming in that city… Getting excited yet? Think of the food, if nothing else.

    I remember driving from Montreal to New Brunswick along Hwy 20, east of Quebec city where the highway is a few yards away from the mighty St. Lawrence River… that was one of my “Also Sprach Zarathustra” moments. (I loved that scene with Volker and Brody). It would be nice to see the two of them interact in some capacity in your new show as guests or whatever… I’m starting to miss the characters already… 🙁

  25. Dear Joe,

    I am very happy to know that ther is place for SG veterans Male and female or only male ?

    You also have to know that many great director came to film in Québec City for his very European style Maybe you should consider to take a look her e to save money.

    And, I’ve send you a personnal message on your other email address.

    Best of all with the transporter !

  26. As low as the numbers seem to be (and I don’t believe they are that low), there will always be people interested in outer space, science fiction and in Stargate SGU. However, no one buys half a book and fewer people will buy a DVD with an incomplete story.

    Further, once completed, it will become part of a classic franchise and boost the MGM name in that it will complete projects and not try to rake in the money on a “half-baked” one.

    TV land is littered with shows that ended too soon and replace with a lot of mindless, “reality” claptrap (and there doesn’t seem to be anything resembling true reality unless it’s a documentary – and even then…) —> no thinking required. I love the concept of a stargate, the stories and the characters and the dilemmas and adventures they encounter (lots of food for thought). I’m hoping that SGU is not part of the litter.

  27. @Randomness: I thought you asked some good questions, and I would have liked to have seen them answered and have some opinions on the answers myself, LOL. But, I am thinking that even though Joe no longer works for MGM, he is probably contractually obligated not to answer them. My thoughts anyway, for what they’re worth. (maybe half a penny, 🙂 )

    @Joan001: I agree with you.

  28. @Randomness

    “Just, as I said, I like to think more in a realistic sense than anything else, and with someone mentioning the movies I figured now would be a better time to aim those questions.”

    I’m not sure what you mean by “realistic”. You obviously have an opinion of how things are going to work out and what is likely/unlikely to happen. The problem is that you are presenting your opinions as fact when they are not.

    I get where you are coming from that it’s easier emotionally to just declare something dead to end the angsty period of no information. Problem is though, that you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about and that is misleading other people that don’t realize that you are talking out of your backside.

    Oh – and no offense. I’m just trying to be “realistic”.

  29. “Answer: Last I heard (on Friday) there was some movement but, curiously, it was neither forward nor backward but sideways. Strange but true.”

    —- hmm, so basically some investors bailed out after they saw the new ratings.

    How does this work out, the new show will feature as audi for obvious reasons but stargate had NEC, DELL, ASUS; who makes the choice? Why all of a sudden there is product placement of a company over another?

  30. @das

    From Gail Simone’s piece: “Writers can be painfully inarticulate when in the process of the process, but bringing your loved ones in enough that they understand that it’s still work can be surprisingly beneficial. Even if you’re standing in the garage with a cup of cold soup muttering about your b-plot, it’s still work”

    If only what I’m doing today looked as productive as muttering over soup, hold on, the kids are about to run through the house in muddy shoes…

  31. @Randomness

    You caught Mr M‘s cryptic answer:

    …Last I heard (on Friday) there was some movement but, curiously, it was neither forward nor backward but sideways. Strange but true.

    My thinking is TPTB have decide to do a Dallas type intervention on the franchise. Like SGU didn’t happened except maybe in an alternate timeline. The franchise will rebooted from where SGA left off with new smaller cast and the same previous story backgrounds & settings. Of course that required the previous team in charge to fade away. We shall see what happen next.

  32. Hi, and many congrats on finding such a cool-sounding new place! If I ever make it to Toronto – not likely, unless the Boston Bruins are in town for some target practice *w* – will you and Akemi let me go out on your deck and stand on top of the rail to take in the whole city vista? I’d bring my own spotter. (“Yeah, I spot her! She’s getting ready to climb that spider-webby stuff to the top floor!”) – As if. . . .

    LOL at Paul M.’s response to his new neighbors.

    So sorry to read that Carl is freelancing and not onboard fulltime, but I’m sure it’s a good career move for him and his family. (And how can a longtime L.A. guy thrive in the subarctic regions, anyway? Even if he is a Trojan.) – Carl, very nice look with the new USC long-sleeved tee, BTW. Who picked it out for you: your wife, or your daughter? *laughing up sleeve of “nouveau grunge” purple plaid flannel shirt*

    Also sorry that Alex will probably miss Carl the most – Alex, and Carl’s character-driven-eps /non-union actor fans – but what may now be angst or zeitgeist (hope I’ve used the latter correctly) will surely turn to “Freude! Freude!” whenever he makes it back up that way, maybe when the tundra thaws out in May or thereabouts. *cues final movement of Beethoven’s 9th*

    Laughing at your and Ivon’s exchange. Dudes, and a number of chicks who aren’t me, are so good about giving each other a healthy dose of good-natured snark, and coming away from it all smiles. Major props.

    Hope you enjoy your exercise room and swimming pool. Just remember to take a good-sized icepick with you. *g*

    – Say, wanted to let you know that you, Akemi, and the dogs, and – last but by no means least – your blog regulars, will be in my thoughts while I’m on vacation: first stop, four days in the San Antonio area to see my bro, dad, nephews, a cast of dozens, and head-turning star of the show, my six-month-old niece Princess Caylie. Then, on with my aunt (who *really, REALLY* needs a vacation) to Vancouver, where we’ll go our separate ways so she can get a healthy break from me and my motor-mouth, as well. — Take care!

  33. I saw this on our visual instructor’s T-shirt at drum corps rehearsal on Sunday:

    Haikus can be fun
    But they don’t always make sense
    that is all

  34. @Das…

    Idk, there are a LOT more side effects of male teenage hormones then seeing all of Joes comments in a semi perverted light… if ya know what I mean. 😉

    Same here… I’m very concerned for these main characters… not sure who will be hanging around and for how long, the show does a good job of keeping you on your toes. 😀

  35. @CME

    They count, but itunes, amazon.com, DVD, and BLu ray count MUCH more… and viewing live helps too…

  36. Though I could be wrong about the live part…. at least some good numbers would keep syfy open to more stargate/SGU.. who knows.

  37. Yay, new place.

    I’ll be commenting even less than sporadically, have tendonitis is right thumb/wrust…. ouchies.

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