Today, the sun came up, the temperature rose and, for the very first time, I thought there was a chance I could actually starting liking Toronto.  Following my first early morning workout in ages, I took the dogs for a stroll, showered up, dressed, then headed out to explore the city.  We drove around, picked up some soaps and shampoos at Lush, a blender at Future Shop, some awesome comic-related office adornments at Silver Snail Comics, and an eviction notice.  We also had some terrible Italian food and –


What did I say?

I said I picked up some comic-related office adornments at Silver Snail Comics.  Check ’em out:

The Deadpool comes with a veritable arsenal of weapons including –

What?  Oh.  AFTER that?

Yes, we were driving back from playing tourist when I received a call from my realtor.  Apparently, someone lodged a formal complaint about my dogs with the strata of the building we’re staying in and we need to vacate the premises immediately.  That or, presumably, put two of the dogs down.  Not really sure what the issue is as the pooches are neither noisy nor aggressive and spend most of their time simply lazing about, but clearly someone is a stickler for rules.  That and a giant douchebag.  For my part, I greeted the news with a resounding “Meh”.  The place is dated, a bit of a dump, not particularly well-located for those early morning dog walks, and the washing machine in the apartment caps each cycle with a thunderous KAGLANG!  This was only a temporary stay I was willing to suffer through until I could find something half-ass or better with an actual yard that wouldn’t require me to run an hour-long gauntlet of traffic. Besides, I’d made it perfectly clear prior to my T.O. arrival, that I would require a place that was okay with the dogs.  All four of them.  So, with all due respect and in the words of my buddy Bruce: “F ’em.”.  Akemi, however, didn’t take the news as well.  Sensitive as she is, the poor gal was almost in tears at the prospect of someone snitching on the dogs.

“Why so mean?”she asked, downcast.

“Because,”I informed her matter-of-factly, “it’s Toronto.”

Anyway, we returned home, dropped off our purchases, picked up the dogs – all four of ’em – and headed over to Fondy’s place to pick up Jelly’s meds, some red velvet cake, and find out if Lulu would hit it off with Brie and Stewie…

Maximus and Jelly share a seatbelt enroute.
Bubba and Lulu enjoying the ride. 
While Akemi falls in love with Stewie.
Lulu gets checked out.
Stewie and Lulu

Tonight, I attempt to shift focus to the outline.  Tomorrow, was planning to take a tour of a Toronto landmark we’ll be using as a possible location for my episode but may stick around the home front lest the strata militia kick in the door and attempt to confiscate my dogs.

Instead, I’ll try to hit the mailbag.

64 thoughts on “April 2, 2011: Hey, maybe Toronto isn’t so bad after all. I mean, I could really – no, wait. I stand corrected. It IS so bad after all.

  1. WHAT! One complaint about the dogs and an immediate request to vacate the premises? Isn’t the usual route to give the tenant a warning first? And then a second warning? And then if the problem is not resolved – a polite request to leave?

    And about those scratches in the door? Leave ’em for the landlord to deal with!!! People can be such jerks!

    I’m so sorry.

    Quick mailbag question related to the book of the month club: Did I miss some posts or haven’t we gotten any Q&A responses from the authors on the recent books? Not nagging. Really. Just curious.

  2. Aww, Joe – that sucks. I came here, all ready to say something snarky, and I just can’t (well, except that Fondy looks so much happier now…lol). Anyways, sorry about someone hatin’ on your pooches. I hope you find the perfect place soon! Best to you!

    Gotta run…the kitchen sink fiasco (which just keeps getting worse) means we dine out again tonight! Woo!


  3. That is terrible. Sparrowhawk is right. Usually you get some kind of warning before actually being asked to leave. And, I would be asking your realtor why someone wasn’t okay with all four dogs. Anyway, probably a good idea to stay close tomorrow.

    Loved the pictures of the dogs and the red velvet cake. (one of my favorite desserts)

    Have a good night!!

  4. Wow…Fondy is just as beautiful as ever! This is the first non-ankle shot of her in a long time. She is still gorgeous!

    Toronto is really starting to make me mad. Hell hath no fury like that of a pre-menopausal female! Just let me know if there is anything I can do for you!

    I rural secluded house is sounding better all the time.

  5. Wait so someone made a complaint and you have to leave because of your dogs? Surely they can’t do that without proof of that occuring, maybe you should check out your rental contract if you have one and see how you stand legally.

    Meh, sucks to be in a situation like that but play hardball, don’t let them push you around if the law could be on your side.

  6. Okay, this is a post I just cannot “like.” An eviction notice, seriously? I’d like to give an eviction notice to people who live behind me (the Rottweiler Dexter and his owner Ransom, yes, Ransom). Dexter wants to tear Maddie’s head off every time she is out there and is weakening my fence. This dog also jumps vertical and I’m terrified that he is going to jump over the fence one day and eat her. She’s NEVER had a problem with other dogs that lived there before they moved in.

    The cake looks delicious. It is so great that Fondy is helping. Three cheers for her.

    Today is World Autism Day Joe. Toronto is going to turn blue for us. The White House is not (last I heard).

    Tomorrow is one of 2 big fundraisers coming up for Patrick’s school. Friday at the very last minute we lost two of our three judges for the Battle of the Bands. NOT GOOD. We were scrambling trying to find someone in town NOT covering the NCAA Final Four. We were able to get someone who is going to do a Podcast from our event. And an intern from a radio station. Then in a stroke of luck (and we have no idea how they found out), our local PBS station called and want to tape the entire 6 hours and do a special on it. The event is to kick off Autism Awareness Month and raise money for the school. Earlier this week, I was asked if I would be one of two parents who talked for 5-10 minutes during the event. Now I’m nervous. I’ve been working on receipts for my tax return that is due on April 15 (and I don’t know if I owe or not, so they have to be done regardless), and I haven’t even started on my speech. Butterflies are setting in. Last time I was on live TV (on the news) was in Nov 2008; last time I gave a speech in front of a very large crowd was in 2005. It’s funny how you get out of practice with things they become like new again.

    Meanwhile I’ve been battling another pyelonephritis (some people were asking how I was doing). As of yesterday I am now on 2 antibiotics at the same time as I just couldn’t have 1 bacteria, but 2 of them that were sensitive to different things. Screwy body. But since starting that 2nd antibiotic yesterday, my energy is back up today (not fully, but enough), so that is a good thing. I just hate what this is doing to my immune system, you know? Once this settles then they will start the workup for chronic kidney disease (ironic, no, that you just had an episode with end-stage CKD). If anything early stage nephrologist says. I’m still trying to absorb that. I keep telling myself that it will come back negative — that all this is just inflammation from the stones.

    I hope you are able to find a place soon. You, Akemi and the pups deserve a chance to breathe.

  7. did you hear, joe, about this fabulous place to live, called Vancouver? yep, it’s a sanctuary of wonderfulness.

    you should live there. 😉

  8. I agree with Akemi, “Why so mean?” It makes me furious that someone would suggest putting two of the pups down. Obviously, there is a pet hating old fart in the building. I’m very sorry. (deep breathes)

    Thanks for the pictures! The ladies look beautiful. The pups look great and so does that Red Velvet Cake. Yum.

    I hope you find another location and you get a good night’s sleep soon.

  9. I certainly hope your inventive , devious mind will cook up something to entertain the snitch before you leave HINT HINT.

    Fuckers.. not happy unless they’re miserable and dragging others with them.

    The doggy pics are adorable!

  10. @PBmom: I’m wearing my blue again today. I thought it was yesterday, but – hey- two days to raise awareness for autism is better than one! Good luck with the event and I hope you feel better.

  11. Oooh mailbag, okay here’s a question –

    What would you say are some key similarities and differences, so far, in your experience with the new franchise as compared to the Stargate franchise?

    (Anything in general or specifics, basically whatever stands out the most as similarities and differences in experiences between the two franchises.)

    Okay, I’ll also ask one more –

    How does the restaurant scene in the Toronto area compare to that of the Vancouver area?


    Sean D.

  12. We moved last summer from Vancouver to Kingston for my masters’ degree and I know what you mean by missing Vancouver! Especially the sushi !!

    Anyways, one of the things we looked into when moving was the Ontario Tenant Act. I remember reading that “no pets clauses” are illegal. Even if you sign a no pets clause on your lease, they can’t do anything about it.

    They can kick you or pets out only if the dogs are dangerous, cause health problems, or are extremely misbehaving!

    So you probably have the law on your side, but maybe having neighbours like that aren’t worth it! Why so mean indeed!!

    Oh here is a link about what we read:

  13. So sorry to hear that, Joe. If the dogs were quiet and not making any trouble, then I don’t see the problem. Some people are just petty and mean spirited.

    Does this mean that you, Akemi, and the dogs will be staying with Fondy in the short term? Wow, I can’t imagine 6 dogs in one house! It must be pandemonium. I also have to say how impressed I am with how well you and Fondy are getting along as a separated (divorced?) couple. I’m not sure if I would want to meet my ex-husband’s girlfriend, if that should ever happen. Kudos to Fondy for being so generous. Also, that cake looks fantastic.

    There’s a Little Italy in T.O. Perhaps there’s a good, authentic restaurant there that you could try and that would erase all memory of your terrible meal.

    I hope the rest of the weekend goes better for you.

  14. BTW, Fondy has a beautiful house. I think we also have the same kitchen table, but with different chairs.

  15. Is there any way you could push for MGM to commission a novelization of your script that you and the other writers would consider canon? I know perhaps it seems trivial from the producers and studios perspective, but I think it would be a massive selling point for the fans. I think most of us dismiss the novels as glorified fa fiction, but if they were legitimate addition to the mythology they’d be a much more attractive prospect, and I’d have thought a very cost effective way to resolve both SGA’s and SGU’s storylines should all other avenues be exhausted.

  16. Ridiculous. Toronto really does suck, and I’m from nearby. Grew up in Burlington and I always hated Toronto.

    Perhaps you should head back to Vancouver and get cracking on new Stargate 😀

  17. @ Tammy.. I don’t think someone SUGGESTED he put the dogs down, I think that was Joe being snarky about the options.

    @ PBMom… Video tape the dog trying to get to your dog. Give a copy to police, a copy to animal control and copy to owners by registered mail. State that the dog needs to be confined, a barrier placed between YOUR fence and him as he is a danger. I love Rotties, have had them 22 yrs. A Rottie that is aggressive on that level is not safe. My dogs were wonderful with other dogs (well except my male with LARGE breed males, but he didn’t try to take them on, just would have if they started it). Responsibility goes with owning guarding dogs.

    I am so sorry about your day. 🙁 I do have to agree, Fondy looks marvelous! I miss Stewie pics.

  18. Oy. Get outta dere, Joey, and find a place for all of you quickly! As for the scratches on the door, leave ’em there for somebody else to deal with, like the asshole that turned in the pups. Brie is still gorgeous, and Fondy looks fantastic. Hugs to all of you. 🙂

  19. I “liked” the post because I like your attitude towards the “eviction” notice. Ive got my fingers crosses that you find something really soon!!

    How has your stress level been?? Make sure you take deep breaths and remember that there isn’t great reward without effort. Wait does that sound cliché??

    Thinking of you, Akami, and the puppies!!

  20. God that totally sucks.. How cruel is that? Leave now or kill the dogs? Unbelievable.

    Is the problem of finding a place in Toronto the idea you need to rent month to month (since you don’t know how the new show will do) or just simply there is nothing good out there to get? There are rental agencies here in the states that locate suitable places for you, don’t they have this service there?

    I’m getting stressed out for you.


  21. The ontario tenancy stuff is correct…they can’t force you out “immediately” like that, if at all.

    I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it, given the short amount of time you’ll be staying there.

  22. Your eviction notice, PBMom’s ongoing medical issues, and the Rams knocked out of the final game. Great Saturday. Truly sorry to hear some person who can’t get it up even with an overdose of viagra, cialis, and ground up rhino horn felt the need to whine about your dogs. would be happy to arrange for some acid to eat away the bottom of their shoes if you ever find out who it was.( timed properly, especially in icy or snowy conditions, and you enjoy watching them limp for months. The trick is not to do any tissue damage with the acid…not that I would ever actually do such a thing…. really.) My admiration for your ability to keep on working on the professional front while dealing with the chaotic home situation. Many thanks to Fondy for coming through with aid and comfort when most needed. Quality dame that one is. Hope the rest of the weekend goes better, for you, BPMom, and any others out there having a less than great weekend.

  23. It’s great to see Fondy again and that cake looks delicious! I hope things work out and you can find a place to live…that’s ridiculous!

  24. an eviction notice?! that’s crap! like a few others have said; they should give you a warning first. people who blast their stereo at all hours get more chances than they gave you.

    unless they specifically told you only two dogs when you moved in.

    nice to see fondy & her red velvet cake.

  25. BTW when this is all over you should write a book on the craziness of moving & all the obstacles you’re dealing with.
    or just gather the relevant blogs posts into a book & add some notes to them.

  26. It really does take a special kind of patient to live in The Center Of The Universe 😉 I sure hope you’re able to find a suitable living situation quickly – possibly one that will cost less per month than that cross-country private jet trip estimate.

    Fondy does look fabulous! So nice to see her and the pups!!

    Special wishes to Akemi – wishing you some wonderful, warm and kind people to cross your path in TCOTU quickly 🙂 Or, come to Alberta – we’re nice too 🙂

  27. So, pups remain cute, Toronto remains crappy. You poor thing. At least you got cake. 😀

  28. so sorry to hear of this latest development on the home front. Using the words of Tom Cruise, “And the hits just keep on coming.” Maybe a new environement would be a good thing. Being Rob cooper’s neighbor doesn’t look so bad now, no? At least your work is going well and making the move worthwhile. Just think how wonderful it will be when you get a good place that meets your needs.

    Those doggie pics are so adorable. They all look so happy and well cared for. I am glad they are making the best of the move and experiencing the love of their companions.

    I hope you find a good place soon.

  29. Come on, there are douchebags in every major city, small town, hamlet, and outpost in the entire world. Don’t shit on an entire city because of one a-hole.

    Christ, isn’t it enough that Toronto gets slagged in print and on film at every turn? Apparently not. I mean it’s not like you moved here to pursue a presumably great opportunity that you apparently weren’t afforded in Vancouver.

    Meh, you just lost a reader. But who gives a shit – I’m from Toronto.

  30. OMG, red velvet cake. Yum. I would have eaten that for dinner too, especially if I was Akemi. I would have cried just like she did. I get very emotional about my animals. Cake does make it a little better though.

  31. I don’t really know, whether you take all the mailbag-questions that are posted after the last mailbag into consideration, or only the recent ones, so I will just post mine again, although I have already posted them some time ago.

    “Just a question for the next mailbag:
    Someone commented a few days ago that the chances for a 3.season are zero (sad, but I knew that) and the chances for a movie are almost zero (that was new to me and totally shocked me, as it is/was something of a last hope). So the question is: is it true – almost no chance for a SGU-movie?
    And if the chances are indeed almost zero: Will you let us know how the conclusion of the last episode of season 2 was planed, as it is said to be a cliffhanger? Only after it has been aired of course. And maybe also let us know, whether the Destiny and it’s crew would have ever found the intelligence that was present at the time of the creation of the universe, that left those “background imprints”?
    Thank you so much for the occasional behind the scenes photographs, videos and infos. I appreciate them more than you can possibly know and wish I would have known your blog before the cancellation. Sadly I only found it on the day of the cancellation of SGU.”

    One more question added to that now: someone suggested to go on with the SGU story in novel-form. As I have been thinking along the same line, I wonder, whether there are any plans to do so.

    About your eviction notice: that is truely horrible and whoever complained about your dogs is clearly a mean-spirited, petty idiot, who obviously only gets his kick by trying to make other people miserable. I am just glad, that you are the kind of person, who would never abandon their dogs. Unfortunatly there are many dog owners who are not that dedicated and those poor dogs then end up in an animal shelter or get killed.

  32. The snitch must be a cat person. Poor cat.

    I keep thinking your personal life will get better, but then that would be boring. Though I do hope things get sorted out soon before the pups pack their bags and head back to Vancouver on their own.

    At least the show-that-cannot-be-named seems to be happily moving in the right direction. And I’ve been wondering:

    1) Since the show is in early pre-production, will it be airing in 2012?

    2) Any chance for casting any Stargate actors?

    3) Is this strictly a Canadian production, or will it include American or European actors, writers and directors?

    4) Will there be less studio or network involvement in the creative decisions than you were subjected to with Syfy?

    And good luck with house hunting. Can’t wait to see the kids in the new digs.

  33. Toronto is a fab city in my opinion…hope it warms up and Mr. Sun makes an extended appearance for you.

    Your dogs can stay with me! (I am in NYC, not Toronto, but they are adorable)



  34. Hey Joe,

    I’m still trying to get past the notice you received. I received one once because we had a sheltie that would not stop “protecting” us and our home from everyone who came close. We did move a d the outcome was not as we hoped.

    Fondy is such a lovely person. She and the pups were a bright spot.

    Take good care of yourself Joe,
    One day…this will all be behind you.
    Cheryl. 🙂

  35. Hey Joe, sorry to hear about your Toronto travails. You just to believe that at some point everything will work out. I’ve been going through a bunch of stuff myself as my father has been in the hospital for the past month. He’s not well, but at least now is stable, and I’ve been working like crazy to get him and my step mom placed in a special care home. Now, after all is said and done, they may not be able to take him. It’s very frustrating, but what keeps me going is believing that at some point everything will work out for the best.

    The dogs are as cute as ever, and I can’t believe someone would report them when they have not caused any problems. Well, I guess I can believe it. That pic of Maximus and Jelly on the seat of the car is very cute!

    Good luck on your new(er) home search!

  36. Strata = administration or management? Condo- or home-owners’ association?

    Sorry, never heard that context before. First thing that “strata” brings to mind is Italian dish, either omlette or dessert(?).

  37. Salut Joseph!! 🙂 ça va bien? moi oui super!

    super ces photos, ça fait bien plaisir de revoir Akemi, c’est cool que vous soyez resté amis:)

    Vos chiens ont l’aires plutôt heureux dans cette nouvelle ville… par contre je n’ai pas compris cette histoire de plainte?

    Tiens j’ai une question à vous posez!

    Si vous aviez la possibilité de remonter le temps, quelles sont les choses que vous modifieriez dans SGU?

    Aller, bisss a plus tard=)

  38. Joe – I think Ivon’s afraid you might give up move back to Vancouver…


  39. Cant believe that about the dogs. There is always one arsehole. Nuff said

  40. @Ulrike Tannenberg

    That was me that mentioned that days ago, and I stand by that comment that we won’t see a continuation of the show, the decline in ratings and the low DVD/Blu Ray sales sealed the shows fate sadly. I know comments like Brad Wright is still fighting etc will be made but if SG1/SGA both shows that ended with over 2 million viewers on their final episodes, and both shows that got amazing sales in their lifetimes can’t get a movie then what hope does this show have?

    Considering the ending to SGU, It makes me sad to see it getting low ratings, it deserves at least a third season, but as the well known actors in the show have moved on to other shows, and the SGU crew remnants and some of the other cast are working on Echoes, it’s safe to say its the end of an era, that and 4 of the SGU producers are working on The Transporter now.

  41. Who every snitched on the poochs needs to get a life. They are the most adorable, well behaved dogs in the world.

    Hope you find something better soon.

  42. paloosa: hey, I’m a cat person…. Some of us aren’t all bad 😉 .

  43. Hey Joe, Curling starts in an hour. They play against the US tomorrow!


  44. I have some mailbag questions for when you start doing it again Joe, hoping you’l answer now that you no longer are on the MGM payroll.

    1. In your opinion, why do you think the ratings for Stargate Universe are the lowest in the francises history?

    2. What do you believe would of made the show more successful?

    3. If you could change one thing about the show, what would it be?

    4. How would you describe your experience working on the show as a whole?

    5. If Stargate Atlantis Season 6 existed, and you had a choice to work on that rather than Stargate Universe, would you of worked on that instead?

    And lastly.

    Have you seen any good anime shows lately? Or have you got any that you plan on watching when you’re settled? Eden of the East is a really good anime show, some people say it’s based in the same universe as Ghost in the Shell, likely a prequal, there are a lot of things that remind people of Ghost in the Shell in this show..

  45. Hi Joe, two more questions… 😉 It sounds like the new show is going to be jam-packed with lots of action, adventure, and tons of fun…

    Will the new show have “throw away” humor (funny gag-like lines, including cast improvised humor)?

    Any word yet on cast for the new show?


    Sean D.

  46. Cute video, das! It brightened up an otherwise difficult day. The wind blew a pane of glass out of the inaccessible half-circle window high up in the east wall of my second story bedroom window. Apparently, the window is deteriorating and the caulk was almost gone. Miraculously, only one wedge-shaped pane fell, outside instead of inside, landed point-down in the soft dirt and did not break! It has now been re-installed, caulked and hopefully will last for a couple of weeks while I scout replacement windows.

  47. @dasNdanger – that rugby video is hilarious! 😀 I didn’t know who the group was that did that but googled it and found a wiki page on them…

    The group is “Dead Cat Bounce,” an Irish comedy band based in Dublin.

    They’ve performed & recorded a live EP, “Live at the Sugar Club” (in Dublin) featuring these songs:

    1. Switzerland (4.07)
    2. Overenthusiastic Contraceptive Lady (2.22)
    3. Midget (2.48)
    4. Rugby (2.26)
    5. That Summer When we Killed that Guy (2.12)
    6. In Da Club (2.50)
    7. Four Lads (4.13)

    …even funny titles to the songs. lol

  48. (well the “overenthusiastic contraceptive lady” is a pretty funny title) 😛

  49. whats the main problem the proposed SGU movie is facing? whats the thing holding it up? MGM knows it will sell, there aren’t any hints of stargate declining in dvd sales/online and the money will be the equivalent for like 1/10 of a season, so why don’t they see it as a worthy investment? Secondly, even if they greenlight it, it will still have to be written first, does Brad have strong ideas for it already?

  50. Ok… since I can’t resist asking.. 😀

    1) Any updates on SGU (or stargate in general)?

    2) Why is season 2 of SGU only coming out on DVD? I loved seeing the beautiful CGI in 1080p. 😉

    Thanks so much,
    Cant wait for the new show,
    Major D.

  51. Hi Joe,

    Sorry to hear you hate Toronto and got evicted. I hope you find a wonderful home with an amazing backyard and super cool neighbours who love dogs.

    I’m planning a trip to Canada this year…was hoping for some tips…Here’s some questions for the mailbag:

    1. What’s the coolest, most different place to visit in TO?
    2. Have you been to Gryfe’s bagel place yet? The location of IB’s first entrepreneurial scheme.
    3. What restaurant best represents Toronto food? How about Vancouver?
    4. Can you please confirm that the Ursini are all wiped out or should we wait and see?

    Hope things look brighter next week.

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. you didn’t tell Alex about the “sketchy” thing did you?

  52. I wonder if your landlord has been reading rumors on the internet about your dogs scratching the door.

  53. That’s horrible, that is precisely why I hate going near Toronto. I live about an hour away, and really do hate going into Toronto cause people can be arrogant and just plain rude.
    Now there are a lot of people there that are pretty nice, but somehow I always end up running into that 1 person that falls into that abrasive category and it completely ruins my image of the place.

  54. hi, joe,

    as you’ve said many times, brad’s been working on bringing closure to the sgu storyline. but what of an sg1 movie?

    seriously, is there any hope for the 3rd sg1 movie?

  55. Not to incite anything racial here but do you have a plethora of a specific people of a certain religion, one that forbids touching dogs ? My reason for asking is my friend living in Toronto had a dog and these people would do everything they could to try and get him kicked out of his apartment because they believe dogs are unclean.

    But like someone already said they could piss and moan all they wanted but they landlord told them to shove it. One even threatened to complain to the human rights about it because it offended their religion, which they like to do alot.

    He’d walk his down around and you’d see them cross the street so he’d cross with them and walk up being very friendly they hated it. Oh yeah the dog was a rescued greyhound which never did much of anything but shiver.

  56. Hey Joe! Sorry everything has been so traumatic in moving. I still haven’t recovered from moving to Texas almost 3 years ago and I don’t think I will ever feel like a Texan. In fact, most places I go I feel as if I have “Not from here” tattooed on my forehead.

    At least you have quite a number of people around for support (and all of us! 😉 ).

    I’ve been reading every day’s entry through my e-mail, but RL has been a bear lately, so haven’t been able to comment.

    Adding my voice to the blog’s Greek chorus: It is terrible that someone complained about your sweet doggies and that you would get evicted based on that.

  57. I’m surprised, your dogs are even lazier than mine! I mean, just lying there, not even trying to stick their faces out the window…not even my giant, selfish, cat-like hound will resist the temptation to run around a back seat and stick her head outside.
    Though, the other big difference would be that my dogs really would bother neighbors if we lived close together. At least, the above mentioned hound would.
    *leaves computer to silence howling*

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