Today, Akemi had some friends over to the house.  I’d like to say “We entertained” but, in truth, the dogs did most of the entertaining.

Lulu mugs for the camera. The second someone enters the house, she greets them, toy in mouth, and proceeds to play keep-away with anyone she sucker into playing along. Always, the person in question gets tired and gives up way before she does.

Bubba does his impersonation of Yoda.

We enjoyed a leisurely home cooked lunch.

Akemi did pork belly braised in sweet soy.
I did oven roasted salmon collar brushed with sesame oil, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Incredibly flavorful AND cheap. Each collar will run you about a dollar at your local fish shop.
Lulu awaits dessert.

I didn’t have time to make ice cream, so I picked up some desserts from that always-busy cake and pastry place in the Granville Island Market.  I counted on two pastries each, ten in all, but decided to go for an even dozen.  Somehow, I ended up with an extra.

All in all, a resounding meh.

Masa is stuffed.
Kasumi already thinking ahead to dinner.
Akemi satisfied with a job well done.
Rieko and her new best friend, Maximus.
Relaxing with Lulu.

Later, we hung around, played with the dogs.  Jelly took a backwards tumble down the short front steps when she backed up without looking, but I’m pleased to report her extra padding saved her from any serious injury.

Jelly appreciates your concern.

I’m off to Vegas tomorrow.  I’ll get in around 6:00 p.m. and have a couple of hours to get settled in before dinner at Scarpetta’s.  Marty G. will be getting in late and I look forward to catching up with him over drinks.

Thanks for all the great advice re: getting my dogs cross-country.  I’m not up for the six day drive and, while I do appreciate the offers, I couldn’t trust anyone but myself to get them there.  Unless, as someone pointed out, I could hire The Transporter.  Familiar with the movie?  You should check it out.  I hear there’s a television series in the works.  What an awesome installment that would be: Frank Martin is hired to deliver three pugs and a french bulldog to Toronto.  Hmmmm.

Check out tomorrow’s blog for behind the scenes pics and vids of that super-secret new set from the back of Stargate: Universe’s second season!

I leave you with another video of our resident clown, Lulu –

38 thoughts on “March 6, 2011: The dogs entertain! We eat! I need to hire Frank Martin!

  1. Oh my gosh!! The Christmas tree is still up! Oh my gosh!!

    Lulu makes me laugh! 🙂

  2. Hi Joe,

    Since you’re into Asian foods, do you like eating Peking duck, bbq pork, bbq duck etc?

    Oh and, we would love to see some pictures of the food from that ultra secret restaurant if at all possible!

  3. Jelly is a lady dog – she isn’t well padded, she is merely curvaceous.

    I hope that you get your doggy transportation dilemma solved soon. I assume that the private jet idea hasn’t evolved past the initial stages. It is difficult for me to comprehend the size of Canada – drive six hours in any direction in Scotland and you will probably be in the sea – or in England (not at all sure which would be worse).

    Enjoy Vegas – maybe you will win loadsa money and you can buy your own jet.


  4. Dear Joe (you rock!),
    Is that…could it be…Christmas decorations? Really? *checks calendar* Hmmmmmm…..

    If you get Frank to transport the pooches, do post pics of the yummy fella! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

    Still fangirling you from afar!

  5. @Ponytail

    My God… and the Wreath?!?! That’s Okay Joe. My wreath is still hanging on the front door… 😉

    Best Wishes,


  6. how about a 3-in-1 stargate mini series? *all* the fans get to see their preferred series.

    is this possible, joe, to get a mini series with sg1, atlantis, and sgu?

  7. I haven’t given up on shy Sebastian at ADL of Texas yet. Playing keep-away with Lulu would be a refeshing change of pace.

    Enjoy Vegas. I still have to book our trip, but it will have to be done soon. Estate sale is this coming Thurs. — Sun., Vegas target is last week of month.

  8. LOL Joe, many years ago a neighbor still had their reindeer (made from logs, very creative) on their porch in Feb. I snuck over and put cotton tails and ears on them to make “reinbits.” They said nothing, so assuming they were mad, so went over and took them off. They asked why, as they wanted to leave them up til Easter.

    @Susan TTT
    drive six hours in any direction in Scotland and you will probably be in the sea – or in England (not at all sure which would be worse).

    ROFLMAO. cough cough.

  9. But…if Frank were to transport the pooches, he wouldn’t know it, because as everybody knows…you NEVER OPEN THE PACKAGE.

  10. Hi Joe,


    I’m not up for the six day drive…

    I figured.

    Enjoy Vegas and have a good trip to Toronto; whenever and however that happens…

  11. Hi Joe,

    While you’re here in Vegas you should try Hash-House a Go Go in the Imperial Palace or in the M Resort and Rosemary’s resturant which is about 15 minutes from the strip.

  12. Your Christmas decorations are lovely. I haven’t put mine away either. 😀

  13. Your dog is to funny! Or is it an alien from one of your off world ventures that the government let you keep? Looking forward to tomorrow!

  14. i’m going back to Jean Georges tomorrow for lunch. It was so good and cheap, so, I couldn’t say no. Are you going to visit DB Bistro again before it closes?

  15. @ Bryan M. White – and the Stocking hanging by the Wreath!! Oh my gosh!!

    Joe, I hope you’re giving your cleaning staff extra pay right now! They have to dust that thing!

  16. Joe I remember you talking about still having your Christmas tree up in late January, but it’s March now man! March!! Throw a bag over it! Do something!

  17. Hi joe:
    tommorow is going to very a very sad day for me.
    I mknow now that I may be watching my last half season of stargate. I really am upset over this.
    I never thought I would be so devistated over a t.v. show getting cancelled !
    Well I guess I will just have to cherish these last ten episodes and hope for the best in the future as far as the franchise goes.
    Have a nice trip in Vegas!!!

  18. If you’re looking for some sort of creaturebot for your possible, more than likely, new morph show, I think sweet Lulu might fit the bill. The bugged eyed fluttering tongue thing was, well….creepy.

    Have you thought about leaving the pups in Van for awhile? With a new place and new stressful job, maybe settling in before you bring them might be another option. In Toronto, they’ll be feeling your stress (and distress) if you have to deal with all this at once.

    And I’m confused. I thought Vancouver was the Hollywood of Canada with all the production going on there. Is Toronto also a production hub?

  19. Nice, big hint there at the end. Well played.

    You could have rented an RV. I know, six days is a long, long time to be driving and cooped up. You, Ashley and Ivon could have had a road trip. You could film it. Reality series. I’m kidding.

    I do have to admit that Lulu is the cutest of all of them. But that’s just my opinion.

  20. Dog transportation drama = character motivation research, or, it would, if a grown man had an excuse to be that obsessed with a character’s motivation.

  21. Loving your “Currently Reading” list. I’ll kiss Barney the dog if you post a picture of you reading Walter the Farting Dog on the plane.

  22. I wonder if that’s a secret hint to the new job in T.O…

    “Unless, as someone pointed out, I could hire The Transporter. Familiar with the movie? You should check it out. I hear there’s a television series in the works.”

  23. I was just sitting here watching a DVD of Davinci’s Inquest Season 3 and wondering. Have you seen the show? Had any dealings with Chris Haddock the creator of it?

  24. Hi Joe, have fun in Vegas! Hope you come to some sort of decision as to how to transport the doggies – aren’t you kinda running out of time? Considering everything that can go wrong, I’d opt for the private charter if I had the money. Why chance it if you don’t have to? If we lived on the west coast, I’d have Mr. Deni fly you guys himself. 🙂

    Heh, I knew it – The Transporter (no pun intendended)! 🙂

  25. Uh, spoiler alert for tomorrow’s bts pictures of the sekkrit set? It’s Monday, and I can’t help it. So damn depressing.

  26. Cute vid of Lulu. And I’m looking forward to today’s blog. I do have to tell you though. These final ten episodes are going to be bittersweet. Sure hope the franchise can be continued in some way.

    Have a great day and have fun in Las Vegas!!

  27. The Transporter TV Show?

    Wasn’t that show already produced back
    in the late 70s/early 80s when it was
    called “B.J. and the Bear”?

  28. @I hear there’s a television series in the works

    I hear the three best Stargate producers/writers are working on that show too. Sounds like a good show!

    Anyway It’s SGU day today, not making any ratings predictions myself but thinking it’l do better than Tuesdays. All things considered.

    Also have fun at Vegas!

  29. Salut!!!! Comment ça va ???

    Moi bien, j’ai passée un bon week end à la campagne et j’ai mangée pleins de bon petits plats 🙂

    En plus je suis happy car ça fait une semaine qu’on a un grand soleil sur Paris, ça donne le moral 🙂

    Lol vos chiens sont très amusant ^^!

    Je vois que vous avez mangé des bonnes choses, oh les patisseries me font pensés à mon papa, je suis impatiente de retourné chez parents :)!

    Bon voyage!!
    Gros bisou!!!

  30. True story: a co-worker that often shares TV/movie dvds with me gave me a DVD to watch. I didn’t even bother to look at it until I got home and it was The Transporter. I watched it and really enjoyed it up until the point where the action overcame the plot. It was as if the action was the plot. It also became very predictable. But overall good but I have to say that BamBam would have designed better fight scenes. just saying. Then this weekend I watched Transporter 2. I enjoyed it more because they had the plot all the way through and it wasn’t predictable, although I felt sure the boy would live. I thought this would make a good TV series. I hope they make one and hire some really good writers.

  31. I’m so glad that Jelly is ok after her tumble!

    We loved the Transporter movies! Can’t wait for SGU tonight, either.

    Enjoy the “strip search” from super secret resturant and TSA 😀 .

  32. Lulu’s panting sounds like a Chinook helicopter coming in for a landing.

    Was the desert dissapointment due to the many fruit toppings I see in that dozen? I was surprised to see ’em, I thought you’d encacted a fruit-on-desert embargo.

    In the first pic Lulu looks like she’s wearing false eyelashes! Very cute gal, and I’m glad Jelly’s tumble wasn’t as epic as that girl who fell off the table singing on Youtube.

  33. Considering that if/when the SGU movies are made that might be the last stargate we see for a long time, I think it would be nice if most of the SGU staff/producers cameoed in the final movie(s) as it would be an appropriate farewell and thank you to the staff for making such an awesome series!

    I had a friend of mine the other day who had never seen SGU shrug and say, “eh I liked firefly it couldn’t hurt to try to watch SGU” end up watching 10 hours of it the other day and inviting others over for a pizza party. Suffice to say, I like SGU because most of the episodes feel like one long (in a good way) movie itself.

    Favorite moment of the series? The music and scene of the Blue Gas Giant from Darkness and best acted character IMO? Rush.

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