I’m going to miss a lot of things about Vancouver: the weather, the people, the food.  In the latter category, I doubt there’s a place I’ll miss more than Refuel, my home away from home over the last twelve years.  Today, we swung by for lunch and enjoyed…

Their Salumi Platter comprised of (from left to right): 18 Month Dry Cured Berkshire Ham, Fennel Pollen Salami, Saucisson Sec, Sopressata, and Dry Cured Chorizo.

Slow cooked garlic risotto with Italian parsley and albacore tuna tartare.  The reason we came.  Akemi had a hankering.

And two of my favorite desserts from the Refuel kitchen: chocolate pot de creme with caramel mousse and peanuts, and warm sugar pie with pear puree and vanilla ice cream.

I did a little shopping and returned home with three interesting ingredients:

For dinner tomorrow, I’ve decided to try my hand at pappardelle with braised veal cheeks and porcini cream.  All of the recipes I’ve checked out call for red wine, but I’m going to go with a port reduction (and veal stock) as my braising liquid.  Most of the recipes suggest searing the meat first in hot oil, but I think I’ll go a different route, rendering some guanciale (far right) in a cast iron pan and then using the savory fat to brown the cheeks.  As for the box in the middle – I spotted it at a specialty shop and decided to pick it up.  It is, I believe, one of the hottest sauces on the market, made from the Indian Ghost Chili which boasts a rating of 855 000 units on the Scoville Scale (the scorching habanero, in comparison, comes in at between 350 000 to 580  000 units).  Apparently, the Indian government is weaponizing the stuff for use against terrorists.  Good to know.  Anyway, I sampled the stuff last year when I received a bottle of another sauce made with the same pepper, Dragon’s Blood, from a blog regular. Carl joined me in the taste challenge and I had Lawren record the event for posterity’s sake.  Head on over to this entry and scroll down to check out the vid (October 22, 2009: Julia Benson! Jennifer Spence! Birthday Swag! The Weird Food Purchase of the Day!).  Note my poker face as I sit back, casual as hell despite the inferno in my mouth, and patiently wait for Carl to pop the chip in his mouth.

Anyway, a couple of Akemi’s friends came by tonight and after a little snack –

Fresh sea urchin on rice –

I decided to break open the bottle (and the fun), but only after removing the yellow CAUTION tape:

For those of you who can’t read the warning on the label, allow me – WARNING: Use this product one drop at a time.  Keep away from eyes, pets, and children.  Not for people with heart or respiratory problems.

How hot was it?  Well, let me put it this way.  Seconds after sampling a couple of drops on his rice, my guest, Masa, turned beet red, started coughing, then hiccuping, then had to down a glass of almond milk before staggering out on to the back porch to collect himself.  Not beet redness for me, but plenty of hiccuping and some coughing. Probably the hottest thing I’ve ever eaten.

To all those offering requests on alternate publications for the Stargate: Atlantis script, Extinction – alas, I don’t own the rights.  They rest with the studio.  Ideally, I’d love to see it on screen but, barring that, I’d love to see it go out in script form (rather than, say, a novel, comic book, or radio play).  But, as I said, the decision doesn’t rest with me.

With it looking more and more like I may be spending much of 2011 in Toronto, I’ve decided to reprioritize my reading and viewing lists.  I’ve got one month to read and watch the books and dvd’s I’d been hoping to leisurely get around to.  No time for filler.  It’s only the good stuff.  Thus, I’ve started on Gail Simone’s Secret Six run, kicking off with Villains United, then following up with the four trade paperbacks.  Very much looking forward to it.


Tenacious D. writes: “Oh, SyFy. You remind me so much of Peter Kavanagh. So busy spinning complete bullshit to cover your own ass, to the point where the writer of your show literally has to berate you like Weir did.”

Answer: Not quite.  The first quote – http://twitter.com/Syfy/status/36112527372845056 – can be interpreted two very different ways, and I said as much (“Not sure that was the intention of the response…”).  As for the second quote – “In this case we had pre-committed to 2 seasons of SGU before we started airing it.” – it’s unclear, perhaps somewhat inaccurate, given that the two-year commitment was ratings-dependent.  What was “Chotto bullshit” was the inference (not Craig’s) that “regardless of how well or bad Season 1 did, they were obligated to give a new season.”

majorsal writes: “i’m not an expert on this at all, but if you were very much wanting to stay in vancouver, couldn’t there be a way of doing that, but also still being a writer for this new show?”

Answer: Yes.  If I was only a freelance writer for the show, I could just go down for a week and write from Vancouver.  In this case, I would be doing more than freelancing.

Les Ferris writes: “Is there any chance we’ll ever get to learn the details of what the SG1 and SGA films where going to be about?”

Answer: See above.  I think a nice glossy hardcover exclusive containing the script (with, perhaps, bonus interviews of cast and crew) would sell very well.

Elminster writes: “Ok, turn the page. We’ll have the script read in, what, 54 days?”

Answer: Try 102.

Bryan M. White writes: “Does that fact that you referred to that script as “that script” mean it will never see the green light of a production schedule?”

Answer: Not necessarily but, like I already said, the cancellation of SGU has stymied whatever progress the SGA script had made since MGM’s announcement that it was finally moving forward with other hitherto paused productions.

Guillaume writes: “Joe, do you seriously find it normal that the next season of a show is decided upon the first 10 episodes of a previous season ?”

Answer: I actually do.  Given the show’s scheduling, that would be the only way (given the standing method of gathering ratings) of gauging the show’s performance.

Shadow Step writes: “So, will that new show be full of sex?”

Answer: Tons!

DeanGrr writes: “The trilogy “First Strike, Adrift, Lifeline” is an exciting, fast paced story where one crisis builds on another, with the McKay/Sheppard wit thrown in. But, we’re talking about the genocide of a whole race in Season 4 Atlantis, that began with the nuking of Asuras.”

Answer: “Race” would be debatable.  Many would argue they were very complex machinery.

DearGrr also writes: “When do royalties become valuable as a writer?”

Answer: Uh, immediately?  Royalty pay-outs differ and are dependent on the types of contracts worked under.  For instance, Canadian writers (working under WGC contracts) receive an advance chunk of royalty payment as part of a heavy production bonus when their script goes to camera.

asdasdg writes: “Will we be seeing more of Destiny’s underside (your tormenting me by not giving a straight yes or no).  Totaly unrelated to Stargate, but have you ever played Zeta Flow? what was your favorite Stargate Episode (other then 200).”

Answer: Can’t recall if we see more of Destiny’s underside.  Never played Zeta Flow.  As for my fave Stargate episode: August 15, 2010: MY Top 10 Favorite Stargate Episodes

dasNdanger writes: “Joe, I stopped by last night, saw the Extinction script, and got really sad. Sadder than I’ve been since the cancellation of SGAwas announced. I just left. I’m still sad. I think I need a hug.”

Answer: Rally the troops and convince the studio to either publish the script.  Once you read it, you’ll be incapable of sadness.


56 thoughts on “February 12, 2011: I’m going to miss these meals! Feeling the Ghost Chili heat! Reprioritizing my reading list! And the mailbag!

  1. I think I’ll be more sad once I read the script…. Knowing how awesome it could have been onscreen. 🙁

  2. hi, joe,

    you said: “With it looking more and more like I may be spending much of 2011 in Toronto, […]”

    so not ‘all’ of this year there? you’ll come back home to vancouver?

  3. @regardless of how well or bad Season 1 did, they were obligated to give a new season.

    Wait. what? So somehow I’m being blamed for taking Craig at his word?


    He says here that they were commited to 2 Seasons before the show started airing on the network, my comments were mearly of acceptance of his word that no matter how well or bad the show did, it would of got a second season.

    There’s no sense saying I’m somehow saying bullshit by just believing Craig Englers word.

    I’m not going to argue about something so obvious, nor am I going to say anything mean or whatever. I’m just defending my ground on that one point alone. The fact I’ve been pretty much positive about Stargate Universe the entire time I’ve commented here, giving honest, non biast opinions on the episodes should at least prove I like the show.

    At the end of the day, Craig has been honest to all of us. I’m not in a position to know if the show will be continued I admit, but Craig has told everyone now that the chances of it coming back(By his ratings comment) are next to none.

  4. Hi Joe,

    So, where do we troops rally to get those scripts published? Is there a name of someone at MGM whom we can badger…er…I mean, encourage?

    Although, admittedly, I have mixed feelings. It might be the case that the only thing worse than not ever knowing what’s in the scripts, is knowing what’s in them and realizing that we’ll never, ever get to see them up on the screen.

    “For of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: it might have been.”


  5. Just curious. With SGU, when it comes to equipment such as the cameras and lighting, does MGM own that equipment or is it hired?… and my friend asked – do you think that SGU could still be quality if the budget was lowered? Many indie productions can look great for even $100,000.

  6. I can’t rally anything right now, Joe. I’m wrung out by real life. 🙁 And really, I have no idea who to contact, etc…and right now my brain can’t handle learning new things right now. SEE??! I’m sad again. 😛

    Joe – Cats in the Cradle is excellent, especially for a couple great Ragdoll moments. I can’t wait for your reaction to the first one (and you WILL know what I’m talking about 🙂 ).

    Oh well…I’m kinda pooped. Gotta get to bed. Nites.


  7. Hello Joe.

    Looking at your answer to Das, does that mean Todd feeds on someone important?

    Best Wishes,


  8. Don’t know if anyone has posted this yet, but I just saw a promo on Space that said the second half of SGU would begin airing March 8! Yay!

    So, assuming Space doesn’t skip any weeks, that means I won’t miss any episodes! Double Yay!!

  9. I like to think I have tact but the results I get dont always bear that out…That being said, I have a question.

    In the time I have been reading your blog I have taken note of a couple of very telling things you’ve said.

    First, that you don’t care for the Ancients, ascended or otherwise as a general rule. Second that you prefer “one off” episodes to “story arcs”.

    Over the course of Stargate’s evolution the Ancients have become an intergral part of the narrative. So much so that both SGA and SGU have the Ancients as central to their premise. And in the last few months we find out that SGU was designed as a five year story. (End Preamble)

    This sounds like a show that from the start was fundamentally at odds with your stated preferences. Is it possible that your heart was never really in it? Kind of like Sam Raimi trying to make his Spider Man 3 and the studio’s at the same time and doing neither very well. Also…do you regret waiting til the 11th hour to let on that there was a big story at the heart of SGU and actually getting down to it? I was thinking that if all those s1 stories were truly essential, maybe the show could have started by showing the escape from Icarus and arrival on Destiny and then skipping ahead. Anything from the time in between could be conveyed by flashbacks as needed. I say this because I really feel like if more of the S2 stuff had made it into S1 that the show would have caught on alot more.

    Lots of questions I know. Lookin forward to your answers.

  10. I am so going to get a 4G so I never have to be out of touch while on the road again.

    However, the wedding at sunset in La Jolla was very beautiful and the reception had a steampunk band, fire spinners, stilters, and the wedding cake was cut with a sword. So while I missed all y’all, I did have fun, except for the truckstop showers and the really awful food you get on the fly. I mean, who the hell eats fried corn at Chester’s?

    We just bought a Harley for our anniversary, the 2003 anniversary special, which is wildly appropriate.

  11. @scifi451

    Actually his actions speak louder than words. He is likely trying to avoid a PR disaster. How would it look if he got into an arguement with the exec producers of a show they’ve just cancelled?

    He is the Senior Vice President of the Syfy channel, if anyone would have access to 100 percent info on this subject it would be him. Thus these *Probably* comments don’t cut it for me.

    Someone is lying here and I personally think embarrassment will be felt by said person when the truth actually comes out.

    It just bugs me when people make huge statements that are almost game changing then they back track on what they’ve said to try and save face in the eyes of the public, am not pointing fingers here but I mostly made a semi big issue of it because I didn’t like being shafted over something that actually wasn’t caused by me.

    I like everyone else just want the truth on this issue. What is Brad Wright doing? Do SGU movies actually exist, or are we all being played? God forbid the cast mention they want to do them enough times, heck even Brian J Smith mentioned a few times his desire for a movie. Naming one person here.

    People are quick to attack the SGU cast when they get projects during the downtime thinking they are somehow turning their backs on the series, but with next to no info and falsehoods being said by all, who could blame them?

  12. Oh no! *runs and hides under the bed*

    (Hmm, on second thoughts that might not be the best place to hide!)

  13. Deni said yesterday:

    @chevron7: I’m in, will bring dog treats.

    Mr. Deni’s in too, will bring “instructional” Burn Notice DVDs so we can accomplish our objective. 🙂

    Awesome!! Joe’s got them on a diet so they’ll be putty in our hands…maybe one of us can lay on the couch and entertain them, while the others snoop….shhhhh don’t tell Joe.

    Try not to get distracted by the DVD collection and private theatre while we watch the burn notice instructional DVDs. There are probably awesome leftovers in the fridge – snooping is hungry work.

    We really need Akemi on our side to keep Joe busy…or Ivon….damn if it wasn’t February that might work. Oh well….sorry everyone.

    Remember …shhhhhhhhhhh

    Cheers, Chev

  14. Well, on the subject of dogs, I had a dog around that size only different breed… er, well it was a mix… and they should really be about 20 pounds max. Keep up the dieting. They would make very athletic dogs.

  15. Couldn’t the Asurans be a race of complex machinery? I think the problem would be categorizing them as “living”.

    Joe is this new show set in Toronto, or is it just being used as a backdrop for another city?

  16. oh yeah, and once you finally figure out the dog situation. What in the hell are you going to do with all your anime collection?

  17. Mucho props for trying out the Ghost Chili. I will definitely give it a try.

    Speaking of Stargate; how much time has elapsed since the Destiny was boarded by the Earth people? Has the same amount of time passed for those on Earth? It boggles my mind to even ask, but wouldn’t relativity have any effect at all? With instantaneous wormhole travel, it could probably be neglected, but with a ship travelling at some multiple or fraction of the speed of light, I’m not sure what to make of it. To be fair to you, the science is speculative at best when stuff travels faster than light, but I’ll settle for a fictional solution if you have one.

  18. Oooh, I remember when you tried to kill Carl with that hot sauce. Good times. No, wait. I like Carl.

    I think the moral of the story here is to never trust a network executive. Can we all agree on that?

    I’m just happy that Joe and Paul have landed a good writing job with Rob. Please tell me that a decent network is picking up the show in the U.S.? Not SyFy or Fox, because Fox always cancels stuff quickly.

    Are you writing the show’s bible because you and Paul are the program’s showrunners or just the story editors? Any Executive producer credits? I know that all these titles have meanings, i.e., money meanings. I know that you can’t exactly reveal too much, but it will be fun when it all comes out and we know!

  19. Warning: This is a rant.

    If SyFy spent more time and money actually making science-fiction shows instead of making horrible amalgamations and/or versions of old disaster movies with bad CGI and even worse acting they could feel the love a bit more. Anyone who managed to sit through ‘Behemoth’, please give me your address so I can send you a medal for patience.

    Could they have changed their title from sci-fi to syfy because they didn’t necessarily want to do strictly sci-fi?

  20. In the back half of season two, will be see more dynamic space battles? I.e. Destiny dodging blasts from other ships before coming back around and unloading it’s cannons into it. Or… something. It would be nice to see Destiny kick some ass for once.

  21. Hey Joe

    I’m game! I haven’t missed a post in a little over 2 years. You could speed things up by snapping 2 pages at a time, for das.


  22. Coucou!!! ça va Joseph?

    Moi oui, demain c’est la St Valentin héhé =P qu’avez vous prévu?

    Huuuummm charcuterie O_o..alors ça c’est mon péché mignon^^!

    J’aime beaucoup le vin Portugais, en général il est moins fort que le français, de tout façon quand je vais venir je vais vous ramener une super Médoc, vous m’en direz des nouvelles 😉

    Bon Dimanche.
    Gros bisou 🙂

  23. @Randomness: I do believe that you are right in that something was said that wasn’t meant to be said. In my opinion, the entertainment industry is still catching up to the advent of the Internet. ( ie, SGU cast finding out about the cancellation via Twitter) I rolled my eyes at that one, but it’s done and over with now.

    Anyway, my husband and I have had extensive discussions on the kinds of shows we like to watch on tv, and we have come to the conclusion, especially with the cancellation of SGU, that ScyFY and the entertainment industry in general doesn’t care about our demographic. (48 yo male, 45 yo female, 14 yo male, and 11 you male) We, as a family, watch about 10-15% of what our satellite has to offer, and since we are NOT a Nielsen family, we DON’T count. That being said, we asked ourselves, why are we spending all our hard-earned money on our satellite when shows that we like do not stay on the air. So, we have decided that when our satellite contract is up in June, we are cancelling it and going to the Internet and Netflix for our entertainment viewing. We have determined that we will be able to save between $75 – $80 month and watch the shows that we want to watch and will have extra money in our pockets. I figure that’s always helpful. 🙂

    Thanks for indulging me, Joe, and I hope you have a good Sunday.

  24. “Les Ferris writes: “Is there any chance we’ll ever get to learn the details of what the SG1 and SGA films where going to be about?”

    Answer: See above. I think a nice glossy hardcover exclusive containing the script (with, perhaps, bonus interviews of cast and crew) would sell very well.”

    I think personally I’d rather have/see the cast/writers etc. do a “table read” of the script.
    And after just go around the table and maybe ask some fan Q’s etc.
    Release it as a DVD maybe, plus art design stuff not seen before (as a slideshow maybe), maybe with some music that hasn’t been used before or that has rarely been used.
    Should also be some room for regular interviews with crew as well.
    And anything else that doesn’t fit the “video” style could just be put on the DVD in a folder that a PC can open. (maybe a PDF or two, some JPG images, maybe a few MP3 tracks of music or soundeffects or ringtones.)

    The production cost of such a DVD would hardly be expensive at all. And besides the authoring of the DVD content, the most time consuming would be trying to get most of the cast in the script together for a table read.
    (the table read is just an excuse for some fun and laughter during the reading, and a nice way to gather “the gang” again)

  25. FYI DH and RandomBS

    OMG Syfy’s Dave Howe also perpetrating THE LIE that they RENEWED:
    quotes: Today, Syfy said it ordered a second season of SGU and a third season of Sanctuary, a pair of 20-episode orders.
    Quote: How does Howe like the show? “I think there are some very compelling characters in there. The ensemble cast is amazing. It’s much richer, much younger, much grittier, much more-real world than the previous iterations. But a show like this is something that will develop over time. (YOU READING THIS DH & BS?):::::If and when it comes back for season 2, I think it will continue to sharpen its teeth and continue to really hit it out of the ballpark.”

  26. LOL, I misread 2 posts, thought they were challenging Joe. Hey, Joe has a mom and he has an internet mom who comes out swinging. Hence the links to proof that SyFy actually did RENEW, not start out with 2 yr guarantee.

  27. Mr M.

    The current project you’re working on, do you happen to know what it will air on? Being network, basic cable or pay channel?

    Do you plan on kidnapping Ashleigh and taking her with you?

  28. @Lisa R: We’re doing the same thing. We’re fed up with having every show we like cancelled and then paying through the nose to watch wrestling, horror and general stupidity. No disrespect intended to Shanks and Trinneer, but Star Runners and Megasnake? Really? I think more and more people will start using Netflix and Hulu Plus if things continue the way the are. Right now, we watch V, Sanctuary (when it’s on) and Warehouse 13 (ditto). I enjoy Barefoot Contessa and the like, but quite frankly, they’re not worth paying what we’re paying. I do enjoy V, but I think I can wait a week (or whatever it is) to watch the latest episode. Now, if it was Stargate, no way! 🙂

    @chevron7: Just say when!

  29. @Debra

    Such a colorful name you gave me, how old are you? 12? You don’t need to resort to personal attacks because you don’t agree with something I’ve said. You don’t even know me, nor do I know you. Infact I don’t see you post here very often so I assume you must be new here. Or some nobody. Either way, less of the attitude please.

    You mention that you don’t believe Syfy had a 2 year guarantee on place. Tell me, why did Craig Engler the Senior Vice President of the Syfy channel say there was? Surely you can’t be calling the man a liar now, can you?

    @Syfy said it ordered a second season of SGU

    Which could just be the network living up to their contractual obligation and requesting the second part of their agreed episode numbers.


    @Lisa R

    Speaking of which, I just have concerns that we are being strung along and that there won’t actually be an SGU movie much in the same way that we won’t be seeing an Atlantis or SG1 movie anytime soon.
    As much as I may dislike the way some of the operators of these Save SGU operate it seems so unfair that people could be campaigning for absolutely nothing.

    I can’t speak for everyone but I personally would love to know one way or another if we will get a Stargate Universe movie. Less of the Brad jumping hurdles and more actual info on what he’s doing.

    I myself am a huge fan of some of Brads work(Especially on the Outer Limits) But even I’m getting restless here.

    @SGU cast finding out about the cancellation via Twitter

    You would be surprised to hear this but that is actually a reasonable explaination. The cast of Legend of the Seeker found out the same time as the public. Infact they wern’t given the option of helping to save the show with the producers, they were pretty much left out. By this I’m speaking of Craig horner speaking publically how he would of loved to of had some input there.

    @something was said that wasn’t meant to be said

    Thankyou. Speaking of which I was hearing talk that the Destiny sets could be leaving this world in the near future.

  30. Re Dog situation:

    Arrange for dog sitting in Van and TO. Since you will probably have to make a few trips back and forth, could you not take one dog with you each trip? Or, arrange dog flight with a friend, or co-worker…. possibly there are people in the business from either city that might be able to help you out.

  31. Any Farscape fan can tell you that Sci-fi (or Syfy if you want) doesn’t renew shows just because their committed to bring it back. Back in the day, Sci-fi anounced that they would bring back Farscape for a season 4 AND season 5. The ratings were not so good in season 4 and so they didn’t do the season 5 like they announced. NO network holds to a commitment if the ratings are bad…

    Man, I miss Stargate Universe. Personally, I think the show should have gotten at least five seasons like Atlantis did. *sigh*

    It just hasn’t been a good season for Sci-fi/fantasy shows…

  32. I feel bad that you are leaving Vancouver. You love the dining choices so much there. You didn’t seem excited about Toronto on your last visit. I sending you “good luck vibes” in finding great restaurants in Toronto!

    Last week in Mississippi we had below freezing temps and four inches of snow. This week the temp is 60F and I’m washing salt off the cars. Weird weather but I’m glad to get the moderate temps this week!

    You can keep any hot sauce that comes with “crime scene tape” 😉 .

  33. @Lev I sat through the entire movie Behemoth and was thoroughly entertained. But then I don’t watch those movies for the quality. I watch them with the intent of not taking them seriously. We giggle over the cheesy dialogue and goofy acting moments. Thanks for your offer of a medal though lol.

    Holy crap does that chocolate pot de creme with caramel mousse look fantastic! I am seriously going to have to make a pilgrimage to Vancouver just for the food! Yum!

  34. Poor Akemi’s friend; sounds painful! I prefer the zesty sweet West Indian style hot sauce with jabaneros and mustard, a few drops add a tasty zing without the pain. Peppers shouldn’t hurt, my friend.

    Peppadews are so tasty and sweet; why punish your mouth with cruel ghost peppers?

    I’ve been finding some tasty chocolate at my grocery store; I love the Chocolove Toffee Almond bar with yummy Belgian chocolate, and I saw another bar that looked Joe friendly; the Vosges Black Pearl Bar with Wasabi and Ginger.


    I think a grocery store chocolate taste test is in order.

  35. @Deni: We like V too and Eureka and Warehouse 13, but to save the kind of money we’re hoping to save, we can wait a week to get those shows. And when we talked to our kids about it, they were all for changing how we do things too. In fact, it was amazing how enthusiastic they were.

    @Randomness: Honestly, I am not holding my breath for getting a movie either. Yes, it will be VERY nice if it happens, but, just to prevent myself from going nuts, I am putting it out of my head for right now. That is what will make the last ten eps of SGU bittersweet for me–ie, that the show and the people that worked on it could have been treated better. Where did you hear that the Destiny sets were about to be struck??

  36. @Jade – I can understand the fun factor of corny dialogs and cheese-fest special effects. That’s why I have a ton of 1950 – 1990 science-fiction, and even some films that are best described as spaghetti sci-fi, such as this one:


    Maybe if I tried ‘Behemoth’ with company I’d have enjoyed it more, but I just didn’t have the patience.

  37. Guillaume wrotes: “Joe, do you seriously find it normal that the next season of a show is decided upon the first 10 episodes of a previous season ?”
    Joe answered: “I actually do.  Given the show’s scheduling, that would be the only way (given the standing method of gathering ratings) of gauging the show’s performance.”

    Well I am disappointed by this response.
    The deal is(was) that I was expecting a certain commitment for a serialized show (and a license)
    It’s a big let down from Syfy to produce a serialized show and not deliver even an ending (so far).
    I can understand (and cope better) if it is clear that Syfy and its shows are for a casual public, that doesn’t really care if occasionally 1 episode or more are missed.
    SGU was not like that. You missed one episode and you were out of the storyline for good.

    Ahh well, I learned my lesson at being too enthusiastic about a serialized show.
    Good try though, and hat down to the cast and crew that were delivering movie rate performances for a TV show (Mark Savela freaking owns!!)

  38. Joe, I’ve been watching Stargate since the beginning i have all the box sets of SG-1 (missing season 4 of Atlantis) and have ark and truth and continuum on DVD.

    my question is you didn’t find out SGU had been cancelled until after the season had finished filming right and knowing you, you’ve left the last episode of season 2 of a kick ass no holds bar cliffhanger, how will we cope?

    and if Syfy don’t pick it back up how are you going to convey the 3 remaining season you had planned (read somewhere that it’ll take 5 seasons to tell the whole story)

    i know nothing about showbiz but would another station be able to pick it up
    would you it be possible to make episodes direct to DVDs or off iTunes or amazon
    or fan supported like dead gentleman productions does
    or maybe even write a book >.<
    I just don't want to see a beautiful series gather dust with no end in sight 🙁

  39. @Lisa R

    Exactly my point. I think some people should be straight out honest and just say if the movie will happen or not. Seems so unfair that thosands of people are desperatly clinging onto hope(Brad hurdles) that may actually be in vain.

    The way I understand it is, the Stargate francise in general has hit a brick wall which is why MGM refuses to actually talk about Stargate Universes cancellation because they don’t have anything to actually say on the subject that could be of benefit to the fanbase.

    The best thing for Stargate now is a new 3 third spinoff series or a complete remake. However I think what is likely to happen is the series being rested for a while and a new creative team picking up the reigns in the future.

    Some people are quick to hate on the Syfy channel but honestly speaking, this is the only network that will give Stargate a chance. The way I understand things is if MGM came back to them with a cheaper alternative, then they will air it.

    Craigs words pretty much imply this has always been about the money. It’s unlikely another network will pick up the series or a movie except the Syfy channel. The Syfy channel is the spiritual home of Stargate now.

    I have a feeling that this whole issue(SGUs cancelation) Has been one big fiasco for the network. As they likely haven’t recieved any offers off MGM for the show, they just want to air it and be done with it. But of course people won’t leave them alone(I kinda feel sorry for Craig, seeing the comments he gets from people on twitter).

    I didn’t say *About to be struck* But you can pretty much be certain that before the show is finished airing on the Syfy channel you’l know one way or another.

    I have the utmost respect for everyone involved with the show. I think this whole thing has been one big mess. SGU to me was one of the most enjoyable/unique shows I’ve seen in ages. It’s a shame this has occured.

  40. *the show has finished airing on the Syfy channel

    Meh I should read what I post lol.
    Anyway sorry if my last answer is somewhat vague but If I gave a source for my info you probably wouldn’t believe me. Lots of people worldwide have involvement in getting Stargate to the masses. Just saying.

  41. Joe,

    Do you believe that SGU’s return in March, earlier than most expected, and new night is attempt by SyFy to determine how to proceed with the series? It sounds as though a full season pick up is off the table, but that a tv movie or mini series might still be in the cards.

    Could early ratings in March determine how that plays out, or do you expect SGU’s fate to be ultimately decided by the time it returns to the air?


  42. Mark Savela! Did someone mention Mark Savela!? Yes! Guillaume wrote,

    …hat down to the cast and crew that were delivering movie rate performances for a TV show (Mark Savela freaking owns!!)

    Joe whatever happened to Mark Savela counting down his favorite Stargate visual shots/sequences? (Jan. 25) I’m looking forward to that blog.

  43. @Randomness: Sorry about that. I should read what I post too. LOL And no worries about the source. I figure what’s gonna happen is gonna happen

    You said this:

    “I have the utmost respect for everyone involved with the show. I think this whole thing has been one big mess. SGU to me was one of the most enjoyable/unique shows I’ve seen in ages. It’s a shame this has occured.”

    I agree 100%!!!!!

  44. @ Randomness…
    First, you must have missed my post where I said I TOTALLY misunderstood 2 posts, hence the info about the canceling. I thought you were both calling Joe a liar and went into mother bear mode. I apologize. Joe wrote and told me I misread, I came back and thought WOA NELLIE, no responding to anything when so sleep deprived.

    HOWEVER, the funny part is
    :::You mention that you don’t believe Syfy had a 2 year guarantee on place.:::::

    you ALSO misunderstood me. My links were clearly to prove they absolutely DID NOT have a 2 yr guarantee and what Joe said was correct. But considering I utterly misunderstood you and thought you were saying they DID, I get how I confused you.

    And finally, you know what they say about ASSUmptions… just because I don’t post every day or you don’t notice when I do doesn’t make me new. As you can see if you look, been here a few YEARS for crying out loud.

    And you can’t take the highroad on name calling and maturity with your comments
    : Or some nobody.
    If you want to put someone down as immature, you have to refrain from retaliatory put downs. Gives you more credit. Not to mention not bothering to read my mea culpa which would have given you a clue.

  45. @ My links were clearly to prove they absolutely DID NOT have a 2 yr guarantee

    My links prove that they did. Not my fault that Craig back peddled for whatever reason on what he said.

    That’s all I have to say on the issue to you, good thing you don’t read Japanese, what I said at the end could of angered you more.

  46. Actually, no. Craig didn’t backpedal – simply clarified his earlier comment that while there may have been a second year component to the deal, it was far from automatic (as you assumed it was).

  47. It’s okay Random, I called you some names that Joe didn’t post. Seems they were actually deserved. Again, hard for you to pretend superior when you are in the ditch yourself. As for your comment, yes I got “leave Asshole” but I usually figure when someone lacks the spine to post in English, it doesn’t deserve a response. And you don’t.

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