I read a lot.  Between writing, producing, working out, dining out, and spending quality time with the dogs, I make it a point to set aside a couple of hours every night to cozy up with a good book.  Well, that’s the intention anyway.  Truth is, many of the books I’ve read over the years haven’t been good.  They’ve been middling, sometimes above average, occasionally terrible.  Every so often, they have been good. Perhaps once every few months, I’ll even be lucky enough to read a very good book.  But rare are the instances that I come across a great book.  Of course every time I pick up my latest read, I do so in the far-flung hope that I will fall in love with it – but experience has been cruel. Inevitably, my hopes are dashed by weak supporting characters or convenient twists in the narrative, my heart broken by 11th hour contrivances and tidy, anti-climactic resolutions.  Yes, rare are the instances when I come across a great book.  But, when I do, it’s always wonderfully unexpected, thrilling discovery.

So, what makes a great book?  Well, I suppose that’s subjective.  All of my great reads differ in many ways, but the two things they have in common are: a) their ability to thoroughly delight and engross me from start to finish, and b) a sense of humor.  Prior to this week, I would have offered a third common variable: the fact that they were all works of fiction.  But that was before I’d read this…

I mentioned the author, Jeffrey Steingarten, in a recent blog post (January 9, 2011: The Top 10 Food T.V. Personalities I Enjoy Watching!).  He’s one of America’s leading food writers, a former attorney turned food critic whose regular column for Vogue Magazine has earned him a plethora of accolades and awards.  He’s also a regular at the judge’s table on both Iron Chef America and The Next Iron Chef, and the author of two books: The Man Who I Ate Everything (1998) and It Must’ve Been Something I Ate (2003).  I downloaded the latter to my kindle prior to my recent Toronto trip (the first book was annoyingly absent from my online bookstore the last time I checked), figuring it might provide me with an amusing, somewhat informative, in-flight distraction.  Instead, it positively coldcocked me with its charm, sincerity, and humor.

I loved this book.  I wanted to devour it like a Refuel crispy duck confit platter but, instead, elected to pace myself, luxuriating over each chapter like a box of individually wrapped Amedei Chuao chocolate squares.  It Must’ve Been Something I Ate is a collection of some 40+ food-themed essays covering everything from caustic garnishes to haute chocolate, sea urchins to steaks.  They’re equal parts entertaining and edifying, but it’s Jeffrey Steingarten himself who, at the heart of each mini-narrative, driving the quest for the perfect pizzza or the ideal espresso, makes this book such a pleasurable read.  He’s a character (and what a character!), at turns brilliant, bumbling, brash, and bewildered yet, above all, good-natured and incredibly amiable – the type of guy you’d like to have a beer with, or, preferably, a 12 course Chef’s tasting menu.

Now let me make one thing clear.  Yes, this is a book for foodies.  But it’s also a book for individuals interested in learning more about the quality of the beef that ends up on their dinner plate (High Steaks), those who’d like to know whether that MSG is to blame for their post-Kung Pao migraine (Why Doesn’t Everybody in China Have a Headache?), and anyone looking for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe out there (Standards and Practices).  In Brain Storm, an article in a neurology magazine suggesting food obsession may be symptomatic of brain damage sends an initially amused, then increasingly anxious Steingarten to Zurich in search of answers – and a brain scan.  In Salt Chic, he investigates the horrifying professional assertion that “all salt tastes the same”, dealing a painful blow to designer salt enthusiasts and his own devotion to the ultra-rare Oshima Island Blue Label. Chocolate Dreams looks at the recent studies and attempts to answer the burning question: “How good (or bad) is chocolate for us?  Really?”, while the sexual mores of lobsters and the most humane way to dispatch of the tasty crustaceans is covered in On a Roll.

If you could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be? If I was thrown that old chestnut today, I wouldn’t hesitate to answer: Jeffrey Steingarten.  And, after reading this book, chances are good you’ll answer the same.


Randomness writes: “Wait. what? So somehow I’m being blamed for taking Craig at his word?”

Answer: No, you’re not being blamed and I can see how you could have arrived at those conclusions.  I’m simply making it absolutely clear that said conclusions are wholly inaccurate.

don writes: “This sounds like a show that from the start was fundamentally at odds with your stated preferences. Is it possible that your heart was never really in it?”

Answer: Stargate: Universe is a great show and I thoroughly enjoyed working on it – in much the same way I enjoyed working on Atlantis, and SG-1 before it.  Sure, there were elements of the shows that didn’t resonate with me as strongly as others (ie. the Ancient storylines which, by the way, were a part of all three series) but I’m sure that’s true for any writer working on a show that didn’t spring wholly from his mind alone.

sci451 writes: “Also Joe I am curious why you and Paul are writing the series bible instead of say Robert Cooper?”

Answer: We have (and will) make different contributions to the project.

Randomness writes: “I like everyone else just want the truth on this issue. What is Brad Wright doing? Do SGU movies actually exist, or are we all being played?”

Answer: Just because you haven’t been made privy to the details of what is going on behind the scenes doesn’t mean the gears aren’t turning.  Whether they’ll amount to anything in the end is the big question.  And I’m not sure what you’re suggesting at when you say “are we all being played?”.  To what purpose?  What logical reason would anyone have for holding out hope for a continuation of the SGU story?  Rather, it would be much easier and far more convenient to say: “The network cancelled us, thus we’re done for now”.

Quade writes: “Couldn’t the Asurans be a race of complex machinery? I think the problem would be categorizing them as “living”.”

Answer: Exactly.  The latter is the issue.

Quade also writes: “What in the hell are you going to do with all your anime collection?”

Answer: Leave it in Vancouver for Ashleigh to watch.

Ben writes: “Speaking of Stargate; how much time has elapsed since the Destiny was boarded by the Earth people?”

Answer: I’d say a little over  a year.

Elliott writes: “In the back half of season two, will be see more dynamic space battles?”

Answer: Right off the bat in episode 11, Deliverance.

Roger Hagensen writes: “I think personally I’d rather have/see the cast/writers etc. do a “table read” of the script. And after just go around the table and maybe ask some fan Q’s etc. Release it as a DVD maybe, plus art design stuff not seen before (as a slideshow maybe), maybe with some music that hasn’t been used before or that has rarely been used. Should also be some room for regular interviews with crew as well. And anything else that doesn’t fit the “video” style could just be put on the DVD in a folder that a PC can open. (maybe a PDF or two, some JPG images, maybe a few MP3 tracks of music or soundeffects or ringtones.) The production cost of such a DVD would hardly be expensive at all.”a

Answer: I beg to differ.  Those involved, the actors in particular, couldn’t be expected to take part for a nominal fee.  And while such a production might be of interest to hardcore fans, casual viewers won’t be rushing to pick up the dvd.

Echelon writes: “The current project you’re working on, do you happen to know what it will air on? Being network, basic cable or pay channel?”

Answer: Stay tuned.

Echelon also writes: “Do you plan on kidnapping Ashleigh and taking her with you?”

Answer: Alas, Ashleigh will be very busy with her own project this year and won’t have time for my antics.

Randomness writes: “Some people are quick to hate on the Syfy channel but honestly speaking, this is the only network that will give Stargate a chance. The way I understand things is if MGM came back to them with a cheaper alternative, then they will air it.”

Answer: Cheaper alternative?  What the hell does that mean?  A radio play version of season 3?

RFVdevil writes: “Could early ratings in March determine how that plays out, or do you expect SGU’s fate to be ultimately decided by the time it returns to the air?”

Answer: SGU’s fate on the network has already been decided.  They canceled the show.

justin1985 writes: “Thought you would enjoy this. http://www.hotsauceworld.com/index.html

Answer: Great! Thanks for this!

67 thoughts on “February 13, 2011: I can’t remember the last time I so thoroughly enjoyed a book…

  1. Interesting sounding book. Not sure if it would be my thing, but I might see if my library has it

    Questions for Karl Schroeder:

    1) It sounds like the Archipelago is in Earth’s solar system. Am I right?

    2) How did you get your start as a writer? What other genres, if any, have you written in besides science fiction?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.

    Question for mailbag:

    Interesting discussion over the last few days. Do you think we might have some idea on the direction of the franchise by the time the last ten eps of SGU air? Thanks for your patience.

    Have a good night!!

  2. 1 – When in Toronto, what will happen to the novel and various TV projects of yours?

    2 – Tell us more about each?

    3 – What does each say about you?


  3. I’ll do my best to answer these, lack of sleep these past few days isn’t making me think entirely straight.

    @Cheaper alternative? What the hell does that mean? A radio play version of season 3?

    Firstly it was implyed that a cheaper mini series like option would work for Stargate Universe, obviously that would depend on a lot of things, such as the ratings improving but he mentioned Farscape as an example of a show that wasn’t feasable in the long term but workable in mini series form. Would that work for Stargate Universe? No idea.

    Obviously the fee at the moment for the show is too high and not something the Syfy channel could afford to pay considering its ratings. You should know as well as I do and everyone else that a lower fee would mean a new season. A fee that would work for both Syfy and MGM. Would that happen? Likely not.

    @ Just because you haven’t been made privy to the details of what is going on behind the scenes doesn’t mean the gears aren’t turning.

    I don’t know EVERY detail but know enough to be concerned, which is mostly why I spoke up now as I don’t want to see thosands of fans throwing their time away on a potential lost cause.

    @ And I’m not sure what you’re suggesting at when you say “are we all being played?”. To what purpose?

    My first response would be to get people to watch the show but that would be narrow minded of me to even suggest. No simply put I’m not blaming you but these updates more than anything feel like we’re all being strung along with false hope and promises that aren’t actually realistic or possible.

    People would have more faith in what is being said if they knew what was actually going on. What is happening even. A community is a powerful thing, if Brad is trying to get the show on another network, get the community involved, heck get the cast and everyone else on the case too. Make a big push for the finish line instead of these vague *Hurdles cleared, exciting for all posts*.

    @Rather, it would be much easier and far more convenient to say: “The network cancelled us, thus we’re done for now

    All signs 100 percent point to this. As much as it pains me to say I have no doubt the last 10 episodes will be the last NEW episodes of any Stargate francise to air on TV for a while.
    (Well that makes me sad, I enjoyed the LDP, Col Young stuff)

    Just it seems so unfair to keep peoples hopes it with promises that won’t ever come to light. You wrote and finished your Atlantis script years ago. Everyone including me wants to see it but again. With virtually no Atlantis Sets left at Bridge, how will it be made? Green screening wouldn’t do the show justice.

  4. Great. ANOTHER book to add to the pile. here I was, finally making a dent in my backlog(wrapping up The Tiger, as well as knocking off a Scalzi book I came across), and now you go and add a foodie book. That means another trip to the local BaM, which will of course not have the book in stock, requiring me to order it. Or to figure out when I have enough time to take a 30 minute drive up the road to a Barnes and Noble, which may not carry the book, but will at least offer me other worthwhile distractions. At least I’ll have you to thank when the zombie apocolypse comes, and I survive the nuclear winter by determining which books will be sacrificed to the bonfire. Except I’ll probably end up freezing to death, unable to bring myself to part even with some wretched Star Trek novel adaptions.
    Hope you won’t be having to stay quiet for much longer on what the new project is. Don’t forget to keep us informed on the comic book update. And are you planning to buy a new home in Toronto, searching for an apartment, or have you found a youth hostel you will crash in for awhile? Just curious as to how deep you intend to plant roots in the east, at least for now.
    Thanks for the daily fix and mail bag,and looking forward for more.

  5. I see Robert Cooper was born in Toronto. He should be able to show you around and get you comfortable there.

  6. And look how close you will be to Montreal. What is that, about a 4 hour drive? With 4 dogs in the car maybe you could drive faster and make it in 3 hours. Do your dogs like Felix? I bet Lulu will beat him up.

  7. @ Randomness… Wow, just wow.
    :::I don’t want to see thosands of fans throwing their time away on a potential lost cause.:::
    Yeah, dude, thousands of us are probably throwing away a minute or 2 a day at most waiting to see if any hope. Now if you are right and Joe is spinning nefarious words aimed at giving false hope for some yet unknown evil purpose (or simply to “string us” along)..when he knows there is none, I guess it’s big of you to worry about those lost moments. But unless YOU are Brad and know there is nothing really being done, why the self-important comments?

  8. hello jow,
    From what I understand in your previous post, you used a ghost chili sauce….did it burn all that badly coming out>?

  9. @Debra

    For future reference, I’m not going to respond to you if you can’t talk to me without phrasing some kind of personal attack. If you’re even angry or attacking me because of what I said above you clearly don’t understand the point I’m trying to make.

    I know it may seem hard for you to see but my above comment was entirely positive, in defense of the SGU fanbase, and positive for the show.
    May not be the kinda comments you want to hear but as I’m not attacking anyone, or you, show some maturity and learn to accept opinions that differ from your own.

  10. I think what RFVdevil was asking was, could good ratings for the back half of the season help whatever plan Brad has in the works or not. I know you can’t really be getting involved in online fan campaigns, but if the answer to the question is no you could potentially save us a lot of time by letting us know. 🙂

  11. Infact, my comments were based solely on the defense of the SGU fanbase. For reference anyway. If caring about the show and everything associated with it makes me wrong then so be it.

  12. Joe, I’m still bummed when I come here. Just the reminder about that never-realized movie has hit me harder than I imagined it would. It makes me sad, though I know it’ll pass, eventually. I wish I thought I COULD do something to make a difference, but I’ve long given up hope for anything like that. Oh well…put some long-locked albino dudes in your comic book, and that’ll make up for some of it. (( mean, since you won’t send me any chocolate. 😉 )

    I’m nearly halfway through Ghosts of Manhattan and I’m really enjoying it; my interest has gotten to that ‘page-turner’ stage, and I’m having trouble putting it down. I have a lot of questions I hope will be answered by the end of the story…if not, hopefully Mr. Mann can help me out!

    For the most part I had a good weekend – cleaned the house yesterday (I love housecleaning, weirdo that I am 😛 ), and today after services went to a friend’s house up the road for lunch. We had such an excellent time! Great family, people right up my alley, especially conversation-wise. We didn’t talk about work, or diets, or kids, or shopping, or sports (like everyone else I know), but instead talked about possible natural disasters and what damage they may cause in any given part of the world, railway grades in New Jersey (it’s not as flat as you think!), the revolution in Egypt, and how – in the long run – horses are a superior mode of transportation. 😀 (Hey, you can eat them when they get old! Try doing that with a Mercedes. 😉 ) Anyway, a good day, and a nice end to the weekend.

    Have a good night, sir!


  13. I hate the fact that SGU was cancelled…I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t a Stargate series airing…I grew up watching it…I guess dvds will have to do now…

    Do you know if the books based on the series will be continuing? I have really enjoyed reading the ones for SG1 and SGA…I’d love to see more written for SGU. =)

  14. Well, my night job is back temporarily, thankfully. Except I work Monday nights till 11:00, so no SGU for me. I’m hoping I can watch on demand, otherwise, I’m hoping my VHS machine still works.

    I was curious about your move to Toronto. With all the expense and trauma, is it a permanent move, or would you consider moving back to Vancouver should things not work out?

  15. @ Randomness, unless you have proof someone is lying, refrain from indicating it.

    Unless you have proof someone is spinning stories and stringing others alone, quit insinuating it.

    Unless you were voted as the protector of fans, worry about yourself and stop the self-important self-proclaimed guardianship of protecting the fan base. The fan base isn’t wigging out wondering if Joe is stringing us along. And if they are, let them speak. Speak for yourself.

    And for the record, most of us can like the show, want the franchise to continue, without suggesting Joe is stringing us along with false hope. I doubt many hold out a LOT of hope.

    And from the person who called me an asshole, go take a look in the mirror before you suggest someone else act in a certain way.

  16. @ das… roflmao, eat the horses. I always say I’d rather use horses. Horses I understand and can “fix”… no so much an engine. You can come clean my house. I hate it.

    Question for Joe… you have had many macaroons.. can you recommend a site online to order from? I am ashamed to admit until your blog, I only knew coconut macaroons. Now that I have had real ones, I look at those coconut balls and think WTH? Those are NOT macaroons. Now I want some really good ones.

  17. “Cheaper alternative? What the hell does that mean? A radio play version of season 3?”

    I would love an SGU radio play. That’s all I can think about now. I can imagine it, even the cheesy music in between the scene changes. It would be great 🙂

    Ok. I admit. I might have been a bit too hard on SyFy. I was already pissed off at them for cancelling Farscape, but I recently re-watched season 4 and frankly I can’t blame them. But herein also lies an inconsistency. Farscape was getting worse with every episode and it got cancelled. Fair enough, but SGU is getting better with each episode and it still gets cancelled. Stranger things have happened, but still.

  18. @Debra

    Okay, firstly I apoligise for slipping an opinion of you through the net in Japanese hoping somehow Joe wouldn’t know what I was saying. It’s not like me to express myself that way, I just find you to be incredibly small minded with these constant personel attacks and antagonistic posts you aim at me full of basically circular arguements.

    Treat others the way you wish to be treated yourself, that’s all I’m asking. You don’t know me, or anything about me, or where I hear information from. So to assume I am somehow wrong with no proof to back up your claims is narrow minded at best.

    If however you are trying to defend Joe, you are wasting your time. I have a lot of respect for the guy, always have done, just like everyone else involved with Stargate Universe. I have been the first person to stand up and question anyone hating on someone involved with the show on here.

    You’re making so many untrue assumptions about me, without knowing the first thing about me. Self importance is the last thing I claim.

    I honestly can’t have a reasonable discussion with someone so hostile. I’m sorry. I’ve given you the respect of being acknowledged but not anymore =/.

  19. Hi! For whatever it’s worth I wanted to say thanks for SGU. It was how I imagined Stargate from the beginning. Hope you get another season somehow. Hell I hope you get all 5 seasons originally planned. I also apologize for not being able to contribute to the ratings. No cable, Internet only, unless syndication contributes?

    Just a question:

    Does it annoy you when people presume to know the industry you work in and ask you biased questions? lol..

  20. @debra
    @unless you have proof someone is lying, refrain from indicating it.

    Okay. Forgot to answer this point.

    Craig Engler made a huge game changing statement saying Stargate Universe was signed to a 2 year deal. The next day he back peddles after Joes reaction to the statement and obviously fans questioning him.
    (Okay without wanting a huge post on this, go back a day or two to read what I posted on this subject, it should be on yesterdays or the day afters blog post)

    He mentions that to be successful the show needed between 2.5-3 million viewers(I.e to be viable to the network). From episode 1(I think you need to bring out Wikipedia to follow this point) The ratings had dropped and were continuing to drop come Episode 10.

    However by episode 5 the ratings were below 2 million an episode. At this point the show was just finished production of Season 1 and adding the finishing touches to Season 2. The cast and crew would of been on hiatus at this point.

    Now let’s go back to Craig Englers statement about the required viewers(2.5 million – 3 million). Imagine you’re the Syfy channel. Well seriously do it. You have an expensive show almost finishing its mid season break, not hitting a required quota. Do you renew, or do you keep going?

    Was this the biggest mistake in the history of the network? Or was it smart marketing. Did someone somehow drop the ball on this? Who knows, we’re all happy we got a new season.

    Okay at this point I would aim an overly huge paragraph about the back halfs ratings. Let’s not do that. Let’s move on.

    Obviously Season 2 was in production long before the show finished airing on the network. However it wasn’t too late to reduce the episode order like they did with Caprica. Tell me, why did they not do that? It was hitting under 1.3 million viewers to 1.6 million in Season 1.5.

    This is where statements begin to contradict themselves. On one side we have 1 party saying the show was renewed because the network was happy with the ratings. HOWEVER on the other side we have the network saying that it was renewed because they were contracted too.

    These statements don’t mix together. Although Craig is back peddling a little for whatever reason. I don’t think the whole story has gotten out.

    And at the end of the day, the fans, and the cast, producers in some ways are caught in the middle.

    It’s like the Stargate Universe fiasco. And for the record, I never called anyone a liar, I implyed it but I have NEVER called anyone a liar.

  21. Hey Joe,

    Some questions if you happen to be doing the mailbag again tomorrow.

    1. Just to clarify, Brad has made his proposals to TPTB on SGUs future and he is waiting to hear back from them?

    2. Do you think the conclusion to SGU would be well recieived by all stargate fans or would it be controversial?

    3. What’s Carl Binder up too? Any new projects or shows?

    4. How is Jelly doing? Is she fully recovered from the surgery?

    Thanks and Good Luck with the new show!!!

  22. geez… love is all around?
    I believe when I am told by you (joe) that people are working on giving the show a good ending. why should i think otherwise?
    In negotiations there are a lot of back and forth ups and downs. If the writers had it their way there would be another season. instead they may have to put an entire season into one movie, glad its not me!
    Im a great fan of stargate (all 3 shows) and I would spend my time trying to make a difference. I may not get heard but at least i tried.
    Lots of Love and happiness 😉

  23. Joe,

    1) VERY interested to read a blog post about yours, Paul and Rob’s new project. Is it TRANSPORTER – THE SERIES?

    2) Would one movie be enough to end SGU’s story or would you need more?

    3) Is a Mini-Series being considered?

    4) What networks have you approached for whatever series your working on?

  24. Okay, here is what I would love to see this all come out since we won’t get another season:

    1. three or more SGU movies TV/Direct-to-DVD to finish the original story arc although a bit condensed, which conclude with them finding out whatever it is to find out in Destiny’s original mission but they are still trapped on the ship in the end (see 3. for the why)

    2. Stargate Revolution and Stargate Atlantis: Extinction, and maybe more SGA and SG1 movies 😉

    3. A kind of all-in Stargate movie involving cast members from all three shows, working together to bring Destiny’s crew home.
    For instance: With the knowledge behind the origin of the universe (or whatever you guys had in mind to be the culmination of Destiny’s mission) Rush and Eli find a way to possibly establish a wormhole back to Earth by using a black hole as a powersource. The problem is that the gravity would also translate through the wormhole and destroy the planet on the other side.
    In our Galaxy Carter thinks that an energy shield iris like the one in Atlantis would be able to block the gravity which is where the Atlantis team, especially McKay comes in.
    However the attempt goes wrong as the wormhole doesn’t connect because the Destiny Gate is an older system which surprisingly cannot interact with the much newer Atlantis Gate system.
    With Destiny unable to escape the Gravity Field of the black hole after the failed attempt they are in need of a fast solution before the crew is killed by the black hole.
    Enter Vala. Because of her past stay in the Ori Galaxy she knows of the production location of the supergate segments and believes enough material for one more gate to be left there.

    With the help of Jonas Quinn SG-1 secures enough Naquadria to power the Jump-Drive Atlantis used in the SGA Finale to jump into the former Ori Galaxy where a team led by Sheppard secures the production facility of the supergate and sends the parts back through the stargate to the milky way.
    If I remember correctly it was planned for Earth to have a supply route to Destiny later in SGU. Using that Supply-Route they manage to get the supergate parts to Destiny, where they tear a hole in the hull to get out and form a new supergate, which Rush and Eli connect with the help of the black hole to the supergate left by the Ori in our galaxy.
    Destiny enters et voila we have them all back home (including a nice “little” ancient ship). All that is left to do is a nice closing scene to bid farewell to SG1, SGA and SGU and maybe even include a hint at a fourth SG series that could follow after this film. Maybe have the blueberry aliens follow Destiny somehow and set a show up battling them 😉

    Okay this post has gotten a little longer then I intended as my fantasy just went wild. I look to forward to whatever you guys do have in mind and keep my fingers crossed.

    I also still need to pick up those Transporter movies just in case you are really going for that show as most people seem to believe. Not really my type of show but with you involved I am sure it will rock 🙂

  25. Okay Joe you simply have to marry me now. LOL. Your a foodie, LOVE to read and devour books. Fantastic sense of humor. Writer for god sakes…need I say more? 🙂

  26. I think that for a lot of the fans to be realistic and call their losses.It’s done get over it. And no need to be spiteful and insulting Syfy.Just call your cable company and Syfy from your channel selection. I would instead take AMC that has made some incredible shows (Mad Men, Walking dead).
    I don’t see anything positive coming out of going at Syfy or being personal with Syfy people.
    Just cancel that channel and move on folks.

    BTW, Joe, what do you think of the TV show Fringe ? Do you like how the episodes are independent but yet still part of a bigger story ? It’s only recently that I noticed the color of the introduction video (blue/red) was showing if the episode was about our universe or the parallel universe: I was blown away!!

  27. so stargate universe is dead after this season i thought there was some chance it would be renewed

    this is bull now i have no reason to watch the syfy channel anymore after this

  28. @ Randomness
    Trying for civility in spite of your continued insults.
    My comment was about you indicating JOE was lying… because saying he is spinning, asking if there is REALLY SG movies, etc. is questioning HIS honesty. I could not possibly care less about Craig.

    Second, you tell me to not be protective of Joe, yet you repeatedly state you are standing for the fan base. When you no longer put that self-important SPIN on your own issues, talk to me about not standing up for Joe. While Mr. Mallozzi is admirably more than able to stand up for his own self, I can react to your continued hogwash questioning his statements.

    If someone says: I washed my car yesterday.
    And you say: Did you REALLY wash your car or are you just saying that.
    You have questioned their integrity.
    No SPIN or backpedaling on your part can change that.
    I’d go back and quote them all but why bother. I am done with you.

  29. So, can we get some indication of what type of project might come out of these SGU talks? You’ve said that there is still a slim chance at getting some sort of resolution to the series (and perhaps more). Can you give us any indication as to the direction this might go?

  30. So we can expect SGU on Xbox live or netflix or maybe youtube? Where else? MGM already knows the DVD market is no good so why would they continue it? How about cutting SGU into 5 minute episodes that appear as commercials between shows? Like that old Star Wars cartoon, 5 minutes and tell the story that way. better than nothing right? You could also have the Discovery channel air them, why not isnt SGU science-y anyway, might as well.

  31. Out of the entire cast and crew have alot of them already left for other projects or is Bridge Studios still abuzz with people from the SG Franchise??

  32. Hey Joe, what’s the correct way to deal with a cashier who blows their nose loudly before handling your purchases at the drug store? Is it to leap over the counter and spray him with gallons of hand sanitizer?

    Here’s another screenwriting notice; good luck to those who apply:


  33. Hey Joe, I just wanted to thank you for all of your amazing work on SGU and the Stargate franchise in general. You have helped create one of my favourite shows, and I appreciate it very much.

    Thank you for answering my question on space battles. I have a few more questions as well; I hope you don’t mind answering them.

    1.) Do you ever feel worried at what fans think of your episodes? I.e. worried that they will think it’s crap?

    2.) Why do we never see shots of Destiny with planets in the background like we used to with the Daedalus-class ships? We saw some in Darkness and Light, but since then we have not seen any, which is a shame as they would look pretty damn impressive.

    3.) Would you say that a third season is completely out of the question, or just extremely unlikely?

    4.) Which do you think we are more likely to get as a continuation of SGU – a miniseries, a movie or several movies?

    Thank you!

  34. @ Das… EWW EWW EWWWW. But I bet Joe has sampled horse.
    ROFLMAO.. years ago we were in Lyon, France and there was a restaurant with French menu on board outside with pictures. The pictures had a horse, and a capybara creature and other things. I went on to another. A few days later the au pair was with us and we went by and I told her to look at the stuff, no way. She, in her ultimately polite French manners, nearly stroked trying not to laugh. She said the place in question actually served ONLY salmon dishes… the animals on the menu were JUST DECORATIONS. LOL.

  35. @ Elliot: I think Joe’s comment last week meant that a third season is not under consideration by MGM and is definitely, a non-starter. Given that MGM only has about $500 million to invest in film or TV production and (as co-producers) a good chunk of that is already committed to “The Hobbit” and Bond 23. Now, do the math on between $2-3 million per episode (even at a minimum 13 episodes at 2 mil per ep, that equals $26 million). With SyFy having pulled the show and its estimated $15 million per season licensing fee, there’s no way MGM is gonna spring for a third season… Long story short: there isn’t much in the way of funding for other projects anyway you want to cut it. The most we can hope for is either a mini series or more likely, a single, direct-to-DVD movie to tie off SGU’s storylines. Don’t be surprised though if it’s later rather than sooner…

  36. SGU wasn’t cancelled Joe it just wasn’t renewed for a 3rd season BIG Difference IMO.

  37. @ Tammy Dixon & Debra – Remember that lunch I was at yesterday? The people are real Down Jersey folk. In parts of central and south Jersey (the Pine Barrens), it’s a whole different way of life. People have a different accent (a mix of a slight southern drawl with nasally Philly), and most come from farmer or fisherman stock – laid back down-to-earth types – NOTHING like you see on Jersey Shore. Anway, I got to laughing right there at the lunch table while we were discussing modes of transportation and horses, because all I could picture in my head was that movie scene.

    Here’s a short video of my old captain, Jesse – and the A.J. Meerwald, the schooner I used to volunteer on a few years ago. You get an idea of our NJ accent, though most people down here say ‘wooder’ instead of ‘WAHter’. Not sure where Jesse was born and raised…probably someplace weird, like Canada. 😉 But wherever it was, for the most part he sounds like a Down Jersey boy now.


    Also, this video made me really melancholy – I miss sailing on her!



  38. “SGU wasn’t cancelled Joe it just wasn’t renewed for a 3rd season BIG Difference IMO”

    If that’s the case, then I assume you’ll have no trouble explaining the difference between a cancelled show and one that “wasn’t renewed”. Be sure to provide examples.

  39. Mr. M,

    Is there not a difference? I thought the difference was a ‘cancelled’ show was immediately pulled without finishing the season, sometimes without even airing all filmed episodes and ‘not renewed’ meant the show finished its current season. Is that not right?

    Anne Teldy

  40. What do you call a show that has the ratings to keep it going and lots of fans, but all parties envolved decide to call it quits anyway? Everybody Loves Raymond did that.

  41. Hey Joe

    I know you weren’t talking to me, however, how about Stargate SG1. It wasn’t renewed by Showtime but managed to get picked up by SciFi…

    “And then there was another remarkable turn, when Showtime decided that five years was enough on their air,” Wright recalls. “I have to commend Hank Cohen of MGM for getting Sci Fi to move it over to their channel, because it was not that easy a deal to make.”

    Now I know you don’t need examples of cancelled shows.


  42. Joey, why must you always pick fights. It’s not good for the stress levels! (MINE, not yours. 😉 )


  43. @das: I want to go sailing! And I have cousins used to live in Jersey, but way up north (Hillsdale). When I was a kid and would go visit them we would make fun of each others accents.

    Thanks (I think) for the clip from “Oh brother where art thou?” I passed up the chance to sample “uma” (horse) sushi when I was in Kyoto a couple of years ago. I just couldn’t do it with my kids there. But it was very interesting looking – some was very dark red and some was almost white; and it was very popular with the locals in the sushi bar!

  44. No, “not renewed” is just a nicer way of saying “cancelled”. Sort of like you don’t say “We’re firing people”. Rather, you say: “We’re downsizing.” Or, instead of “I murdered them.” you might say “I mitigated their existence.”

  45. “mitigated their existence.” lol. At first I thought you said migrated their existence. (LOL)….

    Maybe you could try to write a stargate book to finish any lose plotlines that I KNOW you will have at the end of the series (unless you decide to simply cause Destiny’s shields to malfunction for some reason while in FTL destroying the ship and everyone on board.)

  46. @ Sparrow – Not sure the Meerwald will be sailing anytime soon. She in for some major hull work, and since it’s a non-profit org that owns here, they rely on donations to get her fixed. In this economy, not too many have extra bucks laying around for a boat.

    @ Joey – You still sound a bit testy. I think you need a poochie fix. Maybe you should be watching the Westminster Dog Show like I am – very enjoyable. 🙂


  47. @josephmallozzi
    After boiling, baking, frying and steaming chicken, I’ve gotten pretty tired of chicken. I’ve been eating chicken for most of my 34 years of existence, and I’m bored of it. Sure now and again, I’d eat fish, or pork chops, Turkey and Ham (expensive!), ground turkey or beef— even a bit of pig feet souse on rarer occasions. But that’s the length and breath of my ‘meat’ supplements. The problem living on an Island (Nassau) in the Bahamas is everything ‘else’ is very very very expensive. For instance, mutton, is almost four dollars a pound. And a leg of lamb could cost you a fifty bucks, or more. And turkey or ham is always expensive. Seeing the menus you’re privy to makes me jealous, and creates a longing in me; wishing I lived in Canada to eat such awesome dishes—i’d be bigger than my 310lbs, but I’m six feet four inches, so I’d wear it nicely.
    I know ya’ll could rebuild Atlantis’ set in mere moments if a movie gets green lighted, but, I’m partial to what Merced said about mixing all three in one movie. Hell, it doesn’t even have to be a stand alone complex 🙂 , and could be considered as a trilogy. With each franchise starring in their individual clauses. In any event, good job on all you’ve done. Hey, I could reach you. I could literally reach you, and this website is your means of contacting and reaching your fans. Now, how many other producers has availed themselves this way? Steven Deknight is one, but who else—and for that, you’re aces.

  48. @Joseph thanks for the reply,

    To me Cancel means something that’s pulled off middle of a season because of either poor performance or lack of interest in the show. Not Renewed means that’s something that hasn’t had it’s contract extended because the series has come to a dead stop or ended.

    Example of being cancelled – Caprica

  49. Caprica was actually pulled off mid season based on poor performance and SGU wasn’t. With all due respect to you Joseph I personally think that SGU was poorly written and directed.

  50. If you really have to ask, “What logical reason would anyone have for holding out hope for a continuation of the SGU story?” then it’s absolutely clear that you are writing for the wrong audience or more accurately, as evidenced by the difference between SGA and SGU, deviated away from your audience. We’re sci-fi nerds. We get so invested in storylines and characters that we get really mad that our shows are cancelled without conclusion. That in addition to our overly heightened intellect and increased paranoia (The Wraith were brilliant, thank you. So were the Goa’uld and the Ori.) we’re bound to suspect foul play, regardless of whether there is or not.

    So instead of answering the question with a snide, Jack O’Neill-like question, instead humor us, say that there is no foul play in a way that makes it clear that you understand that our minds are overactive as all hell. Unless you don’t understand that our minds are overactive as all hell, in which case, our minds are overactive as all hell, now can you throw us a bone here?

  51. @josephmallozzi
    Since SGU was a 5 season plan, what is the likelihood that the options on the table at the moment for a conclusion to the story would feel rushed/crammed to the fans?

  52. And I’m not sure what you’re suggesting at when you say “are we all being played?”. …

    epic google translator fail my guess…

    in spanish what they wrote would mean “estan jugando con nosotros” and back to proper english it would mean he feels “they are toying with us” or something like that..

    well its just my guess. i hope things get resolved soon for SGU… i just love the show as much i loved the others SG’s 🙂

    i said from the beginning get oneill carter and daniel, in a couple of eps and im in for good. cause this way it feels more stargate and keeps you wandering what are those guys doing.

  53. published too fast 🙁

    continuing my earlier post.

    also i feel that the writing was superb. im 28 YO but in season 2 i was able to make my dad to watch since s1 almost like a 20 hour marathon!!! that has to mean something. also he had almost no previous SG knowledge besides the movie and children of the Gods. (im getting sg1 all seasons pack (golden pack with mini SG)) so i can stuff more SG on his blood stream (well my blood stream too) 😉

    i just hope as i said earlier that SGU issue gets fixed. and soon.

    see ya..

    quoting an above message. SGU is not cancelled its just not renewed…. gives me an idea. it can be renewed elsewhere. but also can be on Hiatus like family guy or futurama 😛 have a couple of movies and the come back to business .. well just some toughts, 🙂

    greetings. Sergio

  54. “And I’m not sure what you’re suggesting at when you say “are we all being played?”. To what purpose? ”

    Getting as many as possible to watch the remaining 10 episodes on TV?

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