Huzzah!  As hoped, I completed a first draft of the script today: four acts and a teaser, 53 glorious pages, and oodles of fun!  I’m very pleased.  This weekend, I’ll do a pass on what I have and then redirect my focus to the series bible.  Whenever Paul is done with his script we’ll swap, revise as necessary, then get them out to Rob, Alex, and the rest of the gang for notes.  Finally, once their notes have been incorporated, the scripts will be delivered and we’ll spend the following week on pins and needles, impatiently awaiting the verdict.  If all goes well and all parties sign off, we should be in Toronto by mid-March spinning stories.  Failing that, some other interesting opportunities are suddenly waiting in the wings.

Also this weekend, I should really get around to putting away those boxes I brought back from the office.  They’re filled years of Stargate material including Art Department packages, network notes, and more than a few interesting items:

SG-1 Goa'uld Pain Stick! Man, could I put this to good use!
SGU first season commemorative t-shirt!
And, of course, THAT script. For what it's worth, it involved a return mission to Pegasus, the tragic end of one relationship, the beginning of another, and a surprising progression in the alliance between one man and one wraith.

I received a text message from Tom at Refuel the other day.  He’d read I was Toronto-bound and suggested I drop by for one final, glorious meal before I leave Vancouver.  I’ve had some fantastic meals at Refuel (and its former incarnation, Fuel) and the thought of sitting down to an extra-special dinner has me very excited. Apparently, Chefs Rob and Ted are already throwing ideas around for dishes.


Randonmness writes: “Did anyone else see this? Basically Syfy saying if they had the choice, Stargate Universe wouldn’t be a Stargate show.”

Answer: Not sure that was the intention of the response but, if it was, then that’s complete and utter bullshit.  When Brad and Robert pitched SyFy the idea for Stargate: Universe, the network was VERY excited about the prospect of taking the Stargate brand in a new direction – specifically, a darker and more dramatic direction.  It’s not as if Brad and Robert shoved the show down their throats.  In fact, quite the opposite. SyFy HEAVILY courted them and made it clear that SGU was the type of show they wanted on their network.

Randomness also writes: “Craig who runs Syfys twitter also mentioned that the channel was contracted for 2 seasons. So regardless of how well or bad Season 1 did, they were obligated to give a new season.”

Answer: Also, as the Japanese would say: “Chotto bullshit”.  The second season pick-up for the series was conditional on the performance of the first ten episodes of season 1. Those first ten episodes had to  hit an agreed-upon average rating for the second season pick-up to kick in.  If it had fallen below that threshold, SyFy would have been under no obligation to pick us up.

Bailey writes: “Joe, I am just wondering how things work in show biz with the deals and negotiations and stuff. Do writers let their agents handle almost everything to do with the contract, or do you guys get personally involved with all the finances and detail? Do producers and directors have agents to take care of that kind of thing?”

Answer: We have an agent (actually two – one for the Canadian market and another for the U.S. market) and a lawyer who handle the negotiations and contracts.  Of course, they’ll always keep us updated on any developments and apprised of the various offers and counter-offers.  Of course, that’s mainly for Paul’s benefit because I just do it for the love of the art.

dixoholster writes: “Maybe its a good time to ask if Cooper really had creative differences with Brad and thats why he left early right?”

Answer: Wrong.  Rob left because,  after 13+ years of working on the same franchise, he wanted to do something different.  And, since leaving, he’s been pretty damn busy doing just that.

Chance writes: “If you are no longer involved with the Stargate franchise who can we go to for our behind the scenes/insider information on all things Stargate?”

Answer: Whenever production starts up again, I’m sure there will be more than enough actors and behind-the-scenes personnel twittering to keep you well-updated on all the latest Stargately developments.

hal ehlrich writes: “If they were to order a 3rd season are you guys willing and able to do it ? Or are you guys wanting to go with your “new plan ” ..”

Answer: It depends who you mean by “you guys”.  While I would love to continue work on Stargate, it looks like recent commitments will keep me busy on other projects for some time.

Narelle from Aus writes: “Do your new employers know you come with a bunch of online craz- I mean characters?”

Answer: They do now!

t’loc writes: “I don’t know if joe mentioned this before, but will the production that joe is currently speaking about be shown in the US or is it a canadian only production?”

Answer: Like Stargate, it will be shot in Canada but air all over the world, including the U.S.

avabird writes: “It was a production list from a Teamsters union, and one of the projects listed was a Stargate production. Any enlightenment?”

Answer: That’s a mistake.  Wish it were true, but it isn’t.

crazymom1 writes: “What if you get hired by a show I’m not interested in?”

Answer: You may not be interested at first but watch an episode and you’ll be hooked.

100 thoughts on “February 11, 2011: A first draft! Storage awaits! The meal to end all meals! Mailbag!

  1. Nice to see you post before I go to bed. Thanks for the pictures and the clarifications in the mailbag. I’m hoping my hubby finds employment as fast as you’re seeming to.

    Have a good weekend!!

  2. hi, joe,

    do you ‘have’ to move? couldn’t you do conference calls and exchanging emails with info and such?

    i’m not an expert on this at all, but if you were very much wanting to stay in vancouver, couldn’t there be a way of doing that, but also still being a writer for this new show?

    or are you a producer too, and need to be ‘on’ set?

  3. Hey Joe

    Is there any chance we’ll ever get to learn the details of what the SG1 and SGA films where going to be about?

  4. Well, if you think that this new show is good then it must be great because SGU is amazing.

    I was actually the guy who asked Craig Engler about the ratings. I don’t really know what to say. I’ve got two different answers to the question >.<

    In any case, glad to read the update! 🙂

  5. Seeing Extinction got me depressed….

    Upon close examination of the page… it looks like theres some dialogue between “astronaut” or “astronomers”. Am I on to something?

  6. I can read ‘that should be good enough for now’ from one of the astronauts! They’re clearly verbing a noun!

  7. Hello.

    Does that fact that you referred to that script as “that script” mean it will never see the green light of a production schedule?

    Best Wishes,


  8. i have a good idea about how the 9th ceveron works just that it takes too long to explain please contact me for better details

  9. I just knew the guys at Refuel wouldn’t let you go without a super delicious foodie sendoff. Looking forward to the pictures. I hope you get the doggy dilemna sorted out to your satisfaction and theirs. Good luck on the new show. Still up in the air stuff about other winging opportunities, man things have got to settle soon, right?? Sleep well.

    I want to see what’s in THAT Script!!!!!!!!
    I’ll send your doggies (diet) crunchy bones if you post some more details from the story!

  11. Joe, do you believe the studio/writers would ever consent to their movie scripts, or planned resolutions to SGU be turned into canon novels should all other options be exhausted? It seems to be a relatively risk free way of concluding the storylines, and SGU especially would lend itself to the novel format I think.

  12. Oy, you just had to show us that script, didn’t you? Now I at least HAVE to know which relationship had a tragic ending! Come on, Joe, that’s just mean! On the other hand, maybe it’s best to leave things the way they are, at least everyone was relatively happy. 🙂 Still, arrrgghhh! I hate you.

  13. Oh, SyFy. You remind me so much of Peter Kavanagh. So busy spinning complete bullshit to cover your own ass, to the point where the writer of your show literally has to berate you like Weir did.

    Also, since it looks like “that script” will never see the back side of a DVD/Blu ray ever, have you thought of another selling medium like a comic or novel? There are plenty of fans who may not tune in to the show the way you want, but would be very happy to snatch up the book.

  14. Joe said:

    And, of course, THAT script. For what it’s worth, it involved

    a return mission to Pegasus

    YAY! But I bet the IOA didn’t let them go quietly

    the tragic end of one relationship

    Well I’m sure you wouldn’t kill Keller for real so I’m going with Kanaan dying…wraithed in front of Teyla

    the beginning of another

    I’m going with Ronon and Amelia…they were cute together

    and a surprising progression in the alliance between one man and one wraith

    hmmm…what could surprise me in the Todd/Sheppard relationship…you wouldn’t go THERE would you? LOL What if Sheppard risks his life to save Todd…hmmm maybe….then introduces him to beer on the pier…

    How did I do? I have been told I’m always wrong…it’s my gift.

    Don’t forget the calendar Joe…I’ll have another image to hang up in TO soon…really could do with a photo of you looking diagonally….please?

    Cheers, Chev

  15. Gross! I just sneezed with a mouth FULL of chocolate. Now I have a hand full of chocolate. Don’t ya just hate when that happens Joe?

  16. I LOVE that Season 1 SGU t-shirt…you’ve never even worn it? You could send it to me Joe. I would wear it ALL the time #justsaying 😉 ….name your price!

    Cheers, Chev

  17. If you got a chance to make Extinction movie would it the script change in accordance to the Legacy series book

    Good luck with your future projects

  18. Mr. Mallozzi,

    Having worked in the technical side of the entertainment business most of my professional career I know first hand what it is like to put your heart and soul into a project only to have your heart ripped out after someone else decided that “the numbers aren’t there anymore.” I know that you are fighting hard to give new life the SGU and the whole Stargate franchise, have you approached Starz Network about picking up the franchise? They saved Tourchwood and are producing more scifi and fantasy based series. the union of the two would open the doors for other scifi based television series.
    I have another question for you, I see that you have written the scripts for the return of SGA and I have read about scripts for SG1 as well, if in the end doesn’t look promising for the return of the franchise to television could you not have the scripts turned into book so that the franchise could be kept alive on the pages of a book and the imagination of the reader? I know that some of the scripts that didn’t make it air with Battlestar Galactica and Farscape were turned into books keeping the franchise alive for the fans. I know in the end everyone involved needs to get paid in way or another but in the end isn’t it about the “fans” the reason we do what we do? To bring our creative outlets alive so that others may enjoy what we imagine. Your the creator or designer of a universe and us, the techies that bring your “universe” to life with props, sets, sound effects and lighting. I know I would give just about “anything” to read the scripts that have been written instead of having that feeling empty handed like I have been left so many times in the past with some of the other scifi shows that I have enjoyed in the past. Earth-2, Space:above & beyond, Farscape and Defying Gravity. Speaking as a fan, even if it was in the form of a book, I would rather have some sort of closure than feel “what if or maybe.”


    Love Chev 😉

  20. Hey,im a huge fan of Stargate Atlantis (so is my mother). I’ve been trying to find out about the movie based on the show (if there’s gona be one) sorry to sound like so many others but i’ve searched the internet like crazy and can’t find a reliable source of information about it. Could you just tell me if there is gona be one or not,if so when is the release date if you can give out that information.

  21. Wondering who you’d use the pain stick on…I’m safe aren’t I? 😀

    Anyhoo…last night I, amongst thousands of Aussies, was amused by a random tweet from @nab (National Australia Bank official twitter account):

    @nab NAB
    “Sooooo stressed out. Have to make a tough decision and I know I’ll probably hurt someone’s feelings! Arrggghhh.”

    Everyone speculated that some poor staff member tweeted on the work instead of their personal account….lots of laughs and advice was dispensed to them

    Then this morning’s tweet:

    @nab NAB
    “Thanks for your concern everyone. Relationships can be tough sometimes! Good advice helped

    The vid is about results of a relationship survey the bank did.

    I remember the days when banks used to screw me over with fees…now they want to help with my love life?


    Would you take relationship advice from a bank Joe?

    Cheers, Chev

    Cheers, Chev

  22. Question about SGU and how Scyfy decides new season:
    Joe, do you seriously find it normal that the next season of a show is decided upon the first 10 episodes of a previous season ? I mean that alone should be a red flag that it’s not worth doing business with a such channel IMO.
    Frankly (and also respectfully said) Scyfy is full of it. Picking up a Wrestling slot for Friday night says alone how much that channel respects its audience.
    And I can say it while remaining polite and respectful: Scyfy goes for the easy immediate/instant money. That channel completely lost my respect. Hopefully YOU, Joseph Mallozzi, will do a better work elsewhere for a worthy network. Lets all get over this.
    Last 10 SGU episodes will be a little bit bittersweet though.

  23. And to complete what I wrote before, SGU’s fate was not decided over the ratings of the 10 first episodes of Season 2.

    1- Just moving the show schedule you lost a part of the public. I mean you lost 2-3 episodes (down to 8 deciding episodes)
    2- Elections nights did cost 2 nights of ratings (down to 6 deciding episodes).
    3- The Chilean minors (no matter how much I admired them) did cost at least 1 rating night to SGU (down to 5 episodes).

    so… 5 episodes to decide the fate of a 14 years TV franchise… I mean … really… REALLY ????

  24. and a surprising progression in the alliance between one man and one wraith.

    And the slash fans go wild! 😀

    Anne Teldy

  25. Hey Joe:
    I am sure you must know what you were going to stir up by showing the Exticntion script!!!
    What is the status of the script as far as rights to it ?
    Are you able to do whatever you want with it, or does MGM own it ?
    If you own it and not MGM is there any way you might be able to do something with the script ?
    I would give my right arm to read that script along with Revolution!
    How about a contest and the winner gets the scripts….
    Also can you send me the goa’uld pain stick ?
    I am your #1 fan and would love it !

  26. Major D. Davis said:

    Upon close examination of the page… it looks like theres some dialogue between “astronaut” or “astronomers”. Am I on to something?

    Yep I saw that too. A conversation between Astronaut #1 and astronaut #2. One has a data device strapped to the wrist of his space suit…talking about boosting two somethings…pity it wasn’t all in capitals I might have been able to read the whole page…LOL

    Cheers, Chev

  27. Funny you should mention the pain stick.

    I found a cattle prod at the “estate house” today. When I think twice, it makes sense; farm property tenant runs cattle. Father-in-law probably got it for self-protection.

    That should sell at the estate sale…Karnes County, TX, is ranch country.

    Estate sale liquidators take over on/after the 20th. We’re still sorting out paper, photos, and memorabilila that will NOT

  28. …*whoops* be for sale.

    Found one letter that made me LOLOLOL today, but one would have to be an airline ticket agent to understand the joke. Sorry.

    I believe I’ve told the story of the two POWs in the family (Civil War and WWII) and the blanket that BOTH used. The blanket and perhaps other memorabilia will be part of this exhibition, which will travel the Eastern USA in 2012–2013.

    Homefront & Battlefield: The Civil War through Quilts and Context (both galleries)
    March 31, 2012 – September 30, 2012

    No details posted there yet, as the exhibit curator is presently preparing the book.

    On topic:
    ‘Randonmness writes: “Did anyone else see this?
    Syfy @DavidvanBrakel That’s the series Brad & Robert wanted to create. If we chose a different take it would not have been a Stargate show.

    Joe replied, in part:
    “(Syfy) made it clear that SGU was the type of show they wanted on their network.”

    I read Craig Engler /@Syfy’s tweet as saying the same thing Joe did.

  29. chevron7:

    “Well I’m sure you wouldn’t kill Keller for real so I’m going with Kanaan dying…wraithed in front of Teyla”

    I hope not. I’m tired of the silly cliches. Keep Teyla and Kanaan together and actually put some development into their relationship. Just killing off Kanaan to put Teyla together with someone else is no better than the sloppy way the Kanaan/Teyla relationship was introduced in the first place.

    “I’m going with Ronon and Amelia…they were cute together”

    Given what we saw in Enemy at the Gate, I’d say their relationship had already begun, so it wouldn’t be them.


    “If you got a chance to make Extinction movie would it the script change in accordance to the Legacy series book”

    Legacy was written without input from the producers of Atlantis. It is NOT canon, and Joe and Paul are not obligated to change their vision for the show to fit a bunch of books written by romance novel writers trying to pose as science fiction writers.

  30. I doubt I’m the first but, does this mean the SGA film is entirely off the table? I was hoping your comment about other Stargate things as well as an SGU finale of sorts was positive for the movies.

    Love the swag, though!

  31. You still haven’t told us what the new series is, have you? How long will you keep us in suspense?

    Also, does that caption under the script page mean that there’s no more hope of getting the movie?

  32. @Chevron7 and BoltBait I will arm wrestle you both for that T-shirt if he puts it out there.

    Joe throw it out there- we can take it from here (let me borrow that pain stick for a sec). ha ha ha

    I like your cutting it down to where it needs to be said out loud concerning Syfy’s SGU cancellation answers. HOOAH!

  33. So Extinction starts out in the first scene with Astronauts boosting a signal in space? .>

    So cruel! I can’t believe it will have been two years since you wrote that script soon! Hopefully it sees the light of day someday…

  34. wow as alot of others here point out… if the”script” does not become a movie or sga does not get a movie… why not make it into a novel instead? I believe that would be greater than getting nothing at all?


  35. Hi Joe,

    I thought I would include a few questions for your mailbag. I’ve asked them before, but have re-edited and hope you can still answer them:

    *The trilogy “First Strike, Adrift, Lifeline” is an exciting, fast paced story where one crisis builds on another, with the McKay/Sheppard wit thrown in. But, we’re talking about the genocide of a whole race in Season 4 Atlantis, that began with the nuking of Asuras. I like when things get blowed up real good as much as the next guy, but did the implications get talked about in the writing room as “First Strike” was produced? (i.e. not all Asurans want to destroy Atlantis, some want to ascend, etc.).

    **I’d understand if you did not want to answer this one:
    When do royalties become valuable as a writer? (Are they something that helped you as a new writer to Sg-1, after several years, or don’t matter much at all?)

    *** My take on the Stargate franchise is that it shows an ideal of the American military: good guys who protect the weak and uphold the rights and wellbeing of others. However, much of the effort of Col O’Neill and General Hammond was premised on an upright administration (i.e. an honorable president that backs General Hammond, the failure of Kinsey or the Trust to take over Stargate). I suspect that a Stargate Universe version of the Trust would be like the Lucian Alliance, something that was less serious in SG-1, but with real teeth, even the dominant force, in the government of the new series. Any thoughts on this?

    Thank-you in advance, and all the best on your new series!


  36. So now I have this mental picture of two astronauts doing EVA repair work, maybe at the International Space Station, when suddenly Atlantis goes sailing silently by… *sigh* for what might have been.

  37. Hey Joe. I was just wondering that if the Stargate franchise should, heaven forbid, come to a complete end, would you ever be willing to release the script for Stargate Extinction to us fans, or would there be too many legal complications for that to happen?


  38. Joe, I am really glad to see that you have been able to quickly find a new job in a very difficult economy. While it is sad to see the end of such a long run, it would be even sadder if the people that entertained me for so many years were “left out in the cold”.

    I hope that the new project you are working for is incredibly successful and I also hope that the Stargate movies (and hopefully a miniseries or something that brings closure for SGU) eventually get done.

    I am not holding my breath, because SyFy is clearly more interested in the “paranormal” than in real science fiction. But I can understand the need to focus on what brings in money and keeps the doors open. (I just wish they would have put more energy into promoting SciFi instead of the crap they are running with.)

  39. Hey joe ; sorry for the second post….
    Is there any way you can post a few pages of the script for us (Extinction) ?

  40. So as you sign and date the contract you say, ‘Oh, there’s this thing, well blog, I have…’


    you should post page by page secretly… id personally pay you 100$ a page lol.

    You can see some words from behind…

    Joe dose it hurt when youve written that script not to be made or is it still alive in your in head where it will forever be…

    so sad 🙁

  42. Tenacious D wrote:

    …Also, since it looks like “that script” will never see the back side of a DVD/Blu ray ever, have you thought of another selling medium like a comic or novel?…

    Afraid Mr M doesn’t have that option. The script is the property of MGM, who commissioned it. They get to decide what to do with it.


    fsmn36 wrote:

    I doubt I’m the first but, does this mean the SGA film is entirely off the table? I was hoping your comment about other Stargate things as well as an SGU finale of sorts was positive for the movies….

    It means the new management team (Spyglass Entertainment) at MGM have the option of doing whatever they chose with the Stargate franchise. We should some idea soon about the new direction. IMO a new slimmed down TV series would be a good option.

  43. I say Timeshare on the sript… you could make a lot of cash for it joe…. What department of MGM should we contact to speak about purchaseing the script or at least pay to view 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    MR M, your too cool for school

  44. Coucou!

    ça va bien? moi oui 🙂

    ..Oh vous avez du être nostalgique de faire vos cartons..=(…certaines choses doivent vous rappelez pleins de souvenirs!

    Les 3 premiers épisodes de SGU ont été diffusés hier à la TV française et les audiences son plutôt moyennes, un peu plus basse que pour la diffusion de sg1 et sga.

    Merci pour ces Q&A.:)

    Désolé de passer moins souvent en ce moment mais je suis pas mal occupé pas mes études..en tout cas je pense toujours autant à preuvre ça fait un mois que je vous ai en fond d’écran de mon portable..mon cheri vous envi lol

    Gros bisou:)
    A plus tard.

  45. hmm, I see the words “LUNAR SURFACE” at the top of the script…. in-ter-est-ing 🙂

  46. With the news of your imminent departure, have the heads of Refuel met to revise and downgrade their profit forecasts for the end of this financial year?

  47. I’m an admitted conspiracy theorist. Give me a good old debate about where the shot came from that killed Kennedy or about various and sundry scandals and who-hah, and I’ll bat those ideas around all day. But the amazing amount of conspiracy theory that goes into all this anti-SGU stuff is just mind boggling for me. And that’s really saying something considering some of the theories I deal with on a normal day. Wish I could say it was fun but really? Not so much. There are some really disturbed individuals out there that have taken a love and done something weird with it.

    Nicely handled on your part, but I certainly wouldn’t have the patience.

  48. Admit it Joe. It was the prospect of an invitation to one of you chocolate party’s that got you this job. Wasn’t it?

    For old times sake, maybe the guys at Refuel could line up some Foiegras protesters for your finally dinning experience and you could flip them off one more time as you leave.

    Now. About that Atlantis script. Could you turn that script page once every night so we can read a page a night? I really want to read that script and see what happens to everyone…well, mostly Ronon.

  49. Sad, sad, sad. Syfy is horrid. BURN THE HERETICS!!!

    On a side note: I saw Haig Sutherland and Julie McNiven were on Fringe last night!

  50. Hey Joe

    Ok, turn the page. We’ll have the script read in, what, 54 days?


    [not sure how this ended up on yesterdays post, anyway posting again]

  51. since you are getting into novels you should just take SGA extinction and make it into one!

  52. Question:
    Will we be seeing more of Destiny’s underside (your tormenting me by not giving a straight yes or no).

    Question 2:

    Totaly unrelated to Stargate, but have you ever played Zeta Flow?

    Question 3:
    what was your favorite Stargate Episode (other then 200).

  53. you’ve likely answered this before, but are there options in the future for releasing the script of SG:Extinction in some form that fans can actually read such as a graphic novel or paperback? Who has authority to make such a call?

  54. Joe, I stopped by last night, saw the Extinction script, and got really sad. Sadder than I’ve been since the cancellation of SGA was announced. I just left. I’m still sad. I think I need a hug. 🙁


  55. Joe, give me that script I’ll make the movie for you, I got connections and by investing in drug traffi…I mean in businesses I think its possible to get this movie made.

    About Transporter series, is it a prequel? Where does it fit in the timeline?

    Have you read the Andy McKnab stuff? Might give you plenty of inspiration.

  56. Hey Jospeh or Robert or whomever may be reading my comment is there a chance if MGM Cans Stargate forever youll release the scripts to the public, so we can at least imagine a movie. Or perhaps take the movies to books. FYI If I had the money laying around Id fund the movies for you. We should start a Donation website to donate money towards making the movies, maybe then syfy and mgm will realize the true fan base out there once donations get into the millions. Personally no offense to syfy but they have no idea what they have done. THIS IS TO ALL THE FANS THAT HAVE COMMENTED ON HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We should change the meaning of being a fan, we should change the face of dedication and show this world how a persistent fan cares about there show. Lets let this be the first movie to be funded by fans. Do you have any idea the reactions would be from other networks, and every other person on the face of this planet. Do you realize the potential for sales or ratings or offers from pratically every network out there fighting for Stargate to come to there Network. This Wake Up so to speak would take Stargate to a whole new level. Think About it People, we fund one Stargate Movie, and this means a very little amount of Money from each Fan, maybe 30-40 Dollars from Millions of Fans, and I Guarantee we will get more than just one Movie. We fund one movie and The Media coverage alone of what we as fans have accomplished will bring people back with hope that Syfy isnt God, isnt in charge, and that we can get at least another 5 years out of the Franchise. I MYSELF WILL contribute $50 to MGM or Brad or Robert or Joe to help bring Extinction and/or Revolution to fruition. I recommend to Everyone out there go home watch some of your Favorite episodes and ask yourself are you ready to give up. My personnel favorites are Sg1’s Window of Opportunity, Atlantis’s Toa of Rodney, and Universe’s Space and so many others. I watch these three episodes and there isnt one time I dont cry. It reminds me of my Faith and Hope and Dedication and My “Destiny” to NOT let this END. Some Faiths and Religions in the world believe if you believe in something long enough and have faith in it long enough, you may make it real, make it exist, make it breath life. Lets make Nasa and our Government use one of Stargates Designs one day for a ship. Because someday this planet will start exploring the Galaxy and we will have ships hopefully that look like the Oddysey or Deadulus. SO WHOS with me. Who wont think Im crazy. FYI This is for you Brad Robert and Joe, please dont give up yet, there is hope. You guys are my inspiration, you have created a show that is for the fans, not for money not for self gain, but because you do it for the fans. Heck you 3 are the biggest fans ever. How many shows can you honestly say that the networks keep it for the fans. If I have helped at all please and this works and you start up a donation site for the movies I will try to give you something from every paycheck even if its a few dollars. Because trust me guys there are more fans than you know. And I will be at the convention this year in Vancouver. Hopefully this lecture is long enough that people will read it. I love you guys, dont let the show die, its not even middle aged yet.

  57. Joe,

    You seemed to indicate that it’s not an if, but when Stargate goes back into production. Any hints on what this may be? An SG1 movie, a 6 episode SGU mini-series, a combination of the both, or movement towards a new series a few year down the road?

    Thanks for a look behind the scenes at the Stargate Franchise over the years and good luck on the Transporter Series.


  58. Hey Joe

    Now I am realy excited and totally depressed at the same time ….

    Thanks so much for sharing the pic from the SGA movie script with us ….but …. but …..ahhhhhhhh …do you know what I mean ?! ….hahaha

    Is there any chance that if the movie should not be done …and I praying to all the known goods of humanity that it WILL be done !!!! …. but in the horrifiing event that it should not be done …. would you be willing to share the script with us … or release it as a novel ????? Pleeeeeeeeeeeese ?!

  59. Well Joe, there you are. As I read over today’s post and the many comments, I thought, gee, a glimmer of “hope” that Stargate in some form or another is not finished yet. At least, that’s the inference I get and I do SO hope that I’m right.

    I’m anxiously awaiting the last 6 episodes of SGU in March, but just REFUSE to believe the wonder, delight, creativity and fabulousness of Stargate is done.

    I REFUSE. So there.

    All best wishes to you and Paul and Rob in Toronto, may the escapades, the foodie photos & reviews and the ever delightful puppy pics & vids — Rock On!

    Thank you, everyone who worked at any time in the Stargate world. I have enjoyed ALL of it shown on the screen, and here, all the behind-the-scene knowledge explained in layman’s terms. A memorable education, thanks to you Joe.

    I will follow your blog wherever you take it because you are worth reading and learning from. Thank you so much. 😀

    Next up… the adventures continues. Wait, didn’t someone else use that line?

    Stargate lives!

    P.S. @ Daniel Duncan — I admire your passion, but doubt your idea of “movie paid for by fans” is workable.

  60. @Das: No, we need to bitch slap Joe for putting that thing up! Consider yourself hugged, sweetie. 🙂

    and Joe, consider yourself, well, you know the rest. 😉

  61. Hey Joe,

    i don’t know… but you seemed to indicate that SGA’s movie might not happen anytime soon or never…. if only i was rich…the Stargate franchise would be still …

    btw…what can i do to *have* a t-shirt like that ? 😛
    you see…i live in Brazil and i really can’t find anything Stargate related 😛

  62. @ Montrealer – “Afraid Mr M doesn’t have that option. The script is the property of MGM, who commissioned it. They get to decide what to do with it.”

    I know that. I am merely giving ideas that can be brought to MGM for consideration. From a business perspective, I can see them on both sides of the fence. Since the fans would be happy to get at least some version of it, MGM might jump at the chance to make a few extra dollars. On the other hand, they just got out of bankruptcy and might not want to take that risk.

    Still, even a small hope is enough to break the hold of the Dark Side.

  63. I love you, Deni. And Joe, I am still sad…and now?? NOW I’m mad! 😡

    You know what could maybe make it all better?? That’s right…a BOX OF FREAKIN’ CHOCOLATE!!!!



  64. Hi Joe,
    Such a tantalising shot of the script…. is there any way you might print it if the movie never happens? I would love to know the direction you guys saw the movies heading to.

  65. Das: loved Klepto kitty! Thanks for posting the link.
    I refuse to think about all the SG stuff that might never be BUT I still want chocolate!

  66. RFVdevil wrote:


    You seemed to indicate that it’s not an if, but when Stargate goes back into production. Any hints on what this may be? An SG1 movie, a 6 episode SGU mini-series, a combination of the both, or movement towards a new series a few year down the road?

    Thanks for a look behind the scenes at the Stargate Franchise over the years and good luck on the Transporter Series.


    Joe has hinted that one possible avenue would be a new project encompassing the franchise as a whole.

    This could be done one of many ways. As a TV movie, direct to DVD movie, Mini Series, Comic Book/Graphic Novel, etc.

    I would hope that if we actually do get some more episodes produced that it will follow the way concept Torchwood used for Children of Earth. (4-5 episode mini series)

    This would allow all SG1, Atlantis, and Universe characters to all have an adventure and wrap up story lines. Atlantis could fly back to Pegasus, and Destiny could make it home. (With conflict in there somewhere. Probably the gate program reveal to the public) The SG1 characters would be used the way they have in the past, delegating them where they’re needed in the story line. McKay doing his thing, Jackson doing his, Oneill being General, etc.

  67. @das LOVED Klepto-Kitty!
    And Joe, I’m with das, Tammy and Deni, bring on the chocolate! Gobs of it!

    (whose two cats do not pur-r-loin, thank you)

  68. Paddy said:

    Joe… have you seen Fanboys

    I just saw it last weekend…I loved it!! Wanna go break into Joe’s house for the Extinction script? I’m sure I can get the plans from someone LOL

    Bring dog biscuits and toys Paddy

    Cheers, Chev

  69. @scottland7 and @BoltBait – you’re on! I’m sure I can take the both of you. I will get some tips from BamBam.

    Cheers, Chev

  70. Eris said:

    I hope not. I’m tired of the silly cliches. Keep Teyla and Kanaan together and actually put some development into their relationship. Just killing off Kanaan to put Teyla together with someone else is no better than the sloppy way the Kanaan/Teyla relationship was introduced in the first place.

    Never cared for Kanaan..couldn’t see what Teyla saw in him. If he was sticking around they would have developed his character more. Always saw him as a disposable character. If not Sheppard I would have preferred to see Michael as Torrin’s father.

    Given what we saw in Enemy at the Gate, I’d say their relationship had already begun, so it wouldn’t be them.

    See all I saw in EatG was the beginning of something to come. I didn’t see that they were already in a relationship….Joe? Any thoughts?

    Thanks Eris for the reply…I love hearing people’s point of view, it’s been missing here lately. It’s why I’ve often only come here to read rather than comment lately. So thanks!!

    Cheers, Chev

  71. Mr. Deni’s in too, will bring “instructional” Burn Notice DVDs so we can accomplish our objective. 🙂

  72. Aha I’m sorry Joe, I just found Craigs comments interesting when thinking about it and thought it best posting for those who don’t have twitter, obviously didn’t mean to cause any issues. Anyway good responses.

    @Teyla + Kanaan.

    For some odd reason I think that couple alone would be an excellent way to retire her character, should she elect to leave Atlantis and settle down somewhere with him.

  73. the tragic end of one relationship, the beginning of another

    Yay! Finally the end of McKay/Keller and the beginning of McKay/Sheppard! Wonderful! How we’ve waited but I’m sure it will be sweet, sweet when at long last, the McShep is revealed! 😉

  74. TheDudeDean, I want them to spin when during the regular seasons of other shows, was Eureka and Warehouse 13 shown. Makes me bloody sick to my gut! Let’s be done with SyFy, because clearly they’re more into wrestling and reality shows than tales of wonderment and fantasy that inspires creativity and lessens the eventuality of our mortality.

  75. I agree with Meg. Have a McKay/Shepperd relationship or Todd Shepperd relationship.

  76. Mr. Mallozzi

    I hope in the Script it was not Shepperd you had had a tragic end. You and Mr. Wright know the fans want Shepperd with Todd, McKay or Teyla or even Larrin. If you had harmed Shepperd I for one would turn away from it and stop watching.

  77. Hi Joe!!!

    Hope u, ya family and friends r feeling very well!
    Don´t let anyone tell ya that SGU isn´t the right show or it has nothing to do with the SG shows before.
    I love SG-1 and SGA but SGU is my favorite. Hope the story ends not with a cliffhanger and that a decision about further episodes will come soon. Pleeeaaaaase don´t let SGU die and try out all possible ways to bring that story back to us!
    It has so incredibly much potential that it would be a shame when it disappears.
    Have a happy time! Best regards!

  78. Joe

    You know what the fans wanted especially for Shepperd. A Shepperd pairing and if SGA Exinction was to be the only movie had him and whomever you paired him with leave to start a life somewhere.

  79. Joe

    I wish you had had John and Todd’s relationship progress and if that had been the only movie maybe sent them off somewhere to start their lives together. you know killing him would have ruined the movie and alot of the fans, especially Shepperd fans would have stopped watching, but it does not matter since the movie is not going to be made.

  80. Mr. Mallozzi

    I read that Mr. Wright is working a conclusion of SGU that all SG fans will like. I know you and Mr. Wright and the other producers do not care about SGA as much as you do SGU, but what would make most SGA fans happy is for you to pair Shepperd finally with someone and not harm him. If that is one of the things you are adding on to SGU I will gladly watch the second season and conclusion of SGU, because I also like Lou Diamond Phillips and could not watch because it came on at the same time as NCIS whch I record on DVR, but also if you had given SGA the conclusion it deserved SGA fans would have flocked to SGU.


    Im just upset because i always thought there was a chance the movie would come sighhh i guess i should of known…

    also i like your work

  82. I agree with PFTLOG. I doubt they were even going to do the movie. I do not know why they wasted your time to write the script.

  83. Ok SGU is an ok show but let’s be honest a SGA movie would have been money well spent.

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