So, to recap: 1. An opportunity presents itself that would take us to Toronto.  I agonize over the prospect of upending my life and moving back to the east coast, suffering sleepless nights, dizziness, stomach problems, and hives in the process.  Friends and business associates tell me I’d be a fool to pass up this opportunity.  Eventually, I come to terms with the possible location change and even, dare I say it, begin to look forward to the prospect of doing something new.  Then – 2. The opportunity seems to fizzle overnight, going from an-almost-sure-thing to unlikely.  I’m genuinely disappointed BUT simultaneously relieved.  I shift focus to my pilots and setting up some meetings in L.A.  Then – 3. Things turn around and, suddenly, we’re back on track. Anxiety returns. How the hell do I get my dogs across the country without flying them cargo?  What do I do about my house?  Where the hell am I going to find good chocolate in Toronto?!  My writing partner talks me down.  Further conversations with Rob Cooper renew my interest.  We make plans to go to Toronto for a week where we will meet the main players, discuss creative, and find out whether we’re all on the same page.  I look forward to it.  Then – 4. Things appear to fall through.  A deal seems unlikely.  Now I’m annoyed.  I wanted to try the brain ravioli at Black Hoof!  Fine.  Moving on.  Then – 5. We’ve got a deal! For next week anyway.  We ARE going to Toronto after all.

Still no definite word on the Stargate front although I am being cc’d on the various emails concerning meetings, etc.  Alas, a third season looking less likely, but there are other scenarios that would allow us complete this incredible journey.

Today, I had lunch at Refuel with Ryan Copple, Executive Producer of Riese.  Very smart, very ambitious guy with a ton of stuff on the go.  As it turns out, we have a hell of a lot in common, sharing an affinity for pugs, french bulldogs, science fiction, Japan, and anime.  Regarding the latter, as our meal wrapped up (I highly recommend the extra messy pulled pork sandwich by the way!) I suggested we come up with a short list of anime properties, hunt down the rights, and develop them as live-action propertiessomething I started to do twelve years ago before I was sidetracked by a little something called Stargate.


Ryan patiently humors me, allowing me to snap some pics for the blog while his parsnip soup gets cold.
Chocolate Pot de Creme with with caramel mousse and peanuts. Delicious and delightful in its textural contrasts. One of the two best desserts I've had at Refuel.

Sugar Pie with pear puree and vanilla ice cream. As a Montreal boy, I really appreciated this one. One of the other two best desserts I've had at Refuel.

Once I got home, I realized that I had to make some room on my DVR for the shows I want to record while I’m away next week (ie. Top Chef All-Stars), so I watched Pandorum. Meh.  Did like the ending though.  On the to-watch-as-soon-as-possible line-up: Coraline, Shutter Island, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Drag Me to Hell, Crank: High Voltage, District 9, Hot Tub Time Machine, Julie and Julia, two episodes of House, and two episodes of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.  Looks like it’s gonna be a busy weekend!

64 thoughts on “January 28, 2011: Just wake me up if I have to go to Toronto! Lunch with Ryan! Still no word – in case you’re wondering! Clearing my DVR!

  1. Question:
    What has your favorite episode to preduce in all the franchises been?

  2. “5. We’ve got a deal! For next week anyway. We ARE going to Toronto after all.”

    Congrats. 🙂

    “Alas, a third season looking less likely”

    Bummer….. 🙁

  3. Are you and Paul a ‘package’ when it comes to career choices? Whilst having a partner to talk through all the different scenarios with lightens the stress/anxiety for you it would also add a whole new set of problems – you both have families to consider. He is lucky in that his can travel in the cabin of the plane – although sticking a screaming toddler or two in the cargo hold sounds a brilliant idea.

    You will be driving across country to the sounds of doggie “are we there yet daddy?” “I need a pee daddy” and “he hit me!”.

    Show the mutts the film “The Incredible Journey” and tell them to make their own way to Toronto.

    Will it be warmer/colder in Toronto ? Is there adequate doggy day care? Doggy day care is still a very new concept here – maybe that will change when Brigadoon next appears.

    😉 🙂

  4. Well, I’m just going to say this. If SGU goes into a direct-to-dvd movie format, could either of the following happen – just for me? 😛

    One season = 20 x 45 minutes = 15 hours.
    The movies could equal 45×3 = 2 hours, 15 minutes.

    Therefore you could create six or seven movies for the show.

    Or… keep them as 45 minute episodes so that they keep the cliff hangers.

    Now that I think about this, though, it seems silly, because if you could produce the same amount of content as a third season, it would make no difference.

    I don’t know if it’s possible to lower the budget per episode to make that $15 million gap less of a gap, and see if MGM could cover it. I guess that’s also been explored.

    I just hope the story isn’t rushed. I’m so disappointed.

    Nevertheless, I’ve enjoyed the show greatly and would love to see how it ends. I just hope there’s more Stargate in the future.

    Congratulations regarding the opportunity, by the way :). I’ll be keeping an eye on that.

  5. How many times have I heard in sage-like advice tones, how much major change can stress a person? The problem is, it’s only a tone and comes with no actual advice. Just one big, “hey, this is going to mess with your head. Good luck.”

    Good luck, Joe.


    Have you seen the Jane Espenson article on CNN?

    “What’s the Buffy of it?”
    Oh, Joss. I would throw up out of joy if I ever met you in person.


  6. Stoopid “no mouse” navigation settings in my browser sending my comment before I was done idolizing Joss Whedon. Oh well, it wasn’t a productive use of my time anyway.

  7. For some reason I want to go out and buy a yo-yo after reading your blog tonight. :O

    Good Luck!

  8. Joe,
    Whatever you end up with, and wherever you end up, good luck. At least you have some options!

  9. Good luck next week! If the job comes through, things will work out for the house and the dogs.

    I loved Julie and Julia – it will make you want to dig out your copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking. And buy lots of butter. Also loved Girl with the Dragon Tatoo. Shutter Island was interesting; Leonardo was very good. Haven’t seen Coraline or District 9 yet, but they are on my short list.

    Hey, it would be great to see some good anime live action. Keep us posted on that front! And all the others.

    @das: poor Elric; he’d be crushed if he knew. I think he deserves better – maybe I should just go comfort him…

    And it is kind of funny how Ghost of Manhattan grabbed us both. I’m a sucker for a good pulp adventure.

  10. Glad you are going, very exciting news! Look forward to your Toronto travelogue; comix stores? Barbecue joints?

    Riese has a really great cast, I’ve been meaning to catch up on it on hulu. I’d love to see a live action version of “Ghost in the Shell.”

    The movie list needs some finetuning. Drag Me to Hell, yes; District 9 hell yes. Tattoo yes, Julia & Julia yes. Coraline, si.

    May I recommend: I Am Love, Heartbreaker, It Might Get Loud, A Prophet, Expedables and Night of the Comet; old school zombies to tide you over until season 2 of Walking Dead.

  11. Yeah best of luck with your future employment ventures Joe. Obviously echoeing the sentament by other people here.

    Speaking of Riese, good series. Is it ever going to be made into a proper direct to TV than DVD series? Or stuck in webisodes stage?

    Anyway I just picked up Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom, looked like a good anime series. Just finished up on Birdy the Mighty Decode. Again another series that would be amazing in Live action form.

    You might want to keep a look out for the Ga Rei Zero anime release Joe. It’s a Blu Ray/DVD combo release. I assume the full series in both formats all in one package. Know not to nothing about it, however it’s only $44 on working out at $22 for the show on each format if you kinda priced the DVD/BD editions up.

    The next few months are looking pretty amazing for anime. With stuff like Evangelion 2.22 out in March and Clannad after story in April.

    Always a good time to love anime, though expensive lol

    Anyway thumbs up to Ryan from Riese. He did an amazing job on it. He has a fan here.

  12. If you take the recce trip to YYZ, bring your Lawyer!

    Meanwhile, on the “Book” front… Earlier today, I picked up my pre-ordered copy of “ANGEL OF VENGEANCE” by Trevor Munson [of “MOONLIGHT” Creator/Producer fame] from my local bookstore. Have just finished reading it… **WOW**!!

    A captivating Detective/Vampire “noir” *Adult* Tome… So NOT the soft & fuzzy of the Series.

    Here’s one of the first Reviews:

    The Release Date is Feb.1, but I’m not sure if it’ll be ON SHELF in CANADA… CHAPTERS has it under “Horror” for some reason.

  13. Joe your friend Ryan Copple sure does remind me of Martin Gero.

    I’ve decided all you people walking the hallways, sidewalks, and streets while looking down at your phone and texting, are zombies.

  14. Hi Joe:

    I enjoyed Coraline and District 9, but don’t waste your time on Shutter Island. The book is much better.

    Have you read, “Engineering Infinity”, edited by Jonathan Strahan? So far, it’s pretty good.


  15. So you’re not going with my minions plan for transporting the dogs? That’s a shame. I was interested to see what testing process you were going to put potential candidates through.

    Good luck Joe! Enjoy the journey.

  16. Some Horror and a movie about cooking. Strange list you have there.

    No wonder your guts have been messed up. I’d be stressed to the max also. Good luck on your trip. I hope it does work out. Just don’t think about moving right now. You could just keep your house and rent in Toronto?

  17. @ Sparrowhawk – YOU STAY AWAY FROM MY PALEST OF OBSESSIONS!!!! Besides…I took a side-track today and read a bit of Elric today – Portrait in Ivory, to be exact. Soooo…THERE! *PPPFFFFTTTT!!!* And yeah, that was a juicy one. 😀


    PS: Hands off Pendergast and Zenith, too…I’m entertaining them both tonight. 😉 YOU can have D’Agosta. 😀

    lol…I feel like my sister back when we were kids. She – being the eldest – divided up the Monkees between us. She took Mickey and Davy, and gave me Peter and Mike. Well, needless to say, I didn’t want those two, I wanted Davy…so when she wasn’t looking, I took him back from her! 😀

    Heh. I am a greedy ol’ bint, aren’t I?? 😛

  18. Hope things turn out well for you here on the east coast =D (I’m curious to what your lovely wife has to say about the possible move, lol)

    Also, I didn’t think you mentioned it, so maybe you haven’t heard, but it seems Glassner is in Toronto and directed? the most recent episode of Nikita. (Maggie Q = awesome… but she’s no Peta Wilson)

    It seems all of the talent is making it’s way back to Toronto!

  19. Joe – here’s a rundown of everything on my DVR:

    Always keep (most I also have on DVD, but keep on the DVR for convenience):

    Midnight Lace
    Murder, My Sweet
    The Big Sleep
    The Two Mrs. Carrolls
    The Maltese Falcon
    Double Indemnity
    Shadow of a Doubt
    Straingers on a Train
    The Mask of Dimitrios
    Young Frankenstein
    Stargate Atlantis
    …Poisoning the Well
    …Common Ground
    …The Queen
    …The Lost Tribe
    (Eddie Vedder)
    The Tingler
    Masterpiece Mystery
    …Inspector Lewis
    …Foyle’s War (1)
    …Sherlock (3)

    To (eventually) be deleted if I need space:

    Castle (2)
    David Letterman (Johnny Depp)
    Psych (4)
    NCIS (1)
    In the Heat of the Night

    I had to recently delete a rugby match (that I had already watched) and a partial recording of Hot Fuzz (love that movie!) to make room for Red. I’ve watched everything on my DVR, but I like to keep some things around in case I need a ‘fix’. Needless to say my DVR is full, and every now and then I must sacrifice something I love.


  20. If you are at all a fan of Raimi’s earlier films, you need to watch Drag Me to Hell ASAP. It is escenically the fourth Evil Dead film in my mind.

  21. Hi Joe, if you had to put those movies & shows in viewing order, some of them I haven’t seen but others…

    “Shutter Island” is good to see when you’re wanting to get that disturbing twitch in your left eye or in your neck throughout an entire movie. …but I’d put that movie off ’til you’re in the right mindset for it.

    The “Crank: High Voltage” is kind of b-movie material but another fun action flick, it’s something to see pretty much at any time.

    “District 9” – I’d move that to the top of the list. #1 in viewing order. Very good movie. Watch it with an open mind. It’s a unique film. 🙂

    “Hot Tub Time Machine” is pretty funny, definitely worth seeing, and they even make a reference to Stargate in it! 😀 That alone warrants moving it to #2 on the viewing order. It’s otherwise a pretty standard comedy. Kinda like Crank is the adrenaline-action junky’s “fix”, Hot Tub’s a nice comedic fix.

    The new Spartacus (Gods of the Arena) – definitely worth checking out fairly soon. Good stuff if you enjoyed Blood & Sand.


    Sean D.

  22. P.S.- How do you feel about Ocean’s 11 or that con type of movie or show? Seen Leverage? There’s a nice bit of chemistry going on among the characters in that show, great team work. There’s also Hustle (UK show), it’s another similar show, con artists doing their thing, it’s pretty refreshing and perhaps a little more “humble” version than Leverage.

  23. That on again off again thing would completely frustrate me. My best job prospect continues to utterly confuse me in their processes. Anyways, it’s good that at the moment things are looking good for you.

    Brain ravioli… hmmm… I don’t know… There had better be a pretty girl with an thing for sci-fi or video games sitting across from me. Her presence would make me want to show that I’m open to new things, at the very least it’d be a fun memory.


  24. I have just learnt something new about my food. You don’t like fruit in your desserts. I don’t like big fat chunks of nuts, especially whole nuts in my foot. No cashews in my stir-fries please! No nuts in my groundnut stews! Ever. I don’t like the textural contrast. It’s too jarring. Like someone putting sand in a sandwich. Frustrating.

    Also, the other day, I tried to eat a big meal. I was unhappy when I found I couldn’t finish it. My seven stomachs have shrunk back into one. It’s a tragedy. On the other hand, at least no one can call me a glutton anymore.

    Yes, I did say 7 stomachs. Basically this means eating a meal and getting full. You keep eating and you get hungry again. Enough to eat another meal of the same size. Repeat this process 7 times. Seven was the highest number I’ve been able to get to. Unfortunately, I can’t do multiple stomachs anymore. So sad.

  25. Oh boy, that Crank movie was so bad, that I had to stop waching after about 15 minutes. I really would not waste my time on that one.

  26. You should defenetly watch Julie & Julia. I also recommend the book from which the movie was made.

    My first post wiiii, got to celebrate with some brainzzzzz(not realy probably just gonna have some apple pie)

  27. “Alas, a third season looking less likely, but there are other scenarios that would allow us complete this incredible journey.”

    So I guess it’s more likely to come down to a direct-to-DVD movie or mini-series. Since the rest of the story was planned for 3 more seasons – just how hard will it be to effectively shrink it down? If it’s ever gonna happen that is… I am very sad to not see it the way it was planned to be.

  28. New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland & Labrador would like to have a word with Toronto being the new East Coast.

    Seriously tho, good luck with your trip & meeting.

  29. Hi Joe,
    I am in China now (in Kunming) and following your updates every day. Should I be concerned that there will not be a 3rd SGU season? I really hope there will be. You seem to have moved on from Stragate. This makes me really sad. Please dont tell me that it is over. It cant be. SGU deserves at least 3 more years.


  30. I liked the last dessert. You always inspire me to find new and different things to eat.

    Sorry to hear that a 3rd season of SGU is looking less likely, but glad something might be in the works to finish the story.

    Hope things go well in Toronto. We are in a similar situation in that if hubby gets the opportunity to work somewhere else, we’ll be moving too.

    Have a good weekend!!

  31. You haven’t seen district 9…. oh man Joe. Forget Toronto, you have your work cut out for you. 😉

    Really though, I just saw it recently and was blown away, phenomenal film. 🙂

  32. Perhaps you should invest in an automatic blood pressure cuff. With the constant shifting of fortune, you are probably spiking some interesting new highs in your systolic pressure. Plus, it’s a must have for any good hypocondriac. Or you can have someone close to you learn to do it manually. Usually more accurate than the home brand BP cuffs anyways.
    As for the doggies, well, it would take the better part of 4-5 days to drive them across country. Would they handle driving better than a few hours cooped up in the plane? You’d also need a van to secure them with.(which I just have access to, btw, one with a ramp for wheelchairs and arthritic dogs. just saying..).You said 1 dog per passenger if you pay to carry them in the passenger compartment. If you can cajole Paul to fly at the same time as you, you only have to find 2 more people willing to sit beside one of your canines. And honestly, with fuel prices the way they are, never mind incidentals like meals and motel rooms, the cost won’t be quite so high in comparison.
    Of course, let’s see how you make it through the week in Toronto. Looking forward to more details and to hear you’ve sealed a deal that makes you happy. And we;ll have ringside seats in your search for the best and/or most interesting eateries in the east of Canada.

  33. Are canon novels being considered as an option for resolving SGU’s story? Seems to be that given the story telling style of the show, novels would make a great fit. I stress ‘canon’ though, as I’m not sure the fans would be too enthused by a Fandemonium style continuation. I’ve always wondered why the producers didn’t read any novels ans sign off on them, or ‘accept’ them as part of the series canon. I’m sure their sales would triple at the very least as a result!

  34. Dear Joseph,

    I worry about you.

    Awhile back when you said you might be moving to the ‘east coast’ I was kinda excited since I live on the ‘east coast’.

    I was thinking…Wow…one of my writers/exec producers/etc..etc.. of my favorite multi-series franchise might be my new neighbor.

    Then this talk of a place called “Tor-on-to” was mentioned, and alas, the bubble burst.

    Now I realize your from the Montreal area so you know there is something ‘east’ of Toronto. But Joseph, you are not moving to the ‘east coast’, and you can’t say you’re an east coaster if you live in Toronto. That is reserved for people like Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, Nfld and Labrador.

    I realize all the cool kids at school want to say they are “living on the east coast”, but alas you will be in Central Canada (or as we call it here sometimes…Upper Canada,lol). I’m sorry but Hudson’s Bay does not count for living on the east coast.

    Now if you were moving to a place like Nova Scotia (where I’m from), I could understand it if you had some anxiety over moving to a place like Canso (pop. 911 from the 2006 census). That would be a bit of an adjustment from Vancover for sure. But Toronto? Really? It won’t be that bad if you do go. A period of readjustment most definitely, but you’ll adapt i’m sure.

    Keep strong,

  35. Joe, chill dude. There are restaurants in Toronto. Perhaps you could write some reviews for the local papers. I think that would be an interesting project. But just remember there’s nothing to see in Scarborough.

  36. Holy crap, how have you NOT seen District 9 yet!! It is fantastic, one of the best Sci-Fi films in decades. You can definetly drop Crank, Hot Tub Time Machine and Drag Me to Hell without even watching them though.

  37. Hi Joe,

    I really, really hope we will hear some positive news regarding SGU as soon as possible! I miss the show already, even with 10 episodes more to come. If it will not get a closure in some form many fans have to watch the final 10 with a strange mixture of excitement and frustration. And I really hate that.

    Anyway, check out this bad ass great fanvid from someone called SeanDreamCatcher.
    Look what cool show you have produced and write. You should hire this guy for a 2.5 trailer! 🙂

  38. Hey Joe and SGU fans,

    Fun with numbers again. Yesterday I posted what the numbers of Facebook fans that were on the pages. Today I am following up as promised. Due to a mistake on my part yesterday I forgot to mention several other pages. I made a mistake by not expanding down the results page. I have compiled these in an additional list. These additional listing pages do not have yesterday’s numbers but do have today’s. If they change at all they will be listed tomorrow. After tomorrow’s numbers are listed I will make only one additional posting 1 week from tomorrow to wrap this up.

    The first number in the row is yesterday’s fan total, followed by the second number which is today’s total and the last number is the gain (or difference).
    So here is the primary list from yesterday and they are:

    36,895 –> 37,094 (+199) Stargate Universe (Tv show- Australia Page)
    11,572 –>11,588 (+16) Stargate Universe
    1404 –>1422 (+18) SG:Unite

    12,183 –>12,413 (+230) Save Stargate Universe
    773 –>773 (0) Because We Love Stargate Universe
    518 –>531 (+13) SAVE SGU!!
    191,207 –>191,728 (+521) Stargate Universe (TV Show)
    64,502 –> 64,647 (+145) Stargate Official Fan page
    886 –> 886 (0) Stargate Universe Awareness Campaign

    1007–> 1009 (+2) **Boycott Syfy: Save SGU
    2707 –> 2008 (+1)Sg Universe
    8 –> 8 (0) Stargate Universe

    **Boycott Syfy: Save SGU was abandoned by the author (quite some time ago) because he reconsidered it and really didn’t think this was a positive way to get the show back up on the Syfy air. He has since then started a more positive page to Save SGU. However people who are upset with Syfy and its other cancellations of other shows and Syfy’s behaviors have taken over this page and made it grow. So there are some Stagate Universe fans mixed in there with the rest.

    I won’t include these in the primary list tally because I had originally missed them but they were significant numbers to mention… (the additional list).

    — –> 221 Stargate Universe
    — –> 328 Stargate Universe
    — –> 140 Save Stargate: Universe
    — –> 540 Save Stargate Universe
    — –> 374 Stargate Universe TR
    — –> 1,323 Stargate Universe
    — –> 136 Stargate Universe SG-U
    The total of these 7 additional pages is: 3062 fans.

    I should point out that with these 7 additional listings above are a part of over 130 ADDITIONAL FAN PAGES on Facebook that I hadn’t tallied before. Sorry like I said that was my mistake. Excluding the ones I specifically mentioned, the fan numbers on these pages vary from 1 to 200ish.

    Total fans that are a part of these Facebook pages today for (Jan 29, 2011) is: 324107. Yesterdays total was 323,662. The gain to fans today from yesterday was +445.
    If you total the 7 additional pages I forgot to count today the total of all the fans are 327,169.
    So 327,169 fans on Facebook ALONE (don’t forget duplications) are rooting for Stargate Universe to make it back for a season 3!
    Anyone considering on counting up the Twitter followers?

  39. Joe, don’t listen to João. District 9 was a FANTASTIC movie.

    I’m with others here thinking, “why haven’t you seen it yet?!”

  40. Whew, Joe, that kid of day will get the ol’ adrenaline going, won’t it!? Glad you had Paul and Rob to talk you through it. Also thrilled to hear that you guys will at least be going to Toronto to check everything out. So, will this trip feel like a first date or a second date? 🙂

    So hoping the best and the greatest happens for Stargate & SGU. Couldn’t bear to come up with favorite VFX epi’s the other day. Mine were like many others’. Of course I also liked Carson and Rodney saying good-bye on the pier in “Sunday.” And the similar, and very simple, ‘beers on the pier’ scene with John and Rodney in “The Shrine.” VFX are very powerful, whether creating pyrotechnics, or emotion and mood.

    Have you made your dinner rezzies yet? (reservations in Toronto) We’re looking forward to lots of pics. 🙂

  41. I liked District 9 but it was a very different movie! It is filmed like a documentary. I felt bad for the aliens 🙁 .

  42. @Syfy’s behaviors

    What in the world Scott? It wasn’t Syfys fault the show wasn’t popular on tuesday. *Sigh*
    Good that he abandoned that page and saw sense.

    Anyhow, I’m surprised MGM just hasn’t funded another 2 episodes to be added on to the end of Season 2. Kind of like what was done with Prison Break when they found out it was cancelled. Producers did 2 episodes that Fox didn’t want to air especially for the fans.

    May not be movies but it’d be an easier option. That said getting something like 4 or 5 million out of MGM would be hard right?

  43. Interesting line-up for your DVR and catch-up list. I’ve seen a few on the list.
    Shutter Island: It was predictable, within the first half hour I already knew its “twist”.. Disappointing..

    Drag Me to Hell: watched it… And don’t remember it. :/

    Crank: High Voltage: Um, not much to say about this one.. It is what it is.

    District 9: Very good considering its production cost, just goes to show you don’t always need a huge budget to make a decent movie.

    Spartacus: Gods of the Arena: I watched the first episode, planning on watching the second sometime today. Not sure what to think of it. After all, it was mostly to buy time so they can start filming the second season after casting a new Spartacus. Have to feel for Andy Whitfield, cancer is no walk in the park.

    And well you can never go wrong with House.

    Have a good one.

  44. District 9 is awesome!!!

    I agree with Kevin you may be moving east but you will not be on the East Coast. ; ) I ,like Kevin, actually live on the East Coast (Nova Scotia).

    Since it looks good you might end up living in Toronto, would you be open to attending one of the conventions in the city?

    The Fan expo has a comic book section. It might be a great place to promote you & Paul’s new comic. : )

  45. Dear Mr. Mallozzi,

    I was thinking about your frustration with this job offer when I realized something. If you do take this offer, are you sure that their decision-making process won’t stay the same? In other words, is this yes-no-yes-no thing going to keep going after you’ve taken the job? Are you willing to live with it if it does? Sorry to add more to your plate, but you might want to think about it.


  46. Hiya Joe:


    Wired for War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century


    1. Have you seen “Face Off” yet? (I think it’s pretty good!)

    2. What do you think of “Top Chef” contestant Marcel Vigneron getting a show on the SyFy channel?


    You could always hire someone to drive the dogs cross-country to avoid the trama of air travel. :-)))

    Be well,

  47. Hey joe !
    Could you cc those emails to my email too ?
    I can always dream can’t I ?

  48. @Echelon: District 9: Very good considering its production cost, just goes to show you don’t always need a huge budget to make a decent movie.

    I understand that it didn’t have Avatar’s budget of $250M. But, you say that like $30M is pocket change. It’s not like Clerks, for example, which Kevin Smith originally made for $27,000.

  49. I hope that, one way or another, we at least get a wrap up for Universe. I hate it when shows just end abruptly (or worse, on cliffhangers).

    Really random question: Do they sell caffeine free mountain dew in Vancouver?

  50. I’m with Jay and Kevin on how you define the “east coast”. Not to nitpick, but Ontario is far from being on the east coast. Both Ontario and Quebec are Central Canada. Provinces east of Quebec are the east coast.

    Aside from all that, best of luck on your T.O. trip. Makes me sad to think that your presence in the Stargate world is almost/possibly over.

  51. @cancer is no walk in the park.

    Likely the most serious thing that someone can ever have. Makes me wish it never existed, it takes the lives of so many good people.

    I know of a woman with kids who was told ages ago she was going to die years ago. She’s still alive even now but as it has spread to her bones it’s not something they can cure now.

    I feel sorry for those with the condition. And can only wish them all the best in the world.

  52. Hi Joe! Big fan of your blog, especially since I became a foodie some 2-3 years ago.

    I hope whatever it is that will become of SGU, gets a chance to at least, get a wrap up on their journey. And that all your future projects will be fulfilling and awesome.

    And I hope everything goes well in Toronto too.

    Your story about cleaning your DVR, makes me wish I had one lol. Because I absolutely LOVE Top Chef (I’ve watched all the seasons, Masters, Just Desserts, etc). Sometimes, however, since Wednesdays at work are the busiest out of the week, I’ll get into the episode for the night, and fall asleep and kind of, rest my eyes. When I wake up once more, I’ve completely missed who was eliminated. I used to be able to rely on such websites as Hulu to play catch up, but now sometimes, I have to wait for the repeats. Which is fine. Your story just confirmed how much *easier* it’d be if I just got a DVR box.

    But thank you again for all you do and the wonderful blog. I always look forward to the updates on your lovely dogs and all the food posts.

  53. Been said before, I’m sure, but I wish viewers could just subscribe directly. Like on iTunes, but with more power, ya know. Like, “Okay, here’s my $70 (or whatever). Go make me another season.” x several million, of course.

    Ah wants mah SGU!

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