Oh, dear lord!  Breaking news!

Expert: World will run out of chocolate in a few years

World ‘faces chocolate drought in 2014’

Chocolate Prices on the Rise

Cocoa price surges amid threat of Ivory Coast export ban

Time to rethink my annual chocolate party (April 18, 2010: The Greatest Chocolate Party Ever!).  Maybe it’s just as well given that Stargate has ended and I may soon be Toronto-bound.  Okay, so if chocolate is going to be a problem, help me come up with an alternate food theme for the evening.

Some suggested subsititues:

Joe’s Annual Carob Party!

Joe’s Annual Pastry Party!

Joe’s Annual Ice Cream Party!

Joe’s Annual Peanut Butter Party!

Joe’s Annual Marshmallow Fluff Party!

Joe’s Annual Condensed Milk Party!

Joe’s Annual Candy Apple Party!

Joe’s Annual Bread Pudding Party!

Joe’s Annual Doughnut Party!

Joe’s Annual Halva Party!

Joe’s Annual Crisco and Sugar Party!

Let me know which one you think is the way to go.

Got the travel memo and the game plan for next week in Toronto.  Fly in on Monday, dinner and downtime.  Then, Tuesday to Friday it’ll be Paul, Rob, Alex and I talking character, story, scripts, and arcs.  Fly back to Vancouver on Saturday and then…who knows?  For now, what I do know is that I’ve got quite a bit of reading to do before I hit Toronto.

This afternoon, I met up with my friend Denise for a little dessert.  And when I say “a little”, I mean “a lot”.  We met at Thomas Haas and, over the course of the hour we spent chatting, we put away…

Two hot chocolates, extra thick.
Four macarons (two chocolate and two pistachio).

One almond mascarpone cake.
One stilton cheesecake.
Two salted caramel chocolates.
Four chocolate sparkle cookies (one pictured).

After which I went home and had dinner.

Now, for some reason, I’m feeling a little dizzy.

Anyway, in my sugar-addled state, my thoughts turned to Stargate.  I wondered: Given a most unlikely scenario in which I was given carte blanche to assemble a dream team from the franchise’s three incarnations (SG-1, SGA, and SGU) and write a script based on their adventures, what might that team look like?  Well, in my case – pretty darn crazy. So crazy, in fact, that I doubt they’d let them off the base.

Team leader?

Master Sergeant Ronald Greer.

Tough, capable, dependable, courageous, yet totally unpredictable.  His out-of-the-box approach to most any situation would make for some very interesting developments.

Team science expert?

Dr. Rodney McKay.

He’s snarky, smug, and annoying as hell but – damn – he is good at what he does.  And what he does is use his smarts to save the day.

Team strategist and quick-thinker?

Vala Mal Doran.

If you’re in a tight spot, there’s no one with better improvisational skills – or a talent for self-preservation (so stick close!).  Guaranteed to make any off-world outing VERY interesting.

Team muscle and survivalist?

Ronon Dex.

Sure, he’s big, strong, and driven, but he’s also smart and shown he’s capable of weathering the toughest of  challenges, surviving the most daunting of scenarios.  He never gives up and he’s always got your back.

Overseeing operations back on Earth and occasionally joining the team for the odd off-world jaunt?

Richard Woolsey.

Sometimes, the biggest threats are not alien in nature but hail from more familiar surroundings like, say, the corridors of power right here on planet Earth.  That’s when you want a guy like Woolsey in your corner.  Diplomatic when he wants to be, ruthless when he needs to be, the former lawyer and company man has the savvy to keep operations running smoothly on the home front.

So, that’s my dream team.  What do you think?  Should I start work on scripting their first adventure?

Given the same unlikely opportunity, who would make up your Stargate dream team?

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Damn, got my hopes up when I saw “breaking news” x_x
At least I have some Tim Tams sitting next to me! razz

Major D. Davis
Major D. Davis

Chloe, TJ, James, Carter, Vala, Teyla, and Park… nuff said. wink

Oh and you said…… “Maybe it’s just as well given that Stargate has ended and I may soon be Toronto-bound.”

sad You don’t mean things with SGU aren’t gonna work out right. sad

Major D. Davis
Major D. Davis

Im actually really excited for you regarding this mystery job….. looking forward to new developments smile

If Extinction ever works out, PLEASE promise me you’ll return to SG thought…. right smile

allen elswick
allen elswick

Field Team leader: Cam Mitchell
Science member: Rodney McKay
Weapons/Tactics: Ronald Geer
Medic. Jen Keller
Supervisor: Daniel Jackson


Hi Joe, fantasy night, is it? Ok!

Team Leader: Cam Mitchell
Science Guy: Rodney McKay
Team strategist/quick thinker: Samantha Carter (think “Unending”)
Team muscle/survivalist: Oooh, it’s gotta be Ronon.
Operations overseer: Hank Landry (?)
Comic relief: Vala
Eye candy/Archaeology/”linguist”/good guy: Daniel Jackson

And yes, thank you, start immediately!


isn’t that a list of the people that still live in Vancouver ? hahaha
Actually, you will probably be limited to those in Vancouver actually.

Major D. Davis
Major D. Davis

And I like the idea of…

“Joes Ice Creme Party” smile


Dare I ask BEFORE [if possible!] **DAS** does, “Where’s TODD?” — The “Hand”-on ancient Alien All-in-One BACKUP GUY…


Dream Team

Sam Carter – Base commander

John Sheppard – Team Leader
Matthew Scott – Secondary Leader
Rodney Mckay – Science Guy
Daniel Jackson – Geeky guy
Teyla – Calming influence on everyone

As Jack isn’t involved in missions he isn’t included in my team. That and he really should retire and settle down with you know who.

Matthew Scott(Brian J Smiths character) Always thought he would of been great in the standard Stargate scenarios, as in going offworld, meeting new aliens, solving problems. Guy has a good heart, and would be an asset in a team.

Rodney Mckay because well he’s the guy that saves your butt in the non violent way. Need something fixing? He’s your guy.

Daniel Jackson because really he has an all round character now. Obviously his skills in Ancient related stuff and historical knowledge would be valuable. That and he always come accross as a calm kinda guy.

Teyla because shes a strong minded woman. Obviously she has a lot of skills that would aide the team in offworld missions.

Personally I think this is the best 5 team members in the SG francise and a team that would mostly work.

Jeremy Eloi
Jeremy Eloi

Stargate dream team-O’Neil


Were we allowed 5 choices? Teams did reach 5 members in SG-1 and before in Atlantis sometimes.

Joe Flanigan to me made John Sheppard a leader that came second only to Jack. Which is mostly why I included in my choices.

David Issel

My Team:

Greer, sure
Sam over Rodney, for science
Vala, for sexy muscle
Quinn, for knowledge

At home:

Hammond over Woolsey


Joe’s Annual B.Y.O. DISH-a-THON.

BTW, what are your Horticultural skills like? Forget Toronto, stay in B.C. and turn your place into a cocoa grow-op…

Then, write about, and pitch your Chocolatey adventures into a Series!!


Oh yeah, and now I want Halvah, condensed milk, marshmallow fluff and bread pudding. Come to think of it, condensed milk is really good over bread pudding wink

My family owns a chocolate/candy factory in Central America – I’ve heard all the panic over the price and availabity of cocoa. I say we stock up. Carob sucks.


Really Joe, no one from the original SG1 team… interesting.

I’d have to say that my Dream team would be… Shepard, because a smart a%$ leader is always the best, and he’s rather resourceful too. Oh don’t forget he took the Mensa test.

My Science guy – well that would be McKay, as much as I love Carter, I have to go with McKay because well he’s funny and no matter what he can always find a way out, just make sure you feed him our he gets a little grumpy.

My Thinker – Has to be Daniel, he’s seen it all done it all and been a part of getting out of it all. Not to mention that along the way he went from nerdy/whimpy archeologist to kick a%$ “soldier” he knows how to hold his own in a fight, how to back up his team and how to use his brain to get out of things too.. not to mention having him in with John and Rodney the snark would be GREAT!

My Muscle – No question in my mind Teal’c! Stoic, strong, and surprisingly smart. He’s what 130something years old so he has the experience to handle whatever is tossed his way.

My Head of Operations – This one is hard, it’s a toss up between Hammond and O’Neil… I think I have to go with Hammond (sadly do with Don’s death we’d never be able to see this) but Hammond lead the SGC with power and class he was diplomatic when he needed to be and tough as nails when needed. He wasn’t afraid to call peoples bluffs and when pull out the big guns be it the red phone or a call to Thor when needed.

I have to add a team member here that you didn’t… Team Doctor… (Don’t let Rob near the doctor please, he just likes to kill them)… I have to go with Carson, (it was hard to go against Janet, she a fire cracker)… but Carson reminds me a bit of Daniel, when we first meet him is a total fish out of water but given his experiences he becomes something great.. (forgetting that you all killed him in season 3 thank for for bring him back at the end of season 4)… by the end of season 5 he is no longer afraid of what’s happening his is comfortable with who is is and his role he knows his stuff medically and he can now fly the city as easy as a puddle jumper…

OK, well that’s my 2 cents… I shall go back into my lurker mode for a while now.


Gotta make this quick – reading Pendergast and watching developments in Egypt – an odd combo, I know.

1. How about…Joe’s Annual Cod Sperm Party! or Joe’s Annual Offal Party!??


Yeah…let’s not. razz

I, too, am distressed over the chocolate situation. The other day 18,000 metric tons of cocoa beans arrived in Philly – I think it’s the largest shipment, ever. They said it would take 7 days to unload, and would fill, floor to ceiling, 3 Walmart stores. That’s a lot of cocoa beans.

So, Joe…how’s about meeting me in Philly for a little black ops mission, eh? wink

And in all seriousness – why not just Joe’s Annual Dessert Party? Cakes, pies, cookies, tarts (the food kind wink ), pastries, custards, puddings, petits fours, candies, ice cream, sorbets, dessert drinks – you can have it all!

2. Stargate Dream Team – Ya know, I think I like your line-up just fine, but you must…I say, MUST!… add Todd as team doctor. It makes perfect sense. Firstly, he can regurgitate handy dandy lifestuffs into an injured teammate. How cool is that? Also, since he needs to feed on humans for survival, he wouldn’t want any to die prematurely, so he would work extra hard to keep them alive, and fit. He’d probably even make Rodney workout a little.

And think about it…he would really add something to the team dynamics. You have:

Todd and Ronon (‘I hate you!’)
Todd and Greer (‘Alright. Who let the freaky death metal reject in here?’)
Todd and McKay (‘Can you – if at all Wraithily possible – stop looking at me like I’m the last slice of chocolate decadence cake in the middle of a Weight Watchers meeting?’)
Todd and Woolsey (‘What Dr. McKay said. Also, have a breath mint…make that two.’)
Todd and Vala (‘So…I understand that you are green all over. My, how intriguing.’)

Make it happen, Joe…make. it. happen. grin

Have a good night, sir!



Go for it Joseph!!!! Great choice and now because of you i’m curious to see this team on work lol.

But I think my team should be more interesting ^^ with Daniel Jackson, Ronon Dex, Rodney Mckay, John Sheppard and Everet Young for supervisor all.


Soooo…has it happened yet?



Cori Hull

Yeah, I would totally watch that show. Can we have a movie with that team? For backup I would add three more folks though. We gotta have a medic, right? So TJ should come along, and you probably need someone who is good with strangers (and won’t try to steal the shirts off their backs when they’re not looking), so Daniel as well (added bonus that he can keep Vala moderately in check). Finally, to have a little bit more grounded military influence, Major Lorne can come too, because, well, he’s awesome and don’t we need a pilot, anyway? :o)

Good luck in whatever you go and do next Joe. I’ve got my fingers crossed that at least part of it is more Stargate, for sure, but we all know that can’t last forever (sadly), so I am hoping for all of the best in your forthcoming Toronto adventure.


Greer is a perfect NCO, but I’m not sure about him being the leader of a team. He’d be right up there with McKay and Ronin when it came to maintaining the paperwork required for team leader. So I’d put Sheppard in that slot, and place Greer under him. McKay, check. Vala is an interesting choice, but I’d replace her with Teyla. She provides the maturity and even wisdom that the team requires to balance out the individual personalities. Ronin is definitely the best kick ass character in the franchise overall. Hmm. I’ve just replicated the SGA team. I’d even complete the set by agreeing with your choice of Woolsey. Ah well.
Joe’s foie gras party sounds better than the rest. Though if you insist on sweets, definitely the ice cream. You’ve shown some small talent for producing some interesting entries on that front already.
good luck on the Toronto trip, and looking forward to progress reports.


Team Leader – John Sheppard, no contest. Thinks out of the box, is smart, resourceful and loyal to a fault. (and doesn’t go off half-cocked like some people you mentioned)
Team Scientist – Rodney McKay, where Shep goes, so goes Rodney
Team Strategest – Teyla, she has shown her abiltity to adapt to a wide variety of situations
Team Warrior – Ronon, an incredibly strong and loyal team member
Wait, this sounds like a Team I’ve already seen before…


Forgot, Woolsey – Head of Operations


Dream Team. It would be realllly interesting to see a show where you could mix and match. Or maybe give each of the original team members their own specialized team.

But if its just one team…


What about Stargate TNG? Where Jack Daniel Sam and Teal’C are all heads of their own departments at Homeworld Command and send a new SG1 out on missions (ALA the new Young Justice cartoon on Cartoon Network) and this SG1 would be composed of

Matt, Jennifer Hadley (remember her?) Eli and some mysterious new bad to be named later.


Joe, don’t be silly with those new party ideas. I’m sure everyone would much rather enjoy a Jelly Bean Party! They make tons of flavors. It would take a couple of fun filled hours to sample all of them. OR, how about a Cereal Party! Cereal makes a great snack. You could put out bowls of Fruit Loops, Capt’n Crunch, Peanut Butter Capt’n Crunch, Cocoa Puffs (I hope they can still make this one with the chocolate shortage), Lucky Charms, Golden Grahams, Fiber One (for your older guests), Frosted Mini Wheat, etc, etc. Also put out some fruit because some people like to put fruit in their cereal. And you would serve only milk of course. What fun!!

I loved SGA so much, that would still be my dream team. I would not change a single person. Ronon, Sheppard, Teyla, McKay, Dr Beckett and Weir. I think I’m going thru withdrawals again…I better go watch some of my SGA DVD collection.


That was supposed to be “bad ass”.