Oh, dear lord!  Breaking news!

Expert: World will run out of chocolate in a few years

World ‘faces chocolate drought in 2014’

Chocolate Prices on the Rise

Cocoa price surges amid threat of Ivory Coast export ban

Time to rethink my annual chocolate party (April 18, 2010: The Greatest Chocolate Party Ever!).  Maybe it’s just as well given that Stargate has ended and I may soon be Toronto-bound.  Okay, so if chocolate is going to be a problem, help me come up with an alternate food theme for the evening.

Some suggested subsititues:

Joe’s Annual Carob Party!

Joe’s Annual Pastry Party!

Joe’s Annual Ice Cream Party!

Joe’s Annual Peanut Butter Party!

Joe’s Annual Marshmallow Fluff Party!

Joe’s Annual Condensed Milk Party!

Joe’s Annual Candy Apple Party!

Joe’s Annual Bread Pudding Party!

Joe’s Annual Doughnut Party!

Joe’s Annual Halva Party!

Joe’s Annual Crisco and Sugar Party!

Let me know which one you think is the way to go.

Got the travel memo and the game plan for next week in Toronto.  Fly in on Monday, dinner and downtime.  Then, Tuesday to Friday it’ll be Paul, Rob, Alex and I talking character, story, scripts, and arcs.  Fly back to Vancouver on Saturday and then…who knows?  For now, what I do know is that I’ve got quite a bit of reading to do before I hit Toronto.

This afternoon, I met up with my friend Denise for a little dessert.  And when I say “a little”, I mean “a lot”.  We met at Thomas Haas and, over the course of the hour we spent chatting, we put away…

Two hot chocolates, extra thick.
Four macarons (two chocolate and two pistachio).

One almond mascarpone cake.
One stilton cheesecake.
Two salted caramel chocolates.
Four chocolate sparkle cookies (one pictured).

After which I went home and had dinner.

Now, for some reason, I’m feeling a little dizzy.

Anyway, in my sugar-addled state, my thoughts turned to Stargate.  I wondered: Given a most unlikely scenario in which I was given carte blanche to assemble a dream team from the franchise’s three incarnations (SG-1, SGA, and SGU) and write a script based on their adventures, what might that team look like?  Well, in my case – pretty darn crazy. So crazy, in fact, that I doubt they’d let them off the base.

Team leader?

Master Sergeant Ronald Greer.

Tough, capable, dependable, courageous, yet totally unpredictable.  His out-of-the-box approach to most any situation would make for some very interesting developments.

Team science expert?

Dr. Rodney McKay.

He’s snarky, smug, and annoying as hell but – damn – he is good at what he does.  And what he does is use his smarts to save the day.

Team strategist and quick-thinker?

Vala Mal Doran.

If you’re in a tight spot, there’s no one with better improvisational skills – or a talent for self-preservation (so stick close!).  Guaranteed to make any off-world outing VERY interesting.

Team muscle and survivalist?

Ronon Dex.

Sure, he’s big, strong, and driven, but he’s also smart and shown he’s capable of weathering the toughest of  challenges, surviving the most daunting of scenarios.  He never gives up and he’s always got your back.

Overseeing operations back on Earth and occasionally joining the team for the odd off-world jaunt?

Richard Woolsey.

Sometimes, the biggest threats are not alien in nature but hail from more familiar surroundings like, say, the corridors of power right here on planet Earth.  That’s when you want a guy like Woolsey in your corner.  Diplomatic when he wants to be, ruthless when he needs to be, the former lawyer and company man has the savvy to keep operations running smoothly on the home front.

So, that’s my dream team.  What do you think?  Should I start work on scripting their first adventure?

Given the same unlikely opportunity, who would make up your Stargate dream team?

101 thoughts on “January 29, 2011: Help me avoid a chocolate crisis! Sugar rush! Your Stargate dream team!

  1. Damn, got my hopes up when I saw “breaking news” x_x
    At least I have some Tim Tams sitting next to me! 😛

  2. Chloe, TJ, James, Carter, Vala, Teyla, and Park… nuff said. 😉

    Oh and you said…… “Maybe it’s just as well given that Stargate has ended and I may soon be Toronto-bound.”

    🙁 You don’t mean things with SGU aren’t gonna work out right. 🙁

  3. Im actually really excited for you regarding this mystery job….. looking forward to new developments 🙂

    If Extinction ever works out, PLEASE promise me you’ll return to SG thought…. right 🙂

  4. Field Team leader: Cam Mitchell
    Science member: Rodney McKay
    Weapons/Tactics: Ronald Geer
    Medic. Jen Keller
    Supervisor: Daniel Jackson

  5. Hi Joe, fantasy night, is it? Ok!

    Team Leader: Cam Mitchell
    Science Guy: Rodney McKay
    Team strategist/quick thinker: Samantha Carter (think “Unending”)
    Team muscle/survivalist: Oooh, it’s gotta be Ronon.
    Operations overseer: Hank Landry (?)
    Comic relief: Vala
    Eye candy/Archaeology/”linguist”/good guy: Daniel Jackson

    And yes, thank you, start immediately!

  6. isn’t that a list of the people that still live in Vancouver ? hahaha
    Actually, you will probably be limited to those in Vancouver actually.

  7. Dare I ask BEFORE [if possible!] **DAS** does, “Where’s TODD?” — The “Hand”-on ancient Alien All-in-One BACKUP GUY…

  8. Dream Team

    Sam Carter – Base commander

    John Sheppard – Team Leader
    Matthew Scott – Secondary Leader
    Rodney Mckay – Science Guy
    Daniel Jackson – Geeky guy
    Teyla – Calming influence on everyone

    As Jack isn’t involved in missions he isn’t included in my team. That and he really should retire and settle down with you know who.

    Matthew Scott(Brian J Smiths character) Always thought he would of been great in the standard Stargate scenarios, as in going offworld, meeting new aliens, solving problems. Guy has a good heart, and would be an asset in a team.

    Rodney Mckay because well he’s the guy that saves your butt in the non violent way. Need something fixing? He’s your guy.

    Daniel Jackson because really he has an all round character now. Obviously his skills in Ancient related stuff and historical knowledge would be valuable. That and he always come accross as a calm kinda guy.

    Teyla because shes a strong minded woman. Obviously she has a lot of skills that would aide the team in offworld missions.

    Personally I think this is the best 5 team members in the SG francise and a team that would mostly work.

  9. Were we allowed 5 choices? Teams did reach 5 members in SG-1 and before in Atlantis sometimes.

    Joe Flanigan to me made John Sheppard a leader that came second only to Jack. Which is mostly why I included in my choices.

  10. My Team:

    Greer, sure
    Sam over Rodney, for science
    Vala, for sexy muscle
    Quinn, for knowledge

    At home:

    Hammond over Woolsey

  11. Joe’s Annual B.Y.O. DISH-a-THON.

    BTW, what are your Horticultural skills like? Forget Toronto, stay in B.C. and turn your place into a cocoa grow-op…

    Then, write about, and pitch your Chocolatey adventures into a Series!!

  12. Oh yeah, and now I want Halvah, condensed milk, marshmallow fluff and bread pudding. Come to think of it, condensed milk is really good over bread pudding 😉

    My family owns a chocolate/candy factory in Central America – I’ve heard all the panic over the price and availabity of cocoa. I say we stock up. Carob sucks.

  13. Really Joe, no one from the original SG1 team… interesting.

    I’d have to say that my Dream team would be… Shepard, because a smart a%$ leader is always the best, and he’s rather resourceful too. Oh don’t forget he took the Mensa test.

    My Science guy – well that would be McKay, as much as I love Carter, I have to go with McKay because well he’s funny and no matter what he can always find a way out, just make sure you feed him our he gets a little grumpy.

    My Thinker – Has to be Daniel, he’s seen it all done it all and been a part of getting out of it all. Not to mention that along the way he went from nerdy/whimpy archeologist to kick a%$ “soldier” he knows how to hold his own in a fight, how to back up his team and how to use his brain to get out of things too.. not to mention having him in with John and Rodney the snark would be GREAT!

    My Muscle – No question in my mind Teal’c! Stoic, strong, and surprisingly smart. He’s what 130something years old so he has the experience to handle whatever is tossed his way.

    My Head of Operations – This one is hard, it’s a toss up between Hammond and O’Neil… I think I have to go with Hammond (sadly do with Don’s death we’d never be able to see this) but Hammond lead the SGC with power and class he was diplomatic when he needed to be and tough as nails when needed. He wasn’t afraid to call peoples bluffs and when pull out the big guns be it the red phone or a call to Thor when needed.

    I have to add a team member here that you didn’t… Team Doctor… (Don’t let Rob near the doctor please, he just likes to kill them)… I have to go with Carson, (it was hard to go against Janet, she a fire cracker)… but Carson reminds me a bit of Daniel, when we first meet him is a total fish out of water but given his experiences he becomes something great.. (forgetting that you all killed him in season 3 thank for for bring him back at the end of season 4)… by the end of season 5 he is no longer afraid of what’s happening his is comfortable with who is is and his role he knows his stuff medically and he can now fly the city as easy as a puddle jumper…

    OK, well that’s my 2 cents… I shall go back into my lurker mode for a while now.

  14. Gotta make this quick – reading Pendergast and watching developments in Egypt – an odd combo, I know.

    1. How about…Joe’s Annual Cod Sperm Party! or Joe’s Annual Offal Party!??


    Yeah…let’s not. 😛

    I, too, am distressed over the chocolate situation. The other day 18,000 metric tons of cocoa beans arrived in Philly – I think it’s the largest shipment, ever. They said it would take 7 days to unload, and would fill, floor to ceiling, 3 Walmart stores. That’s a lot of cocoa beans.

    So, Joe…how’s about meeting me in Philly for a little black ops mission, eh? 😉

    And in all seriousness – why not just Joe’s Annual Dessert Party? Cakes, pies, cookies, tarts (the food kind 😉 ), pastries, custards, puddings, petits fours, candies, ice cream, sorbets, dessert drinks – you can have it all!

    2. Stargate Dream Team – Ya know, I think I like your line-up just fine, but you must…I say, MUST!… add Todd as team doctor. It makes perfect sense. Firstly, he can regurgitate handy dandy lifestuffs into an injured teammate. How cool is that? Also, since he needs to feed on humans for survival, he wouldn’t want any to die prematurely, so he would work extra hard to keep them alive, and fit. He’d probably even make Rodney workout a little.

    And think about it…he would really add something to the team dynamics. You have:

    Todd and Ronon (‘I hate you!’)
    Todd and Greer (‘Alright. Who let the freaky death metal reject in here?’)
    Todd and McKay (‘Can you – if at all Wraithily possible – stop looking at me like I’m the last slice of chocolate decadence cake in the middle of a Weight Watchers meeting?’)
    Todd and Woolsey (‘What Dr. McKay said. Also, have a breath mint…make that two.’)
    Todd and Vala (‘So…I understand that you are green all over. My, how intriguing.’)

    Make it happen, Joe…make. it. happen. 😀

    Have a good night, sir!


  15. Go for it Joseph!!!! Great choice and now because of you i’m curious to see this team on work lol.

    But I think my team should be more interesting ^^ with Daniel Jackson, Ronon Dex, Rodney Mckay, John Sheppard and Everet Young for supervisor all.

  16. Yeah, I would totally watch that show. Can we have a movie with that team? For backup I would add three more folks though. We gotta have a medic, right? So TJ should come along, and you probably need someone who is good with strangers (and won’t try to steal the shirts off their backs when they’re not looking), so Daniel as well (added bonus that he can keep Vala moderately in check). Finally, to have a little bit more grounded military influence, Major Lorne can come too, because, well, he’s awesome and don’t we need a pilot, anyway? :o)

    Good luck in whatever you go and do next Joe. I’ve got my fingers crossed that at least part of it is more Stargate, for sure, but we all know that can’t last forever (sadly), so I am hoping for all of the best in your forthcoming Toronto adventure.

  17. Greer is a perfect NCO, but I’m not sure about him being the leader of a team. He’d be right up there with McKay and Ronin when it came to maintaining the paperwork required for team leader. So I’d put Sheppard in that slot, and place Greer under him. McKay, check. Vala is an interesting choice, but I’d replace her with Teyla. She provides the maturity and even wisdom that the team requires to balance out the individual personalities. Ronin is definitely the best kick ass character in the franchise overall. Hmm. I’ve just replicated the SGA team. I’d even complete the set by agreeing with your choice of Woolsey. Ah well.
    Joe’s foie gras party sounds better than the rest. Though if you insist on sweets, definitely the ice cream. You’ve shown some small talent for producing some interesting entries on that front already.
    good luck on the Toronto trip, and looking forward to progress reports.

  18. Team Leader – John Sheppard, no contest. Thinks out of the box, is smart, resourceful and loyal to a fault. (and doesn’t go off half-cocked like some people you mentioned)
    Team Scientist – Rodney McKay, where Shep goes, so goes Rodney
    Team Strategest – Teyla, she has shown her abiltity to adapt to a wide variety of situations
    Team Warrior – Ronon, an incredibly strong and loyal team member
    Wait, this sounds like a Team I’ve already seen before…

  19. Dream Team. It would be realllly interesting to see a show where you could mix and match. Or maybe give each of the original team members their own specialized team.

    But if its just one team…


    What about Stargate TNG? Where Jack Daniel Sam and Teal’C are all heads of their own departments at Homeworld Command and send a new SG1 out on missions (ALA the new Young Justice cartoon on Cartoon Network) and this SG1 would be composed of

    Matt, Jennifer Hadley (remember her?) Eli and some mysterious new bad to be named later.

  20. Joe, don’t be silly with those new party ideas. I’m sure everyone would much rather enjoy a Jelly Bean Party! They make tons of flavors. It would take a couple of fun filled hours to sample all of them. OR, how about a Cereal Party! Cereal makes a great snack. You could put out bowls of Fruit Loops, Capt’n Crunch, Peanut Butter Capt’n Crunch, Cocoa Puffs (I hope they can still make this one with the chocolate shortage), Lucky Charms, Golden Grahams, Fiber One (for your older guests), Frosted Mini Wheat, etc, etc. Also put out some fruit because some people like to put fruit in their cereal. And you would serve only milk of course. What fun!!

    I loved SGA so much, that would still be my dream team. I would not change a single person. Ronon, Sheppard, Teyla, McKay, Dr Beckett and Weir. I think I’m going thru withdrawals again…I better go watch some of my SGA DVD collection.

  21. Rodney – because even though nobody wants to say it, he gets the job done faster than humanly able.

    Tod – put on a substitute drug … much how a symbyote is replaced for a jaffa; he would make for some interesting situations – especially with Rodney.

    One of the new Asgard – In one of their suits they could really kick.

    Sam Carter – Okay, this seems to be turning into a science team and built off of ways to make Rodney uncomfortable.

    Rush – He is just as cocky and confident in himself as the rest of them, with the exception maybe of Sam.

    Lets work the chemistry!!!

    Go for a Deep Fryed Peanut Butter and Jelly Burrito Party!! They’re great!

  22. Actually, except for “team muscle” Sam Carter could handle all the other jobs by herself. But in the interest of balance:
    Team leader: John Sheppard
    Scientist: Sam Carter
    Strategist: Teyla
    Muscle: Ronin
    Overseer: O’Neill

    I would also add a Doctor to the mix as well: T.J.

  23. Clearly that British stockbroker who bought up all the cocoa in Europe to drive up the prices is also putting out press releases about a choco crisis to create demand.

    The solution is clear; Colombian drug lords will seize the opportunity to grow cocoa beans as a cash crop, and they will become the chocolate barons of the 21st century.

    If Anthony Ward can hoard chocolate then so can we. Chocolate never goes bad, I think. I’m pretty sure. Right?

  24. “Adventures”?

    I think you meant to say “adventure”, because that team would be pretty much marked for death the minute they stepped through the gate. Inept, untrained, and incapable of dealing with nearly all off-world situations, each of your super-warriors would be easily dispatched by just about anything we’ve seen on the three shows.

    First, there’s Greer, who is by far the strongest member of your squad. He does seem capable of calmly handling all scenarios he encounters. But he hasn’t encountered many. In fact, he hasn’t encountered anything so far in season two. But I digress. I imagine Ronald Greer being the last to go down, after watching the rest of this bumbling team vanish in an instant. At best he’d make it back to the SGC in a tizzy, a la Rothman in The First Ones. The best he can do is haul ass back to the gate for a competent team.

    Up next is Mckay. But you didn’t specify which Mckay you were taking. Is this regular Mckay from SG-1 or Plot Shields Mckay from Atlantis? Because Mckay from Atlantis is actually immortal. He’s the only character on Atlantis who is written to be able to move the plot forward, mostly always with a nonsensical, rapidly-mouthed bundle of gibberish. Classic Atlantis. Fulfilling this function, Rodney has proven his ability to make it out of a variety of ridiculous situations. Still, all things being equal, and this team being a new group, I’d say Mckay will be summarily executed by the first intelligent villain he meets. Too whiny, too nerdy, always an easy target, the real question is who wouldn’t kill Mckay first?

    Vala I think would obviously be betrayed by her rougish father. Jacen, unable to resist a classic fart gag, would surreptitiously place a whoopee cushion on the tree stump Vala marked out. Either that or she would be so incapacitated by VD that she would have to be replaced.

    Ronan. Right. His exceptionally loud breathing would give him away the first time an actual covert mission was required. And while berserker rage looks “wild” in super slow mo, it’s also likely to get you killed. I see Ronan dying two ways. One, and more unpleasantly, Greer has to put a bullet in him first mission out in order to survive himself. You know, kind of like those guys in Vietnam who had to kill their CO. Second, and I suppose for the better, Ronan is selected by a minor Goa’uld as a potential host. A Goa’uld could make up for his lack of intelligence, and take care of that endurance issue he has.

    Woolsey would likely die from complications originating with whiplash. You see, his poor neck just couldn’t stand up to the repeated abrupt characterization changes he’s had to endure. First, he’s a corrupt hatchet man, then he’s a political lobbyist, then he’s an high-steppin’, slapstick coward, and somehow winds up a Commander Of People. You saw how he was rubbing the back of his neck when he relieved Carter of command? Foreshadowing.

    As for my own dream team, I’ll take the original SG-1. Entirely competent, emotionally mature, and actually capable off working as a team, I have absolutely no doubt that they would be capable of taking out any other team you tried to put together using any other characters from the SG universe. Second choice goes to SG-13. Third choice goes to SG-2. Fourth choice goes to any actual SG-team.

  25. My Stargate dream team would be led by Col. Carter, Lt. Scott, Jonas Quinn, Ronon Dex with Gen. O’Neill in command.

    If you do go to Toronto, I hope it is to work on Flashpoint. I love that show, so don’t screw it up like you did Atlantis, and Universe………..and thinking back SG-1 started to go downhill around Season 4.

  26. The rest of the team is negotiable, but if Shep isn’t the leader, I ain’t following them anywhere! Shep is my favorite character of all time, in case you couldn’t guess. 🙂

    I love The Team, of course, so I’d like to see them back, but I’d get a kick out of Vala and Shep together, they almost look alike!

  27. Joe,

    Ahhh yes a cross over- I like!

    My dream team would of course be the following:
    Daniel Jackson, Nicholas Rush, Eli Wallace , George Hammond, Jack O’neill, John Sheppard, Samantha Carter, Rodney Mckay, Carson Beckett, Ronald Greer , Matthew Scott

    Hammond would be on earth at Homeworld command. Richard Woolsey would be the liason from the ship and earth. Carter would be in charge of the complete ship and defense. While O’neill and Sheppard would lead the team and feed off each other with the wisecracks and witticisms. The wise sage O’neill would stay on the ship in most cases coming up with strategies and also feeding the away team with any support from the ship, while Sheppard is leading the away team. Of course I think I would make O’neill a little tough on all the away team members (being he can’t do as much out in the field any more). Lt. Scott would be a second in command in the field. He would still be learning on what it takes to be an officer. Greer would be the make it happen guy on the away team and security. He would also be helping to train and shape the young lieutenant into a good and experienced officer.

    Jackson and Rush would be unlocking the ancient mysteries of the ship. Together they would make fast progress however Jackson and Rush would approach the problem different ways. Jackson would think about the ethics of the situation while Rush would just do it without thinking of others. This would cause big problems and much tension.

    Eli and Mckay would be unlocking the technology of the ship. Carter would step in frequently to help. I think Mckay would go nuts having Eli help him. But hey that’s all good!

    And of course Carson Beckett would patch them all up.

  28. OT: Sebastian, my behavior trainee at Animal Defense League of Texas http://twitpic.com/3ung87

    Sebastian is one of several rescued from hoarder in April, 2010. He’s still a shy guy, so I’m helping socialize him. Saturday, He started looking me directly in the eye and being curious about items I held.

  29. “Help me avoid a chocolate crisis!”

    Invest in a few hundred acres of fertile land and grow your own cocoa plants. Remember to cloak the field so Google satellite doesn’t post the images online for all to see.

    “So, that’s my dream team. What do you think? Should I start work on scripting their first adventure?”

    Heck yeah, it sounds awesome. 🙂

    “Given the same unlikely opportunity, who would make up your Stargate dream team?”

    Rajesh Koothrappali from The Big Bang Theory for Team leader:
    I’d love to see him try to talk to Hathor.

    Howard Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory for Master Sergeant:
    Howard could kick Greer’s butt.

    Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory as Team science expert:
    I can picture Sheldon and McKay playing tic-tac-toe against each other. Trying to decide who would go first would be a true battle of wits.

    Penny’s ex-boyfriend as Team muscle and survivalist:
    Sure, he’s big, strong, and driven, and that’s about it.

    Leonard from The Big Bang Theory for Team strategist and quick-thinker:
    Who else?

    Penny from The Big Bang Theory for overseeing operations back on Earth and occasionally joining the team for the odd off-world jaunt:
    Penny should definitely be in charge of the International Oversight Advisory committee.

  30. I almost posted a link to that chocolate thing, then I noticed it was “sustainable” chocolate that supposedly wouldn’t be around by 2014. Who defines “sustainable”? Probably some certifying body who gets such a complex series of kickbacks from producers and governments that we’d have to call their objectivity into … I did it again, didn’t I?

  31. Personally I didn’t mention Teal’c because I could always imagine him going offworld helping his fellow Jaffa in his later life, or even now.

    Mine were more realistic choices in some ways.
    I thought Sam really worked as leader in Atlantis, obviously she doesn’t have the experience as Woolsey but she has more first hand experience with the issues people on the base deals with, and as such would be a better leader overall.

    Still I’m totally for a Jack x Sam pairing. Retire them both in a grand SG wedding scene.

  32. My Stargate Dream Team!

    Off World Team:

    Team Leader:
    Everett Young

    Second In Command:
    Cameron Mitchell

    Combat/Culture Expert:

    Science/Language Expert:
    Daniel Jackson

    Earth Based SGC Personnel:

    Hank Landry

    Tamara Johansen

    Also featured as other SG team leaders would be David Telford and Ronald Greer.

    Fun idea Joe! Keep up the good work and we are all still very much hoping to hear some good news regarding SGU!

  33. No more chocolate?! Gotta start stocking up, although chocolate doesn’t last much longer than a few years. I tried 11 year old chocolate once (or was it more 8 years?), it was a bit chalky… but ok-ish… maybe I’ll wait until we’re a bit closer to 2014 before I start saving chocolate.

    My dream team? Hmmm…

    Team leader: John Sheppard
    Scientist: Samantha Carter (I like Rodney too, but Sam can kick more ass and is a better all rounder)
    Strategist: Teyla vs Greer
    Muscle: Ronon Dex and maybe Scott too – Scott’s good backup
    Overseer: Jack O’Neil
    Doctor: Keller

    Or we can replace Sam with Rodney, kick O’Neil off the list and put Sam in his place. Then we can replace Sam with McKay or Daniel Jackson. Daniel can kick more ass than McKay too, but McKay’s better in tech-y situations. Tough call that one.

    Oh. Can’t decide. Oh what? Tim Gaffney did a similar list? He must’ve copied me! Not fair. I sure didn’t copy him. I only just saw his list!

    Can you do a rough script for us, Mr M.? Just for a lark? Please, pretty please with chocolate sprinkles on top?

    As for party names, how about:
    Joe’s Annual Just Desserts Party!
    Then you can cream pie people who have been mean to you that year at the same time as sampling all the best desserts in the city.

  34. Hello Joe,

    Team SG with super-scientist is a great mistake (since SG1 Carter, Mc Kay), the science (vocabulary, computer…) is not science fiction, it’s too actual. It’s good for Z-movie. With a scientist, Stargate won reduced public (young, geek), but lost the general public. To deduce “what this alien object”, a linguist (and archeo methods) was a best idea and very science fiction (general public -and geek- like it).

    – team leader : military
    – linguist
    – medic
    – new alien
    – two another military (Greer) and another like Ford (solo)

    – no too superhero and no iris for the stargate !!!
    – Two or tree teams in parallel ? And select the best team (from hearing) ?

  35. My dream team would be: Jack O’Neill, Rodney McKay, Daniel Jackson and Sam Carter

  36. Hi Joe:

    For your parties, what about chips and nuts and popcorn? You can get all kinds of cool flavours with all of these items and if you keep the salt down, most of them are, if not benign, actually good for you. Yeah, I know, that’s not the point of the party. But as you get older, junk food gets dangerous. There are all kinds of hidden hazards waiting to take you out in the food you eat. I would have suggested an even healthier choice – fruits and nuts, but I know how you feel about fruit.
    My ultimate suggestion to you is, once you know where you are going to end up, buy hydroponic equipment and grow your own chocolate plants in your basement. Who knows, in a few years you may end up being a very wealthy trafficker of chocolate. Watch those electric bills.

    I’d have a really tough time making a decision on the optimum team for a Stargate series. My choices would likely be based on the characters I like the most rather than their abilities. But if I were to look for someone with a great deal of knowledge to add to a team made up of SG team members, whoever they might be, I’d pick Ba’al’s host from Stargate Continuum. Add him to the team and you not only have someone with a huge amount of knowledge about everything, but also someone who would make things very interesting.


  37. Favourite SG-team?

    SGU as it exists now of course!

    With Rush being the most important character.

    The Rush/Young tension being toned down slightly, but not going away entirely. Rush/Eli developing more of a friendship or mentor/student-relationship. Chloe not dying or being written out of the script. TJ getting a bigger part and the relationship Young/TJ resolved one way or the other. Brody getting a bigger part. He seems the quintessence of an engineer to me and I love him for his practical no-nonsense approach. Seeing how Rush and Eli deal with the deaths of their respective love-interests. Finding out lots more about that mission of Destiny. String-theory? Having the blue aliens back at some point and find out what they did to Rush and Chloe. Chloe was there for just a few hours, but Rush far longer. Why does Chloe change, but not Rush?

    Find out more about Destiny itself. Is its programming highly enough developed to make it semi-self-aware? What about Rush’s wife and Dr. Franklin on the bridge? Will they make another appearance? Was Rush hallucinating or was it really Destiny trying to get in contact with him? How? Holographic projection? Find out more about the beings who created that Eden-planet. Why did they not save Kane and his people in time? Simply arrived to late? Why send them back to Destiny?

    Hmm… thousand more questions come to mind, but I guess I better stop now.

    Really don’t know how to deal with the cancellation of SGU. It hits me much harder than the cancellation of a mere TV-show should.

  38. Team Stargate Most Confusing:

    My strategy would be to confuse the enemy into having no idea who these guys actually are. In reverse order:

    4. Sgt. Siler, because he’ll attract every single explosion to himself thus insuring the rest of the team is unharmed.

    3. Carson Beckett / Ernest Littlefield, for not having aged since 1945.

    2. Maj. Coburn / Camulus, for being a future Goa’uld trapped inside an SG team member.

    1. Odai Ventrell / col. Chernovshev / Kiryk / Varro, for being a Russian officer who’s also 2 (two) different Lucian Alliance dudes.

  39. ok my team

    Ronon – for the same reasons as you…

    Sheppard – gutsy, great strategist, agile.

    McKay – same reasons as you

    Carter – great leader and is good working with Mckay

    Greer – great soldier !!

    Plus the men here are all rather pleasing to the eye… well McKay is sorta cute.

  40. (This started as just a list of 5 names but it turned into an essay. It’s your own fault, Joe.)

    It’s hard to mix and match given that so many characters had a special interplay, like the mutual respect of O’Neill and Teal’c, or the latent romance of O’Neill and Carter, or the sparring of Daniel and Vala. Anyhow, I guess my preferences would go something like this:

    Leader – Sheppard. This role was the hardest to decide for. Sheppard’s a strong leader though, and I couldn’t think of a good reason *not* to pick him whereas everyone else has one or two strikes against them.

    Other contenders:
    O’Neill – too old to command an SG team now.
    Sam – never felt strong as a “boss” to me, better as a 2IC.
    Greer – too inflexible and too prepared to sacrifice lives (particularly his own).

    Expert – Rodney. Simply one of my favourite characters in any show, ever.

    Other contenders:
    Sam – would be my choice if the McKay character didn’t exist, but perhaps too senior now to find herself back in a support role within a SG team.
    Daniel – became too seasoned/cynical in later seasons to bring the heart to the team. Also needs a Jack or a Vala to play off to work properly but the dynamic he’d be cast for is already filled by Sheppard/McKay.

    Muscle – Greer. Brave, loyal, stoic with a strong sense of honour. He’d be perfect for the job. In quiet moments on SGU he’s also proven that he’s got a powerful conscience and feels things deeply so he’d also be able to partly fill Daniel’s old role of injecting some heart and compassion into the story. The internal struggle between the fierce soldier and his sensitive side would make for some compelling stories. This is the character I think I’ll regret not getting to see develop the most now that SGU is gone.

    Other contenders:
    Ronon – Might be a good choice, I’m not sure; I don’t think I ever understood a single word he ever said on screen. Would make a good Wookie if they shoot another Star Wars.
    Teal’c – Despite his still evident prowess, like Jack has probably become too old to be a credible action man. The character underwent a transition from warrior to a more philosophical Bra’tac like character, too. Would seem more at home meditating rather than swinging a staff weapon these days.

    The Girl – TJ. Her skills as a medic give her a clear role in the team and she has a definite fragility but a determination to overcome it that makes her very compelling. Also has a motherly quality (like Janet) which again helps to shore up the “heart” gap left by Daniel’s omission. Also, Alaina Huffman is absolutely gorgeous.

    Other contenders:
    Vala – She wouldn’t work without someone to flirt with and torment and Daniel’s not in this team. Sheppard wouldn’t let her get under his skin, Greer definitely wouldn’t and her having a thing for McKay just seems wrong somehow.
    Teyla – Just not my favourite character. I don’t DISlike her, it just felt like her mellow, tempered personality got drowned out by most of the other characters in Atlantis.

    Team Leader – Young. I just like him, what can I say? And I feel like I already know the other candidates well enough. I want to find out more about this guy!

    Other contenders:
    O’Neill – Not as likeable now that he’s “the man”, as he put it. The added responsibility of command required him to harden considerably.
    Sam – As mentioned a couple of times, she doesn’t feel like a “boss” to me.
    Hammond – RIP, Don. Would have been my second pick.
    Landry – Would probably be my third pick.
    Woolsey – Given another season or two in charge of the Pegasus expedition I might have chosen him, but he’s still a little too obstructive. He was coming good prior to the cancellation, though.

    Looking back it’s come as a surprise to me I didn’t pick a single character from SG-1. I love the series and the cast, though. Maybe I just feel like I know the characters well enough already and want to explore some of these newer ones. Or maybe they’re just some kind of ensemble gestalt and I don’t want to see them if it’s not with each other.

  41. Team Leader: Samantha Carter, she deserves it more them Cam !!
    Science Guy: Sam again …
    Team strategist/quick thinker: Sheppard or Greer
    Team muscle/survivalist: Ronon
    Operations overseer: Oneill 🙂
    Comic relief: Vala
    Archaeology/linguist: Daniel Jackson

    Rush should stay on destiny and Rodney on Atlantis

    U could also find a way of reviving our dear Thor I miss him 🙁

  42. The dream team exist: Sg1 (Seasons 1,2,3,4,5,7). Sorry Joe, but I hate all the characters of you’re team (Ronon have no Brain, Greer is not develloped, Vala is unnecessary and Woolsey is invisible. But I like Rodney

  43. I know that this is extremely unlikely, but I just had a thought: this Toronto based project wouldn’t be the live-action Star Wars TV series, would it?

  44. Hmmmm, how hard is to grow coco beans?

    My team:
    And for Das: Todd

    Das: You should be a writer. Your character dialogue seemed right on! The Dessert party is my favorite but my second fav is Major Davis’s Ice cream party. If Mr. M. picks anyone’s idea for his party, do they get an invite? 😉

    Mr. M.: all those food pictures looked awesome. I’m currently OD’ing on Apple Cheddar scones. I ate the whole batch myself. http://smittenkitchen.com/2010/10/apple-and-cheddar-scones/

  45. It would be super cool if you moved to Toronto…. You could buy me lunch!! I’ve always wanted to experince one of your awesome outings!!

    I wonder if you will be working on The Listner?? (not that you can tell me s’ok!)

    Have like a baked goods pot-luck type party.

  46. Hi Joe,

    There have been conflicting reports regarding the continuation of the SG1 part of the franchise, Im wondering if as you mentioned before “the cancellation of SGU means bad news for a possible SGA and shelves it indefinately” does the same go for SG1?

    I understand you guys are all trying everything to continue the Stargate Franchise be it SG1/SGA or SGU but there has been so much said im confused as to the status of the SG1 Movie.

    Could you please shed any light on this?

    Kind Regards.

  47. Keeping an eye back on earth
    Jack O”niell
    Team lead: Mitchell
    Science Lead: Rodney McKay
    Archeologist: D. Jackson
    Consultant:Sam Caeter
    Muscle: Ronon Dax

  48. Interesting takes on the Dream Teams. I can’t decide, but Vala would be tops on my list of Expendables. She’d look great in red. Then my mind went to StarGate DeathMatch 3000. Claymation battles! Jackson vs. Rush! Teal’c vs. Ronon! Rodney vs. a lemon! Then sadly, I realized all this would do is spawn an epic wave of fan-fic first soft porn involving a new species of Furry Aliens. Oh dear.

    I think I want some halvah now.

  49. Team Leader – Colonel Everett Young. He’s held together operations on a ship that’s quite possibly kept afloat entirely by duct tape. Sure, he has anger issues but I want Young on my side.

    Team Scientist – Rodney McKay. Yeah, he’ll get on people’s nerves. But with Ba’al and Teal’C there to calm him down and/or scare the living crap out of him, he’d mellow.

    Team Strategist – Ba’al because he’s thousands of years old and a sneaky bugger for sure.

    Team Warrior – Teal’C because…. He’s the original badass of the Stargate universe.

    Team Doctor – Janet Fraiser. Hands down, Fraiser.

    Overseer of operations- Samantha Carter. She’s someone who’s been in the field and had all sorts of issues happen to her. This is certainly not her first barbeque and she’d probably be the most understanding when it came to disobeying orders in the name of saving the galaxy.

  50. You know, Joe, I figured out the reason I’m gaining weight. It’s from looking at all the dessert pictures on your blog. 🙂
    Seriously though, all of that looked quite good.

    Best of luck in Toronto. Hopefully, if things work out, you can tell us what you’ll be working on.

    My dream Stargate team–well, my cold was addling my brain earlier, but coffee managed to clear it out. Let’s see.

    team lead: Cam Mitchell
    team science expert: Sam Carter
    team weapons expert: Greer
    team strategist: Vala
    team medic: TJ
    team muscle: Ronon
    overseeing operations back on Earth: couldn’t decide–toss up between Landry and Woolsey

    And finally, I like Joe’s Ice Cream Party

    Have a good day!!!!!

  51. Wait, I’m confused. Rob Cooper is part of this mystery opportunity in Toronto? Along with partner Paul? Or is Rob just reassuring you, as a friend would?

    From January 28 post: “My writing partner talks me down. Further conversations with Rob Cooper renew my interest. We make plans to go to Toronto for a week where we will meet the main players, discuss creative, and find out whether we’re all on the same page. I look forward to it. ”

    I realize you need to be circumspect about all this news, but your cryptic hints are unsettling, perhaps ominous. Is this Toronto gig for an established franchise or series?

    I do wish you good success and happiness in all future endeavors. Please maintain this bog for us.

    My Stargate dream team = Everyone, without exception, from SG-1, SGA and SGU. Better characters have not graced my TV screen – ever.

    Awaiting the next arctic cold snow storm on the Jersey shore,
    2 cats

  52. Ahhhh …yes …my dream team for a crossover would be

    Jack O’Neill ….because you never know where it is goiing with him and he makes the most funny thinks in the most unlikely situations

    John Sheppard ….always fun guy to have arround and also in for some good surprises …funny and serious ones alike

    McKay ….love the guy, his intelligence and his quirkiness …and you have a good substitute for a screaming girl …hahaha

    Vala Mal Doran ….for she is overall smart, sexy and adds a flavour to every situations that just she is able to

    Ronon Dex ….for he brings all the unconventional and awesome action into the show

    AAAAAND …my most favorite …

    Todd … except that he too is overly smart and deviously good-looking …. I would definately add him to the group … to realy shake the ground and annoy the hell out of everybody else …hahaha …

    So …here you go …. “grin”

    I wish you a nive week …and a great get together at your party …. 🙂


  53. LOL Joe without chocolate… the world would end.
    Your ideas pretty funny, going from reasonable to desperation… I suspect a crisco/sugar party could get into things other than cooking but we’ll leave that.

    Have a cornbread party 🙂

    Question… are “team” writers common? I think of team comedy writers, not so much other creative venues. Does it hamper you to pitch as a team? Don’t most places want ONE, not a team?

    Dream Team:
    Geek/humanist: Daniel Jackson

    Scientist: sorry Carter over Rodney.. but mature Carter not early carter

    Team Leader: Ya know, you got something with Greer though he’s more of a 2nd in command kind of guy, you could move him up. From the character I loathed to my fave… you all did great things with him

    Strategist: Vala is survivalist, not so much strategy.. I’d go with Cam.

    Muscle: Ronon for sure

    Operations: Landry, sorry love the actor, the character Woolsey just too not in command. (Of course if could have anyone, give me Hedy from NCIS: LA.. omg what a hoot!)

  54. Hi Joe,

    Dream team… the original. The 4 horsemen (and woman) of Stargate. SG-1. O’Neill, Jackson, Carter, & Teal’c. Ya just can’t beat that. But runner-up dream team using a mix of SG1, SGA, and SGU? There are multiple variations that would be pretty cool…

    The perfect Brainiac/Geek Team:
    Carter, McKay, Rush, & Eli.

    But they’d have to have the perfect Strongman/Survival Team:
    Teal’c, Haikon, Ronon, & Greer.

    (Haikon – the Sodan)

    There are other teams, getting into the extraterrestrial ethnics and stuff, like the benefits Jackson and Teyla offer, and Jonas to some degree (though Jonas is also a freaking genius, and multi-talented, he deserves a team), but I’m not really sure of anyone like that from SGU (there really can’t be since it’s all new galaxies to the main people). However, it’d be neat to introduce someone to the main characters in SGU who is from one of the galaxies they travel through.

    There’s also the perfect Team Leader Team, which probably wouldn’t be that great of a team since they’re all use to actually leading, though obviously put O’Neill in charge 😉 …which could include:

    O’Neill, Cam, Shep, & Scott.

    Then we have the medical people, like a Med Team:

    Fraiser, Beckett, Keller, & T.J.

    (Of course, it’d have to be AU Fraiser.)

    The ideal 4-person team is obviously a nice mix of character types, like what the SG-1 team has had (even when Cam & Vala joined later on). Though, it’d be pretty sweet to see all-this or all-that of the character types as actual 4-person teams. …but perhaps more of a temporary one-shot thing, though. The variety of types is what makes it worthy of long-term stuff.


    Sean D.

  55. regarding team-leader-team, here’s another option:

    O’Neill, Cam, Shep, Young, & Telford.

    (well, there’s a 5-person team in SG1’s late years) 😉

    Can’t forget the base-leaders-team lol:

    O’Neill and/or Landry, plus Weir (gotta get her back from outerspace first), Carter (give someone else the Hammond ship), and of course the much-loved Woolsey.

    Really, Woolsey should’ve had more base-leader type of screen time but, oh well. The character could very well end up being the best (or one of the best) base leaders that the SG shows have ever had.


    Sean D.

  56. Ah, here’s one, and keep Hammond in the mix, well the ship in his name:

    O’Neill, Carter, Weir, & Woolsey *on* the Hammond. 😀


    Or, better yet, a mini-story from some freak of nature alternate universe:

    O’Neill, Carter, Woolsey, & Landry fly the Hammond out to Pegasus to pick up Weir (who is probably still floating in space).

    Stories like SG1’s “Ripple Effect” are awesome. We could definitely do with another one of those with a fresh twist added.

    -Sean D.

  57. I see that, in anticipation of the cocoa crisis, you’ve resorted to eating as much of it as possible before then. Good plan, I say. Remind me to stock up on brownie mix to last me through the chocolapocalypse.

    Also, I definitely think an ice cream party would go over well. Though, it wouldn’t be complete without some forms of chocolate, so the candy apple might be better. At least that way you can do white chocolate without needing the actual chocolate.

    My dream team? Surprisingly almost exactly like yours, but I can’t help but want Sheppard in charge. I’ve always thought John and Vala would make an interesting team and we know Sheppard and McKay do. But that may just be me, exerting my obvious bias for the members of Atlantis. Well, frak, that’s tough. I like them all. Can’t we just put them all on one team? Make it more like Star Trek. O’Neill is the ladies man Captain, Mitchell the cheeky “Number One”, Sheppard at Helm, Carter as Science Officer, McKay down as Chief Engineer, Master Sgt Greer as head of security, Keller as CMO with TJ her Nurse Chapel, Teyla as ship’s Counselor, Vala as tactics, (everyone else like Scott, Jackson, Teal’c, Ronon, Wallace are along for the ride), and Dr Weir (alive and well) and Woolsey the two Admirals the Starship Enterprise, er, I mean Destiny can count on to back them when they make crazy, non-regulation choices about attacking the various enemies across time and space.

  58. The Big Cheese: O’Neill
    Team Leader: Sheppard
    Scientist: Rush
    Muscle: Greer
    Action Chick: Vala

    Main Protagonists: Furlings. Turned evil and started raiding Earth’s diminishing chocolate resources after the galactic supplies have been poisoned by the Ori in their last efforts to convert the Milky Way. For chocolate leads you down the road to temptation. 🙂

    Just kidding. Chocolate rules. Vote for Chocolate. 🙂

    CAROB PARTY. Definitely.

  59. @Quade

    “I love that show, so don’t screw it up like you did Atlantis, and Universe………..and thinking back SG-1 started to go downhill around Season 4.”

    Hahaha…. you felt the need to come and tell Joe how much stargate sucked.. thats nice. 😛 Or wait, is this a joke. 😉

  60. Damn it Joe! When i read the title “Your Stargate Dream!” i thought you had some good news on the stargate front!!

  61. Haha, I’d watch it. But you forgot the doctor.

    Hm, I guess I’d go with…
    Team leader – Greer
    Scientist – McKay
    Assistant scientist – Eli
    Ancient expert – Daniel
    Doctor – Carson
    Muscle – Ronon
    Home guy – O’Neill

    I just realized I picked all guys. That’s not sexist, it’s just that I like watching guys. Love the girls on the show, too, but there’s a certain eye candy aspect that they just can’t offer me.

  62. Hey Joe and SGU fans,

    Fun with numbers yet once again. Yesterday and the day before I posted what the numbers of Facebook fans that were on the pages. Today I am following up as promised. Also as promised the next (and last posting) of numbers will be one week from now.

    The first number in the row is yesterday’s fan total, followed by the second number which is today’s total and the last number is the gain (or difference).

    37,094 –> 37,363 (+269) Stargate Universe (Tv show- Australia Page)
    11,588 –>11,605 (+17) Stargate Universe
    1,422 –>1,458 (+36) SG:Unite

    12,413 –>12,632 (+219) Save Stargate Universe
    773 –> 772 (-1) Because We Love Stargate Universe
    531 –> 536 (+5) SAVE SGU!!!

    191,728 –> 192,386 (+658) Stargate Universe (TV Show)
    64,647 –> 64,852 (+205) Stargate Official Fan page
    886 –> 887 (+1) Stargate Universe Awareness Campaign

    1009 –> 1016 (+7) Boycott Syfy: Save SGU
    2008 –> 2717 (+709) Sg Universe
    8 –> 8 (0) Stargate Universe

    221–> 220 (-1) Stargate Universe
    328–> 329 (+1) Stargate Universe
    140–> 153 (+13) Save Stargate: Universe
    540–> 577 (+34) Save Stargate Universe
    374–> 377 (+3) Stargate Universe TR
    1,323–> 1,323 (0) Stargate Universe
    136–>136 (0) Stargate Universe SG-U

    Total fans that are a part of these Facebook pages today for (Jan 30, 2011) is: 329,339+.
    The gain to fans today from yesterday was +2175 (that’s with the additional 50 gain on the new pages that were added in yesterday’s total). Don’t forget the duplication factor and the 140 plus fan pages that were not taking into this total.
    Over 329,339 fans on Facebook alone are rooting for Stargate Universe to make a come back to television screen and give them a third season.

  63. Looking at the responses, I think I’m the only one here who didn’t like Vala lol

  64. Dream Team

    Base Commander
    Gen Landry
    Team leader
    Sam Carter
    team XO
    John Sheppard
    Team muscle
    info person
    Dr D Jackson

  65. Actually, NO. How could you have snubbed Carter?!??!? Heresy!!!
    My dream team:

    Commander of whatever base/starship they’re on: General George Hammond (rest in peace).
    Leader of the SG team: General Jack O’Neill (because 8 seasons of him in charge trumps even Greer).
    2nd in command: For some reason, I never really thought Carter was the command type, more like a supplemental (in universe, she’s a great lead actor). Here’s where I put in Greer (who should be in charge in SGU anyways, I personally don’t think Scott is deserving of that lead command).
    Additional Team Members: Sam Carter, Teal’c, Daniel Jackson.
    Fill-ins (death of a team member, team member is separated and on another world, etc.): McKay for Carter, Colonel Young for O’Neill (after Young’s reform I really thought he was a great commander), Nick Rush for Daniel, and Teal’c for Teal’c (because Teal’c will NEVER DIE and that trumps Ronan anyday, anywhere, anytime. Period. No possibility for argument).

    Can you tell I loved SG-1 to death and that I’ll probably be upset when Hulu takes it all down tomorrow?

  66. Hi Joe,

    I, too, hope you’re going to Toronto to work on Flashpoint! It’s the only show I can think of that’s in Toronto, and I happen to love it, so I’m sure I’d love it even more if you were writing for it!

  67. Hey Joe,

    I would go for pastries! They would have the variety to make it ever so yummy.

    MY TEAM!!!

    Team Leader:100% Cam Mitchell
    Science Guy: Rodney McKay..I love how he thinks.
    Team strategist/quick thinker: Samantha Carter – having a brilliant woman around always makes a show look good.
    Team muscle/survivalist: Ronon, Ronon and more Ronon
    Operations overseer: General Jack O’Neill – he makes a fun stuffed shirt.
    Side Kick: Have to have Vala!
    Archaeology/linguist: Daniel Jackson, he gets the history and puts it all together and isn’t on an ego trip.
    Doctor: Dale Volker…so…I would make him the doctor. It is MY team.

    THAT would be MY team. The way it lines up in my head anyways. BUT I would love if you would do a Stargate book….a mix of characters is brilliant. *tapping fingers*

    Best to you Joe,
    Love the show-n-tell!
    Cheryl 🙂

  68. hi
    my favourite team?

    Todd, Eli, O´Neill, TJ

    are we ever going to hear, what is going on with Stargate and what the plans are? or when the second half of season 2 airs? its not really funny to wait and we already waited more than a month
    we want to hear a date

  69. Hey Joe

    Did you get your PVR cleared off? Watch all those hours of shows? All ready to head down to my neck of the woods?


  70. My Stargate Dream Team!

    Two Off World Teams:
    (T1) Would be the main team, analogous to SG1.
    (T2) Would be a more combat specialized team, dealing with quick and creative solutions to problems, both on and offworld.

    Team Leader:
    (T1)Everett Young / (T2)David Telford

    Second In Command:
    (T1)Cameron Mitchell / (T2)Ronald Greer

    Combat/Culture Expert:
    (T1)Teal’c / (T2)Vala Mal Doran

    Science/Language Expert:
    (T1)Daniel Jackson / (T2)Jonas Quinn

    Earth Based SGC Personnel:

    Military Commander of SGC:
    Hank Landry

    Leader Of Civilian Oversight:
    Elizabeth Weir

    Main Doctor/Medic:
    Tamara Johansen

    Fun idea Joe! Keep up the good work and know that we are all still very much hoping to hear some good news regarding SGU!

  71. Does that mean SGU is not going so well? 🙁
    A dream team would be awesome.

    Team Leader: (1st Choice) John Sheppard (2nd Choice) Colonel Young.

    2nd in command: Matthew Scott ( Gorgeous)

    Medic: Tamara Johansen (foolish not to have her shes brilliant. Oh and shes a field medic and would be better than Keller and Beckett because their not use to being shot at.)

    Scientist: Eli Wallace (He’s a Genious, funny and sooo cute)

    Base command: Hammond

    Added to the mix should be Greer, Park, Camille and Ronan.

  72. Hi Joe:

    Here are my ideas for your annual party!

    Joes’ Annual Amuse Bouche Party

    Joes’ Annual Cupcake Party

    Joes’ Annual Bacon Party

    Joes’ Annual Cake Party

    Joes’ Annual Soup Party

    Joes’ Annual Sliders Party

    Joes’ Annual Truffle Party

    Best to you!


  73. The dialogue pages for that ensemble would be LONG!

    Skip “Hot Tub…” – fun premise but those bubbles don’t pop.

    Can you see why everyone seems to be gaga for ‘The King’s Speech’? Maybe the speech bubbles in that do pop despite the boring premise! Alas, I may never sip…

    Still, Geoffrey Rush is really good – REALLY good! Like him? He was, I think, truly great and fun, bolstering all, in “Shakespeare in Love” and “The Tailor of Panama”. For the former, too, such music! In many ways it powered an already great script-as-fun play over the finish line, and beyond…pleasure to watch.

    Ever read William Goldman’s “Marathon Man” – the book, which preceded the film? So like the eventual movie, and inspires to know it can be done.

    How will your ‘possible’ sci-fi novel be written – very much like a script-as-the-backbone with fleshes with taste and fun and meat? Or, freestyle and any visual media types expecting pure essence in flashed out form can go hang, and hunt the versions of story they might like to do?

    Best on the choc-hunt in Big T


  74. Anime style Stargate team

    Base Commander – Lelouch vi Britannia (Code Geass)

    Leader – Suzaku Kururugi (Code Geass)
    Weapons Expert – Setsuna F Seiei (Gundam 00)
    Science person – Nina Einstein (Code Geass)
    Female Combat Expert- Kallen Stadtfeld (Code Geass)

    I would of put Lloyd in that role but he’d be too old considering the ages of the other members, and likely would be considered too annoying by some.

    Oddly enough it’s scary how this team would work in Stargate.

  75. I love woolsey. I think the only one I would change is Ronan. Teal’c would be my choice on that one.

  76. Dream team: Sam and Jack.
    Do we really need anyone else? 😉

    Good luck and have fun in T.O. tomorrow. Don’t forget to try the veal and eggplant sandwich at Mustachio’s at St. Lawrence Market, if you have time (just be warned that they’re closed on Sunday and Monday).

  77. I went to Steak N Shake for lunch today and tried one of their new strawberry shakes with chocolate on top. Well they forgot the chocolate,,,tell me it hasn’t started already!!??

  78. Can I just follow the dream team and take notes?? I am not greedy!!

    I just want to wish everybody a fantastic 2011 and Go SGU Go!!!

  79. Ok, so, since RDA is getting too old for this and we still have no resolution for the Sam/Jack thing (notice how Sam came first? that’s how I’ve always heard it, too…). Anyway, here’s my thought.
    Change out RDA. They replaced Derwood in Bewitched and the show got along fine! “Jack” resigns and becomes yet another civilian consultant. The writer’s should be able to take it from there…
    But please – no Cam.

    Ok, so having vented, here’s my dream team, for off-world operations:
    Military Commander: Sheppard
    Science: Carter
    Muscle/Interpreter: Jackson
    Quirky Civilian Consultant: Jack O’Neill

    Now, back at the base:
    Commander: Weir, who has mystically ascended and then retaken human form
    Doctor: Frasier
    Handy-Man: Siler

    Driving motivation? Colonizing space, with all the attendant difficulties of sticking around longer than your average shoot-out. (local varmints, raiders, local diseases/plant life, maybe bump into the Furlings, etc., etc., etc)

  80. My dream team/series:

    Leader: Jack O’neill
    Scientists/soldiers: Samantha Carter & Rodney McCay
    Combat expert/strategist: John Sheppard

    Homeworld Command: Elizabeth Weir & George Hammond
    Annoying, egoistic, selfpreserving scientist at Homeworld Command: Nicholas Rush
    Minor characters: Teal’c, Daniel Jackson
    Gateroom staff: Walter
    Base doctor: Janet Fraiser

    Villains: Goa’uld

    Base: Chayenne Mountain

    Often visited planet: Tollana

    Plot: Lot of time traveling, lot of Daedalus-adventures

  81. My favourite team would be
    Jack O’Neill as the leader (there can only be one)
    Scientist : McKay (would love to see him have discussions with Jack)
    Combat soldier : Ronon
    Just for fun : Vala & Daniel
    Homeworld : Woolsey

  82. I like it, though not sure if its just ’cause I miss Vala. so yes, start scripting their first adventures.

    Though if you need a five-team-member setup, consider putting Ford in too. He and Ronan had some of the best fight scenes, in my opinion, and that one time I got to see them both taking on Wraith was definitely a highlight for me.

  83. Joe, I would go for the following

    Joe’s annual Peanut Butter, Ice Cream, Doughnut, Marshmallow Fluff and Condensed Milk Party.

    If you’re going to do it, you might as well over do it. Eh?

    I think that my ideal team would be

    Leading – Cameron Mitchell (Cause I think he’s cool.)

    Daniel Jackson – as language interpreter and

    Sergeant Siler – So he can take the whump for the

    Radek Zelenka – Team Scientist.

    Teyal Emmagan – Cause she is a BAMF!

    Back on earth I would have Major Paul Davis doing the Job that he does now.

    And in command I would like Richard Woolsey, as he has proven himself when he has needed to think outside the box. I also think he would be able to stand up to the IOA having been a member of it.

  84. Dream Team

    Richard Woolsey – Base commander

    John Sheppard – Team Leader
    Evan Lorne – Secondary Leader
    Rodney Mckay – Science Guy
    Ronon Dex – Muscle guy
    Carson Beckett – Dr guy

  85. Samantha Carter – Oversight (Second choice would be Weir)
    John Sheppard – Team Leader
    Teyla Emmagen – Strategist
    Rodney McKay – Scientist (Second choice would be Park)
    Ronald Greer – Survivalist (Second choice would be Scott)
    Tamara Johansson – Doctor (Second choice would be Beckett)

  86. Love your Stargate dream team! Glad to see you haven’t entirely stopped thinking about SG!

  87. I found the stargate Universe adventure very interesting ! Why don’t you go forward with Universe ? Are you 100% sure to stop this event ?
    How could you make a mix with characters from differents origins ? It is going to need to work on a plausible story in front of people who’s already waiting for an “Universe” end 😉
    Anyway, all of your movies are really good, I’ll wait for your next creation !
    See you in Paris

  88. The ideal team?
    Sheppard, Ronon, Rodney McKay of course, Vala Maldoran…(I adore her!) and Todd……wooo oooo Todd yes! (of course when he’ll take the retrovirus that will take out of him the need of feeding of human life force….) grins*

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