You’ve been invited to pitch story ideas for a television series that has just opened the door to freelance scripts.  Congratulations.  This is a huge opportunity.  Don’t screw it up!

To ensure you don’t, here’s some advice that will hopefully land you the gig or, at the very least, impress the producers enough that they’ll be inclined to invite you back next time:

1. Come up with a with some terrific story ideas – no less than three, no more than five.  Less than three suggests you haven’t really invested the time and aren’t all that interested in pitching the show. More than five and you start spreading yourself thin.  More is definitely not merrier in this case.  Focus on making those 3-5 pitches kick-ass rather than presenting a dozen ideas of various half-ass degree.

2. While the producers are no doubt receptive to hearing your ideas – you HAVE been invited to pitch after all – you don’t want to overstay your welcome.  Keep it short and sweet. Remember, they’re producers. They have other matters to attend to like auditions, editing, and personal massages.

3. Pitch a story idea with a beginning, middle, and end.  Hook your audience, engage them, then let ’em go and leave ’em happy.  What is the unique situation that brings them onboard?  What are the developments that will keep them glued to their sets?  And, most importantly, what is the solution to the problem you’ve created that will leave them amazed and satisfied?  We once had a freelance writer come in and pitch a scenario in which characters begin to vanish from Atlantis.  As our heroes struggle to explain these mysterious disappearances, all around them Atlantis personnel continue to pop out of existence.  We were intrigued.  What happens?  What IS the cause of these mysterious disappearances?  “I don’t know,”replied the freelancer with an embarrassed shrug.  “I figured that’s something you guys would come up with.”  Yeah.  No.  As Marty G. pointed out in the room: “That’s what we pay you for.”.

4. Pitch a beginning, middle, and end covering the major story points BUT resist the urge to overcomplicate.  The truth is, the more details you provide, the more excuses you give someone to say no.  I’ve sat in on pitches that started promisingly enough only to get bogged down in a quagmire of extraneous minutiae.  Other times, a seemingly insignificant, totally unnecessary addition to a pitch served to totally derail it.  I remember once being regaled with a way-too-long story idea and, about a third of the way through the laborious process, having the freelancer say: “The team reports their findings back to the General in charge.  I call him Tiggle.  When they go back to the planet…” But the rest of the pitch was lost on me because I was fixated on that damn Tiggle.  All I could think was “Tiggle?  General Tiggle? Why include that in the pitch?  And why the hell would you name a character Tiggle?”.

5. I don’t care if you’re pitching because your agent is forcing you to, you lost a bet, or you’re killing time before your big lottery win – make sure you KNOW THE SHOW!  You don’t have to have watched every episode that ever aired but, at the very least, know enough to get the character names right and be cognizant of “how things work”.  We once had a freelancer come in and deliver a pitch that went something like: “SG-i are exploring a planet when they get separated from Tee-alk. When they try to gate back to Earth, they end up stranded in a dimension between Pakistan and India and have to avert a nuclear war.”  It was pretty clear from the pitch that the freelancer had never watched an episode of the series.  How did we know? Well, for starters, it’s SG-1 as in the number one, not SG-i as in the letter I.  I mean, it IS the title of our damn series – Stargate: SG-1.  Also, the name of the character who, at that time, had appeared in some 100+ episodes of the show was Teal’c (pronounced like the color teal with an addition of a hard k), not Tee-alk (pronounced like the crumpet accompaniment with the addition of an -alk).  Finally, the gate doesn’t send you to alternate dimensions.  It just doesn’t work that way. When informed of this, the freelancer’s response was: “Why not?”.  Which brings us to my next rule –

6. Don’t cling to your idea like a poisoned mother, cast adrift before the end of Mulholland Drive, clutches her antidote-antibodied child with a clear understand of the movie’s ending.  From my experience, it’s rare for a freelancer to hit it out of the park.  Most of the freelance pitches we bought were not ideas freelancers came up with but modified versions of their original pitch or a story element it contained. Occasionally, that original idea won’t work for whatever reason, but it may give the producers an idea for another possible story. Go with the flow.  They have a better idea of what they’re looking for.  If they take your story in a different direction than the one you envisioned, help out in the rebuilding process.  Throw out a couple of ideas.  Be receptive to change.  At the end of the day, they won’t be buying that original pitch but they WILL be buying the idea that came out of said pitch.  Or story element.  Or, in one case several years ago, a misinterpretation of the word “tracker”.

7. Don’t be f&%king weird!  Granted, writers are, by their very nature weird, which is why they’ve chosen a career that demands very little social interaction – but I’m not talking about personal weirdness (although avoid conveying that if at all possible as well).  I’m talking about creative weirdness, coming up with laughable-if-they-weren’t-somewhat-creepy notions – ie. pitches involving cross-dressing skeletons or Beatle-wig sporting Fab Five-inspired civilizations.  Yes, both true, and no, we didn’t buy either pitch.

8. Timing!  Of course the production will be setting the schedule for the pitch session, but it’s not like you won’t have any say in the matter.  Both mornings and afternoons are great, but avoid the 11:30 to 12:00 pre-lunch “I can’t concentrate.  I want my butter chicken!” zone.  In similar fashion, avoid the 12:30 to 1:00 post-lunch “Damn that butter chicken was good. Soooo tiiiiired!” zone as well.  Also, if you have access to a time machine, try to avoid scheduling pitch sessions that may overlap with sudden and significant global developments or shocking celebrity deaths.

9. If the production has requested written pitches then awesome! You’re a writer and, like most writers I know, are probably better on paper than over speakerphone. Apply all of the aforementioned advice to your document.  Again, keep it short and sweet.  That means no more than a page a pitch.  One thing I always appreciated as a producer was a log-line/hook/one-liner at the top of the page that summed up the story (ie. When members of the Alantis expedition begin to vanish, McKay scrambles to learn the cause of the mysterious disappearances before it’s too late). Suffice it to say, these doesn’t require an ending.

10. Suck it up!  It’s not the end of the world!  More often than not, pitch sessions don’t result in a sale – and this has less to do with the merits of the ideas pitched than it does the needs of a particular production.  In my case, a lot of the time, the ideas pitched were either too similar to stories we had already done or too close to stories that were already in development. Short of an actual sale, the latter was always the best possible outcome for a freelancer because it demonstrated a solid understanding of the series and what we were looking for, AND always concluded with an invitation to come back and pitch us again.

Okay, that’s all you need to know.  Or, all I can think of at the moment.

Now, get out there and sell that pitch!

You have two more days to get your questions in for Marjorie M. Liu, author of January’s book of the month club pick: The Iron Hunt!

57 thoughts on “January 21, 2011: Pitching for Television!

  1. Former TV writer invites readers of his blog to send in their favourite recipes.
    Each episode he takes one of the submissions and cooks it.
    The submitter comes on set to assist with the cooking, during which we hear all about them and what led them to choosing their recipe.
    Ends with Presenter, submitter and a guest judge eating the meal and critiquing it and suggesting changes as necessary.

    Initial title is Foodgate.

  2. @”I figured that’s something you guys would come up with.”

    Someone actually did that? LOL
    I mean clearly if they had any idea what they were doing, they would understand existing elements from the show and the characters/personalitys, and somehow work that into the story.
    Not to mention understanding the story elements from previous episodes.
    Were they expecting someone to hold their hand producing the script or something?

    I’m kinda shocked someone said that.
    It’s like the biggest story mistake you could ever do.

  3. Well, I’m no writer. Will only say that people may have a great story and it can still get cancelled by an imbecilic network, i.e. SyFy Channel.

    So if anyone in the future gets to do a new series or to restart a recently cancelled one, get a written guarantee from the network, studio or whoever, that says they will allow you to finish up the story no matter what, for the viewers who have been loyal to the series for over a decade. Or, film the ending first. That way if they go to cancel your series, they can play the end that was already taped in the beginning, so we are not all left hanging. 🙂

    Have a nice weekend Mr. Mallozzi. 🙂

  4. What?! We missed out on cross-dressing skeletons?!?!?

    (I have a cross-dressing skeleton in my guest room. Seriously. I do. Mrs. Bucky in a wedding gown, who is anatomically male. Don’t ask, other than she’s part of a long standing art project.)

  5. Question ??
    I love what you just wrote about. I have never tried to write before, but after reading your blog daily it has inspired me quite a bit.
    Well my question is who are we going to pitch our idea to , or are you just having fun talking about pitching things ?
    Somewhere I did not get why you were talking about all of this….
    But I find it very interesting..
    Are you looking for ideas for a new show ?
    Thanks joe!

  6. fantastic stuff, but oh man it must be hard to pitch for current shows, especially ones I don’t like. If I had to choose though it would be either Burn Notice or nope nothing. Sure there is Stargate but I don’t want to channel fan-fic. SG-1 and SGA would’ve been ridiculously easy to pitch for, SGU not so much. Thats because its more serialized. Long ago back when SGA was on, I had an idea about a zpm during transport gets absorbed by the wormhole between gates, making gate travel unpredictable. You want to go check out a desert planet, you end up in a snowy one. that kinda thing. The science behind this was all wrong, but whatever, just wanted to get people lost again 🙁

    But not many can pitch for original TV show unless they got some good resume I suppose.

    “That’s what we pay you for.” — thats so harsh haha, was the freelancer upset by that? He had a good idea, its actually dumb of him not to be prepared like that. I guess you guys were sort of offended. Do you take pitches from just about anyone?

    anyway my favorite pitch is Seinfeld’s “nothing”. A show about nothing!

    If I ever had a solid pitch it would probably stem from one of the short stories that I’ve written back in school or college; thats when I had good fresh ideas, now not really mind still stuck to my old stories.

    yesterday you said: “Well, someone once said “Write about what you know” – like, in my case, trekking across the universe exploring strange alien worlds battling evil.”

    Thats what people keep telling me but how can someone muster up the excitement to write about mundane stuff? Character-wise though, that is done automatically, whether I like it or not I will base them off people I know. As for personal experiences, I can break them down to emotional elements that can fit with a story about “aliens” and “other worlds”, I do that deliberately. Its like using your own anecdotes. I guess all writers do that.

    I think the trick as you said in a way is to anticipate what producers are looking for right this very minute.

  7. Hey Joseph,
    Well its 11:09 PM where I am and I just saw your entry – can’t wait to see what kind of comments people post here after reading it.

    Heading up to Billings, MT tomorrow to pick up The Iron Hunt. Really looking forward to reading it. Sorry the major shopping area is about an hour, hour an half from us. So we try to make the trip count to save gas (thus buying the book so late when we buy a lot of other things at the same time).

    The food pictures you post on here look delicious but I gotta ask, do you cook anything that is heart healthy? Just seeing if you make any great dishes in that genre. If you do would you mind sharing one of those with us?
    I’m always looking to make something that sends the taste bud a soaring but not feel guilty about sinking the ol ticker.

    BTW thanks for the Stargate comments.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. In fact, I have huge and fucked up story ideas, which I already began to write in a book. It’s at least 4 seasons worth, and deals with aliens, witches and dimensional beings. If you are interested by the wicked ideas of a french, send me a mail 😉

    P.S. : I really hope you’ll give SGU a proper ending, I rarely have seen such a good TV serie.

  9. Man, I’m so bummed that the Fab Five-inspired civilization never got produced. It would have fit really nicely in the dimension between India and Pakistan.

    Anyway, thanks for this post, Joe. This kind of info from somebody who actually makes those kinds of decisions is really great.

  10. Hi Joe,

    Another amazing and helpful blog! Thank you.

    Do you need an agent to get invited to pitch an idea? Or does one have to stalk the producer by the parking lot to get a chance? LOL I know most series are closed to public scripts.

    Did the staff or actors of SG series ever get together with the competition (BG for example) for a BBQ or drinks? Im curious how competitive it was at the time.

    Did they ever get invited to visit the sets of SG, or did your staff ever visited the set of BG?

  11. Very helpful info, it’s much appreciated. I for one get quite annoyed when the Onion writes a story very similar to one I was working on for the next time they start taking freelancings.

    Obviously if they pitch something that’s similar to something that’s already aired you can’t tell much about them. But if they pitch something that’s only still in development are you likely to give them another chance since they’ve demonstrated an ability to independently create something you’re already set on producing?

  12. One more question. If I’m pitching an idea, should I avoid resorting to the stereotypical scifi episodes, leaving it to the staff writers to do the “fighting to the death while out of phase in bizarro world” stories?

    I lied, I have one more. It sounds like freelancers should try for one-off episodes and not insert themselves into a main story arc. Thoughts?

    You know, it’s funny you said not to be weird and also mentioned Mulholland Drive. I’m finally watching Twin Peaks and I can imagine a freelancer tryiing to out-creep David Lynch.

  13. Sounds like the episode of Sanctuary where the character Will winds up doing some version of a Bollywood dance. That was a GREAT episode, too.

    I’m not a big fiction kind of writer. My writing is more of my personal experiences, lessons learned, life with autism, etc. I’ve also written poetry that has gotten published (part of a larger group), and I used to write songs, one song being published.

    Speaking of personal experiences, new info in the saga with my son’s school district (that he does not even attend anymore). They are bringing their attorney to our meeting in February. He tried to get my educational advocate (i.e., not a legal representative) to get me to agree to sign a waiver of responsibility outside of going to mediation or due process. Does he think I am STUPID? Hell no. But this is no ordinary attorney. Look what he did to another family with a child with autism in another district. I can so see him trying to do this to us. I may need some antinausea medication so I don’t projectile vomit on him when he stands within my personal space. Actually him needing to be at the meeting shows me that they are scared to death of me because they know I have a good case. Good. Don’t mess with my kid.

  14. …a seemingly “normal” Blog “Commenter” seeking a little excitement in her life, falls in-lust with a “TV” Alien Space-Vampire… An attraction to Insects and Anime ensue…

  15. Hello Joe & blog community!

    MISS ME??????

    I have a lot of blog catching up to do so bear with me.

    First up “the pitch”. Is it like that Seinfeld episode? I love Seinfeld very much. I’d love a Seinfeld movie, although I think it ended perfectly.

    I think you might have missed one thing – don’t try to be too trendy. Don’t pitch about an overnight teen sensation that’s really a vampire – Bieber meets Buffy.

    Here’s my pitch for a entire TV show:

    It’s a TV show about a group of writer/producers forced to listen to weird freelance pitches to pay the rent. Its American Idol meets Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    One episode could have a guy pitching a sci-fi episode and he looks like Spock, which distracts all of the writers. Is it Leonard Nimoy under an alias?

    Another episode could be “the crying girl”. Any question from the writers and she dissolves into tears and each writer/producer handles it in his/her own way.

    A third ep could have the brother-in-law of one of the writer/producers pitching an idea and it really sucks. This causes tension amongst the group.

    How did I do Joe? That was my first pitch so be nice.

    Cheers, Chev

  16. It’s been pretty busy around here lately.

    I’m learning some Flash as I create an animation..still got a way to go.

    I’m stuck on your birthday present. Say, have you got a photo of you looking up diagonally? That would help me out.

    I thought I lost someone that meant a lot to me but we’re now talking again so that’s awesome. But now another friend is being weird…why is that?

    I beat my niece and nephew’s high scores on Fruit Ninja.

    I’ve been helping sis with her library course assignments (Information Architecture & Web Design).

    I went to the zoo with my niece and snapped over 300 animal photos (well I didn’t upload all of them). I like the zebra best.

    I followed you on Twitter, even though your Twitter profile is a bit interesting-challenged at the moment. I am awaiting pearls of wisdom.

    That’s all that comes to mind for now

    Cheers, Chev

  17. Adam writes: “Oh and, I read about your recent trip to Tokyo. sounds like it was fun! my suggestion? come down here to Australia next! there’s lots to see and do!”

    Answer: Thanks for the invite!The cancellation has given me tons of free time so I’ll take you up on your kind offer and spend March through June at your place. I’ll need a car, a king-size bed with a mattress that’s not too hard but not too soft either, some great restaurant recommendations, and a per diem. Looking forward to seeing you!

    Hey! I invited you weeks ago, said we’d arrange a barbeque and you ignored me 😛

    Cheers, Chev

  18. Hello,

    Comment ça va ? Cool c’est le week end ;)!

    Merci pour ces petits conseilles, mais il en faudra surement plus pour qu’une serie Tv me plaise, lol je suis très difficile et je décroche très vite^^!

    En 2010 je n’ai accrochée réelement à aucune serie =S..les series des années 1995-2005 me manque (Buffy, Sydney Fox, Dark Angel, Mutant X, That 70’s show, Charmed)…et Stargate biensure!!..

    Gros bisous,
    Bon Samedi,

  19. Re: the remote – did you ever wonder what it was operating if not your garage door…would be amusing if a neighbour was suddenly having problems with his TV switching channels on its own…LOL

    Cheers, Chev

  20. Mr. Mallozzi, please help some nerds out. We crave the dimensions of Destiny.”

    Answer: The next time I see James Robbins, our Production Designer, I’ll see if he has schematics or, at the very least, a ballpark of the ship’s scale. I just have to remember… Or, if VFX Supervisor Mark Savela happens by, he could probably answer the question.

    Wouldn’t Mark answer in pixels? LMAO

    Best wishes to Mark at the upcoming VES awards. I’ve got a good feeling.

    Cheers, Chev

  21. NFL playoff – I’m feeling like it’s gonna be a Bears – Steelers superbowl but I haven’t been right much so who knows.

    Where and how will you be watching the Superbowl? A big spread at Rob’s? I will probably be having a party on my own..Mum’s not really up to travelling to my place to watch it. Who knows, she might send Dad around to keep me company. Generally everyone else is working or isn’t interested in it (it’s on at 10AM Melbourne time). I’m a bit envious of your Superbowl parties.

    OMG reading your posts all in one go and I’ve soooo had enough of Jeffrey…LOL

    Cheers, Chev

  22. Joe: That said, you all might think otherwise once Ivon has finished editing together that video of me in Tokyo, consuming four Seven-Eleven chocolate eclairs during a sake outing.

    OMG I am soooooo looking forward to that production. How is he treating it? Like a comedy, drama, medical documentary?

    Cheers, Chev

  23. Man I love the look of those Romer’s burgers. When I go to Vancouver I’m definitely eating there.

    Re: IB photo ops – Ivon does NOT look like a wounded puppy or a used car salesman…LOL ….and is it Sara without an ‘h’ ‘cos I’ve always spelt it with one? Oops! But I’m sure Ivon spells it with an ‘h’. Ivon – which spelling is right, ‘cos I hate spelling people’s names wrong?

    Cheers, Chev

  24. Why is the Peckinpah meal wrapped in brown paper?

    Yeah I don’t like Katherine Heigl either. What kind of actress disses the writers (publicly or otherwise)? She’s got the lead role in the upcoming One For the Money (from the Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum series). All I can see is that she better not mess it up. That series is much loved.

    Cheers, Chev

  25. You had me all the way up to #7, ’cause you know anything I’d come up with would be f&%king weird…and very, very pale. 😉

    Speaking of television…not sure I’d even bother with it. There are too many channels all trying to produce original material. Shows – good shows – are hardly getting any exposure because they’re on such remote channels the average person (me!) just can’t remember where they are, or what time they’re on. Terriers was mentioned a day or two ago. I really wanted to watch that show, but just could never remember it.

    There’s just too much to choose from, and when there is too much, you tend to ‘buy’ what’s most familiar…like going into a grocery store and seeing 50 different brands of cereal. Product overload – there’s just too much out there to pick from – so you end up grabbing the Fruit Loops because it’s what you liked as a kid. I find myself sticking with ABC, NBC, and CBS…even PBS…because those are the channels I grew up with, and feel ‘comfortable’ with. The only other channel that has managed to grab my attention is USA, and that’s because they’ve managed to come up with some fairly decent light, character-driven shows. They found an identity and so far it seems to be working. SyFy? If not for Stargate and Sanctuary, I wouldn’t give it the time of day.

    For the most part, however, I just ignore the 200 channels or whatever that I get, and stick with the major networks, and a smattering of other channels if something manages to catch my eye – and, more importantly – embed itself into my memory.


  26. Just watched the creature cam. I think you’re right…love the rainbow effect…saturated looks awesome. But it got me thinking…do animals see in colour…so I googled. Apparently it depends on the animal.

    How animals see the world

    The shark was very interesting…don’t worry about the coloured wetsuit. No wonder we look like seals.

    Cheers, Chev

  27. That was interesting to read, Joe. Thanks for posting. That reminds me of some of the things I’ve read in my writing books (writing in general, not necessarily scripts).

    Have a good day!

  28. “Remember, they’re producers. They have other matters to attend to like auditions, editing, and personal massages.”

    Uhahahahahahahaa I laughed a lot!!

    Very nice post indeed!

  29. Thanks for that post, it was actually really helpful, and the guru side of you i like… 😀

  30. Why would an agent let the writer go into the pitch unprepared or at an ill-advised time slot? It’s not just that commission they’d be flubbing, it’s the call for more writers down the road.

    And, if a skeleton were a cross-dresser, how would you know? The walk? The minute curvature differences between a male and female skull? — HDTV for ya’.

    I’ve had my name for a General shot down before, too. Only it was as a recurring character and with the same reviewer, so … the name was stupid AND un-rememberable.

    So, lunch is still a go for a meeting? Just not before or after? Hazzah! Show Joe: The Foodie Freelancer not shot down yet, then.

  31. After seeing General Tiggle, I admit I totally lost it. I can’t even imagine how someone with a name like that would make it to general rank. The troops wouldn’t be able to keep themselves from giggling hysterically any time the name was given. Throw in the fab five haircuts and the dimension between Pakistan and India, and I’m totally useless for the rest of the day. My dog keeps staring at me as I break out snickering each time I think of it. And while I don’t plan to be pitching any stories in this lifetime, I did find the process interesting. And with luck, some of your readers who hope to enter the profession will find it useful. Thanks for taking the time to post this.

  32. I’m using my kreskin mind powers here and I’m thinking that you’re doing this because you (and powers that be with creative team of SGU) are pitching the show to a different network and they want some new ideas and direction.

    Why not tie in old leads that were never finished in older storylines ?

    For example, remember the Star Trek episode where people became infested by those crabs that controlled them? The end they blow away the queen and they find out they were sending this signal into deep space *que ominous music*

    They never went beyond that.

    Worked for the original Star Trek, *ahem* que Captain Kirk “KHAAAAAAANN!”

    My problem with that reaction is that he already knew the ship would be picking him up in 2 hours so the shriek was unnecessary.

    Point being they finished off an old storyline introduced in the original series.

    Or you can pull the Hollywood hey lets REBOOT!!! How many have there been lately… works for some I guess.

    If you want to really impress the mouthbreathing masses I’d suggest adding 2 hours of things exploding, no storyline, and boobs, plus maybe some football. Hows that sound ? A team of female football players who in their downtime travel the world as super vixens blowing things up. Thats the ticket, and you can call them XxX-Vixens! Might already be one who knows.

  33. I have a few pitches and the problems I face are always the same.

    You can never get a production company to even look at the idea. They almost always ignore these emails.

    Even after a lot of effort you might manage to get to the right person they always say ‘no thanks’ (without even looking at the idea) and if they do read it they can simply steal the idea.

    I thought of creating a website to collect public ideas but offering the person protection of that idea while its on offer but finding a production company to work with is impossible too. Unless you can tell me who to speak to?

    Are people actually going to offer up ideas on this blog and not via email?

  34. Thanks for the great advice Joe,

    Now I just need to find a TV show who wants to hear my pitch!

    Hope you’re feeling better.


  35. Wow, I really enjoyed reading this…. thanks for posting Joe! 🙂 Very interesting.

    I would love to be a writer, but I seem to have perpetual writers block.

    In more blunt terms, I’m a crappy writer. 😉

    Thanks so much,
    Major D.

  36. Quick Question.

    Any news or small updates on SGU lately? I’m starting to get nervous…. are things still looking positive?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D.

  37. @Thornyrose

    Obviously you’ve never been subjected to the horrible translation that is Zero Wing. I mean with phrases like “all your base are belong to us,” who couldn’t see these guys working for General Tiggle?

  38. OK, here’s the pitch:

    Sam, Rodney, and Daniel “stone” into the Destiny, together with Math Boy* and Rush they turn the ship around, develop a new space drive, and get everyone home in time for dinner.

    There would also be a sub plot of Teal’c joining Young and Scott for major alien ass kicking while Jack and Greer crack wise.

    *Well, “Man” now. 😉

  39. Hi again Joe!
    This Capt. Tiggle seems to have been got stuck in peoples heads.
    I know I can’t stop thinking of his name.
    How about using him in your next Stargate story ?
    He is the new leader of SG-1 since Cam Mitchell got promoted to General.
    He is on a mission right now to P540X. The team is hunting down a System Lord that somehow is still in operation.
    Lets see what happens to the team on this adventure!

  40. @BoltBait

    But what would Daniel do? He’s a cultural and historical anthropologist. He wouldn’t be able to work a complex ancient computer. His memories of the Destiny computer were erased in SG-1 season 7.

    Sam, McKay, Math Boy, and Rush might be able to pull this off, but it will piss off the Stargate-Protoss worse than anything pissed anyone off… ever…

  41. Aw, no Beatle planet? With the skinny ties and mop top wigs? The people vanishing pitch sounds like the people vanishing ep of STNG and the people vanishing ep of Voyager, etc.

    Just finished watching Despicable Me; now that I’m way behind on actually going to movies I find that I’m too busy catching up on DVDs to actually go to the movies.

    Turns out that I don’t owe back city taxes, and the city owes me a refund of $15 dollars, but the city doesn’t pay refunds under $20! Yet the city concocted interest and fees on negative fifteen bucks. I get the feeling I’ll pay just to make them go away, but I’m getting royally ripped off by the City of Champions.

  42. Gilder said>

    OK, I can’t resist: Do spelling, punctuation and grammar count?

    LOL…Gilder and the grammar police…I love it!

    Cheers, Chev

  43. I know you don’t feel it appropriate to get involved with fan campaigns, or tell us to go out and do things, but is there anything fans can do at all to help in any small way whatever plans you guys have for the franchise moving forward?

  44. @chevron7

    Yes, the only problem living in Melbourne (or in Aust for that matter) is having most NFL games played between 4am and 4pm Mondays.
    Although I wouldn’t move for anything in the world (except maybe a 3rd season of SGU)

    Might just have to have a very long and early lunch to watch the game. Plenty of pubs around that’ll have it on.

  45. So we have Spartacus, game of thrones and camelot, so at least there are other cool shows out there. Joe about blood & chrome, do you think it will do better than SGU? If you get a third season will you change SGU to be more action oriented?

    If i had to think of a new stargate spin-off it would be centered around our own worst enemy…china. haha. A space cold war involving spies and proxy wars and the whole nine yards. Much like the trust vs SG-1 stuff. kind of wacky though and no substance. Whatever makes people watch.

  46. Well Joseph,
    I got The Iron Hunt. Took a gamble and bought the other two books that seemed to go with it. Book person couldn’t tell me if there was or there is going to be more. Here’s a question for Liu. Are there only 3 and is there going to be more to this series? Probablly won’t get it finished in time to offer up any questions to Liu.
    Tried to start reading it today too but it seems that you just can’t get any quality reading done in the middle of a kids playground trying to keep an eye on your own kids saying “daddy daddy look at me!”, “watch as I…”

    My response: “hey thats great”, “hey don’t put that thing in your mouth”, “where the heck are your shoes!” “You give that back to him right now”

    But anyways I digress…
    Got throught epliouge or prolouge (whatever it is) and starting into the first chapter. Its got my interest so far.
    Will try reading it tonight after me and the misses watch the next SG1 show in the series.
    Digression again…. we are trying to work through all the Stargate shows and movies so I can catch her up to speed to watch the back half of season 2 of Stargate Universe too when and if it airs.

    Darn she seems to guess everything thats going to happen in these Sg1 shows before it happens and asks me if shes right before it happens. Its driving me nuts. We are starting the SG1 season 3 tonight. So far she loves the Asgards as she puts it with their “kitten eyes” that no one messes with. *Rolling eyes here* (This is her first real science fiction show- bare with us).

    In your opinion what season do you think was THE golden season for SG1 and Atlantis?
    So far it seems like Universe’s golden season is number 2.

    But I have hope and faith that there will be a third season.

  47. @Tenacious D: Daniel would translate a few things and basically just stand around looking hansome.

    Honestly, I’d leave him out, but my wife and daughter only watch SG-1 in order to get a glimpse of him. So, yeah, can’t leave him out.

    I guess we should then add another sub plot of Dr. Park, Lt. James, Lt. Johansen, and Chloe all having to shower together. You know, lots of soaping up, etc. This is when we have the typical musical montage.

  48. @Bolt Bait: Now, if you’re gonna have a soaping up scene with the women, you’ve got to have one with the men too. I’d pay to watch that one. 🙂

  49. Hello sir, I do not know you but I wrote a synopsis for fun and maybe you might be interested (link below because i can not able to rewrite your site for personal reasons and do not worry c is not boring, there are drawings …).

    [link edit]

    [Sorry, Rham. Legally, we’re unable to read unsolicited ideas for the show. Joe]

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